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You’re not like the others. I’ve seen a few; I know. When I talk, you look at me. When I said something about the moon, you looked at the moon, last night. The others would never do that. The others would walk off and leave me talking. Or threaten me. No one has time any more for anyone else. You’re one of the few who put up with me.
—  Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451
Nevertheless, She Persisted: Happy Birthday Dana Scully

There is a lot to love about Dana Scully. A lot that has been said many times, about her example as a women in a male-oriented field, about The Scully Effect, etc. But @damselindistressmya got me thinking more deeply about why I love her in her post “Why I love Dana Scully”, and its responses. So, I would like to take a moment and thank Gillian Anderson (@chewiesgirlfriend) for her portrayal of Scully on this, her birthday, and let her know why I think Dana Scully is the perfect hero for this moment in history.

Here is Scully in a scene from the season 4 two-parter, Tunguska/Terma.

She is testifying before Congress about evidence she has gathered about a larger conspiracy, while the men questioning her are hung up on an irrelevant detail (sounds a bit familiar) that she refuses to disclose. Rather than answer their questions, she presses her point and ends up held in contempt and sent to lockup for the night to compel her to change her mind.

This is my favorite Scully. Not the badass cop or the slicing and dicing pathologist. This is clear-eyed, investigator Scully, who believes in justice and in the institutions that she has been raised to trust. The scene of her defiance doesn’t take place as a shootout or a car chase, it happens in a courtroom, facing government officials who are more hung-up on where Mulder is than the harm being perpetrated on the citizens they’re supposed to protect.

Scully looks these men straight in the eye, demands they do the right thing, and does not flinch when it lands her in jail.

I need Scully’s example at this moment when my government and its priorities are unrecognizable to me. I need her belief that we should operate within the systems we have labored to build over the past two centuries, and that the system of laws we live under should be accountable to the people.

These beliefs might sound “square” or naive, and her methods like uninspired rule-following, but I believe it is Scully’s example of rigorous scientific thinking, her respect for FACTS, that we desperately need to rediscover as a nation. Mulder might have presented a lot of colorful, “alternative facts” throughout the show, but it was through her careful process of evidence gathering that any real truth began to come to light. Just as we all are now experiencing a vital re-energizing of our need for sound investigative journalism, Scully reminds me that gathering and weighing evidence is more important that ever.

Many female TV characters have come and gone since Scully appeared on our screens, but I am more and more grateful for her every day. She reminds me that abiding loyalty - to a person, to a cause - is not weakness. She demonstrates that some commitments are worth dedicating a life to, even at great personal cost.

Happy 53 Birthday, Dana Scully! I hope we get to see you on our screens again soon. God knows, we need you now.

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Can we have some Seven Suitors Kiki and Mitsuhide moments, especially pregnancy moments? I'm sure Mitsuhide is just the sweetest damn thing when he heard about the baby.

Today, there was nearly an international incident over violets.

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okay i know Allura is space mom, but if one of the paladins were to get sick, let’s be real, Hunk and Lance would go Full Mom Mode™ while Allura’s sitting back trying to figure out wtf is going on

they’d hover over whoever’s sick, always watching over them, tucking them in, feeling their forehead, making them space goo soup. they’d be the first to make sure that the one who’s sick isn’t going on any missions and Lance would argue with Allura against the sick one doing any sort of training until their better.

when Shiro gets sick, Hunk stays in his room with him to make sure he doesn’t try to work out. Lance brings them both meals and updates them as to how everything is going.

when Keith gets sick, Lance literally has everyone on the ship keeping up regular tabs with him as to where Keith is and what he’s doing. the billion times he found out he was on the training deck, he grabbed Hunk and had Hunk carry him back to his room and throw him back into bed.

when Pidge gets sick, Hunk and Lance have to hide her computers around the ship so she doesn’t stay up til ungodly hours creating a new whatever the hell she does. Lance does such a good job that he actually loses one, while Hunk does such a poor job that she finds them right away, but the problem is, he hid them high up and Shiro refuses to grab them for her.

Daryl x Reader - Hot and Bothered (Request) [SMUT]


Requested by @criminal101reidI don’t know if I have, ask you this already or not (mind like a sieve lol) but I would love some Daryl and Reader car smut, I was thinking around Season two were they stay on the highway just in case Sophia came about, (I just love the Daryl from the first season, and I still love him now) xxxxx

I hope you like it ♥



“Daryl, today you take (Y/n) and stay on the highway, maybe Sophia will come back there”

“What the hell Rick?! You know I’ll be more useful looking for her into the woods”

Sighing, I put my hand on Daryl’s shoulder: “C’mon Daryl, you heard the boss”.

Irritated, Daryl walk away from Rick and toward his tent to grab his crossbow.

Me and Daryl are really close…I don’t know what we are actually.
When He came back from the city without Merle he opened up to me, we talked about a lot of emotional stuff and somehow that led us to have sex.

It happened just once, we didn’t talk about that and we carry on like nothing happened.

Are we friends? Friends with benefits? Who knows? Daryl is so stressed out so I prefer don’t talk  with him about that for now.

We have to concentrate and find Sophia.


We spend hours under the hot sun, sit on the car’s roof but there was no sign of Sophia.

“Dammit! Why am I here? Stupid sheriff, he knows very well that I’ll be useful into the woods”

“I can’t believe you still don’t get it”

Daryl turns toward me, waiting for me to continue

“I mean, you want to work alone and if someone is with you, you treat them like shit because ‘I’m Daryl Dixon and you don’t know shit about how to move outside’” I say, mocking him.

“Shut up you don’t know me”

“See? That’s a way of punishment, maybe Rick hopes that staying here doing nothing will help you think about how you could be more affable”. I say, rolling my eyes.

“Good luck with that princess”

I blushed at the pet name: “Shut up Dixon”.

After that we pass time in complete silence, scrutinize our surroundings.

After a little while, Daryl start to get more irritate, walking back and forth, I could tell he was tired to doing nothing but stay on this highway.

I start to check him out

“Even if he was sweating he’s sexy as fuck! I mean look at his arms, I’d give anything to feel them around me, and feel his big hands all over my body just like that night… No! (Y/n) snap out of it! You have to concentrate”

However, I start to get tired to doing nothing but sit on a car roof so I get off it and walk toward Daryl until I found myself right in front of him.


“It’s just…I’m so tired doing nothing and you seem irritate…actually you’ve been angry at everybody lately, for no reason” I say, while I run my hands up and down his chest.

He get stiff at that: “What are you doing?”
“Just think about a way to…” I stop just to get close to his ear and whisper sensually “…a way to get all that tension out of you”.

Taken aback by my behaviour he grip my wrists, stopping my movement: “What do you mean by that?

I free myself and then trail my hand down and start rubbing his clothed cock: “C’mon Daryl you know that very well, please just let go”.

He moans and grunts before finally give up and start kissing me passionately.

He nip my neck hungrily while I keep running my hands on his chest and arms:
“Oh god, Daryl”

He trail kisses up my neck, to my jawline and finally he kiss my lips slowly.

“What do you say if….we move this…into this car…” he says between kisses.

I feel so much pleasure just from his kisses that I’m not able to answer him so I grab him by his shirt and pushed toward the car.

While he’s still devouring my mouth he try to open the car door.

Once he open it, he sit on the driver seat while I sit onto his lap.

He finally close the door, but before kissing me he stare right into my eyes, caressing my cheek.

I smile at him and take the initiative and I kiss him again.

This time the kiss is slow and sensual, it looks like his tongue is making love to mine.

Grunts and moans escape from our lips.

Suddenly he move his big hands under my simple blue t-shirt: “No bra? You’re so naughty”

Smiling while he keeps kissing me I’m just able to say: “Too uncomfortable” before he start to play with my boobs.

“Do you like when I play with your tits, don’t you?” While he says that he pinch both my nipples making me scream: “Yeah just like that”.

I start to tease him, grinding on him slowly, pressing my already wet core into his clothed cock: “You’re such a tease, and you’re wearing too much clothes”.

He literally rip off my t-shirt, however I was so lost in pleasure that I didn’t complain.

“You’re tits look so good” he says, kissing and sucking on my boobs, leaving purple marks.

“Yeah, just like that” I say, grinding on him harder and faster.

After a particular hard thrust, he moan loudly.

I take advantage from that, and start to bite and sucking his neck until I take his lobe into my mouth.

That action makes him moans loudly and he thrust up on me.

“Oh fuck yeah” I moan while I start to take off his shirt.

“You’re so impatient” he scoffed, taking off his shirt and throw it into the backseat.

I lay a trail of kisses from his neck to his chest, I take a nipple in my mouth, biting and sucking it while I play with the other.
“Dammit (Y/n)” He grunts, fisting my hair in a way that he’s able to pull my head back and stare finally at me.
“I know what are you trying to do” He whispers.

He trace my lips with his thumb, which I took into my mouth, sucking it slow.

“You dirty girl, I’d love to feel your beautiful lips on my cock but it will be dark in a short time, and I really need you to ride my cock”.

His words almost made me cum, so I start to take down my jeans and panties while he unzip his trouser, taking out his erect cock.

When I sink down on his cock, both of us let out a loud moan
“oh fuck you’re so big”

I start to grind slowly, I love seeing him like this, with his mouth wide open for the pleasure and his eyes shut tightly: “you’re so wet baby, keep going”

The way his voice sound, his expression and the fact that he start to thrust up while I sink down almost make cum

“Daryl, I’m close”
He put his hands onto my shoulders to keep me down onto his cock while he start to thrust into me hard and fast.
“Do you like my cock in you, don’t you?”

“Yes, oh fuck yes, I do”.

“You’re taking it like a good girl” he says before attack my breast again, sucking on my left nipple.

“aah, Daryl I’m going to…”
“Let’s do it together”

With a last thrust we both reach our high

“Oh yes (Y/n) take it, just take it”

I muffle my screams onto his neck, coming so hard, it’s the best orgasm I ever had.

Once we rode out our orgasms I stay with my head buried onto his neck, leave little kisses here and there, while Daryl massage my scalp sweetly.

“Stay with me”

Taken aback by his words I look up into his eyes “What?”

“Listen…I’m not good with all this emotional shit, I don’t know what it is but even the first time we had sex, I felt something that I’ve never felt before…So please tonight at the farm stay with me in my tent”
Remembering how he looked at me before, I smile at him before answer: “Of course I’ll stay with you Daryl”.

A small smile appears on Daryl’s mouth who just hugs me tightly.

I bury my face onto Daryl’s neck again: ”I know we should go, but I wanna stay like this for a little while”

“That’s fine for me”.

After a moment of silent he added: “We should come check this highway more often”.

It seems like “stories” are definitely still a ~thing~ this season. Hunters told Dean that stories are told about him in the hunting circles. And a demon told Sam that stories would be told about her if she killed him.

Bur really… what kind of stories are told about them?

I mean, they’ve died a billion times. But do the hunters know how bad it got last year? Do they know it got so bad that Earth, Heaven, and Hell all teamed up in order to take down the Darkness? Do they know that the All-Realm Teamup failed, and then Dean Winchester succeeded?

I heard they keep demons chained up in their basement.

Well, I heard the older one is canoodling with an angel.

You sure? The way I heard, it’s the King of Hell he’s banging.

Did you know that the younger brother was possessed by Lucifer for, like, six years?

I heard they blew up an entire apartment building just to piss off one vampire. Not even to kill him - just to make ‘im angry. 

And I heard that the older one turns into the Hulk until his brother gives him pie.

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I'm genuinely sad today. It's been building up and basically hit the boiling point with WINGS/YNWA. I love BTS, and Jin is the reason I got into them and has been my bias member since. But I am so frustrated with BigHit. Jin looked so disappointed during the vlive. Do you remember how hype and excited he'd get when talking about attending his Graduation with his family&the members? He only truly smiled at the cake, and then Gaon was pointless. They didn't need to go. Grad was SO important to him

to be honest i cant completely objectively blame bighit for the graduatuin situation even tho i hate bighit most days ? bc

1) even when just one member is missing the entire choreography, lights, sound, line distribution, etc have to be rearranged and i know it takes way more work than it looks like bc i remember one of t-aras staff one time talking about it when hwayoung was injured . if jin had skipped out it would have caused a mess

2) they couldnt just skip the awards ceremony altogether, even tho the fans wouldnt have minded or anything, bc bts was already guaranteed to win the 4th quarter award which is a big deal and u cant just not show up for its just industry politics u kno u kno

of course im sad he couldnt attend his own graduation esp how hard hes worked for it, but there wasnt really anything that could be done its just unfortunate 

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As much as I wish to main4 be Even, bc I couldn'tttttt have enough Evak in my life it can't be and won't. I can't imagine what the main plot would be about. Even having manic and depression's period again? Like that's the only thing u can explore here. I mean there r many other such as graduating but ????? that's not enough?

well sorry if mental illness is boring to you?? its fucking hell and even dealing with it while graduating would be really inspiring and motivational, and seeing him learn about healthy ways to treat it would be nice. AND he’s not his mental illness so while it would be the focus, he has friends ,family,a backstory, hobbies??? that i would love to know more about… plus him getting closer with vilde, discussing sexualities would also be important so like…..it looks enough for me

So I apparently got noticed by a great inspiration of mine and I don’t even know what feeling I’m in right now ???
I wanna scream. I mean I can scream, but I won’t be able to stop if it do.

ANYWAYS  @extraordinarycircus, I’m super flattered, you’re amazing and your work has influenced me a whole lot. 

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" I always feel like people just won’t really be interested in reading fics with random OCs as the villain." don't get me wrong I want you to invest in making an interesting oc villain but just for the record your villain could be a talking toaster and I'd still read 50k words of your writing for the way you write the main characters.

hahaha now I really want to work in a talking toaster somehow

seriously though, I was thinking about this, since all you lovely people have come over to tell me that an OC villain would be great, and I think part of the problem is that it diminishes the mystery. Like, if I put in some random character associating with the pack, in a cast full of characters y’all know are good guys, you’re going to immediately know who the villain is.

I mean, in DWS, it was really obvious Kate was the villain, but DWS was less about solving a “who dunnit” and more about the ongoing effect of what Kate did. In UWM, Deucalion was present from the start but because of his canon presentation, it wasn’t immediately obvious to the reader if he would be a good guy or a bad guy. Same with Jennifer in TWB. My goal (and I hope I succeeded) was to leave some mystery around whether or not they would turn out to be antagonists, at least for a little while (longer with Deucalion than with Jennifer).

What I’ve been trying to do with TSC4 is set up the mystery around Malia - who killed her adoptive parents and why, and who her biological parents are. But those are mysteries that are 4 and 8 years old, respectively, and people who are unrelated to the Hales in the present …

hold the phone, I’m having a thought

In the original 9K I wrote, Peter and Tom went to a group home/orphanage type thing and chose Malia because she was sullen and growly and therefore Peter automatically connected with her, but maybe I could rework that so some as-of-yet-uninvented character was like “Hey, I know you guys have been looking to adopt and we just found this feral werecoyote girl in the woods and we don’t know what to do with her”

have her purposefully *placed* in the Hale pack by said uninvented OC

hooooooooooooooold the phone, I’m having thoughts

like a Trojan horse of some kind! I don’t know what kind, don’t badger me with details! I have to go think about this in depth now. Bye. <3

Song of Fire Epilogue

I don’t know man, I just decided to go with it and write one more chapter. @chaoslaborantin advice is always goals. Answering asks about Kira has also made me want to write her a little older and I also came up with a somewhat realistic plan for Mare and Cal… so roll with it I guess??? (some adorable fluff ahead, but also like serious shit too so be prepared)

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There's a thing that Magnus said that I'm sort of fretting over, even though it probably really won't be a thing. In regards to the stray cats, he said something to the effect of he has to spoil them, otherwise why else would the stick around. I know it's a silly thing to be thinking about, but there it is. I'm also hoping they avoid a storyline from the books in regards to Max. Max didn't have much of a role, but Alec always believed he loved Jace better cuz he was more fun, and less protective

i totally missed that line, but you’re right like. even if it was a throwaway line it actually says some heartbreaking things about magnus?? even magnus’s conversation with maia where he confessed he was so surprised by alec’s gift because he’s so used to people just wanting things from him, like he’s only worth anything if he’s useful and i’m? i really need a five times fic where magnus keeps low key assuming that alec wants his magic for things but really alec has just fallen stupidly in love and is using any excuse he can to be around him

as for max, i didn’t love what they did with him in this last ep tbh, but i do think it makes sense given his age and how separate he’s been kept from his siblings lately. but instead of pitting any of the lightwood kids against each other i really just want to see them having each other’s backs?? like let max live in ny with alec and izzy and jace and actually spend time training with them now that he’s runed?? let izzy’s brothers figure out what’s going on with her and HELP HER !! let maryse continue her redemption arc and try to be the mother they all deserve! like please, that’s all i want

I think that Kevin and Miguel’s relationship will continue to grow. First we saw him let Miguel be pilgrim rick, and then they had the heart to heart about jack, and I really like seeing this new relationship. I know that Miguel will never replace Jack but I would like to think that they could bond over their love for Jack, and Miguel can tell him a lot about what Jack was like before he was born, before he was married. I really want to see more.

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wait so how much does r!mccree hate r!genji? with his entire being to the point where he wants to kill him or just enough that he doesn't trust him at all? ive been browsing ur blog for like an hour so i know mccree doesn't like him but i kind of want to know the extent its interesting to me lol. and one more question, if hanzo and genji somewhat repaired their relationship would mccree still hate him no matter how good of terms the brothers are on? i love ur blog

McCree’s usually a pretty level-headed guy, but just thinking about Genji and what he did, let alone interacting with him, makes his blood run so hot its a wonder he doesn’t spit up coals. Even so, it’s probably more that he hates him enough that any time he sees him he wants to kick his teeth in, but not necessarily kill him. But you better believe it wouldn’t take much coaxing for him to consider doing Genji in haha (not that he’d go through with it. He couldn’t do that to Hanzo). 

If Genji and Hanzo reconciled, McCree would tolerate him, as he already does, but honestly he wouldn’t trust Genji to stay in his good graces for long. Unpredictable, mercurial, mean, playing nice wouldn’t change the fundamentals of Genji’s personality. His dislike might cool to a low simmer, but it’d never fade entirely, and he could turn it back up at a moment’s notice–which he thinks is necessary. Hanzo won’t hold Genji accountable for his actions, but someone needs to be willing to for Hanzo’s sake, and as far as McCree’s concerned, that duty falls to him. 

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Do you know that at the Liverpool hope university there's a fucking Beatles degree !... this is literally my DREAM to study there... problem is that i'm french and stuff... i'm doing research but if you have any link or something where i could find more info, like for the price n shit, that would be so sweet... love <3

This is the MA in “Beatles, Popular Music and Society” at Liverpool University.

How to apply

Futher informations about the Beatles MA

Fees and Funding

For International students