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Apparently, it has been a year since I started this blog. Would you look at that!?! Nearly 12k posts (sorry), nearly 2.5k followers (you’re awesome), some stories, lots of friends.

TODAY is all about you interacting with my Muses and myself - send your asks for the guys for today’s special Museday, or send stuff to me for an all-day Sexy Ask Me Anything!

I’m also taking a minute here to recommend some of the people I follow…

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I'm Not Okay But It's Okay.

Chronic stress (due to environmental factors and all the Awful Bullshit I’m constantly going through) and a bunch of risky behavior (due to Depression, Anxiety, and an Eating Disorder) are catching up with me. I don’t sleep well. Headaches every day. Back pain and nightmares and General unwellness. I might not be cutting but I am self-harming. I over-work and don’t slow down like I should. I spend too much time online and in front of screens, I stress-eat. I am treating my body and my mind like I’m mad at it, and it’s finally fighting me back. I stuck to the conviction that if I looked good, I felt good. If I put up a convincing front, it would all be fine. Honestly, I was on the fast track back to the hospital and if I hadn’t gotten an incredibly frightening wake up call last week, I would’ve ended up there.

I guess I’m writing this as a warning of sorts.

I preach about self-care and wellness and tell you all to be good to yourselves and I want to tell you that I’ve been hypocritical because I’m human. My transparency in my struggles have helped you in the past and I hope that this particular moment of transparency convinces you to examine the ways in which you aren’t quite being good to yourself.

First Time Again (5)

Oh hey guys. Gonna try and post a new chapter every week. We’ll see how that goes.

One Two Three Four

Chapter 5

We spent the entire afternoon and well into the evening with Cassian’s family. His father showed me his power, he could control nature. He had a vine chase Rhys, who didn’t find it funny. And his step mom she could control the weather. She made it rain over Rhys, who again didn’t find it funny. It was entertaining, watching them use their abilities without a care in the world. It was crazy to think I would be one of them one day.

Cassian took it all in like a sponge. He looked at his step mom like she was someone he had met before. The entire time they talked about who they were and what this life was, he had his hand tucked between my thighs. As long as he was touching me he didn’t freak out about any of this. Which was good because I needed his reassurance too.

After we left his family, hugging everyone and promising to come back, Cassian took me home. True to his word he cooked the three of us one of the best meals we had ever had. Fresh fish and vegetables, he made everything by hand. The vegetables were from Elain’s garden, who had come back from the store and was there to greet us.

She remembered Cassian and gave him a big hug when he came walking in holding my hand. Her cheeks were sunburnt, but she was happy to be out in her garden again. Feyre’s painting was drying out in the sun and I knew this was the one we would hang up when she was gone. It was Elain in the garden, her hat covering her red hair as it flew behind her in the wind.

As Cassian cooked I watched my sisters interact with him. They didn’t think this was weird, they clearly didn’t think we were moving too fast. They laughed at his stupid jokes and I couldn’t help but watch as his shirt moved with his body whenever he reached for something. I couldn’t believe that he was mine and yet I barely knew him. It was strange and thrilling all at once.

Elain suggested a movie after dinner. I jumped at any excuse to keep Cassian with me and he didn’t try to leave. We curled up on the long couch together, with Elain and Feyre settled in on the love seat. Cassian put a blanket over me, my head on his chest. I fell asleep within the first half hour.

I woke up in my bed, feeling better than I had ever felt before. When I turned, I found Cassian beside me, his arms wrapped around me. No aches, no pain, no fears flooded my body. I understood then what his uncle meant by having the best sleep of my life with my mate by my side. I never wanted to sleep without him again.

He was still asleep, his face soft and almost looked like the little boy I remembered. The life he had lived, the people who had hurt him and hardened him weren’t there in his features as his eyes moved under the lids. I wanted to reach out and touch his cheek, I wanted this moment to last for longer than five seconds.

Because in this moment I knew I was falling in love with  my best friend.

His eyes opened slowly. He smiled when he saw me. “Good morning,” he whispered softly as he caught me watching him sleep.

“I feel amazing,” I said softly, drawing a line across his cheek, “I’m never sleeping without you again.”

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Theme: Summer Tropes

Prompt:  summer was supposed to be fUN and rELAXING and instead I’m stuck at the top of this ferris wheel with yOU of all bloody people

Sirius had been the one who came up with the idea. No surprise there. But Then Marlene had heard about the plan and had wanted to tag along.

That had been all fine with Lily; she’d been looking forward to the trip. It would be so much fun, showing her two pureblood friends around a Muggle amusement park and Lily had spent hours planning and thinking of things they should do and see together.

But all those plans crashed and burned when the actual day arrived – and Lily found that their little group had gained an extra member.

Lily’s green eyes were narrowed as she tried to swallow her temper.

James Potter, on the other hand, was offering her a sheepish grin and mussing up his stupid hair.

“You didn’t think to warn me,” she said with feigned calm as she slanted Marlene a look.

“We didn’t want to risk you cancelling the whole thing on us.” Sirius shrugged. He swung his arm around Lily’s shoulders, tucked her against his side. “Come on, Lily. James’ll behave himself.”

Lily had wanted to have a nice, relaxing, James Potter-free summer. But here he was, the thorn in her side.

And now she had three purebloods to show around a Muggle amusement park.

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who was the first person that made you feel important?

oh that has to be my mother, doesn’t it? i love her to death honestly. she believed in me so much and told me i was so, so smart and capable, that i should never compromise on what i believe for anyone (not even her, which is why we fight so much.) she made me feel like i could do anything. the thing i love the most when i look back on growing up was the way she would encourage me to learn about everything. she brought home 5 books from the library every thursday, on every topic under the sun–outer space, famous buildings, dog breeds, geology, atlases–and i’d read all of them, and she told me to write for 30 minutes a day so i did. i don’t think i could be half the person i am, or have the desire to learn as much as i do, or have this need to write every single day, if it weren’t for her and the way she made me feel so important and special. 

I should have known
Stepping into the room
Your body language was all tell
You didn’t even turn your head
Or look me in my eyes
You mumbled words
Motioned with your hand
For once I had hoped
You would ask me to sit
Inquire about my day
Instead you flipped the channel
It’s like flipping the bird
I lean against the bones of this old doorway
Peering in
Onto a familiar stranger
Cross my arms and let loose my breath
And sigh
You are worlds away in the same room
Just feet away
You don’t even look back
And I can’t even look forward

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Ooh "If I had a star for every time you brightened my day, I'd have a galaxy in my hand" with keith pls

More self-indulgent trash for my birthday I hope you like it. Fair warning if Keith ever said this to me I would melt. I would be gone.

God, I love Keith. Tbh I just want Keith for my birthday, that’s all. I’ll be fine with Keith.

– Ryan

Your giggle rings through the training hall, Keith’s deep chuckle echoing behind it. Laying beside Keith, his arm underneath you, the both of you look up to the ceiling where the projection of foreign constellations decorates the room.

“Okay, so what should we name this one?” You point up and expand the image so Keith knows which one you’re talking about. He takes a few seconds to think about it, but finally decides, “caterpillar.”

You sputter once again, and you shake your head through your laughter. “Come on, Keith–”

“I’m serious! It looks like a caterpillar!” He says, pointing out the little legs, and the elongated body.

You sigh and yield to his statement. “Fine, but it has to sound more scientific than that! Like Caterious Pillarion or something.”

“Cater-o Pillar-o.” You snort and laugh once again, “okay, you win. Catero Pillaro it is. Put it down in the history books kids, Keith Kogane is a master at naming stars.” Rolling onto your stomach, you prop yourself up on your elbows and face your boyfriend. Keith turns his eyes to you, a faint smile on his face. He brings his hand up to smooth out your hair that’s been mussed from laying down.

A comfortable silence falls upon the both of you, the stars rotating around you thanks to the projector. You smile at Keith, and take his hand, turning his palm to you to kiss it.

“You know, [y/n]… If I had a star for every time you brightened my day, I’d have a galaxy in my hand.” You stop in surprise, heat creeping up your neck, spreading to your ears and cheeks. He smiles at you, cupping your face. He props himself up on an elbow so he can lean forward, and capture your lips.

“Keith Kogane, you… dork.” He chuckles, coaxing you to lay down with him once more. 

“Only because you’ve made me one.”

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There are approximately 472826371 post season 2 fics out there, since you're good at recommending fanfic, which would you recommend?? (Non-AU I mean)

Hi!! Weirdly, I don’t read that much sense8 fic for some reason, but here are a few I’ve read and love:

I haven’t read this one but I found a few days ago and it looks good:

I feel like no Sense8 fic rec is complete without @fiftyeightminutes​, so check out their fic tag and ao3, I’m sure you’ll find something you like <3

Also La Vie En Rose series by me is also canon-compliant post-s2! There’s two parts of three up so far, and I’m slowly but steadily working at the last one

Anyone else with recs for anon here feel free to put them in reblogs or replies on this post!! And any writers go ahead and shamelessly self-promote, we need more fics to read!!


“Thank you, that’s nice to hear!”

“I have been seeing Bucky pretty often lately. He comes uninvited, rambles something out, and then storms out when I have absolutely no idea what he wants. He needs to word himself out properly.”

“Hmmm… I was expecting Bucky to come to me for advice, but instead, he usually goes to Tony. I deal with Sam a lot though. He tends to even call me in the middle of the night to ask about things like how many flowers should be in the vase on the table to look nice and not overcrowded. He is definitely the Bridezilla.”

“Fifty bucks that in the end they will screw us all and elope to Vegas to get married.”

“You are on, husband.“

“We didn’t talk about renewing our vows. Do you want to do it?”

“I don’t know. Sure, I would marry you any day again, but for now, we are focusing on our soon arriving child and Bucky and Sam’s upcoming wedding.”

“This is one intense summer. Good thing, we went to Paris in February, we won’t go for any vacation in the nearest time.”

Looking pretty empty in the main rooms. Today the kids helped me load some boxes and furniture into the enclosed trailer we got from my dad.

If only the kids would actually PACK boxes too…. haha! I am thinking of making a new rule at the new house that we each need to unpack two boxes every day until they are all unpacked.

At any rate, things are slowly moving along.

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I have a very semper paratus approach to the contents of my bag/purse, and, although I don't get menstruate myself, I've thought about carrying menstrual products in case a friend or such needs them. For the same reason though I know very little and don't know what the best brand/product would be that would be acceptable to the most people?

Honestly as someone who does menstruate myself I don’t quite understand the fine details of all the differences of the various brands and and it doesn’t seem to make a massive difference so I wouldn’t stress it too much. It’s more of a personal decision than one brand being superior to the other. If you want further guidance I would suggest asking your friends who do menstruate if they have any particular preferred brands but at the end of the day a pad is a pad.

Since you are carrying these around, pads and tampons are probably the two products you should look into. In an emergency liners aren’t much use as they are thinner than pads so I wouldn’t bother getting them.

For pads the only advice I would have is get the ones with wings as they tend to stay in place a bit better. For tampons (I don’t use them personally) the ones with applicators are apparently easier to use.

I think it’s very kind of you to look out for your friends and I hope this helped somewhat!

-Mod R

This ad has haunted me for days. The drastically off center cheese. The jalapeños, inexplicably concentrated in the center. The ungodly amount of seeds on that bun. What looks like massive unbalanced slices of avocado on the bottom. Eating this would be a war between the textures of the gritty seeds and the mush made by the avocado. I haven’t slept for a week. Every time I close my eyes this monstrosity is all I can see or taste

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Hi, would you please explain me the different types of attraction, types. And, regarding to my first impression of your blog, I thought it was pretty cool, supporting and helpful, p.s. I was right.

ahjsjfsdha you are so wrong I’m not cool at all. but thank you!!

As for the different types of attraction, you really need to know the big four.

Aesthetic: “Wow! What a pretty [gender]! They are beautiful, I could look at them all day. Anyway, where are we eating for dinner?”

Platonic: “You’re my friend and I like being around you because you make me laugh and smile.”

Romantic: “I want to go on a romantic walk with you and snuggle and hold your hand.”

Sexual: “You turn me on, and I want to sleep with you.”

That’s basically the long and the short of it. These types of attraction aren’t mutually exclusive, however. In a perfect world, your partner should be all of the above, unless you’re ace or aro and don’t feel those respective attractions. Demi people normally start in the platonic or romantic attraction and then move to sexual. 

For a long time, I confused aesthetic attraction with sexual attraction. But really, aesthetic attraction is like looking at a sunset or painting. It’s beautiful, and it takes your breath away that something that’s so eye-pleasingly pretty can even exist, but that’s the end of it. You don’t feel the desire to act on it. You don’t feel the need to get to know the person, and you don’t really fantasize about what they would be like to date or otherwise. You just acknowledge that, yes, that pretty thing is pretty, and you move on with life. That’s not to say everyone who feels aesthetic attraction acts on it, because that’s certainly not the case. For allo people, sexual attraction probably doesn’t exist without aesthetic attraction (I can’t imagine that there are people who are attracted to people they don’t find pretty), but aesthetic attraction can exist without sexual attraction. For demi people, sexual attraction doesn’t even exist until later. I hope this helped!

Inspired by/co-wrote with @exo-waithowdidigethere and her adorable nerdiness! I hope you love it!! -T✨

We do not own the images above. If you do and would like one removed, please let us know.

I jumped up abruptly and stood on the bed. I crossed my arms and looked down at my boyfriend, who was cackling as he sat up.

Jongdae and I were spending his day off nerding out. We had played video games all morning while binge eating junk food.

We had just returned to the dorms from comic book shopping and were sprawled out with mountains of Doritos bags and Pepero boxes. We were discussing comic book theories when he dropped a huge one on me.

“I don’t know why you’re laughing! In what world is it funny to say that Alfred may be Batman’s real dad!?!”

I had never questioned my feelings for Jongdae before, but this comment he had made was on the verge of lunacy!

“Jagi, come here,” he reached his arms up toward me and pulled me down in his lap.

“My sweet babe. You’re so adorable when you get passionate about things like this.” He traced his finger along my jawline and then used it to push my chin up. Our lips met in a sweet, gentle kiss.

He tangled his fingers through my hair, pulling me in closer. My mouth opened to allow his tongue entry and our kiss deepened.

We sat, kissing and simply enjoying each other’s presences for a bit.

When we finally broke apart, I held eye contact with him.

“I love you, Jongdae.”

“I love you too, my princess.”

“But,” I made a stern face, “you really don’t actually think that, right?”

He let out a laugh and kissed me gently again.

“No baby. I really don’t. Now, Alfred being the Joker’s dad and the Joker secretly being Bruce Wayne’s brother that Martha gave up for adoption… that’s a whole other story.”

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freaking amazing blog!! im wondering if u can give me some advice:) i wanted a pet snake since 2011, but havent been able to cause of my living situation. soon i'll be able to get one though and im rly excited!! i cant decide between a ball python or a cornsnake. i'm looking for a snake that can chill around my neck and just keep me company (not all day of course!) i know cornsnakes are a little more active so maybe a BP would be better, but i'm wondering, do cornsnakes ever mellow out?

Aww, thank you nice friend!

It really honestly depends on the snake in question and how well they know you. Some Beeps gotta ‘splore. Some Corns like to chill.
Hatshepsut will happily hang around my shoulders while we watch TV. She might go down my shirt or into a hoodie pocket, and she might want to explore at first, but she’s usually satisfied cruising around for a couple of minutes and then taking a nap on me. Younger snakes are usually more active, though in some cases you’ll meet a snuggle-worm from the get-go like Melody, who likes to set up in one spot and just move her head around to see what’s going on around her. 
If you’re aiming for temperament over a specific color morph, it’s a good idea to talk to breeders and let them know what you’re looking for. Most responsible breeders will have at least a rough idea of the temperament of their animals and they should be able to help you find the perfect snake pal. You can also check for snakes that need rehoming this time of year as kids go off to college and their parents want nothing to do with a snake.

I’m happy for you that you’re going to be able to get a snake soon and I’m sure whichever species you choose, you’ll find the perfect hanging out buddy!

I would like to be dating someone that’s more interested in me and making memories with me rather than sit and look at his phone all day when he already does that when we aren’t together.

OTP Imagine This #2

Imagine Your OTP:

Person A and Person B are at the fair, unbeknownst to the other at the same time, and they are paired together on a ride because their friends are already riding. Person A loves rollercoasters, and Person B is absolutely terrified.

Person A: I’ve been waiting all day to get on this ride. It’s pretty popular, y’know?

Person B: Oh. That’s nice. *looks noticeably ill*

Person A: Are you okay?

Person B: Me? Oh, I’m fine. It’s just that I’ve heard a lot about how rides can often break down and result in deaths and other injuries. You know, one time I heard that a ride got stuck for three hours before help arrived and - 

Person A: Wait. You’re not actually scared of a silly little ride are you?

Person B: What? No! Never! Why would I be scared of - *winces when the ride moves and grabs a hold of Person A’s arm in a vice-like grip*

Person A: *chuckles* It’s alright. I’ll keep you safe *puts arm around Person B’s shoulders*

The ride starts, and the entire time, both A and B are screaming their butts off for various reasons, and eventually, B starts to enjoy themselves.

The ride ends, and they both get out to meet their friends. They all find each other and both groups end up hanging out for the remainder of the day. As night falls, people start to leave, and eventually, it’s just Person A and Person B left. They walk around aimlessly for what seems like hours, until they stumble upon a photo booth.

Person A: Care to join me? I’ll pay.

Person B: Sure. It’ll be the picture to help commemorate the day I got over my fear! And I have you to thank for that.

Person A: *subtle blush* Well then, allow me to lead the way.

A grabs B’s hand and drags them in, not noticing a similar blush cross B’s features.

They pile in and select the settings, which are all in color, and a total of four pictures will be taken. The first two are just funny faces, but A feels adventurous after the third and drags B onto their lap. The picture captures the look of shock on B’s face, and the smug look on A’s. In an attempt to get back at A (although to be honest B had been wanting to do this all day), B grabbed A’s face and kissed them. The picture captured the moment where the roles were reversed and A was shocked while B was smug.

The pictures printed out and A reached around B to grab the two copies, one for each of them. A then looked outside of the curtains to make sure there was no one waiting in line. A flashes a grin to B, and getting the hint, proceeded to kiss A again, this time with much more passion and intensity. At this point, B had completely straddled A and had wrapped their arms around A’s shoulders. A had taken that opportunity to slide their hands up B’s thighs and under their shirt, and proceeded to rub small circles into B’s hips. They both broke for air and B rested their forehead against A’s.

Person B: We should really get out of here unless you planned on getting caught.

Person A: *kisses B* Maybe. But I still want to continue this.

Person B: That can be arranged.

Person B slides off of A’s lap and hold out a hand. Person A grabs hold and they walk out of the booth and towards the parking lot.

Person A: You know. If we want this to become a thing, I’m gonna need a number.

Person B stops to grab their phone and they quickly exchange numbers. They continue walking until they reach A’s car.

Person A: This is my car, and there’s plenty of room in the back.

Person B: That may be, but mine just so happens to be right next to yours, and it’s a little bigger.

A smirks, B unlocks their car, and they slide backwards to the other side, leaving plenty of room for A. A slides in quickly after, and they resume their session from earlier. B is quick to remove their shirt and toss it over A’s shoulder, and A descends on B, leaving many marks they B would be sure to remember the following morning, with B leaving similar marks all over A. The two get lost in each other, with both realizing that this had been one of the best days ever, and with both thinking of the relationship that was sure to come out of this.

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Hi lady cibia! I was wondering if when you have the time you could draw Lefou and Gaston in a western like AU! I'd like to see what their outfits would look like in old west Texas style, me being a Texan myself. but I love you and your Awesome drawings! Keep being such a amazing drawer, I love all of your doodles

Hi there! Thank you for your kind words (´∀`)♡ I may give it a try one day, but I’m afraid I’ll probably disappoint you, I’m more of a space cowboys expert xD

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whats one trope/fic you really want to write, but never seem to find the time/motivation to?

Just one, huh?

Okay, I came up with an idea the other day that I would absolutely read but haven’t really wanted to write? And I looked for it but didn’t find one. I actually made a post about it with that Ryan Gosling gif I love.

Anyway. So there’s that thing about the Iron Bull being turned on by dragons? I was thinking about whether or not it was a Qunari thing or just some weird Iron Bull thing, and then if it IS all Qunari…

I was thinking about an Inquisitor Adaar and Bull being surprised by a dragon and then fighting it, and then at the end of the fight their eyes kind of meet across the battlefield and s/he’s like “oh shit” because they’re both super turned on and then their companions are horrified and run away so they can do it right there.

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