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Hi Cassie! I really love your books and I can't wait for LOS to come out. I was wondering if we are ever gonna know/see more about Tessa and Jem's married life. Are we going to see them interact more with Emma? Are they able to have babies? If so, will they be warlocks or shadowhunters? Or both? Or maybe Tessa doesn't want children because she can't bear watching her children dying again?

If Jem and Tessa had babies they would be, just like Will and Tessa’s babies, Shadowhunters (with maybe something a little extra in the power department.)

I know Jem and Tess are very loved and we do see them in glimpses in TDA but the story isn’t about them (and I’m very wary of them swooping in and fixing everything, especially when Magnus is around off and on, that’s a lot of warlock firepower!) 

I don’t think Tessa would hesitate to have children again if the time was right. She’s enjoying just being with Jem – it’s only been five years since the Dark War – but she loved being a mom. Imagine if we chose never to love anyone because we feared they might one day die? Tessa isn’t bitter, or angry, about the mortals she has known who have died after long and happy lives. She is grateful she knew them and looks forward to seeing them again one day.

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So I've started making the pages for a webcomic I want to do, and I plan to have a semi-regular update schedule for making each chapter. I'm trying to find a good website to post it. The only place I really know is Webtoons, do you know any other sites I could post it at? And would you have any advice about getting your comic more well known if you plan on publishing exclusively online?

Webtoons is lovely! We started out on ComicFury, and we highly recommend them as well— they offer free hosting and have a very active and insightful community, great staff/support, and the ability to create really sleek and easy to customize layouts. They also have built-in community advertising on their front page, and we’ve personally found a lot of the comics we love to read through that feature as well.

As for advertising further, we definitely recommend checking out Project Wonderful and Comic Rocket. Both have really affordable and competitive advertising features that put your comic in front of people who are looking to find more comics. (And again, Comic Rocket is how we found a lot of the comics we love to read, as well – so it’s lovely from a reader’s perspective, too!) Other than that, engaging your audience with social media (Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and posting updates is really helpful to let people know when you’ve got new content for them.

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Tbh, I'm surprised you revealed Paula's death so casually on an Akinator video. If I were you, I'd probably edit out the part where Akinator asked that question so nobody would even know it asked about his death, then I would publish the news in an official video. It probably would have been more heartbreaking, and you seemed to love making us hurt as much as possible, why not them? You didn't even show the pic of Luca crying over his corpse! What gives!?

i was confused at first because i didnt know who paula was lmao

i was originally gonna do that, make an entire video dedicated to it. but then i realized i dont have fucking time to do that lmao no time to dedicate videos to that. 

plus i thought mentioning it so casually would be hilarious like a “oh yeah hes dead btw lmao” kinda of way. i still got a good reaction nonetheless. 

Everyone please go look at @artinggrace‘s art that made me wanna write about AVAC Tony and his magical pets… this is just a little thing about the Wolf who we brainstormed about being an unlucky pupper, but Tony loving him so much anyways and accepting him. I’m hoping to add more about the other animals but *shoves this at you all* here, have this for now! <3

(seriously, check out the art, it’s the cutest thing you will ever see)

If Wolf had known he was going to cause this much trouble, he never would’ve come to Tony.

He’s heard it all before; unlucky, a bad omen, harbinger of misfortune. He’s used to it, he knows who he is and that everyone expects him to mess things up without even trying. It’s not like he can help it, of course. He’s unlucky, and that’s just the way it is.

It wasn’t so much of a huge problem until he found Tony.

He’s never found a human he truly wants to stick around with before, but Tony is kind and fun and treats Wolf and all the other animals so well. Tony lets them all tag along with him whenever he can without making the other humans mad, he makes them their own suits of armour, and it turns out he gives the best ear scratches in the entire world.

So of course, Wolf has to go and ruin it all, right? Just like he always does. 

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It breaks my heart because Jimin used to be so self conscious and it must have been hard for him to believe that he is truly loved by his fans. I hope he isn't too affected by the "death threats"...

Anonymous said: I can’t believe this actually did reach Bangtan -_- I mean, of course I’m happy that they’re taking security matters more seriously and everything, but I’m really upset for Jimin, like, imagine how he’s feeling, now. And he’s probably scared, too. I know I would be, even if this anti is basically just a 12yo with too much time on their hands. I’m more upset at the fact that they know than about the anti, tbh -_-

it certainly would reach bts and bighit considering how lots of fans mentioned bts account and even made a worldwide trending hashtag, and bighit is known to be quite active in monitoring the sns. i personally don’t agree with fans mentioning bts’ account (bts_twt) into this, because 1) it contains heavy graphic images and 2) it makes them anxious and scared, how can they enjoy performing knowing someone is threatening (jokingly or not) to take their life :/ mentioning this to bighit would be enough, no need to directly drag bts into this, agencies are there for a reason and it’s so that the artists won’t have to handle these things.

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26 maybe

Thank you for requesting! I hope you’re well. xxx 

prompt: ‘That isn’t appropriate’ or alternatively Part 2/2 of ‘giving Harry a blowjob in front of his friends.’ I want to first say that I KNOW that this one isn’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. I’m fully aware of that. That’s why there’s this disclaimer. With that said, I hope you like it. Thank you SO MUCH for being patient. I know I was a fucking spazz with this so thank you. I’ll repay you all somehow. Probably with a smut concept night. Or would that be more for me…

[27] Do you want to show them love? [MATURE.] 

It snowed the day before Harry landed back at home. And she was really cross about it because she wanted him here to watch it fall. And maybe she was just as cross because Harry was spending his days in the sun while she was avoiding muddy puddles.

But Harry is back at home after it felt like months when it had actually been two weeks. Which is actually, quite the same thing in both of their eyes.

He’d barely left the house. Not even when his body had gotten used to the London cold. Not even when he should have been somewhere else. There is no somewhere else or any other pressing place to be. He should only be here. At home warming himself up by laying right beside her as they catch up on episodes they’re not paying attention to anymore.

‘House is nearly all furnished.’ He grins playing with her fingers. He’d finished where they left off when she had left. ‘S’ready for you, you’re the only thing missing.’ He brings her hand to his lips.

They managed the furnishing after arguing about paint colors from across the globe.

It looks like sick!’ She argues into the phone, loud enough just to be sure her opinion of the color is carried effectively.

That peach color just won’t do.

‘Does not!’

‘Does too! Looks exactly like my 22nd birthday did in the toilet! You were there!’ She explains.

‘s’fucking disgusting.’ He groans at the image she’s instilled in his head.

‘S’what I’m saying!’

Harry liked falling back into this routine. The one he has with her, the one they share. He likes matching his routine to hers and not the other way around. Feels less guilt this way.

He likes making her tea in the morning instead of just for him, likes eating breakfast with her instead of on his own, likes planning meals to cook for dinner and likes taking a bath with her instead of running one just for him.

He fits. Fits really nicely into this routine they’ve created for themselves. He’s found a place in her life and she’s found a place in his.

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Should I want you to want to be a foster parent?

Some friends are considering becoming foster parents. Daniel and I have been friends with this couple for several years. We’ve never been beyond honest about our experiences (in other words, I’ve cursed/cried/thrown shoes in their presence). And yet here, they are, ready to sign up for all this madness.

And…I don’t know what to think. I’m glad, of course, because they’re wonderful people and there are too many kids in foster care who end up stuck in awful homes. I’m glad because this is something we’ll be able to share with them.

And I want to tell them not to. I want to say, I love you too much to watch you choose this life. I’m sure that says much more about my current perspective on our situation than it says about them. The truth is that, given another chance, I would make the same choice. I would always choose foster parenting. So why do I want to talk them out of it?

Have you had friends or family members who discussed becoming foster parents? 


Dante: Ya know, Viv. There’s something that I gotta tell you. But I don’t know exactly how to say it.

Vivian: Just take a deep breath, don’t be nervous. (smiles)

Dante: Well … I’ve really been loving spending so much time with you. You’ve become so much more important to me than I ever thought you would. You’re beautiful, smart, funny. I - I think I’m falling for you.

Vivian: Wow (breathes) that really is somethin’.

Dante: A - and it’s okay if you don’t f-feel the same. I just thought it was something you should know. I’ve been thinking about it almost non-stop for a few days now.

Vivian: No, no. I feel the same way. I love being around you too and when I’m not, all I can think about is when the next time will be. I really think I’m falling for you, too.

Vivian: (internally) Eeeep!!?!

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Do you know if there's any news about Tangled BEA or Tangled: the Series releasing an iTunes soundtrack?

I believe the only things that are going to be released are the songs, so far. That’s “Life After Happily Ever After,” “Wind in My Hair,” and “More of Me”. All of those are presently available on iTunes as singles. I’m sure as more songs come out, we’ll get them, but no news of getting the score. (Which is a shame, because I would love to have to score.)

So. I saw someone who ask a fellow snowbarry fan if he would say stuff against WA storyline if it was SB at their place. I agree with the answer they gave them. 

Let’s put something clear here, I will always be a snowbarry shippers. But if they were rushed like WA, that Caitlin would be (even more) reduce to a love interest, that other storyline line like Cisco’s (like how the hell does he know how to do all those stuff without training? I never vibe anyone in a mind but I can do it now cause Iris is asking me) would be put aside. I wouldn’t want it, I would never want that for any of my ships. 

I would be mad at the writers for rushing my ship like that. I would be mad at the writers who don’t seems to give a fuck about my fav female own storyline. I would be mad at the writers to use my fav female safety for an OTP plot. (They are actually going to do that with sno*bert and it’s pissing me off)

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Hello Lady. Just wanted to say I love reading you're stories. I hope everything works out, and hopefully your enjoying your new house. At some point if given the chance would you ever wear your husband's gift for your son? Maybe wear the mini mini Bikini sunbathing out back on a nice day. Or would you be more comfortable with the more conservative one?

Oh, I’ve already thought about wearing the MiniMini bikini in our pool here at home.  My husband had to know what it would look like on me when he bought it, so I say he’s responsible for whatever happens if I wear it here at home.  It’s just not appropriate for wearing out in public where there’s likely to be families with children.

whenever i hear songs about changing urself for ur partner i get really fascinated with the whole concept bc obviously who we’re acquainted w/ changes us as a person it’s useless to pretend we aren’t influenced by our interactions with others but i’d say it’s mostly unconscious like u don’t make the conscious decision to become more of this or less of that but when in these songs they’re like “i would change for you/i would let you change me” and to what extent and which type of change are we talking about like is it a positive change where u learn to open up more etc or is it like “i would dye my hair for u cuz i know u like blondes and i’ll pretend i love football even tho i don’t” à la cool girl monologue from gone girl? i never know how to feel about those lines lol anyways these songs still go off


“Let’s have a baby.” Lace said excitedly to her wife.

“Um, hello? We literally just got one this morning?” Erin said. 

“I know, but he’s just so perfect, and i’ve missed all of those lovely newborn months, and it makes me want more and more and more! More babies!” Lace joked. 

“You’re crazy!” Erin laughed. “I have to admit, i’ve been thinking about it too, lately. It would be nice to add to our little family ourselves.” 

“Yess! Convinced you!” Lace kissed her wife again. 

“So you’re going to be the one getting pregnant?” Erin asked. 

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so this topic was kind of mentioned recently so i thought i'd chip in ;; i'm really manipulative to my gf and i don't really know how to stop nor do i want to and i don't think she's aware of it, i constantly have thoughts about how i can do it and i'm happier when she feels bad about herself more than when i call her cute and there's positives vibes. i love her but dang i don't know

….. ok do your gf a favor and break up with her. she deserves better than this. its one thing to not know how to stop, but not wanting to stop is where i would draw the line.

( #abuse tw im on mobile rn srry)

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Hooow about... Nr. 3? I would just send a picture of a heart that I doodled somewhere... but maybe you're more interesting....

Aww that heart would bring so much joy though. Literally spreading love :D

And uh… idk about mine. I’m a bit embarrased because apparently… the last thing i drew is a serious all out thing that i never bothered to finish… and it wasn’t royai… *blush*

*runs away sCREAMING*

Your SVU Tragic Romance “Pushed Away”

Carisi x @skittle479

tw: gun violence

Backstory: Tragic tale for Sonny and I? We met in the library. I was working on my portfolio and he was studying for the bar. He insisted on a cannolli break, who was I to refuse? Sometimes I have to call Sonny out for thinking he knows more than me about being a doctor. We go climbing together, Sonny cheats by being taller than me. I was so angry at him for not telling me that he got held up at gunpoint. I’m scared that someone is going to hurt him.

You had no way of knowing it, but that fight would be your undoing. Yes, you worried about him because you loved him, but in the end you just pushed him away.

One day the unthinkable happened. You were pulled out of an appointment with a patient by one of your nurses who insisted you look at a television news broadcast. Her level of unprofessionalism made you very grumpy and you were about to chastise her … But then you saw it. A police shooting – and his squad was involved. You saw Fin right there onscreen. He was the only one you knew was okay.

By the time you made it out of your office and over to the hospital where the police officer who had been shot was taken, your heart was stuck in your throat and you were forcibly holding back tears. You knew it was Sonny who had been shot. You just knew it.

But when you saw him standing there, standing over her bed, totally okay, that’s when you finally broke down. You threw yourself into his arms, relieved, and let the tears flow.

Unexpectedly, he was okay. He was just fine in fact. It was Amanda Rollins who was hurt. Almost fatally so. When you finally broke away from him you could see just how bad she was doing. Damn. You weren’t sure she was going to make it, but you didn’t want to tell Sonny that. He was absolutely distraught about her condition to begin with and didn’t need that extra burden of worry right now.

And then of course, somehow this whole thing turned into another fight between the two of you where you found out about yet another time that he had been held at gunpoint and also hadn’t told you.

“What?” you demand scathingly.

“And that’s why I can’t tell you these things. That right there,” he replies.

“Why, cause I worry?”

“Yeah, cause you worry, make a big deal about everything, and then you get in a mood like you are now.”

“I’m not in ‘a mood.’ How dare you?”

He just shakes his head at you. He thinks you are in such denial. “This is why I can only talk to Amanda about this kind of stuff.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

The fight doesn’t get any better from there.

The two of them bonded as she recovered. You could see them getting closer day by day as he pulled away from you. It made you insanely jealous, but what could you do? You weren’t a cop - as he was quick to point out time and again – there’s no way you could understand what he and Amanda had been through.

And then one day was the breaking point. The day he decided you were unfit to be a proper wife for a police officer.

“What?” you practically shout upon hearing this.

“You’re too nervous, too worried all the time. It would eat you up to be married to a cop like me. I don’t want to do that to you.”

“You don’t get to decide that.”

“Yes, I do. It’s over.”

“Wait!” in a frantic last ditch effort to save what you have with him you bring up the one thing in this equation he’s so blatantly forgetting. “You’re not going to be a cop forever. You’re going to be a lawyer someday, remember? You know, law school, passing the bar and all that?”

“It’s too late. I don’t want anything else with you. And frankly, I don’t think you can handle being my wife.”

And with that, it’s over. You always suspected there was more to all of this than just the two of you fighting over the danger he was put in every day. You could tell that you were losing him the second you saw him with Amanda in the hospital. And your suspicions were confirmed not more than a year after your break-up.

He broke your heart for the last time when you opened up the mailbox and first saw the envelope - the envelope that contained the invitation to Sonny & Amanda’s wedding. You sat down on the curb beside your mailbox and wept as you tore it into little tiny pieces with bitter, angry hands.

Yours Truly,

Avenue Potter, The Queen of Tragedy

Wanna have me break your heart? No worries, just request your tragic ship. Click HERE for details. 

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Ok I'm honestly here to talk about the chabooty. Like, I started learning about vixx and getting into them BECAUSE OF THE CHABOOTY AND HIS OWNER LIKE. The dude has me SHOOK TO MY OWN BOOTY. I've watched his solo dance in love me do more times than I remember. PLEASE LORD LET THIS COMEBACK FEATURE CHABOOTY & CO MORE. (I know very little about vixx's history tho, so if u can help me/tell me where I can start I would luv u so much thanks fam

Anon, first I commend you on your good taste because the Chabooty truly is one fine booty

*sheds a tear* bootyful~

And now: *cracks knuckles* a brief history of VIXX

VIXX is Jellyfish Entertainment’s first idol group, formed through the reality show, MyDol. They debuted on May 24, 2012 with the absolute masterpiece, Super Hero, but it was their 2013 release On and On that gave them the nickname ‘ConceptDols’

I’m ready to get hurt

If you want to reduce a Starlight to tears, all you need to do is show them the video of VIXX’s first ever win.

God bless Voodoo Doll era

gif cr: @leobeans

With their position as ConceptDols firmly established, VIXX continued to return with unique (sometimes kinky) concepts like Jekyll and Hyde,  cyborgs, the meaninglessness of time (or at least that’s my interpretation), BDSMslaves of love” (which P.S has the most views of any VIXX MV so you know this fandom needs Jesus) and Greek mythology.

No post about VIXX is complete without VIXX LRs debut Beautiful Liar possibly the gayest thing VIXX has ever done like the sexual tension is palpable jfc

Originally posted by insignificantchoiminho

Also let’s not forget their disrespect concert tours, the highlights of which include Hakyeon (VIXX’s N) and Hongbin’s infamous performance of Toxic

Originally posted by hakkyyeon

Boys bye e e

Also Memory, which I think was life-changing because we finally got a full song featuring Hyuk’s beautiful voice (thanks Ravi)

I could make an entire post on the absolute gems that came out of the concerts but I’ll stop here

And of course the boys have done a lot of individual activities over the years as well! Hakyeon has appeared in dramas (Hotel King, The Family is Coming, Sassy Go Go, Tomorrow Boy, and recently Tunnel and Perfect Wife) as have Hongbin (Moorim School, Glorious Day and What’s Up With These Kids with Hakyeon) and Ken (Boarding House No. 24).

Ken (Cinderella, Chess, Boys Over Flowers), Leo (Monte Cristo, Full House, Mata Hari) and recently Hakyeon (In The Heights) have starred in musicals. Hyuk made his acting debut in Chasing.

Finally, Ravi became the first VIXX member to debut solo (January this year) with Bomb~

And with that, welcome to the fandom, little Starlight!

I see many people are assuming that baby Borden is going to follow in Amy’s footsteps because she’s a girl. We’re gonna need A LOT more seasons or a huge time jump to know if that’s true. Babies don’t really do much besides eat, sleep, and poop for quite a while. I doubt we’re going to see anything regarding her future beyond her name for a while. It will likely be more about Ty and Amy and how they balance their careers with parenthood. If we do ever get to see anything about her future, I think it would be cool if she loved motorcycles AND animals like her dad. Girls tend to be have their dad’s wrapped around their little finger too so it would be interesting to see Ty struggling to not spoil her. If Merlin is any indication, he’s gonna be total sucker for her.

Okay so I kinda have this theory and is probably very wrong buuut anyway, in that scene from the sneak peek we could see that maggie was very uncomfortable ( everyone was but let’s keep the thought) in a “I didn’t completely get over you but I’m really happy now” way .. and do you guys remember that the writers said that we would see more about Maggie’s backstory aaand that what we saw on the Valentine’s Day ep was just a glimpse .. soo what I’m thinking is that this Maggie’s ex was kinda of really important to her in a first corresponded love kinda of way ( which is basically what maggie is to Alex) and because that relationship didn’t work out was one of the reasons maggie reject Alex at first … I don’t know ….