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Dating Derek Hale Would Include…

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I actually really like writing these :)

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  • watching him workout
  • being one of the only people that aren’t intimidated by him
  • calling him your sourwolf
  • neck kisses
  • wearing his clothes around the loft
  • him never letting you leave his side
  • simple, romantic dinner dates
  • tight hugs
  • doing the dishes in matching aprons
  • being the only person he wholeheartedly trusts
  • redecorating the loft together
  • him tickling you with his scruff
  • falling asleep in his arms
  • the pack making fun of him for being such a softie around you
  • late night conversations about his past
  • arguments that turn into passionate makeout sessions
  • lots of baking fights
  • patching him up when he gets injured
  • constantly being teased by Peter
  • him becoming extremely protective when other guys look at you
  • polaroid pictures
  • sitting on his lap
  • using him as a pillow
  • tracing his tattoo
  • you knowing how to make him smile
  • not being afraid to give him an attitude
  • him finding it adorable when you’re sarcastic
  • being one of the only people to see his sensitive side
  • wearing his leather jacket
  • peppering kisses all over his face when he’s in a grumpy mood
MONSTA X saying ‘I love you”


I don’t think that he’d be able to verbally show you how he felt, he’d be the type to show you through his actions. It would be when he hugs you and places his chin on top of your head, slowly stroking your hair. It would be moments like those that he wouldn’t have to say it, you’d just know.

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He’d want the whole world to know how he felt about you because he’d just feel so lucky to have you in his life. He’d scream it from the rooftops if he could. So when it comes to saying ‘I love you’, if he felt that it was right in that moment, he wouldn’t hesitate. He wouldn’t mind if you couldn’t say it back, he’d just want you to know.

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He’d be so cute and adorable and just so squish. He wouldn’t know how to say it so when he did, he’d get so embarrassed and panicky because he wouldn’t have meant to say it. However, when you felt the same way, it was like his whole world just became ten times brighter and I swear he wouldn’t be able to stop smiling for weeks.

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He’d cook you something  (bc he’s a mum) and he’d sit down with you. His palms would get all sweaty and his heart would be beating so fast. When you’d ask “what’s wrong?”, he’d just blurt out those three words, followed by an “oh god, I didn’t mean it like that, that’s not what’s wrong, being in love with you isn’t what’s wrong- I just wanted to say it- crap” he’d sigh and when you’d laugh he’d just feel so warm and his face would light up with a smile.

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He’s such a meme so he’d probably say it in a memey way- jk. I think he’d be really honest with how he felt and he’d just say it. He wouldn’t want to hide anything from you, especially how he felt. So he’d try and make it as casual as possible, maybe he’d try and slip it into the end of a conversation. He’d want you know, whether you felt the same way or not.

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He’d do something super cheesy but adorable. He might buy you your favourite drink and some chocolates and he’d put a post it note on top that would say, “Just because I love you” and his heart would just completely melt if you said it back, it would mean the world to him. His smile would just take over his entire face and his dimples would be on full show and yes.

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I feel like it would be accidental- well not accidental, because he would mean what he’s saying, but it would just naturally slip out of his mouth and neither of you would notice. It would be two minutes later that he’d realise what he had said and would start to panic, hoping that you hadn’t heard. You’d turn around to him and would be like “Did you just-?”

“Yes, yes I did”

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My brain was so disappointed in TFP that it dream of an alternate ending leading to a s5 xDthis morning waking up i was like "well it wasnt so bad theres still hope.." just to realise it wasnt true and be disappointed again,but still.. I hope for S5?

*HUGS* Hi Lovely <3

I think we’re all dreaming of an alternate reality where Mofftiss haven’t lost their minds. After this fiasco I doubt S5 will even happen, and if it does and they choose to go the way of “just bros being bros” well… then what would the point of all the evidence of a relationship given in the past 10 (maybe 12) episodes? TFP disregarded every single thing that they had ever written? Like… they wouldn’t be able to reference any of it at all.

And honestly, the only reason this series did so well was because of how different it was and that it focussed on the characters and their interpersonal relationships and their development. Now they’re just… making it seem like it’s going to be another “buddy cop” thing.

I’m so sad for the actors; I think they were told they were going to be in something fantastic and it ended up being just like everything else.

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I feel like utter shit because my boss watches BBC sherlock, tells me he loves it, and asks what I think. I tell him, I really don't want to talk about it. He knows about me shipping johnlock. I cried at work today, twice. Because I was so fucking sickened that people at work we're telling me, "they're not gay!! u were wrong!!!" I feel humiliated tbh. This is why I think explicit johnlock would have been wonderful, because ppl like my boss would see and perhaps reevaluate their pov. (1/2)

(2/2) worst is ppl at work think they’re allies and all inclusive. i just feel so shitty and upset and mad i can’t think. i’m sorry for ranting to you, your responses give me some sort of comfort. thank you. i hope and wish you the best. <3

Lots and lots of hugs for you. I would have loved to give you a physical hug rn. I am so sorry. So utterly sorry for what you had to face this. I am so sorry for us. I am so sorry we were wronged like this. We needed explicit johnlock. For so many reason.This is not a ship. It would have been a representation. It would have been a life long dream come true. 

I have cried so many times for the past few days. I am a closeted bisexual myself. And I have no one to talk about things irl. Now if Johnlock would have been canon, would i come out.. I think not. But i would be happy. Now I am just sad. my chest is heavy and there is a constant weight on it.

Shame on the people who pick on you and tells you and enjoys the fact that your ship is not canon. Shame on them. I wish I could punch them for you. Never ever feel sorry for ranting to me. Like never. This is why I keep my ask box open. I am so sorry for you love. i am so sorry for us. Wish you the best too. Hope we will be okay. That’s the only thing we can hope for. 

Take care. xx

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Nct 127 reaction to you back hugging them


“Oh! You surprised me jagiya!” 

He would blush and admire something small but so cute like this

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“You’re the sweetest but let me do the back hugging~” 

Would be so taken aback by your dominating move and would think about it for the rest of the day tbh

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“Wahh, my girlfriend is like this? I’m so lucky.”

We all know winwin is a smol that needs love - he would be so so so moved by little things like this, it’d help him feel more secure and wanted

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“My cutie is doing things like this to give me a heart attack, right?”

He would give you a quick kiss on the forehead and honestly put this in the books for another time you made his heart stop 

taeil is so beautiful im screAMing -

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I think he wouldn’t really say anything rather he’d turn around and look into your eyes intently, blowing you a kiss - internally so happy that he had you as his and only his

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“Omo! You’re making me blush.” 

This would make him see you in a more cute light and he wouldn’t be able to get it out of his mind for a while

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The minute your arms wrap around his waist he’d freeze and when he notices it was you he would turn red instantly and cover his face with his hands, not wanting you to know how cute he thought this was

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“Stop being like this, oppa can’t handle all this cuteness.”

“But you’re not my oppa ???”

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*turns you around smoothly with a smirk on his face and back hugs you*

“No no, let oppa take care of that.” 

pretend TY is you 

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Alec+Jace+Magnus (#ParabataiLost) - Bring Me Back to Life #Shadowhunters #MagnusBane #IzzyLightwood #ClaryFray

So many memorable moments in this episode!
~ Hope we get to see a Malec Kiss next episode when Alec is actually conscious!
~ Harry’s acting as Magnus was incredible! “Come back, come back, please come back…I’ve tried everything except….” & Malec true love’s kiss happens :O Magnus loves Alec so much that he would literally do anything for him! Even though he mocked with Victor Aldertree earlier in the episode that “This isn’t like waking up Sleeping Beauty with a kiss” but for Alec he will even go to the lengths of trying that!
~ Parabatai ceremony
~ Jace & Alec Parabatai hug
~ Magnus crying and tears streaming down his face
~ Izzy so worried and concerned about Alec
~ got to see Alec, Jace & Izzy when they were children
~ Clary holding Magnus’s hands
these last few scenes were so full of emotion! I’m still crying over these scenes! :’(

fox emoji reviews

fairly simple fox, but good. could lose the gradient tho. 7/10

captures everything good about a fox’s head with a simple color palette. 10/10

what. the fuck is this. borders are too thicc and the snout looks like a raindrop. 1/10 you tried microsoft

cute fox, but a little too similar to generic animal love interests in mediocre children’s movies. 6/10

cute and friendly!!! i wanna hug em!!! 10/10

….that’s not a fox, that’s a fucking dingo. looks cute so 1/10

it’s cute and fluffy, but the colors are off and there’s a bit too much shine. 7/10

would be fine if it weren’t for the demon eyes. 6/10

this fox has seen some shit

It wasn’t just the story that meant so much to me. It was the idea that someone out there cared about queer people. Someone big and important and talented was looking out for us and wanted to have something beautiful. And if they put us through this despair for the sake of a trick. For the sake of showing off how gullible we are and how clever they are. Well half of what I wanted and was hoping for has already been pissed all over. The story itself is not the whole point. I don’t believe that they have some kind of wonderful surprise for us still up their sleeves but if they did, they’d have to like fly Ben and Martin out to apologize and hug me and help me rehang my Sherlock posters before I would agree that it was worth it. I thought they cared, if not about tjlc, then about all the queer people who were so admiring and devoted and protective of them. But apparently to them, that is just what they consider their automatic due.

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this is more of a general question, but perhaps you could describe what it would be like to attend a party at swerve's? maybe in honour of the reader's birthday or something? it's not mine but I was just thinking about that this morning! thank you 💖

No prob bob- Swerve throws the best parties.

  • It’d be loud and crowded so you’d have to have someone carry you as to not get stepped on. 
  • You get to pick out which songs play.
  • If it’s your birthday you better get ready to be man-handled (bot-handled) because everyone wants to wish you a happy birthday and hug/kiss/cuddle. You better have at leas one sober bot to watch out for you.
  • There are tons of  party games. Pin the tale on the predacon, musical chairs (how are you supposed to play that???), and two pinatas. One small one filled with candy and another large one filled with energon goodies. Both are Starscream-shaped.
  • Ultra Magnus cooks you food so you actually have something to eat that’s not filled with sugar. He appoints himself as your chaperone that evening.
  • Things get a bit too rowdy. There may have been fire. The crew feels bad for almost getting you killed (several times) so they host another party. This time they’re all in their holoforms.

my heart broke for maia when she was talking about gretel… honestly it destroyed me like you could see how sad she was and you could hear how her voice would kinda shake and i just wanna give her a big ol hug 

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ive never kissed anyone because im just fundamentally unattractive apparently but i would like to

not to be argumentative but there is literally no such thing as an unattractive person. i have never once in my life seen someone who is not beautiful and about whom i couldn’t list at least 5 things that make them beautiful, which means i could list at least 5 things about you that make you beautiful. also i’ve never kissed anyone either so you’re with me and it’ll happen when it happens and when it happens it’ll be wonderful (or maybe it won’t be) but until then we’re both beautiful and we are both going to be just fine.

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If it's not too much trouble for you, how would Colress, N, and Gladion react to seeing their solider s/o again after they were deemed missing in action 10 months back?? (I'm hoping I'm explaining well enough, I'm super tired.. Also, your blog is fantastic!! I love seeing your posts every day ^v^)

Aahh, thank you, my dude! ^^ Makes me happy that you enjoy my blog! ♡

* When he first sees you, he thinks his mind is playing tricks on him. He grabs you by the shoulders, expecting you to disappear like a mirage at his touch. When he sees that its really you, he hugs you tightly against him, laughing and crying that you’re back.

* He is overjoyed when he sees you, having thought you were gone forever. He runs over to you and hugs you, almost picking you up. He’s giving you kisses all over your face and telling you how much he loves you, smiling and shedding a few tears.

* He is just shocked when he sees you, not completely registering that you’re back. When you run up to him and hug him, he then realizes what just happened, and hugs you back tightly without saying anything. He nuzzles his face against you, hiding his tears but he’s so happy and relieved you’re back again.

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I feel so bad today... Like everyone would be better if I didn't exist... :,( Can I hug you, please...?

Awww darling :( That’s not true at all… Why would that make anyone feel or be better… If anything, losing you would be the worst thing that could happen to their lives :O So of course you can have a hug *hugs tight*

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After seeing youngjae on mask singer i just feel so proud like PROVE THE HATERS WRONG i felt so bad when he was talking about the negative comments that he'd receive. like he has legit the best vocal technique in got7 so they're probably just out to hate on got7. Plus he's only 20 now, and probably younger when he got those comments, so imagine how much better he would be in the future... someone needs to come and give this boy 1000 hugs

YES YES YES!!! I agree with everything you’ve said 1000%, my dear anon!!!

I’m so insanely proud of our Sunshine for going out there on the show despite his fear and insecurities and following his dream!!!

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Knowing about that awful comment that he received and hearing that he cried because of it… it both hurts my heart and makes me want to cry myself, and also makes me even more proud of him for going out there and showing the world how INCREDIBLY WRONG AND INCORRECT THOSE HATEFUL WORDS WERE!!!

His vocal talent really is so amazing, especially considering how young he is and how short of a time he trained for!! I mean, he was only a trainee for 7 months before debut! And I’m pretty sure he didn’t even have any vocal lessons at all until he started working so he could pay for them… And yet, he has one of the most amazing voices!! I mean, the panel for mask singer acknowledged him themselves! The one panelist pointed out how skilled and beautiful Youngjae’s voice is, and Jimin pointed to Youngjae as the better singer between the two of them… which means a lot because Jimin has been getting a lot of recognition and praise for his voice and singing abilities!

I just know that our Sunshine is going to get better and better and better as time goes on… and my only concern is whether I can handle it, or if my heart will rupture from the beauty of his voice!!! I wish I could give him even just one of those thousand hugs that he needs and deserves and tell him how proud I am of him, and how amazing he is for going out and facing his fears… and how amazing he’s always been and how much I and others have always believed in him even when he didn’t believe in himself!! I really hope that the praise he received on King of Mask stays with him, and that he keeps that happiness in his heart for a long long time!!!

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💜 💜💚💜

Another green heart. You people want pain, don’t you?

purple: Ed and Oswald like feeding ducks at the park, but they like feeding them strange things like chocolate, bacon bits, or one time Lays Ketchup chips. For some reason, they think this is a feasible pass time. 

green: Ed says “I forgive you” when they confront each other. They hug, and then Edward kisses him. Oswald is so relieved. After so many long weeks of fighting and arguing and basically trying to kill each other, Ed finally somehow fell so far in love with him. Os was hoping something like this would happen, so he kisses Ed back completely, until he feels a sharp pain in his back from a very familiar knife. 

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How old are you? 23

What’s your current job? Full-time student, part-time social media manager for a local small business, and a freelance creative writing consultant/editor. I also occasionally make an appearance at a local hotel.

What are you talented at? Knitting, writing (probably?), makeup, hugs (you’re always welcome to come get one if you’re in the Calgary area)

What’s your aesthetic? Red lipstick and sharp lines.

Do you collect anything? Books and clothes. Please send help.

What’s a topic you always talk about? Star Trek, writing, not wanting to wake up at quarter to 6 every day (I know I’ve got a couple nurses in the audience and I’m sorry for complaining, I know you have it so much worse; I’m just a child)

What’s a pet peeve of yours? When people can’t do something right the first time when IT’S NOT EVEN SOMETHING THAT’S THAT HARD (this includes myself. I’m surprisingly bad at performing simple tasks.)

Good advice to give? Spray & Wash has a glue-stick type thing that takes any stain out of anything. I’m talking blood, berries, I’ve even gotten plant matter out before. It’s a solid investment.

Three songs you would recommend? “The Score” by Sarah Slean, “Take it Easy” by the Eagles, and “The Garden” by July Talk. 

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