i would literally hold and love this thing

okay, heres the thing though, there are disabled people declared unfit to work, who actually could work. Hold on a second though. They literally cannot work in our society today the way it’s structured, because they aren’t allowed to work in fields they can actually handle with hours that wont harm them. 

I’m sure many disabled people, myself included would love to get out of the house sometimes to socialize with people and feel like we’re doing something and being a part of a team or something, working towards goals.

I’m not speaking for the entire disabled community of course. Some people absolutely don’t want to do that, and there are very few if any jobs they could do for any amount of time. That’s very real.

But some disabled people are only hindered from working because of the way our society is structured against disabled people. Our needs are seen as luxuries, and thus we are systematically banned from accomplishing things to help our society. So our perceived “uselessness” is ableist, incorrect, intentionally crafted, and we don’t have to be useful to be deserving of life and love. 

you know the best type of Yurabek is the type where they are both awkward butts who act like holding hands or cheek kissses are the most scandalous things ever like “we’ve been going out for a year today I’m gonna take it to the next level and KISS HIS LIPS” and they both explode internally over little things that literally no one else would care about.

Fight me these kids move a glacier pace but they love each other. 

What she says: I’m fine.

What she means: Like… Hoseok literally cried half an hour even after winning the daesang! And was still crying, shocked, how did he not realize that he totally deserves that and more? I would’ve liked to be there to hold him and tell him that this is only the beginning and that in his life expect even better things, and don’t be surprised if he receives love by heaps bc he deserves that and more, he deserves the world, all the love and appreciation from the fans, their family and the members!!

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did you like dan's liveshow? any thoughts? :)

This show was about fifty percent Dan going, “Wow, all my insecurities are on display.” and fifty percent Dan going, “Wow, I love my partner and the things I do with him and that is also on display.”

He very obviously fucking loved doing that pastel edits video, and also very obviously feels like that is not something he should be allowed to love, like it does not hit the quality threshold that he feels his critics hold him to - and the heavens and earth would come crashing together before Dan acknowledged for more than the amount of time between one breath and the next that the praise he gets is just as valid as the critique sometimes. 

A few things I loved about the liveshow: 

- His pride in Phil being inventive. He literally searched youtube to see if anyone has ever done a pastel edits video before. (And no, they haven’t.) 

- All of the unbidden Phil remarks. What are you wearing, Dan? Phil calls it my parachute jumper. Do you like mac and cheese? Well, neither my mum nor Phil like cheese. Will he wear a tattoo out? Phil wore his to the dentist. Does that one stubborn curl have a name? Not Babe the Pig, despite Phil trying. 

- Shade at straight guys who don’t like the pastel edits, followed by what I think was an attempt to be eloquent expressing his opinions on heteronormativity and the dangers of a patriarchal society. I’d love to hear his thoughts if he actually prepared what he was saying ahead of time, but I really appreciate the message he’s putting out there. 

- Not avoiding Valentine’s Day but bypassing the opportunities to insinuate he’s single. Not that I really expected he would, but if he felt like throwing up some walls he had the chance - and he chose not to. 

- They can’t commit to Vidcon Europe or SITC because they have “some plans for the year” but are going to the Australia thing because “me and Phil just really want to go back to Australia, and stop somewhere along the way” jesus christ they’re so married or at least in the planning stages.  

- And hands down the best part: Dan raving for a couple minutes about the facebook header he made that @degnam drew. All shall love manged and despair. Especially Dan. 

For more thoughts along these lines, check out my timestamps on IDB. 

dating yoongi:

  •  a lot of staring into each other’s eyes
  • if you’re not into that he’ll just always stare at you but you know, look away when you notice
  • he would always try ways to hold your hand but act cool about it or its no big deal
  • in the middle of the night he would talk about something annoying or weird that happened during his day, but you wouldn’t be listening because you are half asleep
  • getting him up from bed would be literally be the worst thing or the best thing in the world
  • yoongi being the pisces he is, he wouldn’t show that much affection and it would hurt you a bit, but you later learn it’s because he doesn’t want to be too clingy and push you away
  • there will be rare days where you guys would go out on an adventure
  • he doesn’t seem the type that likes pda, so i think the most you guys would do in public is hold hands and you giving him small pecks on his cheek
  • he would low-key really love hugs from you
  • he would adore every single thing you do
  • he would write about you on the low
  • i have a feeling that he gets jealous quickly, it’s a pisces thing i swear, and give you the cold shoulder a bit but it later goes away when he’s being all pouty and whiny to you
  • late night phone calls or face time and would stay on the line until you fall asleep or it can be vice versa
  • really passionate sex
  • he doesn’t seem to have sex right away either, if you’re special he would give it some time
  • he doesn’t seem to type to eat you out but he would definitely finger the fuck out of you
  • he would lay on your lap constantly 
  • also did i forget to mention that he would take lots of pics of you as a memory
  • lastly when it’s time to say the three words, he would be so fucking nervous and probably blurt it out, or say it without even noticing

sorry if this really sucked lol :( this is the first i ever do shit like this but hmu if you want something done!

Some Jacob Frye Headcanons
  • He’s a literal radiator. Good luck sleeping with him in the summer
  • He always has to sleep hugging something, wether it be a pillow or otherwise ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 
  • He looooooves when his LI runs their hands through his hair, especially when they go slow and tug at the strands- he literally turns to putty and its a huge turn on
  • He has an enormous sweet tooth like any sensible man child
  • he especially adores chocolate
  • He literally dumps half a bag of sugar into his tea I don’t think you understand like how much he loves sugar ?!?? 
  • Speaking of tea, that’s like the one thing he can actually make really well
  • He loves to play with kids
  • He especially likes to give them piggy back rides
  • He purposely runs super slow when playing tag and totally lets them win about 99% of the time
  • He has a weakness for babies, and is totally willing to hold them for hours on end
  • you will without a doubt catch him making silly faces at said babies 
  • He would be that parent that checks for monsters under the bed

Episode 1 of stranger things: I dunno about that guy Jonathan he’s kinda weird and creepy
Episode 3 of stranger things: I would literally jump in front of a bullet for Jonathan Byers I love him with all my entire being no person will ever hold the same place in my heart that Jonathan Byers does not even my future spouse never will I care for someone as much as I care for Jonathan Byers the purest Soul to ever bless the earth an angel sent from heaven above to save us all

Alright Ya'll this gon' be another rant

Everyone has seen those pictures of Calum and Nia out and about in LA somewhere right? Of course, anyway! It bothers me that some people are literally talking shit about Nia and how “she’s so clingy, oh she’s not kissing him, she’s whispering something in his ear like a friend would!” I literally do not have any friends that hold me like that just to whisper in my ear. I get it, you don’t want to accept it but seriously you guys. The one thing that really grinds my gears is some people create posts that’s basically an article trying to “expose” her and calling her “SataNia” or “N*a” like no, her name is Nia Lovelis, drummer of Hey Violet, not Bye Purple or Hey Viagra. I do not condone to rudeness or bullying like that. Calum and Nia’s relationship should be their business and as fans we should be supportive. You don’t have to like Nia or Hey Violet but don’t be a rudeass about them and make them out to be bad people when they aren’t. If “fans” love Calum like some say they do, his happiness is the only thing that should matter right? End of rant, I had to say something. Sorry not sorry 😤

Things I love about Rey:

-actual ray of sunshine
-also a badass ray of sunshine
-so??? resourceful and technologically clever
-holds onto things she shouldnt
-doesnt really know what it feels like to be cared about
-still gives the best hugs?
-10/10 id let her kick me

Things I love about Jyn:

-would punch the sun
-actually wants to fight everyone, literally, no joke
-angry 24/7
-terrifying like have you ever seen someone so small and so furious and so ready to kick your ass
-doesn’t like to care for people bc shes been left behind a lot
-equates her mind to living in a cave full of things she doesn’t want to remember? like wow thats deep i love it
-cant remember what it feels like to be cared about
-could kill a man
-has killed many men
-10/10 id let her shoot me

I miss those “good morning baby” and “good night my love, I love you” texts. I miss those warm embraces and love filled kisses. I miss those gazes of adoration. I just miss you. And I still love you. And I’m still in love with you.

But I know you are busy. Too busy to send me tiny reminders that you are thinking about me. Too busy focusing on your goals and dreams. Too busy to think about me.

I just wish you would hold me like you used to. Touch me like you used to. Love me like you used to.

I love you because you’re so sweet to me. Love me when I forget to love myself. Take care of me. worry about me. Accept me for all that I am. True i can find someone else that would probably love me as well. But never will i ever feel with them the way i feel with you. when someone else reaches out to touch me or hold me. it won’t make me feel warm the way your arms feel, the way your lips feel, their scent won’t be familiar. neither will their touch. You are literally the most precious thing in my life. You are so important to me. You will never be an option. I dont want anyone else either. Nor do I want to look anywhere else. You aren’t difficult. mmm well at times you can be because you don’t know how to fully express yourself. but you know ill always stay by your side no matter what. and in the end I always somehow understand you. by the way you look at me. or your body language. something I never thought I’d ever understand. it took me a while. but little by little im understanding more about you. I’ll always have patience for you. Obviously don’t test me when I haven’t eaten. you and i both get fussy. we don’t function without sleep either lol. I love you so much. You and i both arent perfect. But you are worth it to me.

okay. okay but i talk a lot about the Things I Love About Envy and that usually falls into the ‘i relate to this even if they’re a terrible person’ category but hands down my favorite thing is how expressive they are.

like. taking my daughter’s manga, in three pages this is what you get:

what is that face even supposed to be. disgust. anger. annoyance.


even lust is Done with this asshole: ‘this is not how you conduct yourself oh ffs’

i mean. really.

and if i could, i would make gifs from the anime(s) because the rapid changes their facial expressions make is literally a gift. they pretty much hold nothing back and it’s GREAT. because it also goes right into the way they speak. envy’s speech pattern is full of highs and lows and putting emphasis on words that probably don’t really need it but then again, envy is 70% taking things Too Far and honestly that’s why i love them.


The Signs On The Last Day of School
  • Aries: *breaks all the school rules because they know it'll be forgotten by September*
  • Taurus: Yay now everyday I can have pizza in bed :P
  • Gemini: Tells everyone about all the cool things they're gonna do over summer
  • Cancer: *sobbing* I LOVE SUMMER
  • Leo: OHMG IMMA MISS U GUYS *lol helllll no*
  • Virgo: *blasts music at the last second of school*
  • Scorpio: BYE BYE BITCHES
  • Sagittarius: *pranks everyone. literally everyone*
  • Capricorn: Is actually really sad that school is over
  • Aquarius: *Holds a party at their house where everyone can burn their books*
  • Pisces: Sits there disappointed because it's nothing like they thought it would be
Insert massive facepalm right here

Reading that Blake holding Yang’s hand at the end of V3 is “just friendship,y'all” despite all the subxtextual interactions and quercoding RT stuffed full into the show is making me want to laugh.

Seriously, where even is the logic here? If Blake or Yang was Male, nobody would EVER question the romantic implications of that scene or all other gazillions of very unambiguously subtextual scenes Blake and Yang shared. In fact we HAD Pyrrha and Jaune hold hands In CH8 and NOBODY doubted their interactions being romantic there. But just because Blake and Yang are same gender, SUDDENLY “its just friendship, you are just seeing things” logic comes into play. Somehow Arkos is real and unchallenged ship without the show ever needing to have them say the three important words “I love you”. But somehow a character literally stating that about Blake and Yang can ONLY mean “love in friendship sense, yall, stop seeing things”. Somehow what is the basis of romantic interactions for a straight romance suddenly becomes “poor excuses” and “grasping at straws” once the gender of one of characters invovled suddenly is no longer different from the other character involved.

I do respect other people’s opinion can we PLEASE have better argumentation than just applying double standards to the subtext and narrative or having a privilege to be blind to sexuality cues when it suits you. Also I do respect other people’s opinion but trying to downplay the real issues of queerbaiting and lack of PROPER TEXTUAL representation by being so reductive as to trying to make it all about “salty shippers” is just… ridiculous?

“The life I always wanted” vs “"It was everything we wanted”

This show continues to make no sense. First of all, Elenas memories are gone. The only ones she has are the terrible things Damon has done to her and her loved ones. So why would she think that she ‘always’ wanted a life with him? Just episodes earlier she was horrified of him and literally felt nothing but disgust and disdain. And has she no memory of Stefan at all? Because for three seasons all Elena WANTED was Stefan. 

“"It’s always gonna be Stefan”

“"I love you, Stefan, you”

“"I love you Stefan. Hold onto that. Never let that go.”

“"I never stopped loving you.”

“"I picked you. Because I love you. No matter what happens, it’s the best choice I ever made.”

“"I love him, Damon.”

And isn’t it funny how she says she always wanted a family, she still does, and that life she REALLY wants is connected to Stefan and Stefan only. “"We were married, we had kids, it was EVERYTHING WE WANTED. It was paradise.”

Lastly, if it were Stefan, he’d give her the cure right away. He did. “"Every single thing I did to get this, I did for you. So that the choice would ALWAYS be yours.” Again, delena just fails in comparison.

Am I the only one who just really appreciates Dan and Phil’s creativity when it comes to promos? Most people would just make a regular video announcing things, but they always make everything such an amazing unique experience tbh. That’s one of the reasons I admire them so much!

Also if you didn’t get the TABINOF audio book I highly reccomend it! I literally can’t stop listening to it, I’d even dare say it’s more amazing than the actual book if it wasn’t for the fact I fucking LOVE physical books and holding them. It’s the perfect companion to the actual book and I highly recommend it!

The thing is, I have a lot of guy friends, and they are all, like, my brothers. I love to hold hands with people. And my guy friends—especially Tyler Blackburn [who plays Hanna’s ex-boyfriend Caleb on Pretty Little Liars]—everyone’s like, “You guys are dating!” And I’m like, “He is literally my brother.” I love him forever, but there would never be anything there.