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So there has been a lot of talk recently about Sehun liking Bella Thorne’s photos on Instagram.

One of my Twitter mutuals called Bella Thorne a bitch (she really used that word) and how she was “done” with Sehun because she constantly tags him in her photos and how he hasn’t liked any of her photos but liked Bella’s. And then she started saying shit like Sehun’s standards are really high and how he’s going to end up marrying a white girl some day???? (The hell is that supposed to mean). And she was NOT saying this in a way like she was kidding around or just playing around being jealous, she was saying this very seriously.

Yes, I’m wondering what’s going on in Sehun’s head as well.

Yes, I’m aware that last year Bella used Sehun’s birthday hashtag to gain likes on her photos.

But let’s just say It really irked me to see something like that on my timeline, and for the life of me I will never understand why 

1) fans think they have a chance in hell at dating their idols / are so possessive of idols
2) fans think that they know every single thing about their idols and that makes them as good as being in a relationship with their idols
3) Fans think they’re doing their idols a favour for making derogatory remarks about the people they interact with
4) ….And, fans think that their idols will praise them for doing all of the above (especially number 3!!)

Remember when Sehun’s friend (who’s a girl) got so much hate for posting a photo about teaching Sehun how to swim? As a Sehun stan I got so much secondhand embarrassment for that because I don’t understand why people just can’t be happy for the fact that Sehun is into something new lately and he has such a good friend to teach him how to do it. 

People really think they know soooooo much. *roll eyes emoji*

Trying to debate if I have the emotional stamina to try making a third friend

anyway!!!! allow me to present michael ealy as clark kent:

he’s got the baby blues:

he’s got the great smile:

he’s a dork:

here he is in glasses:

pls imagine this face directed at lois lane:

and this one:

he can do serious too:

look at him:

these gifs:

and finally:

michael ealy as clark kent 2k17

No matter how their relationship will end up,i will probably still love it ..we still have another 8 weeks to go with this beautiful Anime

I just want to make sure we all know sombra doesn’t wear toe shoes / vibrams. The are thick tights/leggings with reinforced padding on the under side. If they were toe shoes, the shading defining each toe would be much more pronounced and go further into her foot. 

That is all, good night.


otayuri is the reason I live and breathe

casual Johnny sketches

Downtown chillin’

Fave trio tbh.

Give me s3 where Lotor kidnaps Lance and everyone realizes his significance especially Keith. Yet again will he discover another part of who he is; that he’s fucking gay for Lance.

so in the Ep. 10 teaser, viktor asks yuuri what yuuri is going to get him for christmas and yuuri says “something round and gold.”

we all know he’s talking about a gold medal BUT JUST THINK OF THIS:

  • yuuri loses the grand prix (maybe still places but doesn’t get gold). 
  • viktor is, of course, totally proud of him either way, obviously. 
  • but anyway, after the grand prix, for christmas (and viktor’s birthday too, technically), they’re sitting on the floor exchanging presents. 
  • yuuri hands viktor his present and says “even though i didn’t win the gold medal….” 
  • and viktor is confused, looking down at the box, but starts unwrapping his gift.
  • when he opens the box, he finds a pair of gold bands and yuuri says “i still wanted to get us* something round and gold for christmas.” 
  • and viktor picks up the ring meant to be yuuri’s and picks up yuuri’s hand, slipping the ring on his finger. viktor’s hands are shaking. yuuri’s hands are shaking. 
  • and then yuuri picks up the ring meant to be viktor’s and places it on viktor’s hand. 
  • they probably both have tears in their eyes at this point and viktor pulls yuuri into a hug (picture: yuuri and viktor both on their knees on the floor, arms wrapped tightly around each other, one of viktor’s hands is clutching at the back of yuuri’s head like he did when he cushioned yuuri’s fall in ep. 7). 
  • and then viktor says something like “you know, i’ve had the chance to wear a lot of gold in my life… but this? i think this fits better than any of my medals ever did.” or something equally corny and life-destroying. 
  • and then they’re kissing and showering each other in “i love you”s because they’re so damn in love and i’m going to die just writing this.
  • (and later, when viktor and yuuri are in bed, and yuuri is asleep, viktor slips the ring off of his finger to look at it in his hand and he notices a tiny engraving in japanese on the inside of the band. the next day, he asks yuuri what the characters mean and yuuri blushes, but tells him “it’s ‘stay close to me’ in japanese…” and then viktor is grabbing at yuuri’s hand and yuuri is low-key resisting because he’s embarrassed but when viktor finally gets it off of his finger, he notices that “stay close to me” is engraved on the inside of yuuri’s band in russian. and then viktor is smothering yuuri in love and affection again because really. this boy. is too much. <3 )
  • (also, even though they can’t actually get married in either of their home countries, it’s a promise that one day, when they can, they will make that commitment to each other. but until that day comes, they know what the bands mean to them and what they stand for - a promise to stay by each other’s side.)

*I’m saying “us” because winning a gold medal would be just as much for Yuuri as it would be Viktor and getting engaged would be just as important to both of them.