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Hey everyone, I’m opening emergency commissions. I just lost my job this week and my cars check engine light and about 3 others are now going off. I’m really in need of some money to fix my car while I look for other jobs. I dont have a sheet yet but if you would like to commission me please PM me here or email me at ketsucommissions@yahoo.com and we can work out the price

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After this most recent wave of anon hate, i would like to get some sort of support system going. No one should have to deal with hate period. And no one should have to go through it alone. If you would like to be part of this group you are welcome, either message me, reply to this or reblog, and I’ll figure something out.
I want to make something clear. We are a family here. Weather you’ve been writing for years, months, or days you are welcome.
This group will serve as support in writing, against anon hate, and a support system for everyday life. Hopefully this will draw some people. Please tag anyone who isn’t here.
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Tom Holland x reader.

‘’Heyy! I wanted to know if requests are open? If so, I would like a Tom Holland x Reader or the reader is the daughter of Robert Downey Jr. She is a young actress and she is in love with Tom but she is jealous of Tom’s relationship with Zendaya, then during a dispute between the reader and Tom, she accidentally says it’s feelings for him, then fluff at the end? Please? Thank you, and I looove your blog! ♥️♥️’’ Welp here you go i dont know if this is what you wanted but ahhh here ya go anon.

:) i do have requests open

“Hey, kiddo what’s up?” your dad asked as he walked in the kitchen where you were currently where, ‘’Whatcha making? Cause i sure do hope those are chocolate chip cookies.”

“Dad,’’ you said looking up from the mixing bowl as you cracked in two more eggs.

“(Y/N),’’ he replied with an innocent smirk.

“Robert downey Jr. you are supposed to be on a diet for the next avenger movie, we can’t have a chubby iron man, now can we?’’ you asked him, throwing an innocent glance his way. You knew how much your dad hated going on diets to get in shape for the movies, but you also knew how much he loved your chocolate chip cookies which was why around the time of his diet you baked more often, but your dad’s natural response was to tease your right back with your crush on the newest spider-man.

He looked at you with a grumpy expression and smugly said, ‘’Well if i can’t have them, i do think a certain underoos would love to have some freshly homemade chocolate chip cookies, and maybe that blonde guy to.’’

Red washed over your cheeks as you looked up to see your father grinning smugly at you turning around to but the cookies in the oven you replied, ‘’Maybe he will in, fact thank you for the idea dad, i think i might even head over to their apartment right after they pop out of the oven. Thank’s for the idea.” You saw your dad’s face fall, knowing that wasn’t the response your da was hoping for, you quickly set the timer for fifteen minutes and quietly made your way out of the kitchen to go grab a change of cloths.

“Now young lady that is not what i meant, why i would never! (Y/N) you better save me some cookies!” you could hear your dad in the background grumbling.

Walking out of your room with a fresh pair of dark skinny jeans, a simple lose maroon top, and a pair of hightop van’s, you wrapped the fished and cooled cookies on a plate in plastic wrap. Leaving a plate full of them on the counter for you and your dad to indulge in later during your movie night. You grabbed your keys and made your way up a flight of stairs to their apartment.

Tom, Harrison and you became fast friends when you were casted as iron man’s daughter and spider man’s love interest. People loved the fact that iron man had a daughter and that in real life you were father and daughter already. News articles created story after story after it was leaked that you played spider man’s love interest, trying to gain insight if there was a relationship offset too.  You wished there was a realation ship of set. You didnt know when you gained a major crush on Tom, but you did. You loved when you had to fix his hair before filming because he couldn’t ever do it himself and he would hold you by the waist or the way you both could be childish around each other but how ever you managed to fall in love with him you were no match for Zendaya and the relationship she and Tom had. There had been stories after stories that where sent your way about her and Tom dating, and you couldn’t blame them, Zendaya was a queen and Tom wasn’t to short of being a king, but still every time you had Harrison reassure you that they weren’t dating you couldn’t help but be jealous of the relationship they had. How effortlessly she was around him and how he never failed to smile when she was around.

The short walk to their apartment from yours wasn’t enough time for you to get your thoughts together as you silently cursed Marvel for getting everyone apartments in the same building.

Before you could knock on the door it swung open to a surprised Tom. “Oh hey, (Y/N) i didn’t know you were coming over, i was about to head out to see Z. You wanna come?” he asked you.

You couldn’t speak, Tom looked absolutely adorable with his little smile and a button down shirt with his styled hair. He styled his hair for once and it wasn’t for you for or for a bit it was for Z.

You stuck out the cookie plate not knowing really what to say to him, ‘’I-I made cookies.’’

“That’s awesome (Y/N), come on in Harrison’s here if you want to hang out till i can get back.’’ He said holding open the door for you. You walked in placing the cookies on the kitchen counter. ‘’Well look I’ve got to go.’’

“Um ya, that’s great Tom.’’ you heard the door shut as Harrison walked into the kitchen.

“Oh (Y/N), hey you made cookies.’’

“Hey Haz.’’ you said as a tear fell from your face. Haz’s face fell immediately as he came to hug, cooing you as you cried into his shoulder.

“(Y/N) he’s not worth all of this, okay. Please just tell him.’’ Haz cooed. You heard the door shut and Tom’s voice coming from the other room.

“Hey guy’s i forgot my keys!” Tom yelled as he walked into the kitchen, he was greeted with one his best friends crying into his best mate. “(Y/N), why are you crying.”

Haz looked down at you letting you go, he gave you a small nod telling you to talk to him. HE walked out of the room grabbing a few cookies as he left.

“(Y/N), what’s wrong.’’ Tom asked coming closer to you.

‘’I-,’’ You were gonna tell him but you couldn’t you didn’t want to, you where the one keeping him from going to Z’s. ‘’It’s nothing Tom you should get going to Z’s.’’

Toms face fell right after you said that, ‘’ This is about Z isn’t it? Why don’t you come with me Z loves you.’’

“This isn’t about Z, Tom-’’ you started.’’It’ about me and my stupid crush on you and you don’t even know, in fact your probably with Z anyway.’’

Tom paused, ‘’ You like me?” he asked, ‘’ cause I like you.”

“But what about Z?” you asked, forgetting the part of where he said he liked you.

“I needed her help trying to figure out a way to ask you out.” he said coming towards you, bringing you into  hug, ‘’Because i like you, not her.’’ he said kissing you forehead, holding you close.

‘’About bloody time!’’ Haz yelled from the other room.

fandoms-stoll-my-life  asked:

Can you do the RFA + V with an MC who CANNOT sleep in a house alone. Like she's paranoid about someone breaking in, watching her in her sleep, etc. So by the party she's sleep deprived and close to passing out.

Wow look at cat mom actually doing stuff!! Much productive such write!! Sorry for not being active lately due to some personal matters and overall crappy health, but I promise to try my best from now on.

Onto your request: Yikes I want to wrap this MC in a blanket and put her to sleep like omg who gives a damn about this party lol. Anyways, here you go, love! I ignored everything that happened in each party because that would’ve changed… well, your entire request, especially in certain routes. Just think of it as a neutral party? Taking Jaehee’s route as an example.

- Admin Cat Mom.


  • the moment is perfect and this baby boy is more than ready to become a Manly Man and give you that well-deserved kiss you both have been waiting for.
  • and he’s going for it, he wraps his arms around you and leans in for a kiss, but right before closing his eyes he notices how drained you look.
  • the bags under your eyes can be seen from space oh dear god.
  • of course the stupid kiss doesn’t matter anymore.
  • and he beats himself up for not noticing it before?
  • immediately starts interrogating you.
  • sweetie you’re not helping let poor MC at least process the questions.
  • instead of answering any of them, you mumble something unintelligible and hold tightly to his arms.
  • you got like two hours of sleep last night, your eyelids are heavy and your whole body feels like jelly so you’re thankful for the extra support.
  • but while your busy letting yourself go in his arms, he straight up freaks out because—are you passing out right now, MC?
  • oh god oH GOD PLEASE DON’T.
  • once he takes you somewhere quiet, gets you a chair, and makes certain you’re somewhat more stable, he squats down in front of you and holds your hand, stroking it softly as he listens to what’s been troubling you.
  • if only he would’ve known sooner…
  • “I’m so sorry you had to go through that by yourself, MC.”
  • you can see true anguish in every corner of his face.
  • after a brief discussion with the rest of RFA, he offers to take you home and promises to stay with you until you feel better.
  • and even though he doesn’t say this out loud, he would gladly, ahem, sleep right next to you if it’ll make you feel safe and sound.


  • this place is so crowded and noisy and holY SHIT you look like you’re dying, MC, what the hell happened?
  • he’s eavesdropping on you and it’s quite evident you’re trying your best to make conversation with guests but you’re so disconnected from everything, stuttering and fidgeting and spacing out.
  • so he approaches you and carefully places a hand on your shoulder to help you out a little and pull you back to earth.
  • and… you startle at his touch and screech, he screeches as well and backs up, everybody goes quiet, things get awkward, suddenly the concept of spontaneous combustion sounds nice and fitting.
  • in order to avoid making things worse, though, he smiles for the guests, suggests them to try the food and takes you somewhere less crowded.
  • it’s not really a pleasant talk because you feel so dizzy and you’re afraid he may start nagging you for not getting enough sleep.
  • yet not surprisingly enough, he gets mad at everyone but you.
  • he’s mad at seven and v for leaving you all alone in someone else’s apartment and refusing to reveal your location
  • what was the point of that anyway?
  • he’s also mad at himself for not being there for you.
  • and while he rattles on and on about RFA’s irresponsible and careless members, your legs start feeling heavy and your vision gets blurry.
  • whoops, there goes MC who is now all passed out on the floor.
  • OH SHIT.
  • nope nope nope he’s getting you out of there rIGHT NOW.
  • not a chance he’s letting you stay at the party, you need a good ol’ beauty sleep to recharge and get better.


  • she’s been in your position more times than she can count.
  • it’s pretty obvious she recognizes all the signs of a sleep deprived individual.
  • and she’s honestly the sweetest and most caring of them all?
  • like honey, you’ve done more than enough for this huge success of a party, you’re even trying to socialize and interact with guests while struggling to stand and walk.
  • everything’s been taken care of and the guys are handling the party just fine, you don’t need to worry and you’re going home right. now.
  • because having you wander around while close to passing out could do more harm than you leaving early.
  • when she mentions driving you somewhere nearby rika’s apartment so you can get some sleep, your face immediately drops.
  • oh…?
  • she’s quick to pick up your reaction and asks for an explanation.
  • after you provide her one, she deadpan nods and grabs you by the arm.
  • okay then it’s settled, she has no choice but to take you to her place.
  • when you both arrive, she puts you to bed and offers you a warm cup of tea to help you relax before heading out.
  • except she barely makes it two inches far from her bed because there’s something desperately pulling her sleeve.
  • she hesitates for a moment and urges you that you’re safe here, there are no bomb threats or possible intruders or hackers slash kidnappers waiting for the right time to take you away.
  • plus they’re expecting her at the party.
  • but… you’re persistent and you seem genuinely distressed thus she can’t just go on with her day knowing you’re feeling unsafe.
  • so she lies down next to you and lets you rest your head on her chest, and she promises to stay by your side until you wake up.
  • her heart is pounding like crazy and her cheeks are bright red, poor thing may explode at any given second but it’s okay it’s all good, it feels nice having you this close.
  • you soon fall asleep together and it’s the cutest thing.


  • as soon as he arrives, he eagerly starts looking for you.
  • an alluring being among the crowd he simply cannot wait to meet, where can they be? you can tell how anxious he is just by looking at his left cuff.
  • he’s fidgeting with it nonstop.
  • he asks about your whereabouts to every RFA member and guest he encounters without any luck.
  • until he bumps into seven and pops out the same question yet again.
  • “there,” he answers while pointing at his back.
  • five seconds later you crash into him, both of you losing balance for a moment.
  • “are you drunk, MC?”
  • though harsh and quite direct, he tries to be discreet about it.
  • and in his defense, you do look a bit drunk and disoriented.
  • this isn’t how he imagined getting to meet you.
  • still, he’s a gentleman resolved to help you avoid embarrassment and discomfort, and instead of dwelling on the reasons behind your current state right there, he escorts you outside to have a talk.
  • what? what do you mean you’ve barely slept in the past two weeks?
  • he refrains from lecturing you because 1) you look like you could faint at any minute and 2) he doesn’t want to upset someone who’s already upset enough, it’d be no help.
  • “you should’ve called, why didn’t you? I would’ve kept you company.”
  • you know it’s serious when executive director jumin han is willing to sacrifice his sleep and tight schedule just to make sure you’re having a good night’s sleep.
  • but since “it’s no use crying over spilled milk” his words and he has zero fucks to give, he suggests fleeing from the party.
  • no worries he ends up calling jaehee to let her know you’re feeling unwell.
  • after getting into his car, you fall asleep on his shoulder.
  • he stays still and watches you sleep in silence, a cute, barely noticeable smile across his face.


  • oh noes.
  • he’s seen that “do i want death or am i already dead who the hell knows at this point” look you’re pulling off.
  • where, you may be wondering? oh, that’s right, in the fucking mirror every goddamn night for the past fifteen years of his life.
  • you look like a zombie wandering around the room, you’re bumping into people and making a mess your way.
  • you haven’t even realized there’s a wine stain on your pretty clothes.
  • otherwise, he’s afraid you’ll pass out cold and the last thing you need right now is a concussion, so he comes up to you and greets you with one of his dumb jokes in order to lift your spirit.
  • it kinda works but you’re still looking… well, dead, and moody.
  • a moody zombie? yeah, that’s about it.
  • refusing to give up on you just yet, he grabs your hand and promises to stay by your side throughout the whole night so you can lean on him, literally, whenever you feel like you’re about to faint.
  • what was that? do you want to leave early instead? that’s cool too, jaehee will take care of everything don’t you worry, my brave soldier.
  • defender of justice seven zero seven’s got your back!!
  • you eventually leave the party together but you don’t go very far, instead, you lay down on a park nearby to contemplate the sky.
  • he’s telling you stories about the clouds idly passing by when he hears a sweet little snore.
  • it’s you!! you’ve fallen asleep on his chest, aw.
  • all the blood in his system gathers on his cheeks and he is now all red, you can’t tell his hair apart from his face.
  • and in order to keep you warm and well protected, he embraces you with both arms and kisses your head.
  • later on he falls asleep too because he’s just as sleep deprived as you.


  • surprise surprise! much to everyone’s expectations, lovely boy has decided to show up to the party!
  • and he’s so excited to meet you after hearing so many positive things about you and how you’ve put every ounce of energy into RFA’s party.
  • he needs to thank you properly!!
  • spotting you amidst the guests isn’t really hard as there’s a bunch of people gathered in the center of the room making commotion.
  • apparently, someone has fainted? he can hear yoosung screaming and asking people to make some room, zen is yelling something about CPR, and jaehee is rushing to the crowd while dialing what it seems to be 119.
  • what in the world…?
  • determined to do some damage control, he hurries to reach jaehee and tries to find out what the hell is going on.
  • “it appears MC has passed out and we don’t know the reason.”
  • no need to say more.
  • he kindly but firmly asks people to stay back so that you can get some air, and he also sends yoosung to get you a chair to sit on.
  • zen is in charge of bringing you a glass of water because boy needs to calm the eff down.
  • five minutes later he manages to sit you upright in a chair, away from the crowd and where you can get some fresh air.
  • six pairs of concerned eyes are piercing right through you while you try to regain consciousness, only one of them hidden behind sunglasses.
  • you may not see those eyes clearly, but they carry the most guilt out of all of them.
  • in his usual soft caring voice, he does an attempt to ask you what’s wrong, and as he gets the answer he was expecting, he frowns and strokes your hair.
  • “why didn’t you say anything? we could’ve helped you.”
  • were it not for the mess he’s sunken in thanks to rika, he would’ve gone to the apartment himself to make sure you were getting some sleep.

anonymous asked:

I honestly feel like there needs to be more Thomas Jefferson on this blog (sorry. U don't have to draw him if you don't want to but I think a Chibi Jefferson or something would be cute)

HI HI I AGREE THERE DOES NEED TO BE MORE JEFFERSON i just. cant draw his hair a lot. and Not Being Able To Do Smth Frustrates Me



Warnings: Swearing and smut.

A/N: Here’s part 2 to It Hurts . I hope you guys like it! 

The car ride home was you crying, Alex not knowing what to do, and your heart breaking as you thought about losing Jeff. Your brother helps you inside and you’re glad that your dad isn’t home. He would only make this worse, hounding you to find out who hurt his little girl.

“Go back to the party,” you tell Alex. “Go have fun.”

He protests, worried about you. You assure him that you’ll be fine. “I just… I just want to be alone for a little while.”

  He’s still hesitant, but finally he agrees. “Alright,” he sighs. “Call me if you need me, I mean it. I’ll come home.”

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bestk-pop  asked:

I want know about them I don't know who people I saw mv make me want know people I want know about that profile


So from left to right we have: Nibansenji, Nichan, Aoi, Kimagure Prince, Tomitake, Shirofuku, Forgeru, Nozakibento and Nokkuso.

Now Sunflower is the one who knows the details about all of them, so I’m just gonna give you the fun, not serious version of their details ^^ If you would like to know more then please check here for our “official” profiles of them.

So I’ll go in the order of this photo ^^

Nibansenji: Nibansenji is one of my (Sakura’s) favourite members. He is a tall tall bean. He doesn’t really get a lot of lines which SUCKS but on the new album he does have a solo which makes me SO STINKING HAPPY!!! He also loves video games, and quite often livestreams. You can find his twitch account here. His member colour is emerald green.

Nichan: Nichan is a bean. That is the most important thing to know about him. If you’ve been going through MeseMoa’s older music videos you may notice that he isn’t there; that’s because he took a hiatus for a few years, but he’s back now! His member colour is passion pink.

Aoi: AKA the little shit. We call him a little shit A LOT because Aoi, despite being the youngest member by quite a lot, IS A LITTLE SHIT. The ironic thing is we actually all love him, he just posts really provocative selfies pretty much every day. He is very attractive and he knows it. He recently graduated from high school and he’s been dancing pretty much since he was born. He’s usually one of the centres for MeseMoa’s songs and he’s also in the unit Traffic Light along with Shirofuku and Kimagure Prince. He is one of the best singers and dancers in the whole group. He’s also the only member who didn’t bother to think up a stage name; his real name is Imagawa Aoi. His member colour is red.

Kimagure Prince: Also known as Punta, KimaPuri and Pun-chan (boy’s got a lot of nicknames cause his stage name is SO DANG LONG), he is one of the most beautiful people ON EARTH. He got his name from the Morning Musume song “Kimagure Princess”. Like Aoi, Punta knows he is stunning but somehow he isn’t a shit about it :3 He’s the sub-leader of MeseMoa and the leader of the unit Traffic Light. His dancing is also insanely elegant; like I swear he must have done ballet at some point in his life. His member colour is light blue.

Tomitake: AKA Sunflower’s favourite member. Tomitake is, in my humble opinion, one of the most underrated singers in the group. People tend to focus on Shrio, Punta and Aoi but Tomitan is AMAZING. He was one of the lead vocalists in Shadow Kiss which made me super happy (and just about killed Sunflower). He really loves singing too; he does karaoke a loooooooooooot. His member colour is pink.

Shirofuku: The leader of MeseMoa and my other favourite member. Nobody, I repeat, nobody, loves MeseMoa as much as this guy. You can tell how much it means to him whenever he sings or dances; he just has so much passion about the group. He gets very emotional very easily, which is why it’s good that Punta is the sub-leader as he’s usually able to calm Shiro down. He is also in Traffic Light with Aoi and Punta, and is pretty much always one of the centres for every song they do (given that he’s the leader). He got his stage name because in his old dance covers on NicoNico he would always wear white shirts. Shiro=White, Fuku=Shirt. His member colour is yellow.

Forgeru: Forgeru is so smiley. He loves coffee (literally, his entire instagram feed is pictures of either coffee shops or cups of coffee. Don’t believe me? Check here). He tends to be at the back like Niban for most things which is a shame because he works really hard for the group as well. He tends to be a little quieter on social media than the others. Oh, also according to Tomitake he is a crocodile. No, I do not know why. His member colour is green.

Nozakibento: Also known as Nozaki Bento or just Nozaki, he is the oldest member of the group (he keeps telling us on Twitter that he’s about to turn 31. Also his birthday is on the 28th of April, fun fact). “Bento” literally means lunchbox and I am certain that he picked his name cause the man freaking loves food. He tweets about food and drink a lot. Like he felt the need to tell his fans that he found a kind of ginger beer he really liked, then a few hours later just went, “I bought three.” I dunno, it’s kinda cute :3 He’s also really passionate about not letting younger idols overtake him. Like seriously, I hope I’m as energetic as him when I’m in my 30s! His member colour is brown.

Nokkuso: The alcoholic of the group ^^ Nah, I’m just kidding, he just really likes beer. He likes alcohol in general; he listed “drinking sake” as his special skill for MeseMoa’s official website so that tells you a lot :3 He always wears long sleeves when he’s performing which is a good way to pick him out from the group if you’re having trouble finding him (he’s also the only blonde one which helps, but sometimes people get him and Tomitake confused cause Tomitan has kind of strawberry-blonde hair). Similarly to Niban and Forgeru, he tends to be at the back which is a shame. His member colour is purple.

Other people you may see us posting about from time to time are Zeararu who was a member of MusuMen (MeseMoa’s name before they changed it) and who graduated from (left) the group in February this year (2017). His member colour was orange, which is now why MeseMoa’s overall colour is orange. Another is K’suke who is a very well known Japanese odorite (YouTube/NicoNico dancer) who was in the group for a brief time and now choreographs most of their stuff. He also sometimes does covers with the group (check this one out he did with Shiro, Punta, Aoi and Forgeru).

So yeah! That’s the basics about the members of MeseMoa! Anon, I hope this helped you (and anyone else who’s here because of Shadow Kiss!) to get to know the members better.

I had a lot of fun writing this actually! If you guys have any other questions please feel free to ask us!

~Admin Sakura 🌸

anonymous asked:

So Im planning a trip to Scotland soon and really have no idea where I would like to really visit. Since you seem to know alot about Scotland, is there anywhere you would suggest I visit? Sites to see?

i’m actually most definitely not the first person you should ask about doing touristy things in scotland as i haven’t been there yet (i’ve been to the uk, but not scotland), so instead, here’s @kazliin​‘s guide to scotland:

Edinburgh (the capital) - there’s loads to do in Edinburgh including Edinburgh castle (make sure you’re there for the 1 o'clock canon), Edinburgh Zoo with the pandas and the penguin parade, Edinburgh dungeons if you like cool scary historical tours, if you’re there from the 4-28th August definitely go to the Fringe Festival because it’s full of really amazing acts and shows. There’s also lots of museums and historical things to visit like Greyfriars churchyard. 

 Glasgow (the biggest city) - Glasgow is full of things to do. There are lots of amazing museums like Kelvingrove, Riverside and the Science Centre and historical things like Mackintosh house and the Tall Ship. Glasgow also has a really good music scene so there are big venues like the Hydro or little famous ones like King Tuts where people like Oasis and Paramore played before they were famous. Glasgow is also the best for shopping so places like Buchanan and Sauchiehall street and good places to go. There’s also lots of weird and wonderful things to see in Glasgow like Sharmanka and there’s plenty of theatres and opera houses if you want to see plays/shows/opera etc. Glasgow is also surrounded by lots of mountains (as are lots of cities in Scotland) so there is plenty of outdoor activities and hiking to do 

 For other outdoor things, Scotland is very beautiful so there are lots of things like Lochs to go and visit if you want to do outdoors stuff. Loch Lomond is very pretty with lots of good walking trails and hiking opportunities around it, as places like Loch Ness (plus you can try and spot the monster). Scotland also has hundreds of castles and they are always worth going to see. Some like Doune Castle have had famous things like Monty Python and the Holy Grail and Game of Thrones filmed there and some like Eilean Donan are very beautiful and full of lots of history, especially Jacobite stuff. 

Wherever you are in Scotland, there is almost guaranteed to be a castle nearby and they are always worth visiting because they usually have fun guided tours or cool things to do and see. 

There are loads of other historical things in Scotland that are really fun to go to. Places like the Wallace monument in Stirling (it’s not just a monument, there are historical reenactment, costumed guided tours and things like archery), Calanais standing stones, the Antonine wall, St Andrews cathedral etc. It all really depends on what you’re looking for, cultural, historical, outdoors or city life. 

But you can pretty much guarantee whatever city you go to, if you pick up a tourist brochure at the local visitors centre there will be tons available to do. 

Apart from that just remember to pack an umbrella. Because you’ll need it.

From what I’ve picked up in my research for BtDS, I know that Scotland is known for scotch (of course), and mead and fruit wines (there’s a couple interesting small wineries that specialise in those things). 

Also, there’s a railroad line from Glasgow that goes up to Maillaig (which is roughly where I’ve located Torvill lol) called the West Highland line that has been rated the top rail journey in the world (even past the Trans-Siberian railway). It goes past Loch Lomond, I believe. Parts of the Hogwarts Express were filmed there, as well as in Maillaig, and also from Maillaig you can take ferries or other trains out to islands in the Hebrides, which are another set of really great locations for hiking and photography and things. 

As for other cities you could visit if you’re in the Highlands and stuff, I’ve heard Inverness is pretty cool. It’s the capital of the Highlands, and there you can find Macbeth’s castle, the fields of the battle of Culloden, etc. Fort William is also on the West Highland line, and is the location of Fort Con, which is a pop culture convention! Besides that Fort William is good for hiking and outdoorsy stuff, and is also the setting for a lot of films as well (Braveheart, Harry Potter, etc)

If you’re really looking to get away, the Orkneys are a good place to do so, though I hear it gets terribly cold up there all the time. There’s some fascinating cliff structures up in the Orkneys that definitely influenced the look for Torvill, so yeah. 

If you…. um. Want to go seal watching (because why not?), harbour seal pupping season in Scotland is from mid-June to roughly mid-July or August (followed by the moulting and mating seasons), and you’ll get to see tons of the cuties all over the Hebrides and Orkney and Shetland and stuff. There aren’t as many harbour seals as there are grey seals (and I know you’re not going to Ireland but bruh, Wicklow City in Ireland has their own Katsudon – look up Sammy the Seal!) but from the photos I’ve seen they’re all ridiculously cute. 

Hope that helps?

tea-sims  asked:

YOUR NAME IS CHLOE.........i legit always thought ur name was sandy............ i feel.......... DECIEVED!!!!!! jk jk ily and in all honesty i love the name chloe (esp with the accent omg) and i think it really suits you!!! hope you're having a fab time in florida bby <3

@our-dazed-sims join the club!! (He was so shocked when he found out) Lmao!! Don’t worry!! Most people think my name’s Sandy 😊😊 and everyone on here calls me Sandy!! I prefer it, Chloè would be weird after all this time!! It’s kinda why I refer to myself in third person a lot?? Like, I say “Sandy’s going out tonight” instead of “I’m going out tonight’ because it’s not my real name 😊 I’ve never really thought Chloè suited me anyhow, Sandy is more unique 👏❤️

Im having a great time thank you my love!! I’ve done a whole bunch of cool stuff heh!! ❤️❤️ Ily too baba!!! Heh

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I love your posts about the reader from 2017 going to 2077! What do you think would happen if it was the opposite though? What if the Overwatch heroes were sent back to 2017 and met the reader here? Like how would they act with our world and technology and what would happen when they had to go back to their time? Could you write this for Lucio and McCree? BTW I love your writing! Keep up the great work ^^


  • He’s a little lost in your time
    • Not really knowing what to do with himself
  • For a time he just watches you
    • The way you live your life
    • Your struggles
    • Your joy
    • He finds it humbling that he just happenstanced into your life
  • His heart aches as you learn about the bad news of the time
    • He knew about it
    • But to see it in person is a different thing
    • The way you go quiet as you stared at the screen
  • He finds a muse in you
    • In the music you enjoy
    • In the way, your hips swing when you’re happy


  • Adapted to life there much faster than what you would think
    • It took him half a day then he was rolling with it better than you did
  • He likes just going on walks
    • You ambling next to him
    • As he looks at the world untouched by pain
    • There’s something awestruck in his face as he discovers more
  • When you learn about news that’s history to him
    • He learns how to distract you from it
    • Telling you about being in Blackwatch
    • Or just one of his adventures
    • Trimming out the scarier parts
  • There was a realisation when he notices you mean more to hm than he’s used to 
    • That he would lay down his life
    • Just so you could live a moment longer
    • He doesn’t want to go back if you’re not with him
    • He found a home in you
Solangelo Headcanons

Feel like writing a little bit of solangelo, so here are a few things I have in mind:

 -Nico asked Will out, instead of the other way around

-When Will is sad Nico tells him to get over it but then later gives him a hug or something

-Their first kiss would be in the Hades cabin at like 3 AM and Nico would get super flustered

-Nico having to tell Will to go back to the Apollo cabin at 2 AM because Hazel is here

-Everyone in camp ships it but no one talks about it

-Chiron gives up on rules about campers being alone together in a cabin

Samurai Jack: Episode XCVII

- Once again, I am writing this up on my phone, because my computer is still acting up. Autocorrect is the current bane of my existence, by the way.

- I wonder how Ashi paid for public transportation. And yay, the Woolies are back. (I also love Ashi’s uncertain tone when the Woolies ask if she’s Jack’s friends.)

- Scaramouche is ALIVE. yessss

- It looks like this episode is gonna be one big love letter to the old series. I am absolutely here for this.

- “Looked like a talking penis.” I was wondering if this TV-14 show would ever go there.

- Ashi enjoying dancing is a thousand kinds of adorable.

- Oh great, another insight into the Duaghters’ horrifically abusive childhood. And apparently, that was NOT a jumpsuit. Ashi’s new outfit is cute, though.

- DEMONGO CAMEO. Sick burn, too.

- So the horseman isn’t a hallucination. That’s interesting.

- Jack’s got his groove back! (And awkwardly compliments Ashi’s new look.) There were people pointing out that it looks like Jack needs Ashi just as much as she needs him. I’m glad to see this proven true. I don’t think we’re ever gonna get a full explanation regarding the horseman, and I’m fairly okay with that. We’ve always known that there are more supernatural forces at work than just Aku’s. The horseman could potentially just be an angry ghost.

Goldilocks 07 || PREVIEW

A/N: In celebration of 800 followers 🎉 and the fact that every Goldilocks part so far has reached over a hundred notes, I would’ve liked to release the part early, but unfortunately I’ve not had as much time as I would like to write it (not to mention edit it). I’m still planning on posting the full part on schedule unless something goes terribly wrong, but until then, here’s a preview! Oh look! In the distance… exposition…

Links to: Goldilocks Masterlist || 01

“Tae, where did your pants go?” you yell to be heard over the pounding bass of the music.

He looks down, blinking blankly a couple of times at his boxers, “I honestly don’t know?”

“And where did you get this tie?”

The band of silky material is wrapped firmly around his head like a bandana, both ends trailing down either side of his neck. He tugs at it, bursting into a fit of laughter, “I don’t know that either.”

You can’t help but smile, “Do you know anything? Pabo.”

“I know you’re hot and I’m fucking smashed. Let’s make out.”

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Deleting the submissions posted here.

Okay guys. If I were to do a post saying it’s the UNC blog…then I just REBLOGGED it. It means that any activies is only at THAT blog. Like. If I reblog a contest from someone else, you guys are gonna post them submissions here??? NO. You all would go to the originsl blog!

So STOP mixing up my MAIN BLOG activities with my SIDE BLOGS activities.
I really don’t want to mention the names and stuff but remember this. AS A REMINDER. Not a warning.

Thank y

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This is an appreciation post ! Here are the rules : ☁ tag at least 3 small not-so-famous simblrs and tell us why you think they're underrated ☁ tag at least 3 of your most active followers and tell us why you love them ☁ tag at least 3 blogs you're not mutual with but would like to ☁ Pass it on to at least 3 of your tumblr friends !

PSA: This is not going under a read later, these people deserve the spotlight and that’s what I am gonna give them.

As the small simblrs, I tag: 

@fadedmelody: Mia is so sweet and it has really took her a long time to get to 100 followers, but her photos are so cute and I love her sims <3

@pixelplumobob: They make really simple, yet very cute, edits and their scenery shots are magnificent!!

@plant-sims: I love their recolors, they’re one of my newest friends and I am really glad we got to know each other =) I would so recommend following them

As the most active followers, I tag:

@ciruelabob: This binch is my #1 ?? like, I lava her sm and I can’t believe how awesome she is <3 She is kinda like my personal therapist :/ she has helped me with a lot

@randomcoffeesimmer: This beautiful person creates the best story photos ever, the things that they release are just so beautiful and so real *0* We use to be icon buddies ;-; rip fancy coffee and sad coffee realness.

@rosecoffeesims: I love their way of story telling, and their sims are the cutest!! I believe I am a newer follower but I don’t know anymore :/ I’m too indulged into their blog

As the non-mutuals, I tag:

@inabadromance: Your fucking story is the most prettiest thing I have ever seen, you put so much detail into everything and it’s crazy!!? You’re the first person I ever followed here and the reason I made my account (I wanted your bassinet recolors)

@crybvbies: Quinn is crazy good at everything they do *0* They have really influenced my style of editing and sim making, their voice is also so soothing and UHGUHG you’re perfection at it’s finest.

@littlecrisps: This beautiful human being makes the best recolors, their edits are fire, and they really jump started my style of editing! I love everything they do and I they were like the 10th person I followed (I follow 263 lol)

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On the subject of problems with the BATB costumes, I feel like not enough people are bothered by Belle tucking her blue skirt into her waistband. Did that bother you at all? It was hardly a tight or movement-restricting skirt and, even worse, it showed her bloomers. Did the costume makers forget that bloomers were underwear? Belle was going around with her underwear on display!

Sorry for the delayed reply here. And AGREED. 

The bloomer thing would make sense when she was out and about, on her own riding, living her own life. But leaving home with her skirt tucked up and bloomers on display would be like leaving your apartment in London with your thong on display. Sure, you CAN do it, but… weeeeiiirrrrd. If you were at the seaside, however, fewer would react. Time and place!

Especialy, as you say, her skirt isn’t restrictive at all. It’s short, it’s quite wide, it’s soft, and with no stiffened paniers or underwear. She doesn’t really… well, NEED the skirt to be tucked up?

That said, i like her blue dress. I like that it’s quite alive, with a basic look you can add or remove lots of details from to vary the total. Feels like an actual historical attire. I also like the fact that she wears bloomers. I just don’t think there’s a point to leaving the house, going into the village, with them on display like that. You wouldn’t do that today, you wouldn’t do that back then.

dank-owski  asked:

This is an appreciation post ! Here are the rules : ☁ tag at least 3 small not-so-famous simblrs and tell us why you think they're underrated ☁ tag at least 3 of your most active followers and tell us why you love them ☁ tag at least 3 blogs you're not mutual with but would like to ☁ Pass it on to at least 3 of your tumblr friends !

ooh, an ask from the Meme Kween herself! alright i’ll give it a go :P

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So I reached 1.1k just then….THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. Honest to god i love each and every one of you and for all the new followers….Welcome to the Angel family (btw I don’t know how to do this so bare with me. And I’m too lazy to put it in alphabetical order and to do every single blog that I’m following, I am following a LOT so i would like to acknowledge all of the blogs that I am following and that are not tagged here you guys are the bomb.com)

bold = mutuals

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- ☾Pash☽

animexloverx4ever  asked:


(For this ask meme.  Oh there we go, I knew someone would drop the OTP in here eventually).

SoreMiku is, in a few words, relationship goals, life goals, everything goals.  In a very few words, I adore this ship.  *points to url, waves hand at merch (someone stop me from buying more charms, my phone, 3DS, and purse can’t take much more lol), gestures over at Team Soymilk on Tales of Link*

This is the only ship I don’t multi-ship (I usually have a side ship or two I’ll read for one half of a ship I like) for, like I just … can’t do it.  This isn’t the first time I’ve had a ship completely take over everything in terms of what I talk about and write fanfic for since I usually only write for one ship at a time, but for me to actually write this many fics (I’m up to 19 individual stories at this point) without being part of a writing community of some sort is really saying something.  These two (and the fandom here on Tumblr) really do inspire me to write - hell, I’m even going to try to write a multi-chapter long format fic after having completely given up on it because I love this ship so much.

And a lot of it is just how much I love their dynamic - I’ve always loved ships where the couple treats each other as equals and works together to achieve goals neither of them would be able to do alone, and Sorey and Mikleo do that spectacularly, especially when you take their armatus into account!  Plus, writing for them is like taking everything I’ve written for over the years and putting it all together - action scenes from my ancient YYH fic, telepathic conversations and soul mate level bonds from YGO … it’s almost like my previous ships were just warm up for writing for these two AKA my favorite OTP ever.

Plus, this is one of the few ships that legitimately got me to cry over them in canon.  There’s one other one that I did also, but … someone will have to figure that one out in an ask first.  ;)  I’ll give you a hint: it’s related to that long-format fic I’m attempting to write …

EDIT: I can’t believe I forgot to add this too, but on a super superficial level, can I just say these two have the cutest Idiosyncratic Ship Name out there?  Plus all the puns I can make with it?  As someone who has lactose intolerance and loves Soymilk the Beverage, saying “I love soymilk” has gotten my RL friends to crack up more than a few times around people who don’t know my love for these two.