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I’ll Find My Way Back To You//Part Three

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SURPRISE! It’s short, I know, but I was in a mood to write and thought I should give you guys a filler of what’s about to come next. If you enjoyed reading it or if whether or not you guys want me to continue this, I would absolutely LOVE to here your thoughts on this one. Let me know HERE. Checkout my Masterlist HERE.

Part One / Part Two

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Yes! I would love to know more about decans, I've filtering through my aspects. And I need more to study! Haha.

1st Decan: Aries/Mars energy.
2nd Decan: Leo/sun energy.
3rd Decan: Sagittarius/Jupiter energy.

1st Decan: Taurus/Venus energy.
2nd Decan: Virgo/Mercury energy.
3rd Decan: Capricorn/Saturn energy.

1st Decan: Gemini/Mercury energy.
2nd Decan: Libra/Venus energy.
3rd Decan: Aquarius/Uranus energy.

1st Decan: Cancer/moon energy.
2nd Decan: Scorpio/Pluto energy.
3rd Decan: Pisces/Neptune energy.

1st Decan: Leo/sun energy.
2nd Decan: Sagittarius/Jupiter energy.
3rd Decan: Aries/Mars energy.

1st Decan: Virgo/Mercury energy.
2nd Decan: Capricorn/Saturn energy.
3rd Decan: Taurus/Venus energy.

1st Decan: Libra/Venus energy.
2nd Decan: Aquarius/Uranus energy.
3rd Decan: Gemini/Mercury energy.

1st Decan: Scorpio/Pluto energy.
2nd Decan: Pisces/Neptune energy.
3rd Decan: Cancer/moon energy.

1st Decan: Sagittarius/Jupiter energy.
2nd Decan: Aries/Mars energy.
3rd Decan: Leo/sun energy.

1st Decan: Capricorn/Saturn energy.
2nd Decan: Taurus/Venus energy.
3rd Decan: Virgo/Mercury energy.

1st Decan: Aquarius/Uranus energy.
2nd Decan: Gemini/Mercury energy.
3rd Decan: Libra/Venus energy.

1st Decan: Pisces/Neptune energy.
2nd Decan: Cancer/moon energy.
3rd Decan: Scorpio/Pluto energy.

Make reaction videos to RT shows like RWBY, Red vs Blue, Camp Camp, Eleven Little Roosters, or any others? Want to be included in a community panel at this year’s RTX? Send me your clips!

For last year’s panel, I made an intro video including other members of the community. We want to do that again! Send me any video clips you have, or links to videos, with time stamps! Was there a particularly good reaction you remember having to a specific episode? Let me know! 

We’d love to make this panel about more than just the panelists <3 this is a community panel, after all!! 

The panel is at Noon on Saturday, July 8th, 2017! It was livestreamed last year, and may be again this year. More info on that later.

send anything you would be okay with including to rtreacts@gmail.com

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Hiiii I think you already know I've been lurking on your blog for a few hours lol I've been reading your posts about mitam and sott, sweet creature etc. Is it possible you could make one for more songs on the pink album? I would love to see woman or only angel!!! Specially woman tbh. I know it's a lot to just ask but it would be amazing! If you already have a post about this just ignore me lol (or direct me to it) thank you, sea xxx

WOMAN has always puzzled me, and I have read a lot of good interpretations, but I was still not really satisfied for my own musical curiosity. So here goes nothing. 

I am basing my interpretation on these lyrics, and will refer to times from this video:

Someone very fortuitously discovered an allusion to Charles Bukowski’s poem, Old Man, Dead in a Room

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Sometimes I think about IGN calling Thomas a consolation prize and your post dragging them and I still get SO UPSET. How can anyone think that? HOW? How can you watch the show for four damn seasons and not get that Thomas is EVERYTHING TO FLINT? wtf

i honestly don’t know. like, canonically, thomas is the person james loves most of all. there is no one he would choose over thomas. he spent ten years grieving and never once moved on. consolation prize my arse, thomas being alive again meant more to james than anything and anyone else in the world

Two extremely cute Spoby scenes that are now ruined knowing it was Spencer’s twin instead

“You deserve that big, beautiful, love. More than anyone else I know”

Toby tracing what we thought was Spencer’s scar from getting shot but then ended up being Alex’s stupid one from Wren.

Hey followers! I need more Autism, ADHD, and general developmental disability content on my dash. If we’re not mutuals, and you post about a lot of ASD, ADHD, or general DD stuff, please let me know! Tag yourself (or your side blog) in the comment to this post, and I’ll go through and check it out!

I’m also looking to diversify my follows more! So if you have additional axes of marginalization I would extra love to follow (no need to identify yourself as such if you’re not comfortable doing so, though).

Also bonus points for general mental health / disability activism / spoonie / etc. content.

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I just want Louis to talk about his music taste in this promo time so much. Like we dont really know what he likes. We know so little about his music taste. I was so suprised when he said he loves listening Abba and his fav brit performance was by Amy Winehouse. And I just find out that he is a fan of Brand New. And we know that he had a Green Day phase as a teenager. But what else?? I would kill to talk music with him tbh

Hopefully we can have at least one interview during promo where he’s asked those things, it’d be incredible interesting considering he ‘surprised’ everyone when he said he listens to Abba. I want to know more! 

He walked away,
and she knew
he would never turn back,
he had left her heart
bleeding all over that fuckin’ rack.
Yet, there she remained
splayed out upon it,
persistently begging for more of his brutal bullshit.
It would never end,
not until she was in the ground,
for it was only with him
that she had ever
felt found.

-Samuel Decker Thompson

Loving the wrong one is one of life’s greatest tortures, I’ve been there too, and if you are still suffering through it, then you know what I say is true, eventually there must come a time when you finally think
about you.

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I don't care if your spending more time on volleyball then me cause I know that's you're passionate about and I respect that. I want to let you know that you should not push yourself to much cause I all ready know you're strong and powerful. The only reason why I am saying that because I really care about you and love you for who you are because your one of the sweetest guy I ever meet Tooru I love you and always will stay by your side no matter what. (how would he fell if his S/O told him this

Sorry for taking so long, had to make a last minute trip to Austin! Today is also the one year anniversary of when I started this blog! 

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“Go Oikawa, go!” You yelled to your hard working, volleyball playing boyfriend. You clasped your hands as Oikawa was fixing to serve for the final point of the game. You enjoyed watching Tooru play more than anything, even though he had been too busy with practice to see you lately. That didn’t matter though, you wanted him to focus on his career as a volleyball player. Sure you missed him, and the only time you got to see him was at his games, but you were just happy to be a part of his life. The crowd cheered as Oikawa served and his teammates landed the finishing spike. You stood up and cheered as loud as you could, feeling excited for your boyfriend and his team! He looked up to the stands and gave you a kind smile.

After the match, the two of you met up outside of the gym. Oikawa practically ran to you, engulfing you in his muscular arms. “I’ve missed you so much (Y/n)-chan! I’m sorry we haven’t been able to spend a lot of time together…” You shook your head, reassuring the beautiful setter. “It’s fine Tooru, I’m glad that you’re working hard toward your dream!” You said, giving him your biggest smile. He looked at you, his face turning somewhat serious. “It’s not ok. Not at all. I’m the luckiest guy in the world and you deserve a man that will make time for you. A man who loves his girlfriend would try his absolute best to be with her, and I haven’t been that man. I’m so sorry, I promise you, I’ll try harder!” His arms wrapped around you even tighter. 

You wanted to support his dream more than anything. No matter how much you missed him, you had to let him know that you would always support him, no matter what! Finally, after taking a deep breath, you told him how you felt. “Tooru-chan…I don’t care if you’re spending more time on volleyball than me, because I know that’s what you’re passionate about and I respect that. I want to let you know that you shouldn’t push yourself so hard because I already know that you’re strong and powerful. The reason why I’m saying this is because I care about you and love you for who you are because…you’re one of the sweetest guys I have ever met. Tooru, I love you and always will stay by your side no matter what.” 

Before you knew it, tears were slowly dripping down his face, landing on your flushed cheeks. “Thank you (Y/n)…thank you for saying that!” Not letting you out of his warm embrace he continued to thank you. “I won’t give up on us (Y/n)! I’ll work harder than I ever have at not only volleyball, but on us. You’re the most important person in my life and I want to be a man you can be proud of. So please, continue to be patient with me, and know that I love you with all of my heart.” Now you were the one who was crying, “Ok Tooru…I’ll wait. I’ll wait for you no matter how long it takes!” The two of you stayed in each others arms for what seemed like forever as you took in one another’s words to heart.

Thanks for requesting! (And thanks to everyone who has made this blog possible and for being with me for one year!)

ask : ❝ 2P!s as sugar daddies. ❞

2p! america : in all honesty … he wouldn’t be the best at it. by that i mean, he wouldn’t even know where to begin. but, with a little encouragement, i think that he’d be better than he imagined. definitely more on the loving side — he cares.

2p! canada : would be up for just about anything. although — he might find this arrangement to be a little awkward. he’d try his very best to get past it and he would, eventually. it turns out, he might even actually be into it. a tad surprising.

2p! england : all for it! of course … he’ll find it a little odd. at first, anyway. but he’ll get past that soon enough. in all honesty, he truthfully loves spoiling his s/o and finds it very, very easy to do. he’d be such a kind and loving sugar daddy.

2p! france : well, he isn’t the best at it. sure, he’d give his s/o money and all but she would most definitely have to work for it, you know? but still, he would want her to be comfortable more than anything. to be honest, he is a softie at heart.

2p! china : literally the best, no doubt. of course, he’d be up for really just about anything when it comes to his s/o. and, in all honesty, this would be like a walk in the park. second nature, almost! super, super loving and caring sugar daddy.

2p! italy : no surprise ( at all ) but pretty good. no, scratch that — great! one of the best, now that i think about it. wouldn’t hesitate to buy his s/o whatever she wants/needs. that said, he’s surely going to need something in return, no doubt.

2p! romano : really, really caring! he loves his s/o a great deal and would totally be willing to do something like this with her. i mean, as long as she’s more than okay with it. he will definitely enjoy giving her absolutely anything she fancies.

2p! germany : um … it’d be a little awkward, that’s for sure. i don’t really think he’d be all that into it. again, he likes to see his s/o as an equal, you know? that means even outside the bedroom. but — if she really wanted it, he’d cave in.

2p! japan : kind of likes it, kind of doesn’t. anyway, he’d probably get past all of that after being called “daddy” by his s/o; that would probably take away all his concerns and whatnot. but still, he definitely wants to get something out of it.

2p! austria : loves it! one, he’d be all for his s/o calling him “daddy”. ( it’d be a total turn-on! ) and two, loves nothing more than to provide for her. so, nothing would really bother him. i mean, is there anything he wouldn’t do for his s/o?


hi i’m chris and i’m the epitome of an old bitter man. although i get told all the time that i’m a ‘ray of sunshine’. i don’t really get told that, i like to give myself confidence boosts. anyways, most of you probably know me as captain america, so there’s that thing. i have a dog, that’s really all i care about. nova bailey dakota evans. my pride and joy. other than that, i make a mean scrambled egg and would love to have more friends. 


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im really glad you take the time to answer our questions!! i know we would love it if you did it more but im super glad you even bother with it anymore with how busy you are!!!! i was wondering if you do the podcast full time or if you have another job outside of it. you dont have to say where u work tho!! if you do have another job is it because you want to have something outside of podcasting or because you need it? thank you for taking the time to answer!!! you are a huge inspiration!!

I do still work about 20-30 weeks in order to pay my rent. While I do pay myself for acting in the podcast (thanks, me!) I do not get paid for writing/directing/producing. My for-rent job is incredibly flexible, so I’ve been willing to do all this work for free because my hope was that it would lead to greater career opportunities and pay off later (thankfully, it has). But it means we have to do things like take 4 month hiatuses or not go to cons (I do not have the time or knowledge to figure out how that would work for anyone other than myself) because I’m still squeezing in making the podcast around making a living/hustling for my career. 

I wish I could take more time to answer your questions but we’ve still got hundreds and hundreds of asks so I’ve pretty much resigned myself to never catching up. I will also not be responding as much to questions that have been asked before - I try to tag pretty comprehensively so go looking through our tumblr before popping in here if possible!

But please know that all your delightful reaction/screaming/swearing at me asks are received and read and continue to absolutely delight me so, even if I don’t reply, know that you all make me and the rest of the team very happy :) 


I’ve always said this and how we have to be very careful for those that need the care, the love, and the little extra attention they might need in order to stop those horrible thoughts. Today someone close to one of my best friend committed suicide and was pronounced brain dead. I can only imagine those last moments… those last thoughts and that last phone call or text he made… how much pain he was in. I think about situations like this and how much could of been done with just a little bit more of love and support. We might not know internally what someone might go through and we have to be careful of the obvious signs and also the signs we don’t see by asking the questions that can help us dig more into someone’s mind. While he was going through pain he didn’t realize the pain he would also put his mother through while she’s driving double the speed limit to get to him before it was too late…. or that last text message he sent his brother explaining how much he loved him. Just like him there’s so many out there who don’t see that beautiful light in their life and it’s tragic when nothing else is left to do but to leave life and go to the other side. I say to anyone going through anything similar … The light is there and everything will fall into place … just give it time. Nothing is worth taking ones own life. I wish I could give hugs and kisses to every single one that feels left out of this world. Just brakes my heart. My prayers go out to the family and friends of him.


Hi fandom friends,
I am not exactly a man of big cheesy words and I don’t want to drag anyone down but I feel the need to get this off my chest … I just don’t know how to handle my emotions right now.
Today I’ve lost an integral part of me and words can not describe how I am feeling about that… I knew that this would happen someday but I was hoping that we would at least have a little more time with each other… We had dreams, we had plans, we made promises… but now you are gone.
You’ve turned my world upside down in only a month … before I met you I felt lost and incredibly lonely. You gave me the strength to carry on, to believe in myself … You cheered me up when I was down, you laughed with me when I was on top of the world … but now you are gone.
I know that you wouldn’t want me, you wouldn’t want us to be sad but … it’s hard. You deserved so much better Jakey… everyone knows that, everyone thinks so…
Thank your for giving me some incredible weeks, days, hours and minutes - You are always going to be in my thoughts. Your letters and your photos are going to be a reminder for me … a reminder to keep fighting no matter what, to stay strong no matter what…
Wherever you are now… I hope you know that I love you, I always will. 💔

RIP Jakey …

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Shiro and Keith use to make up constellations on earth after really stressful exams, long breaks a part and right before he left. The game is easier now that they're surrounded by more stars and they find themselves star gazing as often as they can

ooh this is a headcannon ive had for a long time too i love it!! i really like the idea that they’d stargaze at the garrison. And i always think about how excited shiro must’ve been to know he would be one of the first humans to make it to the edge of the galaxy–you can’t end up in a position like that without some real sense of adventure and wonder. he went to space to find out more about the universe, and i like to think that he still has that goal in mind. 

that he charts down stars and maps out galaxies as best he can–for tactical purposes in war as well as an innate desire to learn. and maybe after spending all that time with lion carvings keith’s gotten really into studying myths and lore, so shiro works out the constellations and keith makes up the names and stories. and if any of the legends sound curiously like them or their friends then, well, keith simply denies it 

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But i was just watching say yes to the dress and imagine when Sana is buying her wedding dresses and Yousef keeps saying he does not want to know anything about them and wants to keep them a secret but then he finds himself always asking Sana to give hints about the dress (you know my boy loves sparkles)... And Elias goes wedding dress shopping with Sana and the girls and Jamilla and mama Bakkoush and during it Yoused teXTS HIM ASKING ABOUT IT I CANT


LIKE,,,,,,a week into yousef’s proposal yousef would be like ‘so have you found a dress???’ and sana’s like ‘yousef we’ve only been engaged for like a week,,,,,’

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can someone write a camren fanfic based on camila's new song "I'll never be the same". Cause for me it so screams camren

“I was just thinking that I would love a fanfic about Camila’s new songs and all the instances with lauren that gave her the inspiration to write the songs. ”

“Someone please write a fic based off of Justice League! I’m not too creative so I can’t give more of an idea but I know that the crazy talented authors on the site can do it “justice!” Please and thank you! ☺️ “

“Idk why but I think that Camila and Gal Gadot would be super hot together so would someone please write a smut with them? Camila’s always so mesmerized by tall women so maybe she could be dominated by Gal 😏😩 ”

"I believe some camren birthday smut is in order ;)