i would just like to apologize to all my followers

How Did We End Up Here?


Hello! This is my first SnowBaz imagine that I’ve ever written and posted. I tried to make as little mistakes as I could. If you find any, sorry about that! If this sucks, I apologize for that too. I hope you like it! xx

Word count: 1,522

Warnings: cursing, kissing (lots of kissing)

I’m just borrowing (as Cath would say) Rainbow Rowell’s characters :D

(I literally said “fuck it i’m just gonna post this” before posting this so y’all know i didn’t check this one more time.) (IM SO NERVOUS.) (FEEDBACK WILL BE MUCH APPRECIATED.)


I can feel it. His eyes following every move my hand makes as I paint my mother’s portrait. His magic like pins prickling on my skin. His presence making me feel like I’m alive – even if I’m not.

“Don’t you have other things to do?” I make it sound smug as best as I could.

“She’s beautiful.” No, Simon. You are.

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Hi everyone!

I just wanted to let you all know that I’m working on a set of follower gifts, and since I’d like to include a couple of things with each gift I may not have them done as quickly as I did with my first followers gift set. I’m hoping to release a gift about once a week, if I can make it work, for a couple of weeks. I thought it would be better to share them as I finish them :)

I hope you all will like them and I apologize that I will probably be slow in finishing requests due to my working on these gifts. I’m so appreciative of all of you who follow me and I hope you all will like my gifts! <3

( ░░ ❀ in honor of reaching 200 followers, i’ve decided to post the faceless photo hunt that i’ve been working on for months, casuallyfound below are 430 faceless photos of all sorts of ladies && gents. i’ve been collecting images and adding them at random, so there isn’t much rhyme or reason, but i do think all of these could be used to depict FCs. i apologize if there are any repeats, because knowing me there may be. please like/reblog if you’re using !! ☼ ) 

tysm, ily guys for even noticing my dumb ass. i’ll do a follow forever when i hit my next goal, bc i srsly love all of you guys so i would just end up listing all of you &&  my dash is always lit af. s/o to my 200th follower, @sierraroleplays, btw :~) 

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Alright, you guys, I wanted to write something earlier and through great advice from someone I decided to look up writing prompts and I found one that said “Stop calling me princess!” followed by “I apologize, my queen.” And I thought it would be really cute to do a little twink!Cas thing where Dean calls him princess all the time and Cas loves it but he’s grumpy so he snaps at Dean who teases him back and… yeah… so I wrote it. It’s like incredibly short, it’s really just a drabble, but I figured I’d post it anyways!!


It always starts like that, in the mornings.

“Wake up.”

Dean gives Cas a gentle nudge, even though he knows it takes a lot more to wake Cas up in the morning. But, he also knows that Cas can be very grumpy in the mornings, so if Dean were to wake him up in a conventional and efficient way such as yelling through a bullhorn, Dean would probably get a fist to the face.

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And IF Gabriel Agreste is Papillion, I’d like to think that post-reveal the akumas would start to get rather ridiculous. I mean he would probably just start to try to annoy his son into giving up the miraculous. Imagine their conversations at dinner (because they would spend a lot more time with each other once they knew each other’s identities I will fight you on this):
“What the heck dad”
“Screaming Lizard???”
“All he did was crawl around and scream. We chased a guy in a lizard disguise all across Paris for half an hour”
“I can’t imagine how that must have felt Adrien”
“Dad I’m serious”
“Hi serious I’m dad”

40th follower!

@whatnopictures, you are my 40th follower!

As a special thank you for following me, I drew you a picture per your request.

It’s based on the sketch I drew yesterday. [ [[:)

The poses are… not entirely accurate… but I couldn’t fit Frank onto the paper without bending his knees a little bit.

@ask-bpfrank-painter, I apologize for the inaccuracy.

Also, he’s wearing one of the less recognizable uniforms (in your dimension, at least) because he just finished painting the side of a cabin. He gets a lot of color commissions! Color is a rare thing here, after all.

I would like to thank all of my followers for periodically checking in and leaving replies, likes, and reblogs on my posts (even though my blog is, like, only 12 pages)!

~The Historian

metaphysicalmisha  asked:

So totally random, but I don't even remember following you..i kinda just remember you popping up on my dash & me not knowing who the ppl you reblog are, but i never unfollowed bc I would always think 'look at them, being all happy, reblogging the things they like' and then I stARTED TO WATCH THEIR VIDEOS OCCASIONALLY AND THEYRE FUNNY PPL OK I BLame this on you ... it's 2 am, i apologize

oH MY GOD IM YELLINF that makes me so happy tho ?? im glad i can get ppl into the same stuff as me ah man im so happy !! i hope ya have fun w the amazin joys that are youtubers ;-)

Important Announcement

Hi everyone, so I’m sorry I haven’t been on the last couple of days I promise I will try to be on earlier. I also do apologize about the flop that was the Valentine’s Day event, to the parings I didn’t get to since y’all suggested them. I’ll most likely spare them as I do more posts with the tag Valentine’s Day Event. Not fair I know, and I apologize. It’s just that everytime I posted something having to do with the V-Day event I would lose followers so yyeah, kind of assumed people didn’t like it. Anyway enough of my whining and excuses. I have to get ready for school soon but I will try to deliver as many quotes as I can. 

Also tomorrow is my sister’s birthday so she’s going to possibly be on the computer all day, so I might be on later than usual tomorrow. 

On Saturday I will also be going on my usual trip and coming back on Sunday so, be prepared for that. So yeah Thanks for being understanding and I love you all. I’ll cya later bye!

- Admin Craig

2,000+ Followers Contest Winners

In 3rd place: @frostynightsandfairylights

In 2nd place: @ask-magicalponies

In 1st place: @askbloodsugar

You each have until September 6th to respond and claim your prize. If you do not respond before 12:00am EST time, I will pick 3 new winners at random.

As for the rest of the people that entered my contest, I want to apologize for not winning but would still like to reward you all for participating. It is my way of saying thank you and that you are all still winners. But I will only be doing something small and simple, like this:

But I really do wish that I do not get spammed heavily with refs of OCs just to receive one of these. Soooooooooo…  They will be pixel beans and will only appear on my 2,140 follower pic. And I will have a specific amount of slots open that you may take. Sound good? But I won’t be making it a definite thing until after the contest prizes. Don’t want to over work myself, tbh

I’m sorry, I’m just trying to make everyone happy. ; n ;

Hey guys! I’ve recently reached 13k which is absolutely INSANE. I honestly never thought I would ever get this many followers. I love all of you so much and thank you for reblogging and liking my posts everyday. Please don’t be offended if I forgot you, I just didn’t want this list to be too long.

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I just want to apologize to all of my loyal followers…. I rewatched Rebellion. I can see Homura’s action were just unacceptable. Manipulating the entire world, everyone’s minds, misinterpreting what Madoka said. Madoka wouldn’t even want a world like this. It’s unbelievable she would sink so low. Homura did everything wrong

Finished “Stranger Things”

Final rating: 

Holy shit.

Holy shit.

This is what the Silent Hill movies should have been. If ONLY they had been like this show. GREAT writing, GREAT characters, GREAT exploration of virtually ALL the same themes (both supernatural and plot-wise), and guess fucking what Christophe fucking Gans, it even manages to pull off an ACTUAL female Harry Mason equivalent without being gross sexist trash.

A+ highly recommend, would watch again, WILL watch again, I’m in fucking love with this show, please go watch it immediately.


First of all, i would like to apologize for spamming your tags. This blog has no followers to spread the information and I just desperately need help so i hope people who track the tags will reblog this
My name is Alexei (although everyone calls me another name which misgenders me), i am a 16 yo trans boy and i live in Russia. You probably can already see where this is going.
I used to have a blog on tumblr where i openly wrote about my struggles as an LGBT person in Russia, some of you may know its name but please don’t mention it anywhere in the comments
For all my life i thought my parents were really nice and understanding people, we were like best friends, and i thought they would accept me. So one day i came out as a hetero trans boy. To them, it apparently sounded like “schizophrenic lesbian” (my dad’s words, i am not being ableist).
And they started doing their best to turn my life into hell. They made me quit my job (i worked part time as a waiter), took away all my money and forbidden to talk to my friends because they thought they had bad influence on me. So after a few months i told them i was mistaken and i am a heterosexual girl. They eventually calmed down and everything was good for a while.
Then they found my blog. I always logged out and cleared my internet history, i don’t know how they found it. First of all, they’ve beaten me up. Then they announced we are going to Moscow because they found a psychiatrist that will heal me from transsexuality.
And now i am very afraid because there isn’t such thing as healing from transsexuality. What i think they are going to do is to send me to a psychiatric clinic. There have been several accidents similar to this (except those people weren’t trans which makes my situation even worse), people were “going to a doctor with their patents” and only one person was rescued. He said he was forced to take some pills that made him delusional, really weak, almost unable to move, caused dizziness, and feeling of unreality. I DON’T WANT THIS TO HAPPEN TO ME. I’m actually panicking right now because i have no money to escape and can’t work so I’m asking for your help.
I have an aunt in Kemerovo who knows about me being trans and she agreed to let me live with her. But she is extremely poor so she can’t afford paying for my transportation and stuff i’ll need when i get there (food, clothes, because i obviously can’t take a lot with me). So when we come to Moscow, i will run away and go there.
I will need:
- money to live somewhere while waiting for my train. I don’t know exact dates but i think it would be ~1 week, 7000 roubles. I will rent an apartment room. A hotel would be cheaper but i can’t go there because they will ask for my passport and my parents will find me. Actually, buying a train ticket requires passport as well but i found a way to fool it.
- train ticket itself 9000 roubles (the cheapest i found)
- living at my aunt’s until i find a job - i don’t really know but i think I’ll find something like waiter or cashier pretty quick, so ~2 weeks, 2000 roubles,
- clothes - 1500 roubles at first, then i’ll be able to buy it myself
- small stuff like personal hygiene products, painkillers, etc - 1000 roubles
That’s only 359 dollars. That’s an incredibly small amount for a website like tumblr. You can donate something you won’t even notice, and save me from literal hell. Please, PLEASE, I’m begging you, donate even a smallest amount. I’m really desperate and we’ll be going in August or September so i don’t really have much time left.
How to donate: go to Paypal, select “send money to a friend”, paste the email dashka155@gmail.com and how much money you want to donate.
I don’t think i’ll actually manage to collect more than i need but if i do, I’ll spent it on charity. I won’t keep a dollar, i promise.
If you have any questions, send them OFF anon and don’t publish the answers anywhere please.
This is my first time doing this so if i did something wrong please tell me immediately
Thank you so much and sorry again.

Gosshhh, I reached 1.5k. It seriously doesn’t feel like it right now and I’m just gonna post a follow forever before I start dropping.

I’d like to thank, of course, my followers and my mutuals (both those that I met here on Tumblr and those that I know in real life)!

I also apologize for the… lack of color in this graphic. And the occasion of the art. But does it matter? Gee, I hope not.

*I would do the bold thing and all but I can’t be bothered right now oops

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Hey lovely followers,

I would like to give everyone a heads up on my status during the rest of 2016.

  • It’s my final year in college and again I won’t be as active due to school. 
  • I want to make the best of my final year in college, so I’m planning to take up a lot of extracurricular activities such as volunteer work. This will also reduce the amount of free time I have as I have to balance these with my academics.

TL;DR - I probably will be making less graphics and will be less active than usual until the end of 2016 due to all of these cumulative events. 

I know that will probably send a lot of red flags to people that I’m a terrible blogger and that there will be a lot of unfollows to come - but guys, please respect that I have a real life aside from this online one; I’m 22 this year and more and more adulthood responsibilities are being slapped onto me. All I can do is to owe you all an explanation beforehand as to why I’ll be less active instead of just being way more quiet all of a sudden, and hope that you all can understand.

Thank you for reading this painfully long post lol, please follow me on Twitter if you all want to catch up on what is going on in my life!