i would like to thank not only god but also jesus for this romance

Negan x Reader: The Coach

A/N: FIRST AND FOREMOST LEMME JUST LET YA’LL KNOW MY INTENSE EXCITEMENT TO BE INVOLVED IN ROUND 2 OF THE NEGAN WRITING CHALLENGE. Second of all, huge thank you to @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash @negans-network for creating this awesome concept! 


I chose the prompt Coach Negan with an OC of colour (Latina/Hispanic). Also, to avoid anyone accusing me of sexualising my own race again, I AM HISPANIC AND DO NOT ENJOY BEING SEXUALISED BECAUSE OF IT.

Originally posted by jdm-negan-mcnaughty

Warnings: Teacher/Student relationship, student is of legal age in the UK and the US (18). Racism, rough sex, daddy kink, teacher kink, slight sub/dom relationship, breath play. 

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fandom: monsta x
member/reader: minhyuk , female
genre/warning(s): smut, college!minhyuk, idk jealous smut?, face riding
length: 3K+
summary: [request] in which some girl flirts with minhyuk and you get jealous. please see full request at the end
a/n: hello, it’s been awhile. i’ve lost motivation, but thank god for biases, eh?

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With You {Part 1}

Mark Tuan x Reader x Jinyoung
Genre: AU/Angst

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The summer heat filled the kitchen as you stirred the batter of the cupcakes you were making. Even with the windows wide open, no breeze came in and the air was filled with sweetness. With the back of your hand you dabbed at the sweat that had trickled down your neck as you mixed the batter with your other hand, the wooden spoon scraping against the metal bowl as you whisked away. The kitchen felt ten degrees hotter than it was outside as you had the oven running. You had made sure to put the icing in the fridge so it wouldn’t turn into a liquid goop while you waited for the first batch of cupcakes to cool. You were still readjusting to the LA summer weather. There were still boxes left unpacked in the living room, and pictures that needed to be hung on your wall. You were slowly starting to feel at home again since you moved back a month ago after five years. Your house phone rang, carrying the bowl of batter you walked over to answer it, still mixing on the way.

 “Hey mom,” you said as you continued to whip the batter, “I’m still working on the cupcakes for their anniversary,” you said tucking the phone between your ear and shoulder and making your way back towards the counter.

 “That’s good darling, I was just checking up and to remind you that it starts at 4:30.” You could hear your mom fiddling in the background.

 You glanced over your shoulder at the clock, noting that you still had a couple more hours before you had to start getting ready, “Don’t worry mom, I didn’t forget. I’ll be there with an armful of cupcakes.”

 “Okay, see you at their house later. Are you by yourself?” your mom asked.

 You starting lining the tin pan with more cupcake liners, “Yeah, Jinyoung and her are at the aquarium. They will meet us at their house later.”

 There was a moment of silence on the other line, “Mark is back you know.” Your mother stated.

 You froze as soon as you heard your mother say his name, “I thought he was supposed to be away in Asia?”

 “He’s here now, I’ve heard that he’s settling back in LA and running the operations from here. What are you going to do?” you could hear her concerned voice over the phone.

“We’ll only be there for a bit, just to congratulate them.” You said as you bit your bottom lip.

 “Okay dear, I will see you then.” your mother hung up the phone

 You removed the phone from you ear and placed it on the counter. He’s back. You ruminated over what your mom just told you. The feeling of your heart pounded rapidly against your chest and a pit started to form in your stomach. You suddenly felt too weak to mix the batter.

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Re: Nicotero’s Comment

I don’t think any of us are surprised that a member of the show shut down the possibility of a future Daryl/Jesus romance. We’ve all been saying since day one that Desus was a long shot for a variety of reasons—many of which are unfortunate, but sadly a reality with the way LGBT+ couples are handled in popular media. No one here (at least anyone I’ve come across) has claimed otherwise. I mean, what other highly-rated television show has made one of their main and hugely lusted-after male characters interested in other men? Plus, how in the world would merchandising explain Daryl kissing a dude to all the people they want to sell this???

Anyway, I digress. 

My point is, we all know Desus most likely isn’t happening on the show. That’s barely news. That’s not the problem with what Nicotero said. What I do see as an issue is how he said it within the context of the larger conversation—a drunken cruise panel where moments before Nicotero had less of a reaction to Norman joking about Daryl literally fucking a tiger. So actual bestiality is no biggie, a joke or whatever, but a fan yelling out about Daryl and Jesus warrants some uber-declarative statement with multiple exclamation points? Not a good look, man.

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New in Town Pt. 4 (Connor Murphy x Reader)

WC: 1,605

A/N: This is probably my favorite part so far. Feedback would be massively appreciated! 

Warnings: Language 

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3

The day after, you had the worst headache you could’ve possibly had. You felt like you were going to explode. Every sound was too loud, every light was too bright. All you wanted was to lay on your bed and forget the rest of the world exists. But, you weren’t allowed to do that, because your mom burst into your room at 10 AM yelling about some work lunch.

“Y/N! Get up!”, she yelled while pulling your blanket off your body.

You groaned, “Why?”

“We have a work picnic to go to. I thought you were staying at Alana’s but since you’re here, you’ll have to go with us,” she explained. She then raided your closet to find something she assumed was acceptable for the event. When she found something that pleased her, she threw it on your head. “Get up! We’re leaving in an hour,” then she slammed your door shut.

It took you another 10 minutes to actually get out of bed and get changed. You were happy she picked out a nice shirt and some capris. You were going to die if she picked out a dress, you felt too icky for that. You took a shower before Alana picked you up, so you just put some dry shampoo in and dealt with your hair. You knew you had to look at least presentable. You parents cared very much for social acceptance, so you assumed that’s where you got that trait from. You sat at your vanity for a solid five minutes, debating whether or not to put on makeup. You didn’t have the energy to, but you looked like a zombie without it. You knew you didn’t have anyone to impress, so you opted for no makeup at all. You brushed your hair one last time and went downstairs to greet your family.

When you got there, your family was waiting for you. Your dad smiled at you, “You sleep well, Aurora?”

“Oh, shut it. You’ve been watching too many Disney movies with Lacey,” you mom playfully scolded.

Your little sister, Lacey, giggled, “There’s no such thing, Mommy.”

You smiled and grabbed a meal bar from the pantry, “We leaving or what?” You mom nodded and tried to corral all 5 of your siblings into your SUV. You made sure to get in quickly so you wouldn’t be stuck in-between the little kids. It was chaos, but a chaos you were used to. You were also used to no silence. That was no different on this car ride to the park where the picnic was being held.

It seemed like everyone had something to say, which was not helping your hangover. Luckily, your older brother, Grant, had some aspirin and w water bottle for you. He also didn’t tell your parents that you came home drunk last night. You were so goddamn happy he didn’t.

When you pulled up to the park, 3 of the kids rushed to the swing set and you and the other 2 siblings walked with your parents to where the company was set up. There was probably every type of sandwich and version of lemonade available. There was also no shortage of people around you.

“Hey, Y/N, isn’t that the kid who dropped you off last night?”, Grant whispered to you and pointing at something or someone.

You followed his finger and saw Connor Murphy sitting on a bench under the shade of a tree while drinking a lemonade. “Well, I’ll be darned. That is him. One of his parents must work for the same company as mom and dad,” you said with a small smile, “I’m going to go talk to him.”

Then you waltzed over to him and sat down on the wooden bench, “You’re going to die.”


You wanted to die because you already screwed this up. “I meant like of heat because you’re wearing all black in the middle of the day in spring. Not like I’m going to kill you. I don’t have the strength to kill you, BUT I WOULDN’T EVEN IF I DID! Although, some people look like they won’t then they do and you’re just left to question people and things-”, you rambled before he cut you off.

“How the hell can you be hungover and still be the most talkative person alive?”, he said.

“I feel like we’re revisiting the point I made when we first met, I don’t know when to be quiet.”, you explained.

He looked up at you, “That was a rhetorical question.”

You let out a quiet oh and fiddled with the bottom of your shirt. You wanted to escape this moment so you ran off to get a lemonade. You let out a sigh when you were at the cooler. You grabbed a strawberry lemonade and sat down in a random chair. You thought you were going to be able to think about something other than that painful social experience, but it just seemed like you weren’t going to be able to.

Zoe walked over to you with a smile and sat next to you. “Hey, how are you feeling?”, she asked.

You took a sip of your drink, “Like the way a slug looks.”

“Is that because of the fact that you were wasted last night, or that painful to watch interaction with Connor?”

You groaned, “Oh god, you saw that?”

“And heard it, sadly.”, she said with a sympathetic smile.

“I’m sorry you had to hear it. I don’t have good people skills,” you said with an awkward smile.

Zoe smiled, “Well, you can talk to me, Alana, and Jared just fine. It only seems to be Connor you’re flustered around. And not just around, even when people mention him.”

You looked down, ‘Yeah, I guess. I think I just want to be friends with him so badly.”

“Sure, friends,” she said with a teasing look.

“If I liked him, I think I would know. Plus, I don’t even know him well enough to like him like that.”, you tried to reason with her.

She put her hands up in defeat, “Okay, okay. I’ll leave you alone about it, for now.” She stood up and walked away to talk to some other people she knew.

You sat alone, drinking your lemonade with Zoe’s thoughts echoing in your mind. Did you like Connor? No, you couldn’t. Your points were correct. You didn’t know him at all! You can’t like someone you don’t know.

You mom sat next to you, “Hey, sweetie.”

You looked up at her, “Hey, Mom.”

“Why are you sitting all alone? There has to be someone here you would like to talk to.”, she said.

You lied to her, “No, there really isn’t. I mean Zoe Murphy is alright, but I just don’t know her very well.”

“Well, I talked to her mom, Cynthia, and she told me about her boy, Connor. You might talk to him. You’re friendly and from what Cynthia says Connor doesn’t have many friends. I think it would be good for you to talk to him,” she suggested.

Damn it, now you don’t have an excuse to talk to Connor. You wearily smiled at your mom, “Okay. I’ll go talk to him.”

She smiled back, “Thank you, dear. He’s sitting on that bench over there.”

You stood up from your seat and made your way to him, again.

“What are you doing over here, again?”, he asked when you sat down next to him.

“As fate would have it, I was instructed to sit and talk to you because your mom said you had no friends.”, you explained.

He scoffed, “Did she not see us talking earlier?”

“I guess not, and that wasn’t really us talking.”

“Oh, you’re right. It was just you rambling on about shit.”

You felt a pang of hurt at what he said, “Hey! I’m sorry I was trying to talk to you!”

He went back to being quiet.

You were now frustrated. All you wanted to do was have a nice two sided conversation with Connor. “You know, a normal person would have said ‘I’m sorry’ right about now,” you pointed out.

“Good thing I’m not normal or a person for apologies.”, he sassed back at you.

You crossed your arms out of anger. You assume you felt angry, but to be honest you felt a little sad. You just wanted him to like you, BUT AS A FRIEND, OF COURSE, NO ROMANCE HERE.

You heard Connor mumble something, but couldn’t tell what he said. “Pardon?”

He harshly spoke, “I said I was sorry, Jesus Christ. Get your ears cleaned or something.”

You felt yourself smile, “It’s alright.”

“If I’m being honest, I don’t mind you talking. Only because I don’t like to talk to people. It’s okay for you to like ramble and shit.”, he said while scratching his neck.

You let out a soft laugh, “Okay.”

Then for the rest of the picnic, you rambled about whatever came to your mind. You talked about your family, your old school, you repeated your stance of unicycle rights. You weren’t even sure if he was listening to you. You just knew that he would nod and sometimes ask questions.

On the car ride home, you didn’t mind the loud noises from your siblings. You didn’t care that the radio played crappy pop music. All you cared about was that you had spent time with Connor and it wasn’t awkward or anything. You felt comfortable and you could tell he felt the same. You really liked spending time with him. You really liked him.

Shit, you liked him.

One Day at a Time (chapter 4) Lin-Manuel x Reader

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5


Summary:  This is inspired by Lin’s adorable tweet about him messing around on a friend’s Tinder account recently. Lin gets chatting to you on tinder and you decide to meet, and quickly begin dating. After spending 2 weeks in London while he films Mary Poppins, you return home and wonder if you can really make the long distance thing work. 

Warnings: Remember when this started out as fluff? Pro tip: don’t try writing fluff after going through a breakup IRL.

A/N: There’s a lot of discourse on rpf at the moment. This is a rpf and is tagged as such so if that’s not for you then don’t read, and I hope we can still be friends.

Word count: 3775

Tags: @coolschmoolzines @iputmyselfintothenarrative @ruth-hamilton-delrio @invisiblerambler @mofoing-democraftic-republican @thedoctorsnerdgirl @21phantasticromances @buckybarneshairpullingkink @nesthemonster @sunriseovertheroomwhereithappens @rebel-with-cause


“You’ve never really talked about her,” Lin said suddenly, absentmindedly stroking your shoulder with his thumb.

“Who?” you asked sleepily


You shrugged. “There really isn’t much to say,” you said, dismissing the conversation with your hand.

It was Sunday morning, the day before you were due to fly back to New York and for some reason neither of you could find the willpower to get out of bed. You’d tried unsuccessfully all morning but somehow managed to stay wrapped up in Lin’s arms, trying to make the most of what little time you had left with each other.

Lin turned over, propping his head up on the pillows while studying your face. “Trust me, you don’t come out of a long term relationship, a relationship which ended in total heartbreak and come out of it completely unscathed,” he prompted.

He could sense your unease and held his hands up.

“Sorry, you don’t have to talk about it. I just want you to know that you can if you want to.”

“Oooh look they do a torture tour of the Tower of London, you can see where everyone was beheaded and everything!” you said brightly, suddenly completely engrossed in a London sightseeing leaflet in next to you on the nightstand.

Lin looped his arm around your waist, kissing your neck to bring your attention back.


You sighed, dropping the leaflet and turning round to face him..

“It’s annoying when you do that you know,” you said gently, wrapping your arm around him.


“When you’re understanding and encourage me to talk while simultaneously reminding me it’s ok if I don’t want to talk. It’s almost like you’re encouraging a healthy relationship or something,” you joked.

“Yeah I’m weird like that.” He smiled, kissing your head. “I know it’s none of my business.”

“No it’s not that,” you said. “She… Kay…. I spent a long time thinking I’d spend my life with her, I thought she was my person.. But that person never actually existed. She left, she’s seeing someone else now and I’m actually ok.”

Lin stroked your arm as your voice dropped.  

“And yeah it hurt but… I guess I can’t spend time feeling sad about a person who doesn’t really exist anymore. I can’t keep living in the past, does that make sense?”

Lin looked at you for a second before nodding solemnly.

“And you don’t have to worry about me, I can talk about this stuff. Jesus, I love talking, it’s my favorite thing to do! But right now…” you looked up at him through your lashes. “ I don’t want to talk.”  You smiled mischievously, biting your lip and tangling your legs with his.

Lin grinned at you before pulling you close, wrapping you in his arms. “We really aren’t getting out of bed anytime soon are we?”

Your lips hovered over his and hot breath tickled your lips.“Stop talking” you whispered.

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anonymous asked:

if you could only watch 5 anime series/movies for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Omg the fact you narrowed this down to movies AND series made this super hard lmao but ok here goes:

1.       Castle in the Sky – I’d have to include at least ONE Ghibli, right? This is an old favourite, it’s really charming and beautiful. Every Ghibli film is iconic in its own right but this one is special to me because it’s also my dad’s favourite, and I love the soundtrack (Carrying You…aaaa). The depiction of genuine platonic love/affection between the two leads is SO GOOD like that shit is my jam I s2g. More guys and girls being good friends without any annoying romantic subplot please and thank you! (Also, Sheeta’s high-waisted floaty pants outfit is my favourite thing ever)

2.       Kids on the Slope – this series is SO timeless I will watch it again and again and fall in love with these children all over? My favourite stories are actually those with no fantastical or dramatic element to them, that don’t try to do too much or be anything more than they need to be, you know? It’s about a small cast of highschoolers in 60’s Kyushu trying to navigate their way through school, friendship, romance and figuring out what they want to do in life. It’s so moving and heartfelt but not overdone and reminds you to cherish the times you spend quietly in your youth with people you love. :’)

3.       Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans – lmfao ok I just said my favourite stories are quiet, small-cast, low-key and undramatic but this is THE TOTAL OPPOSITE. It really surprised me! I didn’t think it’d be my thing at all but DAMN LOL I GOT SO SUCKED IN for some reason. Technically it’s amazing (the character/mecha/background design is WOWOWOW) but the characters themselves are SO GOOD. They’re filthy, despicable and so corrupted because of war, but you see their human sides and realise they’ve turned out that way through no real fault of their own. Legit everyone has blood on their hands omfg…it does a great job of portraying people believably despite the fantasy setting, particularly the children? They’ve had to grow up far too fast, being child soldiers, but there are moments that remind you they’re still kids. It also impressed me w/ the way it addresses polyamory/bisexuality/queerness without being fanservicey? The relationships are so incredibly fucked up and make me bite my nails haha

Anyway this series is a godless hellride but reminds me that well-done design, soundtrack, (and most of all) characters and worldbuilding will win me over regardless of premise. It also made me realise some very important things when I was considering giving up drawing and wondering whether I even liked anime/animation anymore, so it’s special for deeply personal reasons too.

4.       Kuroko no Basuke – DON’T LOOK AT ME LOL I had to throw at least ONE sports series in here and I pick one of the trashiest, but damn I love Basuke?! SO MUCH?! It’s hugely self-indulgent but you know what, fuck it I LOVE SELF INDULGENT STUFF life is too short to be serious all the time! It’s so silly but makes me laugh and root so hard for my boys, plus um?? ALL THE LADIES IN IT COULD PUNCH ME IN THE FACE AND I’D THANK THEM.

The soundtrack is amazing and honestly…it’s ridiculous on the surface but also a Very Good Time and my favourite life motto ever is a quote from one of the characters during a tough training arc.

5.       God I should probably put a Makoto Shinkai film or an old classic like Akira in here but you know what. SAINT YOUNG MEN LOL it’s just so unbelievably pure and funny and feel-good I watch it every Christmas season and laugh out loud without fail each time. Jesus and Buddha being roomies in Japan for a year whilst they take a break from heavenly duties, being mistaken for Yakuza in the hot springs, shopping for their flat and trying to convince the landlady that they’re not actually NEETs…please watch it it’s SO FUNNY

Anyway there you go! I love so many series though that are wildly different so it was hard to choose but I think I picked a good variety were I stranded on a desert island…you probably didn’t want a small essay but I actually like when people explain a little bit about why they like things heh (also so I could procrastinate on freelance lol)

I Get By With a Little Help From My Friends - Joeck Imagine

*direct any requests to my ask box :)*


“It’s called a long clamp or something,” Joe frowned, trying to explain the new weird challenge he’d came up with for this week’s video. I watched him as he spoke, smiling slightly to myself. It was at times like this, when he wasn’t paying attention to me, that I could really appreciate him. The way the bright rays from the lights hit him in just the right places, highlighting cheekbones and a sharp jawline.

I was completely lost in my own world, happy to be just watching Joe when I heard a small chuckle from beside me. I looked over at Conor to see him smirking at me with a knowing look in his eyes. He winked at me before turning back to Joe, saying something about dark twisted fantasies to which Joe replied that he’d been watching a lot of Saw recently, making both Conor and myself laugh.

Now my secret was out though.

Although, I can’t really be sure if it ever was a secret because it’s not like I was really trying to hide my feelings, it’s just that I had no idea of how to act upon them. Maybe it’s for the best that Conor found out, at least now he might be able to help me.

Actually, on second thought, Conor’s probably the worst person for advice on this. It’d probably be a lot better if Josh or Caspar found out. Knowing Josh, he might’ve already figured it out anyway, long before the rest of the boys.

God damnit.

* * *

“So, Joe, huh?” Conor spoke with his hands on his hips, posture somewhat resembling our mum.

We’d just finished the video and Joe had started transferring the footage onto his laptop to start editing when Conor pulled me into the bathroom, telling me he had to talk to me about something urgent.

“Um, yeah, I guess.” I replied sheepishly, rubbing the back of my neck and looking down at the ground in an effort to hide the blush that was spreading across my cheeks.

“Well then, what’s the plan?” My brother asked, confusing me.

“Plan?” I frowned.

“To get the two of you together? You must’ve come up with something.” Conor said, as if it was obvious.

“I was just kind of living with the fact that it wouldnt happen.” I shrugged, mumbling slightly in embarrassment.

“Jesus Jack,” Conor sighed, “We can’t do this now but later on tonight at home, we are damn well coming up with a plan of attack.”

* * *

“I knew it.” Josh smirked, just like Conor had earlier once he’d figured me out.

“How did you know?” I asked, wanting to know what had given it all away.

“Probably the fact that you look at him like he hung the moon in the sky, and the fact that you do not stop touching him. Also, when we’re in a group together you guys just gravitate towards each other. Honestly, everything you do just gives it away.” Josh shrugged, listing all the clues that had helped him piece it together.

“How you knew doesn’t matter, what matters is it is our mission to get them together.” Conor spoke up, preventing that conversation from going anyway else and refocusing us on the task at hand.

“Well, how are we going to do that?” Josh crossed him arms and leaned back on the sofa.

“Christ Josh, you make it sound like I have no good traits at all.” I complained.

“Joe has seen your player tendencies in action so this might be a harder job than it seems Jack, a pretty face will only get you so far here.” Conor reminded me.

“I forgot all about that, oh my God.” I groaned, burying my head in my hands.

“No, that’s fine, we just have to prove to him that you’re serious about this.” Josh said, sitting forward again and resting his elbows on his knees.

“So this mission has two parts, part one being find out if Joe returns these feelings, and part two being show him how much you want this.” Conor took up the same position as Josh, getting ready for an in depth discussion of how I could pull this off.

“Sure, that can’t be too hard right?” I smiled nervously.

“Let’s hope not.” Josh smiled back at me, trying to reassure me.

* * *

I stood around the corner of the kitchen, trying to get close enough so I could hear Jack and Conor but making sure I couldn’t be seen. At least not by Joe.

“So, when are you gonna tell Jack?” Conor asked.

I almost audibly groaned, of course Conor would be blunt about it and make me look like an idiot. The annoying thing being I couldn’t just walk out and defend myself because then Joe would know I was eavesdropping.

“Tell him what?” Joe sounded confused, but his voice sounded almost nervous. That could just be me getting my hopes up though.

“That you’re in love with him.” Conor continued to be the most forward person ever.

“Oh my God.” I whispered, hoping it wasn’t loud enough for Joe to pick up on.

I buried my head in my hands as Conor’s comment was followed by what just might be the longest silence of my life.

After another beat of silence all I heard was Joe splutter out a shocked, “What?!”

“It’s not exactly subtle mate.” I could almost see the knowing look that was on Conor’s face in my mind.

“Is it really that obvious?” Joe let out a sigh of defeat whilst all I wanted to let out was a scream of victory.

Obviously that wasn’t possible right now so I opted for a little air punch and a near silent, “Get in!”

“If it means anything, he feels the same way.” Conor offered.

“Really?” Joe sound surprised, as if he’d never expected me to like him back.

“Really.” Conor said, the smirk practically audible in his voice.

* * *

“Okay, so phase one was successful. What about phase 2?” I started, looking around at the group of boys sans Joe.

“Take him out for a meal.” Oli suggested.

Out of all of the boys, when it came to romance advice I’d probably trust Oli the most so I nodded and said, “Where to though?”

“Nandos is always a safe bet.” Conor spoke up, a smirk on his face.

“I’m not taking him to bloody Nandos, Con. ” I frowned at him, not in the mood to joke around.

“Wagamamas!” Josh shouted out.

“No.” I groaned.

“Could you cook for him?” Caspar asked.

“Jack would burn the whole flat down.” Mikey laughed from his position on the sofa.

“Thanks, Mikey.” I smiled sarcastically.

“What about somewhere Italian? Everyone likes Italian.” Conor offered, the first sensible suggestion he’d made so far.

“That would work actually.” I agreed.

“Which restaurant then, Bella Italia?” Josh looked around at everyone else.

“No it’s gotta be fancier than that.” Conor rubbed his face, clearly starting to get annoyed with how hard it was to come to a decision.

“What about the one that just opened down the road?” Caspar sat forward in his seat, pulling his phone out of his pocket to google the restaurant.

“Oh yeah, that one’s meant to be really nice.” Josh added.

“Okay so I’ll take him there.” I said, looking around at the boys for approval.

“Hang on Jack, you’ve still gotta ask him.” Mikey pointed out.


* * *


hey man, you free this friday? - delivered 19:08


yeah, i think so, why? - received 19:11


a new italian opened down the road from mine, wondered if you wanted to check it out? - delivered 19:12


oh yeah sure, who else is coming? - received 19:14


it’s just us, the boys are busy - delivered 19:16

is that okay? - delivered 19:17


yeah, can you book a table for 7? - received 19:20


on it, i’ll pick you up at quarter to - delivered 19:21


see you then :) - received 19:22


:) - delivered 19:22

* * *

“Mikey, if you spray any more on me I’ll suffocate before I get out the door.” Jack scolded, trying to shield himself from Mikey and the cologne bottle in his hands.

“Jack, I’m trying to help you find love.” Mikey defended himself as Oli came over and plucked the bottle from his hands.

Josh walked up behind me with a leather jacket, letting me slip my arms into it before pulling it up over my shoulders. Conor pressed my wallet and phone into my hands, letting me put them into my jean pockets.

“Alright, stand still.” Oli instructed me.

All the boys stepped back and looked at me, a final once over before I left.

“What a handsome lad.” Conor commented, causing us all to laugh.

“I think our work is done.” Josh nodded, looking over at the rest of them and recieving a similar response.

I walked over to the front door, turning around to say, “Wish me luck guys.”, before stepping out the door.

* * *

And when we came back to the apartment later hand in hand with big grins spread across our faces, none of the boys said anything, they just looked at each other with knowing grins and knowing they’d done what any good friends would’ve done.

apermanentsituation  asked:

Hi! I've just read your meta masterlist written for someone who wanted to convince their friends that deancas is real. First of all - thank you, what a treat to have it all in one place. The best Matrix red pill of them all. Second of all - "the entire S8, which was basically a demented Jane Eyre AU" - could you elaborate on that? I'm mighty interested.

Hi! Thanks for that - uhm - it’s missing a lot of stuff, though. I’m sure there are better masterposts out there, and I actually looked for them, but all I could find was fanfiction stuff.

As for the Jane Eyre thing - I should say I’m a fan of the Brontë sisters, so it wasn’t supposed to be an insult or anything, but it’s hard to deny that those kind of novels (particularly Wuthering Heights) are over the top and überdramatic and there’s almost an unhealthy focus on love and falling in love and what happens if you lose that and how your life can never be complete without that one person who means everything, and if that person is your foaming-at-the-mouth insane half-brother, so be it. And the thing is, Supernatural seasons often hinge around powerful and borderline soap-operish themes (the whole ‘almost orphans desperately looking for their father while killing things’ was very Dickens, in a way - if Dickens had been high on opium and cocaine and stuff, that is), but S8 really went above and beyond. I mean, even without the big love story for the fucking ages supporting the entire narrative arc, it was full of OMG and oh no! moments

  • Sam is all alone in the world and may have found love but oh no! his brother’s back from the dead and super pissed and oh no! the woman he probably loves is actually not a widow and OMG what next?
  • Hunter Dean found himself a new best friend but oh no! he’s a vampire drawn to human blood but OMG he’s promised to abstain forever and fight his own instincts every day for eternity but oh no! what happens if he can’t?
  • There is a way to banish all demons from the Earth but oh no! it’s a magic spell that requires a human sacrifice and oh no! Sam actually wants to do that and is it guilt or depression or martyrdom or OMG is he simply that heroic??!?

- so much Gothic extravaganza, the list could go on and on. But, as I said, at the heart of it all are Dean and Cas, and what’s going on with them is so sappy and romantic even Charlotte Brontê would have edited some stuff out.

Like, I don’t even know where to start. 

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bamfcoyotetango  asked:

"Enamor me" please for Chaleigh?

Leave a “Enamor Me” in my ask, and I will write a fluffy drabble characters trying to woo one another [be it out of the blue/Valentines Day, feel free to specify.]

EXCELLENT. Mwahahahah!

“I just don’t get it, Mori.”

Chuck slumped back against the wall, his legs sprawled out across his bunk. Yes, he was sulking. He couldn’t even be arsed to deny it.

“Chuck, maybe you should–”

“I’ve tried every-fucking-thing. I set up a movie night, and he asked the whole goddamn shatterdome to sit in with us. I asked him to dinner on the mainland, and he brought Herc and Max along. Fuck, I even offered to get the hell outta here altogether, go wherever he wants to go for a weekend, just me and him… and he fucking asked if I’d go to Alaska with him to… get this… mourn over Yancy’s fucking grave.”

Mori huffed, not quite a laugh but too close for comfort. “You should be flattered he trusts you enough to ask you along. He’s not been there in years.”

He grunted, too frustrated and disheartened to move. “I am. I guess.” Another grunt. “But fuck if that’s romantic, yeah? Something tells me weeping over his beloved brother won’t exactly be conducive to stars in his fucking eyes.”

Ugh. He fucking hated the look on her face. They’d never exactly been close, but they’d always moved in the same gestalt within the jaeger program, and on the rare occasion that he’d been obliged to confide or explode, he had always turned to her.

Once. Before this time.

She’d given him the same look then. That half-amused, half-sad look.

“You are trying too hard.”

Yet another grunt. “I feel like I’m not trying hard enough.”

Because Raleigh Becket deserved better than a jerk like Chuck Hansen. And that was at the bottom of every gesture Chuck had made. Even if he showed up in a fucking tuxedo with roses and wine and a fucking string quartet, he still couldn’t make up for how he’d treated the poor bloke at the start. Or how big a jerk he still was, no matter how hard he tried.

He couldn’t help it, dammit. The snark would just jump right off his tongue any time the bloke said something goofy or sappy.

Jesus. He was never getting laid again. Or snuggling on the couch he’d dragged down from one of the couples’ berths a floor up. Or snogging up on a catwalk in the jaeger bay.

Still with that irritating expression on her face, Mori sat down beside his legs and patted his knee. Grudgingly, he hefted himself up and scooted to the edge of the bed to actually sit beside her like a fucking adult.

Her tone much lower, she leaned over to bump him with her shoulder. “You are trying too hard.”

Sighing, he glanced at her. “He’s been through the shit, Mori. He deserves better than me.”

Her eyes rolled, but her expression was soft in a way few people ever saw. “And you are too hard on yourself.”

He snorted, but his heart wasn’t in it. He was wasting his time. Worse, he’d gone and fallen for the big, beautiful idiot, and it was all for nothing. Hell, if it was just about getting laid, they’d have already done the deed. He didn’t have to be charming to get a fuck in, after all.

But that wasn’t what he wanted.

Okay, that wasn’t all he wanted.

He’d been craving that ass for years.

Suddenly, Mori heaved a dramatic sigh and threw her hands up. “I give up. You two are idiots.”

Frowning, he leaned away from her and glared. “Real fucking sympathetic, there.”

She rolled her eyes. “Raleigh has been courting you almost as long as you’ve been courting him.”

Every single thought left his head. He could only stare.

“He’s been trying to socialize you because he’s sad how alone you seem, but he also just enjoys spending time with you.” God, he’d forgotten how wicked she looked when she smiled like that. “And frustrated because you keep making plans when he has already thought up something for you.”

Finally, he blinked. Then blinked again. Then groaned, long and loud.

“What. The. Fuck??”

Jesus in a jumped up jaeger, but he fucking hated her laugh. It was light and fun and musical, and it had never once meant a good thing for him.

But he rather liked it, too.

“Oh, Chuck. It’s been terrible watching you two try and fail to… to….” Another burst of laughter, her eyes tearing up with it. “I’m so sorry, but… really. Do you two never just… talk?”

“Shut up!”

“You’ll never get anywhere with that attitude.”

“Dammit, Mori!”

She full-on giggled and elbowed him. Damn pointy elbows. It actually rather hurt. “You’ll go with him to Alaska, right?”

Grumbling, he rubbed at the new sore spot. “Yes, I’ll fucking go with that silly wanker to bloody Alaska.”


“I’m not fucking wooing him over his brother’s grave, though.”

Another chuckle and another elbow to the sore spot. “Chuck.”

But he grinned crookedly and nodded, already planning his pack and gearing himself up for the likely tears at the graveside. No, it wouldn’t be romantic, but it damn well would be a sign of trust, and Chuck would be damned if he took it lightly.

And maybe it didn’t matter so much what they did so long as they did it together.

Yeah. Maybe that.

So, as Mori left with a scruff of his hair that he ignored with bad grace, he scooted around  to his display and tapped the video feed. Soon enough, Raleigh’s tired face floated just in reach.


Grinning a bit, Chuck shrugged. “That trip to Alaska still on, mate?”

God, what a sight when the exhaustion lifted on a broad smile. “It can be, yeah. You wanna go?”

Don’t try too hard. Just go with it.

So, he smiled as best he could. “Yeah. I do.”

The broad smile softened but didn’t dim in the slightest. It was fucking beautiful.

“Good. Thanks, Chuck. Is tomorrow too soon?”

Since in an hour wouldn’t be too soon, he just shook his head. “Meet you on the helipad?”

“Ten A.M.?”


It wasn’t, but it would do. And it wasn’t exactly romance, but for blokes like them who’d been through hell, it was a start.

So, smiling, he got up off his ass to pack.


carrotcakeisdelicious  asked:

Hey, what was your faith story like, if you don't mind me asking.

Sorry this took so long to answer! But prepare for a long-ish post:

I’m a cradle Catholic, and I grew up in the Traditional Latin Mass. As a result, I also grew up with strict and traditional Catholic rules and practices. I know, almost by heart the Baltimore Catechism (for kids) because we went through it so, so much. The gap between the Ordinary Form Catholics and the Traditional Catholics has caused me a lot of grief. And the traditional Catholics themselves have also given me grief.

I’ve only cried once in Church (and I mean really cried, not simply tear up a bit). It was because of a sermon my current pastor gave on a weekday during Lent for seemingly no reason. He gave sort of a usual Fire and Brimstone thing where he went off about how Hell is real and stuff. But his last words hurt me so much, “If you don’t believe in the Resurrection, then you’ll burn in hell.” And that was it.

I don’t think he was aware how many people that was to me. That was almost ALL of my friends and ALL of my family. That was almost everyone I knew. And I couldn’t stand the thought of all the people I loved so much, who were usually all kind and good people burning in Hell. And I cried through the rest of Mass. Because he was facing the tabernacle, my pastor never saw me cry. My pride wishes so much that he did, so he could see the effect of his words, but it never happened. I actually ended up crying for next few days on and off.

As a kid though, I was so openly and immensely devout. I wish I could be that way again because I wanted so badly to go to Mass, to pray the Rosary, to talk about Jesus and the Saints. I wish I could go back to my younger self and tell her to never change. But sadly I did. My devotion to God became a “see-saw” devotion of sorts, going back and forth between intense devotion and casual tepidity. 

Then, something happened which changed my entire life faith-wise especially. We moved from California to Washington. I was leaving my childhood city, my childhood parish, and my high school that I loved so much. My life, so close to perfect, crumbled in my hands. But through this struggle, I found new faith in Jesus and a new outlook on my own faith and life. And it was such a great struggle truly. But it was this era I believe to be the height, the lowest point, and most interesting part of my Faith story so far, so I will elaborate on that the most.

When we moved to Washington, a Latin Mass parish had just opened up. With a priest we had previously known as the pastor (whom we are all collectively scared of because he’s the Fire and Brimstone kind and my family likes the Soft and Gentle Priests always). And they had Mass in the morning every day except Friday. My mother, being the devout Catholic woman she is, decided to take all of us to Mass on the mornings they had it.

Meanwhile, I was upset and tired about everything. I tried to stay positive about the move because I wanted to avoid the cliche of sorts of teenagers being bitches to their parents after they move. And I didn’t want to be a little bitch. But in all honesty, I was so upset and I missed EVERYTHING.I missed my school, I missed my old parish, I missed my friends, I missed our old Pastor (the literal polar opposite of our current one). I just was so upset about life and I was so bitter and I was knee-deep in lukewarmness towards God.

And I couldn’t focus in Mass. The Latin Mass has a lot of silences, and when the speak it’s in a language few understand, so I was feeling distant and hazy. I had experimented with writing physical letters to Jesus as an external form of mental prayer during adoration and mass before, so I decided to try it again since there seemed to be no harm in it. 

And that changed everything.

I wrote all of my feeling and ailings to the Lord; I brought before Him my troubles. And he listened to every word I wrote down. I started to reflect on myself and my flaws and my relationship with God and my attitude and on theology and the nature of God and on everything. Everything. And I grew so, so close to Him.

Now with about an hour to think every morning and a tumblr account (had to find a way to keep in contact with my squad of gay friends), I questioned my sexuality a bit. And I was super hesitant about the whole thing. I talked to the Lord like “do I like girls? do I not? do I just want attention???” etc, etc. and I kept it mostly to myself. Once I confirmed with myself that thinking women were “aesthetically pleasing” was probably a Gay way of thinking. I identified as Bi (because I can’t POSSIBLY not like guys).

I still followed the Church teaching on Gay people, but I was very quiet about it. Then, as we were getting out of our car in a WinCo parking lot, I was hit with a sudden thought that I thought was OUTRAGEOUS, but definitely the most interesting thought I’ve dared to think. 

A gay couple, devoutly and sincerely, saying the Rosary.

And that spiraled me down this crazy long path looking and looking for apologetics explaining this phenomena. Where this could possibly be okay. That romance was not exclusive to the opposite sex. I was so invested in finding answers, explanations, rebuttals to the common arguments. At first, I was against gay sex, but for celibate gay relationships. Then I realized that it’s either one or the other really, so I chose to go for full on gay romance (it only made sense at the time, based on the arguments I read). 

And I almost left Catholicism. I was determined the minute I was able to live on my own, to leave the Church and find an affirming congregation somewhere. Because I was honestly so sick of the homophobia I saw throughout the Church and the teaching was making me feel so hopeless and lost. There was so little guidance and respect for LGBT people who were Catholics that I was teetered towards completely leaving. It was a really hard time for me.

But I couldn’t leave. Do you want to know why? The Eucharist. I couldn’t leave because of the Eucharist. And I owe the great devotion to the Eucharist that spurred within me to Fr. Micheal Mueller who wrote (nearly two centuries ago) The Blessed Eucharist: Our Greatest Treasure. It’s my favorite spiritual book because it saved my Faith. Jesus in the Eucharist never discriminates, He’s all accepting. He doesn’t care who or what you are, but the fact that you’re here and he loves you. The Eucharist was everything to me, and I would stay no matter what because I couldn’t leave Jesus. So, I just decided to remain a heretic to put it cruelly, though I was thoroughly convinced I wasn’t.

Then I realized I was a lesbian. And it all began to spiral downwards. I felt extremely isolated and extremely bitter about the whole thing. I felt cruel for being lesbian, and I felt like I was just playing into the “bi as a stepping stone” stereotype (thanks tumblr). I would cry about being gay, sometimes I would beg my mom to not take me to Mass because I felt, you know, too gay to be present at mass.

Dark time. It was such a dark time.

Things started to get better after summer that year. I sort of shyed away from being so openly opposed to the Church teaching and went about my business, personally dissenting myself. I met a lot of very kind Catholics who cared honestly about LGBT People or who were indeed LGBT themselves, but still following the teachings of the Church. They baffled me, but I liked them because they were so kind and respectful of me. 

One of the things that changed me was the fact that they just sort of casually assumed I was 100% following Church teaching. And they treated me as an equal regardless. Another thing was fuckery from the LGBT Christian side. Like I mean, a huge theological mess. There was no unity at all in ideas or in thought, and people treated Catholicism like a joke without even like, idk, understanding its teachings or its values. And also treating Side-B people like shit. But I think one of the worst pieces of fuckery from the theologically liberal (more like FAR-LEFT) Christians was trying to make a positive theological thing about hook-up culture. 

It felt like just because Gay relationships were okay. Every single dang thing was okay. Witchcraft was okay, hookups were okay, sex worker apologetics were okay, abortion was okay, etc. etc. etc. Like, if a good lot of the vocal people in the Side-A community, I don’t know stuck with the original idea of Christ-centered relationships, etc. I think I would have had less of a problem with it. But they treated every darn thing like it was okay. And I HATE THAT in a religion. It plays with the concept of Truth and objectivity in ways which they were not meant to be toyed with. 

Sooner or later, I became indifferent and tired of the Gay Debate. I didn’t care what people’s opinions were anymore, I just wanted to be left alone. I left it an open question and minded my own darn business. Because I was tired and I was emotionally vulnerable.

Eventually, I hit a point so low that I started typing out a text post (as you do when you are low) and I started to cry as I typed. I wanted peace so badly. I wanted to be free from this guilt that I was feeling so badly. I wanted Jesus so badly. So as I was typing out the text post, I realized: there’s Truth in what the Church teaches about gay people. 

Just because it’s been executed wrongly a lot does not mean that it is necessarily wrong in and of itself. So, I let go. I accepted the Church’s teachings and moved on. I was nervous to say that I was now celibate because I feared losing my friends that weren’t (my pride again lol). But I eventually did, so I could try to be an example for others.

And here I am. I’m still devoted to Our Lord, and in fact, seriously considering the Sisterhood. I’m living and breathing and still with God and His Church, which is honestly a big plus for me. I still struggle with people and flaws, and I don’t believe my Faith Story’s quite over yet. But, I’ll continue trying to live in the Truth.

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Finals are killin me man, any way you can tell another story? You've been like my salvation this week.

hahahahaahahaha literally a year later!!! literally a year. never be my friend, i will forget to answer your emails and constantly double-book my time. 

ANYWAY, someone else (@ TUMBLR: what if….you tried…..not being QUITE so bad at messaging??? just a thought!!!! just an idea to try.) asked me for another Boarding School Story™ and i was racking my brain trying to think of something, because contrary to what i feel like might be popular belief, i didn’t get up to too many hijinks in high school. 

i mean i was in our version of detention a lot but that was for things like “skipping breakfast” and “being late always” and “writing an inflammatory speech about how unfair it was that we had to eat breakfast in the dining hall when we could be using that time to SLEEP” and “dyeing my hair with bright streaks against the express written rules of the student handbook”.

  • okay in hindsight i was actually….. in detention….. a lot.
  • they used to email our parents every time we were in detention and it got to the point where my mother emailed our dean of students and asked if, to save time, she was only emailed when i WASN’T in detention.
  • but i feel like i wasn’t a troublemaker??? 
  • like okay objectively i was…in trouble often but–

the POINT IS, my young and very gentle delinquency aside, the only time i was ever in like, real trouble is the time that my boyfriend and i got stuck on the roof of the boys’ locker room in the football stadium.

i guess the important background info here is that where was an hour every night between study hall and final dorm sign-in that students were allowed to leave their dorms and ~mingle with one another, though there were all kinds of rules about where you could and couldn’t be.

  • school was like “you have to be in a lighted area” and students were like “lmao.”
  • there was also a hilarious rule during co-ed visitation on the dorms that you had to have “your door open and everyone had to have at least one foot on the floor at all times” which is an adorable way to try and curtail the Teenage Get Down.

anyway, the boyf and i were looking for a cool fun place to hang out and talk about, god, i don’t know, whatever it was that we talked about. 

a few things about this boyf:

  • we had a spanish class together and he was very tall. 
  • he had a lot of other good qualities, including “he was so nice to me all the time even when i was horrible” and “excellent deadpan” but my initial interest was because he was SO. VERY. TALL.
  • a pretty good summary of our relationship as a whole was that he called me to be like, “hey, we’ve been….talking a lot…….i was wondering what you were trying to do with that” and i was like “uh———i wasn’t——i like—-UHHHHHHHHHHHH” and he was like, “WELL DO YOU WANT TO LIKE, GO OUT??” and i was like, “SURE BUT I HAVE TO GO NOW BYE”
  • ah, to be young.

so boyf and i went for a fun little adventure looking for some ~privacy and struck upon the BRILLIANT idea of scaling the locker room building and hanging out on the roof, because nothing says “romance” like “the smell of a football equipment”. so he managed to find a ladder somewhere and up we went. a lovely time was had by all until i looked down at my watch and realized i had five minutes to be back on dorm.

“oh, shit,” i said, and getting to my feet and jogging to the edge of the roof. i looked down.

“hey, boyf?”


“where did you put the ladder?”

he looked up. “i left it where you’re standing.”

i looked again. #confirmed for no ladder.

“are you sure?”

“yeah, where else would i put it?”

“well, where did you get it?”

“i don’t know, i found it….on……the grass………”

  • A WORD OF ADVICE: don’t ever just assume that ladders left lying around are for public use!!! they are ALMOST NEVER for public use.

“is it possible that was someone’s ladder, and they came and took it?”

  • SPOILER ALERT: it was possible!!! in fact, it was probable!!!
  • SPOILER ALERT #2: it was, in fact, security’s ladder, and security had taken it, assuming, of course, that two idiot students hadn’t just taken their ladder and climbed onto a roof that they 120% were not supposed to be on at 10pm.

“well,” said boyf.

“well,” i said.

“i could jump down and then catch you,” he offered.

we looked at one another. we looked down at the ground. we looked back at each other.

“you’re not THAT tall,” i said. 

so, our options:

  1. jump off the roof.
  2. call for help.
  3. accept that we now lived on this roof forever, build a home out of what we could scavenge, and never face the consequences of our actions.

“so, do you want to just live here?” i asked. “we could be happy.” 


  • boyf was more willing to accept responsibility for his actions than i was, which is also why he was willing to try to be friends when we broke up and i hid in my dorm room for a solid 3 months until he graduated.

after a few minutes if our shouting, security and the coach of the football team–who must have just been on duty?? i don’t think they like, called him every time there was a football stadium-related incident.–gathered at the boys’ locker room and glared up at us in the dark.

“HOW did you even get UP THERE,” shouted mr football coach. 

“there was a ladder!” boyf protested. “it was right there! it was a public ladder!”


“i’m gonna jump down,” said boyf again.

  • you know, all these years later i’m still not sure if he was nobly trying to take the brunt of the scolding or just like…. really wanted to jump off the roof.

“please stop trying to jump off this roof!!!!!” i snapped.

after probably five minutes of incredibly awkward two-level scolding, in which we sat with our legs hanging off the edge of the roof and the football coach said things like, “WHY ARE YOU LIKE THIS,” and “WHAT DID YOU THINK WAS GOING TO HAPPEN” and “IT IS SO EASY TO BE ANY OTHER WAY THAN THIS” security arrived with “their” “ladder” that “wasn’t” for “public use” or whatever.

  • i don’t know if you’ve ever been scolded while literally looking down at the authority figure you’ve pissed off but like, it is incredibly weird.
  • like on the one hand you feel like you have all the power, because you’re like “LOOK AT THE TINY PEONS BELOW ME,” but also you know logically that you don’t have all the power and you have to at least look contrite because in 5 minutes you’ll be on the ground and then the authority figure will hold all the cards again.
  • also it just feels rude to have your shoes dangling above an authority figure’s head but like, what else are you supposed to do?? it’s weirder to stand???
  • standing feels aggressive when you’re on a roof looking down???

boyf and the football coach walked me back to my dorm.

“uh, bye,” i said, feeling for some reason like i would never see boyf again and we were both going to prison.

“GOODNIGHT,” said the football coach. “YOU WILL BE HEARING FROM THE DEAN.”


“you can see why it might seem….to outside parties…..like you were on the roof for……private reasons,” said the dean, scolding both boyf and i outside the chapel just to remind us that we had let not only ourselves down, but also probably jesus.

“WE WERE STARGAZING,” boyf and i said in tandem.

“but you can SEE why it might SEEM like you were doing something ELSE,” the dean said. “if it happens again i’ll call your parents.”

“if it happens again i’m totally jumping off the roof,” boyf whispered to me when the dean had turned away.

“OH MY GOD,” i said.

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2, 22, 26, and/or 28 for nurseydex? i love your writing thanks for sharing it <3

22. two miserable people meeting at a wedding au // nurseydex

Dex is going onto hour four of his catering shift and losing steam quick when he sees Handsome Man through the clear panel on the stock room door.

He is, in short, the most beautiful person Dex has ever seen. He’s stretched out across the window sill in a way that highlights the very appealing lines of his fantastic body and he’s clearly one of the wedding guests, discarded garments of what looks like a cream-colored three piece lying at his feet. He’s left in a white dress shirt rolled up to his elbows, and judging by the label on the pocket, it probably costs more than Dex is going to make this week.

It should be annoying, especially since he’s also thumbing through a paperback with a cover so obnoxious Dex just knows it’s popular in pretentious indie circles, but… god, he looks good.

“Hey,” Dex says, pushing through the door and cursing whatever god made it his responsibility to kick Handsome Man out of the stock room, “I get it, that’s the ninth time they’ve played Thinking Out Loud, but you still can’t be in here, man.”

Handsome Man is momentarily startled, his eyes darting from his pages to where Dex is standing, but once he recovers he gives Dex a very slow appraisal over the rim of his tortoiseshell glasses. His mouth stretches into a slow smile, “why? Am I going to get you in trouble?”

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Mr Nice Guy

Summary: Dan’s boyfriend just broke up with him, leaving him crying in his car in the middle of nowhere. But when a particularly kind man approaches him, things can only get better from there.

Genre: fluff | AU

Warnings: mentions of a bad break-up, but its all fluff after that

Word Count: 1.2k

Authors Note: okay before I say anything can I just say thank you so frickin much for you guys’ reaction to “Mannequin” Because that literally made my entire week. Thank you so much :))) Heres the second installment to this mini series thing, its not as good as I thought it would be but whelp it is what it is and I hope you like it :D

part two of “The Ways I Met You”

part one here

part three here

part four here

He fucking left me…

What am I going to do?

What did I do wrong for him to leave?

Oh god.

The pain…

…Is a fucking torture.

Where did I go wrong?

Was my love not enough?

Make the pain stop…

I don’t want to be here…

…inside my car in a parking lot, in the middle of the night, crying my eyes out because my boyfriend–sorry, I mean my ex boyfriend– broke up with me. I took a shaky breath in and repeatedly hit my head against the steering wheel, willing myself to stop crying. Was I not good enough for him? That’s probably it, that’s why he broke up with me, I’m never good enough for anyone no matter how hard I try. I’m just a weak twenty-year old with an ugly emo haircut that became outdated in 2007, crying my eyes out like a six-year old girl over a stupid break-up.  I took in another shaky breath; I’m so pathetic, why do I even try? I should just give up on trying; no one even cares–

A knock on my car window was what snapped me back into reality. My head shot up and I started to roll the window down. As I was rolling it down, I was secretly wishing that it was him, coming to say to me “I’m so, so sorry Dan, I was wrong, breaking up with you was possibly one of the biggest mistakes of my life. Please come home, I love you so much.”

But of course, seeing how that only happens in crappy cliché romance movies, it wasn’t him. It was someone else.

He had jet black hair in a hairstyle similar to mine except his fringe sat on the opposite side, pale skin and pale lips, and friendly bright blue eyes. He greeted me with a sincere smile.

“Hey, I uh, I noticed that as I was getting myself a coffee, you were crying.” The man said softly. “I don’t mean that in a stalker-ish way by the way, I just wanted to give you this. I don’t know what’s happened to you and its definitely not my business to ask but it seems like you need this a lot more than I do right now, hopefully it’ll make you feel better.”

He then slowly reached in through the window and handed me a large, warm, plastic take-away coffee cup. I took it gratefully.

“Oh,” I said, my voice still shaky from crying. “Th-thank you.”

“You’re very welcome.” He smiled happily as I took a small sip from the coffee cup. It was a caramel macchiato.

“The world needs a lot more people like you.”

The man just chuckled, shaking his head slightly as he did so. “The world also needs a lot more people like you, usually most people in the world would give people like me a scowl and a restraining order.”

I laughed, although it sounded a little odd because I was still clogged up with tears. “Thanks again,”  I said. “I feel positively ten percent less shitty than I did about five minutes ago.”

Speaking of about five minutes ago, I probably look like an absolute mess. My nose and eyes were most likely swollen and red, and I knew for a fact that my cheeks were wet and tear-stained. I was an utter disaster, but this man with the kind smile had managed to make me feel less like one in under ten minutes.

“Well I suppose the coffee did its job.” The man smiled warmly again, before slowly sticking his hand through the window again. “I’m Phil.”

I lifted my arm and gently shook his hand with a small smile, “My names Dan.”

“Like as in short for Daniel?”

“Unfortunately, yes. It sounds like I’m from the goddamn eighteenth century.”

“Well Phil is short for Philip so I guess I can kind of share your eighteenth century sounding name pain.” Phil joked and I smiled again.

“Well, I better go, I still have work.” Phil stated.

I raised my eyebrows, “Work?” I asked curiously. It was then that I noticed what Phil was wearing, a plain white t-shirt with a green nametag pinned to the top right of it.

“What do you mean you have work? Its…” I pulled my phone out of my pocket and clicked the power button to check the time. “…Quarter to eleven!” I said with shock. Phil just laughed at my wide eyes.

“Well someone has to take the night shift at the coffee shop don’t they? I’m just the sucker that got stuck with it.”

It then dawned to me that the warm caramel macchiato I was still holding in my hand was definitely not meant to be given away to a crying stranger and the guilt instantly started to eat away at me.

“Oh my god I just took your coffee I’m so sorry–“

“Dan,” Phil cut me off. “Don’t worry about it, its fine. I honestly didn’t even need it that bad anyway.”
“Are you sure you don’t want me to buy you another one or something because you just said you were doing night shift and–“

Dan,” Phil cut me off again, laughing. “If I wanted my coffee that badly I wouldn’t have given it to you. Seriously. You needed it more than I did so giving it to you was only logical.”

I sighed, before smiling a genuine, thankful smile. “You are too good for this world, Phil.”

Phil smiled his biggest smile yet; lips pulled back and eyes crinkling around the edges. “And from what I can tell, so are you Dan. I’ve honestly never seen anyone so concerned about a cup of coffee before.” He chuckled a little before continuing. “I’m serious, I’ve only talked to you for about ten minutes and you seem like one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Whatever happened to you before to make you cry like that, you don’t deserve it, Dan.”
I could feel my chest swell with happiness as Phil spoke. I smiled back at him.

“That had to be the cheesiest thing I’ve ever heard in my life and honestly I don’t even care.” I said. “Thank you so much.”

“Don’t mention it.” Phil grinned.

Jesus Christ he smiles a lot, I thought. How the hell does he do it?

“Well I better start walking before my boss yells at me.” Phil said, standing up and stepping away from my car window slightly. “See you, Dan.”

I smiled, “Bye Phil.”

Phil was about to walk away before he stopped. “Oh! One more thing.” He pulled a small notepad and marker pen out from his back pocket and quickly scribbled something down. He walked back over to my window and dropped the paper onto my lap.

“Have a good night Dan.” Phil said with a final smile.

“You too, Phil.” I replied, he waved and I waved back, before he disappeared down the street.

I smiled to myself as I rolled my window back up and placed the coffee cup in the cars cup holder, before I picked up the small piece of paper. I read it over and the happy feeling in my chest I had earlier returned a lot stronger. He had written his number and added in scrawled writing underneath:

Call me whenever you need me ^-^

~ Mr Nice Guy

5 and 1 Themed List



(also, there’s a guy on this field out my window throwing a boomerang and it’s really fuckin’ cool)

(also, also, I might have gone a little overboard. But I just really like this trope, okay?!?!?!?) [I put in a read more line. Because there are upwards of 30 fics on this list. Have fun doing NOTHING for the rest of the day]

Five Times Derek Is Jealous and One Time Stiles Is by thecheekydragon

1,990  I  Jealousy
Teen and Up
Just like it says on the tin: Five times Derek is jealous and one time Stiles is

Anchor Me In by linksofmemories

2,517  I  Canon Divergent, Anchors
Five times Stiles was Derek’s anchor and the one time he was Stiles’.

Not With Haste by Acavall

2,925  I  General Audiences
Four times Stiles asks, and Derek fails to understand. One time he does.

A love that does exist by bovineinteriors

3,497  I  Angst, Canon Divergent, Future Fic, Established Relationship
General Audiences
During Stiles’ first year in college, his new friends have a hard time believing the amazing Derek Hale exists.
“Oh for the love of god!” Robby exclaimed, “You can’t get engaged to a fake boyfriend Stiles! This is taking it way too far.”
“Fake boyfriend? What are you talking about?” Stiles asked, the smile slipping off of his face.
“Stiles, you don’t have any pictures of him, we have never met him, he isn’t on any social media, and when we called him, you were the one speaking in his voice mail.”

Until We Get There by CiaraWrites

3,566  I  Panic Attacks, Fluff, POV Outsider
General Audiences
Five times everyone else realises Stiles and Derek are in love and one time Stiles and Derek maybe realise it too

Derek Hale: Original Failwolf by seraphina_snape

4,122  I  Sheriff Finds Out, Crack
Teen and Up
Stilinski and McCall were fully dressed now. Stilinski was waiting while McCall put on his shoes. Further into the room, Weird Creep was hiding behind a row of lockers. Only half his body was still visible. Clearly the guy operated on the old ‘if I can’t see it, it can’t see me’ school of stealth.
Coach Finstock looked back to the boys. McCall was still busy tying his shoes. Either he hadn’t noticed or he was avoiding the coach - either was a distinct possibility. Stilinski had a 'lord give me strength’ expression on and was shaking his head.
“Seriously?” Coach Finstock asked.
“Yeah,” Stilinksi said. “Just… don’t mention it. It’s nothing weird, I swear.”

AKA 5 Times Derek Hale Tries (And Utterly Fails) To Be Stealthy and 1 Time He Totally Knows He Failed

Five Accidental Cuddles by MissusCarlikins (orphan_account)

4,218  I  6/6  I  CUDDLES
General Audiences
Five times Derek and Stiles end up cuddling on accident, and one time they do it very much on purpose.

I’m Sexy and I Don’t Know It by Gypsywriter135

4,239  I  Not Rated (but like, general/teenish)
Five people who realized that Stiles was built and the one person who knew all along.
(Or, the one where Stiles makes everyone re-evaluate their life choices.)

switch it up. by doctorkaitlyn

4,247  I  Canon Divergent, Sharing Clothes
Teen and Up
“New shirt?” he asks once Stiles has locked the front door behind them and Stiles jumps like he’s been freaking electrocuted. Scott has to disguise his amused snort as a cough.
“Oh, this one?” he asks, plucking the electric blue v-neck between his fingers like he’s pulling a hair out of someone’s head. “Yeah, I got it from the mall, like… three days ago. Or something.”
Or, the five times Scott catches Derek and Stiles wearing each others clothes (and one time he catches them wearing nothing at all).

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Lovesick Puppy (Tony Stark x Reader)

Pairing: Tony Stark x Reader

Word Count: 1, 341

Genre: Romance/Fluff

Request: Tony X Reader? Mh, so the reader is working in a fast-food and Tony loves to go. One day after Tony saved the world once more the reader decides stated its flame for him and all the Avengers. How will Tony react?

Tony x Reader where Tony confesses his love for reader and she’s caught off guard? Love your work btw.

A/N: This is one of the worst things I’ve ever written oh my. I really super suck at writing Tony because he’s so great and witty that I never feel I do him justice, but flustered Tony is my favourite to read so here that is. Also, I couldn’t help but slip in some Steve x Reader flirting because you know I’m a sucker for Steve. Sorry for lack of updates, I’ve been super sick and have had no time or energy to write. I was also considering on just writing Steve and Buck so let me know what you think. Happy reading!

Your name: submit What is this?

It was a very un-busy Sunday evening and you were just about to clock off of your shift, at one of New York’s many fast-food restaurants, when you heard the bell ring on the door, meaning someone had entered. 

“Thank god you’re still here; I could really use a chocolate milkshake- extra cream. Wait make that six milkshakes. It’s been a tough day,” One of your regular, and most known, customers sighed at you, plopping down in a booth. 

You checked your watch, for no apparent reason at all, because now that he was here, you had no intentions of leaving. Not that you staying longer would matter, seeing as you were left to lock up. “What happened now? One of your super suits not working again? And the obvious question- why the hell do you need six milkshakes?” You called, as you began preparing the multiple orders of chocolate milkshakes. 

“You’ll find out,“ You could hear the smile in his voice, and also the tiredness. “Guess what I did today, Y/N, come on, guess.”

“Look Tony, you lead a very exciting life and I’m sure it’s something I won’t be able to guess,” you said, walking the tray milkshakes over to the booth and sitting down in front of him.

He snatched one the milkshake away from you hurriedly before leaning in, “I just sav-”

“Is lover-girl here? Or can we go someplace else,” A woman with red hair and a skin tight black suit said. A group of; well whatever they were, walked in. All cut and bruised, with bits of clothing missing. 

They definitely weren’t your usual customers, they looked tired and just generally fed up. You knew who they were as soon as they all piled in. These were The Avengers. You’d seen them all over the television last year when they saved everyone from aliens, you assumed, and Tony always came in complaining about how they use his money but only take orders from Steve because he’s a Captain, which always made you laugh because it was always the same rant.

“Y/N, this is the team I was telling you about, remember? Guys this Y/N,” Tony smiled, rolling his eyes slightly. “Oh and don’t listen to anything they say, especially this one over here, I mean he was in ice for like 70 years, he has no idea how to socialise.”

The man Tony pointed to coughed slightly and walked up to you, sticking his hand out. “Steve Rogers, or you may know me as Ca-”

“Captain America, I know,” you said, grinning, “I know who all of you are. And might I just say, I was totally team Cap in that argument you had the other day, Tony was so worked up over it, it was hilarious.”

You and Steve carried on your brief conversation for a while whilst everyone around you was talking quietly to each other. You were mainly making fun of the outbursts Tony has at ‘work’ and then the way he comes to you and complains about it all. It was hilarious to hear the way Tony acts, especially from Steve, who did a pretty good impression of him when he’s annoyed.

“Jesus Christ I knew it! I called it honestly.  Why don’t you two just get married right now, I’m sure there’s a priest available, better yet, let’s just go to Vegas!” Tony said, rather hysterically, causing pretty much the whole team to erupt in laughter. 

“Come on now, stop being stupid,” you laughed, moving to grab chairs for everyone to sit on. Clint, Natasha and Bruce all slid into the booth, leaving just you, Thor and Steve needing a seat. “I’m pretty sure the milkshakes on the table are yours, so drink up." 

After everyone was seated, the whole room was left in almost complete silence; just the sound of everyone slurping their drinks could be heard. "So, um, what’s got you guys so beat?”

“We just saved the world, no big deal,” Clint said, between sips of his drink. “Murderbots, as I call them, were flying all over the place, complete chaos.”
Yet again everyone laughed, but you could tell it wasn’t a genuine laugh.  It wasn’t one that ‘normal’ people would have.

That’s when you realised these people, the ones you were drinking milkshakes with, weren’t your typical people. They had seen more death than anyone, done some bad things and even saved the world god knows how many times. These were extraordinary people that were still able to sit with you and be positive no matter how hard their day had been and that honestly blew your mind; never had it occurred to you, when Tony would just waltz in and sit with you, he was a superhero.

“You know what me too!” You giggled, Tony looking up at you, smiling gently, “I fought off some sugar crazed 7 year olds, and I swear to you, if I gave them any more sugar we’d all be dead. All I had was a whisk; you don’t even want to know what happened next.”

“Wow Lady Y/N, they sound worse than the metal men we battled today,” Thor laughed heartily. 

“I’ve never been called lady before, Thor, that wa-”

“I can call you lady, if you want, that is, I mean not that I would want to because that would mean I’m taking tips off of Shakespeare in the park over here and that’s just creepy, because I’m cooler than him right Y/N,” Tony rambled, leaving you stunned and confused. 

What had gotten into Tony that made him ramble or get flustered almost every time you spoke to someone that wasn’t him? It was weird and pretty annoying because he could at least let you have a simple conversation without him jumping down their throat.

“What’s up with you tonight? You’re acting weird,” you asked, looking at him cautiously. 

Tony was your friend, one of your only ones at that, and you hated that he was acting differently around you because even though you hate to admit it, that stupid science dork that was stuck up his own ass, was important to you. 

“I just, I’m in l-” he began quietly, before shaking his head and stopping himself, “It’s nothing I’m fine.”

Clint and Natasha shared knowing glances and mumbled something to each other while Bruce looked at Tony sympathetically and clapped a hand on his back. What were you missing? Was something wrong with Tony? Did he not want to be your friend? 

“Look Tony, if you don’t want us to be friends anymore that’s fine, I’m sure I could handle it,” You sighed. It was the only thing you could think of, he’d never been this strange around you before. Unless he liked you? No, he couldn’t, this was Tony, the Tony Stark, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist, as he called himself. And you were Y/N, who worked in a restaurant, earning just enough money to pay bills. 

“God that’s not it,” Tony blurted out quickly, looking up quickly at you, “You couldn’t be more wrong actually. Well, I guess you’re right at the same time.”
At this point you were the definition of confused. Not understanding the situation at all, surely if he was going to tell you something important or stop being your friend for Christ sakes, he wouldn’t do it in front of people who were strangers to you. 

“I don’t think I get what you want me to get, and if you think you’re giving me hints, well they’re not working and I’d appreciate it if you cou-”


Tony was in love with you?

An Old Johnlock/Teenlock Roleplay Log

I found this in my email drafts and it was done in like, May last year? Blegh, I’m so bad about hoarding great RPS. Bless eggs-benedict-cumberbatch who did this with me. Like, I think it was the first run of this prompt idea and it went SO WELL. ^-^

You’re chatting with a random stranger. Say hello!

You and the stranger both like johnlock, and teen!lock.

You: Sherlock, did I forget a black notebook in your dorm yesterday? JW (17)

Stranger: Perhaps. Describe what would be written in it. -SH (17)

You: It’s just the stupid poetry notebook we’re supposed to keep for lit class. JW

Stranger: Liar. -SH

Stranger: You keep it for yourself. -SH

Stranger: We’re in the same literature class, John. -SH

You: Okay, fine. It’s my stupid poetry notebook I’ve had since my da left. Is it there? JW

Stranger: Yes. -SH

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Lost in the Crowd – Part 8

When you begin to see color, it means you have found your soul mate… unless you become lost in the crowd.

Word Count:  2 K

Part 1

All Parts



Phil wasn’t sure how long he had been sitting on the balcony when he heard the door slide open.  “I just got caught up in the evening”, Dan said to whoever was on the other end of the phone as he closed the door behind him and leaned over the railing.  Phil wasn’t sure if Dan had seen him, and he wasn’t sure whether or not to make Dan aware of his presence.  “Yeah, I’m at Phil’s. .. You remember the guy I told you about?” Dan continued, and Phil realized he missed his chance to not make the situation awkward and decided to just sit in silence.

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