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That Special Time of the Month

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Summary: Fem!Reader wakes up to find that her period came during the night and now she has to deal with the guys being annoying at the office… Well mainly just Mark. Hope you guys like!

A/N: Hello! I wrote a fic, and trust me its not very good and it’s waaay longer than it needs to be. Be gentle, I’m new to the whole posting my writing thing. Also! I speak fluent Spanish so i used some slang in the fic!
“No mames”- Spanish slang/curse for “no way”/“no fucking way”
“Sentida”- Spanish for upset or offended (in this context reader is sad)
Lastly there’s a text conversation in the fic so ‘-’ is Ethan and ‘=‘ is Tyler.

Wordcount: like +2k I’m sorry this is too long bye

Requests are open? This is no good so I don’t know why anyone would be requesting but yeah you can do that if you want. Hope you guys enjoy!

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No, listen….I have so many feels whenever I watch the pilot episode okay? I had them when I first saw it and that increased every time the new season would end because there would be bunch of additional information that upon rewatch adds so much context to the characters. That conversation on lanai of McGarrett house is one of the best moments of the pilot. It’s a short one but boy does it drag my feelings around.

Here’s the thing. Steve loved his father. And his father loved him. But at that point in time, he did not know the full story. He did not know that his mother’s car accident was no accident or that she faked her death. He did not know that his father proverbially drowned in the guilt over his wife’s death because of his work.

What he did know is that his father sent him and his sister away (and separated them along the way as well) while the grief was so very fresh and raw and that ‘McGarrett men do not show their feelings, that’s a weakness’. The family that suffered a devastating loss was fractured because his father ‘is the kind of a man who cannot walk away from a fight’ and put his need to do his job before his children.

And here he is, eighteen years later sitting on the lanai drinking a beer with his new partner (an odd but logical choice) who apparently hates the place Steve was born and raised in. Partner who is very loud and clear on that front. But he is here and determined to keep the ‘pineapple infested hellhole’ safe because this was his daughter’s home now.

Daniel ‘Danny’ Williams is very homesick and above all, everything John McGarrett taught his son not to be. He is very emotional, outspoken and hoo boy, very vocal. He is also a very good cop and has great empathy for the victims/victims’ families. But the thing that drags my feels when that particular scene comes along is probably in how Steve looks at Danny while he speaks. 

The realization that comes to Steve how strikingly different fathers John and Danny were/are. Whereas John sent his children away for their safety but he himself stayed behind, Danny left everything he knew/had behind because the thought of Grace not being in his life and vice versa was too scary to even contemplate. That she might get hurt because he wasn’t there to make sure the place she was living in was safe. 

So you know the previous scene I posted before, Danny’s first carlogue, might be amusing and Steve mentally making check marks on his ‘ideal life partner’ list but this scene ten minutes later in the episode has me whipping out my shipper glasses because fuck me but Steve is halfway in love with Danny.

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Can I request a scenario where Sakumo is alive somehow (maybe he didn't die, maybe he's been edo-tensei'd, maybe he's a ghost but Kakashi can still talk and interact with him, maybe Kakashi dreams of him, idk whatever it doesn't matter) and Sakumo is being an overbearing, nosy father, giving a teenaged Kakashi advice on how to talk to his crush or s/o. And Kakashi is just super embarrassed about the whole thing. Thank you!

This was an interesting request and I hope you don’t mind that I made Sakumo a ghost. I thought it would be more beneficial for Kakashi. Thank you for requesting. ^.^

Sakumo nudging Kakashi in the right direction

“Ok Kakashi, seeya next time?”

“Yea… maybe.”

“Alright… bye…”


Kakashi responded moderately as he continued to walk away from you. His eyes were focused on the book in his hands, that blocked his face from view as he walked down the streets of Konoha. He just wanted to get back to his cozy old apartment to relax after running a small errand for the Hokage early this morning.

He really hated getting up early, but the errand was over quickly. That’s where he had ran into you. You worked at the Hokage Tower as a secretary of sorts. You helped file paper work and helped the Hokage stay on schedule. It was your job to inform the Hokage when important shinobi arrived in the village or when others were waiting for consultations with them.

That’s where you met Kakashi on numerous occasions and tried to create small talk while he waited for the Hokage to see him, but he never seemed very interested. It was always halfhearted replies and he could never take his eyes off that book he was always reading. You had a sinking suspicion he was never really reading that book; he just did that to ignore you.

It was true, Kakashi used his book as a shield from the outside world. It was a clear signal that he couldn’t be bothered and wished not to be bothered.

“You’re going to end up all alone if you keep behaving this way.”

Kakashi’s eyes snapped away from the page he was on and darted to the presence beside him. Kakashi sighed as he saw the essence of his father floating beside him. This had been happening for some time now.

It had first thrown Kakashi for a loop when he first came into contact with Sakumo’s spirit. He remembered the mess he made in his apartment as he tried to get away from his father, but now as this was his fifth appearance in Kakashi’s life, Kakashi was more accustomed to his father appearing.

Kakashi’s eyes shifted away from his father, scanning the light crowd of civilians. None of them seemed to be aware of Sakumo’s presence except for Kakashi.

“I prefer to be alone,” Kakashi muttered quietly, keeping his book in front of his mouth so others couldn’t see he was talking.

Sakumo sighed from beside him, watching his only son. He knew his son would be difficult to persuade as his eyes dropped to the book in Kakashi’s hands.

“Haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like to live out those fantasies you’re always reading? Hm?” Sakumo pressed, probing for an answer.

Kakashi’s eyes widened as he faltered in his step. His cheeks were red as he kept his eyes away from his father.

“I… uh… I… I have had sex before, father,” Kakashi admitted, embarrassed by the context of the conversation.

Sakumo chuckled. “I’m well aware of that, but you haven’t found anyone to love yet.”

Kakashi’s embarrassment faded as he slowly turned the page in his novel. He made sure no one was paying attention to him as it would look like he was talking to himself. He didn’t answer his father. He didn’t want to find someone to love…. For fear that he wouldn’t be able to love them for very long.

“You know, Y/N likes you,” Sakumo stated, factually.

Kakashi paused, keeping his eyes on his book. “I’m… aware….”

“You should give her a chance. Don’t be so afraid of falling in love,” Sakumo addressed, calmly as Kakashi turned his head to look at him.

Sakumo could read his son perfectly. It wasn’t that Kakashi didn’t want to find love. It was he didn’t want to lose the ones he cared about all over again. Sakumo smiled at his son before fading away.

Sakumo’s words rang through Kakashi’s head. Kakashi shouldn’t have been surprised that his father could read him so well, but Kakashi was taken back. His guard that he held up was shattered and now Sakumo’s words were in his head.

It wasn’t until the next day when Kakashi was back at the Hokage tower after filling out a report, did he see you again. You ran your hands through your hair nervous as you greeted him. You were going to be courageous today. You were just going to ask him out. You were tired of waiting for him to notice you; you were going to make him notice and make him put that book down.

You stepped forward confidently in front of your desk as you saw him approach, but stopped short when he actually looked you in the eyes for once. He had removed his book from his face and gave you a light smile from underneath his mask.

“Good Morning, Y/N,” Kakashi greeted, nodding his head slightly.

You nodded back stunned, forgetting your earlier courage.

“The Hokage is waiting for you,” one of the Hokage’s Anbu directed that stood by.

“Alright then,” Kakashi drawled out, moving his eyes up to the Anbu before turning to the double doors of the Hokage’s office down the hall.

Kakashi had passed you and was half way to the doors when you snapped back into focus, you were going to miss your chance.

“Wait Kakashi!” you exclaimed, running to catch up with him.

Kakashi heard you call and felt a hand grip his shoulder forcing him to turn around. Kakashi saw you halt in your steps almost running into him as he caught a glimpse of his father’s ghost fading away, knowing Sakumo was the one to stop him.

“Kakashi… I wanted… I wanted to know if you like to go out to dinner with me!?!” you blurted out anxious.

Kakashi’s eyes were drawn back to you, looking over the features on your face.

“Sure. I be happy to join you for dinner,” Kakashi agreed, sweetly.

A huge grin split your face in excitement and Kakashi couldn’t help but feel the light butterflies that erupted in his belly at the sight of it. You were very beautiful. Maybe… Kakashi could learn to not be afraid to fall in love.

Last night was my date with a POT. I’ll name him Tequila, because that’s what he drank last night. So we set up a date at my favorite restaurant/hotel in the city. He drove about an hour from another city to see me. He was very responsive from the get go and got a bit sexual over text at one point. I told him that’s unacceptable until he meet and he said no problem. So, my expectation was on the lower side. However, if things went well I was fully prepared to fuck him that night since he didn’t mind a $800 PPM.

So I get there and sit at the bar to wait for him to come to me. He shows up, super energetic… BUT he’s wearing one of those fucking school boy hats. Maybe being a SB has made me judge men way harder but I was immediately disappointed. I got a fruity drink and he got a tequila on the rocks. He was easy enough to talk to and the conversation flowed well. He is 44 and said he didn’t really discover how sexual a person he was until after his first marriage. He showed me a picture of his last girlfriend in context to a story he was telling and SHIT she’s hot. Like blonde bombshell hot. So I’m thinking, maybe this guy has something going on that I don’t know about.

He closes our tab and we get our reservation for dinner. The conversation is coming easier and easier. We talked about past sugar relationships (he’s been sugaring for 10+ years in between vanilla relationships) and he starts telling me all the crazy shit he’s done. He said he loved it when his GF would pick up a guy at a bar and invite them to have sex. Like he’s had a lot of threesomes girls and guys. I excused myself to go to the bathroom right before dessert and when I left the bathroom, he was waiting outside. The bathrooms are way away from the restaurant and more in the hotel, so I was caught off guard and asked him if he closed out his tab.

He peeked into the men’s bathroom, grabbed my hand and pulled me into the bathroom!! I resisted at first out of shock but finally gave in. Keep in mind this is a nice fucking bathroom. He closed the stall and started making out with me. Before our date, he asked me what I was going to wear. I asked if he had suggestions and he said a nice cocktail dress and no panties with a winky face. I personally don’t like wearing bras/underwear so I figured I’d entertain him for my own benefit.

NOW I KNOW WHY. He lifted up my dress and stared eating me out!! I could hear guys coming in and out of the bathroom and he’s on his knees in a stall!! Then he turned me around and ate my ass. I blew him for a bit then he said we’ll save the rest for later and that dessert will be at the table soon!! I’m adventurous so I thought it was fun but Jesus. So we finish dinner then go upstairs. He Venmoed me $800 before we hooked up. He expressed great interest after and asked if he can see me again this weekend. So fingers crossed this one stays because I think he’ll be super generous and he’ll give me some wild experiences. He’s also single and not clingy so it’s a win, win, winZ

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I have a student who was totally rude, lazy and a waste of space last year. Never submitted any work, and he was about to be kicked out. This year, he's completely changed himself. I'm so proud of him, and I've praised him a lot. The only issue is now... I think he's in love with me. How do I shoot him down without making him revert to his previous ways? I genuinely praise all my students, but... I'm scared I've led him on and don't know how to back out of it :( I really care for his future :(

You would have to have a conversation about boundaries.  You could also discuss with an administrator about having this conversation so nothing comes out of context and you are covering all your bases.

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do you ever wonder how neil learned the word 'blow' in german because. in what context could he have heard this word

fhjfjhjg i would honestly love to know like honestly who knows maybe he went to school when he was in germany and heard the phrase thrown around but then again neil is a linguist maybe he was just able to infer from the context of the conversation

Bunk Beds

Prompt: The Homestead has a set of bunk beds in one of the rooms. After Y/N has a bad day, Newt brings you to the Homestead where you two fight over who gets the top and who gets the bottom. (The fight can be fluffy or they can be yelling and mad.)
Bonus: You get together after someone spills your secret about liking Newt.

I roughly kicked a rock with my foot, sending it flying through the air. It popped Gally’s leg as he was walking by and he sent me a glare.

“Don’t kick things at me, Greenie,” Gally snapped. I rolled my eyes. I had been in the Glade for two weeks, and the term ‘Greenie’ had followed me and annoyed me since that Box had opened.

“Don’t call me Greenie and I won’t,” I retorted, crossing my arms. Minho, one of my closest friends since arriving in the Glade, had often called this position my 'Queen of Sass Pose’. Since he was obviously the King, I took it as a compliment.

“What? Want me to call you Shank?”

“I want you to call me Y/N. Or is that too hard for your shuck Builder brain to understand?” Gally stepped forward, his eyes narrowed. Before he could speak, Newt appeared out of nowhere, grabbing my arm and pulling me away from the angry Builder.

“Are you trying to start a fight with Gally again, Y/N?” Newt demanded. Still, I didn’t miss the tiny twitch of his lips that told me he wanted to smile.

“I’m not in a very good mood,” I told him, relaxing the slightest bit. Newt had always had a relaxing affect on me.

“Well, how about I change that?” Newt asked, dragging me towards the Homestead.

“Newt, what are you -”

“You’ll see, Y/N. And you’ll love it.”

Newt’s eyes were lit with excitement and happiness. His lips were pulled upwards in a delightful smile that showed off his teeth. He absentmindedly pushed his hair out of his eyes and I couldn’t stop the smile that appeared on my face, nor the increase of my heart beat.

“If I don’t love it, you owe me,” I told him, trying to distract myself from my thoughts. Newt only laughed, forcing my heart to skip a beat and go into overdrive.

So maybe I had a tiny crush on the boy with the odd accent. Maybe I liked the way he was taller than me, the way his brown eyes were dark yet managed to shine and light up my world. Maybe I liked how his accent was thick in the mornings, when his eyelids were still heavy and his eyes were glazed with sleep.

I shook my head, wishing the thoughts would vanish. They never managed to leave, though. They’d resided in my brain for what felt like an eternity. It was as if I had came to the Glade already in love with Newt, already knowing him for centuries before the day we met and he pulled me out of that dreaded Box.
I hadn’t even realized that Newt had dragged me into the Homestead, nor that he had led me straight up the stairs. He stopped outside of a door and I smacked into him. I blushed as he laughed.

“Shove off,” I muttered, crossing my arms in annoyance. “Slinthead,” I added as an after thought. Their terms had become familiar in most cases, but I was still adapting to a few of the more strange terms. Slinthead was one of them, where 'shuck’ had been one that caught on very quickly.

“Slinthead?” Newt questioned, raising his eyebrows. “I’ve never heard you use such language,” he teased.

I blushed again, muttering a “rude” under my breath. He laughed and gestured to the closed door.

“Behind this door, Y/N, is the cure to your bad day.” Before I could tell him that I highly doubted that, Newt swung open the door. It creaked its opening theme and I didn’t know what I was supposed to see at first. Until my eyes landed on a bunk bed pushed against the far wall.

I squealed in delight, rushing over to the bunk beds. They seemed steady, like they’d easily hold my weight. Even so, I was thankful for my small stature.
“I remembered you telling me about how you remembered bunk beds,” Newt said softly. I hadn’t noticed that he had walked into the room. “I thought you’d like this surprise, so I begged the Builders to make it for you. It cost me a week’s worth of things, but that smile make it worth it.”

I smiled even bigger at his words. I quickly flung my arms around him, hugging him tight.

“Thanks, Newt. You’re amazing.” My words were muffled, my face buried in his chest. When his arms wrapped around me, pulling me even closer, I couldn’t stop the feeling of intense happiness.

“You’re welcome, Y/N,” Newt murmered, his head resting on mine. After a moment of standing like that, I finally pulled away from his hug. Instantly, I missed his warmth.

“So, are you sleeping in here with me?” I asked, already taking off my shoes. It had been a long day and I really wanted to sleep. I’d just sneak into the kitchen early tomorrow and steal food while I helped Frypan cook.

“Of course,” Newt responded. He followed my lead, taking off his shoes. Apparently he would be skipping dinner as well.

“I just hope that top bunk holds.”

“Don’t worry. I won’t move too much.”

I looked over at him, confused. “Huh?”

“Well, I get top bunk.” Newt stated it like it was obvious. As if he were teaching me to count to one.

“It’s my bunk bed. I get the top.”

“I got it built. I get the top.”

“It was built for me, though! I should get to top!”

“No, I get to top.”

I hadn’t realized, but the two of us had moved closer to one another. His face was just an inch or two from mine. He seemed to realize this too, as his eyes flickered down to my lips and his breath washed over my face.

“I still think I should get to top,” I whispered. I made no attempt at moving away from him. I liked the closeness. I liked what it implied would happen.

“Well, I want to top.” Newt’s voice was quieter than it had been. Louder than my own, but still much more quiet than his earlier voice.

“I really hope you’re both talking about the bunk bed and not each other,” a voice joked from the door. I flew away from Newt, my face going bright red. I turned to see a smirking Minho. That shuckface.

“What do you want, Minho?” Newt demanded. He didn’t seem too pleased.

“Just wondering who was going to top who,” Minho replied, crossing his arms and leaning against the doorjam. It was then that I realized that, with no context, our conversation had sounded rather dirty. At least, it was if Minho’s suggestive look was anything to go by.

“You are terrible,” I told him.

“Don’t hate me, Y/N. Love me. Not in the way you love Newt, but -”

“Shove off, you shuckfaced slinthead.” I replied, rolling my eyes and standing up. I climbed up the short ladder and rested on the top bunk. It was surprisingly comfortable.

“Just saying, Y/N. You and Newt would look so cute together.” Minho laughed. “You know, if you two ever got the guts to admit you liked each other.”

“Minho!” I shouted, but the boy was already gone. My face was burning. I refused to look down to where I knew Newt was still sitting. Then I realized what Minho said. If we got the guts to admit that we liked each other… Not just that I liked Newt.

“Newt?” I asked timidly.

He stood up, head at the same level as mine. Once again, I was reminded of his height and how much I loved it.

“Yeah, Y/N?” He asked.

“So… About what Minho said.”

He hesitated before saying, “Can I tell you something?”

“Of course.”

“I think you’re amazing. I was happy, you know, when you came in here. That very first day when you refused to trust anyone but me. It was like I knew you. Like I knew you back before the Creators put us in this stupid Glade. It was like they sent you back to me. I… I really like you, Y/N.”


“Yeah?” He looked beyond nervous, but his adorable brown eyes kept flickering down to my lips.

“Are you going to keep glancing at my lips, or are you going to kiss them?”

The smile that appeared on his face made me melt.

“Can I kiss you, Y/N?”


He leaned forward, his breath washing over my face once again. I smiled as his lips finally connected with mine.

I expected it to be maybe a little clumsy. I couldn’t remember kissing anyone before - but the way our lips moved together, as if it was a dance they had learnt together years ago, made me think that maybe Newt was right.
For whatever reason, the Creators had sent me back to Newt.

I pulled away from him, both of us smiling.

“I still get the top bunk.”

>PHERES: Show off for Kit.

[ @anontrolls ]

“You’re going to love this,” you say, and you’re not sure if you’re trying to convince him, or yourself.

 Nothing will ever compare to the first night you saw the canyons, psi-addled and adrenaline coursing through your veins: they’d seemed so dramatic back then, all orange and gold walls tall enough to block out the moons, and casting shadows dark as blood. With the stars and the moons and Imnots, everything had seemed so impressive. It’d been breath-taking, that first time, but each visit had worn the wonders thin. Disinterest had built up like the dust on your boots, until - by the end - everything had just seemed so common. So tedious.

You’re not sure what’s changed. But as you lean over the edge of the fence, peering down at the precariously curled path, it almost looks impressive. Perhaps it’s the height! From up here, everything looks so small: the river winding through the dust, the arches and whorls of stone that you know are dozens of feet high. Maybe it’s the way the moonslight spackles across the sand and formations, and catches on the newly bloomed vegetation until it seems to flare in the darkness.

.. or maybe it’s the fact you just want it to, desperately, because Kit is right behind you.

Hauling him off on a trip to visit your old kismesis’s haunt had seemed a marvelous gift to him, back at Port Mina. Why not? You’ve heard him murmuring to Maidel about history, before. You know he’s curious, eager to get in on you and Emerel’s conversations about the past, and this is an excellent opportunity to help give him some context. As lovely as Kit is - as he always is - helping him foster his new interest is the least you can do.

With a clatter of braids, you spin to face him. “Ah, there’s a shrine down below! By the river,” you offer. “Early eighth century, I think: Imnots thought it was modern, but. Well. She thought a great deal of things. Would you like to look at that? Or - oh!” You pause, biting your lip.

You’d never admit it, but.. your motives aren’t entirely altruistic. Jealousy is such an ugly emotion! And Kit’s feelings towards Emerel have nothing to do with the way he feels towards you. But you’ve seen the way he watches whenever Emerel does one of his sillier stunts, and. Well.

They both treat you like you’ll break, sometimes. Why waste an opportunity to prove to Kit that you won’t? “There’s ruins, too,” you offer, tilting your head to the side. “Inside one of the caves. Ah, they’re interesting, too, if you like that sort of thing..? I think it used to be an ampitheatre, at some point - it’s got a stage, if you can believe it.”

I’ve seen a lot of posts mentioning offhand the Yuuri likely doesn’t speak Russian (i don’t think its ever mentioned in the show) and I’m like??? Yuuri??? Fanboy extreme??? Yuuri has probably studying Russian in his spare time for years. I mean, what with school work and skating, he probably didn’t have much time to do this or make much progress, but I bet he learned enough to understand interviews Viktor gave in Russian and to make an effort at reading articles of Russian news websites. Plus there might have been an option to take modules (or electives as they’re called in America I believe???) at college.

And imagine how excited Viktor would be when Yuuri tries to talk to him in Russian. And I bet he’d drop little bits of Russian language into their conversations so Yuuri could pick it up in context and??? I don’t know why I love this idea so much???

Everyone’s screaming about how the bit with molly was cruel and heartless and horrible and how could sherlock do that to her what an asshole, but - guys. That was Eurus’ doing? Not Sherlock’s? She literally said “make molly tell you she loves you or I’ll blow her to bits.” And ok sure it turned out there never were explosives, but sherlock didn’t know that? He was LITERALLY SAVING HER LIFE, I don’t understand why everyone’s so mad about it.

Especially since we saw molly in the last set of scenes and she was fine? I don’t doubt that they sat her down and we’re like “So my psycho sister was going to blow you up unless you said I love you, that’s why that whole phone conversation happened and why I pushed you so hard to say it, it was literally to prevent my psychotic sister from killing you,” and I doubt molly would still have been like “you asshole” after she was given context?

It would be great, actually, if Dom’s “they” was referring to a woman, even if it was possibly preceding the legalization of same-sex marriage–which was given a shout out in the news report on the TV with the White House lit up in rainbow colors–just because the context of the conversation between Zhang/whiterose and Dom would mean they’re both hiding fundamental truths about themselves to the other person, most likely under the impression that to the other it’s socially unacceptable.

I would really really love that.

A transgender Chinese national (hacker) and an American queer woman having a very careful, coded, obfuscating conversation… when likely, on these points at least (and not on affiliations and actions), it’s probably okay.

But you never know and the risk is high.

But… sadly, my heart doubts this in the case of Dom. Her online partners, at least, seemed to read male to me. Not that she can’t be bisexual or elsewhere on the spectrum. Or really just meant to be with Alexa.

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How do you decide what poetry to post on social media and what poetry to keep private for publishing? About how many poems do you include in your books that have already been posted publicly versus poems that haven't been shared? Thank you so much!<3

Poetry books are strange things, because you can post a page and it kind of correlates with the rest of the book but can also work on its own. Generally, (myself included) people like having a physical copy of a poetry book, because they’re great to flick through. Different pieces will resonate with you over the course of your life.

Novels on the other hand are trickier to share on social media. I know this because I am writing a novel at the moment and there are bits that I would love to put out but I feel it needs to be placed into the overall context of the story.

I have learned, over the last few months that there is a monumental difference between writing a poem and a novel. Novels are so much more engrossing for the author, it’s kind of like, dipping your toes in the water v’s donning scuba gear and disappearing for hours on end.

And you think about it all the time, the imaginary conversations between your characters and the weird thing is, you start to get emotionally involved in their fictional lives. Even though I am writing the novel, it feels like I am also reading it. And the main drive for me to keep tapping away, (I’ve been writing around 2000 words per day) is because I want to find out what happens next. Even though I kind of know what is going to happen, everyone once in awhile, my characters will throw me a curve ball. It’s really weird! But it’s awesome. :)  

Did any of the Weasleys (besides Ron) know about Harry and Ginny during HBP? Like we don’t even have a scene where someone has an awkward moment trying to skirt around the subject. There is no verification that anyone knew. I feel like everything was kept quiet or something. How did Ginny keep that secret from her family for so long? Did they know by the time of the Battle of Hogwarts? Or did Harry just stroll on in after a long sleep and come a tenderly hug Ginny in front of her family and they just stare in confusion? There’s no telling how this went down and I am itching to know.

Also, did Voldemort use his usual oversight about love and not care that he could very well use Ginny again? I mean Draco and Snape would have known about Harry and Ginny and it would have been a quick conversation with either of them to discover that Harry has a new “weakness." In this context, I worry about Ginny. She is so vulnerable to not only Voldemort but by the new Hogwarts "staff” for being closely connected to Harry. I just feel that that would be something Voldemort would want to punish. I’m so confused. Like I don’t want anyone to touch my Ginny, but I feel like it doesn’t make sense that Ginny came out of that year (from September 1st to Easter) mostly untouched. Or was she actually very hurt by that year but we don’t know about it? 

Topanga & Riley’s Mother-Daughter Relationship

It seems people don’t like Topanga calling Maya a “Fierce Amazon Warrior” and saying Maya is the “strongest person she knows” while not calling Riley the same or comparing Riley the same way.

First of all, it is important to note that when this nickname first comes up in GM Mr. Squirrels, it is Maya who calls Topanga an Amazon warrior and the fiercest woman she knows first. This is essentially an in joke between Maya & Topanga. It takes nothing from Riley & Topanga. Just as I’m sure everyone has in jokes with one person that they don’t have with someone else. Those things don’t diminish or limit your relationships with another person, do they?

Next, Maya has had opportunity to show emotional strength in a way that Riley hasn’t had to show on the same scale yet. Maya’s father left when she was five, and she had to live in a way that could have broken her completely, but she struggled her way through it and made it work for herself. She showed that strength again when she confronted her father and came out better for it. It is just a simple state of fact that because of Maya’s life, she has had to show more emotional strength and she does.

That is nothing against Riley because her opportunities to show strength at greater lengths haven’t appeared yet. Yes, she has shown great strength of character in standing up to her bully, in continuing to go for her dream of being a being a cheerleader, in standing up for what she believed in GM STEM, and she certainly tried to show strength by stepping back for a while between GM Texas and GM New Year. But none of those things have a time as lengthy and as heartbreaking as a father leaving you when you are 5 and having to live through it. However, I do think Riley has the capability to show that level of strength when the time comes. 

I think Riley will get a chance to show great emotional strength soon. I think that time will come when she’ll deal with the further stress of this love triangle and dealing with her feelings for Farkle. I think whatever happens, she’ll come out stronger for it on the other side. She won’t let anything break her. And I’m willing to bet that’s the day she gets her own strong nickname. Maybe Maya or Topanga will call her a fierce Amazon warrior then. 

I also think we need to look at the context of situations. Especially the one in Legacy. Topanga has a mature conversation with Riley about wanting to be involved in her life, and letting Riley know that no matter what Cory & Topanga will always be there for her. That is a very loving speech from a very loving mother. Neglecting would have been saying something like “I don’t care about this situation. Whatever it is, get yourself out of it.” Then she lets Riley know that no matter what both her & Maya will be okay. She is reassuring Riley because Riley is worried about the friendship first and foremost. Reminding Riley of how strong Maya is is a way to let Riley know that this won’t break Maya, and it won’t break their friendship. Again, a very loving and mature way to talk do one’s daughter to reassure her that things will be okay. 

Also, the strength talk is a set up for the joke when Maya appears. And then Topanga goes to Maya and coaxes her to her in a similar way that she coaxed Doy to her side. (Context is different in the two situations, but the actions are similar.) She is essentially treating Maya like a 5 year old because, honestly, Maya is behaving very childlike and dramatic in that moment. Topanga treats Maya in an overly comforting manner as one would comfort a small child because the situation calls for it. However, in contrast, Riley was behaving like a confused teenager but within a slightly more mature manner so Topanga treated her maturely. It was much better for Riley to be treated that way so that she could realize everything will be okay. If Riley had started crying uncontrollably or had fallen to her knees in a dramatic fashion, I have no doubt in my mind that Topanga would have gone to her and reassured her in a similar fashion that she did with Maya. I think having a mature conversation with Riley about her troubles shows a better relationship between Topanga & Riley than anything else. And I hope for more opportunities of similar mature conversations about life and love between Topanga & Riley. 

We have to look at Riley for her cues when Topanga has these moments with Maya. She is smiling when Topanga goes to comfort Maya because she knows her mother is being overly comforting on purpose to make Maya feel better and help shake her out of her sadness. She is not upset at all in that moment. She has never behaved as if any of these moments have taken away something from her, and actually behaves very happy when her parents help Maya. The one obvious exception is with Cory in GM Father. And I think the reason for that is because she spent that episode worried her father didn’t know how much she loves him because she wanted to end their tradition, so she panics for a bit. But on the whole, her behavior doesn’t suggest that this is a long term feeling, and it has never been directed at Topanga. (Also, I think a part of that was a parallel hint for the Rucaya triangle, but that’s more of a meta thing.) 

Point being, Topanga & Riley’s mother-daughter relationship is solid until enough canon evidence shows me otherwise. When Riley expresses her sadness over attention being paid to Maya either in subtle/obvious action or in dialogue, then I will acknowledge it. Until then, I don’t think the writers are setting it up, and this feels more like something people want to think is happening without the evidence of Riley hurting to back it up. Saying it must be happening because Topanga says these things doesn’t make it so unless Riley is the one showing she doesn’t like it. If you want more scenes between Riley & Topanga, I certainly get that and agree. I just don’t see it as Topanga neglecting Riley when she has shown to be there for Riley when she’s sad in GM Rah Rah & GMT3; she has mature conversations to help her in GMBW & GM Legacy; she backs up Riley’s beliefs in GM STEM by explaining the importance of the girls doing things for themselves in a more calm & rational manner when Riley wasn’t getting her point across. She’s there for Riley in much stronger ways than a nickname and a hug. So I think we should focus on all those things, and not let the few times when Topanga has given Maya confidence when Maya needed it as some wrongly determined conclusion that Topanga must love Maya more than Riley. That’s just not true.