i would have train those pokemon if their evolutions looked like that

The Boy From Pallet Town: Ash Ketchum (Satoshi) from Kanto to Kalos.

Kanto: The Rookie. Ash starts as an excited but immature and naive 10 year old boy from Pallet Town.  He’s not really much of a trainer as much as he is a kid trying to be a trainer, and he’s always one step behind everyone else, especially his rival Gary Oak.  The hot-headedness and self-centered ego hinders his progress throughout his journey and he needs the guidance of Misty and Brock to help him out along the way.  Despite his flaws, Ash does have a kind and selfless heart when it comes to the well-being of Pokémon, putting his life on the line before his Pokémon in times of danger.  Overtime, he gets a better handling of battles, but still has a lot to learn.  Especially when his lucky winning streak runs out, and his neglect of handling his disobedient Charizard ends up costing him the Indigo League.

Orange Islands: The Learner. Ash is still immature as he was at the beginning of this arc, but he ends up taking a few humility lessons and battles (such as Lorelei) to deflate his ego and make up for his loss in the Indigo League.  His arc with Charizard highlights this and his battle with Drake gives him his first real full 6 vs 6 battle.  But while he may become better in terms of training and battles, so has Gary Oak, whose victory over Ash ignites an old rivalry anew.

Johto: The Experienced. The early episodes highlight a contrast of power between him and those starting out in Johto such as Casey.  The team he posses from the Kanto region could easily allow him to breeze through the Gyms without much trouble, but it has detrimental effects such as Charizard being unable to properly train to the next level with the lesser experienced Pokémon, and Ash relying on his old dependable Pokémon instead of training the new ones he caught.  Ash is not exactly mature (still has a hot-temper and can be foolish) but he is experienced enough to handle Gym battles without pity badges and is able to handle the League battles a lot better than before, culminating into beating his old-time rival Gary in a full battle.  But there are still trainers much more experienced than him such as Harrison, if only barely.

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storm-writer  asked:

So Paladin Pokémon Go Teams: let's discuss. I'm thinking Hunk and Shiro as Instinct and Pidge as Mystic. But I can't decide if Lance would be Valor and Keith would be Mystic or if Lance would be Mystic and Keith would be Valor. I feel like it would be hilarious if each of them were on the team with the opposite color of their lion. But the two of them have to be on opposite teams because imagine the competiveness lol. Like imagine the team could be walking and playing together and Keith

Part 2;  Keith could just mention out of the blue that he just left one of his pokemon at the gym his team is currently controlling that they walked by earlier and Lance asks if its the gym we just passed and Keith’s like yeah so Lance says he’ll be right back and starts walking in the opposite direction of the group. And like 10 minutes later Lance catches up to the rest of the paladins and the gym turns from Keith’s team color to Lance’s team color and Lance has a very smug look on his face while

Part 3;  while Shiro asks playfully if he’s going to do that with every gym they pass. And imagine if they got Allura and Coran into playing as well and they love it because some of the pokemon kinda resemble Altean creatures and it’s a little bittersweet because its like they can get a tiny part of their world back with each one they catch

Okay but like in space ??? …..that’s really good wifi, who the fuck designed this app that it works on freaking space. 

….Pidge, fair enough.

Who cares, let’s do this. 

So! I literally had to look up for the traits of each team tbh, bc it’s been a while since I played it. (I was Instinct, low key offended you didn’t mention it, rood) 

“The leader of Team Mystic, Blanche, studies Pokemon evolution and claims they cannot lose with their utilization of calm analysis.

Team Instinct is led by Spark, who believes you will never lose when you trust your instincts. Spark studies Pokemon’s intuition, and thinks that it’s related to how Pokemon are hatched.

Team Valor is lead by the Candela, who values training and strength. Candela is researching ways to enhance Pokemon’s natural power as she tries to find true strength.”

Okay, alright, I mean??????????? 

For me, perosnally, it’s this way, (aaaaaaas fucking cheesy and cliche and typical it is.) 

Team Mystic - Pidge, Coran, Lance

Team Instinct - Hunk, Keith

Team Valor - Shiro, Allura

I mean, come on, you can fite me on this all you want, but ???? 

  • Keith is driven by instics, 100% come on, and so is Hunk??? He has gut feelings like when the Rolo episode. 
  • Lance is a great estrategist, just like Coran and Pidge, who are curious and fascionated on how, well, everything works, so yeah. 
  • Shiro and Allura are a fucking open book. Those two are all about strength from inside them. You cannnot fite me on that. (Actually, you can, why not)

But talking about the scenario you wrote right there, LANCE WOULD TOTALLY DO THAT.

And god, you hurt me with the Altean’s creatures. My poor altean babies.

So now that Pokemon Go is out, I’m ngl kinda hoping I see some Supergirl Pokemon AU’s, but I get it. There’s almost 700 Pokemon, and it would take forever to decide who gets what. So have you ever considered this (i’m sorry this accidentally got long)

What would J’onn have but a Ditto? He finds it when he first lands on Earth all those years ago, in it’s original form and it’s really hurt. He nurses it back to health and isn’t he surprised to find that it’s a shapeshifter too. Hank Henshaw has an Arcanine, so it made him a lot easier to imitate. And then maybe later he gets a Zorua, although those are Illusions, not transformations.

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Lysandre and Sycamore: A Conflict Character Study

Recently I’ve become aware of people blaming Professor Sycamore for Lysandre being able to carry out his plot. I’d like to just take a few moments to examine Lysandre’s character, Sycamore’s character and the ‘between-the-lines’ relationship between the two of them, as both a perfectworldshipper and just a person playing the game.

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Blanche Headcanon
  • So Blanche totally has a god complex.
  • Hear me out.
  • She’s just won another battle and a reporter is hoping for a quick interview. He asks: “How do you stay so focused? What motivates you?”
  • She doesn’t say a word.
  • Candela glances over, sees she’s stuck, wraps up her bragging to some other reporter and just walks up to her. Puts her hand on her shoulder. Grins. “Hey! Bar? You won, so I’m buying.”
  • She leads Blanche away. The reporter, if they were really observant, might see a tear starting to build up in Blanche’s eye as she remembers.
  • -----------
  • Blanche is maybe eleven years old. She’s a tough trainer and aiming to be a gym leader some day. She loves swimming, and water pokemon.
  • None of that matters right now.
  • She’s standing in front of a tower of bellowing flame with an apartment building somewhere inside. She’s charred, covered in soot, clothes smouldering. Eighteen water-types lie around her in varying states of exhaustion and injury.
  • There’s nothing more she can do.
  • A firefighter places a hand on her shoulder, kneels in front of her.
  • “You did good,” they say. “Reckless, dangerous... but good.”
  • But they’re wrong.
  • Their voice, the roaring of the fire, the creaking of timber, all fizzes away into background static. Only one sound remains.
  • A woman, screaming in grief. Her baby, still in the building. The furthest from the doorway.
  • Blanche’s pokemon had driven themselves almost to death just getting the others out. They had to stay, rest, recover, live.
  • She did not.
  • She snarls, musters every last ounce of strength, surges forward.
  • There’s still a firefighter in the way. They grab her arm, stop her dead in her tracks.
  • The fight goes out of her. She collapses, screaming in anger.
  • ----------
  • Blanche doesn’t really smile after that. She’s so driven that her parents send her to a counselor, but the counselor can’t get through to her. Her grades soar, her fighting technique surpasses every one of her peers until she’s fighting trainers twice her age and not even breaking sweat. She establishes a nation-wide firefighting initiative, providing training, materials and sleeping quarters to new trainers in exchange for their Water-types’ help with fires that break out. After a couple of years she expands the initiative to all accidents and disasters, human and natural. “Team Mystic”, named by the press for the short-spoken, cryptic nature of Blanche and many of its officers, is a well-oiled machine capable of quelling earthquakes, dispelling hurricanes, evacuating civilians and rebuilding afterwards.
  • And she still can’t ever forgive herself.
  • ----------
  • Blanche vs. Candela is an impressive battle. Blanche is formidable and her Empoleon is an exceptional brawler, exploiting every opening that Candela’s Combusken leaves - but then when Combusken is nearly down and out, Candela’s righteous fury motivates it to evolve to Blaziken mid-battle. Candela snatches a narrow victory on the back of Blaziken’s vastly more aggressive combat style.
  • Blanche: “Congratulations on your victory.”
  • Candela: “Oh yes! Crushed! God it feels good to be King.”
  • Blanche: “...it won’t happen again.”
  • And Blanche just smirks and leaves, an outraged Candela in her wake.
  • But true to her word, it doesn’t. Blanche trounces Candela in four battles in a row, and Candela can’t take it any more. She corners Blanche after a battle and they have a thunderous row:
  • Candela: “How? How are you doing it? Every damn time! I had a solid type advantage in two of those battles and you still destroyed me!”
  • Blanche: “I learned.”
  • Candela: “What, in one fight? And what can you learn from spontaneous evolution? It’s not like it happened in any of the other four!”
  • Blanche: “Not from that fight. From the others. Famous person like you, there are always videos of your battles.”
  • Candela: “Wait. You, like, watched me on Youtube? But there’s loads of videos out there. And it’s only been a couple of weeks. How many did you watch?”
  • Blanche: “Yes.”
  • Candela: *goes pale* “You watched every single one?”
  • Blanche: “How else would I learn how to crush you?”
  • Candela: ...
  • Blanche: “I like you like this.”
  • Candela: ...
  • Blanche: “Speechless.” *smirks*
  • Candela: “...why would you even do that? Have you got nothing better to do with your evenings than watch me beating people up?”
  • Blanche: “Every obstacle must be surmounted.”
  • Candela: “God, are you even human? What the hell is your motivation?”
  • Blanche: ...
  • Candela: ...
  • Blanche: ...
  • Candela: “I, um... are you okay? You’ve got, like... nicotine stains around your eyes and I swear they weren’t there a moment ago...”
  • Blanche: ...
  • Candela: “And that’s a tear. Okay. I’m going to hug you now.”
  • Blanche: ... *slowly succumbing to the grief, that strange kind of silent crying where all you can hear is her tortured breathing*
  • Candela: “Hey now, come on, it’s okay...”
  • Blanche: ... *voice all reedy* “No, it’s not...”
  • Candela: “I’m really sorry I don’t know how to deal with this... I’m just going to keep hugging you and hope I’m doing the right thing, okay?”
  • Blanche: ... “Please stop crying...”
  • Candela: ...
  • Blanche: *descending further into outright sobbing* “I can’t... I can’t save him. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry...”
  • Candela: “...who are you talking to?”
  • Blanche: *flinches, cowers* “Please no please no please no...”
  • Candela: “I... still don’t know what to do. But there’s a couch over there. I’m going to walk us over to it. Okay?”
  • Blanche: *manages to nod, hissing against her tears*
  • *time passes*
  • Candela: *on her phone* Hey. Won’t be there today. You guys know the standard exercises. Give them an hour of sparring to make up for it.
  • *time passes*
  • Blanche: *starts to wipe her eyes with her coat-tails*
  • Candela: *digs through pockets; hands over pack of tissues*
  • Blanche: “...Thanks.”
  • Candela: “Are you okay?”
  • Blanche: “...No, probably not. I’m sorry about that. Most of the time it’s just a memory. Sometimes... more. I can usually keep a handle on it. Thank you for looking after me. You didn’t have to stay here just for this...”
  • Candela: “What’s usually just a memory?”
  • Blanche: “...you were supposed to take that as your cue to leave...”
  • Candela: “No chance. You just want to be in pain alone at the moment. Doesn’t feel to me like that’s a good idea.”
  • Blanche: *sighs* “I guess I can’t bluff you after all.”
  • Candela: “No chance. Now come on. You’re getting crushed under that burden. Another pair of shoulders should help, right? Especially with guns like these!” *dramatically poses; kisses her own bicep*
  • Blanche: *accidentally snorts with laughter* “Dork.”
  • Candela: “Yeah, maybe. But seriously.”
  • Blanche: “Alright, alright...”
Alain, Lysandre, and emotional abuse

Alain has been working for Lysandre for a very long time - the exact time period isn’t known, but he’s already well and truly working for Lysandre at the start of his first appearance in TSME 1, and we only see three flashbacks from before that period.

In TSME 1, we see a flashback of Alain and Sycamore in the lab garden, in TSME 2, we see a video call between the two where Alain informs his mentor that Charmander has evolved, and in XY68, we see flashbacks of Alain finding Gible, and a few successive ones as she grows up.

Alain’s character in those pre-Lysandre times are very consistent. He’s on the serious side, but curious, gentle and affectionate, and smiles readily (aside from the scenes where he finds Gible, and where he sees her wrecking the lab, where he is understandably concerned). It is reasonably safe to assume that this is Alain’s natural personality, and it’s one that comes out in TSME 1 and 2 in particular. He has no real frustration towards Manon’s questions at first, just wariness, and he’s comfortable enough with her in TSME 2 to tease her about her clumsiness as well as to speak to her seriously. He’s also friendly towards Satoshi, when they later encounter each other. He’s a nice guy.

So what happened?

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Announcing the start of PROJECT ABRA


Project Abra was conceived on Feb. 3, 2015 and put into motion the next day. The idea for the project came about after a long night of unsatisfying Wonder Trades.

I noticed that one of my trades had netted me level 1 Abra with a good nature, and I set about training her, figuring she might be a fun addition to my E4 team. While training in Granite Cave I happened to encounter a wild Abra, and an idea came to my mind. These Pokemon were common, sure, but they evolved into something great, something powerful. Something that I wouldn’t mind getting through Wonder Trade.

The Wonder Trade system—once teeming with a wide variety of Pokemon—has recently become clogged with common ‘mons like Zigzagoon and Wurmple. Project Abra strives to change this at least in some small way.

The principle behind it is simple: Take an Abra, train it to level 16 and let it evolve, then Wonder Trade it away! The person you trade with will receive a Kadabra, which will promptly evolve into an Alakazam—netting them a great battling Pokemon and two Pokedex entries in one fell swoop!

Why Abra?

I chose Abra for a few simple reasons:

  1. Its first evolution comes at a fairly low level (16), and its second can only be accessed by trade.
  2. Its final form, Alakazam, is a fantastic Special sweeper
  3. It has a rad Mega Evolution
  4. It’s really fucking cute like just look at that adorable little foxy face

With the remakes of the Gen III games, Project Abra became shockingly practical to put into motion. Abra are found at lv. 10 and 12 in Granite Cave (just outside Dewford Town, for those who’ve forgotten), and if taught a psychic-type move via TM, have a type advantage over most of the commonly-found Pokemon in that cave. This means you can catch even more Abra while training one up to evolution! You never have to leave the Dewford area—except perhaps to buy more Pokeballs!


Short Answer: Yes!

Not-so-Short Answer: Of course you can! At present, Project Abra is a one-man show, so I can only send out Kadabra as fast as I can train them up. The going is pretty slow right now, so I would love any help I can get!

As it stands right now, there’s no special way to “join” the Project. Just catch some Abra, train ‘em up, and trade ‘em out!

There are no rules regarding nicknames or held items, either. (I give mine “codenames” based on their nature/characteristic, and give them berries to hold.) The whole purpose of Project Abra is to bring a smile to your fellow Wonder Trader’s face, so if you think a clever name or a nice item will do that, go right ahead!

If you tag any posts about your Abs and Kadabs with “#projectabra”, I’ll see them and will reblog them here! I’d love to see who is joining me, where they’re sending their Kadabra from, and where those lucky Kadabra are going.

Anything else?

Have fun! Obviously, PROJECT ABRA won’t get you too far in your game file, but it can be a nice distraction to play with from time to time! 

My Pokemon Go wishlist:

1 - Viewing Claimed Gyms - I really want a way to look at your claimed gyms without being in the area. You can see based on the icon if/when your gym is taken over, but I want a way to view it without being in the area. I want to be able to see who my co-owners are and the status of our prestige whenever/wherever.

2 - Less Penalty For “Training” - I honestly never “train” my pokemon at “friendly” gyms because it is very rarely worth it to sacrifice my poke’s health for a bit of a prestige boost. I suppose it can’t be as easy as no penalty but leaving my pokemon practically dead really doesn’t motivate me to help any of my team’s gyms. Or, allow it to help my pokemon’s CP as well as the gym?

3 - Adjusted Candy Transfer System - A three hundred level Raticate and a 30 cp Rattata should not equally be worth one candy upon transfer. That’s silliness. Though the rate should likely adjust per level, you ought to get additional candy for trading in say, an evolved pokemon vs. its basic form. (So like, 1 for Rattata and 2 for Raticate…at the very least) Perhaps base it off of evolution state rather than CP. (Because again, those numbers exist sort of on a sliding scale per player level)

4 - Track. In. Sleep. Mode. - Honestly this is perhaps the biggest issue and the reason so many accidents were/are happening. Pokemon Go demands your full attention and an completely “on” screen to play. I should be able to switch apps briefly without it completely losing my GPS signal. Google Maps is capable of such things, so what gives? A system that uses vibrate/ringtone to indicate a nearby stop/gym/pokemon while the app is running in the background would save my battery and make me appear far less obsessive and can engage me in whatever else I’m doing better. How can I “be aware of my surroundings” if I have to make sure my phone doesn’t go into its sleepmode all the time. (I put mine at 5 mins wait time to avoid this) i could go on forever. Seriously, this is its biggest problem.

Theoretically we know everything ‘bout Pokémon

- 6. june 2016 -

Heyas Guys ‘n’ Gals,

on the one hand I’m a bit salty about the release days Nintendo put Update Videos out, but on the other hand I really have time to think about the things I saw and watch and read reactions of other fans like me.  

For today I planned to collect my favorite Theories regarding to Pokémon Sun & Moon. The Video from last week took away two or three of my top Theories. They were partially confirmed, but I think I’ll summarize the Video and talk about the Theories.

All them Islands!

In the Video we saw a lot. We learned more about the characters, The legendaries and also about the region Alola. Some had the theory that the one Island we got as the Alola region wasn’t the whole thing. Since it was said it’s based on Hawaii, there had to be more than one Island. Now, Hawaii has 8 or 7 Islands, I’m not perfectly sure. That would be perfect, some thought. One for each Gym Leader right? Well, but what’s with the Elite Four? That was a little hole in the theory in my opinion.  But if it had 9 Islands there would be one for each Gym and one for the Elite Four.

Thanks to the Video the answer came fast. We got 5 Island of which one is an artificial one. The one we got to see first was also one of the smaller ones. I think each Island, except the artificial one, will have two gyms. I think the Island we first got is the starting Island and may have only one Gym and the biggest will have three. If you look at the map, you’ll see that we get all kinds of areas.

On the far left we have the Jungle and rocky area. Maybe we have some ancient civilization to explore.  The Island on the right of the starting Island we have possibly an active Volcano, a lot of cities and Towns. It seems to be a church on the right down side, a water plateau on the left up side and again a lot of jungle. Also we have a peninsula with a lighthouse. The big Island is pretty busy to be honest. The main thing you see is the top of the mountain, this is obviously the Ice area. We got also some Towns or single houses. On the top right side we have apparently a warehouse compound with a tower inside of a garden kinda thingy. But on the top side and the left top side we have some thing looking like a Castle and a walled in Town. I’m very curios what is going on with that. Last but definitely not least we have the artificial Island. So there are some theories around this Island. The biggest is that it could be the hide out for the evil Group. Guys, to be honest with you, that is stupid. It is literally in the middle of everything to see for everybody. Also I think the evil group wont be something you would expect, but more to that later. I think it is either the place where the Elite Four reside and/or it is an research Island! Think about it. We got a lot of new stuff and open Questions about the new ways Pokémon is going. Why shouldn’t be the newest Elite Four designated to the research to that and they are way powerful with Mega-Evolution and synergy.

About this Synergy…

Let’s talk about the Player Characters. We got obviously a male and female option to play, but also 4 versions for each. This opens up the possibility to have a customizable character like in X & Y. But the Player Characrter has something on his/her wrist. It isn’t definitely a mega bracelet like in X & Y. The Stone in it is Diamond shaped and looks a lot like the stones in the Burst manga. I don’t think they will introduce the Burst evolution from the Manga, but probably more similar to the Burst in Pokkén Tournament. Maybe they will balance the Pokémon without a Mega-Evolution with the ones which have one. We eventually get new Megas, but additionally everyone else can Burst and give their stats a mayor boost. Other Theories say that it could be like in the Anime with Ash and his Greninja. I honestly think it is a mix of both. Just boost the stats of your Pokémon is good and stuff, but we want to see some thing. So since we saw in the first trailer a week back that we can see the trainers in battles. They could be synchronized with their Pokémon and maybe the pokes will change their appearance a bit. Maybe it only effect the Starters, because it is way to complex to implement this function for almost 800 Pokémon now.

The Sun and Moon will hurt themselves

In the Video we already got almost everything we need to know about the two Legendaries. The Sun Legendary is called Solgaleo, has an ability which prevents to get its Stats lowered, we saw its  unique Move Sunsteel Strike and it has the typing Psychic and Steel.

About that… the Sun Legendary Pokémon, called the Sun devourer, is weak to Fire… this is pretty strange. Well let’s keep going here.

The Moon Legendary is Lunala, its ability reduces the received Damage at full HP, its unique Move is Moongeist Beam which ignores the ability of the opponent and its typing is Psychic and Ghost. Since it is a Ghost it is pretty normal to be weak against other ghosts, but thanks to the additional typing it is four times weak against Ghost AND Dark! The Pokémon of the Moon, which is shining in the DARK night… gets killed by the dark… alright.

So my theory with that is, that this is on purpose. They are maybe the icons for the Sun and the Moon, but they don’t really interacting with those. And if you look at their designs, they look kinda artificial. Remember Magearna, the Man made Pokémon? Now having an artificial Island, I think we are getting a lot of man made Pokémon. Solgaleo being Steel could mean its a creation of Man. And Lunala, when I saw this bat the first time I instantly thought of a Dream catcher. Think about it for a while. I’m not strong enough with my words to explain this convincingly, but maybe some of you people feel the same and create a convincing Theory based of my stupid words.

The Rest of the Features

It wasn’t shown in the Video but apparently there will be a QR scanning function. Meet up with your friends or other people who play Pokémon and scan the QR Code of the Pokémon you haven’t found yet. I guess the map will be large as fudge and you may overlook some of all the 800 Pokes. But then a friends comes along and shows you his super cool Bidoof, which you haven’t caught yet. Scan it and you will get the location.

My speculation with that is that there will probably be legendary contributions that way. “Get to the Store/Convention and get your QR Code” or something like that.

Oh and also Rotom Pokédex LOL…

No but serious, Rotom-dex is another hint that we will probably get more and more artificial Pokes. Rotom is maybe somewhat like Eevee and will get new Forms.

Speaking of Eeveelutions

Everyone and his Grandmum want a new Eeveelution, so do I. So let’s talk about possibilities. The first thing what comes to my mind will be type adventages. The first group Vaporeon, Jolteon and Flareon have the Rock-paper-scissor principal. Umbreon, Espeon and Glaceon, Leafeon are each weak/Strong against each other. But with Sylveon from the sixth generation doesn’t have a counterpart… yet. Let’s look at the type advantages: Fairy is weak against Poison and Steel, strong against Fighting, Bug and immune against Dragon.

That way Dragon would be the obvious choice. Also Fairy was kinda created to oppose the OP Dragons. But following the artificial theme I’m on right now it could be Steel. When think about how the new Eevee could evolve, then I actually would say it will be Fighting. My reasoning behind this is that Sylveon evolves thanks to Pokami and the Eeveelution groups are evolving in similar ways, so this Eevee could evolve through Super Training. The question is whether this function will be in Sun and Moon or not, tho’. The others may be possible, but are unlikely. If I had to order them in possibilities I would say Dragon, Steel then Fighting.

The Biggest of them All

The biggest theory I heard and most like is that Sun and Moon could be the Sequel to X & Y, similar how Gold and Silver is to Red and Blue (and Green).

There are a lot of reasons to back this up. First of the colors of the Game titles. Well it is a design choice and may not be a hint to the relation between the games. But X & Y are colored Red and Blue and Sun and Moon, Gold and Silver. Also starting with X & Y Pokémon kinda started a new era, another timeline. That way some people explain the sudden Megastone stuff.  A World Reboot some would say. In X & Y we have a lot of open questions. The powerplant we couldn’t really enter, the  Couriway Town train station, which you can’t enter and the sundial in Anistar City. Also some speculate the mother in Sun & Moon being Shauna and the Protagonist looks a lot like Calem.

So what could this mean for Sun & Moon? “It is time to go back!” is a sentence stuck in my mind since the first Sun & Moon teaser. We remember in Gold and Silver we could “go back” to Kanto after defeating the Elite Four! This could be a thing. Going back to Kalos and getting the answers we wanted for so long. Maybe continuing the Team Flare story. Or maybe team Flare will already be in Alola for some reason.

Obviously Sun & Moon will already be a big game and fitting two games in one cartridge will be impossible so it could be possible that it is necessary to own X or Y to go Back and continue the Story. You know Nintendo being Nintendo and selling stuff.

Anyway I’m really excited for the next update video, more reveals and the newest information.

Keep your desks clean


Check Please! Pokemon AU

let me preface this by saying that the pokemon theme song is jack. ‘i wanna be the very best’ boom, first line of the song. its jack. its. jack. he wanna be the very best.

inspired a bit by this 

and also because i love pokemon. like a lot.

 anyway, theres more. 

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okay so now that Pokemon Moon and Sun has been revealed I can’t help but make a wishlist (sorry guys I’m very nerdy):

  • (a small thing but) for the male character to be called Sol, and the female to be called Luna
  • each gym leader to be named and based off a planet (maybe the elite four could be stars??)
  • pokemon based off the star signs
  • the legendaries to have interesting/contrasting types (I’m thinking sun=fire/fairy and moon=water/dark because they both fit and they would be both weak and strong against each other)
  • what if there was a whole space journey thing omg???? like I wanna meet some pokemon on the moon omg!!!!!
  • the region to be based off another European country, I think the United Kingdom would be awesome, but Spain would be really cool too because it would then fit into my next wish
  • to visit a second region in the game, Spain would work because then it could connect to Kalos via the unused train station, which would allow the writers to finish off the Zygarde storyline and use those awesome forms (this is also pretty realistic as, from the concept art, the region looks quite hot/tropical)
  • for pokemon to follow you in beautiful 3D
  • pretty cutscenes
  • character customisation
  • much harder gyms and elite four (like a 10 level step up between each gym) or just difficulty level options (also all the elite four should have mega evolutions)
  • great post game
  • competitions (but somehow much more involved, like how they do it in the anime somehow??)
  • the soar ability from ORAS
  • instead of just finding legendaries scattered around the region, actually have storylines towards finding them, give them some god damn history, highlight their importance and why they’re a legendary (maybe even every single legendary could be included, possibly connecting to when they said "and in 2016, it all comes together")
  • more interesting characters, with opinions and motives, who affect the story (like N or Wally)
  • for the gym leaders, elite four, and especially the champion to be more involved in the story, I want to see their personalities!!
  • an interesting storyline with a clear evil team running throughout, who’s purpose isn’t just for money but actually something important
  • for the rival to join the evil team or be something like the chosen one and be captured by them/awaken the poster legendaries
  • pokemon based off myths (especially Greek)
  • be able to ride your own pokemon around anywhere (like the skidoo from X and Y)
  • more pokemon amie!! and other ways to be able to interact with your pokemon more
  • being able to rechallenge the gym leaders (with an improved team) and previous champions (possibly at a sort of battle frontier thing??)
1nky Gets Emotional About Pokemon. News at 11.

(Strap yourselves in - this is a big one).

On my 8th birthday, I didn’t really get many presents. Mom had set up a large cardboard box in the middle of the room, and when I excitedly opened it, it was just full of paper stuffing.

I remember digging through it for a long time, before coming up empty-handed. Thinking it was a trick, I voiced my displeasure to my Mom, who dug straight to the bottom of the box and handed me its real contents.

In my hot little hands was a Game Boy Colour, the Pikachu edition - and a copy of Pokemon Yellow.

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