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Mint talks: Sticker set!

Hi guys! So, after a loooooooooooooooooong time of thinking and tlaking with the wall– I mean, my family(?). I’ve decided that, I’ll sell Sticker sets!

I’ve been wanting to make this since a long time ago, ya know? but I was kinda nervous and I even am right now! I’ve asked for prizes with some friends and now I just need to ask about shipping, at the post office. After that, I’ll start making the stickers! They will be 10 stickers in one sticker set and will cost 8$ or less! I’m still thinking about it–


I also need to know

How many people would like to buy them

cus I need to know how many sticker stets I’m gonna make. This will be my first time doing it so, I wanna make the right amount of them! so, if you’re SURE you’re gonna buy it, you can just comment in this post/send me a PM/Reblog this/??? saying that you want to buy one and your country! I’ll take note of this and then start working on it.

And… I want you guys to do this also because…

I wanna make a giveaway!

Once I have the complete list of buyers, I’ll give everyone a number and then randomly select one winner. What will they get? Easy. They won’t have to pay for their sticker set AND they will get a few pins~ (I made a pin with one Massis pic and I love it so much–). EVERYTHING for free yay~

This is just a beta post so I can know how many people would like to buy them. I’ll make a more “professional” post one I have everything checked uvu) for now, I just wanna talk about this so you can conciderate buying them!

A nice person (wich username can’t seem to remember right now, sorry ;;) suggested me to open a store in storenvy and, I did! I’m trying to figure out how it works so, maybe the buy thing will be done there, idk–

Ahhh– I’m so excited. I mean, this is so important to me! I never thought someone would like to buy something like this from me! I know I still need to improve but it’s nice to now that, even with lots or mistakes, you’d want to buy them. Seriously, thank you ;v;) I don’t have anymore to say except– IF YOU WANT THE STICKER SET TELL ME PLEASE. ALONG WITH YOUR COUNTRY so I don’t have to go like 25 times to the post office to ask for JUST one country ahahaha–

AH and obviously, the stickers will be of Undertale– but I still don’t know If I should make it of every character of just Sanses from various AUs (this would be quite the problem since lots of AU creators doesn’t like when people use their AU to sell things ;v;)

Also have this Sansta that I made a few days ago– *runs away*


I actually laughed and clapped my hands together at this. 


Kurogane agrees. There isn’t any real hesitation on his part. This is the first chance he’s really had to speak in a while, and it’s his confirmation that he’ll go through with it, calmly and collectedly.

And the second Fai objects HE YELLS AT HIM TO SHUT UP. 


Because of course Fai would.

More than that I don’t think Fai would want to burden anyone with an existence he himself didn’t particularly love all that much himself. 

But Kurogane is already more than willing to make the sacrifice to keep him around and essentially ‘THAT MEANS YOU DON’T GET TO OBJECT YOU DICK.’


I still think my favorite sibling relationship in this show has to be Lori and Lincoln because of how their development has grown since Season 1.

I remember when Lori thought Lincoln was an annoyance and didn’t care about him, but now she’s grateful to have him as a little brother and I love how they’ve grown like that.

I know the LH Crew have said Lori and Lincoln are the closest sibling relationship, and I absolutely agree. 

I really hope in Season 3, we get more of these two bonding and especially with Bobby and Ronnie Anne, I really want them talking about how much they miss those two. It would be a great way to show that both of them are going through the same thing about missing someone important in their life, and it brings them closer as siblings.

callin’ all choice!

do you see what i did there heh

this might be a long shot, but how do you guys feel about a choice tumblr meetup? i love this fandom sooo much, and i’d love to learn more abt all the choices here on tumblr!!

how would you feel abt a meetup day where all choice can post selfies or artwork or anything and introduce ourselves so we can all be friends and bond over our love for a.c.e :D

like/reply/reblog & lmk if you guys would be interested!! 

BTS Reaction Maknae Line | Requested - Ace.

Sorry this is shit but I’m tired and was rushing. My next reaction will hopefully be better sorryyy

Park Jimin - 

Jimin would be confused not really knowing what it is. Asking lots of questions, searching up definitions and talking to you. Tries to make you as comfortable as possible. When he found out what it meant, he was so understanding, taking you to bed and cuddling you. You both talked all night until you fell asleep about random things. 

“Huh, what does that mean” “Ah, I understand now, nothings changed I still love you for you baby”

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Kim Taehyung - 

Taehyung would also be confused. When you explained it to him. The boy was still confused but didn’t want to say anything. Tells you he understands but that night he was on his phone searching up in more detail. Reading peoples blogs. Finally understanding, he’s fully supportive showering you in love. Making sure you know he loves you everyday. Just a big fluff ball. 

“Yeah, I understand completely” “Ah Jagi I love you so much wow”

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Jeon Jungkook - 

Jungkook would already know about asexuality since he’s a very curious person. He’d read about it in comments on twitter (AHAHA). So he already knew most things about it. Completely supportive of you, asks you a lot of questions about it so he can understand you more. Tries to tell you he loves you as much as possible. 

“I read about that somewhere but can you explain more so I know more about you” 

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Gifs aren’t mine. Credit to the owners. 

Couldn’t really find matching gifs ah well. 


Myself + @icedvulpix have finally decided what we’re going to do about the crossover: We’re not going to watch it. Not as it’s airing, at least. No liveblogs, no hashtags, no nothing. And given the sense of malaise that seems to be surrounding the most dreaded television event of the year, we thought, hey, why not turn this into something fun for all of us to do, instead of sitting around wondering if we should be watching, again, the television equivalent of marc guggenheim on the toileté?

enter No More Nazis, a 2 night livestreaming event hosted on my twitch channel. if you can’t stomach any more nazi bullshit, come watch us play persona 5 and be really bad at it, give advice, watch youtube videos, and just have a good time! the stream is open to anyone and everyone that is fed up with this crossover nonsense, except stephen amell. if you ask really nicely, i’ll even be super bad at bloodbourne 2 for an hour. 

the hours/nights are the same as the crossover, but just to reiterate: 
- Night 1: Monday, November 27, 8PM - 10PM EST/7PM - 9PMCT
- Night 2: Tuesday, November 28, 8PM - 10PM EST/7PM - 9PMCT


“no more nazis” will be livestreamed in lieu of a legends in review for the crossover. we will not be reviewing the crossover on our podcast.

the rules of the stream are simple: first, don’t talk about the crossover. don’t tell us what’s happening, don’t give updates, JUST DON’T LOOK. the second rule is that ari and i retain the right to block/ban whomever we like for whatever behavior, no warning. why? because blocking gives me that sweet, sweet rush. additionally, we’ve always been very vocal about characters/ships/types of fans that we find vile, so consider that your warning. the third rule is that there is NO dickbabs category.

we would LOVE for you to livetweet No More Nazis instead of anything related to the crossover, using the hashtag #nomorenazis. and even if you don’t join us but STILL don’t want to engage with the crossover, as a professional i can tell you NOT to blog, talk, or tag ANYTHING about it during the 2 nights. all they’re going to be looking for is social media traction- let’s slick up the roads.

i can’t wait for you guys to join us for this event! i know we’re all going to have a fun, nazi-free time. <3

No Crying in the Club (Miles Wood)

Anonymous said:

Hi! Can u please write a Miles Wood imagine of how he and y/n go out to a club and some guy starts flirting with her and she tries to push him away and Miles sees this and comes to your defense and tries to fight him but y/n stops Miles and they start walking away then the guy says something mean about Miles and y/n turns around quickly and punches the guy on his eye and walks away and Miles is shocked and proud and they go home lol thanks!

Word Count: 1254

Warnings: Some strong language

Author’s note: Sorry for the shitty posting schedule guys, college has been kicking my ass and I’m literally crawling towards the end of the semester. Also I have such a HUGE love for Miles Wood, if you follow my main blog (@usa-on-three) then you know that. 

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None of you are replaceable. None of you are worthless. Every one of you has people who care about you, myself included. None of us want anything bad to happen to any of you.

I wish i could do more. If I could, i would go to all of you and just… shower all of you in love and cuddles and whatever it takes until you feel better. I worry about all of you so much… That I’ll wake up one day and I’ll find out something bad has happened.

I just…

I wish I could do more.

I believe in you. Every single one of you. Whatever bad times are happening right now, i believe you can get through them. I know it sounds cheesy as all hell, but i don’t really care. Stay determined. You’ve come this far despite everything, and I’m so proud of you for making it this far. You can do it. I’m behind you all the way.

I don’t know if my words help at all… I hope they do. At least a little.

I love all of you.

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i wanna get connors speech to frank tattooed on me, it was hilarious because frank proved him right too with his actions lmao. if it wasn't for him being a little loud in that stairwell at the end connor would have gotten though this whole ep with nothing but wins

I don’t think I can put into words how much I loved Connor blowing up at Frank. He’s fucking right. Especially since we know Frank literally fell to his knees telling Annalise he would do whatever she wanted to make things right. I love these moments and I can’t help but be reminded of when Connor blew up at Annalise in 3x14 about her dead sons. He’s fucking right. 

I’m disappointed because I wanted more for Connor this episode. I wanted him to be involved in something. And sadly, even the incident in the end in the stairwell with Dominic, I don’t see anything substantial coming from that. It’s just another ploy by the writers to keep us invested until January. Connor isn’t in danger. Dominic ain’t gonna do shit to him. I almost wish Connor was in mortal danger just for drama’s sake. But it seems relationship drama is the only thing Connor gets nowadays. 

~more Graffiti updates~

finally making a Graffiti playlist on spotify :DDD *vibrates with excitement* I’ll post a link later if any of you would like to listen ^^

oh! and I made an official timeline for the fic last night too! ‘Cause shit goes down before the fic actually starts and I need to keep track of timing and stuff

still need to do background info for worldbuilding and characters….hmmm

I would love to talk about "Tombstone" for the rest of my life

13x6 just added 10 years to my life. While I wished that Dean’s initial reaction to Cas being back would have been more (“Welcome home, pal”? What? Lol), his reaction throughout the rest of the episode is the reason I’ll wake up in the morning for the rest of my life; not to be dramatic or anything. Like, Sam knows. Sam freaking knows. He called Dean out on being in a really good mood and then when Dean said that he needed a win and having Cas back was a pretty big win I had to pause to hyperventilate and thank Chuck, all of the angels, all of the demons, the weird being of The Empty, and even Billie. Chuck bless us all. And let’s talk about Cas throughout the episode too. WAS HIS TELLING JACK ALL ABOUT DEAN NOT THE CUTEST THING YOU’VE EVER SEEN IN YOUR LIFE?!?!?!! Like how he told Jack that Dean really likes cowboys, how he warned him not to wake Dean, and then when he explained to him that Dean was an angry sleeper, like a bear. I died and was resurrected a million times, I might be a Winchester. And then when Dean said that he made Cas watch the movie “Tombstone” that was the biggest “old married couple” shit I’ve ever seen. I am living because Castiel lives, and so is Dean Winchester.

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You seem like the person to ask this, since you know about medieval social interaction better than me. But Rowaelin seems to have an almost modern romance, even through TOG is medieval-esque. So, my question is, what medieval romance cliches and social queues would Rowaelin partake in? If they were more medieval-esque.

OMG I LOVE THIS ASK SO MUCH AHHHHH medieval romance and tog are my two greatest loves. 

But anyways, medieval tropes/situations rowaelin would engage in if they were in a medieval romance:

-Aelin is lost. Rowan sets out on a 6000 line quest to find his love, only to be way laid by various other damsels in distress who try to seduce him. He resists seduction proving his worth.

-Aelin gets locked in a tower by her evil husband. She’s pissed about it. Rowan is venturing around the country, as knights do, and she sees him from her window. He breaks down the tower, stone by stone, until he frees her. He conveniently kills her husband and they get married. 

-Aelin falls in love with Rowan because he is the most beautiful, honorable knight she has ever seen. But he ignores her for 2000 lines and is unnecessarily cruel because like, love is evil & her beauty is infecting his soul & ability to perform his knightly duties. 

-Rowan’s knightly brothers do not understand his devotion to this new #maiden and they think his love-sickness makes him weak. He proves that love is badass by rescuing Aelin from a band of brigands and an evil king who wants to take her virginity. (there is a lot of threat to virginity in medieval romance okay). 

-Aelin hates her husband, who Rowan happens to work for. They have sex anyways, though, and she becomes pregnant. In the middle of the night, a white stag appears before her and tells her how to fix her problems. She listens to it, not at all surprised by a talking animal. 

-While courting, Aelin rejects his proposals to go for a walk about the courtyards 35 times because this is the way of #refined #ladies

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What are your thoughts about Tyton?

I would love to know more about Tyton and the electricon squad and their abilities. We had only one chapter dedicated to them in KC. According to Mare, Tyton is “certainly tall, with tawny skin, a sprinkling of freckles, and a jaw sharper than the edge of a cliff.” With white hair. Based on that description, I guess he’s a fine young man. 

I’m also guessing that maybe he’s the guy that Cal gets territorial with. (It could be Kilorn, but I want Kilorn and Cal to be friends, so yeah.) 

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Honestly your blog has made my life. So difficult being gay in a fandom. Anyway could you please do soldier 76 with a British s/o Keep being brilliant thank you

I know the feeling! It’s the reason I made this blog! Also apologies in advance if I hardly answer any asks myself! I just got Ultra Sun and it’s already taking me over. ~ Mod 76

  • He doesn’t know why,but he can’t get enough of your accent
  • Like,he always thought Lena’s was annoying after a while,but yours was something else
  • You actually have to explain there’s more than two accents in the UK.
  • You would tell him about the food you loved from home and he would question what they were since they weren’t available in America
  • You felt like it was a crime he’s never tasted Irn Bru and made it your personal mission to get a bottle next time you have a Mission back home
  • Would actually ask you if certain stuff rumoured about British people were true
  • “No we don’t have bad dental hygiene….Nor do we have almost no fruit or vegetables in shops“
  • The Soldier can’t get enough of you describing your home and what you used to do as a kid
  • Totally did not convince Winston to give you both a few weeks off so he could take you back home and do everything you described to him
  • And holy did he actually love it.
  • You both decided once a year to do this again

Happy birthday to this perfect little giant angel of mine💛

I hope today is good to you my precious one. Thank you for being a ray or light in this world that can be so dark my Yugy💛 your pure kind loving nature makes the world go round. I have honestly never in my life come across anyone as thoughtful and loving and caring as you the pureness of the way you love and your passion and the way you live and spread joy truly leaves me in awe. heaven really gave us their most perfect angel💛 I know i call you my baby and my son but you have honestly taught me more about life and living then anyone years older then me. You are truly wise beyond your years💛 Your exsistance alone makes my heart do gymanstics you are so precious to me my lil nugget honestly truly my life would be pretty dull if you werent in it. You deserve all the love and happiness this world has to give Kim Yugyeom and so so so much more considering just how much love and happiness you give the world. Happy Happy birthday Baby Yugy I Love You💛💛


you know what i wish? i wish i knew more about autism. i would love to add to the diversity of my stories with autistic characters. i have one in particular whose story would build so much from being autistic. but i wouldn’t write an autistic character for fear of writing it wrong, offending someone. i wish i knew, so i could help others know too.

I have this problem where its like I could date some people right now, but they’re all poly. Now I have nothing against dating someone who is poly but for my first (possibly) healthy relationship, I think it would be better if it was non-poly.
I just have this feeling that for me to grow and learn more about love, doing that with someone who is dating like 4 people is going to stunt my growth,
So I think it’s best for me to wait until I get non-poly relationship just so I can learn what healthy relationships are like and know what to expect then jump into a relationship where they can’t spend much time with me.

But still its hard to just say no because they’re poly like it sounds dickish to do, but its really not the best for me right now, or at least I think so but I don’t know
Does this many any sense? I want to know if I’m making a logical decision or not.

I think a very telling scene in this episode was when Sam and Dean talked about Dean’s state of being, and how happy he seems now in comparison to his prior mood. I just loved that scene because it textualized the fact that Cas is Dean’s win, and its further implications. I know Jared said that Sam would be the one to question things (well, he used this weird analogy to pizza and how Sam would ask about the cheese, whereas Dean would eat the pizza? Yeah not gay at all), so I’m intrigued to see if they will elaborate on that. I can’t see Cas’ return as something they’d brush off, and I think Sam’s face and overall questioning persona in that scene highlights this point. Definitely want to see more because I think this will allow more honesty for one, and perhaps a more complex dynamic between Sam and Cas. They’re friends for god-sake! 

Finn : a complexe, well-rounded, loveable black character

Hux : a white guy we saw 3 minutes in the movie, who said 3 lines, so 
insignificant I didn’t even remember he was there after seeing the movie