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tibemareyes  asked:

In SoF does the name Kira have anything to do with what her power might be? Like a shadow or electricon like Mare?

Honeslty, it had more to do with her metaphorically than literally with like a power. I suppose if I ever wrote another part for Song of Fire, Kira would be the beam of light in the darkness, sort of the light that keeps Mare and Cal together and leads them back to each other. The Russian meaning was my fav though, with the idea of being “Leader of the people”  “beloved” or “one the people look to” not because she would actually lead anyone as a general, but simply because that little beam of sunshine child would be a leader in innocence and trouble making, and would be someone that people look to for hope. Let’s be real, she is a combination of mare and cal, and that child could wreck the world, but smile at everyone afterward and giggle, and everyone would be like, awwwwwww, you set a building on fire, but oh my gosh you have such precious dimples.((((((: Also the names was partially contributed to her physical attributes. The Irish meaning for “little dark one” derives form “dark haired” and Kira does have dark hair, which goes a little bit darker in my mind as she gets older. 

I never really thought of what to do with the Japanese phonetic meaning that @chaoslaborantin pointed out, but I love it. Who knows, that kid could kill someday? No one knows though cause I didn’t write it and I doubt I would write that far into the future. XDD

I'm really bored guys please ask me questions, I'll answer them all honestly

1. What song are you listening to right now?
2. Story of my first kiss?
3. Idea of the perfect date?
4. Celebrity role model?
5. Dream car?
6. Dirty little secret?
7. Current crush?
8. Do you regret any relationships?
9. Kiss and Tell?
10. How far have you gone with someone?
11. If you could have any super power, what would it be?
12. Favorite class?
13. Where do you want to go to college?
14. Where do you live?
15. If you could move to anywhere in the world, where would it be?
16. What do you want for your birthday?
17. Have you had any disaster dates?
18. Guilty Pleasure?
19. If you were given $5,000 right now, what would you spend it on?
20. Most visited website?
21. Do you do drugs?
22. Most played song on ipod?
23. Grab the book closest to you, flip to page 52, what’s the 5th sentence?
24. Have you ever gone up to a stranger and hugged them.
25. Do you drink?
26. What’s the stupidest thing you’ve done when you were under the influence?
27. Turn ons?
28. Turn offs?
29. What would make the perfect bf/gf?
30. Last text you sent
31. Last text recieved
32. Best friend?
33. Favorite blog on tumblr?
34. Describe your crush
35. Who was the last person you kissed?
36. Virgin?
37. Favorite season?
38. Play any sports?
39. What do you plan on doing with your life?
40. Someone you love?
41. Someone you hate?
42. Someone you miss?
43. Someone you wish you knew better?
45. Favorite show?
46. If you could dye your hair, what color would you dye it?
47. Three words you would use to describe yourself?
48. Biggest insecurities?
49. Something you like about your appearance?
50. Something you like about your personality?
51. You can’t be friends with someone if
52. Opinion on long distance relationships?
53. How long would you date someone before you sleep with them?
54. Pro life or pro choice?
55. Obama or Romney?
56. Favorite band/ music artist?
57. Favorite quote?
58. Celebrity crush?
59. How many countries have you been to?
60. Weirdest place you’ve had sex?
61. Strangest dream you’ve ever had?
64. Relationship status?
65. Do you smoke?
66. Ever done drugs?
67. Hook up or relationship?
68. Kiss on the first date?
69. Friends with benefits or boyfriend/girlfriend?
70. Most embarrasing thing that’s ever happened to you?

akigriffin  asked:

A very vague thing to throw at you to do with as you wish: Les Amis and Superheroes. (Which would be each's favorites, what would their super powers be/how would they use them, short snippet, whatevers)

Anon asked: I don’t know if you had talk about this before but in a Superhero AU whatpowers do you thinks les amis+ company would have?

Anon asked: Do you like marvel? If so or if you’re not too busy could I maybe get some les amis superhero headcanons?

Whenever I think of les Amis with powers, I don’t necessarily think Marvel? If anything, I think Misfits, in which the protagonists get powers after a weird storm and those powers reflect some of their traits. So let’s see:

  • Enjolras can literally charm people. He will bewitch them with his speech, his words, which is basically hypnotising them. He absolutely hates his power because he wants people to listen because they’re convinced and agree with him, not because they’re compelled to!
  • Combeferre has an unlimited memory and never forgets information, which makes him a breathing encyclopedia. In addition to that, he has a photographic memory, so the man ever forgets a thing, which is very convenient at times, very much not at other times
  • Courfeyrac is a natural charmer who can lie his way out of hairy situations. But not only can he lie extremely well, but people cannot lie to him. They’re physically unable to lie to his face. But as we know, some truths are better left untold…
  • Grantaire considers his power to be pretty useless. He can see people’s auras as glowing spheres. But his gift means he knows who the ill-intentioned people are. And there are a lot of ugly and vile souls out there, which made him lose faith in humanity with time. Only recently did he come across a good group of people and one bright golden soul…
  • Joly is a healer, but only through cure-all-kisses. He can heal his patients through his lips, which leads to some very ridiculous or inappropriate situations But he made an oath to help people in need of medical attention…
  • Bossuet spreads luck around, but never towards himself. It’s very inconvenient for him, and he’d have every right to be bitter about it, but he really isn’t. He’s simply happy to see the success around him and knowing he enabled that
  • Jehan is rooted in nature. And sure, that means they can make pretty flowers bloom at will, but they’re not just the pretty side of nature. They’re the sublime side of nature, mixing awe and fear, and provoking their anger is a very dangerous business
  • Feuilly can duplicate himself. It’s extremelly usefull, especially since he’s working several jobs and taking classes at university, so he can do everything at once. No more procrastination
  • Bahorel has herculean strength. He never hesistate to show it off, lifting people up, pulling cars behind him… He calls it his party trick, and he has enough biceps to make it pass as “he just works out a lot”

+And Co

  • Marius has the gift of invisibility. He often wished for that. He constantly thinks people are staring and mocking him and that he’d rather disappear to be left in peace. Careful what you wish for
  • Cosette is the light. The metaphorical light. She just shines on everybody’s best traits and qualities and makes them better people by just being in their presence
  • Musichetta is a clairvoyant, but it’s always too specific for her to act on it. She only sees snippets and the like, nothing she can interpret much, most of the time. She can predict Bossuet’s fits of bad luck though, that’s always that
  • Eponine’s anger makes her shift into a wolf. And she managed her anger very badly
  • Montparnasse is a power dealer. He can’t use any per say, but he can stock them and distribute them for a price, because even powers can become a lucrative business he can profit from

anonymous asked:

arent you all giving too much power to the word of a voice actor?

In general I would agree, but it’s not like he’s saying anything that isn’t obvious. Obviously the VAs don’t really have any say in the writing, but they DO learn what motivates the character and who is important to them, get extra notes through scripts and asking directors and such. So they’ve got more than we do.

That said, the fact that people have to be told that Noctluna is canon when they got married and kissed and have been called a power couple by the official twitter, have romantic official art, etc, etc….

In this case, it’s not “giving power to the word of the voice actor” it’s common sense and everywhere and said by like everyone on the team.

It’s one thing to not like it and disagree with it. It’s another to say “lol they didn’t love each other” when that’s kind of one of the large themes of the entire game.

“Giving power to the word of a voice actor” would be considering the name “Dawn” canon for a Noctluna child. It’s fun and I understand it and it’s cute and sentimental, but this is a case of the VA totally missing something key from the source material - Naming their kid Dawn would be the same as if I named my kid “Earth”

Eos means Dawn. The planet is called Dawn. The VA apparently didn’t know this. Sometimes VAs are silly and their word cannot be applied to canon.

But sometimes, like the post I reblogged, they’re just repeating canon info that’s already been stated 1000 times over and the fact that this needs to be said is why this fandom is SO. TIRED. AND GRUMPY. AND SALTY.

anonymous asked:

Your comparison to animated racism is flawed. A racist cartoon would be made to insult, to point and laugh at a group of people for something they can't control. This is just a fetish, a very creepy one sure but presented in an environment where no one gets hurt. I mean I know I'd rather have a pedophile masterbate to this than have them pay money to a literally pedophile circuit to give that circuit the power to torture more kids.

I’d rather have none of these

yet again, discourse over

Problematic Faves

Solas and Malavai Quinn (or Silas and Malaysia, as autocorrect would prefer) are my intelligent, collected BioWare best buds until they come up with the perfectly logical reasons why I have to die, and dammit, I love them anyway.

As long as I’m under the “player character” magic umbrella, I’m still going to love them. Even though they’re jerks who make bad decisions. But if I’ve got the super power to live through anything, I’m going to be benevolent.

One of my many favorite poly ship concepts: Meg/Ryan/Michael

~Meg and Michael who have Ryan so wrapped around their fingers it’s almost silly. 

~Imagine the combined efforts of Michael who can get Ryan to eat anything just by putting it in front of him, and Meg who has the inexplicable ability to get Ryan to strip or pretty much do anything she asks. Both of them discovering how with their powers combined Ryan would literally roll over just to make them happy 

~Team winners who feel very victorious indeed when on a whim they can tag team Ryan and get him to anything. 

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ask me questions, i’ll answer them all.

1. if there was one word which was automatically to your name in Google searches, which word would you want it to be?

2. what is your favourite time of day?

3. name a celebrity you find attractive

4. what is the ultimate gesture of total trust?

5. what is something youve never changed your mind about?

6. in your opinion, what are the most important qualities of a good friendship?

7. if you could have any super power, what would it be?

8. if you could be best friends with any famous singer (only one person, not a band) who would it be?

9. if you could be best friends with any youtuber who would it be?

10. if you could star in any tv show, which would it be?

11. if you were a disney movie, which would you want to be?

12. if you could be in any book, which would it be?

13. if you found out that your life was being controlled by an author (and you were the main character in the book) what would you say to the author if you met them?

14. favourite moto?

15. who was your first crush and how did you meet them?

16. if you could visit anywhere for a week, where would it be?

17. if you could only read one type of genre of book, what would it be?

18. what one thing would be hardest for you to give up?

19. what is one thing you regret?

20. what is one thing you’ve done that you are proud of?

21. do you find it easier to talk or listen?

22. excluding romantic love, when was the last time you told someone you loved them?

23. what is your worst quality?

24. what is your best quality?

25. what is you immediately noticable quality?

26. what happened in the last dream you remember?

27. what was your most memorable dream?

28. two truths and a lie?

29. is it possible for you to love someone you dont trust?

30. what motivates you most?

31. what story (book, movie, game etc.) have you learned the most from?

32. what is something you wish other people could know about you without having to tell them?

33. what is the biggest challenge you face when trying to form relationships with people?

34. what is your dream job?

35. describe an ideal day?

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It’s PERFECT that Raina is clairvoyant. Usually I don’t like future seeing powers because I’m like “Why don’t they just ask that person what’s gonna happen all the time?”

But Raina having those powers is just perfect. As if she would tell everyone what the future holds. She’ll keep that information to herself. People will come from all around to BEG her to tell them their future.

If she does tell anything, she’s such a remarkable liar that we’ll never even know if she’s being truthful. This will make for some great scenes in the future.