i would like to go back to chicago

Sorry I hadn’t been posting lately! Last week from 4-8 i visited New York for the FIRST TIME EVER, and stayed with my good friend and penpal Nolan! I had an absolutely wonderful time. We watched season one of Twin Peaks and played Inside (the game got WEIRD towards the end), and we visited the American Museum of Natural History!

I feel bad because I only took one photo of Grand Central Station, and I didn’t even take any pictures of Times Square >__< Manhattan was an awful lot like a brighter and dirtier Chicago, and I felt right at home. I really would like to go back ;;

Quirtina Crittenden was struggling to get a room on Airbnb. She would send a request to a host. Wait. And then get declined.

“The hosts would always come up with excuses like, ‘oh, someone actually just booked it’ or 'oh, some of my regulars are coming in town, and they’re going to stay there,’” Crittenden said. “But I got suspicious when I would check back like days later and see that those dates were still available.”

In many ways Crittenden, 23, is the target audience for AirBnb. She’s young, likes to travel, and has a good paying job as a business consultant in Chicago. So she started to wonder if it had something to do with her race. Crittenden is African American, and on AirBnb, both hosts and guests are required to have their names and photos prominently displayed on their profiles.

Crittenden shared her frustrations on Twitter with the hashtag #AirbnbWhileBlack. She started hearing from lots of friends who had similar experiences.

#AirbnbWhileBlack: How Hidden Bias Shapes The Sharing Economy

Photo caption: After Quirtina Crittenden changed her photo to a cityscape, she says she stopped having problems finding a room on Airbnb.

Photo credit: Quirtina Crittenden

welp my friend bailed on me to go to chicago cause she wanted to go so i’m gonna go to san francisco in june instead 

it’s time to experience solo traveling 

seahugger  asked:

rocky road! Cotton candy! Cherry!

rocky road: favorite songs at the moment?

I really love electric guest right now, like honestly their lyrics have become some of my favorite recently. I really love back on me, dear to me, and the entirety of their album mondo. 10/10 would def recommend

cotton candy: three places you want to travel to?

1) chicago, illinois- i’ve been trying to go to chicago for years, i want to be where ferris bueller was filmed and i want to explore the city and the music scene
2) berlin, germany- i really really love germany and german culture, i would love to go visit for a few weeks 😊
3) oakland, california- i really love oakland and its where green day is from… id love to go there, see the pacific, and definitely find some old stomping grounds from green day’s early days

cherry: do you drink tea or coffee?

TEA ALL DA WAY BOI ✌🏻🍵 I have this relaxation tea that I drink at night and it has mint in it and its soooo good i love it sm plus it has a dragon on the front of the box which is doughp

Thx for the questions grace, ur a pure soul :’)

To Whom It May Concern (St. Louis Ritual)

So I just got on the train headed back to Chicago and I don’t believe it has quite hit me exactly how lucky I was yesterday. It still seems so unreal.

We got to the hotel around 1:00, dropped off our stuff, got ready etc etc etc and managed to get in line by 1:30. @spazzyninja and I were the first in line until like 2.

So I’m like, “I want some coffee.” The venue’s gift shop was conveniently also a coffee shop, so I go in there and I didn’t even consider the fact that anyone important would be standing there. Sure enough, Papa and Water were there talking to their merch guy. So my knee-jerk reaction was to just abruptly say “Hi!” When they looked at me to see who was coming in and Papa’s just like “hi”, with much less enthusiasm than me 😂

But let me just explain how surreal this was. The last time I met him, it was in streetlight lighting. But in daylight, holy shit. His eyes are such a vivid shade of green and that’s the only thing I could focus on even after I looked away. Like, go listen to ‘Cat People’ by David Bowie and that’ll give you a pretty good idea of my exact thoughts at that moment.

Then I realized how shitty it would be if I drew a lot of attention to them so I kind of awkwardly walked away to go order my coffee (which I could barely do because they were right there, only a few feet away). So I get my coffee and go get back in line, and have this brief inner-conflict with myself debating if I should go back in and show him my jacket and my art, I had worked on a drawing of him on the train that I wanted to give to him so I ended up going back in.

They were gone when I went back in, so I asked their merch guy if they’d be back. He wasn’t sure, but he said if I didn’t catch them again he’d be more than happy to pass some stuff along. He also mentioned that they had literally been admiring my jacket through the window and I had no idea 🙃🙃🙃

So I get back in line for like an hour, and I finally say “fuck it” and go back in with @satanikdaddy to give the drawing to the merch guy and no sooner than we walked in did Papa and Alpha walk in behind us. So I’m like “holy fuck” and I ask them if they have a second to spare. I had my portfolio with me of all the bigger pieces I’ve done recently, as well as a few unfinished things and a few comics. Papa looked at them and said he had seen them before, he just wasn’t sure where and that DEEPLY concerned me, those of you who follow my art blog will know why 😂 Alpha really seemed to get a kick out of my comics, and asked me a lot of questions about my jacket. I think he asked me more questions than I asked him lol.

I got to show Papa the concepts I did of Papa IV too, which I wasn’t sure if I should include but I think he liked them. I just feel bad because I might have caught them at a bad time, idk. But I got to hug him and Alpha, Alpha was a lot sweeter than I expected haha. I didn’t get to meet him in Indianapolis so that was awesome.

So after that there were still a few hours until the show, I went back to wait in line until we got the wristbands that held our place if we needed to leave. The show itself was great except for the giant drunk man behind me who kept pushing into me and spitting on me. That was irritating. I did go out and wait by the bus after the show, a massive amount of people showed up. Water and the new lady ghoul came out to sign stuff, but the venue workers literally chased them off. They didn’t get to my part of the line. So Papa was the only one who actually got to make his way down the line and sign stuff, and when he got to me I apologized for popping up everywhere and had him sign my shirt. I did get another hug though, that was pretty rad. And he didn’t catch me off guard with his presence this time so I was far more prepared and not a complete nervous wreck 😂

I also got to meet @helter-skellter, I love meeting the Ghost fam so I hope to meet more of you soon! ❤️

I still haven’t met Earth, and I haven’t officially met Mist. So hopefully Cedar Rapids and Raleigh will be kind to me in that respect ✨

Okay, so Jim Butcher has apparently stated that readers will get to see more of Dad!Harry in Peace Talks. But I think there is a far more important question to be asking here. If Dresden is finally getting back to Chicago, finally sealing the deal with Murphy, finally going to be there to raise his daughter…is Murphy going to get to be Maggie’s MOM? And I mean this very directly. I liked Susan a lot, I would never want Maggie to forget her biological mother, and I’m sure that Maggie knew her as her biological mother, and that they probably got a few opportunities to bond when Susan would visit her at her foster parents’ place.

But I want to see Murphy in the role of a mother. I want her and Maggie interacting, and I don’t want it to be some Karrin/Aunt Karrin/Aunt Murphy thing. I want a scene where she refers to Harry as “Dad” and Karrin as “Mom.”

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Bad. (N.M.)

“So about around the New Year an anon asked if i could write an imagine the idea was good so I decided to write a fan fic about it. I have been really busy the last month, I wanted to have a few chapters done so I wouldn’t be behind. I will try to upload every other day. So here is chapter 1;

Would you make an imagine where Nate likes you and he will do anything to get but he’s like a bad boy so you want nothing to do with him. 


"Honey, we’re about to leave!” my mom yelled from down stairs.My dad is a lawyer. His law firm thought it would be a good idea to transfer him from busy Chicago to Omaha,Nebraska. NEBRASKA! All they have is farm land with never ending rows of corn. I took a last  look around my room grabbing my last box i yelled back to her

“Coming” Running down the stairs my older brother bumps into me.“Watch where your going, Caleb!” My brother. School stoner, known by basically every girl as the “hot bad boy”. We were polar opposites, I was according to him the “cute nerd”. I never thought of myself as a nerd. Yea, I care about my future and my grades but that doesn’t mean i’m a nerd right? 

“You watch it" 

"Mom” we both said simultaneously like 2 year-olds.

“Please don’t start just stay quiet during the car ride please.” she pleaded. She thought it would be a wholesome family experience to drive there instead of flying. I threw the box in the back of the moving truck.

“Hurry up” called Caleb. Reluctantly, I grabbed my pillow and blanket, and climbed into the truck, got comfortable, soon drifted off to sleep.

“Wake up Honey.” said me dad gently shaking my shoulder.

“I’m up" 

"We’re here! Isn’t it great!” yells my mother. I winced at the pain. I guess I had slept the whole way here I haven’t been getting that great of sleep the past few nights, but also because i knew i would stay up all night unpacking. 

“Caleb you are going to stay here with your father and set up all the beds and big stuff. Katherine you an I are going to explore the town!” she said as she looped her arm in mine as if we had been friends for years. Caleb gave a loud moan. Dad patted him on the back 

“Don’t worry son it’ll be fun”

“Totally dad!” Caleb replied with way too much enthusiasm, clearly Sarcasm. I tried not to laugh knowing i would just get in trouble. As we climbed into my moms car, I quickly claimed the radio. 

“Got it!” I cheered. We drove around to feel the town. She stopped at Target.

“We should pick up some things for you guys for lunch tomorrow" 

"Yea that would be a good idea you know how I feel about school lunches”, I jumped out of the car, “Plus I really have to go to the restroom” I said running slowing down as I reached the entrance. Stepping inside I searched for the sign that read ‘restrooms’. I turned a corner and ran straight into a stout male figure almost falling. He caught my arm, I grabbed his bicep. Inside, my  stomach kinda flipped I have always liked strong arms. When I stabled myself, I looked up to see milky brown eyes. “Shit” I said under my breath. Most girls like blue eyes but for some reason brown eyes got to me.

“Excuse me?” he said.

“I’m sorry i should have been looking where i was going.”

No it was me i was looking at my phone.“ There was a pause of silence. Which I decided to break.

"Katherine. Katherine Neal.” I said holding out my hand.

“Nate. Nate Maloley.” he said  grabbing my hand and shaking it gently.

Chapter 2

I’m actually really grossed out by people acting like they have the right to police Louis acting like a normal 24 year old. Literally all he did was do some fan service and go out…why is that any different than the clubbing he did every night back at the beginning of the year? He was out for ONE NIGHT and it wasn’t even bad? Like he seemed to be having a good time? Probably like thousands of other people in Chicago on a Saturday night? He’s not a child and he doesn’t need supervision. I would have preferred he had his security but for all we know, he did. We used to think Harry went out without security all the time but he didn’t. To see people comparing Louis to Britney Spears in 2007 just because he went out and got a few tattoos with some guys is absolutely disgusting to me. If you can’t handle Louis or any of these boys as real people who go out, drink, and have fun, you’re never going to survive this break.

Last fall i left my husband and the life of being a house wife. I cut my hair into a mohawk, dyed it blue and started living the life i always wanted. The following December i got a call at my place of work (Sweet Sensations Pastry) from a casting agent working for the Food Network. They saw the bakery had good Yelp reviews and wanted to know if anyone there would be interested in being a baking competition show.  Being on the Food Network has always been what seemed like an unrealistic dream of mine, so with out hesitation i jumped on the opportunity.  After nonstop paperwork, interviews, videos, i got the “go-ahead” and jumped on a plane to LA to film. 

After about 2 weeks of filming and meeting some of the most talented pastry chefs/ bakers in the country i came back to Chicago a different person, ready to take over the world. 

The show aired, they made me look awesome, spunky, higfh energy, clever, funny and cool. Children started following my instagram and my twitter blew up. What the hell just happened? 

I got a job offer from a fellow contestant , Kristine,to work at her bakery Creme Caramel in Sherman Oaks just outside of LA. They are opening a second location in October and they need to bump up their production.

I decided to take the job after being encouraged by Duff Goldman. 

I’m selling my condo, getting my divorce finalized, getting rid of almost everything i know, and moving to LA. This is my story.

I move in September. There is so much to do. i’m on the #RoadtoLA .

I’m feeling really good about a potential SHINee world tour in North America. They’re going to be in Los Angeles, Chicago, and Toronto. It feels like an opportunity to feel out fans and if a NA tour would be successful. I could see them coming back towards the end of the year with a few dates in the States (LA & NY for sure, maybe a city in Texas, maybe Chicago & Atlanta too) and at least one location in Canada (but maybe 2 like Toronto and Van Couver).


I’ve honestly talked to about 50 people who went and they’ve all been emotionally in shambles for the last 24 hours. Not “Oh, I went to a concert and it was sooooo good,” emotionally shambled, like SOBBING AND CRYING emotionally in shambles. Like SHINee touched ALL of them so much in Chicago. Like deep down inside. Like may have saved a life or two.

And although I didn’t get to go, I am so happy, and so proud that you guys showed them so much love and let them know that we love them here in the US (THE PEARLESCENT BLUE OCEAN WAS THICK AND BIG AND BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING! SO MANY PEOPLE! )and Key said they would be back (YEEEEEEEEEES!


I’m so proud of ya’ll. I have no words. I am just full of love.

BTS NOW 3 Interview : J-Hope

Where do you want to go right now?

I want to visit all places in the world. I have been to all continents but Africa, so I would like to visit Africa one day. 

What are you looking forward to the most right now?

I’m always looking forward to the future. I am curious about where I will be and what I will be doing.

What are your five greatest interests right now?

Making music, choreography, styling, action figures and interior design.

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Leila Hurst Does Chicago, Pt 2: Our favorite surfer girl leaves the beach behind (just for a weekend) and hits up the Pitchfork Music Festival.

I saw the famous bean today, wandered around Pitchfork and, of course, spent most of my day people watching. It’s so funny, I can’t tell you how many people’s feet I stared at today from afar to see if they were wearing Vans. Soooo many cute girls in Sk8-His plus there was some amazing hair today! Thank you Vans for being every girls inspiration to be themselves, to be crazy and everything but normal. And to my Vans family, for taking me places that I would never go. Like Chicago—I might even come back, even though there’s no surf.—xo, Leila

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I kinda wish next season, after Erin get’s all better (cause we all know she’s gonna go back to being on the job at some point) they give her funnier lines and a slightly more comic relief role like Shay was in Fire, cause I love it when Erin makes us laugh. She’s so serious all the time, but I just with they would make her a little funnier in season 3. Sure she’s got her moments and a couple amazing one liners, but there’s been a handful in both seasons.

Money - 5 Seconds of Summer.

Lyrics :

Take my money

Black jeans, white tee, black converse
You know she gets it right
Blue hair, blue eyes, I saw her
I couldn’t help but I was like

I wanna be be be in the game
I wanna know know your middle name
If we could go go it won’t be the same
Because right know
You’re killing the game

Everybody’s gonna go big tonight
In a couple hours we’ll be like

Take my money, take my keys
Drive this car through the drive thru please
From the floor to the ceiling
Robbing and stealing
Everybody in the place catch that feeling
Like ooooo
Take my money

Late night pass out in Tokyo
New Your, LA, Chicago
She said her friends would like the show
Backstage, we’ll let them in

They wanna be be be in the game
They wanna know know what we gotta say
And in the front row, you’re going insane
And in the back row, you’re killing the game

Everybody’s gonna go big tonight
In a couple hours we’ll be like

Take my money, take my keys
Drive this car through the drive thru please
From the floor to the ceiling
Robbing and stealing
Everybody in the place catch that feeling
Like (guitar solo)

Take my money, take my keys
Drive this car through the drive thru please
From the floor to the ceiling
Robbing and stealing
Everybody in the place tripping all

Take my money, take my keys
Drive this car through the drive thru please
From the floor to the ceiling
Robbing and stealing
Everybody in the place catch that feeling
Like ooooo
Take my money
Take my money