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Hi, everyone. You may have noticed that although I said this past Saturday would be Submission Saturday, nothing was posted that day. I didn’t end up receiving many submissions and I realized that I must have overestimated the amount of interest that you all had in Submission Saturday’s revival. That’s on me. Submission Saturday will remain dormant for now, and if in the future y’all communicate that it’s something you’d like to see again, I’ll bring it back. If you want to talk more about it, reach out to me. Thanks, everyone

"The girl who used to be your best friend changed her profile picture"

We stopped talking to each other entirely six months ago. Two years ago I let her stay at my house so she could finish high school in her homeland. While she stayed in my home she had a certain attitude and disrespect towards my family who would give her a roof for nine months. My family didn’t ask her for anything she would just clean after herself. After graduation she went to live with her family and we stopped talking because everything between us was left in a really bad place,but a year ago she contacted me again. I forgave her, we went back to normal for five months, but then she asked me if she could stay at my house again just so we could pass our summer vacation together to repay me everything for letting her stay to finish school. I would have let her, but my mother said no and I felt so bad that I couldn’t answer her question for an entire week. After I told her that she couldn’t stay she blocked me everywhere and didn’t reply to my last message.

Today she re-opened her old facebook and an hour later she had already blocked me. I know I did wrong by taking so long to tell her whether she could stay or not, but after everything I had allowed her to do to me for years, the emotional state she put me through; I couldn’t let her in again and I’m relieved she didn’t even try contacting me. I don’t know if would have been able to go through the same thing and not speak my mind. I don’t want to break her by making her realize how much she broke me.

i would kill to know all the things people have said about me without my knowledge like negative and otherwise. livin in constant fear of that shet❗❗❗❗❗

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10. Are you allergic to anything?
- not really! very sudden climate change (like raining and suddenly it’s sunny) do give me some allergy- at least that’s what the doctor said

11. What’s your sexuality?
- tbh last month or so I would have said Straight™ but??? I’m questioning? I think I might be bi? But since I’ve never fallen in love w a girl for real I’m not sure so I honestly have no idea rn

12. Do you prefer tea, coffee of cocoa?
- cocoa!! I drink it a lot!! I love it so so so much!!

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HEY!! hi (: do you have any theories for voltron season 2??

Hi! So. I put this off a long time. But now on the eve of the release, I have to say, I’m really really looking forward to the next season. What with all the little clips we’ve been given along the way, and the teasing that the crew has done about how little we know, I hesitate to place any heavy bets on the content it will have. 

THAT SAID, I have a few things I would like to see, at least in development: 

  • Galra Keith 
    • Or Galra heritage/allies/etc, just give me anything
  • Prince Lotor 
    • Or some remake/incarnation of him. Would not complain in the slightest if that ended up being Keith. Okay maybe a little because I want another villain.
  • Hunk character development 
    • More of him stepping out of his comfort zone and pursuing things he wants, please and thank you. 
  • Keith backstory
    • Which has been confirmed that we will be getting at least in part, I’m so excited
  • Some measure of success at finding Matt or Sam
    • Like, even if it’s a map to where they could be, just give me (and Pidge) a bone here
  • Shiro Better Not Hecking Die
    • Just. No. Dreamworks DO NOT
  • What the Blue Paladin description is supposed to be
    • Like there are plenty of guesses as to what Lance is supposed to fulfill, but I want more because I’m greedy.

This list could go for days, but I shortened it. Guess who’s staying up to watch when it airs my time (and still has to go to classes tomorrow T~T). 

I suppose here would be a good place to say that this will not be a spoiler free blog. I will abstain from anything MAJOR for like… a week while I gather my thoughts, and I will tag spoilers with vldS2 so be sure to blacklist, washboard, tumblr savior, whatever, that. But you’d better bet I’m going to be picking apart and analyzing all this new content :D. 


“The blooming period of cherry blossoms are short, leading to an instantaneous flourish and sudden death… the flower serves as a reminder that the life of a human being can end anytime just like the flower.“ 

- Today on: things Kirishima Eijirou pulls off

can we talk about the boys first time? philip making sure lukas was okay with doing it, asking for consent twice. lukas smiling after philip kisses him. the two of them threading their fingers together. being cautious and gentle.

my oc!! she likes to pretend to record “get ready with me” videos when she prepares for school & she ends up running late because of it 😅 it’s been almost a year since i first drew her but i still haven’t decided on her name >_<


Well, you see

About ships

Boy and Girl: *blush at each other*

People: it’s canon.

Two boys: *blush at each other, hug, think about each other all day, hold hands, stare at each other lovingly, dream about each other, share lots of intimate affectionate moments*

People: look at those bros! Such strong friendship!

People: *brush hands with friends of the same gender* no homo!


hockey meme | 1/5 rookies: patrik laine

“it’s part of who I am. it’s a big part of my game that I have confidence and I know what I’m capable of and how good I am. I think that’s not a bad thing. people can think what they want, but I know how good I am and I’m not afraid to say it.”

there were three other people in the room that cared about alec but none of them interrupted jace when alec took his last breath because they understood that the parabatai bond is different and just as strong as familial and romantic love


Disney Dream Cast - The Princess and the Frog

Tiana - Lupita Nyong'o

Naveen -  Sendhil Ramamurthy

Charlotte LaBouff - Alison Sudol

Doctor Facilier -  Idris Elba

Lawrence - Timothy Spall


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  • : :
  • *outside Speedy's*
  • Molly: *approaching Mary* What's going on?
  • Mary: *grins* I found the father of your baby.
  • Molly: *wide-eyed* What? How...how do you even know who the father is?
  • Mary: *digging in her purse* I believe this belongs to the father of your baby *removes the scarf*
  • Molly: *groans* Oh God...he’s in there right now?
  • Mary: Yup.
  • Molly: *sighs* Let's get this over with.
  • Molly & Mary: *enter Speedy's*
  • Tom: *waving* Hi, Molls.
  • Molly: ...
  • Tom: *looking between them* So, what’s up?
  • Mary: *nudging her forwards* Well, Molly has something that she wants to tell you *gestures the scarf* while we're on the subject, I believe that this is your scarf.
  • Tom: No... *unzips his coat* this is my scarf.
  • Mary: ...
  • Mary: *looks at the scarf in her hand* Ah. Could I get anyone a coffee or...poison? No? Just for me? Okay *hurries off*
  • Tom: *concerned* What’s going on?
  • Molly: *sits opposite him* Nothing. Mary just... sort of made a mistake.
  • Tom: *smiles* I’m pleased Mary called. I know we broke up because you thought we weren't compatible. I was thinking...does that matter?
  • Molly: *hesitates* Tom...
  • Tom: We were perfect together *holds her hand*
  • Molly: I’m pregnant.
  • Tom: Oh. *drops her hand*
  • Tom: ...
  • Molly: ...
  • Molly: You can go.
  • Tom: Thank you *runs off*
  • *John & Mary's*
  • Sherlock: *staring at the baby*
  • John & Mary: *enter the flat*
  • Mary: *smiles* Hi. How was she?
  • Sherlock: *shrugs* Fine.
  • John: *lifts his daughter* There's my girl. Were you good for your Uncle?
  • Sherlock: *sighs*
  • Mary: *smirks* You love her really. You're a natural.
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* I'm going to have to get used to it.
  • John: *nods* Yes, you are.
  • Sherlock: *winds the scarf around his neck; smiles a little*
  • Mary: *looks up; points* That's your scarf?
  • Sherlock: *frowns* Yeeeeeees.
  • Mary: ...
  • Sherlock: *shrugs on his coat* Goodnight *leaves*
  • Mary: *squeals with happiness*