i would love to know who the model is

Why is everyone upset about Mei?

I know some of you who are new to the Overwatch scene may not know what the current controversy around Mei and her new Lunar New Year skin is.

This is how she normally looks (minus the Snow Plum color scheme). Despite the fact that she is wearing a large winter coat, most fans assumed she was a chubby/fat character due to her thicc thighs and overall appearance. Its safe to assume under her coat her body would look somewhat like this:

What a lovely thicc babe. The controversy is that her new skins change her character model too drastically to look like this:

At first glance, nothing looks wrong with it (and her Lunar Skin’s design is beautiful). But when you try to imagine what her body/hips look like underneath, we run into issues.

Its clear that when Mei’s waist was made smaller to accommodate her new skin, but her hips stayed the same size. And when you look at her new model from the side, she looks especially messed up:

Mei’s ass is just a little too thicc to accommodate her new model and her overly bent back isn’t helping. Overwatch claims that Mei’s tiny waist is a bug/glitch with the new skin that they will fix in the next patch, and this is a possibility. Widowmaker had a similar cosmetic bug where her ass would grow every time she activated her scope. Now, there is nothing wrong with having thin waisted/bodied characters, but Mei’s new appearance doesn’t make physical sense. And to some, having a chubby female character was an important step forward for female diversity in gaming.

Top 10 Kpop Daddies

** This was requested by an anon. This is just my opinion of the top ten daddies in kpop. Of course this is just from the bands that I know .Ten is the lowest and one is my top kpop daddy. I had so much fun writing this so I hope you guys like it.

10) Suho (Exo)

He isn’t a tough, demanding daddy, he is more of a soft and sweet daddy who treats you like a princess. He would spoil you too much, buying you cute clothes that he loved to see you in and also very sexy lingerie that he made you model for him. However, the lingerie never seemed to last for long since they always ended up in pieces on the floor from him tearing it off of you because he grew impatient. He would take good care of you making sure you were always happy. However, if you got bratty with him, he wouldn’t hesitate to bend you over his study table and spank you till you apologized. 

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9) Shownu (Monsta x)

He is a very quiet but protective daddy. He is always looking out for you and making sure you’re safe. He would hate it when guys got too close to you however. If a guy ever touched you he would intervene immediately, intimidating the guy. He would then proceed to take you home and fuck you hard till you were screaming his name. “Who do you belong to baby girl?” he would ask you as he fucked you good. “You daddy.” you would always respond. 

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8) Suga (BTS)

He is a very chill daddy, basically no one would know he is your daddy unless they do something to you. He is your daddy and you’re his very obedient girl. To others it would just look like you’re a great girlfriend. However, if someone tells you something mean or gets physical with you he would step in and fuck them up immediately. He would then make sure you’re ok and if you are not then I am sorry for that person, he may need some stitches after. He would then take you home and make sure his princess is ok.

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7) Chanyeol (Exo)

He isn’t always in daddy mode. However, daddy mode is activated for a couple of reasons, if he is jealous, if he is angry or if he is stressed. When daddy mode is activated he would answer to no other name but daddy. If you called him anything else he would pull you over his knee and spank you till your bum got red. “What’s my name?” he would ask. “Daddy.” you would moan out. Then he would bend you over a surface and fuck you rough and hard until you came screaming in pleasure. Sometimes you angered him just to activate daddy mode. 

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6) GD (Big  Bang)

He is such a teasing daddy. He loves to tease you to no end. You two would be at dinner at a very fancy restaurant and suddenly he would slip his hand under your pretty dress and start to finger you under the table or it would be two minutes till he has to be on stage and he would have you in his dressing room, with his face buried in between your legs. You would loose your cool from all the teasing numerous times and every time it would lead to you being punished. He would have you on the bed, ass up as he spanked you hard with a vibrator shoved inside of your pussy and you weren’t allowed to cum even when you pleaded, “Please daddy, please let me cum.” you’d whimper. He would just chuckle and say, “Not yet baby girl you’ve been too naughty.” as he spanked you again.

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5) Seungcheol (Seventeen)

He is a daddy who always gets what he wants no matter what. You could be at a club with him when he got the urge for you. He would just carry you to the bathroom and fuck you hard in a stall like it’s nobody’s business. You could be shopping for a Christmas present for your mom when all of a sudden he would drag you to a changing room and have you on your knees sucking him off. He always got what he wanted because you were his and he was yours and you always wanted to please him because he pleased you so good.

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4) Xiumin (Exo)

He is a silent daddy, because he doesn’t have to say much to get what he wants. He has you so under his control because you had submitted one hundred percent to him. For example when you were being extra bratty with him he would just give you a stern look and you would bow your head and say, “Sorry daddy.” Everyone knows he is your daddy because you call him daddy 24/7 and neither of you would want it any other way. “Daddy pass me the salt please?” you would ask at dinner with all of Exo and he would pass it to you without hesitation. You were at the airport waiting for him to return from tour and as soon as you saw him you would run to him shouting, “Daddy!” excitedly as he picks you up in his arms. You two were in line at a fast food joint and he would pinch your cheeks and ask, “Whose baby girl are you?” “Yours daddy.” would always be your reply. Neither of you cared what anyone else thought because he was your daddy and you were his baby girl.

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3) Jaebum (Got7)

He is really good at taking charge and leading, since he is the leader of Got7 after all. This would translate into your relationship and in the bedroom of course. He would always be the dominant daddy, always in charge of you, always taking care of you and you were mostly obedient. “Come princess” was all he had to say to have you on your knees pleasing him. “Bend over.” was all he uttered and he had you with your ass up ready for him to fuck you. You both knew he was in charge and you both liked it that way. 

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2) Rap Monster (BTS)

He is just daddy AF. He is just so dominant, he doesn’t know how to not be dominant and he is just your daddy. He takes really good care of you and makes sure you always eats properly and takes care of yourself when he isn’t there. If you skip a meal or fail to take  your vitamins he would be very upset and punish you until you apologized. You would actually feel guilty for disobeying your daddy. You are his baby girl, his whole world and he wouldn’t let any harm come to you. He would always be by your side giving any guys who watch you a death glare, no one dares to approach you. He would mark you all over with hickeys so that when you’re not with him everyone knows you’re still his or he would fuck you so hard, you wouldn’t be able to walk properly. 

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1) TOP (Big Bang)

Everything about him just oozes daddy. He is just 100% daddy. He is your daddy and just like Xiumin he wants you to call him daddy at all times, not just in the bedroom. When you call him daddy in public and anyone says anything to you he would fuck them up on the spot. He always defended his baby girl no matter what. He would fuck you so good as well, taking you from behind and fucking you so hard that you would be screaming, “Daddy!” over and over. He would treat you like a queen, however if you angered him he would take you over his knee and spank you hard. When he was done he would rub your now reddened bum and ask, “Is my baby sorry?” “Yes daddy I’m so so sorry.” you’d always reply with a pout. He would then push you on the bed and reward you by eating you out with that rapper tongue of his. He’d make you cum so much till you pushed him away and then he’d eat you again as punishment for pushing him. All in all you were his baby whom he loved above all else, he’d protect you and keep you safe and then fuck you into oblivion every night.

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And finally, back to feeling cute! My wife bought me this dress, and its just adorable! I tried to do something a little different with my hair, even if it is just a simple ponytail. 

I’m in love with Astronomy, and often stargaze and other such activities. There is something surreal and profound about space that I just can’t shake. I hope to go there one day! Who wouldn’t love to be the first model on the moon hahahaha! 

I would love to know what you think!


i cried until i didn’t and then i cried again. now i’m constantly sighing as i realize it wouldn’t change a thing. my heart is in shambles and i’m left with no other option but to accept this and give you my fullest support. hoping you would do well in your new path is no question at all, i know you would, because you always chose a new challenge and gave it your whole if it’s modelling or singing or writing or anything at all. you always acted like the leader the group didn’t have, our dear oldest who protected and treasured 9muses with all her heart. thank you for the unforgettable memories. thank you for everything you’ve done and given nine muses, and thank you for everything you’ve given me. i’ve loved moon hyuna the singer, the model, the dancer, the actress, the writer, and the same goes for moon hyuna the person, i’ll continue to love and support you all the way. this isn’t a goodbye, it’s a start of a new chapter, the big world is waiting.

Dating Hercules Mulligan would include...

•Likes to go commando under his sweatpants
•If you don’t know why this is significant I can explain

•Will pick you wherever whenever
•Like you’ll just be talking to your friends and oop up you go

•If it’s a really crowded event like a festival or a parade he’ll carry you on his shoulders

•You’re the only one who can get away with taking his hat

•You’re his favorite model when it comes to a new project of his

•Loves holding you in his lap

•Gives nice massages if you’re stressed tf out

•Will watch anything you want with you as long as you don’t mind him distracting you if he gets too bored

•If he sees you in his giant shirt he will have this goofy ass smile because oh my God you’re just so cute???

•Wants a really big family

•Daddy Dom™
•Like he wants nothing more than to take care of you
•But he l o v e s when you ride him
•Will look at you with stars in his eyes the entire time he is just so infatuated with you

introducing the cast of live action Yuri!!! on Ice

not really but i’m actually embarrassed by how long i took picking out people

Yuri Katsuki 

miura haruma - Famous Japanese Actor: 26

Awww look at this adorable little katsudon!

moody ™

Victor Nikiforov

god Anton Yelchin (would be 27) i loved you so much and immediately thought of you. RIP. you honestly made the modern star trek movies what they are. for those of you who don’t know the name, this is him - he played Chekov: 

alas- Russian American actor Danila Kozlovsky: 31

(can you image this with white hair form me pleasE??)

Of course with the shades

heart mouth for the win!

just add makkachin. (also do you know how hard it is to find actors -not just russian ones- with white hair under 40? they don’t exist.) 

Yurio Plisetsky

Malcolm Lindberg young model from Sweden: 19. sorry but I couldn’t find anyone younger without getting weird results (he looks perfect though right)?

He’s so angsty

Minako Okukawa

famous Japanese actress Ueto Aya: 31

look at this adorable corn nugget!! 

Yuuko Nishigori

Ueno Juri famous Japanese Actress: 30

look at this cutie patootie! she’s honestly one of my favs

Phichit Chulanont

Jirayu La-Ongmanee famous Thai actor: 21

you ray of absolute sunshine 

and some random others that I might add on to later- 

Yakov Chernenkov

Alex Veadov russian actor: 54

I know they look totally different but I think it’s the embodiment of the character that counts and this man can sure pull it off.

Mila Babiceva

natalya rudakova Russian-American famous actress: 31


Darcy as famous on “The Daily Puppy”: 7


How chat will lose his cool
  • Ladybug: I'm sorry, Chat.
  • Chat Noir: Why? Is there somebody else that you already love? Or is it just that you don't like me?
  • Ladybug: Actually... There is...
  • Chat Noir: Who is he? Do I know him? I swear, if he tries to hurt you, I--
  • Ladybug: Easy there, Kitty. He won't. We're not dating or anything. It's pretty one-sided on my end too.
  • Chat Noir: Who in quantic gods' names would not like you? I mean, you... You're just wonderful.
  • Ladybug: *chuckles* It's not that. He's just kinda out of my league. He's a model, after all.
  • Chat Noir: Model? I'm in the model industry so please do give me his name.
  • Ladybug: So you can tell him we're dating like that time with Theo? No way.
  • Chat Noir: No, I just want to know if he's a good guy, not that I think you have bad taste in men. I just want to keep you safe and--
  • Ladybug: Okay, okay, Chat. But he is a good guy. He's actually a great guy. *is blushing* He's pretty famous around these parts. 'Adrien Agreste', if you've heard of him.
  • Chat Noir: *loses his shit and just melts to the ground, his face redder than lady's clothes*
  • Ladybug: Are you okay...?

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oh, i'm wondering what are the tasks you feel like losing time working on at gobelins?

Well, I really love Gobelins and I will never regret getting in this school.
Nevertheless I have admit that what I like the most is drawing. So when I have to do things like 3D modeling and rigging, I would rather be practicing 2D animation or storyboard at home :). (And I like 3D animation, it’s just that I know it’s not something I want to do professionally).

But I don’t want to complain because we must not wait everything from school and teachers.
We are the only one who know what we really want to do and can do something about it : practicing after school and working on personal projects.

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samsteve + "our friends half-heartedly set us up on a blind date and we sorta dislike each other. but we wanna get them back so we unite by pretending we're dating now" OTHERWISE KNOWN AS REVENGE FAKE!DATING (my two favorite concepts together--revenge and fake!dating)


  • bucky and natasha are convinced sam and steve are gonna click. like, 100%. “you’re gonna love him. hot. buff. really funny.” except, they completely DO NOT. steve thinks sam is too smug for his own good, and sam is irked bc he thinks steve is super fake. their group coffee outing kind of ends in a really heated argument about the state of politics overseas. bucky apologizes profusely to steve, who’s just mad that buck even thought he would like a guy like that–“how long have you known me, dude? what the fuck?” and sam complains to nat that “he’s the fakest guy i’ve ever met and i know SEVERAL models. why the fuck did you even give me his number, nat?” and she just kind of grimaces apologetically.
  • EXCEPT NOW THEY BOTH HAVE EACH OTHERS NUMBERS AND ARE PETTY AS FUCK! so that night, because sam is still irked, he texts steve: “doubt u will be in2 this but what if we got ur friend bucky + natasha back 4 today” and steve almost immediately texts back “fuck yeah dude” and they determine that they’ll pretend to date and then have a DRAMATIC BREAK UP to make them feel bad for trying to interfere w/their personal lives. they schedule another ~group outing~ for that saturday. (the two of them get SO EXCITED when sam and steve tell them they’re trying the whole “dating” thing out. SO excited. it’s a little unnerving.)
  • they get to the coffee shop early and determine their course of action. “so we’re gonna–we’re gonna hold hands, right? or like, sit next to each other.” “yeah, yeah. maybe be a little touchy. i don’t give a fuck as long as we don’t have to stick our tongues down each others’ throats for them.” “you’re not an exhibitionist, huh? no fun.” “don’t ruin this before it starts, rogers.” bucky and natasha get there a few minutes after, and steve squeezes next to sam so that they’re touching at almost every point. it would be fine if steve wasn’t so damn warm, because sam is starting to relax into the touch a little and it’s not–that’s not how this was supposed to go.
  • they go out to dinner one night, the four of them, and while bucky and natasha go up to order their drinks from the bar, sam settles into his chair a little more. “hey. d’you think we should, like, hang out more?” steve raises an eyebrow at him. “what, like we like each other?” sam snorts and shakes his head. “nah, man, like–we should have pictures of us being together outside of just hanging out with these two. y’know?” steve pauses. “i mean, if you’re cool with it, that is.” after another beat of silence: “you’re right, wilson. what’re you doing tomorrow night?” the two of them look up as bucky and nat’s voices start to filter through the crowd, and sam grins, shakes his head. “hanging out with my boyfriend, i guess.” steve laughs and grabs his hand for show as their friends sit down opposite them.
  • omf….they make dinner together at steve’s place (something simple, since neither of them want to put the effort in to make the other like them that much) and make sure to take a few pictures together. they actually…have fun? sam is surprised that steve makes him laugh this much. steve finds that he likes listening to sam talk and be genuine. they stay up late chit-chatting. sam falls asleep on his couch. steve doesn’t say anything, but drapes a blanket over him before heading to bed with a light feeling in his chest.
  • they’ve kissed before–planned, of course, to let buck and nat know that things are going “well”–but the first time they kiss unplanned, it’s steve that initiates it. they’re casually grabbing coffee, as they usually do monday afternoons, and sam says something snarky to bucky. steve laughs so hard he almost falls off his chair, and sam keeps him steady so he doesn’t hit the floor. “careful, babe,” he says, rolling his eyes a little at steve, and steve grins quietly, nods, and then kisses him softly. (sam kisses back.) when they part, nat wolf-whistles a little, and steve’s face is BRIGHT red. sam realizes–shit. he might actually like steve.

send me a pairing + AU and I’ll give you 5+ head canons about it

Assistant Kang promoted the silly idea that I suggest too many cat related projects. Though if we did make them, Elizabeth 3rd’s beautiful face would make someone look twice - no - three times as beautiful. And I know someone who would be a perfect model, too~

- J


Excuse my horrible attempts to edit their eyes (especially Petrah’s eyes and the lettering on Iskra’s pic).

Here are my three actresses/models whom I think would do a good job of portraying the Heirs of the Ironteeth Witch Clans.

Manon Blackbeak: Li Bingbing (Chinese actress and singer)
Petrah Blueblood: Amisha Patel (Indian actress and model)
Iskra Yellowlegs: Agni Pratistha (Indonesian actress and beauty queen)

Obviously they are just my interpretations of the characters; if you dont agree that they’re Asian you do NOT have to reblog this post and tell me so cause I assure you that I do NOT care at all.

However if you feel like there’s an Asian actress or model who would be better suited as any of the Heirs then feel free to let me know cause I’d love that ^.^ (I’m not really set with Petrah’s model, but I do view the Bluebloods as south Asians so I had to make do).

Also a little note; the pic of Li Bingbing is from a movie called the Forbidden Kingdom (horrible movie, but she was excellent; i just didn’t like the white boy), and in that movie she’s called the White-Haired Witch, that really reminded me of Manon cause she’s called the White Demon.


FireBall Chapter 4: Personal Scout SEED. Non-scale model. From MJ magazine, October 1984. Illustrations on the second page are a lot closer to the production Monoseed toy than the model. The face on the front just cracks me up, “…but I’m a friendly war machine…” As an aside, has anyone ever run across references to the illustrator Pentagon before? Would love to know who it might be…

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and au were jin is one the most popular members of exo.has already ventured in acting with big dramas and also has his modeling gigs,and yoongi the eldest of bangtan..falling in love despite being biggest rivals and having extremely different personalities, a hate to love kind of a think( i know there is mercy mercy me,but this one is different,jin has never been in big hit and they don't know or love him from the start) yoongi hates flower boys who get it easy,jin is a bit of a snob

ah that’s interesting! maybe you can change the other group name maybe like “jinnie and the xxx kids” would be better xD

I assumed it was a matter of time. One day I’d meet someone who counteracted my chemical structure. We would compete for supremacy, collide until one of us was forced to yield, or else go forth together, suspended in eternal stalemate. But my model is inaccurate. The poets are wrong. The opposite of ice isn’t fire. It’s water.
—  Brenna Yovanoff, Places No One Knows
Enstars - 2D☆STAR vol.2 - Unit Special Interview pt.2 Knights

Released in November 2015. Features special interview for every unit under the theme “Cultural Festival and Sports Festival.”

Q: What comes to your mind when you hear “school festival”?

Tsukasa: Perhaps, it would be dancing on the stage.

Arashi: There are also visitors from other schools who come to school festivals, right? I love lively atmosphere. I have fun just thinking about how I should welcome them♪

Ritsu: Huh…? Things like school festival are so crowded and noisy I hate them.

Izumi: Huuh? I am a model, as well as an idol, you know? There’s no way I’d participate in a school festival. What about you think before asking a question? Really, so annoying!

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Daddy remember how shy I was when I first became a wife? How I tried to cover myself up the first time you had me model lingerie for you? How I used to blush when you would make lewd comments about my body in front of the other saviours? How quiet I used to be in bed before you made me feel so good I couldn't hold it in anymore? How I tried to swat away your hand the first time you pleasured me in public? Now I love how you show me off and have no problem letting everyone know who I belong to.

Yeah, I fuckin’ remember how goddamn shy you were, darlin’. It was only a bigger turn on for me, that’s why I was goddamn persistent with it. But I’m fuckin’ glad to see you come around and lose the fuckin’ innocent act. - Negan

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Hi ~ can you do a scenario where Gom+Haizaki+Himuro (and Takao if you can) are in love with the same girl and compete for her love? xD

I had so much fun writing this though there are a lot of characters. But hell with it.. xD


The amount of attention you got was ridiculous. If one guy didn’t, which rarely happened, you were soon met with the attention of the other. The fact that they were all handsome, including famous model, an Akashi heir and god knows who else, didn’t help at all. The glares you received from other girls didn’t matter to you anymore after a while of getting used to the crowd around you.

If anyone would ask you what was going on, you wouldn’t know how to answer. Nine guys, handsome if you could add, were going after you that obviously showed reverse harem. You knew what they were trying to do the moment each started showing more attention, bringing you different gifts and also bickering at each other.

You were flattered, you were, but you didn’t know what to do. If you asked your friend, with whom you could talk with anything and everything, she would just laugh it off and say to go with the most handsome one. Meaning Kise Ryouta

If they heard you two talking, you were sure Kise would be long gone from this world. And not just Kise. Takao and Kise made you laugh many times before, especially when you weren’t in a good mood. And you were thankful for that.

Kuroko and Murasakibara bought you sweets you loved and sometimes even shared the vanilla milkshake and sweets, to which you were more than happily accepting. After all, you did have sweet tooth too.

Aomine and Haizaki scared off more guys than they should. Your classmate, who asked you if he can borrow your notes, thanks to the two, spent the week home. And when he came to school? He didn’t even look your way anymore.

Midorima helped you with your studying and even bought you small gifts for your item of the day. Sometimes they were big stuffed animals, to which you were embarrassed that everyone knew who gave it to you, while sometimes they were small key chains that you loved.

Akashi made sure no one would bother you and to have the best seats anywhere you went with him or with everyone. It surprised you when you saw no one going against him, unless they were really longing for your attention to pay to them instead of just him. But you never pushed others out. You were talking with everyone.

Himuro was nice to you and didn’t bother if anyone bickered him or just…pushed him away whenever they wanted your attention. You felt sorry for him, but seeing he was paying them back, made you wonder what made you so special to have such attention from everyone.

And just like every morning, the moment you stepped out of the house, you were met with Kise, Kuroko and Midorima. Hell, sometimes even Akashi came to pick you up with a car. And just like every morning that happened, you couldn’t decide. No matter what they did, help you with studies and buying you snacks, you couldn’t decide.

If anyone asked you a question, who you loved or liked out of the group that is so obvious on competing for your love, you wouldn’t be able to decide. You liked them all and you definitely didn’t want to break this atmosphere that you had, apart.

Your attention was soon pulled to Kise as he held onto your hand, grinning up at you. “Ne, [Name]-cchi, let’s go to amusement park after school.”

“I am sure [Name]-san would prefer going to library.” Was Midorima’s usual sentence.

“You don’t know.” Kuroko butted in. “Perhaps [Name]-san would definitely go to Maji burger before going anywhere else.”

“[Name]-san, why don’t you sit in a car and we can talk where we will go after school?” Came Akashi’s voice from the road that you only saw it now.

“Not fair” Kise faked his tears.

A sigh escaped your lips, but a smile spread on as you knew it will only get worse once you get to school.

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Hey, do you know of any good blogs/videos/other resources for undergrad to early grad level logic/computability theory/metamathematics?

Short answer: no. Someone who probably would is @eatsleepmath. By his own description, he works with “model theory, category theory, and their interactions”. Similarly @bowtochris might be a good to ask about more foundational things (probably not computability theory). I actually don’t know anything at all about computability theory, except for Sergey Fomin’s talk — and while I love him to death, Fomin is not at all a computability theorist.

Wait, what do you mean?

“-Wanna argue all day, make love all night.” Selena paused the video of her ex-boyfriend as he laid, spread on top of former playboy model Xenia  She knew she should’t feel the way she was, I mean after all it was her who ended their three year relationship six months ago. 

She pressed play.

“First you’re up and you’re down then in-between. Oh I really wanna know, what do you mean.” 

Stop it. She told herself, slamming her laptop closed. Her eyes welled with tears as she thought back to when Justin would touch her the way he was so intimately touching the model in the video. It hurt. It reminded her of what they used to have before everything blew up .Before she had, had enough and walked away. 

She reached for her phone, months ago she had deleted his contact but it didn’t do much good since she had his number memorized. She dialed the seven numbers, and put the speaker to her ear. Her heart raced as the rings echoed. What am I doing? What am I gonna say? She thought to herself. 

“Hello?” His groggy voice answered, she could tell she woke him up.

“You’re sleeping?” She was surprised it being only midnight. The Justin she knew would never be in bed at 12, that’s just when his party was beginning.

“Who is this?” He shook his head sitting up in the sea of blankets that surrounded him. Her name was still in his phone but before answering he didn’t bother to look, and it had been far to long for him to recognize her voice immediately. 

“It’s, um, it’s Selena.” Her voice shook, nervous to hear what his reaction would be. 

“Selena?” He couldn’t believe his ears, he thought it was a cruel joke but as he listened for a minute he knew it was really her. Even though it had been a while he was not over her. Not by a long shot, he loved her and everything that she was and made him even if he didn’t realize it at the time. But that didn’t mean he wasn’t angry at her for breaking his heart. “Why are you calling me so late?” He asked clearing his throat and turning on the side table lamp.

“I just watched your video, and I- I wanted to tell you that I’m proud of you. It’s really good.” She felt as if she was lying because she didn’t like the video. She hated the video and the way seeing him with the model made her feel, but she knew she had to come up with something. 

“You watched What do you mean? And liked it?” He questioned, knowing she that was bluffing the whole time. He still knew her like the back of his hand. “Honestly, what did you think?” 

“Honestly-?” Her soft chuckle made his smile inversely. “I hate her.” 

“That’s harsh, she’s a really nice person.” 

“I’m sure you would think so, she looked so nice under you.” She giggled sarcastically.

“It’s called acting, you should know all about that.” He bit unintentionally, pointing out his feelings about the last few months of their relationship.

“Justin, I didn’t call to upset you. I just-”

“You always do this to me Selena. You get lonely, or sad, or whatever and call me. Do you think that’s fair?” He was wide awake by now even though it had only been a short minute since he was awoken. 

“I’m sorry.” Her voice was low, “I really am proud of you, but you’re right. I miss you.” She admitted.

“I know, but you asked for this. You broke up with me Sel. You know I’ll always love you but I can never figure you out. I never know what you want-”

“Justin I’m gonna let you go back to sleep.” She stopped him before her tears started rolling from her eyes.

“It is late, and I’m not saying I don’t want to talk or that I ever stopped loving you but I can’t do this right now. Will you call me some other time?” He asked not wanting to end the call but knowing it was for the best. 

“I know, I love you to.” She sighed into the phone before ending the call.