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A Place Called Sanctuary Part Two

Summary: To Jungkook, the apocalypse was a blessing–a blessing shaped like a nightmare for more reasons than one.

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Shadow led him to an opening in the trees, an old plot of land that appeared to have at least a dozen acres or more of built-upon area. It was a place so far in the trees that it was no wonder it looked so untouched by man save for the maze of chain-link fencing that stretched at least a half mile. At the end of the fencing he could see a house, well, the remnants of a house eaten by vines and shrubbery. Shadow walked down the path between the fencing, turning his head occasionally to acknowledge the existence of a dog. It was only when Jungkook got closer that he realized the chain-link wasn’t a maze–it was dog kennels, each one with a bowl and a shelter. Some were filled with resting and sunbathing dogs, others were empty and dusty.  Most of the grass was cut somewhat decently–and by decently it looked like it was hacked with a machete–but there were patches that brushed across his jean-clad shins.

The place had a magical quality about it; some quiet nature that had him feeling like any sound he made was too loud for the space. It was like a scene from fairy tale books that a girl in elementary school used to show him at show-and-tell, some backdrop for a play that Jungkook never wanted a part in. The trees shielded the place, stretching so high that they practically blotted out the sun at certain angles.

Shadow loped up to the house, starting on a thin trail that cut through the vegetation and led to a small wooden door inset in-between tall hedges. Jungkook could only attempt to follow as best he could with you on his back.

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