i would have stalked the shit out of him


Nervous laughter. Right so this one kind of got away from me. 

Title: Good Morning

Pairing: Jasper/David a lil but could also be platonic.

Genre: Angst (but not too bad)

Word Count: 3,183

Warnings: Cuss words but dude you watch camp camp so

Summary: above ^

(Did I do the fic intro thing right?)

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Stroke of Midnight- Chapter 15 (Pennywise x reader)

****contains smut****

“Y/N!” “Y/N!”

Your eyes popped open. You were still laying on the mattress in the Neibolt house. The candles from the night before were gone. Of course they were.


You sat up quickly. Someone was in the house with you. Two someones from the way it sounded. You jumped out of bed and went closed the door without shutting it. The last thing you needed was for any kids to walk in and see you naked. Especially if it was Bill, which one of them sounded suspiciously like.You dressed quickly, suddenly glad that all you had to put on were your panties and dress. You opened the door.

“Bill?” you called.

Two boys came into view. Sure enough, one of them was Bill, the other Richie.

Bill looked at you questioningly. “Y/N?”

“Yeah. I think it’s me,” you said sarcastically.

“What are you doing in the N-Neibolt house?” Bill asked. You could hear an edge of panic in his voice.

“And what the fuck are you wearing?” Richie asked.

You glanced down at yourself and realized how odd your appearance must have seemed to the two boys. You quickly patted your messy hair.

“I uh… me and Roman went out last night and… what are you two doing here?”

“We saw your c-car out front,” said Bill.

Fuck! you thought. Of all the people to find my fucking car.

“Me and Roman stayed here last night, and I don’t think the rest is any of your business,” you said hotly.

Richie’s mouth fell open. “You stayed here, with Pennywise running around? Don’t you know he like fucking lives here?”

You felt your jaw clench. There was no way you were about to explain you and Pennywise’s relationship to a couple of juveniles, even if one of them was your cousin.

“Look, I don’t know what you know about Pennywise, but he hasn’t bothered me yet. I don’t know what your problem is.”

“But there’s three k-kids missing,” said Bill. “Including Patrick. Don’t you think that’s s-strange that all of a sudden Pennywise shows up and this starts h-happening?”

You felt yourself getting angrier. You wanted to scream. Why couldn’t they just leave you and Pennywise alone? The two of you weren’t hurting anything.

“I don’t think Pennywise would hurt anyone unless he absolutely had to,” you said evenly.

Richie looked like you had just told him he would have to spend the rest of his summer working with you at the Library. “Holy shit, you fucking know him! You’re seeing a fucking clown!”

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anonymous asked:

You're nothing but a disgrace to our fandom, get your shit top Levi out of here. We don't want to see it. You're disgusting, a piece of filth of even to ship Levi x Eren let alone have him dominant Eren. Pedophilia is what you all seem to fail. Just because he's 19 now doesn't mean that it's an excuse! Your sick as well as your buddy attack-on-stalking. Pieces of shit is what you all are and gross. Please kill yourselves <3

…hm. Well I don’t really know what to say rather you gave me a hell of a good laugh. The “pedophilia” issue I don’t have to go through because that case has been brought up many of times. Usually I would go AWOL and cuss you out, especially me already having depression already and having a horrible day. I see that you aren’t fond by my preference and to let you know that

A) I don’t like your preference at all, once so ever. So if you actually think that will effect me then you have another thing coming.

B) I don’t care about what you think if all you do is give me disrespect. I truly am a friend to all EreRi fans or even EruRi fans (that I’m guessing you like?) and I will not hate on them, but you really do put a bad spotlight on EruRi fans and bottom!Levi fans in general. Think about that.

And to put someone in this such as @attack-on-stalking should be the most shittest thing a hate anon could do. And for that madam/sir you are the piece of shit you’ve called me :) I’m not in the mood for this and telling me to kill myself won’t make you feel better but just less human.

Oh and by the way, you’re one of the pussies out there that hide behind a screen and a anon face. Thank you for your time. <3 I’ll let my fans take you in their hands. Get ready for the rant of your life :)

anonymous asked:

Hey so, I haven't seen you do any headcanons/scenarios or anything before, but could I request one if you are up for it? Maybe MC meeting the RFA guys accidentally before the party? Please and thanks!

i haven’t done scenarios before (so bear with me), but i totally don’t mind doing them for requests! let me know if this was what you were looking for! i may do some more in the future, depending on what you guys think.


  • you had to get up early to go to class
  • but it was a little earlier than usual because you weren’t living on campus at the moment
  • so you end up getting there reaaally early on accident and decide to get coffee
  • you sit down to start your work and someone taps on your shoulder
  • “um excuse me, you left your card at the counter!”
  • someone with blonde hair, bright purple eyes, dressed in a denim jacket covered in small buttons is standing in front of you
  • when you look up, it takes you a second to realize
  • you go to the same college???
  • “t-thanks!” you manage to get out, but you aren’t sure what to say
  • he stands there awkwardly for a second, and you notice he’s blushing
  • “w-wait, are you yoosung?” it sounded better in your head
  • “oh, yes! i’m sorry, but i don’t seem to remember your name! i’m really bad with that sort of thing.“ he rambles on, trying to think of some excuse
  • his face is getting so red (someone cute is talking to him)
  • he’s so cute and dorky in person
  • “it’s okay! i don’t think you would know what i look like in person anyway.”
  • then it clicks
  • when he hears your voice, he remembers
  • “i’m ____.”
  • his eyes go as wide as saucers
  • he gets so excited, he hugs you and then realizes that you might be weirded out and apologizes again
  • you talk with him for an hour and then realize you’ll both be late for class
  • but you see him later and he shows you his dorm room
  • he’s a bundle of enthusiasm and he’s talking so fast
  • you accidentally touch his hand and he blushes so hard
  • you meet up every day for coffee before the party

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Awh, Toddy likes her| Toddy Smith

Requested: Yes
Summary: Toddy finds you on twitter and really likes you right way so he flies you out to LA to hang out with him and the squad for a few days. 
Warnings: Cussing but other than that just some cute shit. 

So, you were chilling out on a nice Sunday morning trying to do your last college assignment ever when you heard your phone going insane. Being tired and frustrated you just threw your phone away and ignored it for a good while. It wasn’t until that night that you actually were calm enough to check your phone and social media, but when you did you couldn’t believe what was happening. Todd Smith, like the hottest and funniest guy you had ever seen tweeted you. That is why your twitter was going fucking crazy earlier that day. You watched David and everyone in the Vlog squad for a really long time and tweeted them for what seemed to be a million times by now and no one ever noticed you really. 

But now, there you were starring at your phone and thinking this wasn’t the real life and your roommate wasn’t there to pinch you. Few nights before, you tweeted out that you would do anything to spend a day in their house so it could take your mind off of finishing college and the stress that brought you and that was the tweet that changed your life, no matter how cheesy that sounded. Todd tweeted you back saying that they have an extra bed if you needed it because “ik college can suck” as he said. Deciding to play it cool and try and cover your insane fan girl personality, you DM Todd jokingly thanking him for the bed but explaining that you had just submitted your last assignment. Just a few moments later you got a DM back saying omg, even better. come out so we can all fuckn celebrate!!. After some thinking and talking to your best friend you decided that you would go and bring her with you, so three days later you were in L.A. in the most amazing fucking house with the most amazing fucking people to ever walk this planet. 

There wasn’t a single thing you disliked about any of those people and meeting them in real life made you love them even more. They were all so friendly and welcoming.. especially Todd. You noticed that he was extremely touchy-feely and since you were too, a person walking down the street and seeing you would a hundred percent think you guys were dating or something. David, just like everyone else, noticed that very quickly and asked you how many shout outs would you need to kiss Todd for the thumb nail.  

“I’m not doing this, David. I don’t need shout outs because I have nothing to shout out man,” You told him but you were actually dying to kiss Todd but not like this. 

“Oh come on, y/n. You are the star of this vlog. If you didn’t come I’d have to bring in more rats and gators and blindfold these idiots because I have no content,” 

“Okay but I did come and now you can put me in the vlog for 4 minutes straight and it would be the best fucking vlog you ever put out,” You said earning laughs from the rest of the gang. 

“Okay but I still need you to kiss Todd for the thumb nail,” He persuaded. 

“Stop being annoying, David. We promised her good fun to celebrate getting out of hel- I mean college and now you are just annoying her,” Scotty said. 

“If she would just kiss him for the thumb nail tho! Todd isn’t saying a thing which means he likes her and wants her to kiss him!” David basically screamed like a twelve year old girl, putting Todd on the spot.

“I’m not kissing her, David. Not for your stupid vlog anyways,” Todd almost whispered causing the room to go into a stage of shock. Todd never really talked about liking girls with the bunch because he just played along with the whole player thing that was going on. 

“Awh, Toddy likes her. Toddy actually likes a girl,” Scotty teased him, putting his arm around Todd. 

“Shut up, Scotty and stop with your bullshit David,” Kristen said pulling you and Todd to the side. 

“Get her out of here before they rip you two apart. Go grab a dinner or something and we will all meet you at the club tonight, okay? I’ll take care of your friend y/n, I swear,” She gave you a smile and hushed Todd who was about to say something and left soon after.

“I’m sorry for them, especially David. The truth is, I told the motherfucker that I was gonna have you come because I really like you and this bitch used that against me. You’re beautiful and extremely funny, I stalked your twitter a bit,” He chuckled. “I’m not some weirdo tho, I promise you. I’d really like to take you out for a meal now and maybe get to know you a bit better, ya know?” 

“That would be great,” You gave him a big smile, trying to ease his nervousness and also really badly wanting to go eat food especially with Todd fucking Smith. 

A/N: I’d die if Todd ever knew I existed. Also, this shit ain’t edited because I’m lazy and also tired af, college already getting to me and it’s only week two. 

A Little Taste of Forever

Nursey Week Day Five: Tomorrow

Warnings for mild homophobic language.


         Nursey, he decides, is drunk. So drunk. The drunkest. Drunkliest. Snort. There’s no need for an l, but it’s so much funnier that way.

         “L’s are funny,” Nursey says, beaming so much that his drunk-flushed cheeks are far away enough that they miss each other. He makes a fish face in an attempt to rectify the situation, but then he goes cross-eyed trying to look at his lips and just gets dizzier. He leans on Shitty for more support.

         “I myself am partial to G’s,” Shitty says thoughtfully. “More fun to write.”

         Nursey hums. “Cursive G’s are the shit.”

         “What the fuck are you two talking about?” Jonesy asks, laughing loudly and obnoxiously, as he is also drunk. It’s funny, because he’s a senior and Nursey is a freshman who’s never tasted alcohol before, but they both have the same tolerance.

         “Educated things, Jonesy,” Shitty says, sniffing haughtily. “You wouldn’t understand.”

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Out Of Nothing At All - Four

You raced home, making it back in record time and almost running three red lights on the way.

Shit shit shit.

This wasn’t good.

You estimated you had maybe fifteen minutes before HE turned up, you knew it would likely take him longer to get to you.

You couldn’t deal with this right now. You’d only just come to terms with the fact that you were going to be a mother, you didn’t want to have to consider someone else’s feelings either. And he’d want to be involved, you knew he would. Which is why you didn’t want to tell him in the first place.

Pacing your living room, your hand rubbing your stomach through your thick sweater, you started to run through your options.

Lie to him and out rightly deny it? No, he’d know from the dates and would demand a test.

Run? You could probably manage to get a head start and leave now if you didn’t pack anything and just abandoned everything.

Or tell him the truth and accept the judgement and hurt that he was going to direct at you?


Shit….. He must have literally jumped in a car just after you.



Deep breath. Okay, time to face the music.

Or….. Go out the back door. You could double back around to your car after he broke the door down, which he would no doubt attempt to do.


Okay. Calm. Collected.

Tell him it was someone else’s? Everyone knew you’d slept around a bit anyway. Just not that recently….. But it was a viable option.

But then how would that explain you bolting and not letting him in?

It wouldn’t.



Time to grow up, be an adult. Come on Y/N.

You moved to the door and pulled it open.

“Hey, what’s up!” you smiled brightly.

“Really Y/N? Move please.”

You shifted to one side, allowing him into your house and following him through to your living room.

“You’re pregnant,“ he stated, matter of factly, looking you up and down and searching for the signs of your bump.

“Would you like a drink?” you offered, not meeting his gaze.

“You’re 18 weeks pregnant according to the dates on that scan photo.”

“Coffee? Tea? Water?” you tried again.

“It’s mine isn’t it?”

You finally met his gaze, your mouth set in a line.

“Were you planning on telling me at all Y/N?” His voice was surprising calm at the moment.

You didn’t respond.

“You weren’t, were you.” Not a question this time, but a statement.

“I wasn’t planning on telling anyone,” you admitted.

“So what? You were just going to disappear for six months and return with a child.”

“No, I just wasn’t going to return.”

“Christ, I knew you were a selfish bitch sometimes but seriously. So you weren’t going to tell me that I have a child?”

“I don’t know. Maybe. Probably. I would have told you eventually I’m sure.”

“What, when it was 18 years old? Or were you just going to leave it in a basket on my doorstep with a note?”

Why the hell hadn’t you thought of that?

“You should have told me the moment you found out. I have a right to know.”

“Look, I’ve barely come to terms with this myself let alone had the chance to think about other people. Yes I’m pregnant, yes it’s yours.”

“So what do we do now?”

“WE don’t do anything. I’m doing this by myself. I don’t want you to be involved.”

“Erm, I don’t think so. That’s my child inside you. I’m being a part of its life.” He stood with his arms crossed, resolve across his face.

You heard another car door slam then another knock at your door ten seconds later.

“I need to get that.” You stalked past him to your hallway, hauling open your front door.


“Are you okay? Dave told me everyone knows and how they found out. I know you didn’t want to tell them like that.”

“It would’ve come out eventually,” you sighed, knowing that however much you didn’t want it, it would have.

“Has he tried to contact you?”


“Morgan. It’s his isn’t it? I know you’ve not out rightly told me but it’s common knowledge that you two had a thing.”

A voice from behind you. “Morgan? Why does he think it’s Derek’s.”

Shit. You hasn’t realised he’d followed you out.

Hotch looked confused. “Reid?… What are you doing h…….Oh.”

He looked at Spencer and then at you and you nodded in confirmation.


“So Hotch already knew. And why does he think it’s Derek’s Y/N? Or do you not know? Is that it? Is that why you’ve not told anyone, cos you don’t know who the father is?” Reid was getting angry.

“Spencer, just calm down. It’s not Morgan’s.”

“Really? Cos there must be a reason Hotch thinks that. And we all know you’ve not been exactly tight with your morals or keeping your legs shut this past year. Is Rossi in the running too?”


You felt the sting of his cheek against your palm and the feel of Aaron’s hand around your wrist, pulling it to your side.

“Shut the fuck up Spencer. Fine I’ve not been little miss innocent this year, but I know whose child this is and whose it isn’t. Mine and Derek’s ‘thing’, which is none of your business by the way, didn’t extend that far. But believe what you want. It’s easier for me if you choose to believe it’s not yours, but there is no one else who it could be.”

“So you and Derek weren’t sleeping together?” Spencer clarified.

“No! We were hanging out and having the odd make out session whenever the choice of options was limited at the end of a night out. I never fucked him though, I knew what a mistake it would turn out to be screwing someone I work with. And look how I managed to prove myself right.”

“So I was a mistake? That’s not what you were whispering to me the third time we made a mistake that night….. ”

Your face flushed, wishing he’d shut up and stop.

“Fucking you was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made Spencer Reid. You were a mistake and this,” you pointed to your stomach, “… is a mistake.”

He followed your hand to where it was pointing, before pushing past you to the door.

“Well if you think of my child as that much of a mistake, then you won’t mind if I sue you for full parental custody.”

He slammed the door behind him.

You felt your boss’s eyes on you, and you slowly met his gaze.

“You and Spencer? What the…. How the….?”

It wasn’t often you seen him speechless, but you’d just managed it.

How the hell indeed? 

(request for a blind!Dadsona/Robert and fluff)

Robert liked when Jasper laughed. It made his face light up real cute like. Like when he smiled, or just looked happy or just… was. Fuck, he was in deep.

A couple months after Val reunited with him, he found himself dating Jasper again, settled enough with himself that he dated Jasper again without dumping so much of his personal shit on him.

He liked going cryptid hunting with him, since the bar was out of the question. Jasper’s sensitive hearing really came in handy when they were silently and quietly stalking through the woods looking for the creatures that haunted their bay. He loved when Jasper fucked with him and said ‘hey look!’, have him whip around only to see Jasper grinning from ear to ear waving a hand in front of his eyes.

“You little shit,” He would chuckle before ruffling his hair.

It was while they were walking back to his truck, hand in hand, when Jasper nudged him.

“Hey Robert, can I ask you something?”

“Yeah sweetheart, what?”

“Can I see your face?” Jasper asked.

“…pardon me but… how?” He asked incredulously.

“I need to touch you,” Jasper grinned.

“Oh baby, at least wait until we get to the truck,” He grinned back.

“Touch your face,” Jasper laughed, “That way I can map your features out with my fingers and I can ‘see’ what you look like. I still won’t be able to ‘see’ what you look like but I’ll have an idea.”

“Oh… um… okay,” He said.

For some reason, Jasper trying to see his face seemed rather intimate, like scary committed intimate and for a moment he was terrified. But Jasper smiled at him before gently touching the sides of his neck. Jasper’s hands felt warm against his neck as they lingered there before moving up, gently making his way up to his jawline and holding it a moment, letting that warm skin warm his already slowly blushing face before they moved up again.

Jasper’s fingers gently prodded along his face, carefully finding all the rises and falls, the dips and curves, all the little details of his face. For a moment he almost felt self conscious, wondering what Jasper thought of his face. Sure, Jasper had told him how he had been blind all his life, but a super cute and good looking guy like Jasper had to have ‘seen’ faces before. He liked to think of himself as ruggedly handsome but what if Jasper thought differently…

Jasper smiled at him.

“Wow… nice cheekbones,” Jasper said softly, messaging his cheekbones and then down to his jawline, “And this jawline, damn.” Was he blushing? Yep, Jasper was blushing.

“Um, thanks,” He muttered, blushing himself and grateful that Jasper was blind as a bat.

“Hmm, I should be the one thanking you, you’re one handsome man, Robert,” Jasper smiled, hands finding the sides of his head and pulling him down for a long kiss. When they pulled apart, they were both blushing pretty hard and he was shameless of it. “Hmm, love you.”

“…Love you too, angel,” He smiled at him.

“Now, take me home, Bobert,” Jasper grinned.

“You little shit,” He snorted.

“And you wouldn’t have it any other way,” Jasper mischievously grinned.

I find it so sad that Bum had such a tragic ass childhood which only led to poor decisions which just dragged him into even more tragic shit with an asshole murderer when all he wanted in the first place was some love and affection ??? And not only did he not get THAT, he is now so dependent on Sangwoo that he probably would come back like a lost puppy even if he was dragged out of the damn house,, IT SO UPSETTING

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The main character of Ready Player One is a massive shithead

A couple months ago I read Ready Player One and have since been kind of obsessed with the idea it was written as a joke.  - Warning long read.

I was actually so convinced that the book was a joke written to satirise gatekeeping nerds that half way through reading it I called the friend who’d lent me to ask when in the book the twist happened. When my friend asked what I was talking about I asked when it would be revealed that the main character was actually just a shithead and that the real main character was his best friend. I assumed the book was pulling a Taming of the Shrew on me and was making me read about an unlikable dickbeard to endear me to a secondary character. It wasn’t and that fucking amazed me. 

But first, lets back up for anyone who hasn’t read it. Ready Player One is basically a story about a kid traipsing through a virtual world to solve a giant riddle. The person who set the riddle was a big 80′s buff so everything in the story revolves around 80′s pop culture in some way. Enter our main character, Wade Watts. The second biggest shithead in modern fiction.

In the universe of Ready Player One almost all modern life takes place inside of the The Oasis, a massive virtual world where you can do anything, or be anyone. People work, shop, play and even go to school in the Oasis and there’s a thriving online community centred around solving the aforementioned riddle. Watts is an active member of this community. Which is where I started to notice the first cracks in the story. 

Watts knows everything about 80′s pop culture. He’s watched every TV show, played every video game and has the lines to every movie memorised, literally. At one point in the story the plot hinges on Watts being able to recite the lines to Monty Python and the Holy Grail and he does so perfectly because he just so happened to have watched the movie hundreds of times. As a main character he never faces a single challenge, he solves every problem without issue and is good at everything. 

I assumed the story would involve a twist where Watts would be asked to do something physical and would realise that obsessing over movie trivia was a waste of his potential, but no, he wins because he loved video games more than anyone else.

This would be okay if Watts wasn’t a huge asshole to everyone about how smart he is in this one, very specific way. There’s a point in the book where Watts stands and quizzes another person about video game trivia to see if they’re a true fan and it’s played completely straight. He not only exposes the poser but people around literally begin to applaud, because he remembers a video game better. Again, I thought that this had to be a comment on gatekeeping nerds thinking knowing more about a video game makes them more entitled to talk about it, but no, the character Watts schools slinks away and is never heard from again. They simply exit the story because he knew more about that video game.  

Speaking of school, Watts goes there. It’s never explained how he attends school and has also somehow found time to watch every movie and TV show made in the 80′s multiple times, but fuck it, it’s only what the entire story hinges on, that’s not important At school Watts smugly derides the idea of wealthier students lording their money over others by wearing fancy clothes. Later in the book he becomes a rich and successful e-celebrity and brags about driving around in a DeLorean. He never learns a lesson about this. It’s at this point I should mention that Watts is an obvious stand-in for the author, Ernest Cline.

Watts also makes a smarmy comment about how all women in the Oasis seem to have supermodel-like proportions (in this universe you can change the appearance of your online avatar) and notes that he doesn’t find it attractive. Just a handful of pages previously Watts admits that he himself is short and overweight and this is how he describes his avatar…

This is the line that made me think the book was taking the piss. Watts simultaneously criticises women for feeling the need to change how they look while doing the exact same fucking thing. Watts changes his face, height, weight and body type, waves them off as “minor details” and then applauds a girl he has a crush on for being honest about her appearance.

Oh yeah, Watts has a big crush on a random female gamer he barely knows. He admits to having a file on his desktop full of screenshots of her avatar and later in the book meets her and acts like an a-typical “nice guy”. The girl, to her fucking credit calls him on this and openly tells him you don’t know shit about me while waving off the fact he admits to cyber-stalking her.

When the girl asks Watts to leave her the fuck alone he mopes about it for weeks and watches her creepily online. Now by this point in the book I suspected it was being serious but held out hope that Watts would turn a corner and realise he’s being a shit and that girls don’t owe him anything. He doesn’t and he ends up dating that girl after becoming a billionaire.

Then you have his friend Aech who throughout the book is portrayed as a white guy. The twist being that shock-horror, Aech is actually black, gay woman who admits she pretended to be white and male because her mother explained that being black and a woman was still a barrier to success in an online world where people can cosplay as a fucking Dark Elf to work. Meaning that in this magical future where people can be anything racism and sexism still exist enough for people to feel uncomfortable in their own skin. Watt’s reaction to this is to tell Aech it doesn’t matter why she did it because she’s his friend while hand-waving the fact he just learned his “best friend” never once felt comfortable enough around him to be herself or confide in him in any meaningful way. 

In short fuck this character.

anonymous asked:

this is NO attack but why do you feel like steve slutshaming nancy is not as terrible as jonathan taking pictures of her?

look it’s both wrong and in no way am i excusing what steve did .. it was totally gross and was not only slut shaming but also bullying since they wrote it on the walls and shit .. so totally not okay

the difference is that steve thought nancy was kind of ‘cheating’ on him (which can be understood BUT his actions are way too over the top .. like he could have talked to her and be angry at her in private, on the phone or during a conversation, she would also be able to explain things then) and made this stupid decision out of anger

jonathan on the other hand literally STALKED them, all of them, took pictures of all of them and then when he saw nancy in the room of her ‘boyfriend’ taking off her CLOTHES he took PICTURES OF HER? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK? Nancy is a teenager in high school first of all so she’s still a minor .. and she was literally doing something in PRIVATE and he stood there and took pictures of her.

people are so ignoring this problem like imagine any other show with two characters the same age as theirs .. imagine derek hale taking pictures of lydia martin while she is taking off her shirt in stiles’ house .. or imagine charlie weasley taking pictures of heroine while she is taking off her shirt in ron’s room .. would that be okay? no .. so why is what jonathan did okay?

and this whole not being who you are or whatever lmfao who the fuck are you son? just bc she was fucking steve and not you she doesn’t know herself? bye.

i can’t put that on the same page as what steve did no matter what i’m sorry it’s creepy and perverted and he didn’t even pay for what he did

like people were mad at steve for what he did after finding out bitch i would have beat his damn ass and make him EAT his camera byeeeeeeeeee

I have a lot of complex emotions about Tom? cause I mean he’s such a good kid, he’s really trying his best and that whole “I don’t know how to be nice!” was like oh boy. but he’s trying!! and that’s why I root for him!! but then you got this ugly ass fandom that will portray him as predatory or creepy and make him abusive or gross and I’m like…are you kidding me. there’s so much fan art of him fetishizing or being really gross towards Princess Marco and like??? can you shut the hell up???? or like there’s art of him being Star’s ~evil abusive ex~ so then Marco can ride in and save her. like where is that even close to canon… that and the whole Tom being a pervert or doing something explicitly sexual towards/with another character is just the worst shit. Tom is 14 just like Marco and Star. he’s not a fucking predator, don’t make him out to be some creep who would fetishize his friend and would harass or stalk them. the worst he’s done is get angry. that’s it. yeah, there’s that.

anonymous asked:

You are so freaking amazing, your writing has made my week so much better thank you so much I know you've had a lot of requests recently and I don't want to be a broken record but 🔃whenever you feel like getting around to it. Rusame for life!

c:  Thank you and hope you like it!

Alfred felt something crack in his knuckles when his fist connected to the morons nose. The man went down with a howl, clutching at his bloodied face. Alfred  shook his hand, scowling as camera flashes exploded into the night. Stepping over the writhing man, Alfred’s lips twisted into a furious frown, glaring at his employer who still hadn’t opened the car door.

Alfred stormed over to the movie star, still ignoring the storm of camera lights. Ivan looked back at him blandly and said, barely audible over the paparazzi around them, “You’re supposed to open the door.”

Alfred took a deep breath through his nose. His hand throbbed from clenching it tightly but plastered a smile across his face, “Of course, sir,” he said smoothly and opened the car door with grace.

Ivan calmly slid into his seat, taking his phone out of the pocket of his Hermès jacket. “You’ll sit in the front,” he said cooly. He’d been dismissed. Alfred nodded once sharply in silence and then rounded the back of the car, not looking at any of the cameras. His team was holding back the paparazzi well. Minus the one maniac who had dodged under Francis’ arm, that was. Alfred could see the moron talking, head tipped back to stop the blood with three microphones shoved nearly into his mouth as reporters interviewed him.

“Let’s go,” Alfred said as he slid into the passenger seat to Toris. Ivan’s driver nodded and they sped away as they cleared the crowds. They drove in silence, with Alfred frowning at his bruised knuckles and Toris glancing intermittently at both him and the glass partition. Amber street lights flickered through the cabin as they merged onto the highway as Toris said, “He was impressed, you know.”

“No he wasn’t,” Alfred said and straightened his fingers. “He’d’ve only been impressed if I killed the dude with one punch.”

Toris eyed him and smiled uneasily, but did not offer anything else.

It took over an hour to get to the Malibu home Ivan owned. They passed through the gates, with Toris waving to Felix as they drove past the guard and down the cypress lined driveway.

Toris parked and Alfred had his hand on the handle before the wheels even came to a stop. “I’ll bring him in,” Alfred said and opened the car door, “He’s kinda drunk anyway.”

“Alright,” Toris said, but Alfred was already out.

He opened the car door and Ivan climbed out, face stormy and lips twisted unhappily. “It’s already all over the news.”

Alfred bit his tongue and closed the door when Ivan stepped away, following him as he walked down the path and into the mansion. Ivan tossed his phone on the counter with a loud clatter and tugged his tie loose, letting it slither off the back of a chair and onto the floor. Eliza, Ivan’s housekeeper, had already gone to bed. It was just them. Alfred watched silently as Ivan moved further into the house, storming over to the bar and splashing whiskey into a glass.

“Don’t you think you’ve had enough?” Alfred quietly asked. Neither of them had bothered to turn on the lights and the room was full of silky white moonlight. Blue shadow painted Ivan’s face as he turned to observe him.

“You are an idiot,” Ivan said around a mouthful of whiskey.

“He was going to attack you,” Alfred snapped.

“He wanted a fucking autograph,” Ivan growled out, gripping the edge of the bar cart as he leaned against the wall. “You made it a circus,”

“You don’t know that,” Alfred muttered. He placed a hand on the chair Ivan’s tie had fallen off of. His muscles felt like a canvas of a sailboat, tight and straining against  bitter gales. “And they’ll get over it.”

Ivan finished off the glass, brows furrowed in anger and slammed the tumbler down onto the tray, rattling all the bottles. “You made me look like a fool,” Ivan snarled.

“Get over it,” Alfred snapped. He stalked forward. Ivan’s cool eyes tracked every step. “I wouldn’t have to do shit like that if you fucking listened to me.”

Ivan snorted, pushing off the wall and walking away in the direction of his bedroom. “Pick up the tie on your way out.”

The picture frames rattled when Alfred shoved Ivan into the wall, pressing him against the wall and pulling his arm behind his back expertly. “I think it’s time I remind you why you listen to me.”

Ivan stared back coldly, cheek pressed up against the cool drywall and nostrils flared in anger. “Why would I ever make the mistake of doing that?”

Alfred pressed closer and whispered, “Because I’m the only one that cares.”

Ivan twisted and their teeth clacked together painfully as they kissed angrily. Alfred let go, ignoring how Ivan gripped him by the collar and held him down to his lips. “You’re a fucking idiot,” Alfred gasped when Ivan pulled back finally. “He could’ve had a knife. A gun– what would I have done?”

“Take the bullet,” Ivan said as he peppered Alfred’s throat with kisses. He bit down on the soft junction of his shoulder. A pained groan tumbled from Alfred’s throat. “Isn’t that what I pay you for?”

They kissed again, Ivan still trapped to the wall withAlfred pressed up against him. “Does it hurt?” Ivan asked, dragging Alfred’s hand to the hot space between them.

“Yeah,” Alfred said.

Ivan’s eyes fixated on the bruised knuckles, before bringing Alfred’s hand up to his mouth. He lathed his tongue along the groves of his fingers and around the hot bruise. Alfred watched silently. Ivan peered up at him and smiled predatorily. “Good.”

Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous

Richboy!Luke AU Imagine

Summary: Luke is part of the wealthy elite in New York City. He’s charming, cocky and a complete playboy. When problems begin to arise, he goes to the one place he has alone and meets someone who will change his life forever.

“Lucas if you don’t attend this, people will talk and that’s the last thing this family needs right now.” His mother fiddled with his bowtie, making sure it was straight while Luke stared ahead glumly.

“I don’t understand why you make me show up. None of your socialites care if I’m here or not.” He grunted.

“Don’t be silly of course they do. They expect to see you here because of who we are you know that. Now comb your hair. No son of mine is going to look like they just rolled out of bed while attending the Winter Gala.” Luke rolled his eyes at his mom, running his fingers through his hair and styling it into the perfect quiff that the magazines knew him for.

“You know the boys are all coming tonight. And the Coles will be here and are bringing their lovely daughter.”

“Sabrina’s gonna be here?” Luke internally groaned. Sabrina Cole was the socialite princess of the upper east side. She was the daughter of the business tycoon Martin Cole who profited from the destruction of small businesses. Adored by all, Sabrina had the entire state of New York wrapped around her finger. But Luke knew better. She was an absolute prude, always trying to spoil Luke and his friend’s fun. Behind closed doors she was nothing but a raging, spoiled, bitch with her hand clamped too tight around daddy’s wallet. Of course, saying such things about her spending habits was quite hypocritical from Luke’s point of view. He and all of his friends were practically the same way. They were all born and raised in the lap of luxury, growing up with beautiful homes, nice cars, and a mindset to match their expensive tastes.

“She really is a sweet girl. Nothing like those other girls you have a tendency to be seen with that party every night. She’s good for you Lucas, you should spend more time with her.” She suggested, though Luke sensed she wanted more than for Luke to just hang out with her. His parents had been pushing him towards the Cole family for years. His parents wanted an alliance between their two companies and nothing supports the merging of two companies better than the combination of two families. Their only problem? Luke wanted nothing to do with her. Sure she was hot, but there was no way he was going to put up with her shitty personality just because she was attractive.

“Whatever mom, I’ll go to the stupid gala.”

She clapped her hands in delight. “Excellent, because this year it’s at our house and guests should be arriving any minute!” Luke’s let out an audible groan as his mother sauntered out of his room. The last thing he needed was a million people here right now. Besides, he was still a little hung over from Michael’s house party last night. Sighing in defeat, he smoothed out his Armani suit and strutted down to the gala.


The second he made his appearance in the foyer of his family’s grand mansion, what felt like an entire horde of ladies mobbed him attempting to chat up their daughters. The Hemmings family was not just an A list family, they were the A list family. Everyone was always sucking up to them to gain press coverage or favor in the media. While Luke was wary of this, he had a tendency to use it to his advantage and it was this kind of attitude that landed Luke his famous playboy title. Whether it be sneaking into the country club pool after hours, drag racing his Tesla down the coast, or taking a squad of people to Amsterdam for the weekend in the Hemmings’ private jet, Luke always managed to find a way to squander the family name.

Regardless of his behavior, he was still a Hemmings which means he was still going to inherit a part of the company his dad built, making him a prime target for gold digging elitists.

“Oh Luke, you look dashing tonight.” One of the ladies commended. Luke shot her his famous, dazzling smile, his mischievous blue eyes sparkling.

“You don’t look so bad yourself Ms. Laws.” He winked before he kept walking, past the throng of ladies. He grabbed a glass of champagne off the tray from one of the butlers and made his way over to where his friends were idly watching the party goers, acutely aware of all the eyes locked on him.  

“Luke, hey!” Michael waved him over. “It’s about time you got here, this party could use some life.” Luke smirked, taking a sip of his drink.

“I’m sure you’ve already got something planned for tonight, am I wrong?” Michael was known for his many disturbances during events like these. At last years gala he had been arrested for streaking across the lawn and flashing a group of girls. Of course the charges were immediately dropped. Michael’s dad was a big time lawyer, which was the only reason Michael had never been to jail despite his many offenses.

“Nah, not today. Dad’s still mad about the party last night. Said if I stepped a toe out of line he’d leave me to rot in jail.” Michael snickered, clearly not taking his father’s threat seriously at all.

‘What!” Calum smacked Michael’s arm. “So you mean we’re just stuck here all night with no plans to screw anything up?” He joked.

“Now I didn’t say we weren’t going to do anythi-” Michael paused mid-sentence, something just over Luke’s shoulder catching his eye before he hissed, “Luke, incoming.”

Not a moment later, Luke felt a dainty finger tap on his shoulder. “Hello Lucas.”

Luke turned around and was met with none other than his arch nemesis in the flesh, standing in a peach evening gown with her hair pulled back into a tight updo. “Hello Sabrina. Is the wicked witch of the west busy tonight or have you permanently taken over?”

“Very funny Lucas. I’m merely here to congratulate you.” She sighed sweetly, but Luke wasn’t buying it. She was here to mess with his head like she always did.

“Oh? And what have I done to deserve that?” He frowned as a devious smirk spread across her face.

“Your parents didn’t tell you I expect. Though, I’m sure  if they had you would have skipped town by now.” She traced her fingers up his arm, making him shiver before wrenching his arm out of her grasp.

“God, will you stop being so cryptic? What the hell are you talking about?” Luke scowled, earning laughters from the three boys standing behind him.

“Now Luke is that any way to speak to your fiancee?” She pouted. All the color immediately drained from Luke’s face, rendering his friends silent.

“F-fiancee? You must be joking!”

“They’ll be announcing it this evening. My father wants a share in your family’s company and your parents want you to have a good role model around. It’s a win win if you ask me.” She shrugged.

“No. No fucking way. It’s not going to happen. I would rather be cut off.” Luke huffed.

“Yeah, like you could live a day without any of this.” She gestured to the extravagance that littered the Hemmings household. “You wouldn’t last a day. You’re barely surviving in this lifestyle, what with all the trouble you all get into? But luckily for mommy and daddy Hemmings I’m here to tame you.” Sabrina reached out and adjusted Luke’s bowtie, before leaning in to whisper in his ear. “You’re mine now Lucas.” She gave him a quick peck on the cheek before gliding away to mingle with her girlfriends, leaving Luke speechless.

“Bro.” Ashton muttered, the rest of them unable to form a coherent thought.

“Oh my god, you’re going to marry Sabrina.” Michael muttered. “Say goodbye to all the fun you won’t be having anymore because that girl is going to have you on a leash!”

“No. No no no no no this isn’t happening.” Luke downed the rest of his drink before stalking off to find the reason he had this problem.

Mrs. Hemmings was standing in a long blue evening gown amongst the ladies that had greeted him earlier. Taking her by surprise, he grabbed her arm causing her to let out a gasp.

“Fiancee? Are you shitting me?” Luke growled as his mother’s eyes grew wide.

“We’re not doing this right now Luke.” She spoke under her breath so that no one would hear.

“I am not marrying her no matter what you say.”

“Lucas it’s not like that. There are things you don’t understand. We’ll tell you everything later, but please don’t make a scene.”

Luke threw his hands in the air. “Of course, you’re worried about me making a scene as if that’s more important than my whole goddamn future!” He yelled and a few people turned their heads to see what all the commotion was about.

“Luke stop this right now! Please, your father and I will explain, you need to calm down.”

“No what I need is to be away from you!” He screamed turning on his heel and stomping out of the grand party.

He needed to be alone right now. Away from all the prying eyes and smirking faces that he dealt with every moment. High society life was a blessing, but there was so much more to being a part of his world that no one but him understood. Throwing open the glass doors that led to the beautiful gardens that sat in the rear of the Hemmings property, he stormed out towards the one place in the world that he could get away. One place that no one in this god forsaken city would bother him and that was the guest house. It was more of a cottage really, with it’s white walls and matching white fence that guarded its doors. It was a quaint two room cottage and Luke absolutely adored it and often came to stay in it for a few days when he didn’t want anyone to find him. Though as he approached, he saw that there was a light on inside the house. He hadn’t been out to visit it in a few weeks, and there was no way he left it on. Cautiously, he turned the handle of the front door and stepped inside the small cottage.

“Hello?” As soon as he spoke the light turned off bringing Luke to an immediate halt. “Who’s in here?” He heard a scuffling coming just to his left. It was hard to see in the dark, but he thought he could make out the form of a person creeping towards the open window. “Hey!” He called out, making the figure freeze momentarily before scrambling to open the window. “Hey stop!” Luke called out again, rushing over to catch the intruder. The figure threw the window open and had one leg climbing out of it before Luke caught up, grabbing whoever it was roughly by the waist and pulling them back into the house.

“Get off me!” The figure was wearing a black hoodie and black jeans, but Luke couldn’t yet see their face. They struggled in his grip, but Luke was stronger. He hoisted them up, their body thrashing about desperately trying to get free.

“What the hell are you doing here?” He roared.

“Let go!” The person squeaked, desperately trying to break free of his tight hold. Setting them down, Luke gripped their shoulders and spun the intruder around to face him, holding them steady. He was met with your piercing eyes and face set in a hard line. Your hair was tucked into a beanie under the black hood you wore, but a few tendrils had escaped during the struggle, peeking out from under the hat.

“You-you’re a girl?” Luke was surprised. He had expected to be faced with some manly thug, not a petite young female.

“Yeah, what’s it to you?” You hissed back at him, clearly annoyed that you had been caught.

“I just didn’t think…”He stopped when you raised your eyebrows at him. “What are you doing here? Are you stealing from us? Because we don’t tolerate thieves.” He tried to come off as serious, but he was distracted. You were quite beautiful, and while usually he was quite confident, in fact, borderline cocky around most women he found beautiful this time he wasn’t quite sure how to assess the situation.

“I didn’t think anyone ever came here.” You mumbled, slightly guilty.

“So you were taking our stuff then?” He inquired. Luke completely had the upper hand here and he intended to reap the benefits.

“Just some leftover food that I found in the cupboard, I swear I didn’t take anything of extramental value!” You protested. His hand was still firmly on your shoulders, holding you in place so that you couldn’t make a run for it.

“You expect me to believe you broke into this house full of designer material and you only took some food? I don’t think so. I should be calling the cops you know.” Your eyes widened at his suggestion. “But because I’m such a nice guy, I don’t think I will.” He smirked, letting go of your shoulders.

“You’re not going to have me arrested?” You raised your eyebrows, wary of his suddenly cocky demeanor.

Luke chuckled. “No, you’re much too pretty to be sitting in jail. Besides, I can think of better uses of your time.” You sighed, rolling your eyes. The last thing you needed was to get wrapped up with this guy. He was obviously nothing but an entitled rich boy and you certainly wanted nothing to do with him, despite how good looking he may be.

“Well, thanks for looking out for me. Us humble peasants do appreciate the charity folks like yourself hand out.” You curtsied, mocking him, and he frowned.

“N-no this isn’t like that.” He stuttered, his arrogance lost for a moment.

“Sure it is!” You cut him off, suddenly fired up. “And I must say I thank you immensely. But I better be going. I have better uses for my time you know.” Your voice dripped with sarcasm. You were not going to let him take advantage of you. He seemed shocked by your outburst, like he had never been spoken to in such a manner. You brushed past him, heading towards the front door, but he grabbed your arm and pulled you back towards him.

“Wait! Do you have a place to stay tonight?” You had to admit, he looked genuinely concerned

“Baby, I’ve always got a place to stay.” You lied, casting your eyes to the ground.

“I don’t believe you.”

“I don’t need you to.” You squirmed in his grip, but he held you firm.

“Stay here tonight.”

Your eyes met his, full of surprise.“What?”

“It’s okay, no one but me comes out here so no one will bother you. You can keep the food and we’ve got lots of movies you could watch if you want. I won’t try anything I swear.” He pleaded with you, though you didn’t understand why he was so desperate for your to stay. He looked like the kind of guy that could get any girl and yet he wanted you to stay with him.

“I don’t need your help.” You protested. Although, this little house was much better than your alternative, which was a bench somewhere in the local park. You belonged nowhere, having no more family left to call your own. You felt bad asking your friends to crash on their couch night after night, so after a while you just resorted to sleeping outside until you saved enough for an apartment. You almost had enough for a down payment, but until you saved it all the park would be your permanent residence.

“C’mon, you only have to stay one night. Besides, it’s me who intruded in on you in the first place!” He joked and you gave him a wary look, debating whether or not to trust this boy. Surely there had to be something in it for him. Though as if on cue, you heard a crack of thunder outside making both of you jump. Sighing in defeat, you gave in. One night wouldn’t change your life.

“Alright, fine I’ll stay.” Luke smiled.

“Great! Uh, the bedroom is back there and it’s connected to a bathroom so you can take a shower if you want. I should have an extra tee shirt in the closet if you need something to sleep in.”

“Thank you.” You whispered. You weren’t used to such kindness, but you were convinced it was conditional. You just didn’t know exactly what he wanted yet. You headed to the bathroom to take a shower, but he yelled after you.

“Wait! What’s your name?” He asked.

“It’s Y/N.” You responded and he smiled in delight.

“I’m Luke. Luke Hemmings. Nice to meet you Y/N. I’ll just wait here, you go ahead and take a shower or whatever.”

You gave him a confused look. “You’re not going back to the other house?”

“Actually, if you don’t mind I’ll sleep on the sofa tonight. It’s raining pretty hard now, and plus I already made my exit for the night. There’s no way I’m going back in that jungle.” He huffed.

“What could possibly be so bad that you would rather sleep on that little couch than go back to your luxury home?” You laughed and Luke grinned.

“Luxury suite or not, it’s a mad house over there. And I think I’d much rather stay here with a pretty girl anyways.” You couldn’t stop yourself from blushing at his comment. “Now shower up, I’ll get you something comfortable to change into.”


Luke set out one of his old tee shirts and a pair of sweats he kept hidden here while you showered. He laid them on the bed for you before changing out of the tux he had been wearing. Pulling on larger pair of joggers, he kept his shirt off and grabbed a blanket for himself. This was nothing like him, letting a stranger sleep in his bed while he roughed it on the couch. But he had to admit, he really liked you. It was the way you were so unafraid to stand up to him, unlike most of the people who spent their time kissing up to him. It was refreshing to have someone talk back instead of agree with everything he said.

The water in the bathroom suddenly turned off, tearing him from his thoughts. The door of the bathroom was cracked open slightly, allowing steam to pour out and fill the bedroom. Luke got up to shut the door completely, but paused at your movement. Your back was facing him, small droplets of water racing down your spine. His eyes followed them down the the dimple just above your lower half which was covered by a fluffy white towel. Your wet hair hung down your back and you ran your hands through it to avoid tangles. Luke felt a lump form in his throat. Never in his life had he been so attracted to someone before, and this wasn’t the first time he had seen a naked woman. He could hear your soft voice humming a tune he didn’t recognize as you moved the towel to dry off the rest of your body, exposing your entire backside to him. His breath caught in his throat as he felt his sweats tighten slowly around him. You were absolutely stunning, more gorgeous he thought, then all of the wealthy socialites he usually hung around and slept with. Suddenly realizing that this was a major invasion of your privacy, Luke forced himself to tear his eyes from you, shutting the bathroom door softly. Oh god, he wanted you so bad. He sat back down on the bed and squeezed his eyes shut picturing you squirming underneath him, your forehead gleaming with sweat and mouth moaning his name as he pleasured you.

The creak of the bathroom door jolted him from his fantasy, and he watched as you awkwardly stepped out of the bathroom with the towel wrapped around you.

“Oh, I didn’t know you would be in here, sorry I just came to grab the clothes.” You spoke timidly, fully aware that you were standing soaking wet and in nothing but a towel in front of a very attractive stranger.

“Yeah, uh, here.” Luke handed you his clothes before reaching a hand up to scratch the back of his neck. He hadn’t been this nervous to talk to a girl since he was fifteen.

“Thank you.” You walked back into the bathroom to change, emerging a few minutes later dressed in his tee shirt. It was quite large, so it fell to your mid-thigh. You handed him the sweatpants back.

“They were way too big and kept falling down so I’ll just wear the shirt.”

“Y-yeah that’s okay.” He stuttered. “Um, if you need anything I’ll be in the other room okay?” He assured. You tried not to stare at his shirtless body as you nodded, and moved to climb in bed. “I’ll be here in the morning, you can sleep as late as you want.” He gave you a small smile before he headed over to the couch in the adjacent room.

Climbing onto the large mattress, you snuggled underneath the covers grateful to finally have a warm bed, even if it was just temporary.


Luke tossed and turned on the small couch all night. He was used to sleeping on a king sized mattress with silk sheets and feather pillows, not a couch that was smaller than he was. He kept his eyes closed and his breathing steady, trying not to think about the beautiful girl sleeping in the other room.

A piercing scream jolted him from his daze and he shot up from the couch.

“NO! NO! HELP ME PLEASE!” He heard your cries coming from the bedroom. Fear struck through him, at the thought that you were hurt as he raced in to save you. But there was no attacker in sight. Instead he saw you thrashing around in the bed, tears leaking from your eyes. You were having a nightmare, and a terrifying one by the looks of it. He rushed to your side, and tried to shake you awake. “Y/N wake up! “Wake up, it’s okay!” At the sound of his voice your eyes shot open. You sat up quickly, but you were shaking and sobbing, unable to hold it together. Luke brushed your hair from your face before pulling you in for a tight hug. “Hey, it’s okay. It wasn’t real, you’re safe here. You’re safe okay?” He stroked your hair, pulling you into his chest. “Do you wanna talk about it?” He soothed, but you were still shaking fiercely.

“N-no I, uh, it’s nothing I’m sorry.” You mumbled.

“You’re okay now sweetheart. I won’t let anything happen to you.” You pushed out of his arms for a moment, craning your neck to look him in the eyes.

“Why are you being so nice to me?”

Luke knit his eyebrows together, thinking about it for a moment. It had to be the mixture of this marriage being forced on him and all the stress he had been facing lately, along with how attracted he was to you. “I’ve never met someone like you before. And I like you a lot.” He tried to explain.

“Someone like me?”

“Someone who’s not afraid to tell me off. The people I’m used to wouldn’t dare correct me or deny me and you did, and I like it. It’s refreshing and I think I needed it.” He squeezed your shoulder and gave you a soft smile. “Besides, I don’t think you have any idea nor do you really care about what my last name is either, which is nice.” He chuckled and you giggled.

“I really appreciate this Luke, you don’t even know.” You mumbled.

“Hey, I’m here for you okay? Whatever you need I’m here.” He pressed a kiss to your forehead, making your stomach flutter. He got up to leave, but you grabbed hold of his wrist.

“Luke wait.” He looked at you expectantly, blue eyes shining in the haze of the early morning. “You can uh, stay here if you want. That couch can’t be comfortable.”

“You want me to stay?”

“You don’t have to…” You trailed off.

“No, no I will if you want me to? Should I sleep on the floor?” He was desperate to hear you ask him to sleep in the bed with you. He needed to hear you say it before he did anything.

“Um, will  you can sleep here with me. I can scoot over, there’s plenty of room.” You patted the spot next to you. Luke smiled and walked to the other side of the bed.

“Whatever you say princess.” He climbed in the bed next to you, turning off the light. He could already hear your faint breathing as you drifted off to sleep. Cheekily, he scooted over to where you lay and wrapped his arms around your waist, nuzzling his nose into your hair. You sighed and relaxed into him and he wrapped himself around you and whispered in your ear.

“Sweet dreams, sweetheart.”


Part 2


anonymous asked:

eugh. antis are so gross, i just saw a post that was describing how snape showed signs of being a pedophile. they didn't even make sense, one of the bullet points was that he roughly grabbed harry by the arm one time which was an aggressive display of power over a minor, which could be interpreted sexually?? i don't get it. also, they ended the post by saying imagine how creepy he would be if harry was a girl that looked just like lily.

like 95% of their arguments, antis pull shit out of their asses. it was bad enough that they pretend he stalked lily, now they’re forcing him to be a paedophile because to them snape is evil, paedophilia is evil and therefore snape is also a paedophile. it’s making light of an act that has hurt millions of people by using it to hate a character who isn’t a paedophile. not to mention in that post you just described, they have signs wrong. i genuinely despise the harry potter fandom.

Secrets - SoA: Chapter 12

Summary: Reader has lived in a life full of secrets. When her father dies unexpectedly and sends her on a trip all over the country, she finds out just how much like her father she really is. The end of her trip brings her to Charming, CA where she finally gets some big pieces of her family puzzle put back in place and form new relationships with the people there.
Chapter 12: the reader is in jail
Warnings: language
A/N: If it wasn’t clear before, this takes place after the events of the final episode, SPOILERS! Italics are for Chibs side of the story. Bold is for the reader’s inner thoughts.
Word Count: 2100
Tags: @telford-ortiz-teller  @sam-samcro  @tstieff  @yourcroweater  @kacilove26  @hiddlelove  @evilsorceress  @reallynigga21  @suz-123  @between-shades-of-winchester  @caitcrook  @i-was-made-of-nutella @charlottecl  @gunsnrosesislife  @yoonjigu  @mkindoll2016  @confidencerush  @jade770

Secrets Masterlist

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