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Here is my contribution for @mores2sl, fall edition :)

Rated M !

Story betaed by the talented and lovely @jazzfic

Why is it so hard to find motivation? Katniss wondered, struggling with the goddam bike. Maybe level 12 was a bit too high, maybe her lungs and thighs weren’t about to give up, begging for a reprieve or a slower pace.

But she really, really didn’t want to slow down. It wasn’t a question of stubbornness (well, just a bit), or pride, it had everything to do with the man on the treadmill next to her. The man running on the treadmill in his shorts, his tee-shirt wet with sweat, his blonde hair a total mess, and his earphones the same color of his eyes. Because, yes, she noticed his eyes when he had hopped onto his machine and nodded at her.

Katniss had never agreed more with the poster saying “Sweat is sexy” than she did when she looked at this stranger running next to her. She usually wasn’t into the American poster boy type, but this one had something appealing about him. She risked another glance at him (not that she was counting), noticing the drops of sweat running along his neck. Yeah, sweat definitely could be sexy.

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Author: Lindsay C. (no tumblr account listed)

Rating: Teen

I’ve written a few things for other fandoms but I love The Hunger Games and wanted to try this! :)

Katniss had just sat down at the kitchen table with Gale when the doorbell rang. She had made them spaghetti for lunch (she didn’t usually cook for him, but he had the day off from the factory and she wanted to do something nice) and once the doorbell sounded, she hoped her favor could be traded in for his.

But instead of answering the door, he decidedly wedged his fork in his spaghetti.

“I guess I’ll get it,” she said once it was clear he wouldn’t offer. Squaring her jaw, she pushed herself up from the table and made her way to the door. She tried not to be annoyed, but irritation still sat heavy like an iron ball in her chest; now that they had been married for a year, Gale had put an end to even the smallest courtesies. No need to woo her any longer. Especially since he knew he didn’t have any competition, because who else would win her over? She couldn’t stand a single coworker at the archery range, and the only friends she had to her name were Madge and Johanna. When all of her and Gale’s other high school buddies spread out over the U.S. for college, those girls were the only two who cared enough to keep contact.

Well, there had been another friend who’d cared enough. Once. For the first year out of high school.

But Katniss shook her head as her fingers coiled around the doorknob. It’d been five years since they last spoke. She didn’t want to think about it.

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Golden Heart - Chapter 1

I should start by giving a huge thanks to @akai-echo ​ for the absolutely amazing banner! It’s amazing and you’re so freaking talented. Now, I want to thank @everllarkingjoshifer ​ for being there every step of the way with helping me with this and for being my beta. Plus for helping me not stress myself to death. Between tumblr and school, I feel like Superwoman from not dying from the stress. I started out only reblogging things, then I somehow found my way into writing. Crazy right?

This is my first wip. Wow. I can’t tell you how nervous but excited I am! I know the Olympics was two months ago, but who doesn’t love the Olympics? To the anon that gave my a prompt to write about the Olympics, thank you and this is dedicated to you. I hope you all enjoy, Golden Heart.

Summary:  Katniss Everdeen has been training all her life for the Olympics. To win the gold medal, but she soon learns that a gold medal isn’t the only thing her heart needs.

Modern Olympic AU. Rated T…for now.

Now on AO3/ffnet

Calm yourself Everdeen. Take a deep breath, remember those five important words.


The arrow soars through the air and strikes eight on the target.

I let out a frustrated growl and throw my bow to the ground.

I haven’t gotten a 10 during the two hours of practice. After fifteen years of hunting I could hit a squirrel perfectly in the eye, but lately I can’t even hit a ten and it’s on a bigger target. Archery, something that was at first a frustrating and challenging activity came to be something that was as easy as breathing.

Ever since I was 12, my dad has been my coach. I got my passion from him, but archery started in our family long before that. His talent started with my grandfather who taught Dad how to hunt. After he passed, my dad wanted to continue the legacy of champion archers.

I don’t remember much about my grandad’s stories since he died before I was born, but I know it had a lasting effect.

My father competed in college and won two individual national championships. He had the chance to be an Olympian, but then my mom came into his life. Ever since then, his love for her was greater than his dream for the Olympics.

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anonymous asked:

31 everlark

prostitute/client au

This is loosely based on an episode of How I Met Your Mother, so all credit where it is due.


Peeta had been dating Madge for over a year. Originally, his mother had set them up, and he had just gone along to make her happy. But somewhere along the way they had become friends, and it just made sense.

Till the day they broke up. What a screaming match that had been. And over something stupid, he couldn’t even remember.

He had slowly begun to miss her and long for what they had had.

So tonight, she had invited him and their group of friends to an award banquet in which she was up for a certain category.

Peeta was reluctant to say yes, but Johanna had insisted that he bring someone to make her jealous.

“There’s no one I can bring. Madge knows me too well.”

“And that, my friend, is why we are going to hire you a prostitute.”

“Um, no.”

But after the explanation of knowing the girl would stay, no matter what, making her easier to talk to, he relented, swearing Johanna to secrecy.

After Peeta got ready, he walked out of the bathroom in the apartment he shared with Finnick, straightening his bow tie.

“Hey! So you are playing the prostitute card, huh?” Finnick sounded much too cheery.

Peeta stopped in his tracks and watched as Johanna turned around, popping a sugar cube into her mouth.


Peeta stood at the bar, nervously drumming his fingers as he waited for the girl to show.

He felt a tap on his shoulder, and barely glanced over his shoulder saying, “Sorry. I’m waiting for someone.”

When he turned his head back around to the front, he jumped, seeing Johanna leaning against the bar in front of him as if she had been there all night. Smirking.

“Turn around, dummy.”

Peeta swallowed roughly and turned expecting…. Well, he didn’t really know what he was expecting, but he wasn’t expecting her.

Katniss Everdeen. The girl he had always had a crush on. He had gone to school with her, but he was pretty sure she didn’t even know he existed. She confirmed as much as she smiled politely and held out a hand for him to shake.

“Katniss Everdeen. Nice to meet you.”

“I, uh-” he chuckled nervously and cleared his throat. “Hi. I’m Peeta Mellark. Nice to meet you, too.”

He looked her up and down as subtly as he could, but she noticed. He was as subtle as a bull in a china shop.

“Do you like it? Jo picked it out.”

“Yeah. It’s my favorite color. Jo picked out a dress? For you?”

“Yeah, yeah. Brainless and I here go way back.” Johanna winked at Katniss with a smirk as she popped the olive from her drink into her mouth.

This was going to be a long night.


Madge had shown up with a co-worker of hers, Gale Hawthorne. Tall, dark, and handsome, and a pompous ass. Well, Peeta wanted him to be, but honestly he was nothing but a gentleman.

“So, Katniss,” Madge asked through a tight lipped smile, “What do you do?”


Katniss suddenly looked like a deer in the headlights.

“I- She- Um-” Peeta stammered.

“She’s an archery teacher. Trains the Olympic brats,” Johanna said.

Katniss’ features seemed to melt into an easy smile. Peeta’s stomach was doing weird things at the sight of that smile.

“Yes, I do, but they aren’t brats.”

Katniss looked almost…. Defensive? Wow. She was selling this fake career really well, though how Johanna had hit so close to the mark - Haha! Mark, archery - he didn’t know. Katniss was an amazing archer back in school. Didn’t she go to the Olympics herself?

“In fact, didn’t you go to the Olympics yourself?” He decided to voice his thoughts.

She looked at him, surprised, a sheepish smile creeping up her face. And a…. Blush?

“Ah, yeah. Yeah I did. Placed, too. Gold my first time, and the second time Archery got pulled because of some technicality.”

“You’re an Olympic champion and I’ve never heard of you?”

Madge was making Peeta’s blood boil.

Katniss seemed unphased. “Yeah. Funny, huh? Archery isn’t the more well known sport. People want to watch the swimming.”

Finnick perked up at that, and that launched a whole new conversation led mainly by Finnick and his fiancé Annie, for which Peeta was grateful.

“Would you like to go get a drink?” he asked Katniss quietly.

She smiled a small, relieved smile. He knew she wasn’t one for much attention or people.

“Yes, thank you.”

At the bar they fell into an easy conversation, finding how much they really did have in common.

After a short, comfortable silence, Katniss spoke hesitantly. “You know, I always admired your artwork. Especially on the cakes at the bakery. Though, it doesn’t surprise me that you became and architect. Kind of a combination of your passion and your mother’s demands.”

Peeta was silent in shock for a moment.

“You- Wait, are you saying you noticed me in high school?”

"How couldn’t I?”

“Well, I know I was attractive and all, but….”

Katniss laughed. “No, not that. Well, I did notice that, but your artwork. You just always had so much emotion in it. To anyone else it was just paint on a canvas, but to me, it was a story.”

Peeta was dumbstruck. “So, uh, why did you agree to come tonight? Did Johanna tell you it was me?”

“I came because it was you.”

"How much did she pay you?”

Katniss blanched. “What?”

“She told me she was hiring me a prostitute.”

Katniss stared at the back of Johanna’s head. If looks could kill….

“That axe throwing back stabber.”

“So you’re not….”

She turned to Peeta abruptly.

“Hell, no! Johanna teaches a class at the Y on axe throwing. I was teaching an archery class and we met about three years ago.”

“Did she mention I needed you, well, whomever she brought to make Madge jealous.”

Katniss was fuming.


“Well, I just wanted to let you know that it doesn’t matter to me anymore.”

She looked at him incredulously.

“What do you mean?”

“Katniss, I’ve always liked you. Always had a crush on you. But I never thought you noticed me.”

Her face softened.

“I know everything about you. I thought you were the one not paying attention.”

“Well I am now.” His voice was low.

“Well, I don’t have much competition here,” she gestured to the room filled with suits and dresses, but as far as Peeta was concerned, they were the only two there.

“You don’t have much competition anywhere.”

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