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BTS Reaction × Lost feelings found × Angst 🌧

This is a continuation of BTS Reaction to falling out of love, and has been requested so I hope you like it!

Rap Monster

When he sees you happy, Rap Monster would be too angry at himself and too ashamed to be jealous that he isn’t the source of it. He would think “How could i put her into so much pain when I wasn’t sure of how I felt” and wouldn’t try to tell you he somehow still loves you because of the pain he put you through thinking perhaps it’s his turn to feel the pain of losing a lover.


Having told you that there was no way to make your relationship work as he lost his feelings for you, when he sees his friend and his girlfriend giggling at a photo they took while at holiday he would instantly think of you and realises the feelings of nostalgia and affection he has for you when you spent time apart. He would call you that night drunk and try to convey his lost feelings to you.


Suga had gone through a hard time following his confession of lost feelings towards you. When he sees you at a friends reunion, you conversed to everyone present but him remembering the harsh words he told you when he left you that night. When people started to leave he caught your wrist as you were walking out asking you why you are avoiding him,  you let go of his strong hold to walk away triggering in him feelings that he thought he lost forever. Knowing this, Suga chased after you to fight for his love back.


When you confronted Jhope on why he was avoiding you, he told you it might be time to end your relationship. Months later, both of you were still unhappy. He thought that the reason for unhappiness was your relationship, when he realised he was wrong and that he misses you everyday he walks to the cafe you two used to visit often, finding you sitting there like you always do with your favourite coffee. That’s when he walks to you and begs you for forgiveness. 


When you fell out of love with Jimin, he soon began that he misses the affection you always showered him with. The day he saw you with another man, who he heard was now your boyfriend he regretted it so much, knowing that he had never lost his feelings for you. With his ounce of confidence he tries to get back to you by texting you small messages, reminding you of the days that nourished your friendship with him to something more. But even then, you were not in love with him anymore, and you two became “just” friends.


When Taehyung was abroad, you were constantly on his mind, he would think it was because of his lack of honesty towards you but when he came back to Korea, he realised that his constant thought about you was because he missed you. He tries to get back with you by trying to do you right which involved constant apologies and a lot of tears.


It would take Jungkook a while to realise he fucked up. He would slowly realise that he still loves you when he realises how many white shirts were flooding his room with no sight of your clothes in between, how he had no distractions when he plays overwatch, and when he did not have a partner to eat and be happy with. As he isn’t experienced with relationships he would struggle to get you back, he would start texting you to check up and your replies would build his confidence to open up to you about his feelings that he found for you.

MJ: Genie, my first wish is for your freedom.

Genie: Oh thank you! I’m free! I’m free! Tell you what, I’ll give you three wishes anyway.

MJ: Well then I wish for you to make Peter Parker fall desperately in love with me like I am with him

Genie: *checks something* Umm well my cosmic powers say he already is, so…




if there’s one things that all the frogs love it’s fall, bitchez. if u think for one moment that they don’t go out to a pumpkin farm together and pick out a pumpkin to be their son u would be WRONG. if u don’t think dex is gearing up for flannel season, THINK AGAIN! where’s nursey? A PILE OF LEAVES, THAT’S WHERE. chowder is planning his couples costumes with farmer AS WE SPEAK. 🍁IT’s 👻AUTUMN🍂YALL 🎃

Thank you Teen Wolf

6 years ago I saw a commercial for a new show on MTV and I told my dad “that show is gonna be so stupid” but we watched the premiere anyway.

6 years ago I didn’t plan to fall in love with Scott McCall or Stiles Stilinski or Allison Argent or even Derek Hale.

I didn’t plan to fall in love with Lydia or Liam or Mason or Peter or Melissa or Sheriff or Theo or Chris or Isaac.

6 years ago lacrosse was just a sport, flannel was just a type of shirt I would never wear, and werewolves were scary and not attractive.

6 years ago I wouldn’t be shipping people like Scallison or Stydia. I wouldn’t have loved friendships like Sciles and Thiam and Sterek and Miam(Lason) and Scisaac.

If you would have told me 6 years ago that I would fall in love with a stupid show about teenage supernatural creatures….. I would’ve said YOURE CRAZY!

Thank you for helping meet some of my favorite people. My best friend Jose and my friend @i-write-about-anything .

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God, He Loved Her (s.h.)

Author : @dej_okay

Word Count : 1k

Warnings : flufffFfff

Requested? : Yepperoni Pepperoni. By anon “hey dej!! i hope requests are still open, if not just ignore this :) could you write a cute sam one? "can i be him” broke my heart and i would love to have it healed with some fluff ;) for a plot I’d be open for anything but an idea of mine would be like a fall day together that sam and x spend together, maybe even with his fam?? idk just something cute, that’s the main thing haha, anyways, i hope you have a lovely day!!“ I hope i did this request jus
tice anon!

Author’s Note : So I tried fluff whatever its actually pure fluff. no angst or sadness i did it @rileywrites-parker Thank you to some of my biggest inspirations @hufflepuffholland @babyparker and @parkerroos and @sam-a-holland


Tags : @tiny-friggin-human

God, she’s beautiful.

Sam watched her with a content smile on his face, eyes shining with a type of happiness only a lover could bring.

God, she was all his too.

"Darling”, he called softly, tugging her towards him, his hands placing themselves on her cold cheeks, his face leaning down to press chapped lips against soft ones. Warm and just, moving against each other.

God, it just got better everytime.

When he pulled away, she was already staring up at him, eyes trained on him with a gaze filled with what could only be adoration. “What?”, he chuckled, thumb stroking her soft skin in circular motions.

“You’re beautiful.” He blushed, and she seemed to enjoy that. He always blushed when Y/N complemented him, which seemed to be often. She always showed her appreciation for him, and it made Sam feel amazing.

He felt her shiver, body chilling as the cool air enveloped them. He smiled, and pulled his scarf from over his head, and settled it around her own neck, adjusting it so it was just right, laying right above the collar of her sweater.

God, she just got even better.

Y/N pulled away, gloved hands reaching out, as did her arms, suspended in the air as she began to twirl. It took Sam a while, but he realised why she started the task, the different colour fall leaves beginning to fall around them.

He crouched, eventually coming into a sitting position on the leaf coloured ground. He admired her, his girl, the light of his life. His darling.

His hands reached for his camera, wanting to photograph that moment, to capture it all, for him to look back on later, and smile, because how did he get this lucky, and god, everything with her just got better.

“I love you”, he blurted, the words escaping him with so much truth, so much passion, that she stopped completely, and turned, and looked at him. Oh god, she looked at him.

She smiled. “I know.” He reached out for her with a pout, and waited until she suffered forwards to pull her down with him, the squeal that left her lips making his smile reappear. She took resident pressed up against his side, comfortable.

He rested his chin on her head, and breathed in the sweet smelling shampoo she used.

God, he loved days like this.

He loved days when it was just them, just him and Y/N, the world shadowing them. Days when only they mattered. Days that belonged to young love. To their love.

God, he loved her.

Sam’s fingers gripped onto her hand, lacing the ligaments together in an action of endearment. “I’m so in love with you.” He loved saying that. She was his, and he was so happy because of that. He wanted to shout it from rooftops.

He loved her.

How had he managed to gain her affection? He was just Sam Holland, a boy way too obsessed with piano, and musicals. A boy in a family of great people, where he didn’t always feel so amazing.

Y/N made him feel amazing. She made him feel important. She made him feel on top of the world. Like nothing could go wrong with him when he had her.


He looked down at her, thoughts pleasing, happiness radiating off of him. “Yes, love?”

“I told you I loved you more.”

“Impossible.” Y/N obviously disagreed, making various attempts to prove she loved him more, but Sam wouldn’t accept it.

He swung their hands back and forth between them, leading her inside the heated building he was familiar with, ushering her towards a booth by the windows. He knew from experience that was the best place to view the town square from.

“Two apple ciders please.”  He hadn’t noticed her already ordering for the two, too distracted by her beauty, her presence in general. He was always astounded by her. She had the power to make him forget his own name.

He pulled her hand into his, stroking her knuckles through her mittens. Sam always had to be touching her, he had to have some kind of contact with her, had to show all of his affection in a simple action.

“You make me happy”, she spoke quietly, eyes trained on the people scurrying by outside in the cold air, hurrying home or to family. “You’re the only thing that makes me this happy.” He loved hearing that.

“Well, I would hope so.” He goofily grinned at her. “I try my hardest.” Sam pulled the cotton material of her gloves off, and pressed his lips to her knuckles. “You’re hands are freezing.” He began massaging her hands with his, breathing hot air onto the skin.

Two steaming cups of cider were sat in front of them, the waitress giving  them a knowing look. Sam picked one of the mugs up in his hands, and wrapped her own around the ceramic material.

“Keep your hands warm, sweetheart.”

She took a sip, and Sam watched as her eyes closed, point of her throat rising a little with a swallow. A content noise left her, and he picked his own cider up, and took his own hearty sip.

“I’ve been looking forward to this”, Y/N announced. “To autumn. With you.” She smiled down at her drink. “With us. Together.”

Sam Holland leaned forwards, and grabbed her cup, set it down, tilted her head up, and pressed his mouth to hers. He warmed her lips with his own until he was reminded that oxygen was a necessity.

When he sat back down, he noticed how happy she looked. “You’re glowing.” He loved it. “Makes me feel important. Like I can do something worth it.”

She laughed. “Well then, Sam Holland, the prime supply of the world’s happiness.” She shrugged. “You are important. You make me feel like me." 

God, he loved making her happy.

God, he loved how she made him happy.

God, he loved her.

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Nox Owen

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life 

hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang

best quality: ugh idk. I mean I liked him but I haven’t reread tog and com so I don’t remember much about him honestly 

worst quality: none that I can think of

ship them with: Ren!!! They’d be cute don’t you think? 

brotp them with: Aelin. I really liked them together and I can’t wait for them to be reunited. Also Elide because Peranth and that stuff

needs to stay away from: Elide, romantically because Elorcan 4 ever lolol

misc. thoughts: I’m soooo interested in what his role in all of this will be! And I’m so sad we didn’t get to see him in Tod!

crack ship: I shipped them with Yrene before. But now I only ship him with Ren. Maybe even Kashin hmmm

send me a character!

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How do think Lotor first realized that he was in love with Acxa?

i’m not saying i have this scenario planned out in my head word for word in the wrong language but that’s exactly what i’m saying 

  • lotor is the strategic type who tries to look at things objectively…. so for him, falling in love would be steady
  • what starts out as respect turns into admiration, then into genuine trust, then into a crush and somewhere along the way he realises he’s slowly falling for acxa
  • for acxa it’d be slow at first, and then all at once. lingering gazes, ‘unintentional’ touching that lasts just a little longer than necessary
  • “don’t die” is synonymous with “i kinda don’t hate you” which is synonymous with “i love you”
  • but acxa puts her mission before her personal feelings, and the longer she suppresses her emotions they stronger they grow
  • to quote @renza15:
  • “and adding onto that- i feel like axca would be so ashamed of her feelings?? not just denial, but shame. bc liking lotor is unnecessary. it’s not part of the plan, it’s a distraction, and she views it as a betrayal of lotor’s trust- he thinks of her as a friend (as far as she knows) and to overstep those lines that are clearly drawn, to think of him as more than a friend, to actually dare to want him…”
  • uh oh

A Wattpad request. I do not own Sandor, Beric, or Thoros. They belong to George R.R.Martin.

Warnings: Angst, mentions of blood and death. Fluff

Pairings/Characters: Sandor Clegane x fem!reader, Beric Dondarrion, Thoros of Myr.

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If anyone had ever told Sandor that he would have a near death experience, he would have readily believed them. If anyone had told him that his experience would lead to him meeting a woman and falling in love with her, he would have laughed in their faces. But that’s exactly what happened.

              You weren’t like other women. While they spent their days sewing and mending, or gathering food, you spent your time helping the men build the sept. You weren’t the strongest woman around, but you tried your hardest and you refused to give up. You also didn’t shirk away from Sandor the way the others did. You sat with him at mealtimes, even though neither of you said anything at first. You ate in silence, which intrigued Sandor.

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Have you heard of the Transcendence AU? It's a Gravity Falls AU where Dipper unwillingly takes Bill's place as a Dream Demon (Bill dies inside Dipper while trying to forcefully possess him) and it's an AU that is FULL of feels so I thought you might like it. The canon is pretty fluid and Alcor the Dreambender (Dipper's demon name) is a lot of fun to write and make art of, he's like a mixture of Bill and Dipper and I think you would love it. The AU page is here on Tumblr if you're interested!

I have heard of it! Though i never got around to looking at it in depth or figuring out what the plot was. I like seeing all the art about it too! hopefully if i have some time i can look it up later and also maybe draw a thing ;u;

It sounds awesome and also real sad bRING ON THE ANGST 

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Ress, the guard aka my baby


general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life 

hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang

best quality: blushing every time he saw Aelin and FUCKING NOT BETRAYING CHAOL AND COMPANY EVEN AFTER ALL THAT TORTURING 

worst quality: THERE IS N O N E!


brotp them with: Chaol :(

needs to stay away from: everyone 

misc. thoughts: Honestly if I could bring one character to life, it’d be him without a thought

crack ship: Aelin because he liked her so much. But honestly he’d be in too much danger so better not

send me a character!

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Oooh for the time travel fic have it start out as winteriron but build up to stuckony with pre serum falling for Tony and of course Tony falling for him too but maybe maybe the brooklyn boys not fallling for each other but them not being insecure in shsring Tony??

Oh I like this!!! Both of them into tony but not so much each other? That would make it different from my other stuckony fics, especially since even though I love stuckony I don’t actually ship Stucky by themselves all that much??

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It's not really that smuty but I just love joonies clumsiness and whenever I imagi ne having sex with him, I just find it funny thinking how everytime smth would go wrong. While we would walk into the room and undress we would always rip some clothes and probably throw some stuff over on our way and like hittig our heads or toes against smth. The bed would aswell tend to break during sex or smth would just fall over. We would always laugh during sex. Idk I just have this cute weird fantasy.

Hahah I love this, and it probably does happen! 

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However I prefer thinking about him as the kinky fuck he probably is… 😏

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I'm in love with a girl I can't be with.. she's in a relationship but she's falling in love with me.. but we don't talk anymore because of drama.. and I want her so bad and my heart hurts and I just wish things would go right for me for once.. I hate this and life..

Ugh so maybe if you both like each other, her relationship doesnt make any sense? talk with her about it, its worth to discuss

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Hi holly, I guess I’m sort of just venting to you, but is it just me or should PB let us spend more time with potential LI’s w/o having to use diamonds. I’ve had this issue w/multiple books now where I feel like I never get to fall for love interests because I don’t pay for diamond scenes early on since I’m usually saving up. I get they have to make $ but why would I spend money on scenes before I’m invested in a character? And how am I ever supposed to get invested w/o scenes? It’s frustrating

It’s feedback that’s common and something we should continue making known to PB. Go ahead and share your POV with them! 😊

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Tamlin lmao

general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life 

hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang

best quality: LOL! Idk probably in the end being able to realize Feyre moved on and wishing her luck

worst quality: manipulative, abusive sexist

ship them with: no one right now. I like the theory of him and Briar being mates (I have no idea whose theory that is I’m sorry!!)

brotp them with: also no one although I hope he’ll find someone who’s okay with his personality and who won’t give a shit about it

needs to stay away from: LUCIEN!!!

misc. thoughts: I don’t want that he suddenly turns out to be a good guy (*looking at you Eris*) but I do hope he gets help for all the issues he has because everyone deserves that. And I hope he realizes how he treated Lucien and I hope they talk about it and sort it out. I wouldn’t mind a novella about him!

crack ship: look me in the eye and tell me that he and Rhys weren’t lovers before they became high lords

send me a character!

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I can relate so much! that scene in the pizzeria when he asks Tori how come she is so sure she's straight, I relate so much to that? even from childhood I never thought of love in terms of ''when i grow up i'll fall in love with a boy/man'' like my other friends would say when we got older. I'd just think ''when i fall in love with someone' and that's never changed. thanks anyway! (I guess I should just write the kind of book I'm looking for hehe :D) and tysm again for Michael, he's literally

the only character i’ve found in a book that i came across who is pan. pan characters are so lacking :(

i’m really glad you can relate to him!!! and i hope i can write some more obvious pan rep in a book someday :D

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Will you re stock your 707 dakimakura? I would like to buy them but I was too late as I just found out your arts ;; Anyway I am immediately fall in love with them so much!! I especially love your 707 arts so much and yes pls I am your fan of your arts now (*´∇`*)

Yup~ I will restock them ^^

and thank you for loving my art ♥

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Even though I am European I quite enjoy pumpkin-carving and I would love to see Finland doing the same~

I used to carve pumpkins every year when I was little! Its always so much fun!! I like to think fin always has the scariest pumpkins in the neighborhood haha! Thanks for sharing anon! I didn’t even know pumpkin carving was pretty much an american thing…… The more you know ^^

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i'm not a fan of electro pop or electro anything but i fucks with this album hardcore. i feel like they took their time with this one, i actually enjoy it much more than wings. wings was just different it's not like i hated it but i was really nervous that i wasn't going to like this cb. i literally asked myself last night when would i fall in love with bts' music again (i'm one of Those who miss old bangtan) and i can't believe i got my answer so soon!! i'm falling back in love and i'm so happy

i mean i know this is an unpopular opinion but wings isn’t my favorite album from bts. it’s not even my second, or now that her is out even my third. i just really love hyyh pt & 2, pt2 is absolutely my favorite thing bts has ever put out. i think every song on that album is perfect. not to say that i don’t love wings, but it was definitely a sound change. personally i’m not that into music that is more idk what the word is… theatrical?? so you know mama was very choir-ish, jimin’s was very orchestra heavy during the chorus?? (literally i don’t know musical terms just go w me here lol), stigma was quite blusey, and i just have to be honest those types of genres just aren’t my favorite. i still enjoyed it most definitely, but i’m more more into this type of sound. so i found this comeback to be amazing. they switched it up again, it’s a lot more edm infused by if they want to try their hand at a lot of genres then i think that’s great