i would hug you so hard

I just want to talk about richonne being so utterly happy in 7x10. Here they are in a total 100% shitty situation but when Rick said they made a deal they were soooo happy. I don’t even remember the last time I’ve seen them smile so hard??Then they hugged still extra happy and he kissed her on the forehead and they just did not let go of each other and kept walking all cuddled up and HAPPY?? then when Rick was talking about enemies to friends and Michonne gives him that little sly smile?? Wow 10/10? And finally when michonne did that cute little precious, innocent ‘why are you’ when Rick gave her the cat and she was grinning ear to ear??They would’ve never thought that in the middle of the whole negan, zombie apocalypse thing that they would find their soulmates. In the middle of darkness it’s like they’re in their own little world. They are so in love with each other you can just see it in their eyes and the little things they do for each other such as get gifts or reassure one another .it’s truly the most precious and beautiful thing I’ve ever seen pls protect them at all cost

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So let's just say that two siblings fall underground. The game happens and near the end, one of the siblings DIE. The other sibling is just completely crying and hugging the lifeless body of their sibling. The sibling ALMOST killed Flowey since he caused the death of their sibling. How would the UT main 4 react? (wow i hit you with angst on my first ask lol)

WOOOOOOOOOOW. Okay, since its the end of the game I’m assuming they’re all there together, so I’m gonna write it for the group.

Papyrus is crying too, very hard and is trying to comfort the kid. Suddenly the kid gets up and is running straight at the flower, holding a weapon in a clenched fist with a luck of murder in their eyes, and suddenly Papyrus and is yelling for them to stop, don’t do it, don’t kill anyone! He refuses to drop the other one, but the kid just keeps striking and striking and Papyrus knows that Flowey is a terrible thing but he can’t stand seeing anyone hurt like this, and so he yells for Sans to do something. 

Sans isn’t in a great way either, he can’t believe the kid is dead, not to mention who knows who’s next? BUt Papyrus’ voice snaps him out of it, and he uses his magic to levitate the kid away from Flowey.

Undyne is seeing red, she’s so furious, who the hell is this flower punk, he just made the mistake of hurting her friends, he’s gonna- and then she looks over to see Alphys.

The dino gal is trying to help Papyrus comfort the poor kid, but she’s shaking all over. She’s so scared. She just watched on of the few people who might consider her a friend die, and now she’s worried that any of them might be next. She feels guilty somehow, like she should’ve done more to help, why is she alwasy so useless. Undyne realizes this’ll only get worse if she throws herself into danger. Not to mention Papyrus might never forgive her. So she joins Sans in helping defend the three (formerly four) behind them, rather than rushing forward to attack.

Eventually Papyrus and Alphys help comfort the kid into at least mobility, and they manage to finish the run, sparing Flowey even though every fiber in their being wants to tear his petals off and make him choke on them. 

All four of them help the kid out as much as they can in the coming days. 


What’s better than being cool? IS BEING HAPPY.. @taylorswift I can’t thank you enough for all the things you have done for me. You have been my best friend for 10 years even though we have never met. You have picked me up so many times when I’m broken or need cheering up. Your music has gotten me through a lot. You mean so much to me. Someday I hope to meet and hug you cause that has been my dream for 10 years. Also last month and this month have been so hard. My Dad had to have bypass surgery done on his heart. He has been in the hospital since the 7th of last month. He is finally waking up some but not fully. I’m so scared and worried. I could use some advice. He is still bad sick but I just wish things would get better. I’ve been praying a lot. I’ve been with him the whole time and I haven’t left his side.

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hi! so. i'm katie from wicnet. i just wanted to thank you for sharing the small council link. i messaged op already, but i wanted to say thanks to you as well since i may not have seen it otherwise. of course, i know you shared it bc you're a jon/sansa shipper. BUT i had just been talking to a friend abt how down i get abt the comments on my articles; i write abt sansa A Lot & since she continues to get hate, i do too & it bums me out enormously. so i just wanted to say thanks, bc it means a lot

I’m sorry you get hate. That’s just so unnecessary and spoils what should be fun. Sansa is great and regardless of what character(s) you’re drawn to or what ship(s), I wish people would just let people do their thing. I have a hard time not taking hate personally as well, so I feel you that it gets you down. *hugs* Your article is great!

“Why is it so hard to accept muslims are people?”


Dimples - Jensen Ackles x Reader

Title: Dimples

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Warnings: None

Prompt:  I have a passion for Jensen/Dean’s dimples (along with everything else) every time I see them I want to hug and kiss him hard. I was wondering if you could make a Jensenxreader on this? maybe where they are dating recently and she is still a little shy, but one day while he is talking to someone she sees the dimples and without thinking she takes his face in her hands and kisses him. when she realize what she did she began to blush and it’s all super adorable and fluffy?

“So in the end he let me take a break because everybody knew I would keep messing my lines if they didn’t.” he chuckled and you did the same.

“Sometimes I wonder how Jared or Misha put up with you! But every time I’ve seen you act for real you don’t make such a fool of yourself!”

“Maybe it’s because I’m trying to impress my best girl.” he shrugged, giving you an innocent smile and you bit your lip, snuggling closer to his side and he tightened his hold on your waist.

If someone had ever told you that one da you’d find yourself casually relaxing in Jensen Ackles’ trailer, on the set of Supernatural, with formentioned man holding you like you were the most precious thing he had, you would have laughed straight in their face. Yet here you were, and here this was. The relationship. It sounded so surreal in your mind yet everything, literally everything (including the shipping name the fans had come up with for you), only proved to it. That is was real and you weren’t dreaming.

As if Jensen looking at you, just another fan a little while ago, with so much love wasn’t enough of a dream coming true.

“Did you see the photos?‘you whispered in his arms and looked up at him as he let a soft sigh.

“Couldn’t avoid it even if I wanted to.” he kissed your forehead “Seems like we are going to be every magazine’s hot topic for the rest of the month.”

“Yeah” you whispered because you knew it was true, ever since you came out to everybody and spoke openly about being in a relationship fans weren’t the only ones that went crazy “Do you mind it?” you were scared to ask but above all you were scared of the answer.

“Seeing this pretty face everywhere I go even if you are not by my side? Sweetheart, honestly they are doing me a favor because it makes me miss you a little less. Just a little though.” he said innocently and you couldn’t help but breathe out a chuckle.

You pulled away from his arms and only held his hands in yours now “I’m just- I’m just not sure, that’s all.”

“Of what?” he frowned, his face coming closer to yours.

You shrugged, looking down “What I- I am not enough in a way, I guess.” you whispered and felt his give your hands a squeeze.

“Don’t. Don’t you ever say that again, alright?”he said firmly “Sweetheart you know I don’t care about what others say, right? Especially to people that have nothing to do with me and the fandom. You know the fans and my family already adore you and I-” he cupped your face, making you look at him and you burning cheeks were a great contrast to his slightly cold hands.

Yet another proof that winter was approaching and you’d be back to one of your favorite activities, holding his hands to warm them up for him.

“I love you more than anything else in this world, just the way you are.” he whispered that word that you could count down the times he had said and each and every time made your heart leap to your throat.

“I would never change anything about you. Anything. Not this bashful smile. Not the hugs that still get you shy all around me and in public, not this nervous giggle, not these adorable eyes that make my knees go weak. Never.” he breathed out, resting his forehead against yours “And above all not-” a wide grin spread on his face.

You looked at him with a frown for a moment until your eyes widened in realization and a small whine left your lips. You shut your eyes and buried your face in his chest “You promised you were going to forgive about it!” you squeaked and he chuckled deeply.

“Never in a million years sweetheart!” he gave you a squeeze as his arms stayed around you.

Because of course he wasn’t going to either forget it or let go of it. You knew he wasn’t teasing you about it of course, but it still didn’t help the fact that you felt utterly embarrassed about it.


It happened quiet a while ago, when you and Jensen had just announced your relationship. You were on the set of Supernatural, and you being the fangirl you were you had once more asked Misha to walk with you around. That was when you had spotted him and Jared next to the Impala talking about something as the crew was making some final set ups. Their laughter could clearly be heard and you in particular spotted Jensen’s laugh.

You had become so used to hearing it from up close the last few months but it always felt as contagious as at first. You found yourself smiling every time and it wasn’t just his laughter that managed to make you smile. It was everything about him, because yes you loved everything about him. Everything of his, from his laughter to his eyes, from his touch to the way he whispered sweetnothings to you, made you go weak on the knees. But there was one thing in particular that caught your attention, and captured your heart you now realized, that was his dimples.

His smile was amazing with every meaning of the word and it did make your heart skip a beat but those dimples, oh dear Chuck. You were so glad he had not realized a single thing yet. Each and every time you held yourself back so hard from not grabbing his face and kissing the hell out of him whenever those dimples showed up. But you were too freaking shy to do anything in the first place anyway.

However that one time, that one time he was laughing with Jared, and those freaking dimples of his showed you just couldn’t help yourself. You didn’t actually. You’d been staring at him for quiet long and before you could realize it you found yourself striding towards him and grabbed his face.

Jared stared at you with a perplexed smile while Jensen was utterly stunned as you appeared out of nowhere, without any of them realizing you, and grabbed his face and did just what you’d wanted for so long but were holding yourself back. Kissed the hell out of him. Your lips were tingling after the kiss but you certainly felt a great satisfaction at being able to do that.

“Well, hey too you too again baby.” Jensen chuckled, staring at you with a shit eating grin.

You blinked for a moment, almost unaware of what you were doing (because partially you were) and glanced around you to see Jared, and Misha, snickering at you. And then you looked back at Jensen only to realize you were cupping his face. And complete realization downed on you. And that was the moment you felt your eyes widened and you almost stumbled back, your face was literally burning up.

“Oh my gosh” you clasped your hands over your mouth, a small whimper leaving your lips “I’m so sorry!” you squeaked out, because yes you were too shy to just walk towards him and kiss him in public like that.

“No, no!” he shook his head with a grin, his arms wrapping around your waist to keep you from leaving “ I certainly am not complaining!” he chuckled deeply, kissing your temple.

You looked at him with a burning face and buried it in his chest “- I didn’t mean to- just- I saw- you were laughing and-”

He chuckled more and you heard Misha and Jared laugh as well. He kissed the top of your head “Sweetheart, I didn’t know you had such a… soft spot for my smile.” you could practically hear the smirk in his voice.

“Jensen” you whined “I only really- I- just- I have a soft spot for your dimples, ok? Just that.”

“Of course baby, you know I don’t mind it.” he kissed your cheek but you only clenched the fabric of his shirt in your fists at hearing Misha talk to Jared.

“Is 'soft spot’ the new word for kink?”

And the guys laughed at it all the more. Jensen who kept you in his arms all the more.

-End of Flashback-

“I told you!” you whined softly “I just have a soft spot for it. I’m sorry I just… kissed you in front of everybody.”

“Sweetheart” he said softly “I understand. Let Misha say anything he wants. I just didn’t know you did, that’s all. You never told me after all.”

You shrugged sheepishly “How could I?” you fidgeted with your fingers “It’s just stupid Jensen.” you mumbled with a small pout but he shook his head.

“No it’s not.” he shook his head “Despite the pleasant surprise of the kiss I’d like you to share more things with me sweetheart.” he pecked your forehead “Who knows, I might have something out for you too.” he winked at you as your eyebrows shot up.

BTS reaction to their gf surprising them backstage


He would be so startled. Like his eyes would get super big and he would look and feel like he just saw an actual ghost. Once the suprise factor is gone he would be a overgrown child he is and just give you so much love and affection.

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He would try to remain calm even though his body would scream from the insides because of how happy he is. Only thing that would give away his excitement would be his gummy eye smile and occasional glances towards you just to make sure what’s happening is real.

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Another man child trying to act tough. He would try to look so manly in front of you, acting like it’s no big deal even though shy namjoon would rise and he would be blushing so hard and giggling so wide.

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He would scream and hug you sooo tight your liver might fucking burst. Seriously, he would look like you just saved 7 billion puppies from getting run over. I don’t even have any words to explain it it’s literally just it.

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Okay but Jimin would be so happy. His face woud go from shook as fuck to eye smile in 0.000001 seconds. He would just hug you for straight up a minute and not let you go till you are like “uhh jimin? are you good?”

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He wouldn’t even try to act like he isn’t freaking bursting from happiness like other members. He would be yelling, he would be kissing you all over your face, he would freaking piggyback you to the coach and throw you on it. This sunshine would be so stoked he wouldn’t know what to do with himself.

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I am a firm believer would not even realize its you he would go in his spacey little mind like “Oh that’s obviously not Y/N” and then you would be like “JUNGKOOK” and he would be so shook like who is jungkook how are you here what is happening.

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* Thank you very much!! We are loving working on the comic every day! It’s fun and we’re glad people are still enjoying it!

* Thank you!! There’s been a lot of improvement!

* Undyne would be excited, even considering our history.

* This is a wild ride and we don’t know when we’re going to stop! Glad to hear we inspire you! Keep on drawing and keep loving art!

Thank you so much!! Unfortunately, because we spend so much time drawing comics, making time for a music video would be very hard! But we’ll consider it ;3 It might be fun!

Now as for Flowey…

I definitely wouldn’t offer him a hug. Because of his lack of soul, he’s not going to want or appreciate it.

Thanks everyone!!

Christmas Voice Translations

If you haven’t noticed yet, when you hit the “Play Game” button, there are new Christmas lines! Here are the translations:

Mob: “Christmas cake, huh? … Let’s give the bigger one to Ritsu!”
Reigen: “Alone on Christmas? … I understand how you feel…”
Ritsu: “I wonder if Nii-san will be happy with his Christmas present!”
Dimple: “Holy night? Well, if I were god, every day would be Christmas!”
Teru: [EDIT]: “It seems the reindeer have more a rough ride than Santa Claus”

(Translation and audio file)

Sorry I have trouble translating Teru’s lines so it’s probably off, but I hope the meaning got across. Here are some notes:

-The Kageyama brothers are too pure for this world
-Someone please give Reigen a hug
-Ritsu talks about Mob’s happiness and well-being a lot and I think that’s Important
-Dimple is actually a mega nerd who would make Christmas be every day
-He would make a chill God (aside every bad thing he did *laughs*)
-Teru believes in Santa
-[EDIT]: Nevermind, turns out he worries for Reindeer over Santa

(Anyways, that’s your Christmas present translations guys xD Wanted to do this before I head off. -Mod Mob)

Dating Hyungwon Would Include

Could you do a ‘dating them would include’ for Hyungwon from Monsta X, please? I love that series!:)

Note: I’m glad you enjoy the series! I hope you also enjoy this dating Hyungwon would include!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

In the Daytime

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  • He might be the biggest meme of Monsta X, or a singer with so much talent it is hard to even comprehend. Above all, he is an amazing boyfriend.
  • Just imagine being at a long day of work, but getting to come home to Hyungwon, who has already made you tea and set out warm blankets and a hot drink to cuddle in front of a movie or a drama.
  • His hugs being a gift from some higher power.
  • They’re so warm and captivating, who knows how you manage to get away from it in the morning after cuddling him all night long.
  • You both cook just about equally, and the house work is pretty much balanced fairly - he enjoys it too, because he likes spending time with you even if it is doing house hold chores.
  • Not that doing chores with Hyungwon is boring.
  • Usually, hoovering the living room or cleaning the bathroom would be a drag, but not with Hyungwon, he always makes things like this fun.
  • He’s all for going out on fancy dates and showing you off, because he loves you, and he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks.
  • But he does also like having some privacy with you too.
  • Simple dinner dates at home will be enough to make him happy most of the time.
  • He also loves movie nights.
  • And ordering take away when neither of you can be bothered to cook anything.
  • He loves the fact that he’s taller than you because
  • 1. It means he can reach up high shelves that you can’t reach (sometimes he’ll purposefully put things high up so you have to ask him for help.)
  • and 2. He just finds it so damn adorable, especially when he hugs you from behind, or decided to start tickling you.
  • Whenever you’re upset, be prepared to be exposed to meme Hyungwon who’s going to keep trying to cheer you up until you eventually smile.
  • “Hyungwon, what the hell are you doing?”
  • “The Mantis Dance… Oh, was that a little smile I saw there?”
  • Him singing around the house randomly - just because he can.
  • Sometimes he’ll sing to you, or make up random songs on the spot about how he’s feeling, or joking around.
  • “My Jagiya is so beautiful~ I love her little dress~”
  • “Hyungwon, what are you even on about anymore?”
  • Him thinking that he’s good at hiding when he’s jealous, but you’re always aware of it because you can just tell by the look on his face.
  • Thank the lord for make up sex
  • Because he’ll forgive you pretty quickly tbh.
  • Him taking a lot of pictures of you to keep on his phone while he’s away and use as his lock screen when he misses you.
  • Calling you when he’s on tour and the other guys interrupting him constantly
  • “{y/n}! I miss you so much! I can’t wait to see you when we get ba-”
  • “Minhyuk go away! I’m trying to talk to my girlfriend, you can talk to her later.”
  • There’s hardly ever fighting, because both of you are pretty chill
  • But when there is, he will always admit when he’s wrong and apologies.
  • Again, make up sex is your greatest ally
  • Him being so perfect and amazing and never denying you of anything.

At Nighttime

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  • Well, let’s just say there’s two very different sides of Hyungwon
  • There’s the side that’s all fluffy and cuddly
  • And then there’s the darker side of him
  • You don’t want to mess with Hyungwon when he’s in one of those devilish moods
  • Or you might be denied orgasm all night long holy shit
  • When you’re engaging in sexy time, he’s going to be passionate and loving on the whole
  • But sometimes he might be a little fiery, or jealous, and that’s when you really do need to watch what you say.
  • “So you thought I.M looked today? Maybe I can show you how good I look over you while you plead for mercy.”
  • Good luck with this one, because God knows he’ll give you the feels in more ways than one
  • But a lot of the time, Hyungwon likes to sleep, so he will enjoy simple nights where he gets to hold you in his arms and whisper sweet nothings into your ear until you both fall asleep.
Sleepy Credence would include:

Request: Omg please do sleepy credence if you’re up to it??? I fell in love with your newt one so??? That’d be hella nice (by anonymous)

Credence. That beautiful, sad, innocent, abused boy. I really want to hug him and his broken pieces so hard they stick back together again. UNFORTUNATELY, MACUSA THOSE BITCHES CAME IN AND BLASTED HIM AND NOW NO ONE CAN HUG THE POOR GUY LIKE WHY. MUST. THEY. KILL HIM????

there should be a law that no one can harm an Obscurus because they are sweet innocent children UNDER THE AGE OF 10 YEARS LIKE WHO WOULD HARM A TEN YEAR OLD even though Credence is overaged and a Squib, NO ONE SHOULD HARM HIM


also, we should start writing more credence things?? lemme know if you would want to read credence stuff. honestly he’s my favourite character in the movie (excluding for newt ‘i am precious’ scamander, of course)

Originally posted by hardyness

Also, Ezra Miller is a gift from God. Harry Potter nerd and DC fan, playing Credence and the Flash?? He lives my definition of a pug life, tbh

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Okay, after ranting and confessing my feelings, here it is: 

Sleepy Credence would include:

  • Constantly rubbing his face (like above^) to keep his eyes from sliding close
  • Always blinking to “blink” the sleepiness away.
  • Whenever he talks, his voice would be softer and more muffled than usual, his reaction to whatever people say would be 10x slower
  • For example, he drawls a bit, like instead of saying “what?”, he would say “whuh, whuuuaaat?”
  • A bit like Newt, he would nod off dreamily, eyes always half-closed
  • And also like Newt, he would definitely fall asleep standing upright, except that because he usually moved at his own pace, it would be a while before anyone realised that his eyes were closed and he wasn’t moving at all
  • He would fall asleep anywhere. And I mean anywhere, if he was tired enough
  • Mary Lou Barebone (that monster) would smack the back of his head to snap him out of his daze, in which he would blink confusedly at her before apologising
  • He would never yawn, because he knew it would mean that he was bored and tired of something, and Mary Lou definitely wouldn’t like that.
  • He would crash into something when he was walking, exhausted, before looking around to see if anyone saw it. If no one did, he would continue walking like nothing happened
  • Basically, he would try to pretend that he wasn’t tired or sleepy to avoid the scoldings and beatings if he put a toe out of line. Trying not to yawn, napping secretly, attempting to stay awake– it was only because of that woman he called “Ma”. Or else, I swear that darling would sleep the whole day away

a/n: I hate Mary Lou. I would say that I’m sorry for saying this, if I offended anyone, but I really don’t think anyone would like her. So no… not that sorry.



What If...

Like what if when Yuri and Victor entered competitive skating and each round they’d keep swapping between first and second place but the others success would make them so happy and want to try harder and become become better, always practicing together and giving each other hugs and kisses on the forehead when performances are flawless. And what if Yuri won the Grand Prix final and Victor got second but their would be no hard feelings they’d literally start crying for each other because their performance and efforts were so beautiful and they’d just go home and cuddle and party and eat cake to congratulate Yuri’s first gold. And Yuri would playfully make fun of Victor not getting gold but Victor wouldn’t care because he loves Yuri so much and would be like I care for getting married to you so much more right now and they’d both blush and kiss and they’d just laugh the night away and be soft and warm ahhhhh

Outcast at Last

Anon asked: I’m not sure if you take requests, but if you do, i have one! Could you possibly do a Apocolypse! Kurt x Reader where he befriends the reader at the mall, but her parents are anti-mutant? And they hear so much about him that they tell her to invite him for dinner, but minor problem cause he’s blue and obviously a mutant. Ending is up to you! Hugs and kisses, Anon xoxo <if you don’t take requests, ignore this please!>

Kind of based off this song. I’m pretty drunk rn so this is probably trash. Let me know what you think xxxxxx

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how lucky i am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard | wonho

Originally posted by wonhuff

summary: no-one could ever fully understand how two people could love each other as much as you both did.

genre: fluff

word count: 1k

from the beginning, everyone knew it was hard for you and wonho to say goodbye. you two would always be left standing, hugging, holding on for dear life with the boys waiting impatiently. they didn’t fully understand, they didn’t fully understand the love that you two felt for each other, the constant need to be in a close proximity of each other.

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Cancer Crew Preference- How They'd Act When They're Mad At You.

Cancer Crew Preference- How They’d Act When They’re Mad At You.
A/N Again, MY opinions.

•He doesn’t get mad easily, but when he does, hes the king of making you feel guilty.
•Joji would ignore you, knowing that it made you feel bad for what you did.
•When you’d start wrapping your arms around him to try and get him to respond to you, he’d simply stand there stiffly.
•Eventually, he’d give in and hug you back, but not until you’ve tried a few times.
•"Im still mad.“ "Im sorry” “I know baby”
•He can’t stay mad for more than a day unless you messed up big time
•He’s your number one fan, so its really hard for him to be mad at you.

•Hes mad at you frequently, you irritate him, yet he can’t get enough of you.
•Ian would argue with you, it would end in a bug blow out and days ignoring each other.
•Hes stubborn so the first time you try and apologize, he ignores you.
•After a few days, he accepts your apology and the two of you make-up through the medium of love™ ;^)
•It will probably happen again though

•Screaming, cursing and a big expression of feelings.
•He doesn’t get mad easily because he’s pretty chill
•Max cries more than you do.
•"Fuck me, will you let me fucking speak cunt?“ Hed repeat, even if you were letting him.
•The neighbours aren’t pleased when you argue because max has no volume control.
•He talks more than you do.
•He might smash a bottle or two, then apologize after because he feels bad for being aggressive
•He calms down fairly quick.

•He wouldn’t share his eggs with you
•Loud groaning
•No jokes

A/N I didn’t do chad because I wasn’t feeling it. But here you go, im aware its not very good ok. Requests still open.

The signs as lovers pt. 2

Note: Check your moon and Venus sign! I know these won’t all be accurate because every person is different and has a different chart, but this is what I think of when I imagine dating the signs.

Grins that light up the room, tight, warm hugs, laughs that warm you from head to toe, late night adventures, sunset explorations, goodnight texts, early morning conversations, teasing jokes, quick kisses on the nose, dancing in inappropriate places, saying “I’ll race you there,” or “I dare you,” makes you laugh so hard you can’t breathe, rests their head on your shoulder when they laugh, feeling like you’re at the top of a Ferris Wheel every time you’re with them
Aquarius: Smiles sweetest when they think you aren’t looking, would capture the moon for you, always has a random fact up their sleeve, always trying to surprise you, licks you when you’re not expecting it and makes you laugh, gives unexpectedly warm hugs, makes you feel safe and excited at once, listens patiently when you need to talk, rambles about the galaxy with you, comes up with names for aliens with you, takes you on incredible dates, gives innovative compliments, loves learning new things about you
Capricorn: Holds you closely and tightly, wants to know everything they can about you, quietly observes you, loves to touch you in simple ways, protects and defends you, wants to be the best they can be for you, gives extremely thoughtful gifts, kisses you softly and slowly, loves waking up to seeing you, always offers to help you, smiles the most when they’re around you
Pisces: Takes you on adventures, surprises you with unconventional thoughts, takes your hand and pulls you with them, gives you fresh perspectives, loves you deeply and tells you so, holds your hand, kisses you sweetly, wipes your tears when you cry, kisses your hand, cuddles up to you, encourages you when you’re at your worst, wholeheartedly believes in you, their eyes soften when you smile

once upon a time @jeusus gifted us with THIS AMAZINGNESS OMG and of course - as a DIE HARD Card Captor Sakura fan i knew i would one day ALSO have to swim in the CCS AU waters~ (= ///w///=) hehhehehe~ <3 SO HERE WE ARE!!! (O   w O) Touya!Hux and Yukito!Kylo ~ i have a zillion headcanons for this AU good goodness… ( @jathis Techie is Sakura in my mind! and Matt is Syaoran! HEHEH! <3) Dedicated to the incomparable Jeusus, who is a GIFT in so many ways ~ may your day be fluffy, sparkly, and full of good feels! <3 <3 <3

Story Time! (Ps… there is a reason as to why my mouth is open)

Me: Hey guys, how are you? …I got no idea for this of…so can y'all just squish the crap out of me?

Jensen: *laughs* Absolutely! Get in here.

I got smashed to hard that boobs became one with Jensen chest. I’m not a skinny girl….. they squeezed the crap out of me ❤ the reason my mouth was open in the shot is because they literally took my break away that I was gasping for air and my face got stuck like that…..also Chris snapped the pic pretty quick. LOL

I’ve never been happier about not being able to breathe in my life.
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