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Master fic list post

All the cool kids were doing their own list and I have nothing better to do.
*updated 7/11/17

Only on AO3:

Family Hour
Let Bygones Be Bygones
Moving Pictures
New Year, New Us
Closer to Home
Distinctly Mulder
We Wish You a Happy Holiday
Another Christmas Carol
That Was Then, This is Now
One Lonely Night
Before There Was Closure
Looking Back: Nine Moments That Changed Things
The Unscene
Quantum Leap
A Miracle Would Happen
Never Give Up
Not Alone
The Long Goodbye
Enter, A Stranger

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Negan x Number 6 series

Negan x Number 6 (reader~ y/n) ~ Life with Negan and his sixth wife. An ongoing series.

Number 6 - The reader’s life as one of Negan’s wives. The first fic in the series.

Just a Little Shower Fun - The reader enjoys her time with Negan.

Dreams - The reader finds out a secret of Negan’s.

Perfect - The reader learns to accept her differences with the help of Negan. Just a side fic of Number 6.

Rub a Dub Dub - Fun With Negan in a Tub - The reader enjoys bathtime.

Home - The reader realizes where she belongs.

Snow Day - The reader enjoys a rare snowstorm with Negan.

A Christmas Miracle part one - Number 6 receives a Christmas miracle with Negan’s help.

A Christmas Miracle part two -   A little festive fun with Negan

A Christmas Miracle part three - Negan celebrates with Number 6 a little early

A Christmas Miracle part four - Enjoying your presents with Negan

Wife, Singular (ACM part five) - Big changes are coming

six minus five is One - Negan and Number 6 celebrate the big change

Being Number 1 isn’t Easy-  Number 6 and Negan’s new life has a rocky start

Box of Memories - Number 6 has a confrontation with the former wives

bad day ~ bad place -  Number 6 is in a bad mindset, Negan tries his best to help. WARNING -  triggers including self harm

Crazy Girl ~ Crazy Life ~ Number 6 reveals a bit of her past to Negan. ~triggers child abuse

Negan’s One and Only -  A bit of fun times with Negan and his only wife

Giving Her All ~ Number 6 takes care of Negan in a wonderful way

Finding Lucille ~ A glimpse into when Negan x Number 6 first met

All of the above fics except Snow Day and A Christmas Miracle part one are NSFW

I am hoping to have the next part of Number 6 out tomorrow! I want to apologize for my lack of fics, stupid life got in the way! I am trying to make sure to set time aside for writing.

Anyway, if anyone would like to be tagged, just comment on this, or send me a message!

Thanks for reading!

I Wanna Know

Summary: Dean helps the reader decorate for Christmas but he doesn’t make it easy.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,724

Christmas Request by: @loveitsallineed

“Dean Winchester! Stop eating my decorations!” You shout swatting his hand away from the popcorn bowl.

“This is a snack, sweetheart.” He replies rolling his gorgeous green eyes.

“I’m trying to make popcorn garland, dude. Keep it out of your mouth!”

“There are so many dirty things I wanna say right now. I can’t even pick one.” Dean cracks before taking a sip of his whiskey.

You can’t help but snicker at the charming hunter sitting across from you. For some reason, the boy keeps invading your Christmas activities. And he keeps distracting the hell out of you.

Even though the Winchester brothers are both home, you’ve only seen one brother at a time. They’ve barely spent more than two minutes together in the last couple of days and it’s strange as fuck.

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Oh Balthy…

gif is not mine

Title: Oh Balthy…

Pairing: Balthazar x Reader

Word Count: 1,131

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: This was requested by @dreamingofwinchesters! Hopefully you all love it! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! Don’t forget that you can submit headcanon requests! <3

After leaving the Winchesters for what they called a “normal-apple-pie-life”, you started to feel lonely during the holiday season.  You liked how you now had a steady job, had your own house, and not being targeted by monsters was a plus.  It was rare that any hunter go out of that life, but you were  one of the few.  In a way your life still felt unfulfilled and empty.

It was Friday, and Christmas was tomorrow.  You sat on your couch, sipping on your hot cocoa.  There was a flutter of wings to the side opposite of you.  Your eyes quickly darted to the angel that stood beside the couch.  You hadn’t seen him in a few years now, but it was so good to see him.  You set your cocoa down on the coffee table beside you.

“Oh don’t get up on my account [Y/N],” Balthazar remarked with heavy sarcasm.  “It’s only been three years since we’ve seen each other.”

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AN: this doesn’t have a title because I suck at titles but also because I made it for Elissa as a little something for Christmas. I hope she enjoys and I hope the rest of you enjoy as well. Merry Christmas 💕


Originally posted by daveeddiggsit

The night was perfect. Gilbert was there helping you decorate the apartment. Your favorite holiday music had been playing softly in the background all day, much to his enjoyment- he spent more time dancing and singing than helping, but you didn’t mind. You just loved having him around and it didn’t matter what you were doing. But today he just seemed particularly perfect. The way his curls bounced as he leaped around the house, the way he smiled ear to ear when he caught you rolling your eyes- God, his smile was the most beautiful you had ever seen. You were jolted from your thoughts when he rested his hand on the small of your back, laughing melodically. 

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Dear Daddy,

It wasn’t supposed to happen this way. I was supposed to go to college in the fall and come back and see you for Christmas. Me going to school was supposed to be “goodbye for now,” not “goodbye forever.” It still seems so unreal to me, like maybe, instead of being dead, you’re just hiding somewhere. Maybe you’re on a long vacation and we just didn’t know. Maybe I’m just dreaming all of this. God, I wish I were just dreaming all of this. But I think of the moment I got to the hospital, having taken an early plane, praying the whole way that that would be enough to see you alive one last time. I remember discovering that you had died while I was waiting for my plane. And I remember going in to see you, or rather, your body, because the hospital had kept you in your room six hours after your death just so I would get a chance to say goodbye. I remember what I saw there, and I know I couldn’t have dreamed that. My subconscious could not have anticipated the way you looked so much unlike you, but how your hands alone were completely the same. I could never have imagined you in that state, because really, it wasn’t you.

Daddy, I prayed more in a span of a few days than I have in the rest of my life. On that miserable, agonizing two hour plane ride, I prayed for a Christmas miracle. I figured God couldn’t let you die two weeks before Christmas. I had no idea that my prayers were too late. And when I found out what really happened, I fell, dropping all my luggage and completely losing control over my legs. I don’t think I’ve prayed once since… 

Six months later, it still doesn’t feel real. Six months later, it still feels like maybe you could come back to me. You were my best friend, Daddy, you can’t leave me like this. It had to be a dream, it can’t have been real, and you have to come back. Please, Daddy. Come back.


The daughter with a shattered heart

Santa’s Little Helper

Request: no

Summary: You really didn’t want to babysit your goddaughter but a trip to the mall changes things. 

Warnings: fluff, smut, touch of angst, unprotected sex (wrap it up), chubby! Dean, bi!dean

Tags:@xxkaagexx @training-wolves @biggestelfever @phoenix-dec3ndant @agentkenziecaptainamerica 

Originally posted by queenofhelldarlin

If there was a day you hated more than Thanksgiving or your Birthday, it was Christmas. The whole Christmas season was miserable, especially when you were with your family. Your family life wasn’t the best(but certainly not the worst) and once you left, you left. It had been years since you had seen them and intended to keep it that way, dropping a line on the important days. 

Your family now consisted of your best friend Emily, her boyfriend Jason, and their daughter Isabelle. Most days were great except for when they were both stumbling drunk and horny, those were the days when you scooped up Isabelle and found anywhere to be but the house. Today was one of those days. 

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Destiel Fanfiction Masterpost

Someone asked me for a masterlist - and I realized I didn’t have one. So, without further ado:


An Old Intimate Friend (omega!dean, alpha!Cas Emma!AU)

Casual (alpha!Dean, alpha!Cas)

Enough Vs. Good (alpha!Dean, omega!Cas)

Purple Ties And Granted Wishes (omega!Dean, alpha!Cas, regency!AU)
Sequel: A Single Blue Tie
Sequel: One More Miracle

Queer Or Not (transomega!Dean, omega!Cas)

Canon(-ish) fics:

Different Universe, Same Thing
Longer Version: I Fear No Fate, Nor World


John’s Return (warning: Not John Winchester friendly)

Healthy Betrayal 

From Childhood’s Hour (Sam’s POV)

Chick Life Moments (turned into women AU)

The Usual Way (Sam’s POV)

Song Of Grief, Song Of Joy (case fic)

Push And Pull (Post 11x09, mention of DeanxAmara)

Language Barrier

The Devil May Care (Lucifer!Cas until the last few sentences)

Motherhenning 101 (Sam’s POV)

As Luck Would Have It

Once Too Many (implied destiel)

Not So Old-Fashioned (Mary in the bunker)

Stay (12x03 fix-it)

Christmas Fics: 

Destiel Christmas Calendar (canon AU)

First Christmas (established relationship AU)

First Meetings AUs

Sanely Insane

Sweet Dessert

Friends To Lovers AUs: 

Cupid’s Free Will

A Lifetime For Forever (MCD but it’s happy, I promise)


Heaven Or You

Art For Art’s Sake

Unexpected Boyfriend


Aspects Of Desire (demisexual!Cas)

The Most Accepting Roommate

Coffee And Kisses

The Picture

Casual Courting

A Ring That Fits


Random AUs

Courting Gifts (all angel!AU)

New Page (bookstore owner!Cas)

Status Quo (Dean freaking out over changing his Facebook relationship status)

Taking Care (established relationship, light angst)

Not Exactly Expected (established relationship, Sam’s POV)

The Signs Of A Breakup (established relationship, angst)

Good Nights (Hypnos!Cas AU)

Good Impression (Cas meeting Sam and Jess)

Finally (Friends with Benefits)

New Point Of View (Sam’s POV)

And Action (actor!Cas, director!Dean)

Abandoned (short horror ficlet)

Drama Queen (established relationship, light angst)

Best Laid Plans

Open House (Dean moves in with Bobby after Sam goes to Stanford, human!Cas)
Companion Piece: Open Door

Unusual Anniversary (friends with benefits)

Sex, Rehab and Rock n’ Roll (rockstar!Dean, doctor!Cas)

Broccoli And Hot Chocolate

Wrong Number, Right Call

Don’t Know, Don’t Care

One Call (famous!Cas)
Sequel: One Meeting

Love And Dark Magic (wizard!Dean, carpenter!Cas)

Reconnection (established relationship, Sam’s POV)

That’s Family For You

Symmetry (established relationship, Sam’s POV)

Surprise (established relationship, Sam’s POV)
Longer Version: A Writer’s Surprise

Titles (everyone knows)

Telepathy (Cas and Jimmy are twins, Amelia POV)

Daughter knows best (Cas and Jimmy are twins, matchmaker!Claire)

Soulmate AUs

Dream Inhibition

This Terrible Pathetic Love 

The Choice We Make

A Sign

Strangers To Lovers AUs

Wrong Impression


Sunday Morning

What Happens In Vegas Returns To Lawrence (shotgun wedding AU)

anonymous asked:

Number 6 of the drabble game with Chris Evans :) 💕

This one got long… 

#6 The truth lodged, bitter tasting, in his mouth.

You had been on his mind for endless, endless days. On set, even when he was focused on delivering the right lines, at the same time, he was focused on you. You, you, you. It kept him up at night, laying in his hotel room, his phone unlocked and beside him with your number on the screen. Every night he thought about it. Calling you. But every time his thumb would hover over that call button, Chris would hesitate, sigh heavily, and go back to staring at the ceiling and wondering why he couldn’t gather up the courage to just say it.

Sebastian and Anthony had noticed. How Chris would disappear on breaks, slip into his trailer without a word. Not many others notice. Not when Chris put on a good show that he was fine. But they knew something was wrong. More times they most, when they investigated, they found him with his phone in his hand, your contact screen opened again. Sebastian normally tried to pull it away from him, Anthony would tell Chris to give it a rest. None of it worked. Chris couldn’t stop thinking about you.

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Christmas miracle

Requested by Anonymous:  hello ~ can you please write a suga scenario where he confesses to you on a snowy christmas day but is shy and struggles to say the words right ? that would be perfect<3 also, merry christmas!

I still have a few others requests waiting in my ask box but I just had to do this one since it’s Christmas themed!   (*´▽`*)

‘’Woah, look! It’s snowing!’’ you shouted, feeling the touch of fragile snowflakes on your face for the first time this winter. And to think it was even Christmas day. ‘’So we’re going to have a white Christmas after all!’’

You jogged back to where Yoongi was and pulled him by his scarf. Your best friend was pretty quite today. Not that he’s usually really talkative, but he kind of seemed so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t even mind when you dragged him out for a walk even though it was freezing outside.

‘’Yo, Yoongi.’’ you waved your hand in front of his face. ‘’Earth to Yoongi!’’

‘’Did you just ‘’yo’’ me?’’ he chuckled, finally showing something that is not a confused expression he was wearing the whole day.

‘’Oh, come on!’’ you whined, still pulling him by the ends of his fluffy scarf. He was actually considering wearing one more but you managed to stop him. Considering that he already had half of his closet on him right now you highly doubted that one more scarf would help him in any way. 

‘’It’s finally snowing and it’s Christmas day and we’re actually spending some time together after not seeing each other for a whole week! Show me a happy face!’’ You poked his cheek expecting him to brush off your request like his grumpy old self.

But his gummy smile took you by surprise. You couldn’t help but blush a little seeing how his face lit up. Not going to lie, you always felt something for him but never actually showed it. You were satisfied with just being by his side and ruining your friendship with a silly confession was never an option…since him saying ‘’yes’’ to it was only something you could dream of…something that would never happen in reality.

You quickly grabbed his hand and started dragging him towards the first caffe you saw, turning your head away from him trying desperately to hide your blushing face. What a great time for your feeling to start resurfacing again….

‘’We should go in and get some hot chocolate.’’ you said, trying pretty hard to make your voice sound normal. But you weren’t even convincing yourself.

Turning back to Yoongi when he stopped and refused to move you couldn’t help but notice that you weren’t the only one who was troubled by something.

‘’Any other time I would say yes but…’’ he stopped for a moment looking like he’s having a hard time deciding if he should continue or not. ‘’I need to talk to you about something and…I kind of don’t want that many people to be around so…if you don’t mind…’’ he pointed towards a nearby park.

You just nodded and you two started walking again. Considering how lost in thoughts he was earlier you just hoped there weren’t any problems with the groups. But you decided it was highly unlikely knowing how close they were.

When you two reached the park he stopped and looked around kind of nervously. You were watching him curiously while he started moving closer to you.

‘’So…’’ he was facing you now and you noticed his red cheeks, wondering if it was because of how cold he was or something else caused it  

‘’Yes, Yoongi?’’ you asked, furrowing your eyebrows…still clueless. 

‘’You know that I’m not good with expressing my feelings.’’ he was looking you straight in the eyes but his hands were clutching his own scarf pretty desperately. ‘’I would rather write you a song, but…boys said I should just be straightforward.’’

This is not happening. Yoongi is not confessing to you. You got something wrong. There’s not way something like that would ever happen…right?

Yoongi was the one who answered your question. ‘’What I wanted to say is…well, I like you. I like you a lot. I can’t even explain how much you mean to me, so,um…’’ he chuckled nervously when he saw your face. ‘’ I knew the song would be better than this!’’

At that moment you just had to laugh at how fidgety he was. The usual Yoongi full of swag disappeared and this little nervous ball of fluff wrapped in a huge scarf took his place. 

You weren’t getting anything wrong. That though finally hit you and you took a step closer to him and finally whispered. ‘’I’m sure the song would be amazing but this was enough for me. Just the thought that you feel the same…’’

‘’You mean…?’’ his face was now so close to yours and you could see his lips forming an adorable smile before you whispered ‘’I love you too, Yoongi.’’ and your lips connected in a kiss both of you probably waited for too long.

It finally snowed and your best friend confessed his love for you. And that was the day you started believing in Christmas miracles.

You met him on the first day of your daughter’s kindergarten, because he was the only other single parent there in a room full of couples. And ever since then, you and Luke had been close friends, your kids even closer. Your daughter went over to play with Luke’s son at least twice a week, but you never minded because that meant you got to see the man with twinkling blue eyes who made you weak at the knees.

Now, the two of you had decided to forgo the misery together and wait in the never-ending line to see the mall’s Santa, your kids both chattering with excitement. Your daughter was rattling off a list of all the toys she planning on telling Santa she wanted, while Luke’s son was gazing awestruck at all the giant candy canes and wondering aloud how long it would take to eat one of them, apparently unable to realize that they weren’t eatable.

The two of them were about to burst with excitement when you finally reached Santa, both eagerly climbing up onto his lap and posing for the picture. You and Luke exchanged smiles, looking back to see Santa asking your children what they wanted for Christmas.

As you’d seen them do many times before (just not on Santa’s lap) your daughter and Luke’s son looked over at each other and smiled, obviously in agreement about something, before your daughter leaned in and whispered something into the older man’s ear.

His eyes widened for a second before he chuckled, hand stroking his beard in thought.

“Well,” Santa looked up at you and Luke, his mouth turning up in a grin, “it seems that they’ve wished for the two of you to be together this Christmas.”

Luke’s brow furrowed. “Together?”

You blushed. “As in…”

Suddenly, a high voice belonging to Luke’s son piped up, yelling so loud you swore people across the mall would be able to hear it, “I want her to be my mommy, daddy!”

And as you looked at Luke, whose face held a small smile as he halfheartedly shrugged his shoulders, you started to believe that hey, maybe Christmas miracles did exist.

For alreadymissings and featuringluke’s holiday!5sos blurb night!

Do you guys know what I really want to do ?
A Wreck-It Ralph themed Discord server for me and my rp friends.
Because honestly, I follow so many Video Game rp blogs, and I want to interact with so many of you guys but most of the time it doesn’t work because ?? The settings don’t fit and maybe roleplaying a verse isnt super fun. So a Wreck It Ralph themed server would be so good and well fitting ?? Because you wouldn’t have to give up on your muses personality and backstory and neither have I- plus we all can brag about our fandoms and our games and it would be good and nice, plus it opens possibilities to interact with so many people you didn’t expect before !

Mistletoe (Reader x Avengers)

Originally posted by iistrawberry

Summary: Tony has a plan with the mistletoe and no one in the tower is safe.

A/N: There was a lot of gifs I could have used for this, but I couldn’t say no to this one. Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas is one of my favorite Christmas movies. I still have my VHS copy of it even if I can’t play it.

The tower was decked out in Christmas decorations. From the large tree that took up most of the space in the living area, to the stockings hanging on the fireplace, and the lights that wrapped around every room there was not one thing that was left untouched by the Christmas holiday cheer.

I sat on the counter in the kitchen watching Nat and Tony argue over the mistletoe. Tony, as always, wanted to hang one up in every doorway of the tower. Nat on the other hand wanted no mistletoes at all. She wasn’t the only one. I 100% backed her up.

“But it’s Christmas,” Tony wined holding one of the mistletoes in his hand. “We have to have mistletoe.”

“We already told you Tony, no mistletoe,” Nat said placing her hands on her hips and glaring at the billionaire. “Last year was a disaster that almost ended up in a fist fight.”
“That won’t happen this time,” he argues.

Last year Tony had placed mistletoe in the elevator, needless to say it didn’t end well.

“How are you so sure,” I ask.

“One,” he says. “(Y/N) just let me have one.”

Nat turns to look at me and I shrug. How much damage could one mistletoe make?

“Fine,” Nat sighs. “You can have one, but don’t put it in the elevator.

“Don’t worry I know just where to put it,” Tony says happily before rushing out the kitchen.

“We are going to regret this later aren’t we,” I say jumping off the counter.

“I don’t doubt it,” she says leaving the kitchen just as Steve walks in.

“What doesn’t Nat doubt,” Steve asks walking over tot the refrigerator and taking out the orange juice.

“That we will regret letting Tony have mistletoe in the tower,” I tell him grabbing two glasses from one of the cupboards and placing them on the counter in front of him.

“After what happened last year you are still letting him have the mistletoe,” Steve asks pouring juice in both cups.

“Just one,” I tell him grabbing one of the cups and taking a sip.

“He’s not going to put it in the elevator is he?”

“No. We told him he couldn’t.”

“Then where is he going to put it,” Steve asks drinking from his own cup.

“I don’t know.”

“Then I guess we should be on the look out for it,” he says.

“Why are you so interested in where the mistletoe will be Rogers,” I say leaning back on the counter. “Is there a special someone you want to catch under it?”

Steve’s cheeks turn bright pink and he chokes on his juice. “No,” he coughs. “I just meant so we don’t fall for his trap and walk through it.”

“You’re right,” I say still laughing at his near death experience. “We should keep an eye out for it.”

 A week had gone by and no one had found Tony’s mistletoe. We asked him several times where he had placed it, but all he would tell us was “Don’t worry you’ll find it.”

“I don’t like this,” I tell Nat as I lean in front of her desk she is sitting at. “There is something very suspicious about the mistletoe.”

“I know Tony,” Nat said. “I know he is planning something, but I don’t know what.”

There was a low hum above us. Confused we both look up.

“Is that a…” I trail off looking up.

“It’s a drone with mistletoe hanging from it,” Nat sighs.

“You have to kiss,” Tony yelled from across the room with the controller for the done in his hand. “It’s the rule.”

“I should have seen this coming,” Nat frowns.

“Kiss,” Tony yells again.

“He’s not leaving until we do,” I tell her.

“I know.”

I lean forward and peck her cheek and she does the same.

“You two are no fun,” Tony frowns and makes the drone fly back to him before leaving.

“This is going to be worse than the elevator,” I sigh.

I was right. This was worse than last year. At least last year we could be careful and make sure we didn’t stand under the mistletoe at the same time as someone else. This year there was no running from it. Tony always found us.

In the last few days I had been caught with Bruce, who was extremely awkward about it before I kissed his cheek. When I was caught with Wanda it was similar, just a quick kiss on the cheek, and with Clint too. I was caught with Sam who hesitated slightly before placing a chaste kiss on my lips. Lastly I was caught with Pietro who took full advantage of the situation and fully kissed me on the lips. I wasn’t complaining. The speedster knew how to kiss.

By this point any conversations I had with anyone was with them at least six feet way from me. Even if I had been caught with most of the team by now Tony was known to go back a second time.

I currently stood in the kitchen looking for the Christmas cookies. I spotted them on the top shelf of one of the cupboards. Standing on my tippy toes and stretching as far as I could I still couldn’t reach them.

I sigh in defeat before a muscular arm crosses in front of me and grabs the cookies form the top shelf.

“Here,” Steve said handing me the cookies.

“Thanks,” I say taking them from him.

Before he can turn around and leave the familiar hum of the mistletoe drone is heard above of.

“Damn it Tony,” I curse looking up at the drone.

I look at Steve who is looking down at me. “Just a kiss on the cheek and he’ll leave,” Steve says.

“Yeah, just on the cheek,” I say as he leans down. After all these years of having mistletoe around the tower during the holidays I had never been caught with Steve. I guess I just had that kind of luck. But now that it was happing I didn’t want to settle for just the cheek.

Before his lips met with my cheek I turned my head and pressed my lips to his. It wasn’t what I was expecting. I thought Steve, being who he is, would have pulled away quickly; instead he pulled me in closer deepening the kiss.

Once we pulled apart gasping for air he pressed his forehead to mine with his eyes still closed.

“That was…unexpected,” I say breathlessly.

“I’m sorry (Y/N),” Steve says pulling away. “I shouldn’t have done that.

“No,” I quickly say. “It was good unexpected.”

“Now that’s what I call a Christmas miracle,” Tony whistled. “You two can thank me later,” he said before turning around and leaving with his mistletoe drone trailing behind him.


Part I: reason | Part II: alone | Part III: happy misfortune | Part IV: dreamyPart V: possibilities | extra: texting I | Part VI: secret

December 29th

Remus opened his eyes slowly to the blinding light, it was like God forgot to turn down the brightness today, the winter sun was entering through the only window in his small room swallowing everything else. The headache was nothing like he had ever had to endure, it was like elephants were dancing in his brain and it hurt to even blink. He knew he didn’t drink as much as he normally could but he had gotten so caught up in the beauty that is Sirius Black, he had forgotten he wasn’t used to drinking this fast. Remus’ hand unintentionally went to where his scar was as his mind hanged on every small memory of the raven haired man and it all came back to him, Sirius had seen him without a shirt on and his flawless long fingers had roamed on Remus’ skin.  

Remus didn’t know how to feel. He remembered the relief and the euphoria he felt as Sirius touched the scar on his chest, how he expected his touch to burn but how it was like magic flowing through his fingertips to his skin. He was still sleeping his arm over his eyes as he shuffled ever so slightly in his sleep, the shuffling got a bit stronger with every second that passed and Sirius started pushing something Remus couldn’t see.

“No, please!” he begged, he was asleep but his words were clear. Why would a man like Sirius would have nightmares? Remus got out of his bed and went by him.

“Sirius?” he whispered, terrified of touching him he hovered over him.

“It wasn’t his fault, please,” he continued, his voice croaked and tearful.

“Sirius?” said Remus firmly, still not touching him, he hoped he would wake up.

“NO!” echoed his voice and Remus found himself slowly shaking Sirius.

“Sirius? Come on, it’s a nightmare,” he pleaded, as pale grey eyes opened with so much fear in them Remus felt his heart break, he was like an abandoned puppy. His hands were on Remus’ arms holding onto him like he was on the edge of a cliff, his nails were softly digging into Remus’ slightly darker skin without intending to. “It’s just a nightmare, you are awake and no one can hurt you as long as you are here with me. Alright?” 

He was breathing so heavily, Remus feared he would go into a panic attack but as his breathing regulated, his fingers were no longer as strong as they were. Sirius let his head fall back to his pillow and sighed.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I’m 25 years old and I still have nightmares, what a joke right?”

“It happens,” assured Remus, his headache that he had forgotten in the heat of the moment came back full force. “Argh!”

“What’s wrong?”

Vodka. Vodka is wrong,” he winced and got up from Sirius’ bed to go downstairs. “It’s almost noon, we should eat something or just take five advils and sleep again.”

“Five advils sound extremely unhealthy,” smiled Sirius. “We should eat something and drink loads of water, we’ll be back to normal in no time.”

When Remus went downstairs he found a note on the refrigerator from his mother saying that they were out for groceries since Peter, James and Lily would be arriving tomorrow, she was starting to get prepared. It would have been better if they were here to ease the tensions of last night and this morning combined but apparently Remus had to face his fear and look at Sirius in the eyes longer than five seconds.

The breakfast was too quiet for both of them, Remus knew the nightmare was just a cherry on top and he needed to breathe a little. 

“I really should check my e-mails before my boss murders me,” said Sirius as he pulled a laptop from his duffel bag. “Just because I took some time of doesn’t mean she did.”

“Oh, yeah, sure go ahead let me give you the WiFi password,” Remus replied, relieved that he would have some time to go over his essays he had finished days ago just to have some distraction. Ever since the nightmare he hadn’t stopped thinking about what Sirius saw and what he was so scared of.

“Thanks,” muttered Sirius with a smile that would bring the spring to North Pole.

They were sitting together in the living room, Remus drowning in all the papers surrounding him, the only noise in the house was coming from Sirius’ keyboard. The thoughts were pushing him to talk to Sirius about the nightmare but that voice in the back was warning him not to. His logic said no but his heart said yes, because he never wanted to see that fear in Sirius’ eyes ever again.

“Can I ask you something?” he blurted, his logic defeated again. This didn’t happen before, not until he met Sirius Black.


“What was your nightmare about?”

“I’m afraid that is something I need to keep a secret for the time being Remus,” he replied without even lifting his head up. 

“If you say so,” he shot back as softly as he can but he was a little disappointed that he didn’t trust him enough to tell him what it was, he got back to reading his essays and he could feel Sirius’ gaze on himself burning through his skin but he kept his head down.

Why did he feel entitled to know maybe his deepest darkest secret when it hadn’t been a week since they had met? Why did he feel sad that Sirius didn’t trust him as much as he trusted him? Why did he trust Sirius? What was so special about him that all the walls Remus had built up all his life came down this easily?

When Hope and Lyall came back Remus threw himself in the kitchen a little too eagerly to help his parents. It wasn’t that he had a problem with Sirius but it seemed like Sirius had a problem with something Remus can’t put his finger on.

“So how was last night?” asked his mother eagerly. “Did you have fun?”

“It was alright, I guess,” he answered, his mind anywhere else but where it should be.

“Did something happen?”

“No, actually it didn’t,” said Remus. “I don’t know what’s going on either mum, I just roll with it.”

“He doesn’t look like his usual self,” whispered Hope. “It’s like his blood is drained.”

“He woke up with a nightmare this morning,” he explained in response.

“My poor child. That’s probably the reason,” she said worriedly. “Did you ask him what’s wrong?”

“I didn’t dare to be honest,” he replied as he stared at the beautiful man sitting on the couch his eyes fixed on the laptop screen, his hair messy and his head low.

It had been a weird day and Hope was aware as they didn’t talk through the dinner either. She had tried to get them talking but it was like Sirius pulled a veil around himself and was unreachable. How did so much had changed from last night to this morning and to this moment?

When they decided they should sleep, Remus decided he should probably start a conversation so that they would end the day on a high note.

“Umm, I should probably warn you about James,” he began as he watched Sirius change into his pyjamas. “He can be a bit intimidating and weird but he means well. You’ll get used to him after a few hours.”

Sirius just smiled as he pulled the blanket over his bed. 

“I’m sure we’ll get along just fine if he’s your best friend,” he said without the slightest change in his voice.

“Yeah, he tends to be a little too wary of people he just met,” continued Remus without taking his eyes off of him, begging for just a glance his way. “Have I done something wrong?”

I really should start thinking before I speak.

“Why would you say that?” said Sirius sounding genuinely surprised. “Of course not, you didn’t.”

“You have been, uh, a little different all day.”

“It’s nothing, I was just consumed by all the work that piled up,” he lied, it was as apparent as the moon in the sky.

“Alright,” he replied and turned the light off. “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Remus.”

The Christmas miracle in his red suit

Short summary: Y/N Y/L/N is almost too kind, so kind it made her life a bit harder than it had to be. Listen to how one of her most unfortunate nights, became the most important in her life. Discover her in-real-life-Christmas miracle in Central City.

A/N: OK, so I know many of you are still waiting patiently for your requests, but I felt like posting something festive, bc people! It’s December! And December equals Christmas! So to force myself to pull myself together, I made a little Christmas-special to y'all! 

“Because of the bad weather, all trains have been canceled,” A deep sigh escaped my lips as I sat down on the bench in disappointment. Why did mother nature suddenly decide to hate me? I never did anything wrong! I always helped when needed: Gave old ladies my seat on the bus, never said no to people needing favors, I even held my hotel rooms tidy so the maids wouldn’t get too much work! So why would the Gods above leave me stranded in Central City on Christmas eve?

“I’m sorry, Sammy but if Santa doesn’t drop by to give me a lift home, there is no way I will get home to you guys in time,” I tried to talk sense to my baby brother – though I already knew that was pointless.
“But you never know! Christmas is all about magical things and miracles, right? Now tell the rest that I love them, and will try my best to get home as soon as possible! OK bye, bubba,” I hung up, and left the needy, crowded station with my hopes up something would save me – or better yet: Someone.

I realized within seconds that the guy on speaker earlier wasn’t the describer-guy. Because when people say ‘bad weather’, some associate it with a bit windy and tons of rain. What was going on in Central City was a full on snowstorm. The wind was whiplashing, and the snow – something that usually caused a good, tingly feeling in my stomach, was now hurting my face and blinding me. 

I tucked my thin scarf good around my neck and placed a pair of emergency-sunglasses on which hopefully, would cover my eyes from the white weapons of frozen, crystalline water. So there I went, in one of my least useful scarves, protecting 30% of my neck, and a pair of sunglasses that made me look like some sort of lame celebrity (because which stupid celebrity walks through a weather like this, and in sunglasses). 

My feet were getting colder and stiffer by the minute, and all I wanted was to curl up in a warm place and cry. Though sunglasses were better than nothing at all, they really didn’t help much. So as I staggered forwards, I promised myself that next time anyone from work needed me to cover for them, I would check the weather cast before accepting.

And as if the Angels had heard and listened to my thoughts and prays of mercy, I spotted Jitters. Suddenly my numb feet seemed to move faster. Please say it’s good coffee, oh God, please. 

The place was so crowded I first wondered if some famous artist was performing. Though I quickly learned there was more than me that needed asylum from outside. 
“Excuse me, but where does the line start?” The lady in front of me turned, and gave me and my frosty self a pitiful smile while saying:
“I think it’s at the corner of the counter, hun,”
“Thanks! And merry Christmas,” I smiled back at her and dived deeper in the human see. Now, if I was a counter, where would I be?

“Hi, uh, sorry, I’m just trying to… yeah, thanks. Pardon me, yeah, sorry, I just need to get to the line, hehe, sorry?” I continued telling people to let me through, but looking back I probably moved 1 mile per hour – maybe two.
“Excuse- oh I’m so sorry!” My body had clumsily bumped into the person in front of me. My eyes that were currently staring at the ground, worked its ways upwards towards his face. Once I saw his deep, green eyes, it was impossible to look away. Never had I ever seen such beautiful eyes…

The man in front of me gave a little cough which made me snap out of my trance. He must have seen my surprised manner, and found it funny, because next thing I know, the handsome guy is laughing. 
“It’s some weather out there,” My bad attempt at small talk made him stop laughing, the only evidence of his earlier state being his smile. Really Y/N? The weather?
“Yeah, I can’t remember last time it was this bad… I’m Barry, by the way, Bary Allen," if this had been at a different place, I would have shaken his hand, or given him a hug, but we were both incapable – so I didn’t. So instead I just nodded and smiled.
"Hi Barry, I’m Y/N, so… you’re from here?” And that’s how our conversation started.

“Hey, do you have plans later?” Barry asked me, and I let out yet another sigh.
“Yes, well… Sort of,” I said, not knowing what to answer him. I mean, if a guy you had known for thirty minutes just asked you if you had plans, what would you do?
“Sort of?” He seemed confused by my answer – obviously, so I told him. I told him everything and hoped he wasn’t a Psyco-murderer that would take me afterward.

“How do you feel about a Christmas dinner at my friend’s place?“ I was happy he didn’t give me any pity-stares. Though his offer seemed tempting, a little voice in my head held me back from accepting. You can’t just interrupt their Christmas dinner just because you’re stranded here, Y/N. Plus: You’re not dressed for the occasion, some jeans and a sweater – too casual, Y/N. 

As if he had heard my thoughts, Barry talked again. 
"I can assure you they won’t mind, Y/N. And it’s casual, but if you’re uncomfortable, I’m sure Iris have something you can borrow from her!” Oh great, he had a girlfriend. In spite of my earlier thoughts on the case, I answered: “Ok, I mean: it’s not like I have something better to do,” and then he smiled at me, making me knees go a bit weak.

“Shoot, we have to leave! I completely forgot the time!” Barry jumped out of his chair, and I followed his pace.
“When were we supposed to be there?” I asked while taking on my coat.
“Forty-five minutes ago,” I looked at my new friend with shock in my eyes.
“Barry!” Forty-five minutes? Didn’t that mean…
“The house is a fifteen-minute walk away,”
“Let’s make it in ten,” And then we left.

While walking down the snowy roads, realization suddenly hit me.
“Barry, what am I going to do with my family. I haven’t seen them in half a year, and my brother has been lo-”
“Relax Y/N, I’ll get you home by Christmas morning, I promise,” Barry chuckled, sending me the most beautiful smile I could ever imagine.
“I have my ways,” he winked at me, and we continued walking.

Five minutes later, the conversation was in a lighter tone. Though when the laughter calmed down, and we just walked in silence. Without noticing it, my body had started to shake, I could already hear my mother scold me for not dressing right (for both a Christmas party and snowy weather)
“Here,” Barry handed me his coat.
“You’re cold, take my jacket,” he laughed, and took the body heated cloth around me.
“But now you’ll get cold!” I said, pushed the jacket off of me, and gave it back to him, which his quick reflexes swiftly denied.
“I don’t get cold,”
“That’s bull and you know it,” his smirk went back on his face, and he shook his head while a little laugh escaped my lips.
“High metabolism,” he gave me a wink and zipped the zipper up to my chin.

With our hair wet from the weather outside, and Barry’s sweater soaking wet, we stumbled in the door both out of breath from both laughing and running the last hundred meters.
“Hey, Bar, oh, who’s this?” Our laughter stopped, and my attention drifted towards the sound.
“Oh, hi Iris, this is Y/N, I met her at Jitters. Her train got canceled because of the weather,” he explained and took off my (his) jacket for me.
“Hi Iris, I’m so sorry for just popping up out of nowhere,”
“No, no, it’s alright, you shouldn’t be alone at Christmas eve,” before I knew it, Iris’s warm smile was reflecting my own, and two cups of eggnog were placed in each of my hands.

“I think I’m team Milsther,” I said, my head free from any worries for the second time today. Barry’s group of friends turned out to be very friendly and nice. Now we were currently putting the grandma-feud to an end (after maybe too many cups of eggnog). 
“I will drink to that!” Cisco says with a wide grin on his face. We clinked our cups and took a sip each, when I turned to see Barry on the other side of the table, my eyes instantly met his. Unlike the rest of us, he didn’t seem too affected by the spiked drink. This interested me, so with the argument going on by the table, I silently raised from my seat and so did he.
“I would normally go out to the porch,” he said, looking straight into my eyes.
“And I would have followed, but the sofa tempts me more at the moment,” the smile on our faces reached our eyes, and we sat down.

Joined by bits of alcohol, happiness was running through my veins. I found myself in a Christmas miracle. Along with missing my train, I had met a really cute guy that I liked very much. He had the best sense of humor and a smile that made my knees go weak. I could often find myself getting lost in his beautiful green eyes, which would often conclude with him laugh at me for not listening.

“I really like your laugh,” my tipsy self, took over my body, letting my mind run freely, and my personality bold. Trying not to give in, Barry showed me a killer smile, and if it wasn’t my head fooling with my senses, I would say his cheeks turned a light shade of pink.
“Thank you, I really like your laugh as well,” his words got me giggling and fired up.
“Oh, you don’t mean that!” I said, fisting his shoulder a bit too hard (ok so I may have been a bit more than tipsy). He opened his mouth, as if he was to say something more, but got interrupted by Cisco.
“Barry! My man, get yo girl over here!”

Sunlight woke me up, followed up with a strong headache. Oh, God where am I, thoughts were filling my head with worry as I took in the details of my surroundings. Scheisse, my mind continued cursing in different languages, it’s Christmas Day! 
“Y/N?" I had almost succeeded getting dressed without waking anyone up, but of course, I managed to trip over something on my way to the door, and down came Mr. right.

“What’s going on?” His grogginess didn’t calm down my panic. In fact, you could not only see it see by my gesticulations, but I believe anyone could have sensed it in the atmosphere of the living room, that my panic had increased.
“I promised him, Barry! I promised I’d be home! And I’m not home! I’m hundreds of miles away from home! How am I supposed to make it in ten minutes?!” My voice had leveled up to a point where I would normally be sure I had awakened the whole household.
“Y/N, just let me get changed and I will get you there in five,” his attempt to talk sense to me failed miserably, as I exploded like the ticking bomb I was.
“HOW CAN YOU POSSIBLY GET ME HOME WITHIN FIVE MINUTES?” i blinked and he was gone. The second time my eyes opened, a man in a red suit stood in front of me, and before I knew it, Barry’s voice escaped his lips.

“Uh..uhm..uh-uh…” Out of all the intellectual, funny, smart and witty stuff I could have said, those were the things that my mouth chose – you could clearly see it wasn’t my mind’s work. In spite of my hometown being far from Central city, everyone knew of The Flash. I mean: He’s a superhero! Who wouldn’t know of him? Though most of his fans from home fantasized about his abs, how his handsome face would look like, I was more intrigued by how he got his powers. 
“How?” I finally managed to say something useful, but sadly, I wasn’t very happy about his answer.

“It’s a long story,” Barry rubbed his neck while looking down. 
“Yeah, yeah you’re right, we need to flash- Oh God no!” He laughed at my embarrassment, which by some sort, made my confidence boost.
“I would have liked to see you talk to your idol,” and once again my mouth made another bad decision of wording. Before he had time to react I spoke again.
“You know, we should really get going,” he nodded, and we were off.

The whole way, I had my hands plastered on his torso, and my eyes set to the side. Though I saw mostly scarlet rubber, I didn’t miss much. I always wondered how it would feel like though. To be able to speed off like he did most days. My hair didn’t get too winded up. No, it was almost like a force kept the air that should have hit me minimize. And before I knew it, we stood in front of my house.

“Yeah,” Barry’s proud, wide grin was almost a bit out of breath.
“That was amazing!” I could jump out of joy, but it was as if my body was in some sort of shock. A shock that made my feet sink to the ground as if they were afraid the would disappear or get out of control again.
“Wow, easy tiger!” Being in deep thoughts, I hadn’t realized that my balance was a bit off as well, so when Barry caught my falling body, I gasped for air.
“Thank you,” I said, smiling at my rescuer. 

Though he helped me stand up, his hands never left my hips – which I was happy for, I didn’t want to leave him. And if I let go of me, I was afraid he would run off, that I would never see him again.
“For not letting you fall, or for last night?” I wanted to be cliché, to say: Too late to say I didn’t fall. But I saved myself for the embarrassment.
“For saving me too many times for as stranger you have known for less than 24 hours,” I smiled.
“I wouldn’t call you a stranger,” his earlier, joking smile and tone had disappeared. Now I could see the reflection of myself (looking quite damseled if you ask me) in his humble, serious, green eyes.

“Y/N!” Our moment was interrupted by my little brother, and before I knew it, my miracle had kissed my cheek and sped off.
“Good, that means we’ll stay in touch,” I said under my breath before embracing the little munchkin that had run up to me.

A/N: Tell me if you guys also want a “New Years Eve”-one as well! I will try my best to upload it before the big day!

New Year’s Eve with the Devil


This i my BABE posting for me (hullooo) because I’m fucked up. It’s almost midnight, and this is my way of wishing a great 2017 for all of you!

Lucifer loved the winter holidays.

He used to despise it but the 21st century really brought the best out of it. People barely remembered to true story behind it so they mainly concentrated on fulfilling their desire to seem charitable. Buying toys for the offsprings, showing mercy to the poor for one day and visiting the church just to have one hour away from the chaos of cooking and juggling family visits. And the New Year’s Eve was the cherry on the cake.

“Oh God…” Chloe collapsed into her office chair. She pulled her hair tie out to give her scalp some rest. Lucifer snuck up to her and started to massage the newly freed area. The detective’s hair was too soft not to play with and now she was too tired to refuse. She actually enjoyed it and when a moan escaped her, she tried to mask it as a groan.

“What did He do this time?” he whispered into her ear. If the detective was too tired to guard herself from him, Lucifer was ready to go all out and shower her with love and care.
“It’s just… Christmas, you know. The whole show sucks the life out of me. Now Mom wants to come over for New Year’s Eve.”
“Ah, the presents, the family dinner… and the parties with endless alcohol consumption!” he purred as he lowered his hands to knead her shoulders. They were stiff. Chloe had to admit the devil had amazing skills when it came to massage. It took her a while to ease up, but Lucifer was patient “Try to relax, Detective. Ask for help, maybe.”

“Thank you Lucifer, but I’m fine.”

“Of course.”

“What?” Chloe turned her head to face him. He wore a smile that caught her off guard. It was warm, just like his hands, flushing away her fears.

“Nothing. I agree. I believe you got this. You always manage. I know you are just frustrated.” For a minute Chloe’s blue eyes searched Lucifer’s face. Something changed. His look like always, was dripping from pain, his eyes still sparkled with a mischievous light but his lips… She rested her gaze on the lips of the man, letting the warmth of his smile soak into her soul. When did he became so supportive? When did she let him in so deep? His lips parted.

“We can always have sex, right? I bet my ass you were going to say this.” She mocked to his greatest disbelief. Sure, it was very Lucifer-like. Yet, he knew he was actually going to ask how she wanted her coffee. His face changed to a worried expression when he realized for once he wasn’t playing for the homerun with her. Lucifer quickly recovered and plastered a grin on his face.
“Well you just lost your ass then, I was going to bring you coffee.”
“Oh really? I’m having a hard time believing that.” She snorted. “Truly, a Christmas Miracle.”
At that moment Dan stepped to their desk, holding a little box.
“Did I hear Christmas Miracle? So this is how you call yourself now?” he giggled before placing the present before her. “Merry Christmas and…” he looked at the unsuspecting Lucifer with a smug smile. “Happy Birthday.”

“No….” Lucifer gasped. “Not you too, Detective!”
“Yeah, I suppose… I am? What, are you telling me you are also…”
“Oh, no, luckily no! I would hate to be a Capricorn. The Goat, one of my peeves. It fits you, though!”
“Thank you, I guess!” Chloe laughed and patted him on the shoulder. How could he be so irrationally random yet somehow charming?

In the meantime, Dan shifted from one leg to another, patiently waiting for the two to eventually notice the people around them. Sadly, he had to give up as both of them forgot about everything else. He just left the little box in her desk. Chloe can thank him later.

“Lucifer, what did you mean by me too?” asked Chloe once they sat in the car to get to a new scene.
“Christmas Detective! My brother… Father… It’s complicated. It can make one’s head ache so don’t bother.”
“I take you don’t like Christmas.”
“Contrary! I love it! Every year it gets wilder and wilder here on Earth.”
“I’m sorry I asked. I guess you and Maze have your own celebration?”
“Exactly!” it was hard for Lucifer not to grin like a Cheshire cat as he remembered the amount of booze, drug and people they require just for one day. Chloe turned her head to him just to see the smile wilt off Lucifer’s face. “This year however will be different. She has Linda to party with.” Chloe’s heart broke as the man’s face transited into a worried expression.
“How about your brother? Christmas is supposed to be spent with family.”
“Oh, Amenadiel has his own party, I’m sure. Not the one I could stomach.” Just the thought of having to spend a whole night with his mother and brother made Lucifer’s blood boil up. He genuinely exhausted himself with all these emotions early in the morning. It was relaxing to just watch the detective’s hand slightly move every time the stirring wheel turned. Her fingers grasped the wheel with just the right amount of force. Not too rigid, not too flimsy.
“Lucifer? Lucifer, I asked you something!”
“Sorry, what?” he returned his gaze to the blue eyes. “I just got lost in my thoughts.”
“I asked you if you wanted to come over on New Year’s Eve. Celebrate with us. I need some distraction to survive my mother.”
“Oh, you really don’t have to, I…”
“Lucifer, I’m asking you. I mean it.” Chloe parked the car at the scene and stopped the engine. Lucifer, without noticing, put his hand on his chest. It felt so warm to look into her eyes, to be invited in, rather than to be shut out.
“Then I accept it.”

The afternoon before the new year went on with a hectic pace. The food was cooking, the decoration was ready and it was time for Chloe to have that well deserved shower. When she entered her room, Maze was there, already gutting her wardrobe.

“Maze, what the hell?”
“Exactly… Your clothes are not as terrible as I expected. Why don’t you wear this?” she raised a crop top. Chloe snatched it with a groan. The last time she had it on was way before Trixie.
“Maze, I have to get ready, Lucifer and Mom arrive at 7 and I still-”
“Then we have no time to waste!” she exclaimed and pulled the cop in. “One hour to make you beautiful! You want something sexy or boring?” The question moved Chloe as it was a sign of some understanding from Maze, but still she couldn’t understand what’s going on.
“Maze thank you, but I really don’t need help. I’m a big girl, I can dress myself. Besides, it’s just a dinner.”
“Oh Chloe. The fact that you said ‘it’s just a dinner’ shows it’s not just a dinner.”
“I don’t know what you mean.” Her voice turned hoarse. “I just invited Lucifer because-“
Once again Maze couldn’t wait for her to finish and just rolled her eyes.
“Okay, first of all: You know what I mean. You like him, he likes you, let’s not complicate it the human way. Second: I want to help so you don’t stress about it. I’m not saying you can’t dress yourself, I know you can when you want to. I’m just messing with you.”
It was hard not to feel exposed in her bathing robes, but this was nothing compared to the emotional bareness Maze awakened. Yet it felt right. It was finally a name for her feelings and she felt content with it.
“Okay.” She nodded and sat down on her bed.
“Okay?” Maze raised an eyebrow, having a hard time believing how easy it went.
“Yeah, I have feelings for Lucifer. Now what? I’m not some Brittany he would see.”
“Oh, but honey! You are all he sees.” Chloe could hardly believe that so she took it as one of Maze’s jokes. Yet she couldn’t help but play with the thought that maybe, just maybe she was telling the truth.

The house of Chloe Decker. And Maze too, of course. Carefully decorated with twinkling lights, fluffy reindeers and pine garlands. Lucifer had a feeling the woman had way less time than to change the decoration fitting to this celebration. It made him smile. The little Capricorn, always working, never resting.
“Ah, Chloe!” beamed Penelope as the detective opened the door. Lucifer, who was responsible to get the actress from the airport and also the wine, entered with a wide smile on his face. He had his best suit on with a dashing red bowtie and behind his back, he raised a bouquet of carnation.
“This is for you, Detective.” He stated. Penelope subtly pushed him. ”Flower for the flower!” he finished, out of his character.
“Grandma! Lucifer!” without letting any of them enter, Trixie ran up to them with arms wide open. In a hug they were locked for a few seconds before Chloe tapped on the child’s shoulder.
“Something smells amazing, Detective!”

The man walked around while Chloe took the flowers away to carefully arrange them in the middle of her dining table. It was almost sure her mother pressured Lucifer to the great act, but it still affected her heartbeat. After Maze’s remark just looking at him made her feel warm and safe. Still she couldn’t help but feel disappointed by how little her appearance affected him. Not a praise, not even a small change in his expression…

Lucifer was disappointed. Something he expected from the detective, but a man can dream.
“Detective, don’t you forget something. I see Rudolph, I see the lights but no mistletoe! Don’t you worry your pretty head, I got you covered.” with that he pulled out a tiny mistletoe to hang it in the kitchen. Chloe just groaned. First, he wouldn’t notice her, now he wanted a kiss. It was beyond confusing.  
“I’m starving, let’s eat!” Penelope’s eyes twinkled as she took her place around the table. Next to her sat Chloe and Lucifer’s place became the space in across from her.
“Oh Honey, this pork is just amazing!”
“I must say Detective, only a few can prepare such an exquisite diner.”
His compliment made her cheeks flush pink before she could accept the kind words. She almost choke on her wine.
A few coughs later Chloe calmed down but Lucifer’s hand was tracing her bare back.
“Are you alright, Chloe?” his worried expression sent chills down her spine. She felt the need to regain her hard exterior.
“Sure! I’m just not used to compliments.” She teased, hoping for Lucifer to get the hint. Sadly, he just gave her a polite smile.
“Even though you get plenty.” His mutter went unnoticed between the Decker girls.
“I’m so happy you could join us, Lucifer. Moreover, thank you for giving me a lift from the airport. I’ sure you helped Chloe out this time a lot, given how much work she put into this dinner. I remember last year we had pizza. Hah!”
“Please, I should be the grateful one. This dinner is one of a kind and your company is by far the best Christmas present.”
Lucifer’s effortless comeback flattered Chloe even thought it was addressed to her mother, whom she wanted to suffocate right now. She cleared her throat and collected the plates. The kitchen now felt like a refuge from Lucifer’s charms affecting her and her mother’s embarrassing remarks.
She could hear her mother following her, probably to grab the champagne. After all, it was almost midnight.
“I will bring drinks, you just go back to Mr. Sexy Pants and enjoy the show.” She was jealous without doubt. No matter how pathetic it felt, it was undeniably hurtful to –for once again- be ignored by Lucifer.
“Mr. Sexy Pants, now that is a new name. I quite like it.”
Chloe almost dropped a dirty dish as turning she found the man standing in the kitchen door. Lucifer, wearing his signature grin took one step closer.
“Oh, it’s you.” She showed him her back. Lucifer’s eye roll just happened to escape her view.
“What did he do this time?”
“Sorry, what?”
“Come on! You seem highly frustrated with something and I know the Douche has great potential to cause such frustration.”
“Oh sure! But you know who has even more? You Lucifer!”

The woman evaded his gaze by looking down but she could hear his footstep getting closer.
“Did I do something?” Lucifer Morningstar was not supposed to look so concerned. Just as much as Chloe Decker’s heart was not supposed to skip a beat feeling his breath on her neck.
He was right behind her, reaching forward to take the plate from her hand and putting it down.
“Was it something I said? I didn’t mean to be ungrateful, Detective. I just-“
“No, Lucifer I’m sorry.” She sighed. It felt terrible to lash out on him like that. “I’m just insecure.”
“About what?” Lucifer looked surprised this time. He leaned back to let the detective face him. There was nothing this woman should feel bad about. Especially not after cooking a fine dinner and looking like a princess. Hell, she looked like a queen in her white and golden, glittery high-low dress that flowed after her like the foam of a river.
Yet she just smiled awkwardly and stood straight like she was the answer herself.
“Chloe Decker, don’t give me that look, where is your confidence!? You are a kick-ass detective, an amazing mother and look at you!” he looked her up and down, searching for words. “Why you feel less is beyond me.”
“Really?” a single world escaped her, not out of skepticism, but real surprise.
“Am I not telling you this enough?”
“Actually, you never told me this.”
“Really, now? Well it’s true.” He leaned forward, almost fully closing the distance between them. The blue eyes searched him eagerly and Lucifer could feel a fall much different from the fall to Hell. It was the opposite. “Chloe, the time you met my brother I was so proud he could meet my partner. I wanted to rub it in his face so bad. Then when I saw you at the charity event I started to feel jealous. I wanted you to dress up but when you did, I realized… Every day in your loose white shirt and cop jeans I see you and think how wrong it is to keep a diamond like you in rugs. Seeing you like this, there is nothing in my mind stopping me…”

Lucifer’s silence gave Chloe a chance to regain her focus after sinking into his words. She wrinkled her forehead.
“Stop you?”
“Stop me from falling in love.” There it was. He couldn’t believe the words just leaving his mouth. Chloe didn’t move, just locked her gaze with his. They remained like this, getting lost in each other when Penelope’s shout from the other room broke the silence.
“Guys, are you coming? It’s almost midnight!”

The cork flew out, glasses clang and lights dimmed. Trixie was already asleep on the sofa but the three adults watched the clock slowly tic away from 2016 and towards 2017.
“Goodbye, sucker.” Penelope drank up her champagne right when it hit midnight. She finished her drink just in time to catch the figure of the other two from the corner of her eyes.
“Detective, what-“ A moment ago Lucifer was counting the second, now Chloe pulled him away, back to the kitchen.
Her perfume hit him as she leaned in. Her rosy lips painful centimeters away from his. “What, Chloe!”
The woman panicked as the man pulled away. Was it like when she was drunk? Was he playing with her? Or did he mean platonic love?
Then he took two steps to the right. Chloe had to laugh, as they were right under the mistletoe.
“Oh, great, I thought You were rejecting me again, but no. You are just you.”
“Lucifer Morningstar, at your service.” He bowed. Both his arms landed on her waist and pulled her close. ”Now where were we?”


Gif source:  Pack

Imagine being a powerful witch, and when you come to Beacon Hills, you expect to be shunned and hated like you are everywhere else, but instead you find acceptance and even love, so you decide to give the pack a Christmas miracle by bringing Allison back.

——— Request for anon ———

“No, no, no, no, this has to have a downside. Whatever black voodoo magic you did to bring her back is probably going to have us all living an episode of The Walking Dead in a week!” Stiles chokes on his worried sentence, his red nose and puffy, tear-filled eyes not making it any easier to speak.

“Stiles,” you begin, looking to Allison who stands there as if she hadn’t been dead at all, “I understand your reservations. This would be impossible… for any other witch not at as high a level of experience as me. Even then, doing something like this took a lot out of me, and I will definitely not be up to the same power for quite some time.”

“Why did you do this?” Allison asks curiously, “Why help me?”

“I found friends here when I expected enemies, and I saw something I could do to help them, especially with the winter solstice in our midst. That is why I did what I did.”

It’s Lydia that wraps you in a tight hug first, sobs wracking her body as she grips onto the back of your shirt, “T-Thank you— Thank you so much!”

Wrapping Paper

Request:  *** First Christmas with the kids with Newt kins???***

A/N: Not exactly a first Christmas (Jeez Jay you can’t even complete one simple task…) BUT it’s still cute and stuff I think. (:

Word Count: 392

You smiled as you heard small feet pounding down the stairs of your house, disrupting the silence and stillness. Three children came rushing into the den with your twin sons in the lead of their little sister. You knew their exact intentions and stopped them before they could seize and open their gifts.

“Nonono, Tommy and Eddy, set those down and wait until your father is with us until you open your presents.” You chided and gave them the signature motherly look.

“Mummy! Just one, please?” Tommy begged you while holding onto one of his boxes and giving you puppy dog eyes, the same expression he inherited from his father.

You shook your head but gave them a suggestion. “If you wake your father up, this’ll go a lot quicker.” With that, two sets of sock-clad feet raced up the stairs and within a couple of minutes, the brothers were hollering and cheering as they rushed down the stairs once more. In tow was your husband Newt wearing a sweater and striped bottoms. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and sat down next to you, facing the festive tree and the children gathered around it.

“Now can we?” You daughter asked sweetly with an adorable smile and you nodded. The three grinned with glee as they tore into their presents. Newt wrapped his arm around your waist and rested his head atop yours and lazily smiled.

“Merry Christmas, my love.” He said, kissing your cheek before turning his attention back to the children, especially his favourite daughter, Audrey. The girl was always by her father’s side and helping him with his beasts. He was so fond of her and couldn’t say no to nearly anything she wanted and would spoil her rotten.

You smiled as you looked at the sight before you and taking in all the features. Three adorable and sweet kids of your own, the smell of holiday spices lingering in the air, the warmth of your home despite the harsh winter, a loving husband by your side; it was everything you could wish for and more. How you were blessed with such a wonderful family, you had no idea, but it was a Christmas miracle every year that you could spend time with them and you would never take it for granted. Not in a million years.

I’ll being doing drabbles and small little blurbs for a bit since I don’t have enough time to finish a complete one-shot due to finals. So send in a request for short pieces in my inbox and start it out with “***” so I know you want a short.

In Vermeer’s A Maid Asleep, a young woman is sitting, dozing, her elbow on the table. Behind her through the open door is a silent room. During an unhappy time in New York, I spent a lot of time with this painting in the Museum of Art - it would set me up for the day. I love Vermeer, so I’d like to poke around and see if, as David Hockney and others have suggested, he used a camera obscura and other optical tools to achieve his effects. I think he did, which doesn’t detract from his genius. A Maid Asleep remains a miracle of solitude and serenity.

Peter giving maybe a more serious answer to the time travel question. This seems to be a reference to the time he was on Broadway doing The Judas Kiss. (Christmas Radio Times).

And for those like me now familiar with the painting here is a glimpse.