i would like to do more with this idea

On a part of all transgender people, I would like to say a few thing:

  1. Just because we’re friends, that doesn’t mean you have any, any, excuse to be transphobic or make transphobic jokes. Just because I like you doesn’t mean you can use me as a free pass for your disgusting jokes. I’m a transgender boy, not an emotionless robot.
  2. Transgender woman and men are more than a fetish. We are more than your fantasy. We are more than your porn preferences. We are not your sick idea of a living kink.
  3. If you’re going to write about trans people, DO YOUR FUCKING RESEARCH!!! Starting T doesn’t mean you are automatically fully biologically male. Dysphoria is fucking awful. People who are meant to support us can just make us a joke. Bullying is real and scary.
  4. Mental illness and being LGBT are not the same thing.
  5. No LGBT person in popular media represent us all. We’re all unique and different, because we’re all fucking human??
  6. No, my name is not a nickname. It is my name. Whether it is my birth name or not is irrelevant.
  7. Teachers, you can be the most supportive and amazing people ever and I’d like to take a second to thank my English teacher for being so supportive.
  8. Stop using us as jokes. Like, I really fucking hate it. Just don’t.
  9. We’re normal! We’re nothing scary, we’re not going to attack you for being cis, and we don’t want anything more than your support and love!
  10. Teach your kids or siblings or parents or whoever these rules. They’re simple, easy, and can make a trans person’s day when you follow them!

Sorry for being so angry. I’m just sick of people calling me a lesbian.



tbh I don’t think I’ve ever loved two characters more than I love these two. (Second picture has a reference and the third is transparent )

Pi and Indigo both belong to @loverofpiggies

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Hi M, I'm struggling with plotting because I have a few small ideas in mind, but I don't know how to choose which to develop and how to do that. Do you have any advice? Thanks.

What I’d suggest is trying to start outlining these ideas. The reason is that a lot of “small ideas” will fall apart pretty quickly under scrutiny. So start the process of turning an idea into an actual story. What would the plot look like? Where would it begin and end? What would the major events be? What characters are you going to need? How much research are you going to have to do? If you spend some time on this you may find that some ideas hold water and others don’t. But you may also find that one is naturally more compelling than the others when you take the extra step of turning an ‘idea’ into something more concrete. At the end of the day, however, part of learning to write is learning what’s worth writing and what isn’t, and unfortunately that’s something you sort of have to figure out for yourself. (And yes, sometimes you will get it wrong, and that’s okay. It’s part of the process.)

Septh and final contribution for @dianakko-week

Dianakko Week 2017 (Day 7) – Free Day

“Akko, why are we here?” Diana asks her girlfriend while looking suspiciously at the photo booth.

What is going on here you will ask? Well, Akko thought it would be a good idea to have more memories with his girlfriend and wanted to spend the day with her, so she decided to take her shopping and on their way they found the booth.

“Well, I think it would be a nice memory” said Akko smiling to her girlfriend. “And as we recently bought those shirts to match I think the photo would look great”

“B- because y-you forced me to buy them” Diana said blushing and looking away.

“Eh? Diana, do not you like? "Asked Akko approaching her “What if I get lost one day and the shirt is my only hope to get back to you?” She said with a sad voice and eyes with small tears.

”…“ Diana at the state of her girlfriend did not know what to say.
Cute, were just her thoughts

"Well if you do not want them, I’ll have to return them” Akko said, picking up the bags and making a move to go to the store.

“Wa-wait” suddenly shouted Diana “I-I did not say such a thing; but if you want, we take the photo and also I think you would be pretty with her.” The last part whispered but Akko could hear.

“Really?” Akko said turning his face towards Diana “YATTA !!! Come on, come on, it makes my heart doki doki no waku waku "she shouted as she pushed Diana into the cabin.

While they waited for instructions from the booth, Akko kissed Diana on the lips.

“Nē, nē,” She said to Diana. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Akko” She replied.

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why do you think people want to perpetuate and believe the idea that bundy killed like, 100 people? it feels like they're trying to make him into even more a mythological monster and it doesn't make sense to me. 30-40 people is a LOT, and what he did during the murders is pretty horrific on its own. i don't see why people would feel the need to want to believe in an exaggeration.

It’s like they want to perpetuate the myth of how incredibly evil he was. 100 people doesn’t even fit his timeline. He admitted to 30 something people and it’s way more believable.

Edit : Myth created by John Henry Browne to sell his book and supported by frustrated detective Bob Keppel!

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& they wanted me to do it on Lucas. Boy oh boyyy.

Dating” Lucas: Cons:

  • You would have to be ok with the idea that he is not stable
  • He is manipulative
  • Mood swings 
  • Not faithful 
  • Does not like surprises
  • He doesn’t talk about himself. At all. 
  • His personality depends on the girl he is with (hint, hint) which goes back to why he is “manipulative.” I’ve shown how he treats Bristol and somewhat on how he treats Sorrel. There’s a big difference. And I will show more.
  • He disappears once he is over you (in the sense that, the girl will never see him again)
  • Hates affection 
  • Likes to play games
  • Can be violent
  • Won’t show any type of emotion UNLESS it benefits him 

I won’t list pros because he has none. Atleast I don’t think so/can’t think of any.

“Pros:” (edited 4 something-wicked-sims) 

  • Is hot lmfao ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I tag: @josiesimblr for Manny, @pixeltrashcan for Peaches, @numinousxsims for Mikayla (cause I need to warm up to her since her falling out with my bby Luna left a sour note lol), @simsxbayxworld for bae, Mathis, @homesicksims for…hmm I feel like I always pick Nolan, so I’ll let you pick whoever you want lmao, @something-wicked-sims for Zdina I miss her.

You guys can pick whoever if you don’t want to do the person I said. It’s ok. :’)

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How do you feel about V being an artist/painter and all? Do you think you(/Grim) would spend a lot of time drawing with him?

ohhh definitely, especially with some of the exchanges between the mc and v within the v route ! he even asks to see the mc’s work sometime and im like (vibrates) bc i love sharing my art so i thought it was the sweetest to sorta have a casual chat about it with v within the route ??

and then the good ending just makes me so much more ?? like ?? happy and really attached to the idea of an mc whos a painter as well because not only is it a cute idea but just really sweet in context of his words. it really seems to heavily imply that the mc themself is both traumitized and also a painter as well and yknow who that fits (the answer is mc grim)


The only arts I made this past two weeks (??)

1. A piece of nature
I tried to make a new concept (for me, maybe some peoples have already done that but I don’t know). I’m trying to take a cube base (more a parallelepiped) and draw different kind of background. This is just a test. I’ll maybe (or not) do it in digital.

2-3-4. The Magic Cubic Box
It’s a box.
And magic.
The idea came to me while listening to a music. I don’t tell you which one because I would like to do an animation on it.

Hope you like it!

Art blog @mimiloverfox-art

One thing that I’m finding troubling about that whole discussion is the conflating of “legal” with “safe”, but I’m having a hard time articulating why that bothers me?

Like, the idea that gay bars aren’t safe because it’s illegal for minors to drink. I went to bars numerous times as a minor (places I knew didn’t care about carding, or would allow older friends to vouch for me…) and didn’t experience any more harassment than I did in places that were “legal” for me to be (work, school, the street). I’m not saying that harassment doesn’t happen in gay bars, because it does! And I’m not saying minors should be let in to gay bars, because that’s a bad idea (like… most people I know have gone to bars or clubs as minors, but most of us, as adults, would probably discourage minors from doing the same for any number of reasons, myself included). I’m just saying I think “it’s wrong because it’s illegal and legality clearly reflects morality” is a dangerous way of looking at that. Especially since issues of legality have often been used to justify state violence and repression against LGBT bars and clubs… I dunno, this is just kind of a swirling tangle in my head right now, but I’m wary of equating “legal” with “safe” in a way that discourages people from questioning what constitutes “safe”, and what constitutes “legal”. 

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(i have food poisoning😭😭😭) since i cant do anything but lay in bed can i get remus lupin hcs about him x reader being mates (like i recently heard this term when it comes to werewolves and like i kinda wonder what remus would be like and your take on it)

Okay, as a disclaimer to all of y’all my headcanons are not open at the moment but I’m very sympathetic to those who cannot do anything but lay in bed (I’m in somewhat of a similar state atm) I will be more than happy to make an exception for you. (or others maybe if their headcanon idea is interesting enough. if it isn’t, I’m sorry)

  • So Remus isn’t really aware of the fact that werewolves have ‘mates’ until he is recruiting werewolves to the Order during the first war
  • and he is floored by the idea
  • it (from what he was told at least) only applies to inter-werewolf relationships
  • it means that a male (or female in rare types) claims another as theirs to be with for life (obviously consensual) 
  • Remus thought the idea was very primal at first, and he was a bit off put by it
  • and he realizes after that first night, with your arms wrapped around him, that maybe the idea of mates weren’t such a bad thing
  • maybe it doesn’t have to be all primal, sexual werewolf weirdness
  • maybe it is just the idea of being with someone that you have that natural pull with, and feeling complete when they are in your arms
  • and much later (I’m skipping A LOT here, sorry) when y’all do get together, you know that Remus is already your mate
  • because he filled a deep ache within you on the full moons (when he did stay with the pack for the first few months) 
  • where you’d somehow feel this pull that was more than just attraction
  • and you knew that all you wanted to do was curl up into his side, feeling the warmth of his own body radiate to you
  • so you did
  • and the next morning, you patched him up, feeling so heavily hurt by his wounds even though you didn’t have any yourself
  • and after the first time you had sex the two of you felt that deep pull again
  • after a few more times (during the third round one night, actually) Remus was kissing down your neck and bit down a bit too hard
  • the next morning someone in the pack flipped out that you had been ‘claimed’
  • neither of you knew what it meant exactly
  • but once you did, you didn’t seem to mind all that much (and you realized that that could have been the reason you woke up feeling much more energized and whole than you had ever before)
  • Remus and you both had a lot to deal with after that
  • because getting you out from the pack was going to be difficult at best
  • but it was worth it, because the idea of leaving you behind physically ripped him apart inside
  • and he knew that he had to be with you forever
  • because you were his mate, and it was meant to be

Okay, love, I don’t know if this is what you were asking for and honestly I know nothing about mates (except for the brief stuff I do know about real wolves) so I literally just made that up as I wrote. I hope you feel better though!!


A Writers Creed Prompt

Lesser Living…

To have the bare necessities is what most people want out of life.

To be able to pay your bills on time.

To have hot water, shelter, and food to eat.

To have a comfortable place to lay your head down to sleep.

Those at the top have no real idea.

To live from check to check to them isn’t real.

They say the poor aren’t good with money.

Ha Ha, I find that very funny.

Without their big houses and cars they don’t know what to do.

To live like the lower classes they would rather eat a premium leather shoe.

Not to have a large boat to party on means their poor.

To sell one of their 4 houses means their done, over, finished, no more.

Give help to the lesser classes makes them feel or seem good.

Say on television that we will rebuild your homes because we can, not because they should.

Take a tour of devastation like a safari when nature blows.

What about those in the cities everyday on the streets, out in the cold.

To have an ability to get luxury is a desired thing.

To have internet connection, cable, designer everything that bling blings.

There are those who can’t even get sympathy for their current plite.

They would rather they stay out of mind and out of sight.

So yes feel very good about yourself being at the top looking down.

One day your feet may be back on the ground.

What will you do if ever in the same situation, hold out your hands and see if 

who you once were will give you a much needed donation.

Let me know what you think on my blog and pass the thought along.

image: Living with Less an illustration

Twice Reacts||Bf is a tattoo artist

A/N: I’m convinced there is a secret tumblr cult out there that has been asking for twice reacts (insert some job) and they always put bg instead of bf which makes me panic and wonder if they really meant bodyguard😂

Idk why but I loved the idea of Momo and Chae with a bad body tattoo artist do I made those moodboard, feel free to save them😂


Nayeon loved you being a tattoo artist. It made her feel like she was dating a bad boy. She would stare in awe everyone you scratched a tat.


Jungyeon wouldn’t have much of a reaction. She thought it was cool, but she wouldn’t over react.


For Momo this was a turn on. Even more so if you had tattoos on you. She would stop by your shop and be super flirty. Momo would probably love this the best


Jihyo thought it was good that you were pursuing your dreams. As long as you were happy she wouldn’t mind. She did get embarrassed introducing you to others


Sana loved you being a tattoo artist almost as much as Momo. She would stop by your place and surprise you with cute little gifts.


Mina would get shy about it. Since tattoos aren’t well like in Korea she might get embarrassed. However she would love to see your work in action


Dahyun would be playful about it. She would come to your work and easily make friends with the customers. In the future she would ask you to give her a small tattoo


Chae would be the type to post those aesthetic grunge photos on Instagram with you. Be prepared to give her a tattoo in the future. Honestly she would love it as much as Momo


Tzuyu would be like Jihyo. She didn’t mind but at the same time she didn’t care. As long as you were happy and you loved her she was fine


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Hi Wolf 🐺 When using linking sigils, would it be possible to drain the negative energy from one room, turn it into positive energy, & then direct that "clean" energy into a different room...? (i.e. to lend more strength & energy to the room where I do most of my spells, rituals, etc.) I feel like doing so could be really helpful for those of us that have health issues that leave you feeling totally exhausted without having done a single thing....😟 **TIA** ~B~

Yes, I believe that would be possible my friend. By creating a linking sigil that would transmute the energy from negative to positive as things moved through it, while also allowing them to travel to the different room. That’s a very interesting idea, and I do believe that could help you quite a lot. Thank you for the question, I appreciate it.

- Wolf Of Antimony

✨🌿Free Tarot Readings✨🌿

CLOSED until I clear out my asks. Will reopen soon!

Recently I just began learning Tarot and I’ve discovered how biased you end up reading the cards for personal readings. It’s like I read what I’m expecting to happen or would like to happen. I’m going to do a little experiment to help me grow on my Tarot journey. ✨🌿 I would like to open up free single card readings with my Shadowscapes Deck. 🌿✨ A few caveats:

• No yes or no questions please. Read THIS and THIS for examples and ideas of how to phrase questions.

• Being a spoonie witch I don’t gaurentee day of responses.

• If you are going to ask anonymously I need an identifier. Preferably more than just an initial. Initials and sun sign work, initials and most prevalent personality trait, something to help me and my cards know you are *this* MH and not *that* MH.

I think non-partial readings would really help me begin to learn my cards more.

These are free and I ask only a review of the reading to help me grow. Again, I am VERY NEW so feed back would be appreciated as would patience and and understanding that I may not always get it right.

🔮Oh! Also you get a pretty picture of the card! 🔮

Blessed be my fellow witches and I hope to see some of your questions in my inbox!

- Eilis Rose

So, giveaway ideas…

So i have thought of a few ideas, but if i could get more on this post that would be helpful 💕

⚘so a dream catcher/ tree of life that i hand make

⚘more glass bottles

⚘more satchels





⚘random things i find 😅

⚘one specially crafted tarot reading

⚘a crystal ball reading

⚘a small spell jar done for you (and/or ingredients and how to do it)

So do any of these sound good? All of them? One you dont like? Let me know on this post, i might open asks for this. Dont quote me 😅

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AU idea: Ruby wants to be a Huntress not because she wants to be a hero but because she doesn't want to be a villain. This one would get rid of her more bubbly personality and give her a sadistic one instead. She would be afraid of it and tries to do her best to fight that dark part of herself going after grimm because "they are grimm, no one cares how bad I hurt them." With the help of her sister and the other members of RWBY she might have a shot.

Ooh I like this idea a lot. Exploring a more cruel, sadistic Ruby would be a very interesting twist, and it would be fun to explore how her interactions with other characters would drastically change. Very nice.  ☆

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if you could choose between finishing errorbound and making a new fan comic, whch would you pick?

Honestly, I think I’d rather start a new one…

I love ERR0RBOUND and all, don’t get me wrong, but there’s another fanventure-esque story I’m way more into. I feel like the characters are more developed there, as well as the story, the scenes, etc. It feels like it has more substance, I guess? Though admittedly, it would be harder, since it has more characters…

If I wind up continuing ERR0RBOUND, I think I’d like to sit down and do a lot of replanning for its story and characters. Because now that I think about it, I didn’t have nearly enough key events planned, and had barely any idea for filler content.

I’d also want to redraw the sprites. Make them look nicer… You know?


ahh thank you!! i love symmeitra and i wish it was more common, theyre so good together? they both love Science and believe in making the world a better place and i feel like mei’s openness and positivity would be rly good for satya? and also lead to a lot of Easily Flustered Lesbian Symmetra which everyone loves ofc 

I made this in honor of young justice season 3!

(also because I just really loved the little Robin faces that pop up when Robin is hacking in season 1)

How to Show Will Connolly We Appreciate Him?

So Will Connolly always posts and likes really depressing stuff on twitter (especially pretty recently!!) so I feel like we, his fans, should do something for him to show him how much we appreciate him?? Idk I feel like he’s under appreciated and I just thought it would be cool anyone have any suggestions???!?

We could all do something and then post it on twitter so he sees it!!