i would legit watch a spin off of him at this point

Our Little Secret-Part One

Summary: After a hunt and quite a few drinks the boys learn that you aren’t as ‘experienced’ in one department as they thought you were. Dean thinks he can rectify that

Series Masterlist

Characters: Dean, Sam, Reader

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Square Filled/Kink: Oral Fixation for @spnkinkbingo

Word Count: 4700

Warnings: Smut, oral (male and female receiving), insecure reader, language

A/N: Thank you so much for reading. This is the first part of what I hope is a lengthy and smutty series. Any feedback is always appreciated. This is also for @emilywritesaboutdean and @wheresthekillswitch ‘s Do It Like TFW Challenge (The gif is near the bottom)

A thank you to my beta @ayeronda for betaing at an ungodly hour and being so wonderful.

It’s been a long ass day and an even longer hunt. You were more than happy to be sitting on Dean’s bed in the boys’ motel room, sipping on your second, or maybe it is the third beer. And that was just here, it wasn’t counting the four or five shots you had had down at the bar. So now you were here and Sam was riding Dean hard about his strikeout at the bar.

“Dude, you were never going home with her.”

“She doesn’t know what she’s missing out on.”

You can’t help but chuckle, “What? Two whole minutes?”

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Why Newt Scamander is NOT a cinnamon roll and why he’s flawed:

First of all, I am NOT saying that I hate Newt at all – I LOVE Newt, I LOVE Eddie and I’ve loved watching Eddie act since I saw him in “The Theory of Everything”. I think Eddie is fantastic, and I do love Newt’s character.

HAVING SAID THAT, this rant is more to do with the fandom than anything else – as in, me being pissed off with the fandom because of their “Newt is a precious cinnamon roll/Newt is too good for this world/Newt is perfect/Newt needs protecting” mentality. This isn’t all of the fandom, of course, but it’s a fair few and I’ve found myself getting gradually more and more infuriated over the past few months about it. This shouldn’t be regarded as hate, more as a retort/insight as to why I disagree with this silly mentality.

Let me start off by saying: Newt Scamander is VERY flawed. There, I said it.

Newt is NOT perfect. He’s awkward, has little to no regard for other humans, and is pretty untrustworthy to be honest. How? I present to you, an extract from the screenplay:

So, you got your wand permit? All foreigners have to have them in New York.

I made a postal application weeks ago

Small but think: if he’s lying about a postal application, chances are he’s lying about a lot more important stuff too. Either way, she was going to write him up. He had very little to gain from lying. I would also like to add that he’s breaking yet another law (even if it’s silly, it’s still breaking a law).

The thing that we, the audience, have to understand about Newt is that we like him because we know he’s a protagonist – we know he’s Eddie, we know the kind of person he is even before we watch the film. But if you look at it from an inside perspective – i.e. someone who lives in the universe of the film – he’s shady as fuck. He not only didn’t bother with a wand permit application, he also smuggled beasts into the country illegally (he had full knowledge of what he was doing, don’t deny it), apparated with a No-Maj, then didn’t obliviate that No-Maj, accidentally set a Niffler loose in a bank and basically decided “hey, fuck the law, I’d rather expose wizards than lose my Niffler/miss the egg hatching” when he apparated with Jacob. Standing on the steps of the bank, talking to an abusive woman/leader of the NSPS, he probably looked even more suspicious (especially seeing as she openly called him “friend” – which, to be honest, doesn’t really mean a lot but just imagine you’re there and that happens…you’d probably be a bit iffy about it).

How else is Newt untrustworthy in the first half of the film? He lies to Tina about why he’s in New York in the first place and he then blackmails Jacob into sneaking away from the girls’ apartment even though they gave them food and hot cocoa. You know when Newt says “you do realize that once they see you’ve stopped sweating, they’ll obliviate you in a heartbeat”? It’s sly blackmail. He knows that Jacob doesn’t want his memory wiped, he knows that Jacob is enjoying this new world that he’s been exposed to, and Newt is using that to his advantage. The choice in front of Jacob he’s setting out is: “Help me find my creatures and remain in this wonderful world…or, you know, stay here and have your memory wiped”.

I’m not denying the friendship between Newt and Jacob – their friendship is wonderful. But at this point, they aren’t exactly friends really, even if they’re starting to head that way. Newt was perfectly happy to attempt to sneak out of the apartment on his own before Queenie called him out – part of the reason he’s probably bringing Jacob is because he knows that Jacob will say something otherwise. I mean, Jacob is a good guy – he didn’t want to leave because he knew it would be rude to just leave the girls after all they had done for them. I’m not saying that Newt isn’t a good guy, I’m just…well.

Newt also has a total disregard for other humans/safety; “yep, let me throw a Swooping Evil in a No-Maj’s face for a joke”. Total dick move, even if he thought he knew what he was doing. “No-Maj is lying on the floor bleeding – nah, he’s fine, where’s the creatures?”. “Let me bring a No-Maj on a hunt to find potentially dangerous creatures”.

Actual thing in the screenplay when Jacob has been bitten by a Murtlap:

“With TINA’S back turned, NEWT makes towards the door”

What makes Newt turn back?

“TINA emits a guttural scream as the Murtlap comes scuttling out (…) NEWT spins, catching the creature by the tail”.

Newt wasn’t concerned at all for Jacob – “oh, it’s not serious”. Yeah, maybe not to a wizard but to a No-Maj whose physiology is different? Potentially extremely dangerous.

But, yeah, no - Newt is absolutely perfect of course so we’ll forget about it. (sarcasm)

He isn’t just awkward either, okay? He had no problem dragging Jacob down into the case, nor when it came to pushing Tina’s hair back at the docks. Every time I see a fic where he stutters out “I-I-I-I l-lo-love you”, I puke in my mouth a bit. That is so OOC and silly. When it’s humans he knows and likes (loves, in Tina’s case, fight me), he’s more confident and assured – so please stop saying that he’s awkward and will forever be so awkward that he cannot have human friends/love interests.

Newt has great qualities, of course, I’m not denying that…but please stop writing him/saying he’s perfect…or that he’s “too good for this world”/”too pure”/”too innocent”. He’s really not. He’s flawed, as all the best characters should be, and if you love his character then you should also be able to say “he’s got flaws and that’s okay”.

With this image of him being “perfect”, there comes my next pet-peeve: Tina hate.

I have legit seen people say that Newt is “too good/perfect” for Tina. I can’t even begin to sum up the stupidity of that idea; shipping aside, they’re both flawed characters in their own ways and that’s totally fine. I feel that some of the Tina-hate stems from either jealousy or the idea that Newt is too perfect; it’s like “oh, my OC is perfect because she’s just like Newt”. Please, no. Don’t.

Tina-hate also seems to stem from the fact that she “turned Newt in”. The usual rant goes here: a) it was her job, b) he’s pretty shady, c) you’d all complain if she put a guy she barely knew over getting her career back on track….etc. etc. Suddenly, because Tina DID HER JOB and it happened to involve arresting Newt, that makes her the fandom’s number one enemy.

Tina isn’t the only one I’ve seen receive hate: I legit saw someone say that they hated Queenie for “forcing Newt to get with Tina” and I just…? Since fucking when? How does “you need a giver” translate as “you have no choice but to marry my sister and live in Dorset with her”?

As I said, this fandom is so obsessed with the idea of “precious cinnamon roll Newt is too good too pure he needs protection”. He’s NOT this. Please stop making him like this. He’s a flawed man, he makes mistakes, as do we all, he’s far from perfect.

As I said before, I love Newt, he’s a great character, but the way that the fandom categorizes him as “a perfect sexy wonderful cinnamon roll who is too good for this world” is actually vomit-inducing and makes me start wanting to hate him – it genuinely puts me off being in the fandom when they push the idea that a character is too flawless, and Newt isn’t flawless which is why he’s a great character.

This rant made little to no sense really and I’m now off to write fanfics.

Okay so, if you have ever had the misfortune of being in chat with me on the topic of Assassination Classroom you would know I have a very strong belief of gay Karma and demi/pan Nagisa.

Now I was ecstatic to learn they were making the KorosenseQ spin off an actual series (Which is very likely the story Korosensei mentions in passing in the main series he wants to write in which he wouldn’t have to die and therefore is more than likely written by the octopus himself) anyway back on track, while the series seems to have diverged a bit from the comic now (tbh I think they made it better especially pope Gakuho omfg) but with the episodes being so short it means they emphasize certain things while cut other things out.

Trying to stop rambling now the thing that’s really caught my attention is the relationship between Karma and Nagisa (this is 100% a ship post if this is your notp then please stop reading now, if you do ship it or at least tolerate feel free to continue) and since @serenity0220 likes my analysis of these dumb boys so much figured eh what the hell lets post what I noticed in this episode.

Spoilers blow the cut turn back if you haven’t watched the episode yet.

Excuse the lack of spell check I’m literally copy pasting this from my skype chat.

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biyoosung  asked:

i love your blog and headcanons so much!! if it's alright with you, could i request some headcanons for drunk rfa + saeran?? :o

i love you so much!! yes, yes you CAN


  • The Sad Drunk™
  • so much crying
  • Seven told him his fly was down and he cried for 20 minutes
  • also if you think he talks about Rika too much when he’s sober
  • you should see him DRUNK
  • “hey Yoosung, can you help clean up a bit?”
  • “Rika used to clean”
  • also: 0 to 100 real quick
  • one second he is crying over Rika
  • the next second he literally just punched V in the face???
  • and Zen is like ??? arent there rules against punching a blind dude ??
  • please keep Yoosung away from alcohol


  • Zen is just himself x1000 drunk
  • if he so much as sees his reflection in a SPOON he is GONE
  • also, every single time Zen gets drunk around other people he wants to play spin the bottle
  • it happens every single time
  • also most times he’ll try and convince someone to go with him to egg/TP Jumin’s penthouse
  • “hey…whaddya say me and you go egg that ass hole trust fund kids house?”
  • “are you referring to Jumin?”
  • “y-yea that guy”
  • “Zen, im Jumin”
  • “are…are you saying you dont want to egg your house?”
  • drunk Zen just wants to kiss everyone and deface Jumin’s property in some way


  • wine mom
  • similarly to Zen, she will often talk shit about Jumin while he is well within ear-shot
  • also probably accuses him of being a furry
  • and he’s like ??? IM RIGHT HERE ???
  • also keep elly far, far away from Jaehee when she’s drunk
  • Jaehee was staying at Jumins penthouse watching elly once and she got drunk there
  • she like, legit got into an argument with that cat
  • it almost got physical
  • Jumin watched the whole thing via security tapes and didnt know whether to be scared or LAUGH HIS ASS OFF
  • poor Jaehee


  • it takes a lot to get Jumin drunk alright
  • but when he does, oh man
  • Jumin is so sassy when he’s drunk
  • like roasting people left and right
  • “Yoosung, are you crying over Rika again or because you cant get a girlfriend?”
  • ZING
  • “hey Zen, hows that actors salary treating you?”
  • ZING
  • he is on FIRE
  • and everyone in the room hates him


  • i personally headcanon Seven as the Designated Driver™ like, every time
  • but on the rare occasion that he lets himself get drunk
  • he’s like, a MEGA downer
  • like the first time the RFA got Seven drunk they were like hehehe this is gonna be so great!! what if he tries to jump off the roof or something lolololol!
  • “do you guys every think about how none of us will ever make a difference on this tiny little planet?”
  • “and even if we did, what would it matter? the human race wont even be here in a couple million years”
  • “and in a few billion years, not even the earth will be here”
  • “so why are we here now? whats the point of us being together? its impossible to do anything that matters, so why do anything at all?”
  • “if any one of us vanished the universe would continue as it always has, unbothered. unmoved. our existence in this world leaves as much of an imprint as a hand does in a bucket of water”
  • Zen takes Sevens beer and pours it out into the sink
  • thats the last time they do that


  • sleepy 
  • clingy
  • whiny
  • and sometimes grumpy!!
  • “i wanna go hoooomeee”
  • “Saeran, we’re at home right now”
  • “i want ice creaaaaaammmmmaahhh”
  • “theres ice cream in the freezer”
  • “i want different ice creeeaammmmmaah”
  • Seven will be sitting on the couch and Saeran will lay on the couch and put his head in Saerans lap
  • “Saeyoung…i’m tired…”
  • Seven wants to YELP but just looks at MC and mouths the words oh my god
  • MC gives him a thumbs up
  • sometimes Seven will get Saeran drunk just so he’ll be nicer
  • he’s a good brother he SWEARS

thanks for reading!!! hope you liked it LOLOLOL

anonymous asked:

(It's the worst promt giver ever aka me! Pleasure to meet you) What about some Hogwarts AU Shklance with Ravenclaw-Lance, Gryffindor-Keith and uh.. I don't know which house Shiro would be sorted into to be honest. Ahh, you know what? I just remembered everyone has different headcanons, just use yours :'>

(forgive me as i know jack shit about harry potter ;D)

Lance elegantly waved his wand in the air and whispered the words, “ Aguamenti “. Hoping for a jet stream of water to spew out from the curved tip of the wand, instead only a flicker of a spark came. Lance slouched his shoulders in disappointment.

Right behind him comes Keith. He slid his elbow across Lance’s table almost knocking over a ragged book that was on the brink of falling apart.

“Still trying those 6th year spells, huh Lance?”

Lance tipped his chin up and pointed his tip of his wand on Keith’s nose. “Pip Pop Keith. I can do this, if i put my mind to it. And my wand. And hand. And joints-”

“Yeah, yeah. Anyhow, got a question for ya.” Keith threw his arm over Lance’s shoulders and leaned in closely, “ You wanna race tonight? You, me, and pretty boy in the Hufflepuff house”. Keith gave a smug smile and slightly punched his shoulder with his free hand.

“You mean Shiro? I didn’t know you knew him”

“I don’t, but dang Lance. Did you see how he played last game? It was amazing.”

“True, you got me there.”

“I could definitely convince him to come practice with us. Just watch me.” And with that, Keith dashed out the library. He waved a gesture towards Lance to signal him to come to. Lance responded with a finger gun and spun towards him in a blur

Near dusk, Lance and Keith stood at the footsteps of the Hufflepuff house. A grand four story house with wooden etchings and decals. The bright yellow and navy blue decal placed right in the center of the mansion. The two stood looking back at the staring eyes of the badger.

Finally, Lance knocked on the spruce wood door. And awaited on his tippy toes. Opening the door stood a tall man in a dark reddish robe. His hair was was a deep black with a white streak in the front, and it was mighty frizzled. His face looked weary and exhausted. He looked down at the two boys and snickered.

“Who are you guys?”

Keith’s eyes dazzled in admiration. He opened his mouth and then shut it closed. But Lance came into the rescue and jumped in, “We’re Keith and Lance. This stud muffin right here-” Lance pounded Keith chest “- is Keith Kogane from Gryffindor and my handsome self is Lance Mcclain from Ravenclaw. And we’re here to ask you to play a game with us. Huh? Yeah, c’mon you know you wanna”.  Lance leaned in towards Shiro.

“You got ten seconds before i activate the barrier around this house.”

“Boy, you already activated my barrier”

“Make it five then”

Keith swiped Lance’s neck and stepped in himself.

“Please Shiro. Can you come practice Quidditch with us? We’re dying to play with someone as skilled and strong as you. You were freaking amazing last time. Dazzling and spectacular”.

“Alright, just this once, but that’s it. No more got that?”

So they all agreed and hurried on to their houses to gather their stuff. And as soon as they all got their brooms and equipment, they all meant at the stadium around 9 at night. Keith sat polishing his broom, Shiro the same but while watching Lance twisting and leaping and spinning around the dirt field. Keith heard Shiro mumble, “Dork” under his breath.

“You’re not wrong Shiro”. Keith chuckled approvingly. “That boy has a few screws loose in his head”.

“And i see it has spread to the few people around him”

Keith let out a tiny laugh, a set down his broom. “Hey, you know what? You’re a pretty cool dude. Even though I’ve only known you for a couple of minutes, you’re pretty legit.”

Shiro laid down on the bleachers which they were hanging out on. He let out a soft smile and looked back at Keith. “You know you’re the only one who’s ever said that to me right?”

Keith looked back in shock. In his mind, Shiro seemed to be a pretty sweet man who was talented in almost every way. And even handsome in away. “Surprised. You look the kind of guy people would.”

“Hey GuuuuYSS!” Lance yelled. He came rushing over to the bleachers with his bag in hand. He let a suspicious grin and a malicious expression. Keith and Shiro could sense he was up to something disastrous was on his mind. The exchanged worried glances. But before they could object, he yanked out a big 48 oz bottle of liquor. The bottle glistened with the moonlight shining on its glass body. Keith looked at Lance as if he had 3 eyes. Not planning on this surprise. Shiro, differed. He looked rather ecstatic, with enthusiasm in his eyes.

“Lance, liquor?”

“Well duh, let’s spark up this game, make it magical. Yeah?”

“I can second that motion, Keith join in”

“Shiro, you can’t possibly agree with this fool.”

“Of course I can”. Shiro said with a calm tone. He swiped the bottle from Lance’s hand and took a swig. He let out a fresh sigh and gave the glass to Keith. Keith hesitated for about two minutes, before letting out a nervous snicker and took a swig. Coughed and took his broom and took off into the field.

Lance took a couple of swigs with Shiro until they hopped onto their brooms. The two struggled to keep their balance and kept bumping into one another. Shiro grabbed the ball, and as soon as he was about to throw it into a circular goal. He caught sight of a butterfly and decided to chase it. The butterfly decided to take a landing on the bleacher. Shiro followed and crashed right into the bleachers. He landed on his back laughing, trying to grasp a breath.

This gave Lance a chance to catch the little golden flying ball and throw it in his goal. After it dashed through, he stood took a fierce landing on the ground and yelled, “12 points to Griffyndor!” With so much excitement. Then, took off to Shiro at the bleachers and pounced on top off his chest. Shiro let out an, “Oof”, then took a quick glance at Lance. They both burst out laughing.

Keith struck a landing about 10 feet away from them and stared. They looked like they were having so much fun, and he was honestly, so happy to see Lance that way. It even brought a smile on his face.

He walked over to them laughing and hugging. He opened his mouth, but didn’t get out a word. Because Shiro took hold of his neck and pulled him down with Lance. The three all sat together on the bleachers, laughing and holding each other with such passion.

It wasn’t until almost midnight, the three walked home, drunk and exhausted. They wobbled their way to the Hufflepuff house to drop off Shiro. While walking, they tried holding each other up, stumbling on branches and twigs, and cracking dull jokes that sent everyone into tears.

When they reached the front door, Shiro suggested they all stay and hang out in his room. The two agreed with hardly any hesitation. When they got to their room, Lance slammed the door shut. He took another swig of that stale liquor, which (shocker shocker) was practically empty. The alcohol finally started getting into Lance’s brain. He swirled toward Keith and slammed his lips into his. The shock almost knocked Keith sober. Shiro however, was in the background cheering it on. “Bravo Bravo” he clapped.

Lance finally loosened his grip on Keith, but it seemed Keith didn’t have enough himself. He threw Lance on to Shiro’s bed and went full blast on the poor boy.  He shoved his lips onto Lance’s. The two made out like the angsty, hormonal teenagers they were.

Shiro got tired of sitting in the background and asked to join. By asking, I mean pushing Keith away and laying between the two and spreading his arms out as a signal to “embrace him”. Which the other two got the message quick.

Now, for next two hours, the three just passionately loved each other. Just passionately and happily. Crushing their bodies onto each other and colliding tongues with each other. Rubbing their hands on each other’s chest and legs.

(forgive me this took so long but i enjoyed writing it so much ;D)

Colour Me Blue

Originally posted by sirredmayne

Imagine: You and Newt have been dating for several months. One day, you both find yourself in your art studio, working on one of your major art pieces before becoming slightly distracted by a paint war. Fluff ensues.

Requests: (@nutellawellafreak) Oh my god.. I’ve just read all of your Newt fics in the span on 2 hours. They’re all so good! Would I be able to request a story? Could Newt and the reader both like each other and one night the reader gets drunk and confesses?? Just lots of fluff please! Thank you!! <3

(ANONYMOUS) Hi! May I request a modernish (doesn’t have to be) imagine where the artist!reader gets bored one day and sees newt without a shirt and wants to paint on him? It doesn’t have to be spicy or anything but if you want it to be, I wouldn’t mind a little spice ;) :) you also don’t have to write this if you aren’t comfortable! :)

Author’s Note: Sort of used these requests as inspiration, I didn’t exactly do as you both asked, but it’s a cute lil imagine nonetheless! I just also want to say a quick thanks to all of you guys (today especially) for filling my ask with the loveliest comments. You all hold a special place in my heart. I hope you enjoy, my love for you all has no ends. xx

Word Count: 1411

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The Terminal, XII

You belong among the wildflowers
You belong somewhere close to me.

The elevator was broken, still. Guts half spilled into the hall, the skeleton sat there in the cave while the rest of a new one slumbered in crates in the lobby. She wasn’t certain she’d ever considered how long it would take to put together an elevator, which then, naturally, led her to questioning how long it might take to put together most things, which in and of itself had been quite a burden for the past three weeks. She’d thought it’d be put together when she got back, but Lexa found herself squeezing between the precariously tipped monstrosities setting up camp in the building upon her return.

“Is someone getting a carnival delivered?” Henry followed, lifting the box and twisting to get the duffle on his shoulder through the crevice of the cavernous lobby.

“They’ve been fixing the elevator for fifteen years,” Lexa sighed.

“Don’t tell me.”

“It’ll be a good work out for you. You’ve been saying you wanted to get a little more in shape.”

“I have never said that. Ever in my life.”

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Dear @captainsamell I am so sorry for this delay, I’d hope to get this to you before the 22nd ended on your side of the world. You have been a great fandom friend and I’ve loved talking to you about all things Olicity. I hope you have a great Christmas :) Here is part one of two fics for your Christmas :)🎄🎅🏼


Two days before Christmas and the first day of Hanukkah there was a massive snow storm that left Star City blanket in white snow. Emma wakes them up earlier than she normally would, finally at the age where she understands the concept of Hanukkah and Christmas, or at least the presents aspects of it.

“Momma do you wanna build a snowman!!” Emma screams at the top of her lungs as she vaults into the their ridiculously high bed.

She uses the chair nearby to crawl in and then vaults herself onto their bed her small body barely shaking their massive king size bed.

“Momma!” Emma calls out again but clampers onto Oliver’s form, he was awake the moment Emma slammed open the bedroom door.

Emma’s pull ups clad bottom plops onto Oliver’s chest, little hands going to his face squishing his cheeks, “daddy, do you wanna build a snowman?”

“I want Emma to go back to sleep.” Oliver counters, peering up at his overly excited three year old.

“Is Kiss-mas!” Emma insists she points to the large French doors showing Oliver the white expanse of snow outside.”kiss-mass daddy!”

Oliver chuckles, “its Hanukkah, remember? Christmas is two days away.”

“Oh.” The three year old sits back onto Oliver’s chest, tiny fingers tracing Oliver’s scars in the gentle way she’s seen her mother do a million of times, but she’s more focused on Oliver’s words, “No Olaf Daddy?”

Oliver looks more closely at the French doors and he sees that the snow is just above the first window, definitely enough snow for Emma to build an Olaf.

“Olaf after breakfast.” Oliver promises.

“Presents?” Emma looks at him eagerly with large blue eyes so much like her mother’s.

“Sorry munchkin, Hanukkah gifts aren’t until tonight when Momma lights the menorah.”

Emma looks disappointed all for a second but then at the mention of her mother she turns to her left, eyes wide, like she’s horrified she forgot her mother was sleeping next to them.

And Felicity was definitely sleeping, Oliver’s wife can sleep through just about anything something that still marvels Oliver.

Emma clampers off of Oliver kneeling right next to Felicity’s head, she’s facing the opposite direction, so Emma leans over her to peer down at her mother’s sleeping face. Emma taps Felicity’s cheek almost like she would on a door, “Momma, do you wanna build a snowman?”

Felicity grunts and Oliver can’t help but hold back his laugh knowing this is their ritual.

“It doesn’t have to be a snowman.” Emma continues to sing.

“Go away Emma.” Comes Felicity teasing voice, despite her words Emma grins brightly rising on her knees in anticipation

“Okay, bye.” Emma tries to sound crestfallen but she’s already giggling before Felicity turns around and grabs her by the waist eliciting a squeal from the toddler.

“Emma, do you wanna build a snowman?” Felicity sings her eyes are barely open, still trying to fight the sleep in her system but she sings back with earnesty

“It doesn’t have to be a snowman.” Emma chimes in little arm draped across Felicity’s shoulder much like Felicity has done so they are both in a cocoon together, their matching noses filled with freckles just barely touching.

“I’m always gonna wanna build a snowman with you Emma Lee.” Felicity chimes.

“Me too, Momma.” Emma says seriously, she rubs her nose against Felicity.

“Even when we don’t have snow?” Felicity counters teasingly.

“Yea! ‘Members we made a sandman snowman in Bali.” Emma says matter of factly, she crawls out from under Felicity leaning over her mother’s torso to look at Oliver who had watched the entire exchange in amusement, “right daddy? We made the biggest sand snowman ever.”

“We did.” Oliver nods he looks down at Felicity who just turned over to face him, his eyes soft, “morning.”

“You want to build a snowman too?” Felicity teases sleepily.

“How about I build you a large cup of coffee?” Oliver counters leaning over to press a soft kiss to her lips.

“This is why I married you.” Felicity says with a sleepy grin.

“Waffles, Ms Emma?” Oliver asks his daughter who is content on lying on her mother’s stomach.

“With sins-a-nuns.” Emma insists butchering the word cinnamon but Oliver knows exactly what she’s asking for.

Oliver presses a kiss on Emma’s forehead, “you’ll keep the sleepy head Mommy company?”

“You got it dudes.” Emma promises giving her father a thumbs up causing Felicity to laugh so both girls end up in giggles of laughter.

“Momma can we go building snowmans now?” Emma asks eagerly as she looks forlornly at their backyard through the French doors

“After breakfast.” Felicity promises, releasing a loud yawn.

She doesn’t know what happens but she drifts off all for a second until she feels a cold draft enter the bedroom. She looks to her right to see one of the French doors is sprawling open and her three year old is nowhere in sight.

“Frak!” Felicity swears as she grabs Oliver’s hoodie off the chair slipping it over her pajamas, “Emma!l

“It’s snowing Mama!” Emma calls out excitedly.

She’s standing in the middle of the snow still dressed in her pjs but she slipped on her snow boots and grabbed her hoodie and mittens. She’s grinning down at the snow like it’s a little piece of heaven.

Emma looks at the snow with such wonder and amazement and even love. It’s one of the things she loves about her daughter the most, the way she appreciates everything and everyone in her life. Her daughter has the biggest heart Felicity has ever seen and Felicity can only hope that she continues to harness that optimism for the rest of her life.

“Emma, baby you gotta come inside and get your coat.”

“I’m nots cold Mama.” Emma insists as she spins around in the snow, boots crunching deep into the snow, “I’m Elsa! The cold never bodder me anyway!”

“I can see that.” Felicity quips with amusement, hugging herself to fight off the cold, “you’re gonna get your jammies wet.”

“S’okay they gotta get wet anyway when you wash them.” Emma says with a shrug of her shoulder and with that much to Felicity’s horror she plops back onto the snow arms wide as she makes a snow angel.

Felicity goes to stop her but then pulls Oliver’s phone from the pocket of his hoodie and proceeds to take a few pictures, at least Emma had the mind to get her boots and mittens.

“Mama, join me!” Emma beckons her mother in.

Felicity is now acutely aware that no matter how long she’s moved out of Vegas, she is still a Vegas girl at heart and would always prefer the heat over the cold.

“Will you come inside and put on proper clothes if I make angels with you?” Felicity counters, Emma is at that age where she tries to bargain everything with her parents and Felicity and Oliver are learning to adapt to outsmarting their ridiculously smart daughter.

“Alright,” Emma says with a sigh, “only cause Daddy has to make my snowman family with me. Oh you can help too Mommy.”

Felicity laughs as she slips her feet into her Uggs, “that’s for thinking of me Emma.”

“I always thinks of you, Momma.” Emma says matter of factly, opening her mouth so she can catch the snowflakes falling from the sky.

Felicity’s heart warms just as she tentatively plops back onto the snow next to Emma, the cold snow seeps into Oliver’s hoodie, chilling Felicity to the bones.

Emma thought only giggles with glee as she kneels in the snow, and Felicity legit worries if her daughter has some kind of medical problem with her sensory system cause no one should be that unaffected by the cold snow.

“We have matching snow angels.” Emma says happily hugging Felicity when Felicity rises to her feet. “Daddy, has to make one with us so we can have a Snow angels family.”

“He will, but first my little snow Queen you gotta get out of these wet clothes and into proper clothes. Remember daddy and I said we don’t want you going outside by yourself?”

Felicity scoops up Emma and makes her way back to her bedroom. She discard both she and Ellie of their wet clothes before making a beeline for the bathroom.

“But Monna you were rights there.” Emma points out.

“I was sleeping and you know that.” Felicity counters.

When Emma doesn’t have a counter argument she knows she’s won’t this battle. Yet again Felicity worries for when Emma is a teenager, between Felicity’s defiance and Oliver’s rebellion they are both nervous for what a teenage Emma has in store for them.

“Sorry, Momma.” Emma says meekly as Felicity wraps Emma up in one of Oliver’s big fluffy towels after discarding the toddlers last bit of clothes.

“Do we have an escape artist on our hands?” Oliver chimes in front the door, grinning at both his girls, Felicity is still tripping in her wet pjs while Emma is warm in a large towel.

“Momma and I made snow angels before breakfast.” Emma says with a smile, “but we’re ready for waffles now.”

Oliver laughs as Felicity only shakes her head lifting up their daughter and handing her to Oliver, “you’ve got Elsa, I gotta take a warm shower.”

“I’m Emma, Mommy.” Emma says with a laugh, brushing her cold nose against Felicity’s before she goes off with her father.

The last thing Felicity hears before she closes the bathroom door, is Emma telling him her plans for the day. Felicity makes a mental note to add a little bit more layers cause she just knows they are going to be outside all day if Emma gets her way.

Her little Snow Queen, indeed

Reign 3 x 04: Live Through This

How are you? A little light-headed? Eyes puffy from crying? I heard that. Come here and give me a hug. The Price was heavy, babies, it was heavy! And then BAM TWIST! Whoof. We went THROUGH it last night, I understand, get a goblet full of the finest beverage and let’s talk about it here in tumblr land.

So we started things off with Francis doing great. Mary had him on some alternative medicine herbs kick and it was doing him wonders, even if he didn’t particularly like his medicinal pastilles.

But geo-politics are not going to pause for Francis to pull it all back together. Life was ready to come crashing down in the form of Mary de Guise sending a very coded message about needing more troops, stat. I love this kind of ancient high tech stuff, a cipher, I mean the time before technology is so interesting, it’s like kids playing in their back yards but forever.

Meanwhile across the channel we finally met Elizabeth’s dog!

Look at that adorable bulldog! As usual, William was like “Get married, tick tick tick, where is our male baby, it is embarassing everybody to tears that a Queen is in charge ,also the King of Spain wants to marry you.” Elizabeth was like “Sheesh I’ll meet him chill out.”

Meanwhile Lola and Narcisse were heading off to their honeymoon when Catherine started throwing shade on Lola for “marrying her lover” and Lola was like “For your grandson’s sake please stop putting rats in my bathtub.” Which made me cackle out loud because that does NOT affect baby John. Nice try Lola, unless you’re taking that baby in the bathtub with you don’t try to play the baby card. Also Catherine’s necklace was rad.

Catherine was like “Rats in your bath? Nasty” and Narcisse overheard and was like “Shit Catherine’s about to tip my hand about planting rats in Lola’s bath” and intercepted Lola. Don’t worry about the man behind the curtain, girl, it’s honeymoon time.

Meanwhile Don Carlos was being smooth as hell.

I loved how the show hit on Elizabeth’s “Stay in Your Lane” policy re: religion. Wanna be Catholic? Wanna be Protestant? Do you thing, mind your own. Few people I think really appreciate how revolutionary that approach was and is. Basically one of the first examples of a chill ruler separating Church and State. AAAAGH Elizabeth was like perfect as rulers go and if I start talking about how amazing and brilliant she was (she used to translate greek TO RELAX) I will literally never stop.

You know who also loves Elizabeth? Dudley. He was like “How about you just be single forever?” and Elizabeth was like “…I’m listening.” But he has selfish reasons for wanting to preserve her anatomy i.e. being her side piece. (I legitimately got chills when Elizabeth was like “this is over” and he was like “You are my Queen but in this i will not obey you.”

Dudley also sent Amy home from court and Amy looked pretty miffed about it. You could tell by the fact she was wearing an orange dress that she was at her wit’s end trying to keep this man happy.

Oooph. No happy woman reaches for an orange dress.

So war council time: Francis was like “SEND SOLDIERS!” and then Charles came in and was like “SEND WARSHIPS!” but then immediately the war ships got sunk by England’s super speedy frigates and Catherine was like “Why are you not asking me about England’s navy I was literally just over there.”

Anyway, Francis was like “MORE SHIPS! KEEP THROWING SHIPS AT THIS PROBLEM!” but Mary was like “I think I can solve this by using my brain” and then totally duped Nicholas, showing off her cipher, then leaving out a letter to her mom with misinformation in it. It’s called statecraft, guys. Mary saved hundreds of lives. After losing hundreds of lives? Look it’s hard to be a ruler when you’re a teenager and also you can’t be un-elected.

I did love when she told off Nicholas. I am not generally a “Yaas Queen!” kind of lady but I did actually say the words “YAAAAS QUEEN” after she was like “I hope you have strong wings vulture!” I’m going to remember that line the next time someone cuts in front of me at the seven eleven.

So also Catherine was throwing a dinner for the last guy she needed a vote from to become regent, and he was being a real d-bag.

There was this horrible story he told her about how his daughter had gotten her foot crushed by Catherine’s carriage and then been rejected by suitors so many times she’d killed herself and was now dead. Catherine was like “Of course she is.” and then basically was like “Well, fuck it.” and took off with Claude, and it was genuinely a charming little interlude.

Meanwhile Don Carlos wanted to see Elizabeth’s lady parts.

OKAY. Batten down the hatches, but like a year and a half ago some idiot published a whole book about their theory that Elizabeth I was actually a man in drag, and let me just say:

1) all of these “Elizabeth was a man” arguments boil down to the sexist disbelief that one of the greatest politicians of all time was a woman. Elizabeth was a genius and some people can’t wrap their brains around the fact a woman founded England’s greatness as a superpower.

2) Elizabeth was seen unclothed or in sheer undergarments a ton and never at any point did anyone claim she was a man. She was sort of kind of sexually abused by her stepfather Thomas Seymour who ripped her nightshift into a thousand pieces. She was seen running after Dudley just in a transparent shift more than once. Lady was a lady.

3) Political bodies were endlessly handled by nobles, physicians, and attendants. During a poison attempt early in her reign, Elizabeth was given multiple enemas before recovering by a physician whose doings were very public. Guess what he didn’t find when he was down below the royal petticoat? Balls. That’s what.

Anyway, Elizabeth channeled my rage nicely. Don Carlos was trying to shade her, shame her and degrade her and she wasn’t having it.

Mmmm, red flag girl, red flag. She should have asked him to show his first.

Meanwhile Narcisse was being shady as shit on the honeymoon.

That having been said Narcisse’s villa and village and what not was legit adorable. I know, he’s shady Lola but like shhhhhh. Also this whole episode was shot really beautifully.  There were all these dope tracking shots and zooms and it was really gorgeous. Except for this part, this was PAINFUL LOOKING…

Bash’s horribly scalded chest! Hahahaha this happened in the middle of Greer’s new tavern and he’s was not even phased. He was all"Ugh annoying Delphine is in trouble" but looking at the size of that beaut I have to say, if I got a burn that severe I would literally collapse and quite possibly pass away. Bash has got some stamina! He was also sick of going through Vaseline by the fistful so he questioned a man in a fabulous cassock…

Then rescued Delphine from the Sisters of St. Agatha, who were purifying her soul by laying a BURNING IRON CROSS on her flesh! Um, I smell spin off.

Anyway, when Dudley found out Amy had started the rumor about Elizabeth maybe having a dick, he responded reasonably.

JK that is spousal abuse. My Good Lord. Here I was liking Dudley and now I’m like “nope. Take that trash back to the dump.” Let me tell you, a guy hits a woman once and I am done. I have a zero tolerance policy for this kind of fuckery. Elizabeth is way better off single than with Sir Chris Brown over here.

Nope nope nope. Oh boy. Run Amy run. Run Elizabeth run! This dude is bad news.

Also, after Lola called Narcisse out for being shady and they had a little bicker about it, Catherine reminded Narcisse that being shady was his essence and she loved it and then she reminded him she was a lot more fun and then slinked down the hallway in an extremely sexy fashion and basically what I’m saying is I want to grow up to be Catherine. All young women should want in their hearts to grow up to be Catherine.

Anyway, so Mary’s cipher caper tricked Nicholas into feeding Elizabeth misinformation that cleared the way for Mary de Guise’s supply route. Mary had used her head to save lives and solve a problem. Season one Mary did a lot of this, season two Mary was just trying to maintain, so it’s good to see her back to optimal scheming mode. Charles and Francis were talking about how awesome she was politically and then the FEELS began with Francis falling off his horse…

So like I’m a grown ass woman, I’ve seen fire I’ve seen rain, I was like, I can deal with a little angst. Francis is not doing so great and Mary is at what is possibly his deathbed, but I can handle it. I understand these are all actors and there’s a camera and everything is going to be fine.

And then Mary started talking about their imaginary kids.

Done. I was done. I really didn’t expect to be gotten but I was got. There is nothing more humiliating than crying while wearing headphones but that was me, in front of my computer, watching this, sobbing like a thrice-slapped bitch. This scene was legit amazing. And then damn, there came that ear blood.

BUT THEN HERE CAME DELPHINE THE HEALER! Bash was like “She can save a life but hte price is like, another life” and Mary was like “DO IT I will die for Francis if need be” and I was like “OMG do tears break keyboards because I may need a new keyboard.”

Delphine though, she had to be tired. I mean, Bash had JUST rescued her and CHarles had JUST showed up and forced him to bring her back to Court and in all of this had Delphine gotten any sleep? A snack? A chance to change out of the dress that some crazy nuns had tortured her in? No. Girl was exhausted and she had a royal life to save.

But she did it. Francis has made it through. Delphine was like “Sometimes you take a nap, and sometimes a nap takes you” and passed out. I have never related to a TV character so deeply in my life.

But then….Mary de Guise died. WHUT. Shit dudes. Mary’s mom’s life was the price! Shit. And then that promo?! That promo guys…that promo might as well have said “stock up on kleenex, prepare yourself mentally, next week something intense is going down.” Granted something intense is always going down, it’s Reign, but I need to be held. Hold me!

Thanks again for looking up my review here on my very Twin Peaks heavy tumblr. You likes and notes and comments are everything, I read them all and they make my life. Have an amazing week & let’s talk again next Friday!

Dating 101

Summary: You are just getting out of a shitty relationship and Cas asks you why dating is so complicated

Characters: Castiel, Reader

Pairings: Castiel X Reader

Word Count: 2300

A/N: This is based off the request I got from @tigershadow asking for a Cas x reader where Cas doesn’t understand dates so the reader shows him

This is my first Cas fic!! Please let me know what you think. Any feedback is appreciated, also if you wouldn’t mind liking and rebloging.

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Send in REQUESTS please. I have loved the last few I have gotten. They are a ton of fun to do.

Warnings: Language, fluff

Originally posted by inacatastrophicmind

You were sitting in a motel with your feet propped on the table, ankles crossed, scouring social media on your laptop. Actually, that wasn’t exactly right, you were stalking. Stalking your ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend. The one he had left you for. You knew that you weren’t exactly girlfriend material, you lived on the road with your best friends, Sam and Dean, hunting monsters. That hadn’t been what you told Nick of course, you had just said you traveled a lot for work. So you hadn’t exactly been honest with him, but you didn’t think you deserved to be cheated on either.

What did she have that you didn’t? Well for starters, friends with normal lives. You were scrutinizing everything about her, and you had to remind yourself that this wasn’t her fault, it was Nick’s. You sigh, clicking on yet another picture of them smiling together, feeling the bitterness. There was a flutter and loose papers flew off the table, “What are you doing Y/N?”

You don’t even turn to look at Cas as you hit the little red “x” at the top before you shut the laptop, “Nothing Cas…How are you?”

“You called yesterday and…”

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Judging You Softly - Pt 2

Part 1

This chapter is brought to you by the dream I had last night where Negan and Spencer were on the porch not drinking scotch, but eating spaghetti, and Negan saw me and patted his thigh and said “Come sit on daddy’s lap” and my thirsty ass obeyed and he fed me spaghetti. 

I’m crying because this chapter was so fun to write. Legit I’m actually really having fun with this cause I can write something as myself and add in the absurdly stupid shit I think about on a daily basis. But yeah, I hope you guys enjoy this. 

As I was writing I realized that I was portraying TV Negan more than I usually do. I almost exclusively, by default, write Comic Negan but in terms of speech patterns this fic is more JDM Negan. I can never write Negan without using the word “fuck” excessively so you’ll get your dose of “fucks” for sure, so don’t worry XD 

Anywho, I’ll tag the homies at the end and if u wanna be tagged or have ur name removed lemme know!

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In the End

 Lieutenant Duckling First Time smut. 


This isn’t how it is supposed to be, Emma thinks as he places sloppy, open-mouthed kissed along the column of her throat. She should be asleep and alone in her own bed in her castle tower, not fumbling with the well-shined buttons of a too-stiff Naval uniform in the upstairs room of a tavern down by the docks.

As princess, she is expected to be prim and proper, pure as the driven snow in all meanings of the phrase. Pure of heart, pure of mind, pure of body. Tonight, however, alcohol pulses through her veins, just enough to give her the requisite courage, but not too much to completely cloud her judgment. Tonight Killian is hovered over her, his lips reverently ghosting over her skin, as one hand skims along her side, and the other inches higher up her leg and under her skirts.

No, this is not how a princess ought to behave, sneaking around with a naval officer under the blanket of the night with no one else knowing the wiser. But she loves him – truly loves him, she thinks – and that alone should make up for the rest, shouldn’t it?

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King Bach reacting to K-pop is my aesthetic

NCT U - The 7th Sense Starts at around 6:25: https://youtu.be/jo31P9D_Su4 EXO - Monster and BTS - Boy In Luv Starts at 1:10: https://youtu.be/GeR7huggozc

My favorite parts of the first video:

• “Damn they in sync like a motherfucker.”

  • “They way better than the jabberwokies(?)”

• “I feel like he’s speeching English, but he not.”

• “This shit lit.”

• “Ohhh, that boys getting it!” *high pitched*

• “My shit open, my eyes open!”

• “They need to be in America right now.”

• “Yo, they so talented.”

• Bach trying to sing the lyrics with them but obviously can’t lol

• “He the Korean Kendrick Lamar!”

• “Open your reyes.” (Lmao)

• “Yo, they can sing and dance.”

• “If Chris Brown was Korean, this is where he would be.”

• He is constantly amazed at their dancing ablitites lmao

• “He hit ‘em with a little 2 pump.”

• He gets excited as hell when they do a dab lol

• “They can [dance] without the music, that’s how talented they are.”

• How he slow claps it out at the end lol

•"They even walked off with swag.“

• How he legit became NCT trash at the end of the video lol

• ”#staywoke #neversleep #sleepwithyoureyesopen because they said it" —- yep, became NCT U trash lmfao

• His whole rant about how he thought he was a good dancer thwn seeing them makes him re-evaluate everything about himself and needing to take another dance class lmao

• “A Korean dance class….. I need to go to Korea…. Not North, they tripping over there. No, no, going keep it in the south.”

My favorite parts of the second video:


  • King Back fangirling over EXO transitions and footwork

• His head bobbing when Chanyeol/Sehun starts rapping. “They the Koreans straight outta Compton.”

• His look of concentration, amazement and confusion.

• Bach trying to rap with Chanyeol. “If they had english subtitles, I’d really try to memorize this shit.”

• Being amazed at the dancing once again.

• Wanting to know what watch(es) they had on.

• “Whoever directed this makes Spielberg look like a little b**ch.” - King Bach, 2016, about EXO - MONSTER

• “If they were on Dancing with the Stars, they would get first place everytime.” -qoute about EXO

• “He’s the Korean El Chappo; he’s about to kill everyone in this b**ch.” - quote either about Baekhyun, Xuimin, or Kyungsoo

• “Do you, boo boo.” - quote possibly about Lay kicking down the door lol

• “Who wrecked their crib like that? *face full of concern*”

• “*gasps* It was him the whole time.” -quote when Baekhyun took his mask off.

•" Dat shit was LIT.“


• "I dunno if that a boy or girl, but he cute.” -about Jungkook

•"Oh, okay, that’s a boy. That is definately a boy.“

•"Okay, stole the mixtape one tiiiime.”

• starts bobbing with the music, “Dammnnn.”

• Big ass smile on his face when they start dancing and he imitates them.

• “They like NSYNC if NSYNC was cool. They like NSYNC if NSYNC got b***hes. Daamnnn.” (OMG I DIED WHEN HE SAID THAT.)

•*que feeling RapMons and Hobi’s rap* and an “ohh” of appreciation at Hobi’s leap over everyone.

•"Don’t look at his ding-a-lang!! Let him be, let his ding-a-ling be!“

• "Ya’ll didn’t even flush.”

•*imitates the chest hitting dance, smiling*

•"Yo they so cool.“

”*really feeling Suga’s rap*

• “Throw that chair, throw that chair, jump in the air, throw that chair.”

• “Yeah, talk to that girl…. Shake that b**ch, wait, don’t shake that b***h, don’t do that like that, No means NO.”

•*again feels RapMon’s rap*

•*his eyebrows going up his forehead and eyes widening at Jin being forceful* “I don’t know if you should be doing it like that, bruh. I’ll be real, uhhh, maybe you should talk to her first. See what she into, maybe she don’t like to be dragged like that, you’re holding her wrist a little too strong in these streets.” (1,000,000,000,000 points to Bach for saying that, even though he’ll take back most of it next lol)

• “Oh, OH, you playing wingman! OOOHHHH, OHHHHH. Okay, now that shit romantic.”

• “I don’t even know if that’s Korean anymore, He’s speaking spanish right now, doing some sexy shit.”

• “Oh my gosh this music video is incredible. They got the fire, the basketball, the spinning..” *trails off in amazement*

• “You know the moment when you see something that was so good you wanna scream 'Fuck you!’ That shit was that good. Anybody come into my room, next person I see, I’m just going to go up to them and 'fuck you! You don’t know k-pop like I know k-pop!’”

• *cuts scene to someone knocking on Bach’s hotel room, he opens door and throws the middle finger in his friends face* “Fuck you, K-pop is the shit!! *slams door in her freaked out face*

• "That shit is banging, damn.”

• “K-pop so good makes me wanna pick my hair.” * cuts scene to him with his (afro) pick comb*

Originally posted by hobyeol

The most handsome man that Arthur had ever seen in real life was walking right towards him. Walking right towards him and smiling. Arthur could feel himself ‘twittering‘, as his mother would say: blinking rapidly, hands fluttering, eyes darting around, not knowing if he was supposed to be making eye contact with this man who was very obviously aiming right for him. Eventually the man drew so close that Arthur had no choice but to look up at him.

How was it possible to be that handsome outside of a TV screen? Just the right amount of tall, neat blonde hair with a handsome sweeping fringe and a little cowlick for character, clean-cut just the way Arthur liked it, blue blue eyes that would need a whole half hour on their own if Arthur was going to describe the man properly, and glasses for that little extra touch. Plus, there was that very smart black suit, clearly business attire but fitted much better than work clothes had any right to look.

The man stopped right in front of him, making them both pause on the busy London pavement.

“Excuse me, have you seen any aliens around recently?”

And with that, Arthur was furious.

How dare this man make him lose his head over someone who was clearly deranged! He’d made Arthur look foolish, and he probably knew exactly what he’d done. Arthur’s eyebrows sank into a stormy scowl.

“No,” he said, sharply. “Please excuse me.”

He tried to walk around the stranger, but the man grabbed his arm.

“Okay, well, what about not recently?” the man continued, his American accent striking Arthur now that the initial shock of the ‘alien’ comment was out of the way. “Have you ever seen any aliens? Have you ever just communicated with them? Or what about, like, government agencies or secret societies or something like that? Are you a member of any underground groups or have you had any dealings with them in the past?”

Arthur stared at the man and wondered whether he should start screaming for help, or whether the man was insane enough to let him go without a fuss.

“Sorry, no. Look, I really must be going.”

He tugged hard, yanking his arm out of the man’s grip, and started to speed-walk away.

But, naturally, because it was turning out to be one of ‘those’” days, the man followed him.

“Okay, no aliens or secret government conspiracies,” he continued. “What about…Hey, what about ‘magic.’ You believe in that, right?”

“Excuse me?!” Arthur said, quickly cursing himself for answering the man and giving him another opening. “And what makes you say that?”

“U-uh…Ah…Oh, ‘cause you’re British!”

Arthur would have whirled around to confront the man about that, but didn’t want to give him an opening to grab him again.

“I’m English,” Arthur snapped, storming along the pavement and doing his best to avoid watching the stranger in his peripheral vision. “And just because I’m English doesn’t mean I have to believe in magic.”

“But…you do, though, right?” the man persisted, and Arthur could hear the grin on his face. “Please don’t tell me you’re really as boring as your life looks.”

“And what do you know? …Have you been following me?!”

The realisation hit suddenly and Arthur felt genuinely scared for the first time since the man had approached him. Although he didn’t know why someone obsessed with aliens and magic would be following him, if the man was crazy there was probably no rhyme or reason to his actions anyway. Arthur’s eyes darted round the crowded street as he looked for the nearest police officer.

No! No! Definitely not!” the stranger exclaimed, trying to reassure him. “No, I’m just…doing a survey? Why don’t you come with me to that Starbucks over there and we can complete the questionnaire.”

“I don’t think so. Good morning” Arthur snapped, making a beeline towards the police officer on horseback at the end of the street.

“All right, I can tell you’re smarter than that. You’re right, I’m not doing a questionnaire. It’s just…you wouldn’t believe me if I told you the truth. I swear I’m not gonna hurt you and it’s really, really important! I just need, like, five minutes of your time!”

Arthur slowed down, gazing wistfully at the police officer a few yards ahead. He didn’t know why, but he felt like he should at least give the blond stranger one more chance.

He turned round and confronted the American. “I’ll give you five seconds, as long as you can show me some ID.”

The man beamed at him, and quickly dug into an inner pocket of his suit jacket to produce a small black wallet. He flipped it open and held it up for Arthur to read. “See?”

“F.B.I…” Arthur read aloud. The man glanced at the ID as if to confirm what it said, and grinned, nodding enthusiastically. “It says ‘Federal Boob Inspector,’” Arthur continued.

“What?!” the man cried, holding the ID in front of him, frowning at it and flipping it round to check the back. “This must be broken.”

“…It’s a piece of paper.”

“No, it’s actually a…Look, I’m sorry this has gone so bad. I swear, I’m totally legit.”

“Yes, you’re doing a splendid job of proving it,” said Arthur, beginning to turn away. But once more, the man grabbed his arm, and Arthur watched as the police officer trotted away to the other end of the street.

“Come on, if I were really crazy or trying to trick you or something, would I be making such a mess of it?” the American pleaded. “I’d have a proper fake F.B.I. badge and I wouldn’t be talking about aliens right off the bat.”

“So if you’re not crazy or trying to trick me, what are you trying to accomplish here? Apart from wasting my time, of course,” Arthur countered, spinning around to confront the man once more. This was honestly his last chance, Arthur decided.

“I’m just doing my thing!” the man said, almost whining, raising his eyes skyward and flapping his hands desperately as if Arthur were the exasperating one in this situation.

“And what is that, exactly?” Arthur asked. “You asked me if I’d seen any aliens, showed me a fake badge…I’m sorry if I haven’t the foggiest idea what you’re trying to accomplish here, but I assure you I’m not going to play along anymore.”

“Look, you are not gonna believe me right now, but I’ll just tell you because this is gonna be important later.”

The man spoke with so much conviction, such honesty on his face and surety in his voice, that Arthur’s eyes widened and he went silent, waiting for more.

“I’m a Time Lord. I’m an alien from another planet, I can travel across all of time and space, and my ship brought me to you because it thinks you’re special. I’m just trying to figure out why, that’s all. Either you can help me do something big, or you’re a key to an important event, I don’t know. I just wanted to look out for you, because if you really are special, then you’ll probably need my help eventually. I mean, I don’t wanna scare you but…well, ‘special’ in my world usually means you’ll have a lot of people chasing you at some point. Anyway, it seems you’re okay for now, but if you ever need me, just give me a call. I’m right here if you need me.”

He opened up his wallet again and pulled out a little white card with a few numbers scrawled in blue pen.

“I promise I’m a good guy,” the man said with an offertory smile, watching as Arthur slowly took the white card in both hands, staring at it dumbfounded. “I know I sound like a crazy person, but eventually you’ll run into a situation where I suddenly seem totally sane.” Arthur looked up at him with wide-eyes. “Uh, I guess that doesn’t sound too reassuring. But don’t worry, everything will totally be fine. We might have a bitof work getting you to do…whatever it is that makes you so special. But we can do it!”

Arthur kept staring, not knowing whether he should nod or call for help or ask questions or believe. Even if he’d known what to do, his body probably wouldn’t have been able to function anyway, as it seemed paralysed by the weight of stupendous tale the man was spinning for him.

“Aaaanyway…” the man said, his smile fading as Arthur clearly didn’t react the way he had hoped. “Um, I guess I’ll get going for now. Just remember to call if something weird happens, even the tiniest thing. You never know how these things’ll start. So…see you later, Arthur.”

The man in black turned away and it was only when a crowd of tourists swam in front of Arthur’s vision that he came back to himself. “Wait!”

The crowd cleared and the stranger was still there, smiling excitedly in Arthur’s direction. “Yeah?”

“You know my name. You have been following me!”

The man shrugged, a sheepish smile gracing his face as he scratched the beck of his neck. He looked incredibly young, and Arthur would have assumed this was all some university student prank…if there weren’t just something about the stranger that made Arthur so expectant for all this to come true.

“Well, I like to think that with time travel it’s not really ‘following.’ It’s more like ‘checking in.’”

“It’s following. Probably ‘stalking,’ in fact,” Arthur corrected him.

The man laughed, but it wasn’t creepy or malicious – and despite all the bizarre implications of the man knowing his name and claiming to be watching him via time travel, Arthur didn’t feel scared or threatened.

“Do ‘Time Lords’ have names?” he asked, stressing the words to show he still wasn’t buying the whole charade.

The man in black nodded, smiling brightly. “Well, technically I’m called ‘The Hero’ but since that doesn’t really fly with most people, I usually just go by Alfred. Alfred F. Jones.”

Another chattering crowd passed between them, heading off to the Natural History Museum at the end of the road, and Arthur craned his neck to see round them. But when they had all gone, so had the stranger. “Alfred.” He was nowhere to be seen, disappearing as suddenly as he’d burst in a few minutes ago.

He’d certainly given Arthur a lot to think about. But as Arthur walked away, heading back en route to work, he found that he wasn’t so much keeping an eye out for this deluded American stalking him from the alleyways – but rather for aliens or fairies hiding in the shadows.

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Boys X Reader

Request: Hi, I really love all your writing! This summer I’ve been working at a chemistry company where there is a lab section and reactor area. When I found your blog I was read it all day so I already had Supernatural on the brain. I was closing up the lab and shut off the lights, but a tank was lighting the room so I could see and I swear something through the glass out by one of the big reactors moved. Could you write these as actual events in Supernatural, & the teen chemist getting mixed up in it?

Request: Could you write a dean x reader one involving time travel (and maybe invisibility?) Anything at all. Love your writing! :D

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anonymous asked:

obsessed with your supercorp fic, please give us more!!

part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, part six, part seven, part eight, part nine, part ten, part eleven, link to ao3

“are you ever going to tell me what happened?” alex asks. kara grins at her, content to keep her secret a little longer, and she kicks out toward her sister. alex has to bat her hand out to keep kara’s swinging feet from hitting her table. “stop tha—kara, come on,” she whines, “stop it.”

“stop what?”

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Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy

Just some Otabek x Yurio fluff! Enjoy ^^

It was like watching the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy. Where the girl starts spinning faster and faster at the end, and you wonder if she’ll have enough in her to stop before she trips and ruins the performance.

Yuri Plisetsky was most definitely doomed to trip.

Because this Otabek guy was kind of cool, wasn’t he? Though his leather jacket would be way better with a tiger patch on the back.

Maybe he could get him one. A patch, that is. They were super easy to put on. It was almost Christmas, after all. Yeah. That’d be legit as fuck.

Wait. Did he even like tigers? This was important. They couldn’t be friends if he didn’t like tigers.

“Otabek!! Do you like tigers?!” All of Barcelona heard him.

“Hm? I guess so.” Otabek didn’t change expressions very often, didn’t really look anywhere other than ahead, not stopping to answer Yuri’s question but just continuing to navigate through the busy streets instead. But Yuri wasn’t keen on talking to others either, so he was fine with it.

Understood it, even.

But ha, he knew it. A cool guy like that definitely liked tigers. They could continue this friendship.

This shit was great. No more annoying Viktor or his squealing pig. Yuri could enjoy Barcelona in peace with someone who was actually normal.

“Otabek! Let’s take a selfie!”

At this, he did turn to look at Yuri, face as blank as ever. “Selfie?”

“Come on!” Yuri tugged at his arm, pulling out his phone and slamming their bodies together. With jittery excitement that hadn’t faded from the moment he got on that bike, Yuri took their picture, quickly flipping through his gallery to see how it’d turned out.

“The hell, you didn’t even smile! Need me to count down?”

Otabek blinked, pointing at the phone. “That is a smile.”

Yuri looked at the phone, and then at Otabek, blinking and letting out a loud “Haa??”

He grabbed him roughly by the arm again, “Otabek. Smile for real this time.”

But Otabek looked at him, right as Yuri took the picture. “Beka is fine.”

“Shut up! Look at the camera this time! Look I’ll even count: one, two, three!”

Otabek’s lips had curled ever so slightly at the top, but it still couldn’t be labeled as a smile. Yuri let it go, though, because he figured that was the best he was gonna get out of him anyway.

“What are you doing?”

Yuri tapped away at his phone, not looking up. “Posting on instagram. What’s yours? I’ll tag you.”

“I don’t have one.”

Yuuri blinked. “Facebook, then?”

Otabek blinked in reply. “I don’t have any of those.”  

Yuri crinkled his features, unsure what to make of it. “Ok…”

“I think some things should stay private.”

“But what about when you get something super cool! It’s great to show other people! Like with your bike, I bet you’d get a bunch of followers!”

Otabek cocked his head. “Like your fangirls?”

Yuri’s face dropped. “Erm…well…” he struggled.

Otabek leaned over, pointing at Yuri’s phone. “Is that the picture?”

He beamed up at him, “Yeah! Don’t we look great?”

With a blank expression, Otabek tapped the screen twice, effectively liking the photo. Yuri’s eyes widened, watching the little white heart float over the screen and then disappear. He quickly undid the damage.

“You can’t like your own photos! Only JJ does that!”

“But I liked it, not you.”

“The phone doesn’t know that! How are you supposed to—”

Yuri was caught off guard, which admittedly didn’t happen very often, but it seemed that Otabek was prone to surprising him. Because the taller male was now chuckling to himself, hands in his pockets and eyes all crinkled at the corners. And Yuri swallowed thickly, he wasn’t really sure why, exactly, but seeing Beka like that was sort of really nice. A smile suited him.

It suited him incredibly well, actually.

“I know,” Otabek said, his smile fading, “That was funny.”

“Heh?? And what’s that supposed to mean!”

Beka reached over, and double tapped the phone once more. “It won’t make a difference with all the other likes.”

“I already told you it’s just gonna show up as me liking my own—”

“But you’ll know it was me, right?”

And Yuri didn’t know why, didn’t know why because it was freaking snowing outside and his hands were so cold he’d had trouble taking the goddamn picture in the first place but now, for some reason, he could feel his face getting hot, and so he had to look away, because with the way Beka was staring at him, Yuri suddenly felt dizzy.

Almost as if he were spinning.

Because Beka looked really serious, saying it like that. Of course, he was always really serious whenever he said anything. But, for some reason, this…

“Well whatever,” Yuri said, leaving the post as it was, and shoving his phone in his pocket— angrily, almost, as if he were trying to ground himself once again. Because the world still kind of felt like it was spinning.

It’d stop eventually, he figured.

But part of him almost didn’t want it to. It was like those merry-go-round games back when he was a kid. How fast could Otabek spin him before he went flying off into the sand pit?

He almost didn’t want to know.

Then again…

“Are you hungry?”

“Huh?” How long had he been lost in thought?

Beka pointed out in front of them, motioning to a small café. “We can warm up in there.”

And Yuri lit up, because whatever it was it smelled amazing and it was a welcomed distraction to the cold of the snow, the two of them snagging a table and ordering drinks while they regained the feeling in their toes.

And suddenly the world wasn’t spinning anymore, and Yuri couldn’t stop himself from mentioning one thing or another, the words tumbling out of his mouth in one steady flow, probably from the jitters of frost, maybe from the effects of the dizziness, maybe something else all together; but whatever it was, it was great, because Otabek was actually listening, doing that thing he called a smile even though it wasn’t really a smile smile, resting his chin in his hands and nodding his head, making small remarks between Yuri’s snowfalll of words.

Maybe it should’ve been weird, two guys in a restaurant like that.

Two rivals enjoying warm drinks like that.

But at that moment, Yuri couldn’t bring up enough fucks to care. Because right now, they weren’t rivals.

They were just friends.