i would have slapped him or laughed with him

Imagine how cool it would be to have Ardyn to join your team and fight with you during combats

Noct and him would make a badass combo while insulting each other and it would end up with Ardyn slapping Noctis behind the head or kicking him in the back

When Noctis’ HP drop to 0 and Ardyn helps him, he’d mock him saying something like “And you think you can reclaim your throne” And Noctis would just reply “Fuck you too”

When Ardyn’s HP drop to 0 and Noctis helps him he’d say “I’d appreciate it if I didnt have to pick up the trash every 10 seconds” and Ardyn would just laugh it off because he doesnt give a single shit

Sometimes when Noctis is in danger Ardyn would pretend to give him a hand to lift him up but turn his back to him and leave it to one of the other teammates cuz he aint helping this little shit

One would sometimes stab the other just because they can

When Noctis is afflicted with confused state he would try to hug Ardyn rather than attacking him and Ardyn would be like “PROMPTO TAKE A PICTURE NOW” and Ignis would facepalm


@dae-bakk-pop requested:  can you make 90 and 97 with Tae please

Originally posted by tekukii

Pairing: V (Taehyung) x Reader

Word Count: 590

“Do you understand how hard it is for me not to kiss you right now?”

“I saw you staring at each other, I just wasn’t sure if it was sexual tension or murderous rage.”

The movie is so action packed that you couldn’t take your eyes off the screen. Popcorn bowl on lap while your hand gripped onto Namjoon’s leg whenever something intense happened. A loud laugh coming from him whenever he felt yourself slap your hand on him in anticipation of the scene that was playing. Your head would whip to look at Namjoon who would have a wide smile on his face seeing how you were so into the movie. Your eyes would look past Namjoon once he diverted his eyes back to the tv to see another set of eyes staring you down. Your eyes would narrow back mimicking Taehyung’s eyes. You both would hold the stares until you both were brought back to a large boom on the tv screen. Your heart rate rises with every moment the movie plays. Only when the scene starts to slow down is when you realize how tense your muscles really were. Moving your head from side to side you look down and see the popcorn low, deciding that you should get more while the movie goes by slow you stand up saying that you’ll pop some more popcorn. Walking past all the boys you make your way into the empty kitchen going straight for the cabinet and pulling out a packet of popcorn and sticking it in the microwave.

You set the microwave for two minutes and began watching the popcorn slowly rotate and pop at an incredibly slow pace. Your mind wandered deep in thought as you waited for the popcorn to pop. Your eyes traveled from the microwave down to your fingers as you were thinking, it’s not like you were thinking about anything important, you just had these thoughts running through your head for a while and with the small time you had to yourself in this moment you couldn’t help but just let your mind wonder.

As you were thinking the microwave beeped and you were quickly drawn out of your thoughts. Opening up the microwave you carefully pulled the bag of popcorn out and opened it, pulling at the corners and dumping it into the big blue bowl. As you were about to turn and walk out of the kitchen you were halted by a pair of strong hands gripping your hips. “Do you understand how hard it is for me not to kiss you right now?” A deep voice that you knew all too well whispered lowly into your ear, his breath hitting you and shivers immediately ran down your body. You didn’t need to see him to know there was a smirk on his face.

Right as you were about to speak a cough interrupted you and you and Taehyung both snapped your heads to the right to see Min Yoongi at the kitchen door. Turning to face Yoongi and Taehyung taking a wide step back away from you, your faces heated up and you quickly bowed and grabbed the popcorn bowl and walked out rather quickly from the kitchen finding your spot back in between Jungkook and Namjoon.

“You know.” Yoongi starts, looking at the younger boy while he walked to the fridge. Taehyung took a step back allowing his hyung to open the fridge waiting for him to speak again. “I saw you staring at each other, I just wasn’t sure if it was sexual tension or murderous rage.” Yoongi’s head pops back up from inside the fridge as he closes it handing Taehyung a soda. “I think I know what it was now.”

His Angel

“Are you sure I look okay? I want him to think I look appealing.” Castiel said to Sam and Gabriel as he straightened his tie for the seemingly millionth time. Sam let out a short laugh. “Yes Cas, you look great. You could show up in a paper bag and Dean still wouldn’t care.” Sam told him. Castiel titled his head just the slightest. “Why would I show up in a paper bag? I thought you were supposed to wear nice apparel for events such as these.” Castiel said. Sam laughed again as well as Gabriel. “Its a figure of speech, man. Now calm down, and let’s go or we’re gonna be late.” Gabriel said slapping Cas on the back and slightly pushed him out the door. As they stood outside the door, Sam went inside and Gabriel took Castiel’s arm. “Are you sure? You’re not having cold feet?” Gabriel asked Cas. “No, my feet are warm. Charlie got me these thick socks for cold hunts-” Cas began and Gabe cut him off with a laugh. “What I mean is, you still wanna do this? You’re sure?” Gabe asked. “Ive wondered about a lot of things in life, and I’ve had some very difficult decisions to make, but this isn’t one of them. Ive never been more sure of anything in my entire life than I am right now.” He said looking Gabe in the eye. “Alright. Lets do this.” He said taking Cas’ arm once again. They walked through the double doors. It seemed like a long aisle, but he could see Dean, standing there, next to Sam and Charlie, wearing a black suit, with a black tie, and white shirt. As they got closer, Dean looked at Castiel and Castiel could see the tears form in Deans eyes, but a wide smile was slowly stretching across Deans lips. As he got up to the alter, Castiel couldn’t believe what he seen. “Crowley? What are you doing here? And in a Priests outfit?” Castiel asked. “Its all the same in the eyes of God. Or so I think, anyways, we have to get on with this, we broke in here and someone is bound to alert the police once they see lights.” Crowley said. Cas shook his head, but all thoughts soon were replaced by Dean as Dean took his hands in his. “Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of these two bastards-”
“Crowley! Not in Church!” Cas hissed. “Oh and what’s going to happen? I go to Hell?” Crowley asked and Cas shook his head. “Anyways, as I was saying, we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of Dean and Castiel. As this is not exactly your traditional wedding, seeing as how we broke into the church in the Dead of night, One groom is an angel, the other a Hell bound monster hunter, and the ‘priest’ is the king of Hell, but, the couple has written their own vowels.” Crowley said. “Dean, when I was called upon to raise you, I thought of it as nothing more than another duty to fulfill. When I seen you though, I felt this feeling inside of me, which Charlie described as a um, what was it? Oh, yes, a crush. As our relationship and closeness began to deepen and grow, I felt this ‘crush’ feeling begin to grow larger. And once again, Charlie said that she believed I loved you. When i told Gabriel this, he laughed, until he realised I was serious. Then, that day you exploded, and told me that you loved me, I felt joy. Complete and utter joy. And when we kissed, it feel ten times Better than anything I’ve ever felt in my life. I vow to always love you, and keep you safe. To always be there when you need me, to always heal you whenever you may need it, and never hurt you in any way, shape or form. I love you Dean Winchester, and I wont ever stop.” Castiel said and a single tear fell from Dean’s eye, which was quickly wiped away. “Uh, wooh, where do I begin? Um, Cas, when I first saw you, I didn’t know what to think, but it was the first Time I ever questioned my sexuality, ill tell you that. As time went on, there were more and more feelings developed, and I wasn’t sure what to do with them. I never thought you’d actually feel the same. And over the years that I’d known you, I fell in love, completely and irreversibly. When i found out that you felt the same way, aw man Cas you don’t know the joy I felt that day. How happy I was. Happier than I’ve been in years, Hell, maybe my whole life. There was a hole inside of me Cas, and you filled it. I love you more with every passing day, and I promise, ill never let you go. Ill protect you at all costs. Ill do anything for you. Ill never betray you, and Castiel, I swear, ill never stop loving you. Ever. You are my everything Castiel. I love you.” Dean said. “That was beautiful. Im truly touched. Or that might be nausea, im not entirely sure. The rings.” Crowley said and Sam stepped in front of Charlie and handed Dean the rings. Dean slid his onto Castiel’s hand, and Castiel did the same. “I present, Mr and Mr Winchester. Now kiss.” Crowley said and Dean didnt need to be told twice and he took Castiel’s head in his hands and kissed him. Charlie, Sam, Gabe and even Crowley clapped. “I love you Dean Winchester.” Castiel said. “I love you too, Castiel Winchester.” Dean replied, his green eyes staring into Castiels blue ones.
Deans eyes suddenly shot open. He sat up and scanned the room. His arm automatically reaching for Castiel, but finding nothing. Then the tears came as the memories did. He had been dreaming of his and Cas’ wedding day. The happiest day of his life. But as he remembered, he began sobbing. Their wedding was seven years ago. And two years ago, Castiel had died. A Ruga-Ru has killed him. Dean had failed. He broke the vows that he had made to Cas to protect him. He got up to grab Cas’ trench coat. That damned coat that Cas loved so much. That coat that had a few specks of blood, rips, but most of all, it had Cas’ scent. Dean sat on the bed, and he clutched that coat to him, breathing in Cas’ scent, and he sobbed. The hole that Cas had once filled was now wide open and bleeding. And it would never be filled by his angel, his Cas, ever again.

Exo Reactions To When They Smack Your Ass Too Hard & You Pout At Them

This was one of those requests where it would have been more “your” reaction than theirs but I tweaked it. Hopefully that’s okay. xo

/I do not own any gifs unless stated otherwise/


Baekhyun: *ignores you pouting & takes a firm grasp of your ass, squeezing it until you slap him away & he whines at you because he likes grabbing your ass*

Chanyeol: *smirks at you & starts arrogantly talking about his strength & how he forgets that you’re so weak compared to him but then laughs & apologizes*

Chen: *gives you a suggestive look & asks if you want him to do it again but doesn’t actually do it again, he just starts making out with you instead to make up for it*

D.O.: *takes a moment to doubt his actions before you reassure him that you’re okay & that you weren’t seriously hurt but he doesn’t feel better until you kiss him*

Kai: *goes quiet & isn’t sure what to say or do so he just looks at you with big eyes until you smile at him or show him that you’re not mad at him about it*

Kris: *has to stop himself from laughing because he finds it amusing that you got so worked up over him smacking your ass too hard & he smirks nonstop*

Lay: *confused because he didn’t think that he’d smacked you that hard & apologizes a million times, even after you smile at him & tell him everything is okay*

Luhan: *smirks at you mischievously before running at you & chasing you around the house so he can tackle you & do it again, which leads to other activities*

Sehun: *doesn’t care that you’re pouting because he did it as revenge for you always being “mean” to him & he just smiles at you until you roll your eyes*

Suho: *almost starts crying & asks if you’re okay because he was just playing around & thinks that you’re seriously injured, hugging you for a long time until he’s reassured*

Tao: *thinks you’re playing around so he doesn’t take it seriously but then he feels kind of bad & says he’s sorry even if he ends up doing it again later that day*

Xiumin: *doesn’t say he’s sorry but he asks if you’re okay & gives you big cute eyes before playfully jumping on you & kissing you all over, putting his hands everywhere*

More Reactions

I find him [Bill Maher] completely unfunny. Like, maybe the unfunniest person I’ve ever encountered that’s called a comedian. I like his show [Real Time] because of the arguing back and forth, and he knows a lot about politics. But the worst is when he forces you to sit on the panel while he does his New Rules, which are just a bunch of jokes. And you have to sit there, a foot from the dude with a camera in your face. You’d think he would just excuse them, but no, you have to sit there and watch…

[And] you have to laugh like a banshee. I like watching actual political guys who know their stuff. One time Bill Maher was on [ABC’s This Week], and it was hilarious. George Will like tore into him, because once you get in with the big boys who actually do it for a living, it doesn’t matter what you know. George Will had huge contempt for him and was slapping him around, and suddenly Bill Maher wasn’t confident at all anymore. It was really funny to watch. 

[Hollywood Reporter: So I take it you wouldn’t do Real Time? Or would you if Maher asked you?]

(Laughs.) No, I would not. If I did I would just do jokes. I remember Garry Shandling once went on the show and did a great joke and Bill Maher stepped all over it. Maher was talking about the war in Iraq, and Garry goes, “I’m against the war, but at least I wish we had cheaper f—ing gas. Didn’t we steal their oil?” And it starts getting a big laugh and Bill goes, “Yeah, we go in wanting to get WMDs and we get STP.” And the whole audience stops laughing and Shandling goes, “Thanks for the help.” So those are the two levels of comedy.
(requested) JC Caylen - Just Friends

“y'n!!!,” you heard your best friend JC shout from downstairs as he entered your house.
“I’m in my room!” you shouted back. You heard his heavy footsteps as he walked up the stairs and towards your door. He burst through the door and ran over to your bed and tackled you. He immediately straddled you and started tickling your sides. You shrieked and starting slapping his hands while trying to attempt to get him off of you. “Don’t even try, weakling,” he snickered at you. You laughed which turned into a squeal as he continued to touch your sides. You begged him to stop multiple times to no avail. “JC, please, I can hardly breathe.”
“Fine,” he muttered, getting off of you. “So what movie do you want to watch?”
You had been friends with JC for about two years now and every friday you would have a movie night. It started when you were both in high school and you would use it as a stress reliever at the end of the week, but you decided to make it a regular thing. “Can we watch something funny?”
“Sure, what about Superbad?”
You had the movie on dvd since it was one of your favorites so you found it in your drawer and popped it into the dvd player. You crawled back onto your bed and snuggled up to JC before hitting play. You wrapped your arms around his waist and rested your head on his chest. He put an arm around your shoulder and brought you closer to him. Your hair was resting near your shoulder so he started playing with the ends of it. About half way through the movie he ditched your hair and starting rubbing your shoulder gently. It felt so soothing to you and made you feel calm. You willed yourself to keep your eyes open, but you had a long day and soon felt your eyes start to droop, so you gave in.

When you woke up, you were lying on top of a sleeping JC with your arms wrapped around each other. You glanced up at his sleeping face and your stomach knotted, realizing how close you were to each other. You studied his features for awhile: you examined every little freckle on his face, even the ones that you would fail to notice if you weren’t looking for them, you realized just how long his hair had gotten recently, almost falling in front of both of his eyes, and you noticed how at peace he looked while he was sleeping, it was even calming you down. You weren’t sure how JC would react if he woke up like you did, yes you had been friends for a long time, even this was a little much for you guys, so you thought it would be best to try to move out of his grip. You carefully tried to wiggle your way out from under his strong arms the best you could without waking him. You felt him start to shift, so you stopped and put your head back on his chest to make it look like you had just woken up. His eyes flickered open and he looked momentarily confused until he looked down at you.You tried to make yourself look as sleepy as possible, but you weren’t too sure how well it was working.
He noticed you were awake and gave you a weak, sleepy smile. “How long have you been awake?” he asked, his voice raspy from not using it for that past few hours.
“Not that long,” you lied, and smiled back. You felt an awkward silence about to fall over you so you again went to remove yourself from his arms, but he wrapped them tighter around you and pulled you back in.
“It’s ok,” he said, reading your mind. You cheeks turned a soft pink and you gave him a smile. You looked into his chocolate brown eyes; you always loved the color, and looking into them always made you feel safe. You knew that sounded cheesy, but it was true. JC had always been there for you from the start. He would let you vent to him whenever you had a rough day, he would help you with any favor you needed, and he’s one of the few people that has seen you cry, multiple times. You focused your attention back to JC and noticed his eyes were staring back into yours, him seemingly doing the same thing you were. He leaned in slightly, and when you followed suit he slowly kept going until your lips attached. You were a little surprised by his actions, but kissed him back and continued to wrap your arms around his waist. His lips felt soft against yours and you loved the way your lips seemed to mold together the longer you kissed. He gently pulled away and bit his lip, blushing. Your cheeks had also reddened and you looked down slightly before looking back up at his smiling face. He moved one of his hands to cup your face and stroked your cheek. “I’ve been wanting to do that for so long,” he said, while moving stray hairs out of your face,“You have no idea how much I’ve fallen for you.”
Your heart skipped a beat and instead of answering with words you leaned up and kissed him again, already missing the feeling of his lips on yours.

a/n: i hope you like it!! i had a lot of fun writing this ngl and i really hope it doesn’t suck. (it’s also 4 am so sorry for grammatical stuff) also i haven’t written in awhile so it feels nice to put something out there again. as always, you can request an imagine or preference in my ask and feedback is always GREATLY appreciated :))