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There is honestly more canon subtext on the show that validates Barry and Cisco as a pairing than Barry and Caitlin.

I’m obviously Barry/Iris through and through and I don’t actively ship non-canon couples, but BARRISCO IS PRETTY LEGITIMATE (via @dailycisco):

Past!Barry is out here trying to prove that he’s the real Barry AND HE CHOOSES TO APPEAL TO CISCO OF ALL PEOPLE.

And Cisco is all AHA! That’s MY Barry.


Present!Barry is such a petty little shit. Instead of trying to cover his time-traveling ass like he’s supposed to, he chooses to be jealous of his own self, like he can’t even let a past version of his own damn self give the impression that he knows Cisco better than he does so he has to one-up him. He literally outs himself and fucks with the timeline just to be possessive of Cisco.

But tell me more about how Barry loves Caitlin. Or would be one half of the greatest couple with Kara. Or has so much chemistry with Patty. Or belongs with Felicity. Tell me why media and fandom discuss SB or any pairing of Barry with a white female as legitimately as they do WA, but won’t discuss the possibility of other non-canon interracial pairings, like Barry/Cisco, Caitlin/Cisco, etc. Heck LINDA AND BARRY didn’t even get much support and was largely looked over by fandom and that’s actually canon and Barry interacted with Linda far longer than he did with Kara and a single Felicity.

Send Ze a message/picture/etc (ONE WEEK LEFT) [please reblog and join]

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Hey ya’ll, we made Ze really, really happy with his birthday video, and if you missed his recent message here (Ze’s msg) I really, really want to cheer him up again and I’m sure you guys would, too! I’m totally sure he would love it, as well !!

Let’s send him messages about how much we love him, what we love about him, how he impacts us, send in pictures

Let’s show him that we’d never leave his side and will always support him and what he does even through hard times

If you don’t know what to do or say, put a little viking helmet on your arm or hand and send it in :)

if you have anything else you’d like to show/submit come on by and send me a message :)

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I just wanted to draw crowns and it all went wildly out of my control -sobs-. I love consort!Bilbo au’s almost as much as Thorin in the Shire au’s (Although nothing beats parentshield but that’s another story). So Bilbo with a flower crown because “originality™” and a new crown design for Thorin because I had major feels. There’s a method to my madness, and meaning to the crowns if you want to know, it’s under the read more. 

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I was tagged by the wonderful @buckysbumpkin!!

Rules: Tag 9 people you want to get to know better

Relationship status: im in a happy relationship with this big gay @sentimentalhtml

Wake up time: 5 on weekdays and basically any time on weekends

Favorite color: blue

Cats or Dogs: i love them both don’t make me choose

Coke or Pepsi: pepsi, but i usually drink coke

Call or Text: text, phone calls make me crave death

Chapstick or Lipstick: chapstick

Last song you listened to: Stay by Mayday Parade

oh boy okay i’m gonna tag @bisexualbvcky, @hufflepunkteddy, and pretty much anyone else who wants to do it? also if i tag you and you don’t wanna do it that’s alright!! 

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Need help. Please answer quick. I'm going to talk about Harry Potter in English class and show pictures. I am going to talk about favorite character, favorite creature and the different houses. But I need more! But I don't know what more. I'm sorry for my bad English.

Well there is so much to talk about. I would talk about themes, such as love, friendship, loneliness, inequalities etc. Talk about how voldemort may represent Hitler and the death eaters the nazis not wanting any “mud bloods”. You can talk about JK Rowling and how she came up with the idea. You can talk about Hogwarts. You can talk about the huge fan base the Harry Potter books and films have. I could go on for forever…, hope this helps you and maybe some other people will comment with more ideas! Good luck!

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that’s pretty much everything so thank you please join me this will be fun I’ve been in networks before and they’re great but this is my first time running one so please don’t let me down :)

BTS Reaction where their gf has an extremely handsome bestfriend

I changed the prompt a bit because we all know that nobody is more handsome than the BTS members in our hearts <3 Enjoy!

~Admin Golden


Originally posted by jinful

Seokjin might get a little jealous at first and insecure about himself, but then he’d realize that out of all the guys in the world, you picked him. He’d remind himself that you love him and feel comforted by your loving words too.

“I know that I’ll always be number 1 in your heart jagiya~


Originally posted by haru-haru10

Yoongi would be really confident about your love for him. He’d be confident in himself since he knows that you love him for who he is, not necessarily for filial things like how he looks, how much money he earns, etc. He knows that you love him for who he is and is not bothered by the fact that your best friend is extremely handsome.

“I love how you appreciate me for who I am jagiya. I love you~”


Originally posted by y--oko

Namjoon would be a bit insecure at first when he sees how handsome your best friend is. He’d be a little protective of you at first but then come to realize that you love him the most.

“I’m so happy that I’m confident that you love me the most jagiya~”


Originally posted by holdmettightbts

Hoseok would be a bit wary of your best friend at first. He’d feel a bit insecure about himself and how he looks. But then he’d feel comforted when you reassure him that he’s the only one you love. He’d then smile brightly and pull you in close for a hug so as to not ever let you go.

“I’m glad you’re mine jagiya~ Promise you’ll never leave me.”


Originally posted by ohparkjimin

Jimin would be extremely protective over you once he sees your handsome best friend. He’d put on little shows of PDA just so he could make a point to your best friend that you’re his. But he’d be confident in himself since he knows that you picked him over everyone else.

“You love me the most right, jagiya? Cause I love you the most~”


Originally posted by bwipsul

Taehyung would immediately befriend your best friend. He’d not afraid of him sine he wholeheartedly trusts you and believes that your love for him is infinite. He’d smile his cute square smile and feel relaxed knowing how amazing of a girlfriend he has.

“I love you so much jagiya~ I know I can always trust you~”


Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

Jungkook would feel his dominance surge up when he sees your handsome best friend. He’d always place his arm around your waist and give you kisses in front of your best friend to make the point that you’re his girlfriend. You’d be a bit surprised at his sudden displays of affection but you wouldn’t complain. He’d be confident in your love but would still strive to show you off as his girlfriend.

“I love you so much jagii~ I love the fact that I can call you mine~”

You know what’s sad for me to think about?

Ravi would blame himself for getting sick, even though he was working so hard and only slept one hour. 

Leo would probably blame himself for getting hurt, because that canceled all their schedules for now.

VIXX would blame themselves for not winning more awards because of this, but they would never blame Starlights.

That’s just fucking sad.

bigfag  asked:

i love punk, but the hardcore scene nowadays is massively whitewashed (especially considering that punk was started by black people and for black people). do you know any good (preferably hardcore) punk bands that aren’t whitewashed? (asking because you know the most punk bands of anyone on my dash lmao)

its so so whitewashed !!! I was just thinking about this ok so these are just what come to mind, and if anyone has more that would be. fantastic.

the younger lovers- the main guy is also gay which is just ….. fuckin rockin. not super hardcore but i lov them

aye nako- im p sure most of the members are lgbt as well?

bad brains- they r older and r a bit more hardcore than the others on this list?

rough francis- just started listening to them recently!! i like

radkey- dude has a grreaat fuckin voice?? not super punk but boppin

the bots- honestly??? my favorite. 5:17 is the first song i heard by them and i lov it so much

feel free 2 reply/reblog this if u have more !!!!

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you know the phrase, "you have nothing to fear if you have nothing to hide"... Why would dinah delete her snapstory if there was nothing special about it? there's DEFINITELY a girl making out with someone on the back seat, not necessarily camren but my heart was born delusional... i think that dinah wasn't paying attention to what was going on behind her when she recorded it and now i love her even more

Captain dinah everyone

To my secular witch brothers and sisters:

I am a pagan so I believe in deities and I pray to them and take comfort in their presence. I don’t know what it’s like to be a secular witch so I wanted to ask you all a few questions!

1. Does “secular” simply cover your belief in deities? Or does it describe your view of magic as a whole?

2. Do you still believe in the metaphysical or supernatural?

I’d love it if you guys would tell me more about your craft so I can better understand it! Thank you!

anonymous asked:

yooooo what if ruby, sapphire and a second ruby (leggy maybe?)

wow you know me so well mysterious anon!! you must see all my posts

do i ever post about how much i love leggy?? im pretty sure i do sometimes

anyway ty for the request!!!

This is pink garnet!! I think garnet’s leader personality would conflict with leggy’s rookieness, and therefore we get a very nervous on their first day of work kind of personality garnet! They might be a little less stable, but im sure ruby and sapphire would be willing to cooperate with the new addition to the fusion, sapphire more that ruby, at least at first.

“three is a crowd but we’re polite and willing to welcome our guest”

i’m probably not going to word this right so please stay with my meandering, folks

every woman who has seen my buzzcut loves it, i look so awake, i have the face shape to “””pull it off”””””, &c &c

universally though the first thing they say is that it must take so little maintenance/effort which a) is super true and b) says a lot (that they might not even know they’re saying/thinking) about how they also feel held hostage by their hair

i don’t like, stare at myself in the mirror and wish my hair were longer so i would look more femme/sexy/etc. even if i DID, that unhappiness would be far outweighed by how heckin convenient it is to have no hair. like, it feels radical that my comfort/happiness has become more important to me than my vanity

and idk?? i feel good! i feel cute, i feel like my hair reflects who i am in terms of flipping two large birds to the society who wants me to believe that my hair length determines my worth as a human

i’ve made this post again and again, and i will continue to make it - if you are waiting for a sign to get rid of your hair, let this be it! 

anonymous asked:

I totally understand that the boys are goofy and sarcastic and I'm sure Misha isn't offended by the things Jared and Jensen do/say to/about him at cons, but I just REALLY, REALLY wish that J2 would consider that it gives the haters more ammo for attacking Misha and his fans when they act like they dislike him. They can't possibly be oblivious enough to not realize the shit Misha has to deal with in fandom. I just love Misha and I need him to be happy and know that he's loved always.

They know, of course they know. The hate for Misha wasn’t born yesterday. Goofying around/joking/pranking all of that is bullshit that fuels the haters. No one gets more hate than Misha does, and when we speak up and defend him, then we are the ‘humorless assholes’ 😒

Hello everybody! Post maybe surprising, but I am a curious person and I like to know your opinion on the series. You already know a bit all mine and I love discovering yours. I would like to share with you. Know how you heard about the series, how long, your favorite character and episode. What do you hope to see in season 2? Those you love the most in the series. In short, anyone who comes into your head. I’d like to know a little more about you :) (And it will help me to adapt my creations to you. I want so much to make you happy! )

The Night Of destroyed me last night. I’ve never felt truly anxious about how a show will turn out and ever since the first episode two months ago I’ve felt unease and tense about how it would end. I cried because anything coming to a close kills me and also because a fictional character’s life would forever be different, and not at all for the better.

I predicted it might be an unsatisfying ending and it definitely was. We don’t know who killed the girl, but personally I doubt Nas did it. I love how they portrayed his change once he got to Rikers. You best believe I would tattoo my eyeballs to seem more intimidating, but I’d also take computer classes on the side for personal development. I thought his defense attorney was gonna make a big name for herself, but she wrecked that dream of mine.

And now for my personal crusade. People like Nas, people who aren’t a flight risk whatsoever are held in jail every day for no reason. New York is one of the few states that judges aren’t allowed to consider the charges when they set bail, but obviously it doesn’t happen like that in reality. Just like how it went down for our main character, stats show that putting a person in jail either creates a criminal or makes a better one.

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Karamatsu's accidental fusion would've been brought on by him trying to be romantic and asking his half-gem s/o for a dance. They'd talked about fusion before but ultimately just assumed it wasn't possible for them. So when a particular dip ends with them fusing, they're both hype. Granted, I can see his s/o being more confused and him being so amazed and constantly checking their reflection and saying they've become a Karamatsu Gem and how beautiful they are.

Knowing him he’d try to set the mood lighting scented candles having some romantic music playing and asking them for a dance.  I don’t Kara one being to assume it impossible, if anything he’d want to try it out himself!  He always set’s his goals high and shoots for the stars and would give some speech about how their love could transcend any obstacle in their way.  So the second they were able to fuse he’d immediately take control and find the nearest mirror to just marvel at the wonderful being they’ve become.  His s/o would be in a brief state of confusion but would quickly be so proud of him and themselves for making a fusion so beautiful.

anonymous asked:

I spent most of my life imagining relationships just as romantic ones. Recently I discovered about platonic ones and I absolutely love this idea and I was amazed because it would be perfect for me. However, sometimes there are moments when I still feel like a relationship isn't complete without kissing, sex and stuff. I know this concept is wrong, but I still haven't broke this in my mind. So how can I do it?

That’s okay. I’ve felt that way a long time too. Although for me it’s more like a “I feel like this should be happening, but it’s definitely not” 

Part of it is just learning to take a step back when that happens and just tell yourself it isn’t inherently incomplete because there’s no kissing. And that it’s fine. 

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I don't know why people keep insisting on the fact that margot look older than she really is. I mean, does it matter that much? For me what's most important it's her talent and the person that she is! I love her so much and I would love even if she was 40 or more

I really don’t know. We’ve been having debates about Margot’s age basically since we started this blog and it’s getting tiring tbh. She’s just a normal 26 year old. Age is a strange thing. Some 20 year olds look like 12, some look older. Just like you said, what matters is that she’s talented, and a wonderful person.