i would look into getting a download


looking for some last minute xmas sweaters for your sims?! look no further!! here are some super simple sweaters with christmas lights on them :’-) they have a specular map so the gold reflects in the light woo! a huge thank you to @bonehlda who allowed me to recolour her retexture (it’s amazing you need it) & @get-in-loser who came up with the idea!! please enjoy…

download info below!

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You know what would have been fun? it’s sort of late now, but it would be really neat to have 13 artists collaborate to make a Miraculous Ladybug 2017 calendar. It would have been each artist tasked with drawing a picture themed around their given month (and one for the cover) and be given as a free download for people to print out and compile into a calendar they could have on their wall. We could even have season 2 air dates and anniversaries and character birthdays (if any are known) as dates, as well as holidays celebrated in france and events that take place in paris, so that you could look at it and think “ah, maybe Alya would be doing that!” 

That would have been really fun, i wish i had thought of it earlier.

Well honestly, it could still be done. Cause like, even if we didnt get it out until late January it would still be useful for the year. And if people felt compelled to do so on their own time you can really easy convert the photos into an ACTUAL calendar at any target or walmart or place like that, lots of sites online do it too. 


Would any artists be down to work with a two monthish deadline to create one piece for their assigned month? Two months for one picture, themed around whatever month you get. So if its a fall month maybe the characters in fall wear and leaves and its a plaza or something interesting. You could research events that take place in Paris that month and perhaps depict the characters (probably the main four, adding in anyone else as additional if they’d like but sticking mainly to them because they are the mains) at the event. 

i’d also need someone who would be confident creating the actual grid day to day look for the bottom part of the calendar. it would be best to have one person do all twelve by just creating a template and shifting the numbers in needed, not hard just tedious. I havent the program to make any that look good or i’d do it myself. and we could assign a second person to adding in all the dates and tidbits and what not, perhaps someone who enjoys researching and looking through events in different cities and that sort of thing since it could be boring otherwise. 

i’m gonna shelve this idea, i’ll leave it up for a few days to see if anyone is interested. if you are an artist or are want the two additional positions should i move forward with this please leave a reply on this post. reblogs to spread the idea around would be appreciated. I think it could be fun and relatively easy to manage. I’ll go through any artists who volunteer and pick people personally, so please please leave a reply if you want to work on it! tag your fav artists, perhaps they’d be interested. 

Angel. You’ve got wings, baby.

Little rant…

Before I even knew about simblr I’d play my game with so much joy. Make myself and my crush like everyone else does and actually play. I didn’t know much about cc/mods because everything I downloaded was from thesims3.com
I loved my game.
Once I found out about simblr and saw all the cc/mods, I was in heaven. Loooking at everyone’s amazing sims, realistic looking sims made me want to download all the CC I could fine in hopes my sims would look better.
I figured out how to add cc and my game looked amazing to me. I wasn’t getting many notes on my posts but I didn’t care, I loved my new sims.
I made my simself and John’s simself and decided to make a little story with them, then eventually created my simumblr.
My simumblr took off a lot faster than I thought it would. I felt a lot of people liked me and my sims because they would like or reblog my posts.
I was ecstatic.
Soon people would message me about collabing, people who I didn’t even know. People who hadn’t been following me for long. People who had never even seemed to care about my posts. Some people I’d say yes to because I’m actually a nice person and I remembered the days I was in their shoes and wanted someone to show that they liked my sims. Once I collabed with those people I never heard from them again.
I felt like they wanted to collab to get their sims shown to my followers and maybe get more followers themselves, it sucked.
Sooo! I switched gears and started rping and promised myself I’d only share my sims with people I’d actually written with. It went well until I realized there was a hive/clique mentality and if one person didn’t like you the rest of their hive/clique didn’t like you.
After soooo many arguments and feeling shitty over ships that didn’t work, I went back to my simumblr but it wasn’t the same. It seemed like now simumblr had cliques and people only talked to you if you were in their cliques, which doesn’t lead much room for making new friends.
I tried to go back over to twitter rp but again cliques.
I know I was in a clique before but my group actually talked to everyone. Idk… just my thought on how I ended up here. Not wanting to post, not wanting to play.

cliques are making simblr/twitter roleplay seem not so fun.
I feel left out a lot in this community.
I’m probably quitting sometime soon.

Another note, it seems like people only wanna fuck with you if you make CC. Which sucks too because not many people know how.

Again, idk.

anonymous asked:

I would love it if you did a gif set where Edward is getting slapped (by Lee and by Isabella - or even just by Isabella)

I’ll do it when I download better quality version of the last episode cause I’m not happy with the coloring. While we on the subject of girls hitting Ed. I know that punch hurts more than slap but with Lee you can see that Morena did no punch him for real. 

But Chelsea really slapped Cory in the face, and 

And he looked really into it  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Watch on corvidkatana.tumblr.com

Check out this latest preview of Dawgtown!

Its an dependant animated movie and it looks like its going to be amazing!

Its also coming along wonderfully great to see an update on it!

Ill certainly be seeing it when it comes out (hopefully it gets a dvd release here or a digital download)

Im posting here because I feel this movie has themes my followers would also enjoy (being a dark movie and what not)

anonymous asked:

hello sorry to bother you but may i ask how you put shapes onto your icons if you could do a tutorial please? your icons are amazing

It’s not a bother at all, and Thanks! :)

This is gonna be a little long, so a tutorial on how I make my icons w/ shapes

will be under the cut

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get to know me meme: 5 favorite female biases

gu9udan’s jung mimi


Here’s the Dunford Starter, another one of my Newcrest lots (which will also be part of my Newlyn Hills save). This is a CC-free craftsman-style house which was built to look good next to the Oak Alcove (uploaded here). Since it’s a starter, though, it is furnished very sparsely. The second story is completely empty but has room for a small bedroom and bath if your Sim can afford to build some walls. Also there are bits of roof that poke through the walls (because I wanted the second story to be usable) - normally I would cover those up with furniture or more walls, but due to the budget, I couldn’t. Hopefully they won’t bug you too much!

  • Lot size: 20x15
  • Cost: §19,399
  • Lot Location: “Comfy Cubby” in Newcrest
  • Required Packs: Get Together
  • To install, download the ZIP file from the link below. Extract the folder and copy its contents (there should be 7 files total) into your My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 4/Tray folder. 

DOWNLOAD ZIP file (SimFileShare)

**If you don’t want to install it using the Tray files, you can also find it in the Gallery under #jenba and Origin ID silrosse


Making Gifs from Netflix Videos

For Macs Only!

Sadly, this tutorial only works for macs, from what I can find. However, I would still read as a PC user, as you might be able to find a comparable program to the Quicktime version found on Macs. PC version of Quicktime does not have the proper feature in order to do this tutorial. It doesn’t need to be Netflix, it can also work for any online based HD streams, like Hulu, Amazon Prime, Google Play, and HBO Go – I used Netflix because it’s what I had. This method is actually super easy once you get the hang of it, and saves time/space compared to looking for and downloading films/tv shows.

For this tutorial, you will need:

  • Photoshop
  • Quicktime
  • Your choice of online video (Netflix in this case)

We will be making gifs like these, which were taken directly from Netflix, from the film Copenhagen

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WILHELMINA “Billie” ZAMORA for @roseoakmoonsims

So, I’ve had her finished look sitting on my desktop for probably a better part of a week. Sorry, love. Also I didn’t realize how much I use my sliders until I tried not to use them at all [I MAY* have used a couple of eye sliders but when i took the sliders out of my game to test what she would look like, she looked pretty much the same!] I don’t remember her traits, but you can fiddle with those however you like!

Private download ~❤ || As a note, please feel free to tweak her however you like when you get her into your game, Rose.

Under the cut is just a piece of what Billie is like as a character. Enjoy!

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Friend: Are you okay?
Me: Im fine
What i really mean: Twenty one pilots might be getting sued because they leaked their own song a week early and i illegally downloaded the leaked version and i have no money and i cant go to jail because i have a concert I’m going to in February and Im a vegetarian and i doubt they would adjust to my lifestyle and i look really bad in orange


As soon as I saw this hair I thought it would look good in braids/dreadlocked textures and I think I managed to pull it off! :D I hope to get a braided re-texture of this available for download soon! I edited the specular after I took the previews so any shine will be gone in game

DOWNLOAD <- Original GT hair (requires Get Together)

DOWNLOAD <- Simduction GT edit (requires MESH and Get Together)

Credits: S4S, Pixelswirl, Pooklet, Io, Remi, Simduction.

anonymous asked:

hey so you know how people have the overlays on their rp icons? well i dont really understand how to get those textures bc mine always look like crap, so i was wondering if you would mind making an overlay that i could download to use on making my own rp icons if you're not too busy!! thank u so much & have a lovely day :D

I’m guessing you want something to make your icons look like this?

Well, I can give you some under the cut- I don’t remember where I got some, so if one is yours, please let me know and I’ll add credit!

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[ so ive been using a borrowed linux and I hate it but it gets the internet job done and I finally broke and downloaded ANY kind of art program because I really just want to draw digitally again man

and learned that my pen is missing. idk where it is. idk where it went. its not with my tablet and I’ve scoured the house looking for it

another new pen would be $60

a new tablet is $70

so if anyone has an extra pen that’d be compatible with a Bamboo Pen CTL-470 they aren’t using, I would gladly take it off your hands

$60 for a new tablet is fucking ridiculous ]


200 Follower Gift! - My Simself

I spent a week trying to figure out what I could do for a special gift for 200 follower.  Which, what?! I can’t believe I’ve hit 200 omg! Anyways, I thought I would do something special and different.  I wanted to give you guys a chance to see what I look like.  So here I am!  PSA: I am not as pretty as she is with all my unique flaws, but she came out amazing and as close as a sim could get.  I am including download information below if you would like to have her in your game :)

Abigale Ginger (This is not my real name, but I love it all the same)

Traits: Absent Minded | Bookworm | Clumsy | Hopeless Rommantic | Socially Akward

Favorites: French Toast | Pop | Purple

CC: Hair

DOWNLOAD: SimFileShare (.Sims3Pack)

TOU: Do not upload and/or claim as your own.  Please do not change her if you decide to use her, with the exception of her outfits and hairstyle.  She is me after all :)

If you do use her, tag SimLovingGirl, I’d love to see what my simself is up to <3