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♡ The Signs As Lovers Of Greek Myth: Poetry ♡

ARIESAphrodite, The Goddess Of Love & Ares, The God Of War: 

“I am made of war and she is made of love but what makes war, if not love?”

TAURUS: Orpheus, The Musician & Eurydice, The Oak Nymph:

“She was everything. A world with hope, a taste of the divine. My home was empty, she was gone, forever. But I would find her in all things, in hooded sun, in the name-whispering breeze scented with her perfume, in the dreamless darkness in which she walked.”

GEMINI: Echo, The Nymph Of Mountains & Narcissus, The Thespian Hunter:

“Shall the water not remember, my hand’s slow gesture, tracing above its mirror my, half-imaginary portrait? My only belonging is my beauty, which I take away and then return as love.”

CANCER: Selene, The Titan Moon Goddess & Endymion, The Shepard Prince:

“She was beautiful beyond men’s prayers for beauty, and she drew her silvery flesh out of the starlit air and her cold sweetness from the midnight dew. Virginal was she, loveliest, austere with visible purity. A godlike love swathed her soft shape in plumes of snow-white flame”

LEO: Helen Of Troy & Paris, The Trojan Prince:

“He looked at her as if she were the sun. One look like that can ruin or rescue, depending on which fairy tales you read, and she had read them all. Eyes like those could never lie, she thought, so when he looked at her, she saw all the devastation he would cause in her name, and all the inevitability of their demise, and all the women who chose peace over passion. To hell with peace. I want a lover like a hurricane or a lightning strike. Love should leave no survivors. So you will be my Paris, and I will be your ship to wreck.”

VIRGO: Odysseus, King Of Ithaca & Penelope, The Faithful Wife:

“Long as the day in the summer time, Deep as the wine dark sea, I’ll keep your heart with mine. Till you come to me.”

LIBRA: Pygmalion, The Sculptor & Galatea, The Statue:

“He slid his arm around the coolness of disdain, felt the distance of an Arctic plain, Rested his hand Upon an alabaster thigh, Saw eternal haughtiness in stony eyes. Human heart has he; She heart of stone - To tempt a man to be so close, but always so alone.”

SCORPIO: Eros, The God Of Love & Psyche, The Goddess Of The Soul:

“He would pluck the feathers from his shoulders, Set flames upon his bow, Drain celestial blood from his veins and become her equal, If that is what it took to deserve her; To share that grin one last time. Curse the gods, If he could only worship the light upon the pores of her skin.”

SAGITTARIUS: Perseus, Son Of Zeus & Andromeda, Princess Of Aethiopia:

“Who decided to call these chains? who said i was forced into who holds me? the rock i sit on is a throne of my choosing; the monster i’m to meet is a friend remembered; Perseus, i choose the water. Perseus, i choose salvation. Because at least this, i can say; the waves have never silenced me the way you always have”

CAPRICORN: Hades, God Of The Underworld & Persephone, Goddess Of Spring:

“He crept into her heart, seeking to devour her, but he was the one consumed”

AQUARIUS: Pyramus, The Handsome Youth & Thisbe, The Beautiful Maiden:

“My Sunset had been darkly beautiful, Asplash with deep reds and purple, crowned in gold. Oh that I had been Pyramus and she Thisbe. Star-crossed and Tragic, A love made eternal by mutual deaths”

PISCES: Leander, The Mortal & Hero, The Virgin Priestess:

“Love is not full of pity, as men say, But deaf and cruel where he means to prey. And now she wished this night were never done, And sighed to think upon th'approaching sun; For much it grieved her that the bright day-light Should know the pleasure of this blessed night, And them, like Mars and Ericyne, display, Both in each other’s arms chained as they lay.”

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is it possible to request things? if so i just wanted to say i love the "explore the mists of venus" design you made and sell and would love to see similar ones for all the planets, i would also totally buy a set of all the plants to hang on my wall if i could

Oh man, you have no idea how psyched I am that you took the time to message me about that piece specifically.  It’s one of my very favorites, and I’m still really excited about it!

And in fact, I am working on a series!  Mercury, Venus, and Earth are available, and Mars should be up this week. 

I’ve also finished a bonus Cassini/Saturn poster and one for the upcoming solar eclipse!

They’re all available here, and the rest of the series will be uploaded as I finish the typography. 

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How would you write Dean Winchester (or an excuse to write everything you love about him)? It's for a fic, and I trust you're one of the best sources for his psyche. I know you're busy so just take your time. Besides, even I am busy.

Good evening lovely anon,

I definitely jump on any “excuse” to write about Dean. ;) Though I personally have only written like… maybe three one shots ever, if I was to write a story set in the SPN universe, I would write Dean the way we know him from the show, meaning “canon”!Dean, because that is the Dean I care about, the Dean I fell in love with.

It’s the Dean Winchester with all of his flaws, his fears, his talents, his nerdiness and most of all his big heart, that I’d write about and that I’d want to incorporate and highlight in my story, because to me the most interesting and beautiful thing about Dean as a fictional character is his complexity. What we see of him on screen is the sum of everything he’s been through and despite all the tragedy, hurt and loss that he experienced he is still standing, still fighting.

I wouldn’t want to change a thing about Dean. Well, almost… I wished that he would see himself a tiny bit as the person he truly is - and that person isn’t “a monster” or “a burden” or “poison” as he thinks - but a man that has lost his childhood way too early, was forced to grow up much too fast and had to experience and endure traumas in amounts no one ever should have to. Yes, I wished Dean could see his own self-worth, his importance - and not in a way that shows him as being useful for others, but in a way that makes him recognize his own inherent goodness, how selfless he is.

And while I find it incredibly important for Dean to hopefully at some point down the line and at the end of the show see himself in a positive and much better light than he views himself now, I’d be lying if I said I wanted to erase these character traits, which aren’t beneficial to himself at all. Because if these aspects of Dean’s character were taken away, just like that, without build up and healing and resolution, Dean essentially wouldn’t be Dean.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing I love more than seeing Dean lighthearted, with a bounce to his walk, smiling, laughing, delving into LARPing, getting all nervous when meeting childhood idols or just being silly and playing pranks on his brother, but that’s only one half of the bumper sticker so to speak. Dean is more than that and it’s not the times he is at his strongest and happiest that he inspires me most, it’s when he is struggling, when he is close to hitting rock bottom and despite everything manages to pull through. That is when I love him most (I mean I always love him), but it’s the times when he openly struggles, shows emotion, displays rough edges and at the same time total gentleness and insecurity when I feel Jensen can shine most with his acting as Dean. It’s the small gestures, the small expressions and ultimately half the time the look in his eyes that just speaks volumes without any words needed at all that contribute Dean’s power as a fictional character to speak to people. It’s his ability to defy labels and stereotypes that make him not just real feeling but also almost something like a canvas many people can project something onto and find something to hold on to. That is the reason Dean resonates with so many people. He’s complex, layered, complicated and scarred from life, but in the end his strongest asset has always been his heart, his ability to love.

It’s Dean’s vulnerability that is always hiding in plain sight even when the moment requires him to be or act tough that draws me in, it’s his humility and his way of putting every one else first and making sure theiy’re okay that shows his incredible empathy and care (if only he cared a tiny faction for himself as well) that makes me emotional. It’s the way Dean has been able to preserve some childlike glee even through the horrors of losing his mother, father and his childhood in one night, how he is able to still find reasons to smile despite carrying 40 years of Hell and unbelilvable agony and torture under his belt that is incredible, that show he is a fighter. Despite all he is standing tall.

Dean has lost about every single one he cared about, lost himself even and yet, even though he has trust issues (lord knows, who wouldn’t if he/she had experienced what he experienced), is rather a pessimist (seriously, I can understand why lol) and sometimes close to giving up and drowning his sorrows in alcohol, he always manages to come back around. It’s never easy, never without a price to pay, but ultimately there is one thing that Dean can count on and that are his instincts, his heart, his moral compass. It would guide him anywhere and anytime. It’s his humanity and divnity that makes him unique and beautiful.

So yes, dear anon, all of this and so many more aspects (I really could continue writing 20 more paragraphs, but then again I guess no one would read that lol) are what I’d work into the caracterization of Dean if I planned on writing a Dean focused fic. It would probably also feature a good dose of tragedy, drinking, possibly smoking as well though. *hides*

Anyway, hopefully this wasn’t too disappointing. I suck at writing today. I blame the cold I’m fighting. ;P

If I wrote a novel

- like at least half my characters would be lgbt+
- I wouldn’t deliberately set out for that it would just fuckin happen. I’d start off with a character who’s straight then halfway through have a ‘oh shit she’s gay/ace/bi/trans/+’ moment. Just fuckin watch.
- I would set up a love triangle like a normal predictable boring storyline then psych! Actually it’s a throuple
- love triangles are overused and shitty and I would subvert the shit outta them just coz
- I would have ALL THE HEEL FACE TURNS because the heel face turn is the greatest trope to ever trope. I’d pull a fuckin naruto redeeming the villains left right and centre.
- also i feel like I’d end up adding a statistically improbable amount of twins??? Just. That would be a thing I would do.
- it would be sci fi AND fantasy because I’d try to make it fantasy then my inner scientist would add a scientific explanation to everything because I am a scientist goddammit

Fail- Mikko Rantanen

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Ok so it’s that time of year where stress is prevalent! So here you guys go! A little Finnish destressor! Enjoy!

Warning: none

Anon Request: Could you do one with mikko Rantanen where the reader gets so stressed at school that she starts crying when he says something to her and then when he asks if she’s okay she’s just like I’m going to fail everything how am I ever going to come anywhere in my life and so on? Love your blog <3


              You were not going to cry you just weren’t.

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mbti types as “community” quotes
  • ENTJ: “I discovered at a very early age that, if I talk long enough? I could make *anything* right or wrong. So either I’m God, or truth is relative. And in either case: booyah.” — Jeff Winger (“Pilot”).
  • INTJ: “As a student of character, I have the feeling that trying to make this commercial may cost the Dean his sanity — and my camera follows the fire, not the smoke. Ever seen, ‘Hearts of Darkness’? Way better than, ‘Apocalypse Now.’” — Abed Nadir (“Documentary Filmmaking Redux”).
  • ESTP: “You know, we laugh? But the fact is: student/teacher relationships *do* happen, and they are a *magnet* for lawsuits. In fact, physically attractive students and faculty are actually placed on a watchlist, and are ranked by their potential to incite fraternization.… You guys be extra-careful now! Two people of *your* rankings in this small room? With this type of lighting, and his upper body, and what her heels and hemline are doing to enhance what were already *quite* a few favors from God? It’s all the more important to keep it tasteful!” — Dean Craig Pelton (“Interpretive Dance”).
  • ESFJ: “I told Pierce a thousand times! I never wanted to meet LeVar in person! I just wanted a *picture*!! YOU CAN’T DISAPPOINT A PICTURE!! ….Butterfly in the skyyy! / I can go twice as hiiiiiigh. / Take a look, it’s in a book / A reading raiiiiinboooow. Reading raaaainb… *sobs* Set phasers to LOVE ME!!” — Troy Barnes (“Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking”).
  • ISFJ: “I don’t like it…” “That’s okay. You know, you’re just reacting the way the world did to Jesus.” “I’m reacting the way the world does to movies about making movies about making movies! I mean, come on, Charlie Kaufman, some of us have work in the morning, *damn*!” — Shirley Bennett and Abed Nadir (“Messianic Myths and Ancient Peoples”).
  • ENFP: “Hey, sorry for bailing on the psych experiment.” “That *was* the experiment, Troy. We were testing to see how long people would wait in the room.” “……WHOA.” “Oh! Gotcha.” “*Gotcha*? That’s all you have to say?” “Yeah.” “You sat in a room for *twenty. six.* straight hours. Didn’t that… *bother* you?” “Yeah, I was livid.” “Then why didn’t you LEAVE?” “Because you asked me to stay and you said we were friends.” “……Wait, is this still part of the experiment?” — Annie Edison and Abed Nadir, feat. Troy Barnes (“Social Psychology”).
  • ISTP: “So, in the experiment, Stanford students were divided into prisoners and guards. The guards *immediately* started to—” “UGGGGGGGH.” “What’s wrong?” “I’ve got this weird pain right above my eyebrow…” “*rolls eyes* It’s called a stress headache. I got my first one when I was four.” “I hate it!” “Well, get used to it! You’re knee-deep in it now, brother. This is *debate*!” — Annie Edison and Jeff Winger (“Debate 109”).
  • ESFP: “What is *WRONG* with you people?! Huh? I thought you were supposed to be *friends*! I thought you were supposed to LOVE each other! Your love is *WEIRD*! And *TOXIC*! And it destroys everything it touches! I no longer *care* about grade… or biology… or finally graduating from college like I promised my dying father! I’m going *home*. I am gonna hold my wife and my child close, and I am gonna finally TAKE MY INSULIN SHOT. …OFFENSE TAKEN! …Offense taken.” — Todd Jacobsen (“Competitive Ecology”).
  • INFJ: “What if a ghost took the pen.… Seriously: why not. Why not just, ‘A ghost took the pen?’” “Okay, I’ve been saying that for *hours*—” “And we should’ve been listening to *Troy* from the beginning. Guys, look in your hearts and answer this question honestly. What’s more likely: that someone in this group *doesn’t belong* in this group, or ghosts? If we have to choose between turning on each other or pinning it on some spectre with unfinished, pen-related business? I’m sorry, but my money’s on ghost.” — Jeff Winger and Troy Barnes (“Cooperative Calligraphy”).
  • ISFP: “I boiled the yams! Vicki’s yam never sprouted, and I didn’t want her to fail, so I threw off the grading curve, so she wouldn’t have to go to summer school and we could finally have sex at my parents’ cabin! GOD FORGIVE ME, I DID IT FOR LOVE!!” “Holy *crap*! We are *definitely* dissecting pinecones next year!” — Fat Neil and Dr. Marshall Kane (“Basic Lupine Urology”).
  • ENTP: “You didn’t hurt my feelings, Shirley.… I was just trying to throw you a bone because I like you.” “Oh? Well, you can keep *that* bone. Listening to a story about a stranger pissing me off and taking the stranger’s side? And then you can’t talk about your own business, but you insinuate my mama’s a robot because she and I want *makeovers*. *That* is the ladies’ room, Britta. A place where ladies go to share, listen, support each other, and discreetly eliminate waste. And I like you, too. I even like that you’re a little hard. But if you can’t learn to be soft in *there*? You need to pee alone.” — Britta Perry and Shirley Bennett (“Football, Feminism and You”).
  • ISTJ: “You’re mad at me?” “I spent a week planning a party just to make you happy. And then I bailed on the party and ruined it — again? Just to make you happy. And it turns out, while I was wasting my time trying to make you happy? You were making *yourself* happy all over everyone else by doing yet *another* stupid movie spoof.” “I prefer the term, ‘homage.’ …It wasn’t about making me happy. I chose ‘My Dinner With André’ because it’s about a guy who has an unexpectedly enjoyable evening with a weird friend he’s been avoiding lately.… You and I hung out more last year.” — Abed Nadir and Jeff Winger (“Critical Film Studies”).
  • INTP: “What does it mean? …No riddles. You’re screwing around with everyone, you gave *me* a tiara. What does it mean? Are these — are these *blood diamonds*? Are they *Holocaust diamonds*?!” “No!” “Well, what does it mean?!” “It means… you’re my favorite.” “…What does *THAT* mean?!” — Annie Edison, feat. Pierce Hawthorne (“Intermediate Documentary Filmmaking”).
  • ESTJ: “I got freaked out by that, ‘boyfriend’ label. I’m afraid of commitment.” “How original.… You’re acting like I’m a Venus flytrap. I didn’t want or need more than what we were doing.” “Let’s get back to it! Should I get the door?” “I can’t now, because you went to the, ‘friend’ place. That’s *you* getting official, not me. Because unless there’s something I need to know about the lunch lady or that blonde in your Spanish class with the infinite supply of leather jackets? Somewhere between our ninth and eleventh slumber parties, statistically speaking? Most people would call us more than pals.” — Jeff Winger and Michelle Slater (“Interpretive Dance”).
  • INFP: “I don’t think I can finish my commercial. But I think I know how your documentary ends.… I have failed this school. I have failed it because I thought I was better than Greendale. You see, I went to a university, so I thought it was my job to *improve* this place. But it turns out that the only thing wrong with Greendale? Is that it’s run by an insecure wreck, who holds five dances and two talent shows a year because he’s afraid that this school isn’t good enough. But Greendale *is* good enough because it accepts me for when I’m not. Greendale is the best! school! in the entire world! And I’m so sorry, what I’ve done to it.” — Dean Craig Pelton (“Documentary Filmmaking Redux”).
  • ENFJ: “The truth is? I’m lying when I say there is no truth. The truth is — the stupidly, pathetically, inconveniently obvious truth is: helping only ourselves is *bad*, and helping each other is *GOOD*.… It’s that easy. You just stop thinking about what’s good for you, and start thinking about what’s good for someone else, and you can change the whole game with one move.” — Jeff Winger (“Introduction to Finality”).
PANCE tips

Finally passed the PANCE! It has been a looong road. I wanted to tell you guys some info about the exam to give you a little less anxiety, because some posts that I was reading freaked me out. But there is seriously no reason to freak out. The passing rate for first time takers is 94%. So congratulate yourself because you passed :) When I walked out of the exam I said to myself there is no way I failed that test. Just be confident, your school and self-studying prepared you for the exam.

The questions I would do are PA easy, Kaplan, and LANGE. My exam was comparable to PA easy questions. I would definitely do the 2 NCCPA exams they provide you on their website. They are 120 questions each, and cost $35 each. It is worth the money. They are retired PANCE questions. As a grade they give you where you fall on a bar graph in each topic, so you don’t get a number score back. If you feel comfortable doing those you are set. It is KEY that for all the questions you do, read the explanations as to WHY you got it wrong. Also do that for questions you were not sure of but guessed correctly. I had a notebook and wrote information down to questions in each topic that I wanted to remember or did not know. Also do a practice full length exam so you can get the feeling of how long the exam really is. However on your actual test day it will go by so fast you won’t even feel it or care about the time :) It is just an adrenaline rush for 5 hours.

Focus on the big topics: Cardio, pulm, GI, musculoskeletal, ENT, and Ob/gyn. Pharmacology is a big percentage also. They love drug-drug interactions and side effects to watch out for. If you know these topics well then you will be set. Know basic EKG and X-ray readings. I made index cards for the Drugs. Cardio, psych, GI, GU, drugs, and antibiotics are big.

The book I used to mainly study from was PANCE Prep Pearls by Dwayne Williams. He was my professor and my emergency medicine preceptor. He is amazing and his book is just as amazing. It has everything you need to know, including the drugs, MOAs, Side effects and contraindications. I would also look at surgery recall for the anatomy and surgery questions.

It really helped me during the exam and as I was studying to look at the answer choices first before answering the questions. I wish I did this throughout PA school. It helped me figure out what they were asking and what they were looking for in the correct answer.

A mix of reading and questions is the best way to prepare. Questions, questions, questions!! Do blocks of 60 questions at a time. You can start off as doing the questions un-timed, but once you get closer to the test date you should be doing them timed. You will do very well ! Happy studying :)

Stefan Salvatore Meta - Why Stelena was always meant to fail  PART 1/3 - I MET A GIRL

This is a 3 part meta inspired from Stefan’s dialogue to Elena just before their first kiss. This 3 part meta explains where and how Stefan went wrong with the Stelena relationship and why it would have not stood the test of time, irrespective of Damon’s influence. 

This meta is all about exploring Stefan’s psyche and his follies. I have not dealt with what Elena brought to the table. .  

If you are a Stelena stan, this will not make your heart sing…If you are a Stefan Salvatore fan and love metas - this is dedicated to you. 


Stefan Salvatore to Elena Gilbert (1x02)

“I met a girl; 

We talked - it was epic;

Then the sun came up….And reality set in”



I want to talk about the prelude to Stelena, Stefan’s emotional scars and how it influenced Stelena’s beginning.

1. Stefan never dealt with his personal issues 

Stefan first met Elena months before he ‘accidentally’ bumped into her in the hallway of a high school. He was the one who saved her life when her parents’ car went off Wickery bridge. What drew him to her was her uncanny resemblance to Katherine. He later proceeded to stalk her for months to first make sure he was not Katherine and when he was sure, he saw her as a someone who would redeem him from what he considered as his life’s failures.

Katherine to him was his biggest failure. He fell in love with a monster and in turn she turned him into one. He viewed his potential relationship with Elena as a way to right that wrong. Perhaps it wouldn’t have all been for naught if he could somehow convince himself that Elena was the one he was always meant to be in love with and not Katherine. That, Elena was his soulmate - hence his pull towards Katherine. Maybe then he can look back and not feel the intense sense of betrayal he felt for what Katherine did to him, about the shame, regret and self-loathing of being a vampire. Maybe being a vampire could finally lead to something good, to something he wouldn't have had in his life had he lived and died a human. 

While these notions make for great stories and dreamy dialogues, it is NOT HOW ONE STARTS A RELATIONSHIP. Stefan, instead of dealing with his past relationship, coming to terms with it, with his vampirism and his hatred for being a vampire  (which was a direct result of his relationship), decided to transfer the burden of overcoming his issues onto this new relationship. In his mind, loving Elena would somehow magically fix everything. He viewed it as his redemption so to speak ! So he stalked her for months to get to know more about her. And as he stalked her and saw that she was good and kind, he reaffirmed his belief that loving Elena would make everything right in his world. 

2. His past relationship (with Katherine) still dictated his choices

While not dealing with prior issues was a huge part of Stelena’s failure, for me one of Stefan’s biggest folly was wanting to be with this girl because she was “the exact opposite of Katherine”  - that’s no way to fall in love. Katherine was still front and centre and everything he did was to mitigate the loss that according to him, she caused - so he compared sweet, compassionate human Elena to the monster that was Katherine Pierce . . and Elena looked like an angel, how could he not love her?

EPIC FAIL ! You don’t decide to love someone because they are the opposite of someone you used to love; You love someone ‘cause you can’t help falling in love with the person who you have gotten to know and it should have nothing to do with your hatred for a previous love. 

3. He didn’t see/fall for the real Elena 

TVD fans often don’t take into consideration the fact that Elena was in mourning. The Elena we saw in the beginning of Season 1 one was a girl in pain, grieving the loss of her parents. Elena wasn’t her true self, at least not her whole self. Grief, pain, loss have a way of bringing out the more compassionate, sensitive side of an individual. When Stefan stalked Elena and ‘fell’ for her, she was the depressed, subdued, vulnerable version of herself.  So all that while he spent ‘figuring her out’ from afar, stalking her every move and digging up things about her past, he did not see ALL of her… just the characteristics of her persona brought about by the effects of her being in mourning. So while that was part of who she was, there was more to Elena Gilbert than what he saw and fell for. 

PART 2 coming up…  

I know I should have put in specific instances to further illustrate the points I’ve made above, but that would just make this a super lengthy post. .. so no..

Thanks for your patience ! !

P.S. If you are a Stelena stan and you are fuming right now - I warned you at the outset.. . 

cintialara  asked:

Did you know some site or something were i can find the history about each song? Like what inspired them to write about it?

they haven’t actually said the exact history about every song, but here are the inspirations behind some that they have commented on:

Robbers: “Robbers’ is a love song, it was originally inspired by my love of the Quentin Tarantino film ‘True Romance’, the story of an Elvis obsessed loner who falls in love and marries a prostitute. In the movie the couple run away to California after killing her pimp and stealing his drugs to start a new life financed by a once in a lifetime drug deal. It’s the sentiment behind the film that appeals to me, the hopelessly romantic notion that two people can meet and instantly fall in love, an escape story where love is the highest law and conquers all against the odds. Characters like Bonnie and Clyde always appealed to me as a teenager — couples so intoxicated with one another that they fear nothing in the pursuit of the realization of each other, actions fueled by blind unconditional love.‘Robbers’ is an ode to those relationships. The type of relationship all humans long for. All or nothing.This video is about when love makes two people feel they are the centre of the universe.” -Matty

Settle Down: “I used to have a reoccurring dream when I was younger. The narrative was loosely based, but the setting was always the surrounding areas of where my parents grew up. I think I was slightly obsessed with how certain, bleak areas of Northern England contained my history and the soul of my family, my psyche - I always felt connected and disconnected at the same time. Metaphorically and physically I would visit these places frequently as a youngster and in turn have used them as the setting to a lot of the stories in The 1975 - the North East was the visual setting to my formative years.I suppose, like any narrative, the meaning and the connotations within the story are subjective. I’ve always been quite fascinated with the potency of same sex relationships, plutonic or otherwise. I was brought up in a very open minded environment, somewhere I felt that, whoever I was, I would be accepted. With this understanding I was also very aware of others, school friends, acquaintances - whom, due to where we lived, probably didn’t have such a comfortable place to grow up, we were unaffected and affected by taboos and the small minded at the same time.  I’ve dreamt the story of these two boys on countless occasions - every time drawing a different conclusion on its meaning.With ‘Settle Down’ I wanted to make a story about the extension of that dream, a video that explores love, a video that was as fantastical, consuming and limitless as the love we all chase and desire. Love as I have always imagined…” -Matty

Me: “The idea for ‘don’t you mind’ came quite naturally. I was in the process of writing this song and I found myself listening to that 10cc record ‘I’m not in love’. In that song the words ‘I’m not in love’ are used so frequently; as such a statement, that by the last chorus you think ‘….this guy is really in love’. I think ‘Me’, as a song, it’s all about guilt and my understanding that my actions have had quite serious consequences.” -Matty

102: “This song is about a girl friend that i had. She was beautiful, absolute beauty. I loved her but she didnt feel the same way. I don’t even think she knew that i loved her. This song is about the times i had with her. As she and i became close friends, we had traditions. It was kinda like our thing, ya know. We’d somehow always coincidentally be out at 1:02am, so that was our thing. So now, whenever I’m up at 1:02am, i think of her and how i let her go.” -Matty

Is There Somebody: “That’s probably one of the more saddening songs for me that I’ve ever written because it’s about me leaving my family essentially—me leaving home—and making sure that there was somebody there to watch my little brother.” -Matty

Sex: ”Matty always refers to it as his like, love letter to teenage romance and indecisiveness and you know everything being such a big deal at that age, when you know… It turns out that it’s actually not.” -George

Medicine: “I won’t delve into what the song is about lyrically because frankly I want to put those ideas to bed; but being provided with the context in which ‘Medicine’ came to be, it allowed the song to become a mausoleum for those ideas captured, diverted, and frozen forever.” -Matty

Woman: ”It’s about a prostitute, but not in a misogynistic or glamorizing way. I was, like, 19, and I met this woman who I didn’t actually have sex with, but she was a prostitute. It was my obsession with the utilization of femininity, and how it has power over everything. Over intellect, over anything that a man hold dear to himself. I think that that song is an ode to how I was very impressed with her as a young man.” -Matty

You: ”This song is about a doomed toxic relationship I was in at about 19. Our whole social group was subject to and almost defined by this insane paring of people who totally resented each other but for some unknown reason stayed together for quite a long time. I really meant that song. I think I’m over it now though; I don’t reckon I would write that song now. I’d maybe be a bit fairer.”-Matty

HNSCC: "My Nana who I was close to died of cancer this year and it was around about that time that the guitarist’s mum got diagnosed with cancer and it felt like it was a big impact, the fact that something you have no control over can really mess with the dynamics of people’s lives. It’s actually a live guitar take. I was playing the guitar plugged in the computer and George was putting it through every plugin you can imagine. He recorded it without telling me so I was in the zone. This was 2am on a Saturday night so we were under the influence. I recorded the guitar take and we listened to it back hammered and we were like ‘this is really pretty man, nah let’s get some sleep’. We woke up the next day and we just spent like half an hour putting little moments of vocals and synth and that was that. I think ‘Music for Cars’ is the most honest record in regards to things like that.” -Matty

theres probably more but thats all i can find right now, hope this helps x

Edit: Orders are now closed! Thank you guys so, so much! 118 pre-orders is not bad at all. I ordered a few extras so if you still want one, shoot me an email asking if there’s anymore and I’ll let you know ;)

Hey there, guys! My poetry book “Raw” is finally set to come out. For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter, you might not even know it’s a thing so let me be the first to tell you: it is indeed a thing. I’m super private about my poetry and haven’t showed it to anyone (except teachers) in 10+ years. This is not something that I thought would ever happen. This was tough for me, but it is a labor of love that I’m psyched to finally share with you.

Let me just start off by saying I’ve been completely blown away by your enthusiasm and support. I honestly didn’t expect the reaction I’ve gotten so far and am incredibly humbled that you would want to read words put to paper by me. So many of you have asked about pre-orders that I’m going to open them right now. Plus, this’ll give me an idea of how many extras I’d need to get, if any.

So here’s the deal. I don’t want to trick anyone into buying something they won’t enjoy. I only want people who really want to book to get it. So I’m giving away more than half of the book online for free. You can read it here.

(Side note: for legal reasons, I had to put the little copyright text on each page of the free online version, but in the physical copy of the book, it’s only on a few of the pages that needed it.)

For those of you who’d like the whole book, something to hold in your hands and take to the park or on a long plane ride or if you need something sturdy to prop the wobbly leg of a table, here’s some info on it.

The book is $20, which includes shipping for people in the US. For anyone outside the US, the shipping costs $16 so add that into the $20. (Totally sucks, but is anyone surprised the post office would do something like that?) I’ll sign the inside of each one with a little message, unless you don’t want me to. Everyone who orders a copy will also receive a free audio book of “Raw” that I’ll be recording myself. If you’re too lazy to actually read the thing, open it up and listen to me read to you in my sweet, delicious, adjective voice as you follow along.

Plus, anyone who pre-orders a book will be entered in a raffle to win one of the original artwork pages, (the papers I drew the little doodles you see throughout the book on.) There are four pages so four people will each win one. If you win, I’ll roll one up and stick it in the box with your book.

If that sounds cool to you, here’s how to get one:

Pre-Order Instructions:

1. Send $20 (or $36, if you’re outside the US) through PayPal to RawBook@hotmail.com. Include your name when it says “Write A Note,” just in case. Don’t want you to get mixed up with someone else.

2. Send an e-mail to RawBook@hotmail.com with the following info:

and last name.
Address you want me to send it to.
What e-mail you sent the payment to me through PayPal from.
What name you want me to sign the book to, if you’d like me to do that.

3. Sit patiently next to your mailbox until it comes. (No, I’m joking, you don’t have to do that. Once I put the order in and get the books, I’ll let you guys know once I’ve sent them out.)

Now pre-orders end on Sunday, September 18th. If you don’t get me the payment and all of that info before that, I can’t include you in the batch of books I’ll be ordering, so make sure you get it to me in time if you want one.

Here’s some questions I think some might ask:

Q: Can I order one later after this first batch?
A: I’d like to say yes, but there’s no guarantee that I’ll be producing any more after this. It all depends on how much demand there is for more copies. They need to be bought in batches, (so for example if 3 people want one, I’d have to wait until the number gets bigger in order to get them.) If you want to guarantee you’ll get one, I’d recommend getting one from this batch.

Q: Can I buy an online version of the book?
A: I won’t be selling online copies of the book for many reasons, but the biggest one to me is mainly a personal thing. Most of the book is online. You can read that version all you want, but I want to give people who want the full thing a different experience.

(Besides all that, I don’t know how I would sell it online anyway, I’m not the most tech savvy. This is not an invitation to give me suggestions on how to do it. I’m good haha)

Q: Can I pay through another method besides PayPal?
A: No, sorry. I’m only accepting PayPal at the moment. Again, I’m not super tech savvy. If you want the full version of the book, it’s gotta be PayPal.

Q: I’ve pre-ordered the book. When do I get the audio book?
A: I’ll be sending out the audio book files once the physical books have shipped out. I don’t want to do it beforehand because I’m afraid I might spoil people for poems in it that aren’t in the free online version. It’s a whole different experience to hear a poem read to you without seeing the words in front of you and if I send it beforehand, you guys might be tempted to just listen to it ahead of time. No peeking :P

Q: Will you ship internationally?
A: Edit: For international peeps, you’d have to pay an additional $16 to cover the shipping. So sorry about that, but the post office is a crazy town.

I really can’t believe this is happening. This is a crazy, awesome adventure that I never thought I’d actually achieve so again, thank you guys. From the bottom of my heart. This was an incredible experience and I had so much fun making it. From the bottom of my heart, I hope you enjoy.


Also: Not sure if I have to say this, but I should probably say it anyway, just to be safe. I am not responsible for any books lost by the post office. Or if you give me the wrong address and don’t have access to it because of that. All I can do is seal up your package and give it a gentle pat and a kiss and send it off on its journey to you. After I send them out, it’s up to the postal service to get it to you. If I could, I would travel around the world and hand deliver these babies to you myself. I’m sure it’d make a great video series, but unfortunately, I am but one nerd and cannot do it all.

MC “Make Duu go Kyuuun with a confession”

From JPLOP user forgetmenots’ event report, found on H!O. 

On to the first MC. It was announced that the game would be confessions to make Kudou Haruka go “Kyuun~”. She would pick the best one to be the winner. Each confession had me laughing uncontrollably. Many of the girls fell to the floor laughing and Haruna was sighted crying from so much laughing. I wish I could have videotaped these confessions and put subtitles up, but I’ll try my best to convey the amusement through words (though I’m sure I’ll fail). Here they are, in the approximate order they were done in:

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You Know That I’m Not Telling the Truth

Paring: Eren/Mikasa & Levi/Hanji (Implied)

Setting: Modern AU; Psych Crossover

Rating: K


Notes:I absolutely loved this because Psych is one of my favorite, favorite TV shows. I’ve been watching it from day one and I still haven’t watched the last season cause I don’t want it to be over ;-; That being said I had such a hard time coming up with something for this. Levi is stern but he’s not hot tempered like Lassie is and my modern AU Eren is normally goofy but he’s not arrogant like Shawn can come off (Armin would probably be a good Gus though and just always done with Eren’s shit lol and Mikasa is a good mix for Juliet) So I tried to blend as much as I much as I could so they were still true to their characters but still have the fun of the Psych character banter.

If you’ve never watched Psych the pretense is basically lifetime slacker Shawn is incredibly good at picking up small details no one notices/photographic memory and putting assumptions together to come to a deduction, things he learned from his father who was a cop. Shawn uses the ability to pretend to be a psychic and solve cases for the Santa Barbra PD. Also if you’ve never watched it please do yourself a favor and do so. The whole series is on Netflix! The title comes from the theme song :3


The Sina Police Department was always full of people, activity and noises. It was loud with people talking, shuffling papers around, people unhappy about going to booking or holding cells, and just the bustle of the other officers. It took Mikasa a little bit of time to get used to just how busy this department was from where she worked as an officer in Shigansina before she was promoted to detective. Even from her spot sitting at her desk, her eyes scanning over a few case files and the busy day going on all around her she could still pick up one sound that was more familiar than all others: the distinct sound of sneakers on the tile.

Lots of people wore sneakers in the department, that wasn’t unusual. What made this sound stand out was the way the shoes sounded as they got closer, there was an air of carefree confidence in each step and they almost always had smaller softer footsteps trailing behind trying to keep up.

Mikasa found a smile pulling at her lips the moment she saw hands pressed up against her desk. “Good morning, Eren,” she said looking up to see the now familiar head of messy brown hair, bright turquoise eyes, tanned skin and toothy smile that always took her breath away as much as she tried not to let him get to her.

“Morning, Mik. How are we this fine day?”

“Just looking over a case,” she said, gesturing her hand down over the papers in front of her.

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