i would like to rub his inner thigh

Your Face Between My Thighs

Summary/Prompt: After a long night out, both Tyler and I had longed to touch each other. To grope onto places that were in fact inappropriate to grope in public. The only feeling I wanted that night was feeling Tyler’s scruff on my inner thighs.
Length: 2354 words
Warnings: smut af, language, nsfw, oral sex, drinking
Pairings: Tyler Seguin x Reader

Authors Note: So its been about a year and a half since i last posted an imagine on here, so I thought why not now. Hopefully you guys enjoy this. Feedback and requests are also highly encouraged.

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Was this really about to happen? I was fully aware of what exactly was going on around me, yet my mind wasn’t fully processing who was in front of me at this very moment.

As he spoke to me about something that had happened to him earlier, I couldn’t help but stare into his eyes. They were enthralling, like sparkling kaleidoscopes of colour. His brown-mahogany orbs scintillated with a mischievous glint that could be noticed next to the umber that rimmed his iris. They glow with humor and playfulness that never seem to escape his eyes. And for some reason, they looked like they had seen a lifetime, when in reality they had only seen a fraction.

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Update - Wanted (2/3)

Sorry for the delay in this. I’ve been unwell for the last two weeks and motivation has lacked. I hope you enjoy!

Remember this story is rated E for explicit sexual content and explicit language. 

Possible trigger: Discussion of a minor character’s infidelity.

Part one can be found here

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Summary: Modern AU: Young newlyweds Katniss and Peeta live a simple life in their hometown of Victors County; a life filled with family, friends and the love they have for each other. But an unexpected turn of events, and a brush with the law, puts their relationship – and their sex life – to the test. And afterwards, nothing will be the same.

Over the following days, as small towns go, the gossip mills are in full force, with rumours spreading to every nook and cranny about Peeta’s arrest and the circumstances behind it. Like Miss Trinket, all the women in town think it is the most romantic thing they’ve ever heard, a love story for the ages apparently, and - according to Peeta - they were all now flirting with him and giving him heart eyes. The men, however, couldn’t care less. It was just one more thing to bring up in between a round of beers down at the local watering hole. To Peeta’s immense relief the scandal doesn’t seem to have a negative impact on the business of the bakery. In fact, over the ensuing days his numbers double, and to Katniss’ annoyance he hasn’t brought home any leftover cheese buns because he’d sold out; this just adds to her frustrations. She hasn’t been able to get away from her ‘bad boy Peeta’ fantasy since Wednesday night, no matter how hard she’s tried – and deprivation from her favorite food just makes things worse.

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Jealous ( Namjoon x Reader )

Rated : M ( sexual content )
Genre : smut, slight fluff
Plot : you want Namjoon to stop treating you like a flower and decide to make him jealous. See how it ends …

Reader POV

Me and Namjoon have been dating for a few months, everything was fine, I was happy. But the sex wasn’t like I expected it to be, he was careful, gentle, almost too sweet, I knew he wanted me to feel good but I was not a porcelain doll. I’m sure he had a really kinky side and I wanted it. So today i decided to test him a little. We were out with the rest of BTS and me and Jimin had always been really close so I told him about my plan. He put his arms around me, whispered things in my ear, I could Namjoon’s eyes darken by every seconds, he was going to crack, just a little more …. when Jimin kissed my neck that was it, Namjoon took me by the hand and led me to the car. He didn’t talk, didn’t even look at me. We arrived at his apartment, the atmosphere was heavy. Suddenly he pushed me against the door, kissing me roughly, I responded to the kiss pressing myself against him.
- You’ve been a very bad girl Y/N…
He whispered in my ear, before attacking my neck with kisses and love bites. I could feel his hands trailing down my sides, then grabbing my butt making me moan. He unzipped my dress and I was left naked before him.
- No underwear ? Did you plan to get fucked baby ?
He said while giving a hard slap in my ass.
- Wrap your legs around me.
It was an order. I did as he asked and he carried me to the bedroom before laying me down on the bed. He then went to take some things in the drawer, I didn’t clearly see what. Seconds later my hand were cuffed to the bed post and I had a blindfold on my eyes… I'ver never done this before, tension was rising inside of me.
- Don’t you dare moan or I’ll gag you understand ?
I gave him a slight nod. Suddenly I felt his mouth on my nipples, he was sucking on them and slightly playing with them between his teeth. I arched my back wanting to moan but remembered the order and bite my lip to keep me from making a sound. He went down, licking and kissing my stomach until he reached my thong. He gave a slap to my clothed core making me jump a little before rubbing me through the thin fabric. I could myself getting wet, I needed more friction, I wanted his fingers inside of me. I bucked my hips, trying to ask for me but he pinched my inner thigh.
- Don’t move or I’ll punish you.
Finally he took off my underwear, i tried rubbing my thighs together but he opened my legs harshly. I felt so exposed. I felt a finger at my entrance slowly going in, i let out a sigh.
- You’re so wet for me baby… I could enter three fingers easily. You would like that right ?
I nodded my head eagerly, biting my lip in anticipation. I let out a loud moan when three fingers entered me.
- What did I tell you about being loud ? Should I punish you ? Answer me !
- I’ll be quiet master.
- Good girl.
He kept fucking me with his fingers, suddenly I felt his tongue teasing my clit, I wasn’t going to last long.
- Master I’m going to cum !
His movements grew faster and harder, as I was going to reach my orgasm he stopped, his fingers leaving my pussy making me feel empty.
- You don’t cum unless I say so.
He then detached me from the bed post, still leaving the handcuffs on.
- Turn around, on all four.
I positioned myself quietly, arching my back to give him a nice view.
- You’re beautiful baby girl…
I then felt his tongue teasing my butthole, the sensation was new for me. He continued licking, slowly inserting the tip of his tongue in. I could hear a bottle opened, probably lube. He poured it directly on my hole, the cold substance making me flinch. He put a finger in, slowly easing it in, it felt quite good, I wanted more.
- Relax for me baby. The slide will be easier.
I suddenly felt a second finger stretching me, his movement were slow and careful. As I was starting to relax a third finger was added, I winced, it hurt a little, he gave me gentle kisses along my spine the pain slowly dissipating. His pace accelerated, leaving me breathless, he started licking my pussy while still fucking my ass with his fingers. His movements stopped leaving my ass wide open.
- These are anal beads, you’ll keep them while I fuck you.
I felt the first bead entering me easily, then a second one and a third one. The sensation was amazing, I felt so full and stretched. I could hear him unzip his pants, I wanted him so bad… I felt the tip is his dick rubbing against my pussy lips.
- Do you want it ? Do you want my dick deep inside you baby ?
- Yes yes I want it master ! I pleaded.
In a swift movement he was in to the hilt.
I let out a silent moan, he was so big… he started fucking me with long, hard thrusts, hitting me deep inside. The anal beads were slightly moving with his thrusts, making me so sensitive.
- You’re so tight and wet baby girl, so good for me. I could you fuck you all day, I’m sure you wouldn’t be against it .
He said before giving my butt a slap, I let out a squeal, the sting felt so good. He started fucking me harder, the room was filled with the sound of our skin slapping against each other, I was approaching my orgasm.
- Master can I cum please ?
- Yes baby girl, come around me.
When he hit my g spot I moaned loudly, not able to keep quiet anymore. I could feel myself getting close, a few more thrusts and was over the edge, tightening my walls around him.
- On your back baby.
The new position made the beads inside my ass move slightly deeper, my pussy was so sensitive right now. I screamed when he entered me again, not letting me the time to adjust.
- You’re so good for me… you like it when I fuck you like a slut right ? Tell me baby how much you like my dick.
- I love it ! Please keep fucking me master.
His pace was now frantic, my pussy was glistening, he was fucking me like never before, I felt like his toy and I liked it so much.
- You’re mine get it ? Only mine. No one can touch you like I do, no one can make you feel the way I do.
He said between hard thrusts while biting my ear. He gave me a few hard slaps on the butt that made me moan loudly. He seemed to not care about the order anymore, online focusing on reaching his release. He then took off the blindfold.
- Come and suck me baby.
I started licking the head, tasting my juice mixed with his pre cum, before slowly taking his shaft entirely in my mouth. I hollowed my cheeks and sucked on it as best as I could. I could hear him groan which boosted my confidence.
- Open your mouth and don’t move. I’m going to fuck your throat.
He took my hair in his hand and started thrusting into my mouth. The pace was fast and I could barely breath. Lewd sounds were filling the room as he fucked my mouth harshly.
- You’re so beautiful like this, you’re my little slut, only mine.
He then pushed on my back, his cock leaving my mouth, and started taking off he anal beads one by one, I felt so empty.
- Look at that hole, gaping and hungry for my dick.
He said before putting his cock inside my ass hole. It was much tighter than my pussy and the stretch burned a little. He started slow letting me adjust. I rolled my hips, signaling him that I was ready.
He grabbed my hips and started doing harder thrusts, ripping my ass in two.
- I love how tight you are… no one can touch that ass, not even Jimin !
He said before rubbing my clit furiously, I was going to cum, the friction of his fingers on my pussy and his dick inside my ass was driving me crazy.
- Cum for me baby girl, go on.
With a loud moan I came undone. I was overstimulated by now but he keeps fucking me, alternons between fucking my ass and my pussy. He was close I could feel him throbbing inside of me. A few more thrusts and he put out, releasing his cum on my breasts and stomach, painting me white.
- You look so good like this baby …
I was sore, I couldn’t move and I was too tired to replied anything. He took a clean towel and wiped out the cum and the sweat.
- Did I hurt you ? He asked looking worried.
- No no everything is fine, I loved it, i love you…
- Don’t make me jealous like that ever again. I don’t want to break you.
- But maybe that’s I what I want.
I said looking straight into his eyes. He gave me sweet smile before kissing my forehead.
- Rest baby, we’ll see tomorrow.
So I snuggled next to him, rest my head on his chest and fell asleep, fully satisfied.

End !

GB Fantasy Pt. 2

With exception of my husband, the guys turned their heads and looked away, but to be honest I liked the fact they were watching me. I feigned some modesty, adjusted my sunglasses and turned onto my back. Jay didn’t miss a beat and kept stoking my fire. I closed my eyes and put my buds in to listen to some music, since the boys stopped playing, and just relax.
His hands were massaging everywhere. I didn’t question where he touched and just enjoyed that he was. He started rubbing my boobs and lightly pinching my nipples and I loved the way it felt. He gently spread my legs apart and was rubbing my inner thighs. Occasionally he would graze my pussy until occasionally became constant and he was simply rubbing my swollen clit. My eyes closed and I just sunk into this orgasmic feeling. Fingers easily slipped inside me, my clit was being stimulated, my nipples were rock hard. It felt like my whole body was on sensory overload. I could feel him everywhere. My breathing quickened as I felt myself wanting to cum. I lost sight of where I was and simply let myself surrender to him or what I thought was him. I opened my eyes as I was starting to orgasm and saw all the boys above me with their hands all over me. They were all making me cum right now. My nipples were being pinched, my clit was being rubbed, another guy had his fingers inside me. I was shocked and excited and cumming. My body arched as I tensed up and had back to back waves of pure pleasure rack my entire body. I clenched so hard I literally stopped breathing for a moment. The second I thought I had finished another crashing wave of orgasmic intensity raced through me again. It happened over and over and over. I grabbed on to anyone I could reach and rode it out. Once the intensity subsided I completely relaxed limply onto the table. The men continued to gently caress my now naked body. My husband was simply telling me how much he loved me and how proud he was the I let myself go. I didn’t even try and process what had just happened, I just needed to recover.
When I finally focused my eyes again I noticed something I hadn’t seen before. All the men had their cocks in their hands. They were all hard and they were all big….one was huge!

[EXO One Worded Series] Xiumin - "Maybe." [Smut]

If you want more explanation about this series, do check out the description there!

He closed the door quietly behind him, silent footsteps as he came in when he knew he was late. Damn it, he thought. Tonight was supposedly a movie night and considering he got off late from work… he had missed the chance to cuddle with you. Of course he texted you he would be late but he knew you would still wait nevertheless. Now it was slightly late into the night but there you were, lying down on the sofa. He let out a sigh, putting his things down and taking off his coat. He frowned as he advanced towards you - why were you still waiting?

However, he got distracted when he saw how you were dressed; a tank top and a pair of shorts?

Dear god, please give him some restraint.

He gulped as he kneeled down before you, attempting to wake you up as his hands shook your body but you couldn’t wake up. His mind told him to get a grip on himself but hey! It’s not wrong here… You are his girlfriend and it’s not wrong to have sexual frustrations… right?

A dark idea popped up as his hands slid up your thighs, brushing over your breasts as he held back a moan. He missed touching you… His eyes widened when he thought he had no self-control over his voice but then he realized… you were the one moaning. You shifted on the sofa, your head moving to expose your neck.

Oh… His mind whispered. A kiss… a touch… couldn’t be that bad.

Cross that. It should not be bad.

He hovered over you, his lips dipping down where he planted a kiss on your skin. Oh how he has missed this… When he heard another thing that he could make up as a moan from you, he parted his lips to start sucking on your neck. He grazed his teeth over your sensitive spot before he used his tongue to lick over the spot again. His hands gripped onto your waist a bit too tight, the space left in his pants decreasing as he was getting hard.

It was in that moment when you woke up, feeling hot all over especially at your neck. His lips were now sucking, nibbling on your skin - and it felt really good. “Min…?” You called him out groggily, causing him to smirk against your skin with a hum. “Yes… darling?”

He leaned away, looking down on you with uncertainly as he didn’t know what you were feeling. However, he felt good the moment you smiled, gaining conscious as your hands grabbed him down for a kiss.

His lips were needy against yours, nearly devouring them as his hands roamed all over your body. The quiet moans you emitted boosted his self-confidence as he shifted the positions on the sofa. He had you straddling on him with his hands planted on your waists. You felt his lips trailing down to your neck, sucking tenderly as his hands moved to grope your bottom. “Ah… Min…” Your voice filled with want as his hands worked up to your clothes. He broke contact from your neck, anxiously attempting to remove your clothes with you assisting him.

You giggled when he was so impatient - he couldn’t remove your tank top properly but he sighed when your top finally left your body. He lunged forward, unclasping your bra to pull off the offensive material before he took in one side of your nipples in his mouth eagerly. You left out another breathy moan of his name when he licked the hardened bud, teasing you for a second before he sucked hungrily. Needing to feel more of him, your hands tugged on his shirt and he got the message. He leaned back, making you smile at him when he stripped off his shirt. His lean body came to view, abdomen dying to be touched.

“You like?” He cooed gently, a hand stroking your cheek.

You nodded with a blush, hands gingerly touching his chest down to his body. Your touches were heavenly to him. “Very much…”

He smirked at you, noticing how your clothes were the barrier to your nudity, “Off, darling.”

You got off his lap after a second, taking a step back so he could yank his pants down along with his boxers first. You saw his fully erected length coming to view, making you almost shiver at the thought of what was going to happen. He kicked his pants off, falling back to the sofa with his body bare for your eyes only. Then his arms extended out, “Come here.”

You stepped towards him, standing before him with just your lacy panties. Your messy hair pushed towards one side, exposing a few love marks he left that made him growl. His eyes burned with lust as he held you possessively. He inched closer, burying his face against your stomach to kiss your skin. Your hands threaded in his hair, allowing him to do so.

He then whispered against your stomach, “I’ve missed you…” He lifted his chin up, smiling at you genuinely with you doing the same. “Me too, Min…”

His teeth bit on the waistband of your panties, dragging it down before he used his fingers to peel them off. As you stepped out of them, he yanked you down on him again - needing to feel you naked against him. He groaned in delight when he felt your skin against his.

He reconciled your lips together as your legs were folded at his sides. He was leaning back against the sofa. His head tilted up to continuously kiss you. His tongue swirled around with yours, his hands alternating from groping your breasts and bottom to make you sigh his name in content over and over again. Your hands gripped onto his shoulders as you rolled your hips - grinding on his erection. The friction alone made him groan in pleasure.

“H-Harder…” He moaned - his lips still attached on yours before he moved down to abuse your neck. Your hips started moving, purposely grinding your bare entrance against his throbbing cock that wanted to be in you. He felt himself becoming harder and harder but he had yet to do one more thing.

He moved away from the love marks on your neck to lock eye contact with you. You could nearly reach your high with the way he was looking at you. He licked his lips, one of his hands inching down to slide up and down on your entrance. The slickness he felt assured him, you were wet for him.

“Mm… darling…” He hummed sensually, his fingers (forefinger, especially) rubbing harder, “I did this to you?” He teased, his fingers stroking back and forth, making the tingles shoot straight to your core. You could feel the pressure he purposely added as he brushed on your clit. “Yes… Min…” You breathed out, almost on the edge of going crazy with his teasing ways. Although he was already hard, his length jutting out to poke your inner thigh, he knew this would be worth it. Watching you like this was always a turn on.

Your hands squeezed his shoulders, “Min… please…”

He smirked, “Patience…” He cooed, two fingers already sliding in to feel the tightness you possessed. You gasped, eyes closing shut as you clung onto him. He was mesmerized to see your sexual face, the way your eyes rolled back from the pleasure - it urged him to give you more. His fingers started to pump in your body, sliding against your walls that had you moaning for him over and over again.

“Oh my god… Min!” You exclaimed with surprise and pleasure when he expertly spread his fingers, stretching you. Your eyes rolled back when he shoved in four fingers, almost making you dizzy as his fingers moved violently in you. “Ah!” You gasped again when he curled his fingers deep in you, making you almost reach your high but he pulled his fingers out on time. Your eyes peeled open to see how he sucked on his fingers, loving the taste.

“Mm…” He moaned with his fingers in his mouth. He pulled them out with a ‘pop’ to say, “You always taste so fucking good.”

One hand held onto the back of your neck to pull you down for a kiss while the other held onto his pulsing length. He aligned it with your entrance as he felt your lips kissing him back, your hands in his hair. You moaned against his lips when you felt him entering without a word. He filled you up entirely, leaving you breathless as his lips were so close to yours but you couldn’t kiss him.

Not when he was deep embedded in you.

He grunted against your lips when he initiated a kiss, loving the tightness that clenched on his cock. He savored this moment. He felt you kissing him back, your hips rolling to make him growl and bite on your lower lip.

He knew he could move… and so could you.

“Ride me.” He commanded as he broke the heated kiss to lay back, his hands assisting you as you raised up and lowered yourself down on him. He saw how you took in all of him, how you swallowed every inch of him that it was so erotic. The feeling he was feeling was incredibly amazing as well. He could see clearly how your hair were floating as you moved, your breasts bouncing as you rode him. It felt so carnal, so raw… so hot. He bit his lower lip when you slammed down on him, clenching around him as he was buried in you - it was so exquisite.

His hips bucked to meet with your vigorous thrusts as you two moved in sync. His hands slid over to your bottom, giving you a harsh squeeze that made you gasp his name. The way you uttered his name out like that sent jolts to his body. Hs groped your bottom again before he squeezed your flesh with his hands as he assisted you to ride him. The thrusts got more vigor, more needy yet all very pleasurable. You felt the orgasm reaching near and he was there to help. He lunged forward to press his lips against yours, his hips never stopped moving as he too, felt his climax coming nearer.

You licked his tongue playfully, before you explored his mouth. He moaned your name in a soft mantra when he felt how tight your walls clenched on him, how deliciously good you were making him feel felt illegal.

“Oh…!” You moaned into his lips when you felt it hitting you hard. His hard cock hitting your sweet spot each time he entered left you breathless - it felt so good. Your eyes closed shut when the orgasm hit you unexpectedly. You were lost for words, clinging onto him as you were resting against his neck. His hips kept thrusting as you aided him in moving a few more times before he could cry your name out in ecstasy. When he felt your walls giving him an abusive squeeze, he felt himself releasing his hot fluid into your body, filling you up as he rode off his high with you.

After a few more lazy thrusts, he pulled you down on him. Chest to chest, as he hugged you by your waist when all movements came to a stop. You purred in delight, feeling his hardened member soften in you as the both of you remained like this. The silence that enveloped the both of you gave you two a breather, a moment to relax.

He kissed the side of your head, making you flinch as you peeked to look at him. “Hm? Min…?”

He turned to look at you with an apologetic smile, “Sorry I came home late, darling. They had a lot of things to do and I just-”

“It’s okay…” You couldn’t help but mumble out cutely, still partly taken back by the incredible orgasm that you remained quiet. He smiled at you warmly, kissing the side of your head again before he buried his face in your hair. “I’m still sorry…” You heard the guilt in his voice as he tugged his arms around you. With a sheepish grin, you leaned away to frame his cheeks in your hands, directing him to look at you. He felt his heart warming upon seeing your beautiful face.

“It’s okay, Min… I said I understand.”

He smirked, kissing the tip of your nose, “Then…” His eyes flickered up to look at you with a silent plead, “Would it be too much if I asked to go for another round?”

You chuckled, shrugging your shoulders, “I don’t know…”

He gave you a handsome smile, leaning closer to peck your lips once, “How about now?” His voice was soft yet it assured you that if you weren’t feeling it, he would call it off. Taking a shower and snuggling in bed sounds equally as good.

“Maybe…?” Your voice had this tinge of mischief yet he knew you wanted it.

“Maybe… huh?” He smirked, leaning over to claim your lips, his arms keeping you still as he kissed you. He tilted his head, getting a better angle at kissing you for a brief moment. He licked your bottom lip one last time before moving down to kiss your neck. His lips parted to take in some flesh in his mouth to leave a love mark on various parts of your neck. It had you sighing in bliss, but a random thought came up even though you felt his member hardening in you.

He never pulled out from you, anyway…

“Min…” You breathed out, tugging on his luscious hair but he remained sucking on your neck - you were too addictive.

“Mm?” His reply was short, focusing on you but he still listened to every word you were saying.

“We’ve yet to watch a movie…”

He stopped, just to chuckle against your neck as he moved to align in face with yours. You were blushing a little, not really believing yourself for saying that but he found it adorable.

“Maybe after I’m done with you, we’ll watch that movie you’ve been dying to watch.”

You snickered, dipping down to kiss his neck, “Maybe?”

He groaned when your lips latched on his neck, sucking on his sweet spot that had his cock becoming harder in you. The urge to move was incredibly high. But, he managed to grunt out hurriedly, his hands already gripping onto your waist to start your ride on him again.


Imagine Request - Dessert with The Family (MATURE)

I’m begging you (not joking) to do an mature imagine where Justin and y/n are at y/n parents house for dinner and they sit next to each other and then one of them starts to tease the other one underneath the table while they are all eating lmao and they get really horny but obvs they can’t show it to the family😈 thanks in advance!!

“It’s honestly so great to see you again, Justin. We’ve missed you!” My parents embraced Justin with love and kindness to which he responded the same.

“I love being here, thank you for having me.” Justin smiled warmly, his hand resting on my back.

“We’re just about to sit and eat, everything’s set out, so take a seat.” We followed them into the dining room where plates and cutlery sat patiently on the table. I took a seat while Justin sat next to me, my mom and dad sat across from us.

We engaged in light conversation as we ate. My parents were interested to know what Justin was up to next and he was happy to speak about it. I sat and admired them happily.

“Yeah, I’m touring soon so that’ll take up most of my time, but I love doing it; it’s so much fun.” He took the fork in his mouth, the food piling in between his teeth.

I felt Justin’s hand land on my knee as he listened to my dad, nodding his head. I felt the brush of his fingertip as it drew circles on my skin, sending shivers down my spine. I decided to think nothing of it until I felt him drag the end of his long finger up my thigh, making me shuffle uncomfortably. He didn’t make anything obvious as he chatted happily away.

The palm of his hand then connected with my skin, his hand taking my thigh and squeezing it with force, it was only a matter of time before his fingers met my inner thigh. I attempted to swat his hand away but it seemed to only cause him to become more determined; he dug his nails into me.

I looked up at him to see him looking at my mom intently, acting as though he was doing nothing. He rubbed my thigh, making me squirm under his touch. He seemed to notice because he held off what could only be seen as a smirk.

My father excused himself to the bathroom. “Would you like some dessert, Justin?” My mom shuffled from her, gleaming down at him.

“You know, I would love dessert.” He took this opportunity to slyly break out into the smirk he’d been holding back, looking down at me.

“Great! I’ll be right.” The second she exited the room, Justin grinned as I glared at him.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I slapped his arm lightly before crossing them.

“What?” He chuckled, his hand slowly reaching out towards my thigh.

“Stop feeling me up in front of my parents.” I shamed him, but he didn’t falter. The subtle grin on his face stayed exact.

“Why? I think it’s hot. I could make you cum right here, right now, and your parents would never know.” He rasped as he leant over to me and put his mouth to my ear. “You’re looking so good right now, I just want to take you on this table but I don’t think that’d give your parents a good impression of me.” He chuckled deeply, flicking his tongue across my ear.

By now, I was beyond flushed. I squeezed my thighs together as I bit down on my lip. Justin noticed both of these actions, his eyes almost rolled to the back of his head. “God, I bet you’re so wet for me, babygirl.” He whispered, his hand travelling underneath the short, flowing dress I happened to wear.

“Desserts ready!” My mom exclaimed before placing a large bowl on the table in front of us.

“Yes..it..is.” He dragged his words out as his finger made its way into my underwear and down my clit. He glanced over at me, a pained but playful look took over his face.

“I apolgise for that, guys.” My dad’s voice was heard before he came back into the room, Justin took this time to retrieve his hand. He dipped the same finger that had just seconds ago basked in my juices, in his dessert and took it in his mouth, letting out a soft moan as he did so. “This is good.” He nodded, my cheeks heated up.

While his spoon delved into his food, the other hand quickly trailed back under my dress and into my underwear once more. I gasped quietly as I felt him tap my clit with his finger, my hand gripped the edge of the table as I felt him begin to make motions against me. I involuntarily grinded against his hand, making him let out a grunt, which was, by the shocked look on his face afterwards, also involuntary as my parents looked confused.

My parents chatted away quietly, giving Justin time to whisper unnecessary things in my ear. “I’m gonna fuck you so good when we get home.” He didn’t move as his pressure on my clit increased. “I want you bent over the couch the second we get there.” He ordered softly, making me almost whimper.

“But what if I want ride you?” I pouted as I looked up at him innocently, his eyes burned with fire as he stared at me. I felt the pleasure run through my body, igniting in my body like fire.

“Who said we can’t both get what we want?” He smirked. “But right now, what I want from you, is for you to cum. I want it so bad; it’d be so hot to make you fall apart in front of your parents. You’re not such a good girl anymore, are you, babe?” He rasped and chuckled into my ear, I hummed under my breath as I felt my body tighten. Justin breathed out heavily as I gripped onto his arm, my nails raking into his skin. I gripped the table with my other hand and my body shook as I felt Justin’s fingers moving inside of me.

“[Y/N], are you okay?” My mom frowned over at me as she witnessed me biting down on my lip and breathing rapidly, Justin snorted under his breath, making me glare at him. I nodded and reassured her.

Once I’d calmed down, he pulled his fingers out of me and I readjusted my dress, coughing slightly as I tried to breathed steadily. Once again, Justin ran his fingers across the bowl, not really gathering much, and inserted his fingers into his mouth. They were now coated in my juices after he made me collapse around him. His trouser evidently showed a bulge that had formed, making me smirk. He licked his fingers repeatedly, knowing my parents were none the wiser about what had just gone down right in front of them.

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headcanons about nsfw aizawa??

Aizawa Shouta

Originally posted by asukachii

  • i dont know why but i feel like he would be into overstimulation, like making you cum by his fingers then his mouth then both
  • also i have a hunch that he’s used his scarves in the bedroom at least once
  • he is the king of having a stone face while having his hands down your pants
  • the type to send you something dirty over text and then act like he doesn’t know why you’re flustered
  • when he’s feeling especially cheeky, rubs his stubble against your inner thighs
  • the type to leave hickies in sensitive areas (your thighs, behind your ears)
5SOS Preference #19: Ride

Calum Hood: He grips my hips gently as a moan escapes from my lips. Calum watches me while I roll my hips against his sweat pants. He pulls me closer to him, creating an even more intense friction between my wet center and his fabric covered thigh. I close my eyes and bite my lip, immense pleasure taking over me. “Feels good, sweetheart?” He whispers before leaning in and kissing my neck. I whimper an “uh huh” as I start to move quicker. The feeling was indescribable. I moan loudly, placing my hands on his shoulder to help me stay put. Calum creates a love bite on my neck and I could feel my high creep up on me. I slowly ride his thigh, hearing him groan. And I come immediately. I pant and open my eyes, smirking at him a little. His eyes are a darker shade of brown. Then he pushes me gently down on the couch. “Let’s see if I can please you better than just that.” He whispers as he hovers over me. His fingers trail slowly down my stomach, coming closer to my throbbing sex. Then he attacks my lips with his. 

Ashton Irwin: “God damn (Y/N).” Ashton breathes out after I line myself in his with hard friend, closing his eyes. I smile a little before moving out. “Fuck, don’t do that.” He says breathlessly and I stop. “I-I’m sorry.” I mumble, about to get off of him. He opens his eyes immediately. “No, no, no baby.” He says quickly, bringing his hands to my hips, not letting me leave. “I wasn’t ready yet.” Ashton whispers, his thumbs stroking my hips. I nod my head. He breathes out. “You can move now, babe.” He says and I do so. He releases a raspy moan before gripping my hips hard. I squeak with a smile while snaking my fingers down his exposed chest as I move in and out of him slowly. I watch him squeeze his eyes shut as I trail my tongue down his chest. I pick up the pace and I can tell he’s leaving bruises on my hips. “Keep doing that.” He mumbles, bucking his hips up and I bite my tongue. I lean up and kiss his lips. Our lips vibrate due to his inner moans and I couldn’t help but be pleased with myself.  Michael Clifford: His lips turn into a smirk while I please myself on his upper leg. Small and squeaky whimpers leave my mouth once I begin to press down harder on his thigh. “You like getting off on me, kitten?” Michael asks before leaning into my neck. I nod slowly as he begins to lick my neck. God, his tongue can preform miracles. I moan as I begin to rub against him faster. “Mikey.” I whisper out, elation taking over me entirely. “Would you like me to help?” He whispers while nibbling on my ear lobe. Before I could answer, his finger sneaks down to my clit and he begins to draw figure eights on it. I throw my head back in pleasure and moan. I begin to rub slowly yet harder, trying to make this last forever. “Michael.” I say breathlessly, hold onto his arm in front of me. He begins to play with it more slowly and then he moves his hand away from my wetness. “No, n-no.” I whimper after his hand left. “You got the rest, kitten.” He whispers, kissing my cheek. I breathe in once I feel my legs start to shake. And with a loud whimper, I release all over his thigh. I rest my head in this crook of his neck while breathing heavily. “I didn’t know that my leg could do such a thing.” Michael chuckles, kissing my shoulder.  Luke Hemmings: “W-what are you d-doing babe.” Luke stutters once I sat down on his jean covered crotch. “Shhh.” I whisper as I trail my index finger down his chest while looking at him. He swallows, watching my every move. “You seem so tense, baby.” I say with a frown, swaying side to side on him slowly. He leans back further into the pillow and his breath hitches. “Relax.” I whisper and he nods silently. I begin move my hips up and down on his crotch with my hands resting on his chest. I watch him as I do so. He grabs a hold of my hips with his hands and groans. I push down harder and begin to move quicker. “Holy s-shit.” Luke squeaks out and I can feel his member growing under me. I lean down to his neck and begin to kiss it as I move. Luke moans a little as his hands lay on my back. “You like this, baby?” I whisper in his ear, slowing my movements down. He nods quickly. I smirk and then suck the skin under his ear lobe. His hips move up against my center and I laugh a bit. “Patience, Lukey.” I say while kissing down his exposed chest. “I want m-more.” He whimpers outs. I suck on his skin as I pick up the pace with my hips and he moans loudly. “You’re gonna have to beg for it, babe.” I whisper sexily as he squirms underneath me.

You Drive Me Crazy


Pairing: Theo x Reader

Prompt: “Have I ever told you how sexy you look in my shirt”

Summary: Theo loves seeing you wearing his clothes and he makes that a well known fact.

While Theo was out and about taking care of some business as per usual, you were having a relaxing day at home. Wearing nothing but Theo’s top you found laying around the apartment, you had the music turned up loud and were in the kitchen dancing along while cleaning the counter tops.

Every single person has different ways of relaxing and blowing off steam, you were one of those people that loved cleaning. It was something that you did at a young age and whenever you were upset or mad you would pick up a cloth and start scrubbing. It was a habit that Theo didn’t know you had, his seen you mad countless of times before but after every fight he would leave and by the time he came back you just weren’t mad anymore.

Spinning and jumping to the beat of the song you didn’t notice the amused facial expression on your boyfriend’s face, who was now standing at the kitchen entrance loving what he was witnessing. Twirling around you caught Theo and quickly turned off the radio.

“Oh my god Theo” you said while putting down the cloth you were cleaning with.

He had a huge smirk on his face, “I didn’t know my girlfriend could rock some moves”.

You threw a sponge at him and he dodged it, before picking it up and putting it back in the sink. He came up behind you and pulled you towards his body. “I’m only joking babe”.

“What are you doing home so early. I thought you had lots to do today?”.

His hand rubbed your inner thigh and he was starting to become really cheeky in his behaviour. One of Theo’s greatest weakness was seeing you parading around the house in nothing but his clothes. It drove him wild, and turned him on greatly.

“I came back home early to see my girl. I missed you, and if I had known you were wearing nothing but my top I would have come back faster.”

God he knew how to drive you crazy, with just one single touch and with just his lips he was like a drug and you needed to have more of him. You sat on the now clean counter and wrapped your smooth legs around Theo’s waist, he wasn’t complaining about the amount of body to body, skin to skin contact you guys were sharing.

“I missed you too. But you interrupted my cleaning, I was having fun you know”.

He started playing with the buttons on his own shirt that you were wearing and unbutton the first two, revealing the fact you weren’t wearing any bra. He gulped, and you smirked at his reaction.

“What’s the matter my love? You looked like you could used a glass of water”.

Your leg moved up and down his leg. He gripped your thighs and traced circles on them.

“Cute babygirl. Actually I was thinking about all the things I could do to make it up to you”.

“Hmm I don’t know if you could”.

Bruising Theo’s ego was a quick way to get him riled up. And Theo in control was a night that you never forgot, he was rough but he knew how to be gentle. He teased the hell out of you, but made it all worth it in the end. Let’s just say that sex with Theo was never disappointing or boring.

You climbed down from the counter and were about to leave the kitchen. Theo pulled you back and you felt all the teasing from before had affected him in that certain area. “I know what your doing Y/N, but I always win this game”.

Detaching yourself you reached for the rest of the buttons and only left one unopened. “Are you sure about that babe?”.

You would love at this point to be able to hear how fast Theo’s heart was beating, but you could tell by looking at him that it was probably in super fast racing mode. You ran into the bedroom as fast as you could and before Theo could join, you shut the door locking it in the process.

“Y/N open the door” he demanded.

You weren’t going to say that you weren’t enjoying this, it wasn’t often that Theo was the one left begging. In fact it was mostly the other way around, so having him on the other side of the door pleading was amusing.

“You see Theo I could open the door, but this is just a tad more fun”. you giggled and imagined how frustrated and annoyed Theo was becoming with each passing minute.

“Imagine how much more fun we could be having, if I was actually allowed in our bedroom”.

“Say please” you told him.

You heard him groan from the other side, “You have got to be fucking kidding babe…I don’t beg”

Sitting on the bed and smiling at what was going on, you grabbed the magazine on the bed side table and started flipping through the pages. “Well then I guess you’re going to be stuck out there for a while”.

“Please Y/N could you open the door?”.

Biting your lip you waited exactly 10 seconds before getting up and granting his request. When he heard the lock un-click and the door knob being turned, he saw the smirk on your face. Entering the room he grabbed your waist and once more your body collided with his, “Just so you know your the only girl that will ever get me to beg for her”.

“I’m glad to know, now I think you promised to make it up to me for interrupting my cleaning?” you kissed him for the first time today, and his lips tasted sweet.

Holding onto you he moved the heated session that was building for awhile and both of you landed on the bed. “You drive me so fucking crazy”.

“What can I say I’m a pro” you laughed, but you had to admit all this back and forth teasing was starting to get old and you wanted to hurry this along to the good part.

Theo obviously sensed your desperation, but before any clothes started flying across the room he stopped and held your gaze before saying “Have I ever told you how sexy you look in my shirt?”.

He never failed to make you blush. Of course he reminded you how beautiful or how sexy you looked any chance he got, Theo when he was in private was nothing but a gentleman. But outside of this house, he had a reputation to uphold and he wouldn’t let that interfere with the way he treated you.

“About once or twice, or maybe it was a couple of hundred times. I’ve lost count by now”.

“Well you do, but I think it needs to come off”.

“Then what are you waiting for Raeken?”.

Theo definitely didn’t need to be told twice, ripping his own shirt from your body everything after that felt like pure bliss. He like always left his mark, and you lost count to how many times he got you to scream his name due to the overload of pleasure.

Trying to catch your breath after that intense workout, Theo wrapped the sheets around you and snuggled as close as he could.

“That was better than cleaning, wasn’t it?” he asked.

Reaching out and caressing his cheek, he looked beyond handsome as he was staring back at you. "Way better than cleaning” you respond.

Theo wasn’t near perfect, but who he was when the two of you were behind close doors was the only thing that you cared about.

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Can I please request something about being Jungkook's friend and learning him English, and at some point it gets heated and Jungkook says "Kiss me" and stuff. Thank you!

Thank you for your request!!! i hope you enjoy :)

Admin Abbie

X smut X


You sat in the living room looking over some more ideas to teach your student. He was trying to learn English so he could communicate better with his fans…yes fans. You student was none other the Jeon Jungkook of bts.

You guys were actually the same age, he was just a bit older then you by a couple months. You were from the United States so you knew English very well it was your first language after all. Jungkook came back in with some drinks and snacks and he placed them on the table. He took a seat next to you.

“So Y/N what are we learning today?”

“Just some simple phrases and statements nothing big!”

He nodded his head and looked down and the textbook as you taught him what he needed to know. He caught on really fast with English, He understood very well and his pronunciation was really good too! You felt like a proud parent in a way. But….luckily you weren’t his mom or anything…because if you were things would be difficult. You hated to admit it but you had a very big crush on Jungkook.

At first you tried to ignore it but the feeling only grew and grew every time you saw him. And if that wasn’t bad enough Jungkook didn’t know the meaning of the word ‘Space’ He was always so close to you and touching you and hugging you. It drove you crazy! him touching you made your whole body burn and feel like air.

He was cruel…he doesn’t even know he is cruel which makes it even worse! Because if he knew maybe he would stop making it so hard or maybe he would….No…No way would he do that.

You will admit that you’ve had countless wet dreams about him and when you touch yourself you imagine it’s his hand not yours. You craved him…all of him. You wanted him so bad that sometimes during the tutor lessons you had to ‘excuse yourself’ so you could take care of your…issue which usually meant going to his bathroom and masturbating so you could make it through the night. it was absolutely horrible.

“Y/N what is this word?”

Jungkook’s words snapped you out of your thoughts.

“Oh this? It is lover! like someone you make love to or someone you love kinda like a boyfriend and girlfriend”

“Ohh…Really? Thats interesting”

“Interesting? how so”

He ignored your question and just continued to look and his text book, he held the pen tightly in his head and with his index finger he would slightly stroke it. It was a small action..so why did it turn you on so much?!?! You felt the very familiar sensation starting to rise. You tried to think about something else, you thought about puppies and flowers and anything pure and innocent!!! but alas…it didn’t work…you were officially turned on…..great.

“Hey Y/N”


‘Shit!!! did i just stutter?!?!?! jeez way to go me..’ you thought

“I’ve been studying by myself a lot lately! and i think i’ve learned a lot new things.”

“Really? that’s great!! what all did you learn!!”

“Well…i’ve learned a couple words like wet, I’ve also learned all the meanings it has!”

“R-Really? that’s great..”

‘Of all things……it had to be Wet…’ you thought again as you took a deep breath

“Yep it can mean slippery, or moisture, it happens when you spill water or your get out of the pool or ocean or bath!”

“Y-Yes that’s correct good job kookie what are the other words you learn-”

“But….it can also be when a girl gets ‘Horny’ she can become extremely wet.”

Your jaw dropped….Not only did he just slightly dirty talk you but he also said ‘horny’ in English…Your body shook. 

“Y-Yea that i-is also correct…..”

“So let me ask this question…Y/N have you ever been ‘Wet’ before?”

“N-No…I don’t t-think i hav-”



“You’re lying”

“What m-makes you say that”

“Because i’ve heard you…..All those long bathroom breaks? Do you think im stupid.”

You didn’t know what to say……He knew….all this time he knew that you did that….IN HIS APARTMENT?!?!!?  You wanted to run…you just wanted to go home and cry. He found out that not only were you a pervert but you were sure that he knew that you liked him now as well.

“i-I’m s-sorry i don’t k-know what to s-”

“Kiss Me.”



“i said…Kiss me.”

You stood there speechless…He said what now?!?! did he just say IN ENGLISH that he wants you to kiss him?!?!?!  You must be dreaming..

“Jeez Y/N it seems like….i need to be your tutor now.”

He grabbed the back of your neck and pulled you in, He crashed his lips on yours and kissed you passionately. You were frozen…what should you do?!?! this was something you never expected to happen!!

he pulled back a little and whispered.

“K.I.S.S. M.E.”

You didn’t know what to do so you just let your instincts take over. You leaned in a kissed him, the sweet kiss turned into a hot make out session where your tongues were fighting for dominance and your body was burning. He pushed you down onto the floor and pinned your hands above your head. He kissed down your neck and sucked on your collarbone leaving behind a large red mark.

He pulled up and looked at you in the eyes, he removed his shirt and tied it around your wrists.

“Its my turn to teach you just what happens to a bad girl.”

His words sent shivers directly to your womanhood that twitched and ached with the need of his touch. yours eyes were clouded with lust and your breathing quickened.

He removed your top and kissed down your body, He reached underneath you and undid your bra in one swift movement. He then grabbed your pants and pulled them down, you were left in only your underwear. You could clearly see just how wet you were, Your juices were leaking down your legs and your panties were soaked.

“Look at you Y/N just how bad do you want me? Tell me..”


“Y/N tell me how bad you want me…..T.E.L.L M.E.”


“What i couldn’t hear you baby”


“How bad?”

“Really Bad!!!”

“Thats more like it.”

He leaned down and placed his thumb on your clit and slowly rubbed it, You leaned back and let out a small moan. He started rubbing it more as he kissed down you inner thigh. His hot breath that would slightly hit your womanhood every time he moved to the other leg drove you crazy. He was teasing you and you couldn’t take it anymore.



“Stop t-teasing me…”

“Hmmmm maybe if you tell me what you want…..I’ll give it to you, but you have to beg me…After all bad girls dont get rewards unless they do what their told”


He pinched your clit and bit your inner thigh leaving behind a mark, You  arched your back and let out a loud moan.

“Beg me and i will do it…thats all you have to do baby..”

“Please…just do it…”

“Do what? Your going to have to be more specific then that”

“I w-want you to f-fuck me…..”

“What was that? i couldn’t hear you babe”

“I said….I want you…to fuck me!”

“Now say it in English.”

“I want you to fuck me…Please”

“There ya go”

He grabbed your panties and ripped them off in one swift movement, He took off his pants and his boxers. His member standing tall and boy was it…big…was that even going to fit??!?! you thought

“Looks like you like what you see…Haha, well that goes both ways”

He placed himself at your entrance and started pushing in, He went slow until he was fully in. You fought back tears as you squeezed tightly onto his shirt. he waited for you to adjust to his size then he started moving.

He pulled out then slammed back in with amazing force. he started off slow and then went faster and harder. His body was starting to sweat as he went faster, You were screaming his name so loud you could swear the neighbors could hear you. You arched you back and grinned onto him as he slammed in and out of you.

“Y/N Scream my name! Make sure the whole town can hear me fucking you.”

He reached down and grabbed your clit and started rubbing it roughly, You felt your core start to tighten and your body was shaking. You were moaning his name as he went faster and deeper inside you. Your stomach began to not and you started screaming his name as he went harder. 

You felt him squeezing your hips tightly and you knew that it was going to leave marks in the morning. He started rubbing your clit faster and you knew you were about to cum

“J-Jungkook… i-im Cumming!”

“M-Me too!!”

With a few more thrusts you and him hit your climaxes and you both let out a loud scream. your bodies shook with pleasure as you both rode out your climaxes.

Once you finished he collapsed on top of you and then rolled off, You just laid there still in disbelief of what had just happened. You looked over at him and smiled as he smiled back at you.



“Does this mean that im your tutor now?”

“No! you aren’t that good in English yet! i still need to teach you!!”

“I know that…im not saying im your English teacher!”

“Then what”

He leaned over and kissed you sweetly while his hand traveled down and he inserted to fingers inside you.

“Im you’re sex tutor..of course”


“Yep im going to teach you all that you need to know and of course its a hands on only class so be prepared.”

He kissed you again and you knew right then and there…your life was about to get a lot more interesting…in many ways”


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Hello, may I ask if you could do a blurb where Harry's married to someone 5 years younger than him please? (Obvs in the future) :)) Thanksssss.

Hello, anon! Thanks for the request. This one took some time because I wasn’t quite sure what you wanted. Somehow this turned into a wedding night story. You’re 21 (so he would be 26 obviously), and you’re a virgin. I hope you find this satisfactory.

To say you’re nervous would be the understatement of the year. Your stomach has been in knots all day. This day. The most special day of all - your wedding day.

Who would have thought five years ago, when you were only sixteen and crushing over a boy band, that one day you would be marrying one of its members. If anyone had told you so, you would laughed in their face and told them to get lost. Yet here you are. You’ve just married the man of your dreams. You are officially Mrs. Harry Styles.

“Are you okay, love?” you hear him ask on the other side of the door.

You stare at your reflection in the bathroom mirror. You’re wearing the little white negligee one of your best friends gave you at your bridal shower. It feels smooth against your skin, skimming your breasts and hips just enough. You know he’ll like it, that’s not what you’re nervous about. This will be your first time.

“I’ll be right out,” you call back to him.

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Mr. Way, the Masseur

Request: could you do a smutty Gerard imagine based off of his massage tweets?

Collage of Gerard’s hands made by

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Gerard asked again, gently stroking my back.

“I’m fine, Gee. Just a little stressed out” School and work have been taking a toll on me. Gerard was starting too get worried about my constant migraines and random outbursts.

“How about a massage? I’m a great masseur” He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

“Shut the fuck up” I giggled, leaning onto his shoulder.

“No really, I give a killer massage. It’s the artist hands” He wiggled his fingers in front of my face, attempting to do jazz hands. 

“Alright, Gerard. Woo me” He grinned and headed to the bedroom. After a few minutes, he returned with his arms full of supplies: towels, lotion, sage, and a CD player. 

“I couldn’t find your robe”

“It ripped last week, remember?” Did he really forget him tearing it off of me last week, being a little too eager for shower sex. A smirk grew on his face, probably remembering the scene.

“Oh yeahhh. That was quite a night” He said smugly. “Well, we don’t need a robe. You’re gonna be naked anyway so what’s the point”

“This is already very unprofessional Mr. Way” I sassed back. I slowly dragged the tank top over my head, smirking when he bit his lip. I toyed with the hem of my shorts, taking my time before letting them drop to my ankles.

“I can take it from here” Gerard said suddenly when I moved to my bra. His aroused tone always did something to me, knocking the air out of me and making it feel impossible to speak. He dragged his fingers gently down my back, stopping at my bra clasp. He unhooked it swiftly, letting the fabric fall to the ground. I gasped when I felt him apply a trail of wet kisses up my back, stopping when he reached my neck. “Lie down” He growled into my ear. I made a small whimper in response, following orders and laying down on the towel covered table. “Okay, just relax” He cooed. I could smell sage burning and Echos In the Rain playing quietly in the background.

“Enya? Really?” I chuckled at his song choice.

“Don’t knock it until you try it. Now relax" The lights dimmed and I suddenly felt anxious. Gerard and I have a fairly active sex life but, being stripped to only panties, laid out on the table in a poorly lit room felt like the most erotic thing I’ve ever done. He laid a towel onto my lower back and gently caressed my shoulders. “You’re so tense y/n, relax…” His voice was soothing and sexy at the same time. I breathed out and tried to be less tense. His fingers dug into my shoulder blades, rubbing small circles into my back. I moaned softly as he dug deeper, loosening some of my tension. “Breath baby…” His mouth was against my ear again, his bottom lip gliding against my earlobe. I let out a shaky breath and tried to focus on the massage instead of the wetness forming in between my legs. His hands lowered, tugging and working into my lower back. He gave the lotion bottle a quick pump, smearing it over his hands before rubbing it over my back. I groaned at the cold, yet refreshing feeling. “Does that feel good babe?”

“So good, Gee…” I mumbled out, arching my back into his skilled fingers. His hand suddenly slipped past my underwear, gripping my ass firmly. 

“You have so many knots baby…we may have to go deeper” The tips off his fingers wandered down to my inner thigh, getting teasingly close to where I needed him the most. “Would you like that?”


“Use your manners darling”

“Please, Gee. I want you so bad, please”

“As you wish” I could hear that beautiful smirk in his voice. He removed his hands, tugging them down my legs. “Flip over” I eagerly rotated onto my back, taking in the sight of him kneeling between my legs. He lifted my legs and placed the over his shoulders, giving him complete access to my soaking heat. He winked at me before dipping his head, dragging his tongue across my center. I gasped and my hand flew down into his hair, pulling the red locks as close as possible. His hands held my hips down firmly, circling his tongue around my clit.

“Oh my god, Gerard…you’re so good at this” He growled in response, the vibrations rocking against the clit. Two fingers pushed passed my folds, making cry out his name. His thrusted sharply into me, going deeper with each stroke. “Gee…i’m gonna…”

“Cum for me y/n, cum all over my fingers” He purred, flicking his tongue frantically and his long fingers moving in and out at a faster rate. I yelled his name as hot pleasure washed through my body. I held his head in place tightly, digging my nails into his cherry hair. I loosened my grip as I slowly came back to Earth. 

“How was that?” Gerard said confidently, laying his head down on the table a few inches away from mine.

“Relieving” I smiled, twirling the end of his hair in between my fingers.

“Say it, Mr. Way is the best masseur ever”

“Fine, Mr. Way is the best masseur ever”

“I love how you say Mr. Way, you should call me that more often”

“There is no way i’m calling you Mr. Way while we have sex”

“But he gives amazing massages”

“Not happening”

“Fiiiiine” He sighed dramatically, running his hands across my back. 

“I need a shower” 

“Perfect, i’ll go with you” He smirked when I raised my eyebrow up at him.

“Some knots are too deep for my fingers baby”

Jooheon - Car Ride

Author: Jo

Word Count: 1,626

Genre: Smut

Rating: M

Request: “ heyy can I request a smut where jooheon gets impatient and ends up having sex in the car…during daytime*smirks* I feel like it’s more risky and hot like this haha thanks if u can write a smut for this love ur blog btw❤️” 

Sorry it took so long. Plus idk all the car and road terms so I apologize. 

Originally posted by trainingpanda

The car ride seemed longer than before. For Jooheon it felt like an eternity. You and Jooheon were coming back from a group date with Kihyun and Changkyun. The four of you decided to head out for lunch and hang out for a bit in the diner. What the other two weren’t aware of was the amount of touching you and Jooheon were exchanging under the table. He would squeeze your thighs, you would rub his thighs. He would pinch your inner thigh, you would “accidently” rub his crotch. By the end of the get-together Jooheon was rushing to get home.

The car ride was silent apart from the music booming from the radio. He drove onto the highway, trying to stay focused. You eyed him up and down. His eyes averted from the road and shot to you, “What?” Your thighs rubbed together causing friction between your legs, “Nothing.” You admitted you were pretty horny from all the action under the table. He glanced down at your legs and looked back up at the road.

You turned the radio up. A few seconds into the song you felt a cold hand on your hot thighs. Surprised, you look at Jooheon who was pretending to not notice your reaction. As his hand moved up high you squeezed your legs tighter together; you grabbed his wrist as if to stop him. “What’s wrong,” he asked, still not giving his attention to you. “What do you mean? We’re not gonna do this in the car right now.” He whimpered back making circles with his thumb on your skin, “Come on, why not?” “No, when we get home. You’re gonna get distracted from the road.” He recalled his hand from your lap.

His gaze trailed up your body. You wore a pair of shorts and a v-neck t-shirt. Jooheon was able to see straight down your shirt; he had a good view of your bra. He bit his lip as his eyes left your body. You had thought his attempts stopped. Jooheon continued to drive straight before reaching a less important road. You looked around not recognizing your surroundings. “Where are we?” You looked at Jooheon with confusion. He had strayed off the main road. Before you could say anything else, Jooheon drove off the road onto the sideline and parked his car. “What are you doing? Did something happen to the car?” You weren’t sure what he had going on in his head.

Jooheon turned the music up louder and got out of the car, closing the door behind him. You watched him walk over to the passenger side and open your door. You were completely puzzled. “Get out,” he said firmly. Confused, you existed the car. Cars continued to pass by on the road. There was a consistent flow of cars driving by. Jooheon opened the door to the backseat, “Go.” “No, I don’t understand what you’re trying to pull. Let’s just go back to driving.” Before you could go back to your seat Jooheon grabbed your arm and pressed you against the car with his body. Quietly, he whispered into your ear, “Please.”

You eyed him for a second and did what he asked. You sat in the backseat and looked back up at Jooheon. He leaned into the car and closed the door behind him. As the door slammed shut his lips clashed with yours. Your attempt to pull away failed, his lips moved gently against yours. His hands moved to your waist pulling you in closer. He leaned over you, making you lay down on the seats. He moved close to your ear, “I won’t get distracted by the road now,” he left kisses down your neck. You let little moans exist your mouth, “Someone’s going to see us.” He continued to kiss down your neck to your chest. You attempted to change his mind about going through with the situation given you were afraid of a cop coming by, but he wasn’t in any mood to listen and you know you were getting more and more excited by the feeling.

The bass from the radio vibrated throughout the car. Jooheon quickly removed your t-shirt and his to go along. Your heart was racing thinking about how risky this was. Before you could react, he began to massage your breast and kiss from your neck to your collar bones. Jooheon slipped his hand under your bra and continued to grope it but the clasp broke, not being able to handle the pressure. You saw no need for the bra anymore and threw it on the car floor. First, he stared at your chest before letting his mouth nip at them. He kissed around the skin and began to suck at the nipple. Small gasps escaped your agape lips.

As his mouth was busy leaving small marks on your chest, his hands were busy unbuttoning your shorts and sliding them down your legs. His left hand caressed your warm thighs as the right flung your shorts to the passenger side seat. Your panties were next after to leave your body and lay in another area of Jooheon’s car. He helped lift you up onto his lap and you straddled him. At this point cars were honking at you guys. The back windows were slightly tinted but the shadows they gave off were enough to suggest what you two were doing. You were rushing to unbuckle and lower his pants. His hands cupped your ass and he smiled seeing how flustered you were.

Jooheon helped quicken the process by lowering his boxers enough to let his length free. Before he rolled the condom on, he stroked himself a few times to prepare himself. You lowered yourself down onto his length. He was definitely thick in width and it made it harder for him to go in. Your walls were tight against his cock. Your hands gripped onto his shoulders for support and his hands continued to grope your ass. He helped lead you up and down his cock. It started off slow, you let out a slight moan after each stroke, but soon the pace quickened. His eyes wandered your body as your breasts bounced up and down. His lips latched onto your neck again, sucking on your skin.

The honking became more frequent. More and more cars seemed to be passing by and it was obvious you and Jooheon were getting noticed. You mumbled out as best you could between your moans, “They know.” He took a moment before he responded. His breath hitting your skin, “Let them.” He was forcing your lower body to slam into his. The rough pressure launched pain and pleasure through your body. The music blasted inside the car, but you could still hear the commotion outside. You began hearing the faint sound of a cop car. As much as you wanted to care, you were too interested in amazing feeling Jooheon was giving you.

He grabbed your hips and continued to guide your lower body on his. The pounding didn’t get any softer. “Jooheon..” you mustered out. Jooheon’s eyes stared at your face. He loved the site of your expression while you were on the edge of cumming. “You’re so sexy,” he said in a strong but needy voice. With a few more strokes you and him both orgasimed. The sirens of the cop car grew closer. You looked up after the pleasure died down and saw the car approaching. “A car that passed by must have called them,” Jooheon said as he removed the condom and grabbed a tissue paper to wrap it up into, then tucking it into the back pockets of the passenger seat. You tried to grab as many pieces of your closes as you could. You both rushed to put anything on. “I don’t have a bra to wear anymore,” you said in a panic. Jooheon grabbed a hoodie he had laying on the ground under the driver’s seat and hurled it at you, “They won’t notice, put that on.” He dressed himself and climbed into the driver’s seat through the small opening between the passenger and driver’s seat. “What are you looking for? The cop’s gonna be here any second,” Jooheon exclaimed. The cop car had pulled up behind us and parked. The cop started to get out of his car. “My underwear!” you kept looking around. “It’s not like they’ll know if you have them on or no, just put on your shorts.” You wore your shorts and hurled yourself through the opening and sat in the passenger’s seat. Before the cop came to your window you stuffed your bra into the glove compartment.

There was a knock on the window. You lowered your window and Jooheon lowered the volume of the radio. “Sir, what are you doing parked on the side of the road like this?” the cop asked Jooheon. “Huh?…oh…the car was acting funny. You see…the…the petals weren’t working..haha..” he said cutely. Jooheon stepped on the gas petal for a second and removed his foot. “Oh, it’s working now. That’s funny,” he said with a sweet smile. The cop glanced at the bottom of the the car floor, under the passenger’s seat. “What’s that?” You both looked behind and saw a black laced piece of clothing on the floor. You blushed. Jooheon looked up at the cop after seeing the item and smiled at him again. The cop nodded his head and began writing a ticket.

On the ride home, you both didn’t speak since the cop incident. You opened your mouth, “It would have been cheaper to have sex at your apartment.” You could feel Jooheon smirking, “But you wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much.

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Could you write a date with daddy Jhoon?¿~

The date would be cute.. that’s until you ran your hand up his thigh. He knew you what you wanted, so he decided to play around with you. He leaned over and started whispering in your ear “How would you like it if I took you to the bathroom and fucked you, you’d like that wouldn’t you?”. He would rub his hands on your inner thighs, sliding closer and closer to where you wanted him to be, then he’d pull away. He did all of this with the slyest grin on his face. He loved seeing you like this; helpless and begging for more. It was all a game to him, until he took you to the car and fucked you in the back seat. Even then though, he still teased you. He would slowly pull off your clothes and purposely take the longest time to undo his belt. He was good at what he did, your neck would always be covered in hickeys. Actually, wherever he was on your body, he left a mark. Whether that be between your thighs or from your stomach to your neck. He loved hearing you scream his name.. Which is good, considering that’s usually how 99% of your time together ended, but somehow he always left you begging for more.




A/N: quickly I wanna just say I got very very carried away with this. I loved writing this, it took me a good 3-4 days to write but it was worth it. I was gonna wait untill I reached 500 followers but I got to excited & am 10 away from 500 so oh well maybe I’ll do something diff for the 500 mark who knows 😏


Your boyfriend bradley had been away on tour for 4 months in and you missed him like crazy. You missed everything about him especially the way he touched you and made you feel good. Since he’s been gone for so long there have been days when you touched yourself thinking of him, he usually took care of you but as of now you had to do it yourself. Bradley has the night off to spend time with you so you’ll be meeting with him and the boys in an hour at the airport. You decided to take s shower quickly and head down to the airport. You told brad you’d meet him at baggage claim which you did but he wasn’t there quite yet.

You stood there for a good 10 minutes until you heard the loud British accent screaming your name from like 10 feet away and he ran up and hugged you tightly. “I missed you so much brad” you whispered into the crook of his neck. “I missed you too baby girl” he said making you look up at him and he kissed your lips softly. “AW ISNT THAT JUST ADORABLE” tristan said squishing your cheeks together as you scrunched your face up. “I missed you idiots as well” you laughed hugging tristan in a more friendly manner obviously as well as the rest of the band. “how bout we all go to the diner” james suggests as always. “Sure food sounds good about now” you joked. Brad smiled at you and took your hand as all of you walked to the diner since it wasn’t far from the airport.

You all sat at a booth tristan, James and Connor on one side and you and brad on the other. You all ordered you’re food and as you were talking to everyone brad put his hand right above your knee, you didn’t think anything of it at first until he reached at almost the top of your inner thigh. You gave him a look in shock that he would do something like this when his friends are right across from you. “I REALLY missed you” he said in your ear in a light voice exaggerating the word really. “Brad don’t” you said in a whisper. Brad kept rubbing the inside of your thigh turning you on immensely. Soon his hand hovered over your clit rubbing circles causing you to bite your lip. “Hey Everything alright” tristan asked looking at you. “Y-yeah, perfect” you managed to blurt out. Brad could tell you were close so he ended up stopping, making you want more. “Okay Y/N me , brad and the lads have talked about it and I think you should come on tour with us for the next month whilst you have it off for winter break” tristan spilled. “A-are you serious!?!” You said spewing with excitement. “Of. Course we are, so will you?” Brad asked you intently looking directly into your eyes with his brown eyes. “Of course I will!” You squealed hugging brad as he pecked your shoulder letting you know he was still in the same mood as earlier.

“Alright guys I kinda promised my beautiful girlfriend here that her and I would have a movie marathon at her place, so I’ll see you guys tomorrow” brad said obviously making an excuse for you two to leave. “Ah alright man we’ll see you tomorrow” Tristan said saying goodbye to the both of you. You and bradley made it to your house after many comments in the car about how “he’s always found it hot when a woman can drive” obviously trying to turn you on even further. Once you made it inside your apartment you dropped everything to the couch and before you knew it you were being lifted over brads shoulder. “Your mine tonight baby girl” he said leading the two of you to your bed room. He began kissing you passionately on your bed and he pulled away saying “I missed you so much baby”.

He kissed my jaw line “every”, he kissed your neck “little” , he kissed the crook of your neck “part of you” he said lowly. “I’ve missed you so much brad” you said trying really hard not to whine or moan out. “I know baby shh I’m gonna take care of you tonight” he said before slipping his hands under your crew neck shirt and pulling it over your head and admiring your body. “So beautiful” he mumbled before starting to kiss down your neck, then to the valley in between your breasts and down your stomach, making you suck in a breath harshly. He reached the waist of your leggings kissing above the hem. “Bradley stop being such a fucking tease” you said in desperation. “Don’t worry baby you’ll get what you need, don’t I always take care of my baby girl” he said holding your hands sweetly. His hands fall from your hands and down to your leggings slipping them off of your legs and onto the floor. He slowly made his way to your lacy underwear, kissing right above your underwear line. “Baby your so ready for me” he said under his breath and you couldn’t help but let out a moan. He took your panties off almost painfully slow making you grow impatient. He grabbed both of your hands to sooth you a bit, and began to leave kisses on your clit before sucking on it intently make you moan out. “Does my baby girl like this” he breathed above your clit. “God yes brad!” You moaned out. He brought you until you had that feeling in your stomach and your legs began to shake until the sensation left your throbbing heat. “Brad what the fuck” you said irritated. “Shh baby I want to be inside you when you come. "Mmm brad let me take your clothes off” you said pulling him closer to you where his face was level with yours and pulled his shirt off. “I love you so much” you mumbled before kissing his lips “I love you too baby” he said pulling his jeans that so tightly clung to his legs. When his jeans came off you could see the prominent bulge in his boxers causing your hands to wonder. “No, no princess Its about you tonight.” He said pulling your hands away. He then U clipped your bra and slipped the strap off your shoulders. He then pulled off his boxers and pulled on a condom, lining himself up with your entrance. “Are you ready babe?” “Always” you said kissing his lips. He entered you slowly, making you whimper. “Please faster bradley” you moaned in want, as he did as you said whilst kissing your neck. “Shit your so beautiful baby girl” he said hitting that spot that made you completely insane. “FUCK BRAD” you moaned as he repeatedly hit your spot. “Brad I’m closee” you whined, “I know baby so am I, just let it go” he said kissing your lips more roughly then before and causing excitement to over take you when you took his lips in yours. “AHH FUCKKKK” you both moaned almost in unison coming at the same time.

“I missed that part the most” you whispered cheekily in his ear. “Me too” he laughed. He pulled out and kissed your forehead “I really do love you” he said holding you close. “I missed you so much bradley” you practically cried. “I know baby, that’s why I’m so happy your coming on tour with us” “I know I’m so excited babe”. “Can I put some clothes on cause I wanna sleep” you asked pulling out of his embrace. “Aww I thought you were gonna sleep naked with me.” He said sarcastically. “Well then that’s a downer for you then isn’t it” you said laughing, him laughing in response. You got up and as soon as you stood up your legs have out and your butt fell back on the bed. “Woa are you okay” brad said sitting up. “Yeah I’m just, um.. A bit sore” and with that he let out a snicker. “It’s not funny brad I’m not used to it like I am when your home more often” you said defensively, getting up to slide a new pair of underwear on. “I know,baby. I know” he said sweetly. “Hey babe can I borrow a shirt?” You said looking around for clothes. “Yeah, of course” he said throwing you his arctic monkeys shirt. You climbed back into bed with your hair in a bun and only brads shirt and a pair of underwear. “I can get used to falling asleep like this” he said kissing your cheek as you fell asleep with your legs sprawled out on his and your head on his chest. “I love you” he murmured before you both fell asleep.

Harry Smut// Playing His Game


You felt warmth of the sun fill your bedroom. You knew it was about seven in the morning by the sunlight coming in and your husband of seven years, Harry, slightly shifting in his sleep. He was almost awake. Even after being together for nine years and having three children you still enjoyed the view of Harry in the morning.

“Morning, babe,” you whispered sweetly in his ear, touching his bare chest.

His eyes slowly opened his eyes and highly sighed.

“Hey Y/N,” he smiled, turning to face you.

Some days you guys would have a moment like this. There wouldn’t be much words spoken to each other, but it was just the quiet bliss. It reminded you both of the days when you didn’t have kids or worries like the pressure of getting married and staying married. As much as you both missed those days, you wouldn’t trade it for the world.

“If I knew we didn’t promise to take our kids to the zoo today, I would fuck into next week because you look so damn sexy in the morning,” he said in a low voice making you shiver.

“Harry,” you trailed off, your cheeks becoming more red. He liked to play this game every time you were having a family outing. Even after all these years, he played the same game, but this time you were prepared.

The door to the bedroom creaked open, revealing a your six year old son, Edward. Even though you couldn’t see his face, you could tell by his full head of hair that was similar to his father’s.

“Come on mum and dad, we have to go to the zoo!” Edward yelped while climbing on to the bed.

“Of course, baby,” you smiled, helping him settled down on the bed. “But how about you go and wake up your sisters while daddy and I go and make breakfast.”

“Okay but can we have waffles too?” Edward asked.

“As long as you wake up your sisters you can have anything you want for breakfast, okay?” Harry joined in, putting his hands up for a high five.

Edward quickly nodded and slapped Harry’s hand before running to wake up his sisters.

“Well, daddy, lets do this,” you said, rubbing his inner thigh slowly. He put his hand on top of yours.

“You mean breakfast?” he asked starring deep into your eyes. You knew he knew what you were doing.

“Of course,” you chuckled before getting out of bed, swaying your hips a little more for good measure. You could feel his strong gaze from behind you.

“Good job, Jaz!” you cooed at your fifth-teen month old daughter. “Harry, she ate all her food today.”

“But I finished my food, too, mummy. I’m a big girl!” Your four year old daughter, Spencer said.

“But you always eat your food,” Harry reminded her. “You remind me of your mum when it comes to food,” he began only confusing you.

“Before we had you three, she always begged for more food. She would want it in the kitchen at the table, on the couch in the living room, in bed, in the car,” he said, looking directly at you. You slowly shifted in your chair. “Sometimes she said she would do anything just to get a little more.”

“Like pick up her toys like we have to do?” Edward asked making you cough a bit and Harry slightly chuckle.

“Yeah, something like that,” he smirked before finishing his coffee. His eyes were still on you when he put his mug in the sink. He slightly chuckled at you before going to wash dishes.

“Well enough stories about my eating habits,” you said, “Ed, Spence, why don’t you guys go find something to wear for today.,” you suggested.

They both nodded before running up stairs to their rooms.

“That was quite the story,” you said, standing by the sink by him. “But you didn’t even mention that time when we were at Niall’s for a pool party, and all I remember is you just begging for me just like a baby for food,” you said with air quotes around the word food.

He chuckled before replying, “I think we need to get ready to leave,” you kissed his cheek before he picked up Jasmine to get ready for the day.

You made sure to wear Harry’s favorite outfit of yours; it was his favorite that was child appropriate. At the zoo, you were pushing Jasmine in her stroller while Harry was carrying Spencer in right arm and holding Edward’s hand in his left. The sound of families and animals filled your ears making Jasmine smile.

“I wanna see the monkeys!” Edward yelped pulling Harry’s arm and jumping.

“No, I wanna see the fishys!” Spencer yelped over Edward, shaking her father’s shoulder.

Harry smiled, “How about I take Edward to see the monkeys, and you take the girls to the aquarium,” Harry suggested  while putting Spencer down.

“Yeah and we’ll meet back here for thirty minutes?” you asked, grabbing Spencer’s hand.

He nodded before kissing your cheek, Spencer’s forehead, and Jasmine’s forehead. Before he walked off, you felt his hand land on your ass, giving it a light squeeze. You turned around to meet his smirk, his stare staying on your bum for a little too long. “I love those jeans on you, babe,” Harry whispered behind you, “but you knew that, didn’t you?”

You felt yourself get more aroused than before. You knew you had to step up your game.

“Dad, come on!” your son whined, pulling his arm backward. His gaze was stronger as he walked away with Edward.

You bit your lip before you started walking off with your daughters. You arrived at the aquarium with your daughters to see all types of sea animals. You saw different types of fish and seals. You saw Harry’s face in your girls’ when they got excited. Only Edward had Harry’s green eyes, but you could still his eyes in them too. You lastly visited the dolphins. Their faces lit up with joy and excited when they saw the dolphins up out of the water.

“Quite beautiful, isn’t it?” a man standing next to you said.

“Uh, yeah. They are beautiful,” you replied, pulling Spencer closer to your side.

“I was talking about you love,” he said.

You were taken back a bit. You thought two kids and a diamond ring on your left hand spoke vibes that you were definitely far from single. Your phone vibrated with a text for your husband.


“Hey Ed wants to see the dolphins so we’ll just meet there.”

You smiled at yourself. This was how you would step up your game.

“Thanks,” you smiled. “I’m Y/N,” you said shaking his hand.

“Jason Berke,” he said but instead of shaking your hand, he kissed it. You couldn’t even blush considering the fact that he was not your type and wasn’t Harry. “And the pleasure is all mine.” he winked. “I see that you’re married,” he said gesturing to your ring.

“Yeah, he’s with our son,” you mentioned.

“You look way too young to have three kids,” he stepped a little closer.

“Uh thanks but I’m almost thirty.”

“But your still look-”

“Beautiful,” Harry interrupted, putting his arm around you waist. “I know. That’s why I married her seven years ago, but I’ve been with her for ten.” he said, pulling you closer. His grip on you was tighter than usual.

“I-I think I have to go,” Jason mentioned before walking past you.

“I think it’s time for lunch, guys,” you said, smiling at your kids and Harry. He didn’t have much of a smile on his face. You couldn’t even define his face.

The rest of the afternoon consisted of feeding the animals, Jasmine crying every once and awhile, and Edward ans Spencer interacting with the animals through the glass. The only think you didn’t expect was Harry not teasing you anymore. He hadn’t made a sly comment or touched you in a way that would send chills through your body. You talked with him, you even provoked him, but he was calm. You had finished putting your children in their seats and you were about to leave.

“Y/N,” Harry said, stopping you from getting in the car, “Louis wants the kids to have a play-date. We can drop them off and just head home.” he opened the door for you.

“Yeah sure,” you said under your breath before getting in. You still had you suspicions. He started up the car before heading off. His left hand rest on your thigh, slowly moving his hand up and down. His hand moved closer to your inner thigh, making you stop him everyone once and awhile.

“You thought you were getting off that easy, baby?” he whispered in your ear as he pulled up to Louis’s house. You felt heat move to your core making you take in a deep breath. You quickly helped him take your children out of the car to Louis’s house.

“Hey guys!” Louis said before high-fiving Spencer and Edward.

“Thanks for doing this, Lou,” you said, handing him Jasmine. “It’s been long day.” you mentioned.

“Yeah, my kids missed yours so I thought maybe I give you guys a break and maybe you guys can have some fun for yourself,” he winked. “Maybe work on that fourth child and-”

“Bye, Louis,” Harry interrupted, closing the door for him.

“In the car, now,” he said in a low voice. He pushed you forward to the car with one hand on your shoulder and the other on your ass. “You thought you could tease me all day, baby? I think you may of forgot how this game is played,” he said, opening the car door for you.

“Maybe I don’t want to play by your rules anymore,” you challenged before closing the door yourself. You knew Harry didn’t like to be challenged like that, but you knew to win big, you had to risk a lot.

Harry quickly opened the door and started the car. He drove off with his sight only on the rode. Your posture was more relaxed than Harry’s. He was tense and he knew he wasn’t in control. That would piss almost anyone off, but he couldn’t stand it.

“Harry, can we get home any faster,” you whined, touching his inner thigh. He was unresponsive. “Please, babe, I need you, and I don’t think I can wait until we get home.” you said, removing your hand from his thigh to your own.

“Like hell you will,” he growled, the speed of the car quickening.

“Baby, I need you so bad,” you moaned, slowly running your hand down your jeans.

His glanced over to you, “Y/N, don’t you dare.”

You ignored his plead before moving your finger to your panties. You slowly started rubbing you clit through your panties making you quietly moan. You head fell back on the headrest while your finger moved faster in a figure eight motion. You looked up to see Harry’s face. He looked pissed but turned on considering that fact there was a growing bulge in his pants. You let one finger enter your opening, your moaning becoming louder and quicker.

“Oh, Harry,” you moaned below a whisper. You closed your eyes in pure ecstasy. You knew that Harry knew that you wouldn’t cum with him sitting there next to you; you didn’t want to cum with him just sitting there. “Haz, I can’t cum without you.” you begged just as you reached your neighborhood.

“Y/N,” Harry warned. He rolled into your driveway and stopped the car. “Up stairs. Now. I want naked and ready for me,” he demanded. His once bright green eyes were now a darker olive color. He was more pissed than turned on.

You quickly walked out the car into your home, kicking off your shoes at the backdoor. You took off your shirt and pants and you dropped them on the way to your bedroom.You kept on your bra and underwear since you were wearing them just for your husband.

“You don’t seem to know how to follow direction, sweetheart,” Harry said in the door way. “But you also seem to be playing by a different set of rules today.”

“Maybe I don’t want to play by your rules anymore,” you hissed, grabbing him by his collar and pulling him into the room. “I’ve been playing by your rules for too long, Harry. It’s my turn,” you bit your lip while taking off his jacket.

He wiped around his mouth, “What if I don’t?”

“By the tent in your pants,” you said, palming his growing bulge, “you don’t have a card to play.” He groaned when the touch of your hand touch him. He knew you had him, and you did, too. “On the bed,” you commanded.

Without much hesitation, Harry walked over to the bed. He sat down, his stare never leaving his. You walked over to him to and gently pushed him down to the bed so you could straddle him.

“You don’t speak unless spoken to and no touching unless I say so or i’ll have to tie you up,” you said while lifting up his shirt. “Do you understand?”

He slowly nodded.

“Pants off, underwear on,” you said, sitting in front of him.

He undid his belt and the button of his pants. He raised his hips as you pulled the the leg of his jeans to help him out.

“Hmm I know that feels better already,” you soothed, as you crawled over to his side. You massaged his hard cock through the cloth of his underwear.

“Aw shit,” Harry moaned out.

“Shh,” you hushed him, placing one finger over his lips. “You would of punished me for that, but I think I’ll easier on you.”

You continued rubbing him through his underwear. His eyebrows furrowed as he tried not to moan out. You saw him struggling and smirked. As an award, you slid off his underwear to free his erection. He sighed in complete relief.

“Does that free better, babe?” you asked as you wrapped your hand around his stiff cock.

“Yeah, Y/N, please don’t stop,” Harry begged.

You slowly started moving your hand up and down his shaft making him sigh in pleasure. You picked up the paste while also making your strokes longer. His cock switch in your hand signaling he was close. You removed your grasp from his member causing him to groan in impatience.

“Fuck, Y/N,” Harry groaned again.

“I would say you weren’t enjoying yourself, but,” you began, “you have never been so close so quick.”

He let out a throaty chuckle, “Shut up.”

“Just admit to me that you have never more turned on,” you told him. “Tell me, and I’ll let you finish the way you want to.”

“Baby, please.”

“Say it.”

“I’ve never been more turned on, Y/N!” he admitted. “I need you to finish me off,” he pleaded.

You were shocked by his willingness to finally obey. You smiled at his response and pulled out a condom from his dresser. You ripped off the foil and removed the condom. You slowly slipped it on him.

You lifted yourself up and slowly sunk yourself onto his member making him let out loud groan. You placed your hands on his hard chest before you slowly circled your hips.

“Ah, fuck, Y/N,  just liked that,” he sighed.

His hands went around your back to finally undo your bra to release your breasts. His large hands caressed your breasts making you moan out louder than you thought you would.

You bounced on his cock faster. Harry grabbed your hips to help you control your own pace.

“H-Harry, I’m so close,” you cried out in pleasure.

“Only on my watch,” Harry growled.

His grip on your hips grew tighter before he turned you both over, so he could dominate you. His thrust were relentless.

“Oh my, Harry,” you breathed out.

“Fuck, you’re always so tight for me, baby.”

You felt your orgasm build more intense. You couldn’t take burning sensation much longer.

“Cum for me, baby,” Harry told you has his thrust started getting sloppier but faster. “Tell me who is making you feel this good.”

“You, Harry!” you yelled out. “Only you.”

It didn’t take you long to come afterward and Harry right behind you. He helped you ride out your high as you chanted his name all the way down. You both slowed down to catch your breath.

“I love you so much, Y/N,” Harry said in between breaths. “And you don’t play fair.”

“I play fair; I just play it better,” you chuckled, moving from underneath him. “Plus you’ve been playing this game ever since we had Edward. I wanted to shake it up a bit.”

Harry pulled you closer to his chest, “I like the way you shake it up,” he admitted.

“Yeah… maybe we’re getting to old for this,” you sighed. “I mean we have three kids. Like we are in charge of three kids when you still like acting like some. We’re almost thirty.”

“Awe, someone feels old,” Harry joked. You rolled your eyes. “But don’t worry about it. You still make me feel like I did when we were both twenty, and I like that feeling.”

You blushed before kissing him sweetly, “Me too.”

This was a quiet moments you both enjoyed. The silence was golden.

“You know the kids won’t be home for a couple hours,” Harry mumbled. “And you know what I’ve been missing a lot?”

“Harry, we literally just did it,” you chuckled.

“I mean sleep,” he corrected.

“I think I could get with that,” you smiled before you laid yourself into his chest.

Detention~Part 1

Boy: Luke

Rating: R

Smut: Yes

I kept checking the time on my phone as I flew through the hallways of my high school trying to make it to my bio class in time, but I stopped dead when I heard, “Ms. (Y/L/N)! Since when has it ever been okay to run in the halls of this school?” I slowly turned around. I cannot believe that after three years at this school I was going to get in trouble for the first time in my senior year of course for running in the halls! 

“I’m s-sorry Mr. Hood. I didn’t mean to.” 

He stared me down and said, “Please come with me to my office young lady.” 

It was now the end of the day and I was on my way to my first detention ever. When I walked in I was so upset to find out that the only empty seat was next to the notorious bad boy of the school, Luke Hemmings. Luke was in detention probably every single day of the school year, and he never seemed to give a shit about it. 

“Take a seat Ms. (Y/N).” I walked toward the only double desk in the room that for the next hour I had to share with Luke. “I have a meeting I have to attend for the next hour, so I will come back when it is time for you to leave. You know the rules no talking and no leaving this room under any circumstances.” After finishing her speech the teacher left the room. As she did I slightly turned my head to get a better picture of Luke. Even though he pisses me off on a daily basis I do have to admit that he isn’t bad looking. 

He must’ve caught me staring at him because he lowered his head and with a smirk on his lips he said, “Like what you see (Y/N)” 

I quickly whipped my head around and picked up my homework as I muttered, “You wish Hemmings.” A few minutes passed and Luke said nothing. I thought I was off the hook until I felt his hand rubbing on my knee. I tried to ignore it hoping that would make him stop what he was doing, but when he moved his hand to my inner thigh it became very difficult to ignore. I whispered, “What the hell do you think you are doing Hemmings?” His smirk only grew as he said, 

“Look I already know that you are attracted to me so let’s make a deal. If I can make you cum before the end of detention you get to have sex me in my car.” My eyes widened in complete shock. 

He started to rub circles up my thigh getting dangerously close to my clothed core as I said, “No deal. There is nothing in this world that would ever make me allow you to touch me.” 

“How about this you give me three minutes and if you are not begging for more by then I will stop.” 

I looked back at him and sighed, “You aren’t going to stop bugging me unless I agree, are you?” 

“Nope,” he put emphasis on the ‘p’ as he said it. 

“Fine,” I groaned. He wasted no time as he slipped his end under my skirt and into my panties. I stole a glance around the room to make sure no one had heard our conversation and to my surprise almost all of them had headphones in. My eyes returned to my homework as I attempted to ignore what Luke was doing which didn’t last very long as a small gasp left my lips when he rubbed his fingers along my slit. 

His lips pressed against my ear as he whispered, “So wet for me already (Y/N).” He had a devilish glint in his eye as he plunged his finger into my core. I jumped as I felt his thumb drawing figure eights on my clit and his finger curling forward against my front walls. I let out a moan and then his hand began to retract. 

I grabbed onto his arm to keep him where I needed him most and he said, “Your three minutes are up (Y/N), or would you like me to keep going?” I nodded my head, but then he said, “I need you to say it out loud for me, princess.”

I rolled my eyes at the nickname, but answered, “Please, please don’t stop.” That was all he needed to hear, because then he attacked my clit with his thumb and entered two of his fingers into me moving them at a fast pace. We had five minutes left in detention, but I new I wouldn’t last for another two minutes. Luke started moving his two fingers in a ‘come here’ motion rubbing them against my front walls. He contined to do this and I felt the knot in my stomach start to tighten. 

He peppered kisses along my neck and whispered in to my ear, “Cum for babygirl,” and I did. I let out and animalistic moan as I came, and Luke used his free hand to cover my mouth. As I came down from my high Luke removed his fingers and licked them clean which in the end just made me more horny. That is when the teacher came in and told us to leave. As I stood up my legs almost buckled underneath me, but Luke grabbed onto my arm and held me. As he let go he smirked and said, “See you at my car.”


-Sierra xx

Blue Collar Part III

As they pulled away from the diner, Oliver groaned in mock pain.  He clutched the front of his distended stomach.  Graham had plowed through the meal with abandon, the strain on his t-shirt growing in tension as the meal progressed.  Distracting as it was, Oliver soon found himself struggling to finish the gargantuan serving of food in front of him.  All around him, men had been polishing off similarly piled plates but every man in the place seemed blessed with prodigious midsections.  Oliver had bowed out with about a quarter of the food left, the waistband of his jeans screaming for relief.

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