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Hi I'm so sorry for everything, but from what I know, studying psych in college can lead into many different kinds of jobs. I'm debating becoming a psych major right now. But you could analyze results of experiments, or be more of a behind the scenes person. There's even music therapy, too. Either way I hope things look up for you, I think you're an awesome person, I've been following you for a while now, and you deserve the best ok

thank u for being so sweet!! currently im planning on going to university in september for psych. i would love to do something less one on one and more just something like a researcher?? i think i could do that?? im a pretty hard worker if i set my mind to it but i just worry about finding a job that can somehow accommodate my social phobia. hopefully by then ill be able to do a job interview without my mind being like “Avoid do not Go Avoid”

You Know That I’m Not Telling the Truth

Paring: Eren/Mikasa & Levi/Hanji (Implied)

Setting: Modern AU; Psych Crossover

Rating: K


Notes:I absolutely loved this because Psych is one of my favorite, favorite TV shows. I’ve been watching it from day one and I still haven’t watched the last season cause I don’t want it to be over ;-; That being said I had such a hard time coming up with something for this. Levi is stern but he’s not hot tempered like Lassie is and my modern AU Eren is normally goofy but he’s not arrogant like Shawn can come off (Armin would probably be a good Gus though and just always done with Eren’s shit lol and Mikasa is a good mix for Juliet) So I tried to blend as much as I much as I could so they were still true to their characters but still have the fun of the Psych character banter.

If you’ve never watched Psych the pretense is basically lifetime slacker Shawn is incredibly good at picking up small details no one notices/photographic memory and putting assumptions together to come to a deduction, things he learned from his father who was a cop. Shawn uses the ability to pretend to be a psychic and solve cases for the Santa Barbra PD. Also if you’ve never watched it please do yourself a favor and do so. The whole series is on Netflix! The title comes from the theme song :3


The Sina Police Department was always full of people, activity and noises. It was loud with people talking, shuffling papers around, people unhappy about going to booking or holding cells, and just the bustle of the other officers. It took Mikasa a little bit of time to get used to just how busy this department was from where she worked as an officer in Shigansina before she was promoted to detective. Even from her spot sitting at her desk, her eyes scanning over a few case files and the busy day going on all around her she could still pick up one sound that was more familiar than all others: the distinct sound of sneakers on the tile.

Lots of people wore sneakers in the department, that wasn’t unusual. What made this sound stand out was the way the shoes sounded as they got closer, there was an air of carefree confidence in each step and they almost always had smaller softer footsteps trailing behind trying to keep up.

Mikasa found a smile pulling at her lips the moment she saw hands pressed up against her desk. “Good morning, Eren,” she said looking up to see the now familiar head of messy brown hair, bright turquoise eyes, tanned skin and toothy smile that always took her breath away as much as she tried not to let him get to her.

“Morning, Mik. How are we this fine day?”

“Just looking over a case,” she said, gesturing her hand down over the papers in front of her.

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How does the game actually work? Would like to do this.

IF I INSPIRE ANYONE ELSE TO DO THIS I will be psyched because I love looking at these things and there needs to be more. I can only tell ya how I set up this particular one, there’s probably other ways to do it but this worked smoothly.

The game is inspired by this original post! Ya get a group of people, you put them in a random order, and the first person in line draws a character doing something on a simple background, with an optional prompt (I used ‘monster’). When one person finishes their drawing, they just pass it on to the next person to reference and redraw via email (never posting publicly so it remained a surprise). They had a certain amount of time to finish their rendition after receiving the other person’s drawing, and I was monitoring when people finished and received parts so I could set deadlines for people. When the last person in line finished theirs, they all sent theirs to me AND THE RESULTS ARE WHAT YOU SEE IN THAT POST. Super fun, and awesome to look at when it’s all done!