i would like to hug this


Looks like he got two messages already! Could the girls be this quick or someone else..?

I added him some head leds and the spinal insertion, which would connect to his coat. We don’t know yet Blizz’s official Gabe behind the mask version, so I took elements from other Talon members, adjusting Gabe to his new self version; a bit older, with a part white beard and wrinkles at his eyes. (dark circles added just because he’s hell tired. Not sure if he has them all the time as a consequence to his “new” body)

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I have a super rare, super severe sun allergy which basically makes going outside when it's ever a little bit sunny for more than a few minutes impossible. Seeing your Sun makes me happy because it makes me think of the sun as a huge adorable squishy hug machine instead of the scary thing that controls almost every aspect of my life with fear and pain ❤️🌞❤️

oh my gosh I’m so sorry, that sounds awful!! 

I’m really glad Sun puts a positive spin on the sun for you.

Sun would put on a UV retardant suit to give you a hug if he could

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So I had an idea! (That rarely happens >:C) What if Hanzo/Genji/Sombra (separate) say that they like their crush in Japanese/Spanish thinking they wouldn't understand and their crush is like "You do realize I speak Japanese/Spanish, don't you?" Sorry if it's confusing I don't speak English ><

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-She would be surprised at first, assuming that her S/O couldn't speak Spanish, wondering if she was getting sloppy since this didn’t come up while she was looking at them

-She, however, smiles and pulls her S/O into a hug, happy that her S/O could understand her. while Reaper could, he was such a stick in the mud.

-Eventually, she’ll start speaking Spanish with her S/O, especially when she wants to keep things private.

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-He’d think that his S/O couldn't speak Japanese because its one of the harder languages to learn. Wanting to teach them later down the line so they can bond and connect with one another.

-He was initially surprised when they began to speak Japanese with them, leaving him speechless for a good long minute before he smiled underneath his mask.

-He began to help them refine their Japanese, fixing small mistakes and often speaking to them when he wants to make sure no one understands what he wants to tell her

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-He initially underestimated his S/O, thinking that they'd do not have the patience to learn Japanese, let alone to master and understand it, but that’s exactly what they did, and internally smiles

-Sometimes he doesn’t like that his S/O could understand him as when they’re in an argument he’d spout things in Japanese, only for them to come back with something even harsher

-Most of the time, however, he enjoys speaking Japanese with his S/o. if only to speak his native tongue with the one he shares his heart with.

Cuddling with Jaehyun
  • sup faaaam
  • i’m so happy this was requested bc lately i’m so soft for jaehyun????
  • like he used to be one of the lasts members in my bias list and now he’s the 6th like a king
  • let’s start right away, shall we????!
  • so~~~
  • first thing first, he wouldn’t be a clingy boyfriend at all tbh
  • i mean, he probably really enjoys skinship with you and loves giving hugs and kisses and reciving them too
  • but he wouldn’t feel like he has to be over you 24/7 to make you know that he loves you
  • of course he would have his days when he feel really needy and is constantly giving you kisses everywhere
  • but still, not even in those days he would be clingy
  • and he would like to keep the skinship simple and privated
  • of course he would hold your hand in public and maybe kiss your forehead or cheeks but only when it’s the both of you
  • if the other members are around he would be so shy aw <3
  • so, when it comes to cuddles he has to be a 100% sure that is only both of you
  • you know how the members said that every two weeks they have deep convos whit each other were they take their time to talk with each other to get closer?
  • this cuddle sessions would be similar to that for him
  • he would want to talk with you about your relationship, y’alls future together and idk maybe just to change opinions in different subjets
  • but let’s go to the story now
  • so, both of you were in your house that day
  • you had to pick up jae from his practice and both of you decided at last moment that he would stay in your house that night
  • like, it was already dinner time anyways so why not am i right
  • so while he was taking a shower you called to the pizza delivery and prepared everything for both of you
  • and y’all ate while watching something in netflix
  • probably cartoons, lol
  • but the cuddling didn’t happen until after y’all washed up and you changed into ur pjs
  • btw, he was also in his pjs and he looked hOt aF
  • can y’all imagine jaehyun in grey sweats and a white t-shirt??
  • the thing is that when you went to the living room again it was like if the whole ambient changed
  • the tv was off and instead you could listen some music that was being played from his phone
  • is really important for him to make the ambient relaxing and calm so both of you can talk with each other comfortably or nap together if y’all feel like to
  • and he would be so distracted making everything “perfect” that he wouldn’t notice that you came back until you backhug him sweetly
  • “looks like someone wants some cuddles, isn’t it?”
  • “..maybe”
  • and he would turn around and hug you properly, still with that angelic smile of his in his stupid face<3
  • he would hold you even closer to his body before grabbing your hand and silently inviting you to lie in the couch w him
  • talking about the cuddles positions, is the sweetheart’s cradle for sure
  • as i said before, he wants to talk with you and listen to you and have a proper conversation with you and he can’t do that without facing you
  • so that position is more than perfect for both of you
  • + it gives both of you easy access to give kisses and caresses to each other
  • so it’s a 10/10
  • and if y’all are in the mood for napping instead, he would definitely be the big spoon
  • you tried to be the small spoon once but it was terrible, lol
  • since he’s so tall and warm and he has this cute habit of always hugging you really tightly while he’s sleeping it’s perfect
  • + he probably smells good and his hugs are really comforting :’)
  • talking about the cuddles again, it would be basically both of you talking for one or two hours about things that had y’all feeling worried or excited lately
  • and if there isn’t anything to talk about, both of you would start mumbling the lyrics of the songs that y’all are listening to in the background
  • and maybe even doing cute duets <3
  • but most of the time is just you asking him to sing for you because his voice is so soft and sweet and perfect
  • but, tbh, he gets really shy and flustered when you ask him to sing
  • especially if you start to compliment his skills because he’s rlly modest
  • “jaehyun, you’re literally the most talented person i’ve ever meet”
  • “that’s not true..”
  • “your voice is the best in nct, we already talked about this”
  • “no, taeil’s voice is b-”
  • “just sing a little for me”
  • eventually he would do and would bless you one more time with his vocals
  • and probably that’s how y’all end up sleeping
  • like, the ambient is so comfortable and warm and his voice is so calm that both of you would get really sleepy in no time
  • “what about sleeping in the couch tonight, y/n?”
  • “we’re going to regret it tomorrow but yeah, sure”
  • lol
  • okay, and the end!!!
  • this wasn’t too fluffy i know but i see jae like a really deep person and i feel like having moment like this w his s/o or closest friends would be really important for him

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With the way Nalu went canon... it had me thinking. I don't think Natsu and Lucy are really going to put a label on their relationship, at least until they get married. I used to think that Natsu, in the future, would just call Lucy his girlfriend nonchalantly, but it doesn't really fit them anymore tbh. I feel like Lucy would just be Lucy to him, and Lucy and Natsu will always go together. Maybe Mashima will give them more relationship development and that'll change, but for now it makes sense?

I really like this thought tbh and it makes sense to me. Just because they’re in a relationship doesn’t mean their dynamic has changed, they just added more physical qualities to their relationship (hugs, kisses, hand holding) they don’t need labels, they just need each other.

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Can you write about S/O meeting 2D's parents? Thank you 💕

I hope this doesn’t suck :)


*You’re scared shitless about the thought of 2D’s parents not liking you

*”Y/N, don’t worry, they won’t hate you.”

*On the way there, all you could think about is the fear of 2D’s parents making you two break up after all of 2D’s past relationships

*You two finally get there and you would not move an inch, that was until 2D said that he would stay by your side no matter what happens

*You two make it into the house, and you’re attacked with a hug from 2D’s mother instantly and just a simple handshake from his dad

*When you all sat down for dinner, the only thing that 2D’s mum could talk about is embarrassing stories of 2D when he was a kid, especially the story about when he fell out a tree, that one is her favourite to tell.

*You could feel 2D getting embarrassed so you decided to peck him on the cheek and that made his mood 100 times better, you responded with a laugh when you saw his mood get better

*After dinner, you two had to leave but 2D’s mother wanted you to stay a little longer”

*2D convinced his parents that you two have to get back home, and with that, you got a final hug from 2D’s mum and dad!

*”See love, it wasn’t that bad as you put it to be!”

The morning after

short prompt on Robert Small (A.k.a Hot rugged knife dad). It’s just fluff and cuddles don’t worry. 

Robert Small X MC Daddy

I woke up to a mesmerizing view: Robert Small, beside me in bed (HIS BED) sleeping with his arms wrapped around my body.  He holds me tight and close, as if he’s worried I’d leave as soon as I had a chance. I can’t stop staring at his sleeping face, I mean just imagine waking up to this view EVERY DAY. I stay like that for a while, just staring and enjoying the silence of the room. He’s right, silence is so underrated. But as much as I would love to just stay like that, my stomach was begging me to stand up and make breakfast for the two of us. I tried moving out of his hug without waking him up but the more I move the tighter his hug was. I was left with no choice. “Robert, Robert, Robert” I whisper. Nothing. I kissed him on his forehead this time, wishing the contact would wake him up. “Mhhmm… 5 more minutes” he mumbles, still quite asleep. “Good morning sleepy head. I hate to break it to you but I need to make breakfast.” I kissed him on the forehead again, hoping for a better response. “Can’t we just do that later?” He says grabbing me closer to a tighter hug, I can’t move an inch with this position. “Uhm. Robert, I’m hungry.” I say as he places his lips on my neck. WAIT. I’ve stepped into a Dad joke trap have I? I waited for his response and was surprised to get: “So am I.” He starts kissing my neck over and over with small pecks. “No wait- HAHAHAHA- if you do it like that – Stop HAHA” he just giggles at me pushing him away. Finally, I got him to let go. “I’m making breakfast.” I said as I sat up. “We.” he says in reply standing. “Oui? Since when were you French?” I laughed at my own joke, but I’m still quite unsure of what he said. “We, you and me. We’re making breakfast” He said as he kissed me on the forehead then the lips before he headed towards the kitchen. I am left speechless at the gesture.

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I'm craving falling asleep with Shawn and talking about cute things and hugging laid down with one leg across his and your arms around each other and him kissing your neck and then it leading to something smutty but in the position with him sat up and you sitting on him and still hugging if you get what I mean. Like that would be so hot I can't even

Like the sex part would be hot as well but just falling asleep with his arms wrapped around you and his lips brushing against your neck and feeling his heartbeat while he tells you about his day or how Geoff pranked Mike or you tell him how work was and about the phone call with your mother and you just lay there cuddled into each other and feel the love while falling asleep. That’s also very hot to me


Hi everyone,

I have decided to sell two of my recent white pencil on black paper drawings. As I would like to buy some art books that are quite expensive for me. So I am selling the two original drawings (one is in format A4 - cca 21x30 centimetres, one is a square 21x21 centimetres) you can see in this post. And/or I can woodburn some quote on a wooden kitchen tool for you. 

The Louis one for 15 USD + shipping (5-8 USD).

The hug one for 20 USD + shipping (5-8 USD).

Woodburned tool up to 8 USD + shipping.

In case of your interest, please send me an ask or message. 

Thank you.

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a gay story: i was at a sleepover with two of my friends one of whom i had a crush on and we were all really drunk and i was vebting about some transphobes at work and he kept insisting on what a good guy i was and how anyone who thought different was wrong and we ended up making out and now were dating?! its very early and new but i like him a lot and hes very sweet and handsome and funny and he gives excellent hugs


I wish someone would hug me and tell me everything will be okay. I’m trying to hold on but I feel like I’m sinking again and again. I feel so useless and worthless. I’m sorry, I’m sorry that I exist.

I m mad at myself………i was gonna draw a comic like “i wonder if star stabs ppl with her horns when she hugs them” before the battle for mewni and then it HAPPENED…. i should have drawn it so everyone would think im a psycic

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Headcanons of how Todoroki,Bakugo and Deku would comfort their S/O after an intense battle?

Sure! I’ll send some love your way!
Sorry for the long wait for this headcanon! |ω・)و ̑̑༉ - Mod Honey

Todoroki Shouto

  • Just one look and he sympathizes immediately and approach s/o with caution, worry plaguing his heart
  • Expect him to talk softly and lay a gentle hand on s/o’s shoulder
  • Pull them into a warm hug, letting s/o’s head lay on his chest and stroke and run his fingers through s/o’s hair
  • Todoroki will kiss their head and say things like “Don’t worry I’m here for you” and “Sometimes hero’s cry, and it’s okay”

Katsuki Bakugou

  • Bakugou is his moody self and says along the lines of “What’s wrong with you?”
  • When he sees s/o distressed he becomes unusually quiet, staring at s/o and not sure how to react
  • Gives an awkward pat on the back (especially if they’re overwhelmed and crying)
  • In the end he’ll pull them into a tight hug and say some along the lines of “You look ugly when you cry” and “Just, please don’t cry.” But in a very soft and loving tone as he rest his chin on s/o’s head

Midoriya Izuku

  • He’ll rush to s/o in obvious worry and will definitely mutter as he examines every inch of s/o to ensure that they’re okay  
  • Once he confirms s/o is alright in the sense he’ll pull them in for a hug and quietly ask them how they’re feeling
  • If s/o starts to cry he’ll definitely start to cry too and just hold them tighter, rubbing gentle circles against their back
  • Definitely place soft kisses on—in this order—their forehead, eyes, nose, cheeks and then last their lips and say something along the lines of “You did great. I’m proud of you” and “Let’s go home.”

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How would the Nordics react to an s/o who's afraid of loud noises?

You don’t even know how much I missed writing those imagines after so many match ups XD

Denmark: He would worry that he might one day scare you by his loud behaviour and he would actually ask about it, but overall he would be very understanding and encouraging and he would play it cool, saying something like it’s okay to be afraid of loud noises. He’d be there for his s/o if there were fireworks nearby or a party that is just too loud for his lover’s liking. He’d especially like giving his s/o hugs, since he knew that in his arms, no harm would be done to his loved one.

Norway: He’d be okay with it. He isn’t a fan of loudness anyway, so he and his s/o would be away from all of the loud noises. During the times when it would be getting loud somewhere he and his s/o would be, he’d always ask his lover whether his s/o want to leave or not. And if there was someone making his loved one uncomfortable, he would told them to be quiet. If they didn’t stop, he would probably use a little bit of his magic.

Iceland: He is not a loud person, but Mr. Puffin would maybe cause some problems as he is a very noisy bird. His s/o would have to get used to him, but it’s not like Mr. Puffin would do it on purpose, so if Iceland’s lover told him, she/he is afraid of loud noises, he’d understand and would try to act a little bit more silent. Iceland would be very reasurring too and if his loved one was scared, he would actually consider giving his s/o a hug, even though he’s not a big fan of affection. He avoids loud places himself, so his lover’s fear wouldn’t make much of a difference to him anyway.

Finland: After hearing his s/o confessing to them that she/he is afraid of loud noises, would make Finland instantly hug his lover. He’d tell them a lot of encouraging words like “everyone is afraid of something and you don’t have to worry”. He’d always ask his loved one about her/his well-being if there was something loud nearby. Finland is very understanding, so he would immediately take his s/o away from something that was making them uncomfortable.

Sweden: He’s a man of a few words, so he would rather show his worries by taking his lover’s hands, looking in his/her eyes and telling his s/o words of encouragement. After that, he’d hug his loved one reasurringly. That would be his way of calming his s/o down. But usually, he would avoid loud places to not make his lover uncomfortable. It would be one of his top priorities to make his loved one feel safe and protected.

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Honestly i feel like momo would go crazy if she found out sana had her nipples pierced and would tease sana by "accidentally" rubbing against her breast when they're out in public bc momo knows they're sensitive asf.... She would also take advantage of the sensitivity in the bedroom and would purposely pay attention to them just to see sana squirm

okay i believe in research, and it takes about 9 to 12 months for nipple piercings to heal and i… don’t like being inaccurate about these things so
- the way momo finds out about it is through the fact that sana has been rejecting her advances for sex for the past three weeks
- momo knows sana’s cycle doesn’t coincide with these three weeks, and sana has also been hugging people even lesser
- and momo feels needy and dejected and so
- they’re on the couch, and sana has her head resting on momo’s shoulder
- and momo’s mind has been reeling all day
- and so she blurts out “why are you avoiding sex with me”
- sana shifts, sitting upright to stare right at momo and her response is a confused “what?”
- “you’ve been avoiding having sex with me for the past three weeks and it’s been extremely frustrating and i want to know why”
- sana just shifts in her seat, clearing her throat awkwardly before she murmurs, “i— uh— i got my… my nipples pierced”
- “WHAT” / “i swear i meant to tell you…”
- and so sana is dragged into the room to show momo her nipple piercings
- and sana does so while explaining the healing time and why she’s avoiding it
- (momo enjoys groping at her breasts)
- (momo’s a boob person, she can’t help it)
- so momo agrees to avoid touching it for the time being (“nine to twelve months?!”)
- after the nine month mark, momo is practically skipping as they go to the place sana pierced her nipples
- they’re cleared as healed, and momo’s much more than elated to be able to do something with those piercings
- (when she first saw them nine months ago, the first thought that reeled through her mind was: “fuck, she’s hot” because sana was half naked, with only barely there shorts on her hips, and the way the metal glints entices momo in ways she never thought were possible)
- (that’s when momo discovers that the lack of sexual attention towards her nipples have rendered sana twice as sensitive, and momo has a field day with it)
- when they’re out in public, momo would find slightly unconventional methods to rub against sana’s breasts, whether directly or indirectly
- sana mostly lets out a long whine before grabbing at momo’s wrists and telling her to “stop doing that”
- momo’s fully aware that she doesn’t want momo to stop
- so she continues her unconventional methods, enjoying the way sana squirms in her seat, opting for short huffs instead of whining
- it’s even worse back in the apartment
- sana mostly opts to sleep without a bra on
- it’s summer after all, and she’d rather not get heatrashes from a bra
- so she lets herself air, wearing a baggy t-shirt as pyjamas more often than not
- the baggy shirt allows momo to see the contours of sana’s nipple piercing
- and momo would outrightly run her fingers over them
- and she loves the way sana’s nipples press hard against the fabric after
- which, of course, leads to them having sex nearly anywhere in the apartment
- momo loves how cold the metal is against her tongue compared to sana’s skin
- okay i’m done sinning for now

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I've actually had a series of dreams with BTS (Yoongi specifically) where like in each dream our relationship would progress. Like it started off with hand holding then hugs then kisses till it ended with.. you know..

this. this is some sort of dream i aspire to have. 😮


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You didn't get the pure message? I was talking about Tae and how sweet he'd be in a really simple, cute dress. No draggy makeup or wigs, just maybe some converse and a little headband. He'd be so blushy and giggly, but I think he'd most likely to do it. I just really love gender fluidity and especially feminine boys so this is my JAM. I wanna pepper his face with kisses until he squeals TT_TT ~SoftDomme

no I didn’t get the message, but I think this is so cute!! I definitely can see tae doing this out of all the members. he’d feel as cute as he looks and it’d be impossible not to kiss and hug him. the dress would make his smile and laughs so much more adorable ;-;

(also the sin portion makes more sense now and I am living)

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on a scale from 1 to 10 how pumped do you think jon should be at the fact he finally has a friend he can get a piggy back ride from because if i were jon i would be a 20 on that scale

Tbh when I write Jon he’s stoked when Clark first picks him up because like he’s never been hugged and lifted off the ground before and now this nice man in blue is hugging him and he’s not on the ground and like YEEEEEESSSSS.

So in conclusion: A solid 15, easily.