i would love to cosplay the lady loki

anonymous asked:

Hi, I have a cosplay question. Next year, I want to cosplay as Loki, but i am a female. Would it be better to go as Lady Loki, or do you think I would look okay as Loki? I really wanna do a Loki, im just not sure. I love your cosplay, and you're literal Loki goals haha. Thanks c:

Since you’ve asked on anon and I literally couldn’t research anything about you at all to help me make a determination, let me say this;

Most movie Loki cosplayers that I know of are female.  The most famous movie Loki cosplayer that I know of (You may have heard of @fahrlightloki ) is a female bodied person.

Your cosplay is your choice.  You can genderbend.  You can crossplay.  You can mash characters up.  You have to make that choice and that investment of time and money and emotion.

Be the Loki you like the look of.  be the Loki you like the personality of.  Be the Loki that you think would be most comfortable.  Be the Loki you think would be the most ambitious.  Any of those goals are valid.

I literally have no input or investment in this.  It has to be 100% your decision because it has to be 100% your experience if and when you make it happen.