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it's v late and im immersed in thesis work but all i can think about is helios and apollo meeting fred and george (from harry potter) and idk why?? mcgonagall would retire in .5 seconds, at least three people would have fire for hair, whoever gave helios a wand (lee jordan) is wanted by the ministry for 5,000,000 galleons, fawkes falls in love w apollo, n somewhere, umbridge Explodes (im sry if u dont know harry potter bc this was a Ramble goodbye now)

reading this felt like going on a rollercoaster in the Himalayas, it starts off wild and gets wilder exponentially 

travel au’s for your otp

- “i’m visiting this city for the first time and they drive on the opposite side of the road here and when i looked the wrong way before trying to cross the street, you were the stranger who yanked me back and stopped me from being completely flattened by that bus. can i buy you a drink?”
- “we’re doing the same study abroad program and we didn’t get along at first, but you helped me with the language in an emergency and maybe you’re not so bad after all.”
- “we’re both lost and have run into each other like six times trying to find this obscure place. want to work together?”
- “the mona lisa is possibly the biggest letdown in all of france.”
- “you’re a tour guide in this insanely ancient, historical place and you’re the biggest nerd i’ve ever encountered in my life, but you’re also insanely hot and i’m enjoying your tour immensely so i’m going to ask all the questions i can think of and you actually seem pretty impressed.”
- “i’m having a spiritual epiphany looking out over the world and the incredible structures built in ancient times and you’re an amateur photographer who snapped some seriously breathtaking pictures of me.”
- “i asked you for directions and you spoke to me in broken english with a native accent but i ran into you again later and it turns out you actually grew up in the next town over from me.”
- “i’m an art student pursuing my degree abroad and i’m supposed to be sketching pieces in the museum but instead i’ve been sketching you and oh no i think you just saw me.”
- “i decided to move and work abroad but i’m pretty homesick and have no friends to speak of and you’re the insanely hot bartender who listened to my woes. i’m not entirely sure you understood much of what i was saying, but you invited me out with you and some of your friends and despite the language barrier, i think we have something here.”
- “i’m the only foreign student in this art history class and we were taking a class trip to a museum and we both ended up staying and going through the museum afterwards, and even though we’ve never spoken we’re kind of moving through at the same pace.”
- “i’ve never been to this country before and you’re the tour guide on this trip who just got me to eat this ‘local delicacy’ and holy shit what did i just put in my mouth?”
- “okay i’ve been touring around several cities and countries over the past few weeks and i’ve definitely seen you in several of them and also on a few of my trains. are you following me?”
- “i’ve gotten really into the local music scene in this city and you are in one of the bands and have seen me at a bunch of your shows.”
- “you’re very obviously new to this city and wow you suck at speaking this language here let me give you some key phrases. the most important one is how you ask someone out on a date. now repeat it back to me. oh, yes, i would like to go on a date with you i’m so glad you asked.”

you people are complaining because “all of a sudden” naruto loves hinata in the new movie, when if they had elaborated on it during the course of the series instead of focusing on the plot you would have all shit your pants over it and complained about the writers diverting their attention from the main storyline.

like what the fuck do you want. now that there’s time to elaborate, they’re filling in the gaps, so calm down. holy christ the fandom is impossible to please


Hi guys!^^ As you can see, I’m back with a new OTP gif set which is about no other couple than Bamon!~_^ My love for this couple actually developed about 5 years ago when I read the third book of the Vampire Diaries series! ~_^ I’m honest, I found the books pretty much boring which is the reason why I just read the first 3 ones! XD But the third book was in my opinion okay because firstly it was once without weeping Elena and secondly focused more on Bonnie’s character which was a bit missing in the two books before in my opinion! ~_^ Anyways, I still can remember that Bonnie started to have a little fascination about Damon in the third book and I always found this kinda cute!!!!^.^ But since the TV show has ALWAYS been about Stelena and Delena, I never saw a chance that Bamon would actually happen :C But then BAM!!!! Season 6 happens where Bonnie and Damon,who never were quite fond of each other before for the record, are stuck together in a deserted 1994 Mystic Falls version and transform from arch enemies to quite “close” friends.^^

Quite a few probably say that their relationship status is now “being good friends”, but not me!~_^ I actually believe that they developed feelings for each other during these 4 months in this prison world.^^ I particularly felt this statement of mine confirmed when Damon said “I’m doing this for Bonnie, Elena, not for you“ to Elena when they both came to get Bonnie with them back home. He had such an honest and firm expression while saying this and I LOVED the look Elena gave him after these words!!!!^^ This DEFINITELY was a meaningful moment for Bamon, I’m convinced of that!!!!~_^ And another Bamon hint is in my opinion the scene where Damon saves Bonnie from Kai and kills him, allow me this remark, AWESOMELY in the end!!!!^^ It SO SERIOUSLY broke my heart when it looked like Damon would seriously just leave her there and let her die!!!!! :O But THEN he returned like Superman and saved the princess through killing the villain, like a REAL superhero!!!!^^ This scene actually displayed the development of Bonnie’s and Damon’s relationship PERFECTLY because the old Damon could have given a shit about Bonnie’s welfare, but the NEW Damon, the new Damon cares about her and would now also risk his life for her which was just unthinkable in the past!!!! :O

As for me, I REALLY enjoyed the sixth season of “The Vampire Diaries” and that, yeah I admit ( XD), mostly because of the wonderful Bonnie x Damon development about which I have raved about since I was 14!!!!^.^ I SERIOUSLY can’t wait for the seventh season to start and SINCERELY hope that Bamon will become FINANLLY real there!!!!^.^

These gifs are all made by me! Please like or reblog of you want to use, thanks! ~_^