i would have worked on this a bit more but i have to write an essay

little life update:

I finished my first assessed placement last week and I thought I absolutely smashed it but when my mentor was marking me she was saying things like “i don’t want to mark you too high so you still have something to work towards” and “i think you should get 90%+ in this area but I cant mark you that high as it’ll look suspicious” which was actually so annoying as she would ask for my advice with a lot of women especially when they had medical problems that could be perceived as more nursing based. SO yeah I finished on 81.4% which isn’t bad but i did feel a bit deflated 

had my first exam on monday which was a three hour written exam with four essay questions and it actually went horribly. I was so annoyed as i’d correctly guessed what the questions were and I remembered almost everything i had prepared I just didn’t have the time to get it all down. I went way over on my third question and had like half an hour to write my fourth. I wouldn’t be too worried if I had to pass overall because i’m fairly certain i did well on the jaundice question and okay on the genitalia question but the last two were questionable and you have to pass each question individually to pass overall! so yeah I’m genuinely worried

i’ve felt poorly all week and i have my breastfeeding and infant feeding assessment (written and practical) on monday and then my other massive exam the monday after and we’re at uni within that time so i’ve barely got time to revise and they’re expecting us to do prep work for lectures? how???? couldn’t you have given us a reading week?

anyway in better news i have booked to get my hair cut on saturday so hopefully i wont look like hagrid anymore