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I would love to see women trying to function in a world without men. I've never seen women working in construction or other hard labor work. But hey, I'm sure you could get around to it without us. Strong, independent women not having to depend on men for support. Lmao totally realistic.

Yeah, the nation stopped functioning when men went to war… Oh wait, no. It didn’t.

The Patrick Birthday Project!

Patrick will be 33 soon and I was hoping the fandom would help me make this a birthday to remember!!

It’s pretty simple, the goal is to create a video with fans from all over the world explaining why they love this inspirational, talented and amazing man!!

If you would consider participating in giving Patrick an amazing birthday gift from his fandom then please reblog or like.

I would love to know how many people might be interested! :)

If enough people are interested, I’ll make a post with all the details!!

Thank you!


full house, (season six episode seventeen) silence is not golden - in this episode, stephanie is paired with charles, a classmate she really hates, for a school project. when steph gets in trouble for not taking out the trash, charles thinks that she is going to get beaten, and stephanie finds out that charles is being abused by his father, which is why he acts so rude at school. charles makes stephanie swear that she won’t tell anyone, but she later tells jesse, who reports the abuse. this, to me, is honestly one of the saddest full house episodes - but it raises awareness, too. 

NCT’s reaction to they started liking a girl NCT member

Request: “How would NCT (all units) react if they started liking a girl NCT member?”
A/N: idk what to write here, lmao.


He would almost hate himself for falling in love with you. He’s still really young and he doesn’t want to ruin his career and his whole future just for his feelings, specially if the person he’s in love with works by his side.

“I-I’m sorry Y/N, I understand if you don’t want anything with me.”

“I like you too, Taeil but it’s going to be hard, you know?”

“Yes, I know and I hate that things have to be this way.”

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He won’t worry too much about it like Taeil, but I don’t think he would be scared of telling you that he has feeling for you. He believes that is something important that you should know and you ended up being the most worried one.

“But don’t worry to much! It going to be easier than you think, Y/N.”

“No, Hansol, it’s not going to be easy!”

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He is, in my opinion, the most mature member of NCT and I’m a 100% sure that he would confess his feelings but won’t try to have anything with you, even if the feeling are mutuals, he would think everything twice before doing anything.

“Do you want to go for a coffee, Y/N? I have the perfect excuse planned already.”

“Fine, did you realize how much I trust you?”

“Yes, you shoulden’t”


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He would probably be the most worried about it, he already has to deal with so much hate for stuff he never did, and he knows that all of this feelings would only gave him more problems. He wouldn’t tell anyone about this, all his feelings would be destroying him everyday a bit more but he would confess only when he’s in his limit.

“Taeyong? Are you okay?”

“No, Y/N, I’m not because I’m deeply in love with you.”

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This guy won’t care too much about the opinion of the public and would flirt with you all the time, even when there are cameras around. And if the feelings are mutual he would give it a try, why not?

“Yuta! I told you to stop flirting with me so much when were on public!”

“But you look so pretty when you’re blushing non stop!”


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He would be exactly like Hansol, telling you all his feelings. But he would still think about you and won’t doubt in taking all the blame if something goes wrong.

“I-I promise to take all the blame, I swear Y/N, but please give me an oportunnity.”

“You’re an angel, Kun.”

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Other baby who would baby extremely worried for his feelings toward you. He would talk about this with other member, probably Taeyong or Jaehyun, and would ask for advice. He would decide to confess and if something happens, he would be the one who hide his feelings the best in camera. It would be almost impossible to notice.

A++ in being discreet”

“Yes, I know, I’m a great actor.”

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He would tell Johnny and Hansol right away, asking them for advice, and of course the giants are going to tell him to confess. And when he does, just like Kun he won’t  doubt in taking all the blame.

“I’m so glad Johnny conviced me to confess to you!”

“Be careful, though, you’re the worst hiding secrets.”

“No I’m not!”

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He would be like Yuta, flirting all the time with you, but he would care a bit more about keeping your relationship in secret and only doing it occasionally.

“Stop flirting with me when were on camera, Jae!”

“But I haven’t do it in the so long! Also, the MC’s didn’t notice!”

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This cutie would confess to you and ask you to be his. The only thing he needs is an answer, if it’s a yes he would try his best to don’t let no one in the whole world know about this more than his family and the members. And just like Doyoung, is impossible to even notice that has a crush on you.

“I’m sorry that we can’t do anything for our first anniversary more than cuddle in the dorms.”

“It’s fine! I adore every second by your side even if just doing nothing, baobei.”

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He would also feel really worried, not only for the public reaction and the other members but for your relationship, he’s probably the most busy member in NCT and he doesn’t want to spend just half of an hour with you in the dorms everyday. So he won’t be sure how to react.

“S-Should I confess, what do you think Donghyuck?”

“Confess to who?”

Y/N! Uh~~ no one.”

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You could tell that there was something going out with him by the loving gazes he wuld give you and how he was always by your side. When you talked about it with him, he started to be more discreet and you decided to gave him an oportunnity.

“I’m sorry! I’ll be more discreet next time, baobei!”

“You’re so cute, Jun.”

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This guy would be confused. He would talk with Jaemin and maybe any of the olders members about it and would decide to confess his feelings to you. If you start dating, there’s nothing to get worried about because it’s almost impossible to tell that he has feelings for you.

“How are you so good pretending that you’re not in love with me? Everyday it gets harder for me.”

“I’m irresistible, that’s why.”

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Other baby who’s hated by stuff he never did. All this feelings would keep him awake at night and make him act really different from his normal extroverted self. You would notice, and he wouldn’t mind telling you everything. He only wants the public acceptance, he doesn’t care about anything else.

“Hyuck, don’t say that, our fans are angels and they won’t let anybody drag us down. And you know I’ll kill anybody who dares to hurt you in any way.”

“You’re an angel too, Y/N.”

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Just like Yuta, he won’t give a damn about other peoples opinions, but he would be more careful and won’t tell no one but you know about this little secret, okay maybe jeno would know it too.

“Can you explain me why today in school Jeno kept bothering me non stop because I was taking notes for my bOYFRIEND”

“Oh, so he told you, uh? Yeah.. sorry about that, jagiya.”

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He would confess to you right away, and it’s not like he wouldn’t care about the publics opinion but, he just never even thinked about it. He’s a child full of optimism and wouldn’t even care about those people who hates on your relationship, he would only focuse on you and the good comments.

“Don’t worry princess! I’ll never let anyone hurt you.”

“You’re so adorable, Chenle.”

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This little baby would be SO worried. He knows perfectly that both of you are really young yet and falling in love with you would only bring problems for everyone. He would probably talk about it with other members but wouldn’t dare to confess to don’t make things awkward.

“Jisung? A little birdy called Zhong Chenle told me a little secret of yours.”

“I’m really sorry, noona.”

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I uh really like your stories you write, can I request this prompt? A prophecy says that everything you love will die. Zarc could only laugh at his self loathing. He would live forever...

Okay first off I am absolutely genuinely sorry I couldn’t get to this sooner (in truth the day you sent this I actually finished about half of it lmao but I hit 2 obstacles: 1) work stole all of my free time and 2) after that first day writer’s block hit me up hard) so again sorry so much this took forever!! I hope it’s at least worth it if not welp at least I tried and I finished another fic either way so woo!

And secondly, you don’t know how much your ask really made my entire past 2 weeks and also motivated me! Even tho I hit writer’s block swear I tried working on it every night after work but none of the right words ever came to me after that first day augh. But again thanks for motivating me to write something!!

Anyways, here ya go!

Nothing’s Reprise

Words: ~1700

“Indeed, mortal. I can grant you the power you seek. However, this comes with a cost.”

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Royal Family Field Trip! The twins wanted to take Aunt Izi to the zoo!

 This took about two months ‘cause school would NOT LEAVE ME ALONE LMAO *sobs* i hate the background but i really suck at them so no surprises there :P 

Also, much love to teamlolirock! Be sure to send them loads of encouragement, from the wonderful artist and writers to animators and producers alike! They’ve worked super hard and are really pulling through so send them all some love because they deserve the world! 💕 #supportteamlolirock

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What would Reyes and Scott name their pets. I bet Scott would names his cat something like fluffy or kitty.

I’m??? So offended for Scott. Yall give him no credit.

He named her Simba. Because she’s fluffy as fuck. (Reyes calls her Simbette to drive Scott crazy. Silently, he lovingly calls her stupid because she really has no clue how to jump. Absolutely -10 knowledge on how to jump.)

Reyes named his St Bernard Tex and his Greyhound Houdini because holy shit can that dog get ANYWHERE considering its size (Scott calls them both mutts to piss Reyes off because “SCOTT HOW CAN THEY BE MUTTS THEY ARE HIGH CALIBER PUREBRED BEAUTIES BEST OF THEIR BREED”- “No, Reyes. One drools all over the place and the other one drinks out of the toilet. If they’re the best of their breed holy shit do dog people need to raise the bar a bit HIGHER”)

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Hi! This is not goblin related but Gong Yoo related! sorry!! but I would like to ask if you've watched coffee prince and what's your thought about it? I've seen a review on @gladgladysgongg on instagram and I'm asking if you have the same opinion? What do you think?

Ohh, my thoughts on Coffee Prince vs. Goblin… Gahh.. that’s a hard comparison for me lmao… xD (I love both dramas)

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For Coffee Prince, Gong Yoo’s portrayal of his character Choi Han-kyul is FLAWLESS. A rich heir who learned the meaning of true love and worked hard for his goals/dreams despite being from a well-off family. Coffee Prince tackles many aspects of social norms and issues that are heavily important topics of today being a drama filmed 10 years ago!!! The part that captured me the most was how Gong Yoo was able to express Han-kyul’s emotions of betrayal and hurt when he found out the truth of Eun-chan’s real identity; but the most beautiful part was how he accepted her for who she was and he told her that he would love her regardless of what she is… who she is. T.T 

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Now for Goblin, Gong Yoo’s portrayal of his character Kim Shin is PERFECT. A 939 yo god who only sought his death and didn’t know the first thing about receiving/giving love, only to learn the true joy and meaning of life when he first fell in love with his bride… and remember he continued to love her even when she couldn’t pull the sword the first place. Once again, Goblin tackles many aspects of social norms and issues that are discussed today. Gong Yoo was able to express Shin’s pure and unyielding love for Eun-Tak despite their “age difference” and him being an immortal; but the most beautiful part was how he accepted his immortal fate in order to be with her again, even though he knows he will continue to suffer from her death. T.T

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So final verdict? Coffee Prince is maybe a little more realistic (even though he’s a hella rich chaebol >.>), but I like Goblin a little more because of the intricate storyline and the meaning behind Shin and Eun-Tak’s relationship. Despite my thirsty fangirl side, I’ve never seen such a pure and innocent love as the one between Shin and Eun-Tak ever in a k-drama. A perfect depiction of what first love encompasses. A love that made my heart hurt when they were in pain. A love that made my heart burst with joy when they were happy together. A love that made me feel loved when they found each other again. Gong Yoo’s kisses were so gentlemanly just like Shin is supposed to be… not aggressive or controlling. I just feel that Gong Yoo put his heart and soul into giving us his depiction of the lonely and shining goblin - from all of his subtle looks to every action, you could feel how Shin felt about Eun-Tak, GR/Wang Yeo, Sunny, DH, Grandpa, his soldier friend, Samshin, God, and just everyone he interacted with. His expressions, his voice, and his actions are more polished from his younger acting days. I feel that he perfected his role with the help from his experience from Coffee Prince because Han-kyul and Shin are actually similar. They both love their special person regardless of who they are and what they are. 

Now the one thing that Coffee Prince definitely wins over Goblin… must I say it??? lmao… Gong Yoo’s special skills were fully used in Coffee Prince, while I’m literally sitting here screaming in frustration that Shin and Eun-Tak didn’t have enough steamy moments. But just look at these beauties… My eyes have been blessed lmao… I kinda like the Shintak kiss better though cause it’s just so sweet how they’re looking into each other’s eyes while smiling and gently kissing each other (it feels very touching and nice to look at while giving you the giggly feels)… T.T While the Coffee Prince kiss is just soo damn hot with all the cuddling and passion, lol (but I love it too). Regardless which ever is your favorite or you haven’t seen them, I recommend to watch both because they both equally have their strong aspects and have a beautiful story to tell. Perhaps I’d recommend to watch Coffee Prince first before Goblin if you haven’t seen it so you can see how Gong Yoo’s acting has polished from 10 years ago. 

Me: *fans self* Too much hotness in one post

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i'm sorry but i don't get why you're so keen on shitting on thomas? he makes videos spreading awareness about social issues including ppl from marginalised groups so as to amplify their voices & makes sure all has good representation/inclusivity of poc & nb ppl and he uses his platform to spread love n positivity n good vibes & he works rlly hard to grow as a singer n actor and if you dont like his content thats fine but why would shit on him for being a 'mediocre white gay' for no reason

hohhonly sshit check out this loser tryna call me out for not liking thomas sanders with all of my heart lmao

listen buddy buckeroo, i used to really like thomas sanders, in fact, i still do enjoy his vines. he’s worked really hard to get to that point in his life and hell yeah thats cool– i just also understand that his position in life and how was just born gave him a leverage ahead of other viners who have made similar content in regards of that kind of “really nice humour comedy vines” 

he has a huge platform to look out after, and sometimes he slips up, and i like to call him out. don’t mean i hate him, i just want him to better himself as a person and learn from his mistakes.

but still, he’s a mediocre white gay and im sorry for saying that i guess??? also i dont trust anyone who unironically enjoys hamilton

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I could see Narancia and Fugo doing a fake marriage for tax fraud thing....or more likely, Narancia and Mista (not sure I could see them falling in love with each other tho lmao)

THE HARD THING ABOUT PASSIONE IS LIKE… Italy… but god would I ever think it’d be hilarious if Narancia and Mista rolled up into work one day with a marriage certificate with Abbacchio smacking them with a newspaper and Giorno being a little hurt he, the Boss, wasn’t invited to his second hand man’s wedding.

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I'm currently doing Fritz's route and...I actually like you know who more than I do Fritz...I feel bad about it but he's just so compelling and because of the circumstances, we're with him more than Fritz and...Idk i just love him a lot and wish we could've chosen him or something lmao. But other than that, I really love this game and think it's amazing!! Thank you for all your hard work in creating this wonderful game!!

We’re really happy you’re enjoying the game as far as you’re experience is going (or maybe has gone, assuming that you have finished by the time we have answered this post?) We really loved you-know-who as well. :’) Though, they are still the same person in a sense. ;) He would be so happy knowing that you’re remembering him.


guess who’s back w/ those singable english lyrics????

seriously though i wrote so many while i was out so sorry for the spam

singable english lyrics for WILD STARS under the cut, and i personally recommend this kotomaki mix by @nishikinico or this rearrangement mix by @loveliveremixes for listening.

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I've been reading your blog for quite some time now and I just wanted to say that I love you and your blog!!💕💕 💕 I was wondering if there any kpop groups you would highly recommend! Thanks!!

Aw thanks babe you’re adorable 😇 tbh I have no idea…I’d recommend trying to get into the more underrated groups for a start, bc it’s easy to fall into the huge Fandoms and lose yourself in the craziness, but those groups who work hard and don’t get enough recognition deserve more love 💖
my first kpop group that I discovered was shinee when they dropped rdd but they’re a huge and well known group, but I’ve been in love with those idiots ever since lmao, it really all depends on you 🙇


#HappyBersDay2016 September 18th!
Happy birthday to f(x)’s main rapper and also one of the most beautiful girls in the entire world! The stuff you’ve done and gone through this past year has been so big in volume and we’re all so proud of you for always standing your ground. Please never stop doing what you love, because your work and your voice helps so many people out there. Without you, it would honestly be very hard for me and many others to go on, so just know, we’re always here for you. Have a wonderful birthday and I hope we keep hearing from you far, far into the future! All my love, #HappyAmberDay

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I envy your work and the level of confidence you have in showing what you love. It makes me want to express myself more but... ah man it's hard. Keep being amazing

weeellllllll… no one really knowing who you are helps in the confidence department lmao.

YES it can be very difficult to express yourself, especially if it’s something you’ve kept to only yourself for your whole life. I mean, I would never do any of this if there was no community for it.. so having support helps if you feel insecure about it. 

That said, there are still a lot of aspects I haven’t explored because I either haven’t gotten to them yet or I’m still too embarrassed lmao. But that’s why it’s fun, there’s always something to do.

Thank you so much! & I don’t know if you’re kind of wanting to join one of the sickblr comms? But from what I’ve seen they’re very accepting and we all love new friends haha. Don’t feel pressured though, it’s a step you should make for yourself.

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first of all how did u get such a good name im screaming! also pleaseee continue the story a group chat (for funzies) on ao3 its so funny and cute! i totally loved it tho and wanted to tell u to keep up the good work! im definitely checking out the rest of ur stories now!!!

honestly i dont know how i managed to get “haikyuuliberos” because DAMN but ahh thanks i’m glad! 

a group chat (for funzies) is actually like;;… my shit fic lmao it’s really awful in my eyes, but a lot of people think it’s funny so I continue it.  I would ideally like to continue it, but it’s a little hard to get ideas for a chatfic and keep it going aha.

thank you! <3

Read this fic on AO3 !!! ➤

Summary:  After the nightmare inside STEM is dealt with, Sebastian finds himself on the path to getting his life back together. Only problem is, the detectives frequent lapses in memory make it difficult to tell just how he came to waking up in that hospital. And with only the images of his partner slowly losing his mind and the junior detective hiding secrets, Sebastian isn’t even sure he wants to know what ghost is haunting him.

(read below for more details)

Finally done! This is that fanfiction i’ve been SLAVING over for the past few weeks. I am SO READY TO GET THIS OUT THERE. 

SHORT SUMMARY: This is an AU trip through STEM. Some of the chapters follow canon, some do not. It’s meant to be a mystery: you are not supposed to know exactly what is going on until the end when everything is pieced together.

IMPORTANT!: This fic is not meant to be read in chronological order! This is why the chapters are not posted in chronological order!

There are 10 chapters and an epilogue. Instead of being read like this: 1 > 2 > 3 > 4 > 5 … > 10, it is meant to be read in this order: 10 > 1 > 9 > 2 > 8 > 3 > 7 > 4 > 6 > 5. IT IS MEANT TO SIMULATE THE FEELING OF AMNESIA (if you’ve ever seen the movie Memento, it’s the same thing). 

Chronologically, part 10 is the LAST PART in the story, yet it is the FIRST PART you will read. Then you will read part 1, which, chronologically, takes place FIRST. So the last part you will read is part 5, which, chronologically, takes place in the MIDDLE of the story.

THIS IS VERY OBVIOUSLY AN AU FIC. It is also highly experimental and you will not have a good idea what is happening until it’s over (even then it might not make sense lmao). After you’ve read it in the correct order first, I recommend reading through again in chronological order to see all the things you missed.

AGAIN: READ IT IN THE RIGHT ORDER FIRST. I worked my ASS off setting it up this way and I would appreciate it being read in it’s intended manner.

I really appreciate anyone who gives this a read! I tried soooo fucking hard on this and I’d really love some feedback! 

The Bet

@ohsehunisamazing​ said to whoistaehyung:

Can you do a taehyung or jimin series/ angst to fluff where you two are best friends but you like him, and you overhear him saying that he would never date you, but in reality he was just trying to hide his feelings? Does this even make sense? Lmao Anyways thank you so much for ur hard work i love ur scenarios


Jimin x Reader

Genre: Angst and extra mega fluff fluff

Word count: 4716


A bet with Yoongi, a tidal wave of emotions and drama feat Park Jimin, and the poor twenty dollar bill.

You’ve always been aware of how handsome your best friend was.

Aware of how he ran his cute chubby hands through his hair whenever he was frustrated, how he furrows his brows when he focused on something, how he purses his lips when he couldn’t get a dance move right, how he whined whenever you didn’t pay enough attention to him, and the way his eyes turned into crescents whenever he smiled at you.  

Although you’ve always denied it, you always have been and always will be aware.

You’ve always looked past it in the first year of being friends with him, knowing full well that falling in love with your best friend wasn’t the most admirable thing to do especially when he was completely out of your reach. However, as time passed by and as you drew closer to one another, you found yourself falling deeper and deeper for your best friend with the killer biceps.

In short you were whipped, but you’d never admit that.

“Y/N, you like Jimin don’t you?” Yoongi nonchalantly said, making you choke on thin air. Your eyes widened, gaze snapping to him who was casually eating his ramyun. Heat rushed to your face when Yoongi flashed a smug smirk at your reaction and you glared at him.

“W-Why would you even think I do? Jimin is only a friend” You blurted out, cheeks set aflame when Yoongi rolled his eyes at your blatant lie. Of all the boys you were close with, Yoongi always saw through you even when all the others couldn’t. At first you thought he was just bluffing, but in the length of time you’ve been friends with him, you’re starting to think that the guy’s a mind reader.

“You know you can’t lie to me Y/N. You’re like a daily newspaper that I’m forced to read you know.” Yoongi said with an exaggerated sigh, and you smacked him on the arm with a scowl.  

“It’s not like I like it when you read my mind too you know” You snapped, lips forming a pout when Yoongi laughed at you. You sighed in defeat, rubbing your temples soothingly as you unwillingly admitted, besides, there was absolutely no point in arguing with a person who saw through you like your skin was made of transparent glass.

“Alright fine, I’m kinda into him, but there’s no point since he only sees me as his best friend” you mumbled. Yoongi raised a brow at your bitter confession and took a sip on his drink.

“I think he likes you back though” He said, eyeing you carefully as you scoffed. 

“You don’t have to tell me that to make me feel better you know”

Yoongi leaned back on his seat, staring at you in analyzation. You hated when he does that, you felt like you were open to him, and the thought made you cringe. You unconsciously wrapped your arms around you in protection, glaring at him from the other side of the table.

“Yah Min Yoongi don’t you look at me like that you perv–”

“Want to make a bet?” He suggested confidently, making you raise your eyebrow in both confusion and suspicion. For the record, Min Yoongi never initiates a bet when his victory wasn’t ensured, which caused you to lose too much money for your liking. You weren’t sure if you he was initiating on a bet about Jimin’s feelings for you but somehow, the thought made butterflies erupt in your stomach.

After all, this is Min Yoongi we’re talking about, and he is either always right, or never wrong.

Deciding to play it cool, you gave him an amused chuckle, lamely pretending to not be affected by his previous declaration.

“Are you seriously trying to bet on whether Jimin likes me or not?” You asked, your tone laced in disbelief, as you took a large gulp of coffee. Yoongi shrugged at you and smirked.

“Sure. Twenty dollars, you in?” Your eyes widened and you choked on your drink, slamming your glass of coffee down on the hard surface of the table, causing it to spill and create a small dark brown pool. Your eyes snapped to his scrunched up face, your jaw dropped at the amount he was willing to give up.  

T-Twenty dollars? Are you being serious right now Yoongi?” You asked him, face filled with astonishment when he nodded without any further ado. You were baffled by his confidence, and a sudden urge to wipe his smug smirk away started to claw on your senses. It wasn’t always that you were given the opportunity to put the Min Yoongi to shame, and whenever you were presented a chance, it was stupid to let that pass.

You gave him a smirk, suddenly filled with determination as you held out your hand for him to shake. Yoongi grabbed it without a second thought, leveling your smirk with his own as he shook it firmly.


You didn’t know the exact reason why, but you were very much troubled at the moment.

Ever since the talk with Yoongi a little while ago, you couldn’t talk to Jimin anymore without over analyzing his actions of some sort, trying hard to see through him and know if he really liked you like how Yoongi assumed. You were quite enthralled at the thought of Jimin liking you back, which led you to weird (and quite disgusting, honestly) methods to find out.  

So instead of listening to him talk about his day, you found yourself thinking of why he insisted on pouring your water for you a few minutes ago, staring into blank space with furrowed brows. Jimin had noticed long ago that you were out of the conversation, and the best way to find out if you really were, was to talk about unnecessary things.

Of course you just had to ignore him, which confirmed his suspicions.

Sighing, Jimin snapped a finger in front of your face, making you flinch back to life. You met Jimin’s unhappy eyes, and you felt your heart skip a beat.  

How can a guy be so goddamn handsome?

“Y/N were you even listening?” He whined, his bottom lip sticking out, clearly upset. You chuckled awkwardly, having no idea of what he was talking about earlier considering you were too busy imagining Jimin confess his undying love for you, which caused heat to rush to your face without your consent.

“Uhh… you were talking about Taehyung and Jin’s lame jokes..?” You tried, mentally slapping yourself at the stupid guess. The corner of Jimin’s lips twitched in amusement, coughing out a bit to hide his smile as he put on the best angry face he had.

“I was talking about the length of an average hippopotamus’ legs” Jimin answered for you.

You raised a brow at that, lips twitching at the very uncommon topic.

“You disturbed my peaceful daydreaming so I could discuss with you the length of a hippopotamus’ leg?” Jimin nodded smugly, arms crossed over his puffed out chest. Your jaw dropped.

“Jimin I think you need serious medical attention” You said seriously, pulling a scowl from Jimin’s face.

“Yah! What’s wrong with talking about that? A hippo’s legs are even longer than yours!” He snapped. Your mouth formed an ‘o’ shape at the insult thrown at you. You glared at him and jabbed a finger on his right shoulder.

“What?! Yah, Park Jimin don’t act like your so much taller! We only have a one cm difference you know!”

“At least mine are longer!” He bickered back. You placed a hand on your chest, offended. You two fell silent, chest heaving in sync and glares fixated on each other. It didn’t take long before the two of you broke into a fit of giggles, hands smacking the table repeatedly at the stupidity of your previous argument.

The two of you held your stomachs in a failed attempt to stifle your laughs, and tears were starting to form in the corners of your eyes. However, you couldn’t get your mind off the beautiful high pitched laughs that came out of Jimin’s mouth. You mentally slapped yourself.

Get a grip of yourself Y/N!

The laughs finally died out, and the two of you found yourself staring at each other with warm smiles on your faces. The moment felt comfortable, and you took the opportunity to take in Jimin’s godly features. From the creases on his forehead, to the slope of his nose, and the curve of his plump lips. Everything was perfect. Your eyes met his dark ones and you bit your lip at the hidden galaxy stored in them, so complex and fascinating that you almost forgot how to breathe.

In the midst of your staring, Taeyang’s Ringa Linga went off making Jimin snap out of his stance, cheeks burning. You felt your cheeks flush as well, looking away from him immediately and scratching the back of your neck self consciously as he picked up his phone.

“H-Hello?” He stammered, clearing his throat. You felt your insides twist at his sudden bundle of nerves.

“Yoongi hyung? Now? Ah, I understand. I’ll be right there hyung. Yea, bye.” Your ears quirked at the mention of Yoongi’s name, a small ball of suspicion stirring up in your chest. It has to have something to do about the bet, or Yoongi would’ve just texted instead of called. You were about to ask Jimin about it but he beat you to it.

“I have to go, Yoongi hyung needs to talk to me at the practice room. See ya later.” He said, flashing you a shy smile before walking away, leaving you feeling giddy and lightheaded. By the time he left your field of vision, you grunted loudly, running a hand through your semi-tangled hair, with little to no care about messing it up even more. You were very anxious. What if Yoongi actually asks Jimin about you? What if Yoongi does something stupid and tells Jimin about how you feel instead?

What if Yoongi was wrong after all?

You felt goosebumps rise because of the thought. That would be horrible. If that was the case then you’d lose everything you’ve built with Jimin. The 3 year long friendship will turn to shambles, and to add to that, a broken heart for you. You snapped your eyes shut and pulled on your hair lightly, muttering 'stupid’ to yourself repeatedly.

There was no way the bet with Yoongi was a good idea.

Your eyes fell on a textbook on Jimin’s side on the table, and you reached for it, running your palm over the neatly covered book.  

Jimin must’ve left it behind, you thought. You bit your bottom lip, and gathered your things, preparing to walk your way to their practice room. It wouldn’t be too bad for them to see you there, after all you were just returning a book Jimin left. It will definitely go well.

Your heart was everything but calm as you made your way to through the halls of the company, stammering out greetings to some staff you met on the way. You were a walking bundle of nerves, and by the time you reached the door of their practice room you had to take a break to stop yourself from falling over.

You took a long, heavy breath and held out your hand for the knob before the familiar husky voice that belongs to none other than Min Yoongi, met your ears.

“What do you think of Y/N Jimin?”

You froze in shock, blood running cold at the too direct question thrown by Yoongi. There was a short silence before Jimin’s answer was heard.

“What? I think she’s really pretty, although she can be very masculine and clumsy.” He answered, a melodic chuckle following closely after. You felt heat rush to your cheeks at that, reminding yourself to be more feminine. There was a drawn out silence before Yoongi spoke again.

“You know that’s not what I mean Jimin”

Jimin hesitated.

“What do you mean then?”

Yoongi ran a hand through his hair.

“Do you like Y/N?”

“Of course I–”

“As more than just a friend?” Yoongi deadpanned, and you felt your chest tighten as Jimin fell silent. Your heart was pounding too noisily that you began to worry that they would hear, but it was all drowned out by Jimin’s silence that was all too loud for your preference. You felt paranoid and numb of all emotion except apprehension, and all you wanted was to just run away and forget about the deal you had with Yoongi. Maybe if you do so then you wouldn’t be hurt as much, and your relationship with Jimin would just say the way it was.

Maybe if you just interrupt them right now then Yoongi wouldn’t get the chance to hear Jimin’s answer, and you could talk him into ending the bet, even if it means paying for some high class dinners.

Finding newfound determination, you stood up straight, clearing your throat and plastering a huge smile on yourself as you reached for the door knob again. You managed to fling the door half open, but you couldn’t help but freeze as you processed Jimin’s words that seemed to pierce through your heart painfully like he was made for it.

“No I don’t. She’s only a friend to me, why would you even consider that?”

The textbook fell from your grasp, the sound of the impact causing the two lads to look at your direction, both eyes widening as they take in your appalled state. You were trembling slightly, a lump stuck in your throat and you struggled to breathe evenly, holding your emotions intact as much as you can. You felt absolutely stupid as you remembered the way you gave a meaning to the actions that obviously meant nothing to him at all.  

What even made you think that you’d stand a chance in the first place? You’ll always be just a friend to him. You didn’t even reach Korea’s beauty standard and yet you try to get it with one of the members of the hottest idol group. It was either you were delusional or just plain stupid.  

You were ashamed to say the least.

Trying to pick up the remnants of your embarrassing state, you quickly picked up the fallen textbook, and with all the strength you have, you put on the brightest smiling face you could muster. Jimin visibly flinched at the obvious front you pulled up, and regret was quickly rising in his system.  

He wanted to tell you it wasn’t true, that he didn’t mean it and that he truly felt something for you, but his voice didn’t allow him to, and like a fool, he just stood there staring at you with eyes that held everything and spoke everything.

You gave him a funny look and rolled your eyes.

“What are you looking so regretful about Jiminie?” You asked mockingly, ignoring the way your voice cracked at the end as you walked inside the room and finding it empty except for the two boys. It made it even harder, considering you weren’t in the state where you wanted to confront the two at the same time. Your eyes fell on Yoongi, and you winced at the amount of regret that flashed through it.

You chuckled bitterly.

“Don’t look at me like that Yoongi. I’m perfectly fine see? I just came here to return–”

“Y/n please stop it” You felt your blood boil at Yoongi’s emotionless words. Eyes screwed shut as your jaw clenched at their own accord. He didn’t have to say anything else for you to understand. Fuck, you completely understood what he meant, but you couldn’t shake off the rage that brewed beneath your skin as you remembered how expertly Yoongi made you assume that somebody like Jimin would like you.

You felt like you were being played, and you couldn’t be any happier.

Taking a deep breath, you flashed Yoongi a sarcastic smile, your knuckles clenched together tightly as the urge to throw a goddam punch on his pale face became stronger as seconds passed.

Stop? Stop what Min Yoongi? Stop returning things you guys left behind or stop entering your goddamn practice room?”

Yoongi sighed.

“Y/n you know what I mean”

“Oh of course I know what you mean Yoongi, so maybe you just have to shut your fucking mouth and lay down your pride sometimes. Other than that I have nothing to say, after all I saw this coming, and yes you don’t need to rub it to my face. I was fucking stupid to even believe you in the first place, and look where it got me.” You spat bitterly, every word emphasized for him to get the hint. Yoongi didn’t answer you, and instead looked away, biting his lip to hold back a snarky retort. You could see Jimin’s surprised look at your sudden outburst, and you turned to him, face blank and completely in contrast with the burst of emotions that stirred up in your stomach.

“Jimin.. I just came to tell you that you forgot your textbook” You said, refusing to meet his eyes as you handed it to him, ignoring the sparks that flew into your arm as his skin made in contact with yours.

“Y/n listen, I-I didn’t mean–” You slammed your eyes shut.

“Jimin, just… You don’t – you have nothing to explain Jimin. I completely understand and to be honest it should be me who’s apologizing. Please just – please forget that every happened okay? We can just – let’s just go back to the way we were before – with no special feelings whatsoever.  

"I’m completely fine with that so please - ”

“Y/n… you’re crying” You heard Jimin choke out. You cursed under your breath, furiously wiping the stray tears that fell down your now red cheeks. You were trembling furiously at this point, tears endless as you try to wipe at them all at once. Your knees were weak, and it took all your energy to turn around and run. Run away from Jimin, run away from Yoongi, run away from all the pain, and humiliation.

You ran and ran until your legs gave out, which didn’t take too long.

You found yourself inside an empty restroom, falling down helplessly on the tiled floor as you took a deep breath to unleash the scream that has been tingling in the back of your throat ever since the rejection left Jimin’s mouth. Your voice only heightened in volume, and yet you couldn’t give a single fuck as you sobbed as loud as you can, the walls echoing your screams and cries.  

You buried your head into your palms, nails digging into your scalp as you fought for control. Your vision was blurred with tears, and you just couldn’t understand what you did to deserve this.

But before you could organize your thought, a loud and urgent knock interrupted you.

You swallowed thickly, knowing exactly who it was behind the white colored door. You didn’t answer, praying intently that he would just stop it and leave.  

However, fate doesn’t work like that.

“Y/n I know you’re there. Please open up.” You heard Jimin say, his voice full of frustration as he tried twisting the knob a few times before giving up, and instead opted on banging on the door continuously. Seeing as you weren’t answering him, he tried again, this time, louder and firmer.

“Y/n goddamn it open up! I heard your screams so I’m certain that you’re there”


Jimin gritted his teeth.

“Y/n if you don’t open up right now I’m gonna break the door open” He threatened, and you felt your anger spike.

“Can’t you just leave me the fuck alone Jimin? Why do you even want to see me right now?”

There was a pause.

“It’s because I fucking love you back. Do you understand now?!” He spat out, and before you could stop it, butterflies erupted wildly in your stomach, almost making you unconscious. Your eyes widened and your heart was beating wildly against your ribcage at his sudden confession.

You screwed your eyes shut, smacking your palms against your ears while shaking your head vehemently.  

It had to be a lie.

“Y-You’re lying. I-I don’t believe you. Just go away Park Jimin!” You screamed desperately, tone pleading and full of refutation. Jimin felt his heart twinge at your voice, feeling remorse crawl up his spine for what he did. He caused the love of his life pain, just to prevent his pride from getting torn.

He was a coward, and because of that, you had to suffer.

You heard the banging getting louder, a deafening crash following right after. You gasped as you realized that Jimin had knocked down the door, and you cursed, scooting towards the corner of the room to put as much distance as you can to the two of you.

You caught a glimpse of him entering the restroom before you buried your head deeper into your arms, wanting to just disappear into thin air right this moment. Jimin fell on your huddled up form and felt his chest ache at your pained state. Your heard his thundering steps approach you and you sealed your eyes shut as you waited for the worst to come.

You felt your heart leap out of your chest when Jimin pulled your wrist roughly, sending you flying into his hard chest. His arms wrapped around your body securely, his grip rigid and persistent. His scent wafted around you, leaving you breathless and giddy at the pleasant smell of raspberry and wood. Heat rushed to your face at the proximity and you press your small hands against his chest, trying to get him away but failing helplessly as Jimin tightened his hold.

“J-Jimin let me go!” You whisper yelled, still trying to push on his hard torso, ignoring the way his abdominal muscles flexed beneath your fingers. Jimin buried his face into your neck, inhaling your scent deeply as he growled into your ear.

“I’m not letting you go until you explain” he grumbled and you tensed at his words. Does he seriously want you to get even more humiliated than you already are?

“W-What more do I have to fucking say Jimin?” You asked, and you could feel Jimin’s muscles tense at your question. There was a short silence before he answered you with another hesitant question.

“Y/n, do you… like me?”

Your heart stopped, and you could’ve sworn you felt your organs flip at the frank question. There was no way you could deny your feelings for him this time, due to all the crying and screaming the two of you just had. It was all so obvious, and yet you couldn’t bring yourself to answer, fearing the rejection that you were sure to receive. You didn’t understand why he wanted you to explain. You didn’t understand why he would even ask a question that had a clear answer. Had he wanted you to become more distraught than you already are? Maybe, and the idea ripped you to shreds.

Fuck it.

“Yes Jimin. I like you. Hell, I fucking love you. So please, please don’t make this harder for me, and just forget - ” Jimin pulled away from you, and you gasped as you stared into his dark orbs which held so much emotion that you had to look twice to make sure.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” He growled out, and you flinched at his sudden change of tone, confusion etched on your features as he stared at you incredulously. His grip on your arms were tight, and you winced slightly at the slight pain that emitted from it.

Your eyes travelled back to his face and you felt you heart jump slightly as you found a wide grin on his face, his face filled with glee with a touch of disbelief.

Holy shit you don’t know how happy I am right now” he said, his grin never leaving his face as he giggled uncontrollably, the sound music to your ears. You tilted your head at him in confusion and he gave you a warm smile, his eyes turning into crescents that never failed to make your heart flutter.

“Just so you know, I wasn’t lying when I said I liked you.” He said and you felt your heart skip a beat. You flushed a light pink and looked away.

“Y-You don’t have to lie you know - ” Jimin grabbed your chin and forced you to look back at him, cheeks burning even more as he stared at you intensely. This can’t be real. It has to be a lie, I mean it’s Park Jimin we’re talking about.

“I’m serious. I-I really didn’t mean what I said there. It’s just that I became scared of the thought that maybe he’ll tell you when I was planning to just keep it to myself thinking that you’d never feel the same way.” He confessed, his face turning into a violent shade of red as he hung his head in shame. Your skin tingled as you take in his words, heart laced in a sudden warmth at his revelation. You could barely believe it.

He liked you back. The Park Jimin liked you back.

This has to be a dream.

You noticed how his gaze fell to your slightly ajar lips, his tongue sweeping out to wet his lips, your eyes unconsciously following. His eyes fluttered to meet yours and the look he had on his face was enough to make your knees weak and for all thought to leave your brain. His eyes were laced with pure affection and longing, making pleasant shivers run up your spine.

The two of you leaned in slowly, eyes fluttering close as your lips connected into a searing kiss that took your breath away. The kiss was gently and intimate, his lips soft as it moved with yours in a smooth rhythm. He tasted way better than you’ve ever imagined, his lips a mini heaven on earth as it greedily claimed yours. His nails dug into your hips as the two of you pulled away, breathing heavily with faces flushed into a soft pink. You both take in each other, wide smiles decorating your face as you lean your foreheads together, relishing the moment.

However, a small and tired grunt disturbed your sweet moment, making both of you snap towards the visitor’s direction, finding a scowling Yoongi at the doorway.

You saw Jimin’s ears turn red when Yoongi gave him a small smirk. Realizing what the small smirk meant, your face went pale, mentally apologizing to your soon to be empty wallet.

“Looks like I’m getting richer everyday”

anonymous asked:

❤❣❂✦ -cherryautomobileenthusiast

❤- How do you see our muses in a ship?:

(If they were to actually try and form a relationship, it would actually be a pretty good one. Snarky medic bois with lovely banter and they always try to help each other out by making sure one doesn’t overwork themselves. Knockout would help Ratchet work on self love and Ratchet would help the other feel genuinely cared for.

❣- Can you share a cute HC?:

(Something that I personally headcanon about Ratchet is when he’s actually in love, he isn’t always grumpy and rude. But instead starts to lighten up and get a little playful, for Knockout and Ratchet I would think they would constantly try to one-up each other. But in a game where maybe they can see how much flustered you can get the other medic. Lmao Ratchet would have a hard time, both at trying to get KNOCKOUT of all bots FLUSTERED and since he can barely take a compliment without being a mess..well.)

❂ - Can you share a Friendship HC?:

(Friendship with these two would definitely be warm cubes of energon and complaining about the idiocy of some mechs. And if the friendship went from just friends to BEST friends, they would definitely look out for each other. Out of simple respect for one another.)

✦ - What do you think our muses’ favorite activity would be together?:

(Other than sweet sweet banter, conversations just about anything while on breaks or days off. Probably go out for a drink, touch up finishes per Knockout’s request, and definitely makes Ratchet hot as fuck 👌)