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your writing is so beautiful!! if you have the time, would you maybe write something about pro!neil getting injured and physical therapist!andrew?

(sends a prayer and a kiss to the writer of this ask like 8 months ago, love you, here you go)

He hears raised voices jerking their way from the front desk down the hall to his office, a pin-sharp, balloon-popping fight. He sets his coffee down and waits for the overlapping voices to make sense, or for the dull receptionist to strip the action and hand Andrew boring, defused parts.

“I’ve run on worse, Kevin, you know I can still play, I can play better than those delicate, one-hit-and-they’re-down, red card-chasing ungracious bastards—“

“I don’t care. I don’t care if you can run on it, I care if you can destroy on it. If you think your superiority complex and masochistic streak mean anything to me you’re wrong. I need you in peak condition or I don’t need you.”

“This is temporary,” the first voice grits. “I don’t need a glorified massage therapist to show me how to stretch. The only thing that’ll make me feel better is Moriyama’s throat under my heel.”

Something hisses like water beading in a hot pan, and then, “we’ll talk later. You have an appointment.” There’s a burble of complaint and a thud, and then Kevin Day waltzes into his office, diplomatic smile singed dark with rage. His arm is outstretched behind him, and a second later he yanks another person in beside him by the collar.

Neil Josten, if Andrew’s schedule and his limited attention to the sports network are aligned. He looks sick and contrary, flushed high in the apples of his cheeks from arguing, hair wild, leg in a brace from mid-thigh to ankle.

“Here for your massage therapy?” Andrew drawls. Neil bares his teeth, Kevin drops the now-warped collar of his shirt.

“I’m sorry you have to deal with him,” Kevin says, simperingly apologetic. When he doesn’t get a swoon or a protest or anything at all from Andrew, the set of his jaw changes. “He doesn’t like doctors.”

“He’s not a doctor,” Neil says disdainfully, at the same time that Andrew says,

“He can’t run.”

“Oh, I can,” Neil says. “And I can punch too.”

Kevin sighs. Andrew sips his coffee, a long pull, and reaches for a blank chart.

“Do you typically threaten the people providing you with a service?”

“What, are you trying to be a psychologist too? Cover as many pseudo-sciences as possible?”

“I thought I was responding to a challenge,” Andrew replies. “But I’m not surprised that you start a fight and then change the subject. That’s what exy players do, right?”

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Anyway I had a really funny dream about hl so I guess it’s story time. Gather around, kiddos

For back story I was a host on some show where I was asking Harry and Louis basic questions about each other to see who could get the most correct answers. Simple, until I moved onto the last question.

I asked, “How many times have you proposed to each other?” Louis buzzed in and shouted 26! I was about to tell him he’s correct when Harry interrupted by shouting 27 and literally getting down on one knee to propose.

You’d think Louis would be happy, but he was like, “You’re so competitive, Harry. Why are you like this?” Meanwhile Harry was just giggling, still holding a ring box open. So then Louis took a deep breath and shouted 28 and he got down on one knee with an open ring box.

It was ridiculous but the best part was them basically having a staring contest from the floor while they exchanged their rings.

some fave oneyplays things

✩ how gullible chris is. ding dong could say “did you know that mario was actually designed in 1960 by walt disney and then nintendo bought the rights in the 90’s?” and chris would be like “REALLY? :0”

✩ julians sarcastic little “wow.”

✩ ding dong going “mmmhm.” (usually when bullshitting chris)

✩ ding dong’s editing. its so good. we love u boy

✩ julian getting anxiety over the games

✩ when they go off in a tangent talking abt irl stuff. like “hey remember when we did this/went here/ate this” its cool, i just like hearing stuff like that

✩ ding dong’s whole tragic anime backstory

feel free to add on ur faves but these are just mine :0!

Joshua crushing on you !! // scenario

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A bullet-point scenario starring our LA boy, Joshua Hong!!

Send in reaction and scenario requests on my page if you’d like to :)

- Josh is legit the kind of boy that my parents want me to bring home LMAO

- I don’t even have to list out why bc we all know that he is the epitome of a gentleman

- well, most of the time

- if you didn’t hear

- Josh has this secret “not-so-gentlemanly” side lolol


- but svt keeps bringing up how different Joshua can be off camera and I can’t help but think that they mean he’s 5000x more sassy irl

- and no not the bad kind of sassy, I mean the fun kind

- the type of sassy that keeps the conversation interesting 

- why I’m bring this up is because although Josh would want to show his gentlemanly side to his crush

- he’d also want to show his crush that he’s not always the passive, quiet type

- Josh knows there’s another side of him that could ALSO get him the girl he’s after

- and if she can handle this hidden side of his

- then he’ll know that this girl is definitely meant to be with him


- so as an intern at pledis, you’re given access to all of the company building’s facilites ay it’s lit

- from the water dispensing machines to the high quality speaker systems

- they’re all at your disposal

- as long as no one else is using them at the moment

- so one day you’re finishing up the last of your daily internship tasks when you spot a guitar atop a random table !!

- do yall know where I’m going w this?

- what does this guitar even have to do with you, you ask?

- well you’ve actually been wanting to learn how to play this m a g i c a l instrument for awhile 

- but you could never find a guitar that you could readily use for learning

- and since pledis is aLLOWINg you uSe whAtEver you wAnt in the buiLDINg

- you’re like:


- so you get the guitar in your hands and take it to a vacant office in the building

- at first you think it’ll be a breeze learning the instrument because THE INTERNET is by your side

- and guitar tutorials exist all over youtube soOoOOo


- even with the help of “guitar for dummies” beginner tutorials, you just can’t seem to make the chords sound decent without straining your fingers in the process lol

- and even with all the pain, your playing still doesn’t sound too good


- so you decide to make this “guitar practice” a routine thing after finishing your tasks around the building

- M E A N W H I L E

- Joshua, having arrived to the building on the day you took the guitar for the first time, comes up to the room where he keeps the guitar

- he stops his tracks at the sight of an empty table, the table he usually returns the guitar to

- “it’s not here??” he says internally

- “oh well, I guess it’ll be back by tomorrow,” he shrugs and carries on

- but the next day, the guitar isn’t there agaiN

- and Josh starts to get a little worried about its whereabouts

- he looks around the rest of the room, thinking someone might’ve placed it elsewhere after using it

- buh n0pe

- he kinda gets a little lazy in his search and gives up for the day

- “maybe tomorrow,” he tells himself

- he actually ends up telling himself this for a whole week bc it just never reappears again lol

- and with that week passing, Josh’s worry for the beloved six-stringed instrument only grows

- so he asks people around the building if they’ve seen it anywhere

- almost everyone says they haven’t seen it recently

- until Josh comes across Jihoon

- “hey Ji,” he calls out the producer, who is fetching himself a drink from the water dispenser outside his studio

- Jihoon’s eyes move to Josh, letting him know that he’s got his attention

- “have you seen the Taylor guitar anywhere? You know, the one that I always place on the table upstairs?”

- “no, I haven’t,” he replies plainly

- “Oh, okay. Thanks,” Josh’s eyes dart down at the floor in hopelessness

- but just before Jihoon retreats to his studio again, he takes a step back

- “actually,” he catches Josh’s attention again. “I was upstairs a few minutes ago and I heard someone playing a guitar in one of the vacant offices on the third floor, but I didn’t check who was playing.”

- “I know it wasn’t you because-” Jihoon snickers before he can continue his sentence

- “what? Was it bad?” Josh laughs lightly

- “it wasn’t too bad, but it definitely didn’t sound like a pro either.”

- “I’ll take that as a compliment for myself,” Joshua smiles and shakes his head. “Thanks, Ji.”

- “no problem. Good luck trying to get it back.”

- so Josh heads up to the office floor to investigate

- and upon arriving on the designated floor, he hears strumming coming from down the hall

- he creeps quietly through the floor until the strumming is loud enough

- then he crouches down next to the door of the office you’re in

- but before he could peek into the room…


- and Josh, frightened by the sudden yelling, falls out of his position next to the office door, and his knee makes an audible thud

- you look back at the doorway and hEY IT’S THAT JOSHUA DUDE FROM SVT


- you guys know the basic things about each other from when you were formally introduced at the beginning of your internship, but that’s about it

- Josh’s face blushes pink upon being caught and he quickly gets up to brush off his knees

- “ah, uh, I’m- I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to… you know,” he struggles to find words

- you’re speechless for a few moments, but you eventually work up the courage to say something at least

- “how long were you waiting there for?” you laugh nervously

- “uhh… not long I promise,” he smiles and puts hands up in defense

- “regardless, you probably heard how bad I was,” you cover your mouth out of shyness

- “oh nonono, you’re actually not that bad,” he tries to make you feel better

- “did you not just hear me out there?” you laugh at him. “Trust me, I’m pretty bad.”

- “okay okay, so maybe you’re… just okay, but I think you’ve got a lot of potential.”

- and inside you’re kinda like WHERE? WHAT POTENTIAL? LOL

- but what he said gives you a little bit of hope and you can’t help but smile

- “I guess,” you tap the guitar nervously. “I just started learning about a week ago. I found this guitar on to-”

- “on top of a table on the second floor, I know,” Josh smiles

- oh shit, is this guitar his? you think

- “wait, have I been stealing your guitar?”

- “mm well it’s not really mine,” he replies. “But I use it the most out of every one in this building.”

- “well, with the exception of this past week, when it went missing,” he laughs

- “oh my god I’m so sorry for not asking. I just-” you think of a better way to apologize, but Josh, being an unDeRsTaNDiNg gEntLEmAn, is quick to forgive you

- “It’s fine, don’t worry about it. All of the facilities here are meant to be shared with everyone anyways.”

- Inside you’re all sassy n shit like, DAS RIGHT BIH I’M JUST FOLLOWING THE RULES K

- but on the outside you’re just:

- “ah I know but I think out of everyone here, you should have priority over the guitar, you know. Because you actually perform with it.”

- “yeah, but I’d love for you to be able to learn too. I don’t even perform with a guitar that often. It’s honestly just a side-hobby,” he tries to justify

- “hey, if you want, I can give you some lessons or something,” he offers shyly

- “I don’t know,” you contemplate aloud. “I’m pretty hopeless with this guitar thing… I’ve been using the easiest guitar tutorials on youtube and I still can’t get it right.”

- “I know. I went through that too,” Josh shares some sympathy. “But don’t you think learning the guitar in person is better than learning it from some random guy on the internet?”

- “well technically, you are some random guy off of the internet too,” you tease fr tho we wouldn’t know about svt if it woren’t for the internet

- “HEY, at least I don’t look like some old man that lives in an outhouse, like the guy in that tutorial there,” he points to your laptop screen

- he’s super nice for offering but

- jeez this guy’s attitude though, you think to yourself

- is it sass?? or humor??

- and i thought he was supposed to be the gentleman of the group…


- and aw shit he’s kinda cute too… I’d pick him over this old dude on the tutorial vids any day lmao

- so you accept the offer for a lesson or two

- and it’s mostly because you’re curious about Josh

- you know his public reputation as a nice guy/gentleman

- but this encounter with him definitely showcased another side of him

- and you want to know more about it…

- so the first lesson happens the day after you guys meet

- and you don’t know this but Josh is actually pretty stoked to be teaching you the guitar

- he’s been meaning to talk to you for awhile, but he never really had a legitimate excuse to do so

- until now :3

- and although he thinks he’s gonna revert to his “nice guy” self out of nervousness with you

- your easygoing attitude makes it easy for him to loosen up and be his true self

- he cracks funny insults and jokes here and there and it just makes the whole lesson really fun

- after having such a good time, you guys agree to make this a regular thing

- but slowly, as you get better at the guitar, your little lessons become less like lessons and more like regular hangouts

- a lot of times you’ll find yourselves just jamming out to whatever songs you feel like playing

- not only are you learning more about the guitar, but more about each other as well

- these “lessons” are honestly what the both of you look forward to the most everyday :’)

- one day, during one of your hangouts, you show Josh a song on the guitar that you’ve been practicing for awhile

- he recognizes the song and begins singing along with you

- it’s probably one of those throwback love songs you both heard when you guys were kids bc tbh he’d be huge sucker for those lol

- and as he goes through the lyrics

- he realizes something

- what he’s singing… he means it… for you

- it’s cute when this hits him because he kinda loses track of the song and thinks about the lyrics to himself while he stares at you AHH

- and you’ll have to snap him out of his thoughts like, “hey Josh, why’d you suddenly stop singing?”

- you’d also have to wave a hand at his face to get him to stop staring at you

- Josh shakes his head after snapping out of his daze and apologizes

- “oh my bad, I’m sorry, uh… Wanna take it from the top again?” he laughs nervously

- and at night he’ll think about that moment he kinda lost himself in the lyrics with you

- and he’d replay a particular thought in his head:

- Josh, I’m pretty sure you like y/n…

- but does she feel the same?


- I think the one thing that would bother Josh when he’s crushing on you would be the question that’s two bullet-points up ^^^^^

- do you feel the same? HECK YEAH DUDE TAKE ME NOW

- this would be the basis of all the little things he does to you when crushing on you

- well for one, he’d be the type to move closer to you when hanging out with you just to see how you’d react

- prior to his crush on you, he’d just point to the strings you need to press on the guitar when teaching you

- but while he’s crushing, he’s definitely gonna come up behind you and put his arms around you so that you guys can play the on the same guitar at the same time

- and if you ask him why he’s changed his “method of teaching”

- he’s probably gonna use some stupid excuse like,

- “it’s just easier this way, okay?” AIGHT JOSH AIGHT

- and oh boy this guy’s gonna be so damn proud every time his gets you flustered

- he’d do this by shamelessly throwing a few random compliments here and there like:

- “hey Josh, this riff sounds pretty doesn’t it,” you say before pluck away gently at the strings of the guitar

- “I don’t know,” he says as he furrows his eyes at the instrument

- “why? What’s wrong with it?” you ask

- “hmm, I just think there are prettier things out there,” he’d pause as he looks up to your eyes

- “like you.

- “what?” your cheeks tint pink and a tiny laugh escapes your lips

- Josh starts laughing at your face. “It was joke, y/n.” ISTG JOSHUA

- your cheeks heat up until the pink shade turns into a red. “HEY, that’s- that’s…” you struggle to find words

- “a lie, I know,” he smiles. “God, y/n, I get it. You’re pretty. You don’t have rub it in my face.”


- “Stop stop, I don’t wanna hear it,” he hold up a finger to your lips to make you shut up and die internally rip you

- also

- from time to time you’ll feel the need to ask why the hell Josh agreed to help you learn guitar in the first place

- bc he’s honestly such a great teacher and you fEEL SO UNWORTHY OF HIS KINDNESS

- “hey Josh, why me of all people?”

- “pardon?”

- “why did you offer to teach me guitar when we first met? You heard me and I sucked. Like real bad.”

- he laughs

- “doesn’t everything I do for you make it obvious?” Josh says as he cleans out the dust on the guitar

- “huh?”

- “jeez, y/n, anyone can see through all of this. You’re just oblivious,” he laughs before blowing the surface of the newly dusted instrument

- “J-Josh are you trying to say-” you think he’s trying to say he likes you but he cuts you off

- “that you’re dumb? Yes,” he smiles slyly

- you roll your eyes and get up from your seat, annoyed by all the useless things Josh is saying to you

- “wait y/n,” he laughs and grabs your wrist before you could walk out of the room.

- you try to tug your wrist out of his grip, but it’s too strong

- “c’mon y/n, I need you to keep making me smile,” he says, his eyes softening at the sight of your face again

- you redden once again

- “so stay,” he continues as he loosens his grip on your wrist and moves his hand down to yours

- you let go of his hand and he follows. “why are you always trying to use dumb lines on me,” you sigh and struggle to hide a shy smile

- “but they work, don’t they,” he smirks as you sit back down next to him

- Josh would feel comfortable making his crush on you obvious as long as you give off signals that you like him too

- or at least get flustered when he says something nice about you goddamnit

- SO YEAH you’ll be up at night wondering if Josh really means the words he’s always teasing you with

- honestly he’s just trying to get you to confess to him before he can

- Josh just wants to make sure you’ve fallen for him like he did for you :’)

- BUT if you’re a tough person to crack, he’ll eventually reach his own breaking point and will have to tell you how he feels somehow


- on some days when you guys can’t meet up (aka days when Josh’s schedule doesn’t allow him to go to the company building while you’re there), Josh sends you a text with a song or two that he thinks would be nice to try on the guitar

- and one day, instead of a few song titles and their artists, you get a link

- so you tap on the link and it leads you to a private document

- it has chords and lyrics scattered across the page

- but you don’t recognize the song

- and wtf it doesn’t even have an artist name or title on it

- so you search some of the lyrics up

- but nothing matches up to it

- so you text Josh back and you’re like:

- you: “hey man what’s with song you sent me?”

- Josh: “what’s wrong? do you not like it?”

- you: “I don’t know the song and this document doesn’t have a title or the artist’s name???” “so I can’t even search it up and give it a listen first”

- Josh: “well if you’re wondering who the artist is”

- Josh: “it’s me”

- Josh: “:D”

- you: “hAh nice joke Josh” “no really who’s the artist”

- Josh: “I just said it’s me”


- Josh: “y/n I’m not kidding, I wrote the song”

- Josh: “and I put it into a document so you could try it”

- you: “Josh how the fuck am I supposed to play it if I don’t even know whAT IT’S SUPPOSED TO SOUND LIKE???”

- Josh: “Idk make it up? lol”

- you: “I still don’t believe it’s yours” “the lyrics are too nice”

- Josh: “I’m offended”

- Josh: “but thanks I wrote it anyways”

- you both stare at your phones simultaneously before Josh continues

- Josh: “it’s fine if you don’t believe me. I just want you to look through it and tell me what you think”

- you: “well it’s nice, like woozi-quality music…”

- you: “mAYBE HE WROTE IT”

- Josh: “okay but would Jihoon talk about you in his lyrics?”

- you: “wait what?”

- you: “I don’t get it”

- you: “waiT JOSH”

- you: “THIS SONG”

- you: “THE LYRICS”





- Josh: “text me when you get it”

- you stare at your phone once again

- Josh, what are you trying to say?

- you decide to give the lyrics another glance

- and you pick up on something familiar in a few of the verses

“the songs are pretty, but there are prettier things like you”

- “I hold you close because it’s easier this way”

“doesn’t everything I do for you make it obvious? see through?”

“I need you to keep making me smile, so stay”

- did he just use the compliments he used to tease you with…

- to make a song?

- you immediately send a text to Josh

- you: “we need to talk when you get back”

- you wait for a quick response, but there’s none

- in fact, you check your messages, and it says he read it

- but nothing

- no word from Josh

- you’re kinda mad at him for the rest of the day for not replying

- the fact that he might just be confessing to you with these song lyrics keeps you up at night

- and you just wanted to talk it out with him to make sure everything’s crystal clear

- the next day you go to pick up the guitar in it’s usual spot, assuming you and Josh have no plans today since he’s so “busy”

- but the guitar isn’t there

- this can only be the works of a Joshua Hong, you think

- so you text him again:

- you: “Josh where is the guitar?”

- Josh: “I have it”

- you: “where”

- Josh: “find me ;)”

- you: “JOSHUA”

- you really want to talk to him today so you start your desperate search

- and you pretty much look everywhere except…

- wAIT THE VACANT OFFICE FLOOR, you scream internally before scrambling for the stairs

- and as you’re nearing that floor, you can hear the distant strumming of a guitar coming from one of the offices YALL KNOW

- and to no surprise, you find yourself at the doorway of the office you used to practice the guitar in all by yourself

- the office that Joshua found you in

- Joshua stops playing the guitar at the sight of you and smiles

- “why didn’t you reply to my text last night?” you ask in annoyance

- “because I knew you figured it out,” he says softly

- “yeah, I think… I mean, I could be taking it the wrong way but-”

- “go ahead. Tell me what you think I’m trying to say,” he leans back on his chair and waits patiently for your response

- you’re about to tell him you think it’s a confession to you

- but you know damn well that Josh is gonna embarrass you and say it means something else

- so you change up your answer

- “you’re trying to tell me that I’m dumb,” you smile coolly. “Like you always do.”

- “… you’re right,” he perks up a wider smile

- this was not the response you were expecting

- “JOSH,” you yell and pause for a moment to think about it

- “am I really?” you ask in an upset tone

- “yeah, y/n. You’re too dumb to realize that it was a co-”

- “CONFESSION I KNOW,” you say in frustration

- Joshua shies away, shifting his glance from your face to your shoes

- “looks like you’re not that dumb after all…”

- he actually… confessed?

- “well,” you clear your throat quietly. “I was pretty mad at you last night for not clearing this all up with me then, but consider yourself… forgiven.” a smile spreads across your face

- “what’s that supposed to mean?” Josh gets up from his seat and puts the guitar aside. He comes up close to you and looks down at your face, just inches away from his

- “are you sure I’m the dumb one?” you lift a brow. “because if you can’t tell what I mean by that, it’s probably you.”

- “it’s not,” his mouth curves up as he lifts your chin and lets his lips inch closer to yours

- but he stops before they can touch

- “wait, is this okay with you?” he asks hesitantly

- “Josh, as much as I love your gentlemanly side, I think it’s kind of ruining the moment,” you laugh

- “I’ll take that as a yes,” he replies before locking his lips with yours

- who knew someone could understand both sides of me so well? Josh smiles to himself

Best Friend! Yoongi (pt2)

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word count: 1500+ idk lmao

alsO this is my thiRD time uploading this wtf im sorry i keep making mistakes

-       Okay so like let’s be honest you guys would probably low key live together

-       like you’d have a draw full of your clothes in his closet and you’d probably wear his sweaters without even realising and he’d have his own toothbrush in your bathroom

-       and he’d always turn up at your house with a packet of Doritos and demand to play Mario Kart only to get really sulky when he loses

-       “leave me alone, you cheated”

-       “yoongi, you can exactly cheat at mAriO kART”

-       “yeah whatever go make me a sandwich or somethin”

-       “do it yourself lazy ass”

-       he’d probably text you at 3 am like aLL THE TIME and you’ll always reply despite being half asleep and it’d be him asking for your opinion of some lyrics or he’d send you a lil demo like “I totally haven’t been working on this for 3 months,, tell me you hate it”

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Honestly hearing people speaking a language irl really makes me wanna learn it like today I heard these people speaking Japanese at the library and now I’m like HOW COOL WOULD I BE IF I LEARNED JAPANESE even though I’ve never really cared for Japanese

My mostly white school

So a couple of weekends ago we had a diversity conference (which of course I was on the committee for) and surprisingly enough it wasn’t just the whole minority population at my school present, there were quite a few white people. And although most of the white people were very involved in the conference, talking, listening and over all interacting, there where a few of my peers who would make comments like “I didn’t come her to get preached to” or “why should I feel guilty for being white” and “I’m not racist, white privilege doesn’t exist”.
I feel like I hear these comments alot whether there online or irl. Let me address this,
1. Exactly no one is asking white people to feel guilty about being white, we are simply asking that you acknowledge the privilege that comes with being white.
2. If you don’t feel uncomfortable you’re not learning. If you didn’t go to a diversity conference to learn something then why’d you go.
3. Please white people as a race understand that it’s not your place to go to a diversity conference and say shit like “that’s not real” and “I’m not racist”. The only people who can tell you whether or not your acts are racist are the people being oppressed by them.


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Request from @fangirl-for-the-broken: Hey! Can you do a one shot or a set of HCs where reader is a broke af single mom (adopted from a sibling or something) and Eth absolutely loves them, so when she starts dating a really rude guy because he helps her support her child, he gets upset. A few days later, reader finds him ranting to Amy or Kat about how he wishes that she would wake up and realize that he was in love with her and talking about all the ways that he would treat them like royalty? Sorry if it’s long, I love your writing!

Author’s Note: This is super late and super long. Hope you enjoy! PS thanks to my irl bff for typing my writing out for me while I was at work so I could just copy and paste!!

Warnings: Swearing, a mention of a drug addicted family member, anda dick boyfriend.

Okay. $60 for groceries to last the entire month. What did you need? You glanced down at your list, determining what you could afford to cut out, when you hear Ethan behind you. 


Turning quickly, you see him with a sore finger in his mouth, smiling as Jemma giggled. “Did she bite you again?” you questioned, but couldn’t help smiling at the situation. 

“My fault,” Ethan admitted, removing the red finger from his mouth and continuing on to tickle Jemma, who’s giggle escalated into full blown laughter. “We were playing Dinosaurs and Jem was the mighty T-Rex!” 

Your kid sister rawred at Ethan who rawred right back, and the laughed together like they were in their own little world. The sight made the smile on your face grow as you ran a hand over Jemma’s hair. “Be careful with Ethan, alright Jem? We still need him around.” Ethan gave a grin up to you before he started pushing the cart again. You stared for a moment longer before worrying eyes found the grocery list once more.

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HII if you're still doing the drawings?? Could you please do C3 Peggy and F5 Laurens? If you don't mind?

“Shall we dance, miss?”
“…I-I dance really bad, I’m sure I would step on you…”
“I’m dying to see it”

Lord, that was a wonderful winter’s ball, for sure.

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What's ur opinion about Burr?


i mean irl one or musical one? im guessing musical one

i guess i like to see him as a dude that had good and bad qualities just like everyone and he seemed pretty chill at the beginning and i wish he was better friends with the squad and that he would joke around with them a little more yknow?? other then that relatable bc i also dont speak my mind 2 often lmao

plus i feel like if you could hear his soul you would just hear constant screaming and honestly


i like him

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i just began wondering- what does your sona sound like? does it sound like you irl or does i have some other voice? because, i imagine the lil fluff ball has a sqeaky voice, like it came from a disney movie.

Honestly, I’m one of those people who sorta ‘hear’ an identical ‘gray’ voice when reading and writing characters, which somehow manages to convey emotions despite being monotone???

Basically, I absolutely can’t put a voice to character, unless I’m doing so consciously, and I sorta never bothered with my sona? Though the voice I have IRL, probs, would sound very weird and outta place. Maybe, some sorta version with the pitch altered to sound higher? I donno, really. *shrug*

I never want to see or hear about hellucard again, you absoloute chumps

i think seperating character from person based off of/actor starts to get a little impossible when said person is a man in his late twenties who flirts with minors as young as 13. i dont care about how much you like hellucard hes honestly a super insignificant character and nothing would change not having him there. tomska has even said to avoid his irl counterpart if thats not enough for you. 
anyways seeing said character makes me extremely uncomfortable because of that and people keeping on repeating “separate the two!!! its fiction!!!” are so tone deaf. 
seperating the characters from the real people=/=character based off of irl creep/pedophile is perfectly ok to like uncritically because its FICTION!!!!!!! XD 
minors said they let his slimy behaviour slide because “hes hellucard” giving this man’s character attention has the potential to be DANGEROUS you goddamn idiots. im gonna be as mean as i like here!!!!! i hate pedophiles with a burning passion. 

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I just read your post on how albeist Ice King's portrayal in Adventure Time is. I would love to hear your ideas on how to rewrite Ice King and his mental illness, if you have any. Also I really like your blog 💜

sorry this suuuuuch a late reply, things have been rough irl for me lately. thank u for kind words

so, i know his back story wasn’t written until the production of that episode. i think that by itself is a huge mistake, you can’t just expect a seamless transition of comedy relief into sympathetic character like that. 

but the main issue is that from the beginning, his creepy antics were a joke.this would be a problem even without his backstory- that stuff isn’t funny!

with his backstory in midn though… they could have pulled off the capturing princesses bit as a funny game reference and plausible innocently-intentioned action resulting from mental illness, with the twist being that he’s doing so out of sincere belief that he needs to save them. that’d be a parallel to finn’s behavior later on towards pb and fp. the solution to it being that, besides just acknowledging his mental illness, they teach him that he’s still being disrespectful to women and not seeing them as people. 

instead, they made him be a legit creep, who’s attracted to teenage characters (including finn) and doesn’t mind forcing women to do whatever. that can Not be excused or explained by mental illness. it only spreads the idea that we’re prone to be like that. as a survivor who’s abuser used ableist rhetoric against me, this hurt. 

and they don’t make him stop after the reveal! ofc he wouldn’t change, but they could’ve been more mindful…instead they play it up as a joke, like in “i remember you”, when we thought they were getting somewhere..and then he tried kissing her (thanks sugar). that’s not funny or clever. 

so, ideally, they could have introduced him with his backstory in mind, and have him do what would be good actions under different circumstances. since that’s how it actually works- mentally ill people don’t just do random creepy or violent shit and then excuse it, we do what makes sense to do under different circumstances. 

because they came up with it last minute…two routes that wouldve still improved it:

1   clear that his creepy actions are a result of him as a person, not just his illness, ex through an immediate intervention the other chars have, through showing original simon as a jerk too. have other mentally ill characters who are not like this (which they did do a bit with finn!!)

2. essentially scrap all of the perv jokes after the reveal, write his delusion as just capturing/awkwardly flirting with princesses, no jokes they did before. 

sorry this is rambly…i honestly haven’t thought about how his whole story could be rewritten, so much as creepy jokes just could’ve been avoided. that would’ve been a huge difference.

asks, anxiousenby, hope this posts to right blog, 

my family is so fuckin dramatic i cant deal

a list of fun things that happened today

  • my sexuality was used to further an agenda
  • i was lectured about real estate by my younger sister
  • mom started arguing with me about gender and when i said ‘i dont wanna argue about this’ she said ‘iM NOT ARGUING im doing this to Help you for the REAL WORLD’

im fucking living rn watching the English voice actors for Kaiba and Joey taking questions on a panel because they’re like friends irl??? 

and i swear to fucking fuck getting to hear them talk about the english dub and go

Kaiba: Would we wanna re-write some things? Yeah, I would agree with you-

Joey: I thought it was perfect.

Kaiba: *looks at him* *hesitates* Except for Joey’s lines, I would re-write stuff.

just fucking fuels my pupship heart and I love it

Hey fellow spinsters! 

So I’m not really active on Spinster Bootcamp much anymore when it comes to creating content (not that I was even very reliable in my posting schedule when I was more active, but still…) but that really only means that I haven’t prioritized taking the time to write up stuff on here, I haven’t given up on my interests related to it entirely. Offline, I’ve been doubling down on all of it and over the past couple years been having SO MANY conversations about these things IRL with friends, constantly researching/reading/learning as much as I can, and really giving a lot of thought to how I can keep these conversations going and reach/engage with more people. I started thinking about putting in the effort to make Spinster Bootcamp a proper blog with maybe regular contributors or something, but so far it just doesn’t seem like the right medium for the subject matter. So I’ve been giving a lot of thought to how to go about discussing these same subjects but in a different medium. 

What I really want is to essentially continue having the conversations I’m having with friends about spinsterhood (especially queer spinsterhood), the solitude/loneliness dichotomy, the intersection of work and solitude and the idea of secular vocation, etc (and honestly so much more than I’m only just starting to really get a handle on and unearth), but in a much more public manner. Which, honestly, people who know me IRL will tell you that me wanting to talk publicly about things that are so important and personal to me is shocking, BUT, I think that is why the medium it is done in matters. If this hypothetical project is just a blog with me doing most of the writing/editing and a few contributors when I can get them, then it is going to be mostly me writing from my own singular perspective, which is not the conversation I want to have. I am finally in a place I think where I feel confident to add my voice to the discussion without always second guessing it (just *mostly* second guessing it), but I don’t want to be the only perspective I am putting out there, and even though I would be asking for other people to engage in discussion with me it seems like an inherently skewed platform that won’t lead to balanced discussion. I also don’t want to commit to a blog type structure where you need to post regularly. I want to be able to essentially have moments during the year when I am working on this project a lot, and then times when I am not. I have a lot of interests, and while I’m very interested in doing something with this, I know myself enough to know that if it is something that I feel I have to keep up with regularly in order to keep people interested I will become 110% uninterested. I like having conversations about these things, and then going back to my own solitude to mull it over for awhile, and then doing more research, and then having more conversations later, and I suppose that sort of pacing is much more in line with how I would feel comfortable running a project like this. 

So the first of two formats I have been considering instead is some sort of publication, think like a quarterly magazine or journal (could be hard copy or online) where people could submit essays, short stories, personal anecdotes, fiction, non-fiction, comics, anything goes really. I’m very open to the forms the writing takes as long as it is related to the overarching subject. I guess depending on interest/amount of contributions then I would figure out how large to make it/how often to publish it/etc. I haven’t really given it much thought behind that, and I admittedly know very little about self publishing, not to mention the amount of work and rounding up of contributors that that would entail. Then editing/curating for quality on top of that makes me kinda stressed just thinking about it. 

The second format that I have given much more thought to and am currently favoring is a podcast. I know, I know, that might sound weird right after I said in an above paragraph that I don’t want to be the only voice. But that’s the thing! I wouldn’t be the only voice on it, it just would be my actual voice doing about half or less of the talking, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it is just me speaking from my own personal viewpoint. The thing I like about how I have been interacting with these subjects recently is that the amount of people I talk to about these things IRL has somehow tripled. Talking about these things even with the small variety of people in my small social circle has been so comforting in a way that all my years of reading and research or even talking with people online never has been. I think there is something to be said about actually hearing another human speak about these things, and not just reading their words. It feels a little more like comfortable discussion with real people rather than academic analysis that can sometimes to me feel a little too impersonal. Or at least I suppose I am finding that that makes a big difference for me. And besides, what I really want is to keep having those IRL discussions, just in a more public manner, and what better way to do that, than to literally record those discussions and release them to the public? 

That being said, there would definitely be themes or specific subject matter for each episode, and it would likely be me speaking with 1-3 people individually about the subject matter for that episode, with the guests ideally dominating most of the conversation. Obviously once again the ability to gather contributors and find an audience will dictate how many episodes there would be per season and how often they are released, but I like the idea of doing maybe 6ish less than an hour long episodes per season, and releasing just one season a year. If there were more demand or enough contributors then I could see doing two seasons a year, but not more than that. Think like small audio miniseries I guess? Not so much a routine subscription to content as a special thing that happens once in awhile. 

SO here is where I would like some input after all that rambling! I am taking a podcasting workshop this upcoming Saturday. It is being run by another queer woman who has created radio/podcast content that I have really enjoyed, so I am excited about that. From what I understand we will be covering both technical aspects of creating a podcast, as well as the storytelling aspects. I don’t really know how much we are expected to have fully fleshed out ideas going in. I know the things that are important to me to have for this sort of project, but I would love to have some more info to work with on what sort of things people would like to hear from a Spinter Bootcamp-esque podcast. Are there subjects/people/concepts you are dying to hear someone talk about? Is there anything you would be into coming on the podcast and talking about? (I am gonna need a regular stream of contributors, might as well start sourcing some of them now!) Is there anything that you constantly see happening anytime you read or discuss these sort of subjects that you think should be avoided or talked about in a different manner? Do you feel SO STRONGLY that a podcast is a terrible medium for this and you have a much better suggestion for how to go about this? I’m partial to the podcast idea but I’m not married to it yet. That’s part of taking this workshop, to dip my toe in and see if it really is the format that I think I could work with the best. 

I think I’m finally done talking at all of you now haha. Please let me know if you have any thoughts about this hypothetical project though! Big or small I would love to hear all of them and I will definitely keep everyone updated with what I decide to do and how the process progresses. 

a-monster-of-ink  asked:

*tips hat* Hey there Tiddy. Mind if a talk to you about something? If you check Mccree's vest there are some wires connected to his torso, plus one on his back that is partially covered by the serape. Probably someone already saw this, but I just realized the other day. Have a good day ;) *rolls away*

*breathes deep* BOI LETS TALK!  this very concept has been lowkey stewing in my brain for months now!!!!!  Like i know we get hyped about Hanzo’s legs and how Jesse lost his hand but… i definitely think he lost more than his hand.

longish rant that doesn’t really reach a clear conclusion below:

Like you said, he’s got wires/tubes that to me look like they would serve cooling or ventilation purposes. I actually just ran across a post (HERE) that outlines some points on why he might just be more cyborg than we thought.

And also i noted the way he carries himself (as others have also pointed out before), he hides his entire left side with a serape, and often hides the arm back a little from view -but in doing so he’s also hiding that whole shoulder/side.
also his walk is heavy -”but he’s a big boy” yeah but it’s more than that, like watch him next time but pretend there’s a metal clunk clunk clunk to his footfalls. it’s like he’s very aware of his weight but that it’s not a natural part of him, so he has to carry it with careful steadiness (i.e: he’s aware his arm can rip through steel so he’s extra aware of placement/strength when he picks up a glass). now you could argue that he’s a big dude who is a professional stealther and i’d 100% agree with you. idk how else to describe it ‘m sorry that makes no sense.
**EDIT: OH ALSO HIS KNEE! i think there was also damage to his leg, thus the knee brace thing. which could contribute to the way he walks.

all to say My headcanon that i’m working on currently is that he had significant internal damage, maybe also like that post also suggests- he even lost most of that side of his body, in an explosion *cough*maybehewasatheswissbaseafterall*cough cough* or some other incident. I really like the headcanon that ties into the IRL gang rules of Deadlock taking McCree’s arm -but maybe their methods took much more, leaving him for dead?  I played around in some ugly doodles (that are too ugly to be viewed) what his torso might look like with “genji style” ports embedded, and judging by their placement, with the idea that maybe the armor acts as life support/filtration system in case his lungs would malfunction or he’d suffer something that could endanger his heart while on the field. 

“but if he had damage to his lungs why would he smoke?”
Hear me out here, *alien history channel dude gesture* prosthetic lungs.
If he’s got cyborg/prosthetic enhancements/parts maybe smoking isn’t deadly in the usual way but funks up the mechanics which could eventually lead to death -hence pissing off Angela.

don’t ask me how he’d be allowed to enter military combat with a bad heart or how the lungs work okay dammit Jim i’m a content contributor not a doctor!
Genji is a literal walking swiss army knife so… i mean… i think anything goes in the OW universe at this point. 

if anybody wants to piggyback on this or yell at me with ideas come at my inbox bros! i love hearin’ y’alls thoughts!

So I had this idea last night, and I was so excited I almost got out of bed to post it. And maybe it exists already, so you all can tell me if it does. But I’ve obviously been thinking a ton lately about minority representation and so many of you have been so helpful with sharing your thoughts on how to do that.

So I’m thinking, and this is really off the top of my head, I kind of want to start something more formal — an advocacy organization, maybe, that works to encourage and increase the diversity of both characters and actors in our popular media. I think, what’s been super helpful for me, and what I think would be helpful for a lot of creators, is hearing from minority leaders and advocates on what they’d consider best practices for representing those minorities in an honest, positive way. Maybe put together some kind of guidebook, like the NGLJA has for journalists on talking about IRL gay people? Am I making sense here? 

This came from another idea that I had to pull some local independent creators together ( a lot of your favorite podcasts have some roots here in LA) in a sort of roundtable with minority leaders and fans to gain some insight into the issues you’ve all faced in terms of media representation. I think that would be so helpful for me.

Like I said, just a germ of an idea at the moment, but would love some thoughts? Does this already exist anywhere? What do you think would be most effective?

being best friends w/ kenma kozume
  • okay so y’all know this boy’s quiet and doesn’t like talkin to people
  • so he plays his 3DS between classes and at lunch or whatever, and during lunch he always connects to Mii Plaza™ to get those puzzle pieces
  • but like, every time he logs on there’s always one person logging on the same time he is and like that’s always one puzzle piece he can count on
  • and since they’ve met so many time you can send those personalized messages, and they either compliment him or send mEMES
  • and he’s just like,,,,,,????
  • who dis??????
  • the reason he doesn’t know who is because they have it as a nickname!! 
  • bc who uses their real name on internet connected mii’s c’mon y’all,,,,,,
  • so eventually he goes on a lowkey hunt bc who can be the kind meme
  • he really, really wants to meet them bc they seem so unique???
  • like wow
  • a chill internet meme 
  • #amazing
  • but seriously lowkey hunts
  • because he’s gotta conserve his social energy for volleyball because the kids on that team are wILD
  • then after volleyball one day he sees you with a 3DS walking out of the school and wHIPS OUT HIS DS
  • he looks at the mii
  • then at you
  • then at the mii again
  • and he’s just like,,,,, “it’s them”
  • kuroo overhears kenma mumbling to himself and he looks at the mii and then at you and he’s like,,, “go to them, my child”
  • but kenma doesn’t know how to approach you so nO
  • so kuroo just grunts and starts walking towards you and kenma’s just like “stOP pleasE kuRoO DON’T-”
  • kuroo starts talking to you and let’s be real you’re kinda intimidated because he tol and he’s got a resting w*tch face 
  • you just bLAST your ds behind your back because hashtag closet gamer 
  • he introduces himself and he’s not that scary but you’re like wow a person approached me out of no where?????
  • caught ya off guard yikes
  • now you kinda hAVe to introduce yourself because it would be pretty rude not to but then you kinda screw it up because you’re still confused about this situation??????
  • “oh,,,,,, hey-o i’m (Y/N) but like people call me by this weird nickname most ofthetimeandimeaniguessigobymyrealnamebutnotreallycallmewhatever—”
  • “but,,,um,,,,,,,,i’m (Y/N)”
  • and it’s like he ignored your weird speech about your name because he just smiles and says nice to meet you
  • “so my friend over there thinks you’re (nickname) from the Mii Town™ or something,,,,,”
  • “it’s actually Mii Plaza™”
  • “so are you them or–”
  • “i meme i guess”
  • “oh my god it is you”
  • you just kinda shrug and it’s lowkey cocky because you know your memes are top quality
  • “but for real, please meet my friend. he always slips in this on Mii - which i guess is you - on everyone one of our conversations,,, ‘oh, (nickname) messaged me something similar yesterday’ ‘would (nickname) do that, ah if i ever met them irl i’d probably intimidated…’ ‘you’re coughing? wash your hands, (nickname) told me that they got sick, a bug must be going around. i hope they’re feeling better.” 
  • and you’re just really amazed because a person that you’ve never met in real life wANtS to mEet YoU and cARes aBouT YOU. 
  • so you’re just like,,,,,, “please let me meet the soft floof.”
  • and you can’t believe yourself because you just said ‘soft floof’ out loud.
  • you don’t even try to cover it up because they’re gonna have to know your #trupersonality sooner or later
  • before you know it you’re walking over to kenma and soon realize this is a bAD IDEA BECAUSE HOW DO YOU COMMUNICATE
  • y’all just stand there for a while until you start to introduce yourself and you screw up agaIN
  • “hey,,,,,,,,,,so i’m applepi – wAIT NO I MEaNt– you – you are applepi,,,,,,,uh anyway my name’s (nickname) AKA (Y/N) — hOld on nO my nAME iS (Y/N) and my alias is (nickname)”
  • and at this point you’ve kind of just accepted your fate 
  • right as you were about to blast your ds pinged???? and you’re like “sorry gotta check this, this could be vvv important
  • and it was a friend request from applepi!!!!!
  • a smile immediately forms on your face because you thought that you donked up so hard just a moment ago 
  • after a while kuroo kinda just leaves and you two are sitting under a tree messaging each other through your ds’s talking about the newest video game releases, sometimes you would draw something for your response and it would be so fricking c*rny that you would hear kenma chORTLE 
  • when y’all were done talking and had to go your separate ways and you were home, staring at the ceiling and suddenly you were just like,,,,”dat boi,,,,,,he was kind,,,,,,i wanna be super friends w him.
  • EVENTUALLY y’all would open up more to each other and start talking irl (though you guys still talked through ds bc why not?) 
  • it was a long process but you guys eventually started hanging out after school hours. 
  • sometimes you would wait for him after his practice just so you two could have a break from studying and school and stress and sports by going to a coffee shop y’all found a lil while back 
  • y’all would get your favorite drinks and just kind of enjoy each other’s presence and play animal crossing so y’all could exchange furniture and clothes and just have a dandy time
  • but one time you were so caught up in beating this one boss in Rune Factory 4™ (if you’ve never played it, pls play it, it’s a vv nice game n you can date cute boys n girls and fight and farm and it’s pretty #notspons) and kenma just wanted to trade and visit your town in animal crossing but you were like “not until i beat this boss i nEed to accomplish this. this is my one goal in life right now”
  • you eventually get frustrated, and passive aggressively shut the device like nope, and you just sigh and take a sip of your drink
  • and he just sighs and takes ur ds and beats the boss with complete ease and you see the defeated sign pop up 
  • you look at him,
  • then back at the ds
  • then back at him
  • “you, my friend, are a god”
  • “the boss wasn’t that hard-”
  • “listen, i never said i was good at video games”
  • “are you gonna try and beat it by yourself when you get home?”
  • “bingo.”
  • and he smiles that smol smile of his because you’re such a dO R K
  • if there’s any disagreement between you two, honestly y’all wouldn’t get into a full fledged fight, y’all would talk it out 
  • but let’s be honest
  • you guys wouldn’t get into real fights
  • the most fighting you would do would be you probably calling ‘hacks’ on him for being a better Pokemon™ trainer
  • when you’re sad or down, let’s be real, kenma wouldn’t really know how to handle it, so he’d do his best to make you feel better by offering to bring over junk food and your fave movies 
  • he’d also offer to listen about what’s going on in your life, and if you decided not to tell him, he wouldn’t pry, he would respect your privacy and ask if there’s anything else he could do
  • y’all would have a nice time when you were feeling down and you would fall asleep on the couch he’d look away from the movie to see you sleeping (snoring or not)
  • and his heart would go doki doki
  • “shoot, i’m In Love™ with them”
  • after that things wouldn’t be real awkward because kenma know’s how to #hidehisfeelings but of course, a thing or two would slip out, and he wouldn’t even add like “because you’re my friend”
  • and of course blush on occasion
  • overall, y’all are gr8 chill friends (and potential partners ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ) who enjoy each other’s presence, play ds together, and meme together
  • you know what they say; friends who meme together, stay together
  • but he would lowkey meme and roaS T you at the perfect time 

(a/n): i regret nothing. i was gonna add more but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

-admeme jin