i would have reacted the same way

I have to wonder…

If he were still alive, how would Monty react to the current circumstances?

Like, how would he react to the continuing “discussion” of representation if he were here today?

If the whole bmblb debacle still occurred, would he join the others in saying it didn’t mean anything, say differently, or say anything at all?

If Jeff’s interview in January still went the way it did, what would Monty say of it?

Would Vol 4 turn out the same way story-wise if Monty was still on the writing team?

How would Monty respond to the critiques of the show now?

Hell, what would he think of RWBY Chibi? Or Camp Camp, even?

Just… What if, you know?

The lengths some of y'all would go to stop Palestinians from expressing their feelings and reacting to their opression in the ways they see fit. I don’t think an oppressed people have ever had to be so careful as to not offend their oppressors for our complaints and reactions to be considered valid. Ah yes, she didn’t kill Palestinian children herself, she trained Israeli soldiers to kill Palestinian children. Clearly this isn’t basically the same thing. Anyway, fuck Gal Godot, and fuck all y'all bending backwards to silence Palestinians as per usual. Having her play Wonder Woman is an offense to the character herself.

So yeah anyway, boycott the Wonder Woman movie, and fuck Israel.

Ok, so, even after aaaalll this time I’m still seeing quite a lot of people who continue on bashing Sakura and saying how useless she is and how she always cries and how Hinata is much stronger and so on and so forth…

So let’s try to start from the very beginning. I get it, she was hardcore fangirl in the first part but c’mon, you have to admit that at some point in your life you acted the same towards someone you really, really liked… 
Sakura was taking care of those two, guarding them and staying awake for hours, keeping them safe. 

Then the three ninja appeared and even tho she was very tired, she still fought them and managed to hold them off enough so others can come and help too.

Later in the exams, despite loosing, she showed a nice power against Ino and please bear in mind that Ino is from a powerful clan unlike Sakura who is from a normal family. After that, she showed genjutsu skills, she was one of the few who didn’t get affected by the genjutsu and that’s how she managed to free Naruto and the others from it. Then when they tracked Sasuke, Naruto was scared, he was actually shaking when he saw the monster in front of him and when Gaara sprung ahead to kill Sasuke, Sakura was the one to stand and protect Sasuke which resulted in her getting caught. 

She shows concern for her friends and is selfless. She is ready to throw herself in between two of the most powerful attacks only to stop those two idiots. And imagine what would have happened if Kakashi hadn’t come in time.

They say that she placed a big burden on Naruto and that she is using him to bring Sasuke back and yet she realized her mistake the moment Naruto came back from the failed attempt in bringing Sasuke back. She swore to get stronger and take off the burden she placed upon Naruto. She started training with Tsunade and indeed got stronger. She healed a lot of people.

She saved Kankuro’s life. Even Chiyo was impressed by her skills.

Then when they were sent to retrieve Gaara. She defeated Sasori. Yes, Chiyo helped her but Sakura showed incredible skills on her own. Sasori praised her on a few occasions.

After that, Naruto was damaged by the Kyuubi’s chakra. It was Sakura who healed him. Even tho she was in pain, she did everything to make the wounds heal faster. 

Then, she had her little moments that I’m going to skip. Let’s concentrate on the bigger ones like the attack on Konoha. She helped a looot of injured ppl uncluding Hinata. If it wasn’t for Sakura, Hinata would have died. 

She even saved Karin and cried on her.

After that, war time, I don’t have to mention that she again saved a lot of people and caugh the White Zetsu.

She also activated her seal and managed to do some impressive work on defeating a lot of enemies.

She summoned Katsuyu and healed everyone on the battlefield… quite the amount if you ask me…

Of course Naruto being one of them :)) 

She also pretty much helped Shikamaru, she kept him alive and gave him chakra until Naruto recovered enough to give them all chakra.

Oh c’mon, I don’t have to say that she saved Naruto’s life.

They say how she was super scared when she encountered Madara. Then again, was Hinata going to be less scared? Or was she going to do that..?

Distract him a little so Naruto and Sasuke can think of sth. And look at her, she is enduring it, pushing the fear away and doing everything in her powers to fight him. 

It was thanks to her that Obito was able to find Sasuke, otherwise, they were doomed…

And she also saved Obito. If it wasn’t for her, the acid would have splashed him instead and … bye bye Obi~

If I remember correctly, Sasuke and Naruto were just about to seal Kaguya away but it would have been another fail. If it wasn’t for Sakura, Kaguya would have escaped them once again.

she also healed those two bakas when they fought

And what did Hinata do?

She did helped Naruto by protecting him from Pain. But don’t take Naruto’s rage that deeply ok. He thought that she was dead and she was his friend so it’s only normal to react like that. It would have been Shikamaru or Kiba or someone else from his friends, he would have reacted the same way.

And yes, she has the byakugan and is able to do a lot of things thanks to it but what would have happened if she didn’t have it????

and what the hell is that? Make your own Ninja Way girl, don’t copy Naruto’s

She is cute and compassionate and has decent power but some things I just can’t forgive about her character. Fuck Trollmoto tho…

I have to say that I do not hate Hinata but I at the same time I don’t like her that much. She had the potential to become more confident and strong individual but she was left submissive and with almost no confidence.

Now let’s pay some attention to the NaruSaku and MinaKushi stuff. They say that Hinata is like Minato. Indeed the both of them are on the quiet side but other than that what? Minato often throws jokes and he often smiles and grins and he tends to be a little goofy. He is also pretty smug when torturing Kakashi and Obito in their trainings and trying to make them work as a team. Hinata … errr…. 

Minato calms Kushina = balance. When did Hinata calmed Naruto? 

here??? (lets not mention how Neji was dead in her feet and she was thinking how warm Naruto’s hand was) *CRINGE*

I do know that it is war time and there isn’t that much time for grieving but she could have at least hugged Neji and told him “Thank you for always being there for me” or sth like that. At least a reaction like Rock Lee or TenTen would have been good but she just stood and watched…

And oh well, sorry to disappoint you but that scene is kinda copied..

*cough* *cough*

Say whatever you want but Kushina’s line stays the same 
“Find someone like your mother”  

And Minato considered Sakura as Naruto’s girlfriend and stated how she was like Kushina. And Sakura and Minato actually worked together.

And they also share some similarities…

If we include the movies. Naruto was saved by Sakura a lot of times. Like in Road to Ninja, she fought Obito/Menma. 

The Blood Prison, she kept him alive enough for Ryuuzetsu to help him.

And in The Last (which is the bullshit of the bullshits) she was healing him and transfering chakra into him for days. She saved his life again.

Even in Boruto the movie when they were attacked, she fought and evacuated the people. Later, healed them.

Including Hinata who instead of staying with her children in such dire situation, sprung to help Naruto only to be knocked out instantly and risking her own life against oponent she has NO chance at even scratching. (what would have happened if the enemy injured her more seriously or worse - killed her? the kids would have been without mother. She is too reckless.)

and that shit about Naruto loving her because of the rivalry? Oh well, you still remember 235 ep right? He said how he fell in love with her sweet smile and all those cheesy things. They shared so many moments.

First thing he mutters is “Sakura-chan”

Unlike Hinata, who was placed in Sasuke’s place in The Last. The moment when they were little and she “was with him from day one” Sakura actually was with him when they were little (alongside Shikamaru, Kiba, Sasuke and Choji and even Ino. Yes, they weren’t playing that much but they still shared some moments. Hinata tho, Naruto just saved her once from some bullies…)

And lookie, we even have the red thread of love

And let’s not forget how she cherished the flower and blushed the whole time

All and all

And also not to mention that Naruto and Sakura would have been not only like Minato and Kushina but also like Hashirama and Mito. Hashirama is a sunny guy like Naruto and Mito is Uzumaki and all Uzumaki are loud and cheerful and energetic like Kushina (and therefore Sakura). And we can also add Jiraiya and Tsunade, the way they acted was the same way the other couples act. Even Rin and Obito are the same (despite Rin being a little gentler) and Yaiko and Konan too. So this is going on through generations, ever since the Warring Eras with Mito and Hashirama to the other war stricken eras with Jiraiya and Tsunade, Konan and Yahiko to the more modern era with Obito and Rin and Kushina and Minato to the peace era with Naruto and Sakura.

And here is some amazing fanart, seriously even if I wasn’t a NaruSaku fan, I would have still being able to notice those things. Hinata is cute but she really isn’t that strong. If she wasn’t from the noble clan she wouldn’t have been able to fend for herself. Sakura on the other hand is not from such a clan but she manages to surpass Tsunade who is known as the strongest woman. I’m a person who sticks to facts.

I hope you can agree with me…. :)) I myself want Kishimoto to fuck everyone and just write a special NaruSaku manga where they end up together… no more bullshits!!!


I had a conversation with @stonefreeak about this scene a few weeks back and I’ve been turning it over in my head ever since.

I’d never thought much about it until that conversation, but after that I started considering the context and just what Anakin is/isn’t saying here.  This is literally all Anakin says, he is incredibly vague, just that he’s having visions/dreams, they’re of suffering and death, and they’re someone close to him.  That’s literally it, that’s all he says in this scene.

And then I started considering this from Yoda’s point of view:
- Has no idea that Anakin is dreaming of Padme
- Has no idea that Anakin has any kind of relationship/feelings for Padme
- Has no idea this is about her dying in childbirth
- Knows that the Jedi been obligated to fight IN A WAR for the last few years
- Knows that Jedi have been DYING IN THIS WAR for years now



Yeah, that’s right, I think it makes way more sense (and makes his reactions make more sense) when you realize, oh, shit, Yoda probably thinks he’s talking about Obi-Wan.

Obi-Wan, who may well die in this war, just like the other Jedi around them are dying.  Who pledged his life to the Jedi Order, who are beholden to the Senate and obligated to fight in this war, who Anakin loves and would worry about if he were having dreams of Obi-Wan’s death.

(And you can’t tell me that they both wouldn’t have acted/reacted the exact same way if it had been exactly that.)

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I can't believe we got two episodes in a row of such blatant Deancas what is happening

what i’m having a hard time digesting is that they aren’t trying to disguise it like they normally would?

  • they don’t have sam reacting the same way at all in the slightest
    • like, we didn’t get an emotional scene where sam calls his mom and tells her he’s spun out
    • why is dean so spun out and sam’s just like “let’s go work a case”
    • i mean usUALLY they try to mask the deancas by giving us samcas 
    • even the ONE TIME sam called cas it was just so that he could come back to dean and be like “damn u right, he really isn’t answering his phone”
  • dean keeps doing and saying things that are, as i’ve said before, LINES THAT JENSEN USUALLY WOULD WANT TO CHANGE IN A SCRIPT. he has on at least two occasions changed lines in a script to be less “romantic” but apparently giving his good ol’ best buddy a mixtape didn’t set off his romantic buzzer? 
    • talking about not recognizing the guy staring back at me didn’t set it off? 
    • calling his mom and emotionally telling her how spun out he is didn’t set it off?
    • frankly, i’m disappointed in nesnej
  • USUALLY, there’s some other reason for dean to be worried about cas besides………………..dean loving cas
    • yes, i know cas is fucked up right now and dean is worried about that but like? they didn’t even try to make dean worried about lucifer jr and the possible 87th apocalypse. he was straight up only worried about cas. 
    • not to mention the 17 episodes prior to 12x19 where dean had no clue what was going on with cas, didn’t really need him for anything, and was simply calling him over and over because he was worried about him.
  • USUALLY they wouldn’t have dean and cas straight up say what they mean
    • now it’s like “i feel like a failure and need to bring u a win” and “i’m mad because i’m worried” and “you mean WE like YOU AND ME like WE are a family ????” and “it’s a gift u keep those” and “i love you”
    • like especially the mixtape thing, it could’ve been really easy for cas to give that back to dean and dean could’ve been like “thanks man” and instead he’s like IT’S A GIFT I GAVE IT TO U AS A GIFT
    • they have never canonically given each other anything as useless as a cassette tape just for the sake of gift giving
    • i got off track here
    • why all the sudden are they being so honest with each other where was the fucking warning sooperblop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • usually they’d have some third party being like “you’re in love with humanity” or “cas has this weakness he likes you” and now they’re just ???????????????? direct, face-to-face contact
    • what happened to them being afraid to put dean and cas alone in a room together
    • no seriously
    • since when can dean imply that cas stole the fuckin colt from underneath his pillow and we all just kind of roll with that
    • what universe did i get beamed into

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What do you think is the (symbolic) meaning behind having all the mains on the same place, trying to support sana (s4's main) in the clip today? :) x

you know what I didn’t even think about it until you mentioned it, so thank you so much for bringing this up!

wow, it’s kinda nostalgic isn’t it? 

like think about it, Eva, Noora and Isak have all been in the position Sana is in now. Alone, inside their own head afraid of what’s to come next (same tbh)

and now here they are sharing this moment with her. Could they be a reminder for us to show us how much they have grown and the ‘evolution’ of the mains?

or maybe….

okay so Sana has served as an important character in each of their seasons. she helped each main move along in their story in a different way. 

for example with Eva

Sana gave Eva the push she needed to finally confront Ingrid as well as all the feelings she has been repressing and torturing herself with from the beginning of this season. If it wasn’t for Sana we might not have gotten the most emotional heart to heart in this entire season. We wouldn’t have gotten Eva to finally let out all of her feelings as well as realising who she is and what means the most to her. She wouldn’t have gotten the push she needed to gain closure with Ingrid if it wasn’t for sana…and then of course she wouldn’t have caught Iben and learnt about Snakesak…so yeah Sana pushed Eva’s season along when she needed it. 

then Noora

Of course Sana and noora had that massive beautiful clip where she told Noora that it’s impossible to expect people to think like you do, but it is possible to try and understand them, and for them to understand you. This convo of course encouraged Noora to try to connect with William and talk to him…pushing her in the direction of Nico where the next part of her story began. Again you could say Sana pushed her story along…leading her to the next chapter of her journey and growth. 

Now angel Isak Mikki doesn’t have favourites I love my children equally

oh my gosh I loved this clip. I don’t know if Sana knew or not but she gave Isak exactly everything he needed to hear right in this moment of his story. She reassured him that he still means the same to her as he always has and that maybe his mum would feel the same way. she gave him the courage and the love he needed to tell his mum about Even. She made him feel less scared about how she would react and calm in knowing that she still sees him the same way herself. ahhh oh my god if it wasn’t for Sana I don’t know if Isak would have gotten the guts to tell his mother about his sexuality and that was one of the most important parts of his story. His mother accepting him and loving him when he needed it the most (hell he had been needing it since we met him) ahhh it was everything. and Sana helped him reach to that point where he could reach out to his mother. So again, she pushed and impacted his story…in the best way. 

So now why were all the mains here in this clip? 

Maybe they were here to remind us just how much Sana has been there for them. How much she has impacted their lives and had such a strong hand in moving their journeys of growth and development along. Because now Sana is the one withdrawing herself from everyone and believing that none of them see her as someone they can connect with because she is too different. She is beginning to take herself out of their world…to push them away. But they are here trying to remind us (and her but she can’t see it rn) that god dammit she is a part of their world. She’s not just a part of it but because of her their worlds have changed and grown. She has been there for all of them. They need her and they love her and they respect her. 

but Sana feels like no one does. 

someone needs to tell her just how important she is and why she is needed so much in their world…because their worlds are her world. <3 

They each had Sana to move their story along…but who does Sana have? maybe that’s what they are trying to show us by involving them all here. Who is her Sana? What happens when the friend who is always there for everyone, needs someone to be there for her and get her to talk and listen? 

lets find out ahhhh

All of Humanity is Weird, not just the Earthlings

Fell down the “Earth is Space Australia” rabbit hole on Pinterest and now this idea won’t leave me alone.

What if Earthlings aren’t the only type of humans out in the universe? (not likely I know but suspend disbelief and use your imagination). 

What if there are other human species not from Earth but having evolved in more or less the same way as us Earthlings? Their living environments are less hostile than Earth; meaning they’ve only got one environmental problem (heat, snow, rain, tornadoes, tropical) to deal with if any. Earth, as the literal Australia of the humanity inhabited planets, has all the problems and then some. The different types of humans have never met until now.

How different would humanity be? How similar/identical? How do we react to each other and the things that we’ve had to deal with? What would the other aliens think, maybe having dealt with one type of human and then meeting an Earthling and discovering how utterly crazy we seem to be? 

Writers with more time and creativity than I, take this and run with it however you wish :)

My Soldier

Here we go! My first Alex imagine! Hope you like it as much I enjoyed writing it! Leave your comments behind, I’d appreciate it very much! (Picture doesn’t belong to me! I found it on google pictures!)

“(Y/N) my dear, can you hang up the laundry outside, please? I’m quite busy with preparing lunch.”

“Of course, Anne.”  The young woman responded to her future mother-in-law, making her way towards the bathroom. She took a hold of the laundry basket where the freshly washed laundry was neatly folded and put in, then carrying it to the backyard. The weather was beautiful, a perfect summer day and the sun was shining warmly on the sky, not even a single cloud was to be seen.  (Y/N) loved days like this. It changed her mood to a better one. And now that war had taken place, she needed a little distraction even more.

She walked through a sea of different flowers, feeling them brushing her uncovered legs and the touch left a comfortable sensation behind. When she arrived to the hanger, she placed the basket to the ground, bent down and grabbed the first piece of clothes and hung them up, attaching it with two clothes pegs. As she continued doing her task, her mind easily drifted to the young man that she loved with all her heart.

It was not a long time ago that he left off for war but for (Y/N) it felt like a whole eternity. Living without him for a special amount of time was a deep agony. She missed him being around her. His smile, his eyes, his hugs and even his terrible jokes. When Alex told her and his family that he was going to fight against the Germans, it crushed (Y/N)’s heart. She knew letting him go was a huge risk, he might never come back to her, safe and sound. And they were very close to marrying each other. (Y/N) had been so excited to finally settling down with him, living a live as a married couple. But Alex was needed, she was aware of it, every young man in the village they’d been living in was needed there to help their French brothers. And (Y/N) could do nothing against it. She knew pretty damn well that if Alex wouldn’t leave, people would talk about them behind their backs, even shaming them that their children had to fight but Alex was not.

Anne took the news for more badly than (Y/N). She fainted right after Alex made the announcement and when she woke up again, it took all of their strength to calm her down. (Y/N) couldn’t blame her for it, she raised her son after all and if (Y/N) was a mother, she would have probably reacted the same way. She promised Alex that she would stay with his family as long as she could to take care of them and support them, but he had to promise her that he would come home back to her.

“You have to.” She forced out crying, clinging onto his body. “You have to come back to me. Otherwise I wouldn’t know how to live without you.” He kissed her deeply as a promise for his return.

“I’ll see you hopefully soon.” He told her before he went out of the house.

Not a long time ago she had received his last letter. He told her that he was alright and a heavy stone fell from her heart. He described about the hard times he went through and how many times he had faced death but still was alive. “For you.” He wrote. “I’m alive for you, my love.”

(Y/N) couldn’t remember how many times she read all of his letters with tears in her eyes. Reading his own words felt like he was still there with her, whispering them into her ear. This was the only way she could calm down for a while. Plenty of times she had raised her hands up to the sky, praying to god that he would send Alex back to her. She knew Alex was strong and willing to fight. He had the heart of a lion.

She had read in the newspaper that three hundred thousand soldiers were saved and made their way home to their families. If Alex was among them, she couldn’t know. They had fortunately not received any bad message of his death. So she hoped whole-heartedly that he was in one of those trains that carried him back to her.

(Y/N) pitied the fallen soldiers. Their families were waiting for them like she did, but the only thing they would be confronted with would be an announcement that their son couldn’t make it. She respected their braveness, and she would always keep them in her prayers.

While (Y/N) was still doing her task and being deep in thoughts, a young soldier was sneaking his way toward her, paying attention to not making any sounds that would reveal his position. He held a large bouquet of her favorite flowers in his hands. Seeing her again in real after countless nights of dreaming about her made his heart jump in his chest and he was more in love with her than ever. The last steps were always the agonizing ones but he also crossed this obstacle.

(Y/N) suddenly felt a pair of hands covering her eyes, preventing her from doing her work.

“What the hell?” She exclaimed, as she saw nothing but darkness, her body stiffening immediately from the touch.  “Who in god’s name is that?”

“You can guess three times.” She heard someone whisper into her ear delicately. A wave of different emotions was overwhelming every part, every cell and every fiber of her body. Happiness, excitement, love, relief. Everything at once. She knew exactly who was right behind her.

“A-Alex?” She whimpered, tears flooding down her cheeks. The hands released her eyes and she was able to turn around. And as she looked into two familiar green eyes that she longed to see so terribly, she could finally breathe again.

“Oh my goodness!” She gasped, covering her mouth with both hands. Heavy sobs left her mouth and before the young man in front of him could respond, she threw herself at him, crying on his shoulder. Alex wrapped his arms around her tiny frame, pulling her towards him. Having her in arms again after all the horror he went through was an indescribable feeling. Both clung onto each other like their lives depended on the other one. Once (Y/N) back away slightly, she took his handsome face between her hands.

“You came back. You really came back. Dear god, I can’t believe it!” She peppered every centimeter of his face with affectionate kisses before she captured her lips with his. “Oh my god! Thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you so so much!” She hugged him again tightly.

“Love, easy!” Alex laughed. “Let me breathe.”

“I’ve been worried sick about you.” (Y/N) admitted, easing her grab on him. “You didn’t send any letters anymore and I thought I lost you. Oh my god!”

“It’s over now, darling. I’m here. I’m back and I’m not planning on leaving any time soon.” He kissed her lightly. “I kept my promise, didn’t I?” He handed her over the bouquet of flowers which created a smile on (Y/N)’s lips.

“I love you, Alex. So much.”

“I love you too, beautiful.” He said. “Where is mother? I missed her terribly.”

“She’s inside, preparing lunch. Jesus, she will be out of her shoes when she sees you again.” She intertwined their fingers and dragged him into the house. “Come on, let’s go surprise her. She’ll love this one.”

When they entered the house, (Y/N) called after her second mother. “Anne? Are you still in the kitchen?”

“Yes, love! Lunch is almost ready. If you could help me laying the table that would be very lovely, my dear.”  

Alex’ eyes shone brightly as he heard the sound of his mother’s voice again. It was not only (Y/N)’s but her voice in his head that encouraged him during the battles. He indicated (Y/N) to be quiet whereas she nodded with her head.

He slowly stepped into the kitchen where his lovely mother was doing the last preparations for the meal. Anne hadn’t noticed him yet. She was quite busy with running back and forth, looking for spices for the salad.

“What smells so good in here?” He asked innocently, making his mother freeze in her position. She thought first that she misheard his voice but when she looked up to the door where the young man stood, she couldn’t believe what she saw. Her whole body began to tremble.

“Jesus Christ!” Anne exclaimed, running towards her son. “My boy, my baby!” She cried.

“Hello, mother.” Alex mumbled, hugging her and kissing her head gently.

“Oh my baby boy, you’re here! Are you okay? Are you hurt?” She was looking for any bruises on his skin.

“Mum, I’m fine, don’t you worry.”

“Alex.” The older woman sighed. “I missed you so much, my son.”

“I missed you, too mother.”

(Y/N) was gazing at this mother-son moment with new tears in her eyes and a smile on her lips.

“You won’t leave again, will you? You’ll stay here?” Anne asked worried.

“No mum, I’ll stay here. I’m not going anywhere.”

Anne sighed in relief and led her hands to her face to wipe away all the tears that ran down her cheeks.

“Oh my, you’re surely hungry, aren’t you? Where is (Y/N)? (Y/N)?! “ She looked at her.

“Yes?” She asked.

“The table. The table is waiting for you!”

“Your wish is my command , madam!” She saluted with a laugh and with Alex she prepared the dining table where afterwards they had a very nice time together.


She felt him stir again in his sleep. This happened very often since he came back home. Every night he would fidget back and forth in his position, crying out for help because he was tormented by nightmares. (Y/N) knew that war had changed him a lot no matter how much he tried to cover it. Nothing would be the same anymore. His body twitched at every tiny little sound but he tried to pretend like it wouldn’t bother him. He tried to be the man that he was before he left, but (Y/N) knew by heart that this man was not there anymore. She was willing to help him. To help him fight against the bad memories that he made.

She supported herself on her elbows, glancing at Alex. Turning on the night lamp beside her, she noticed that his whole body was covered with sweat.

“No, don’t shoot… Please…” She heard him whimpering in his sleep. “Please, don’t shoot… no.. no..” His expression showed a hint of distress and fear. “Help… help me… please…”

“Alex?” (Y/N) shook his shoulder slightly to wake him up, to save him from this agony. “Alex, darling wake up.”

“Help…Help… please help me…” Alex kept whining over and over again.

Seeing him in a state like this, all vulnerable and terrified, tore her heart apart. She couldn’t bear to see him hurt and in pain.

“Wake up, Alex. It’s only a dream. Wake up.” She shook much harder and harsher, causing him to finally open his eyes. Alex panted heavily, looking at her with fright.

“(Y/N)?” His chest lifted and fell heavily, while he tried to regain his breath.

“It’s okay, my dear.” She brought him to an embrace. “It was only a nightmare. You’re safe, my love. You’re safe.” She ran her fingers through his hair, a gesture that would calm him down. “It’s okay, Alex. Everything is fine. You’re home. You’re safe.”

“I thought I was back there. I really thought I was going to die.” He sniffled.

“No, darling. Look at me.” She laid her hands on his cheeks. “Everything is okay, Alex. You’re home, not back there. You’re home with me, your mother and your father.”

Her words made him calm down for a little bit. His tensed body relaxed.

“You made it alive out there, my hero.” (Y/N) said.

“I’m not a hero.” Alex mumbled.

“Yes, you are. You did everything that you could to defeat the enemy Alex. You kept fighting for justice and safety. I really desire you bravery and your strength , my dear. You faced death so many times but yet you’re alive. You never gave up. You just went on and on. And I don’t know anyone who is as selfless and willing as you are. I admire you.”

She offered him a soothing smile.

“You may not have won this war, but you gave everything that you have, my love. War does not always mean winning but also losing. One side always loses. But I’m sure the Germans soon will be defeated and the deaths of the fallen ones will be revenged.”

She put kiss on his temple.

“You’re going to heal, my love. I promise. You may not forget what you went through and I don’t expect you to do so but you will be better after a time. Not today, not tomorrow and the day after. But you will heal. And until then I’m going to support you, hold you, trying to do everything you want me to.”

Alex nodded his head, feeling far more better from the words that she spoke.

“We’re going to beat every nightmare that you have. I’m always there, lying next to you and keeping you safe.”

“I love you, (Y/N). I can’t wait to marry you.”

“I love you too and I can’t wait to marry you.” She responded. In a few weeks, they would be bonded forever and both of them were looking forward to it. With (Y/N) on his side, Alex knew that he was complete. She was his life safer. His light that guided him through darkness.

They laid down again, talking about their wedding, future children and everything that their heart desired until they fell to a deep slumber. With (Y/N) in his arms, Alex was finally at peace.

bts reacts: in the morning

note: i try to keep these gender neutral but sometimes i slip into female pronouns out of habit 💕

also note i found this in my notebook and have deduced that i wrote it when i was half asleep in a history lesson about a month ago, so does that excuse how bad this isssss

yoongi: he had his arms around you from behind, hands ever so often would brush innocently against bared skin. you were awake, but you didn’t want to move, just in case you would wake him in the process. there was a peaceful breath on the back of your neck from every time he exhaled, and you decided that maybe it wasn’t such a bad thing to just lay there for a little while longer, listening to the alternating sounds of sleepy breathing and clock hands.

“morning.” a small voice croaked from behind you, and when you glanced over your shoulder, noses bumped.

“good morning, sleeping beauty.” he rolled his eyes at the nickname, suppressing a smile. “are you getting up yet?”

“hmm.” he groaned, tightening the grip that he already had on you. “maybe not just yet.”

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hoseok: “are you up yet?” he rolled over to the other side of the bed, so far that it was a surprise that he didn’t fall off completely. you grunted in response, turning the opposite way and covering your face with a fistful of bed sheets.

“is that a grunt of yes, or a grunt of no? i don’t speak troll.”

“hey!” you flicked his shoulder halfheartedly with your finger, less with the intention of actually physically hurting him and more for just retaliation purposes. after the minor attack, you turned over again, back into your makeshift cave.

“do i take that a yes or a no?”

“can you take it as ‘a few more minutes and then i promise i’ll be up’?” you murmured, getting rid of some of the space between you by moving a little closer, just enough so that your shoulders were touching.

“a few more minutes it is.”

Originally posted by minseokhoseok

namjoon: “it’s eleven, don’t you think it’s about time we got up now?” he would say, and you would just try and hide under the covers.

“but.. but- i’m plagued. i’m unfit. unwell. unhealthy. the time of day has no significance when my antibodies are trying to keep me alive.”

“you never told me that you got this dramatic when you’re ill.” he would smile, and then yawn, and start to stand up. “before anything, i need coffee.”

“please, please could you get me one too?” you knew that you were being a little needy, but you were ill, and couldn’t really think of a way to be subtle. you were talking into the pillow, so the fact that he even understood a word you said was a miracle in itself.

“of course- just don’t fall asleep in the three minutes while i’m gone.” he’d say it jokingly, but of course, when he returned, you were asleep again. he set the coffee down on a coaster on the bedside table, a soft sigh escaping his lips.

“the things i do for you.”

Originally posted by ciutae

seokjin: “morning.. you’re up early, what’s the occasion?” he would say, hovering by the stairs like he didn’t really want to fully get up yet. “did i forget something? is today an important day, because if it is, i totally didn’t forget at all.”

“of course it’s an important day.” you snorted. “today was the day that we ran out of cereal, so i decided to try and make pancakes instead.”

“but did you do it the right way?”

“eh.” you shrugged, looking at the telltale mess in front of you, and then turning your attention back to the hob when you heard soft footsteps pad across the kitchen tiles. “for the most part.”

“i can smell burning.” he would laugh, hugging you from behind and swaying side to side with his chin resting on the top of your head, standing on tiptoe. “how many attempts did it really take for you to get to this?” he gestured to an admittedly miserable and deflated looking excuse for a pancake that was doused in sugar and lemon juice, so much of it that it looked like it was drying to disguise itself.

“too many. that’s an hour of my life that i spent wishing i had just micro-waved the ones in the freezer.”

“if it makes you feel any better… it doesn’t taste as bad as it looks.”

Originally posted by theseoks

jungkook: “neither of us are going to get up, right?”

“of course not. getting up ensures certain death. there’s only one person to blame, really- the person who turned off the heating in the middle of winter, but i’m going to let it slide…” he turned over to face you. “just think.. what would a penguin do?”

“you can’t be serious-” apparently, he was serious.he’d wrapped his arms around you, and tight.

“well, they must be doing something right. you know, body heat escaping, and science.” with each word, he just held on tighter, and in all honesty, you didn’t really mind. “this isn’t just keeping us warm, but i’m also having a great time over here. they’ve got the right idea.” the two of you just laid there for a while, whispering the odd sweet nothing every now and again, the noise muffled by bed sheets.

“if this is how i get to start my morning everyday, then i’m completely fine with you turning the heating off.”

Originally posted by jungkookfortunekookies

jimin: “i need to get up, you know. you’ll have to let go of me at some point.” jimin stubbornly kept his arms around you- there was no way that either he, or you, would be moving anytime soon unless he loosened his grip.

“the key words in that sentence are ‘at some point’.” he was getting more and more stubborn by the minute. “you don’t have to get up just yet.”

“well, i mean…”

this is nice.” he said, cutting you off. “cuddling like this is nice, don’t you think?” he smiled, and let out a half-laugh, the kind where you’re not really laughing, and there’s only air blowing through your nose. “it’s just that.. we don’t really get to do this much. you know, what with us both being really busy. so when we have the time, like now, i don’t know. i just like it. a lot.”

Originally posted by itschiminie

taehyung: he’d try and wake you up by saying your name, and with each time that he repeated it, he would poke your cheek with the tip of his finger. when you didn’t respond, he would start poking your nose instead.

___. ___.” he would ignore all the subtle pleas and hints you left for him to stop, like scrunching your nose and wrinkling your forehead, and just tried to carry on. “i’m running out of facial features to poke to try and get you up- i’d poke you in the mouth, but i’m almost certain that you would bite me.”

“and why is that?”

“because you’re not exactly in the friendliest mood in the morning.” he stated. “and it takes about an hour of complaining before you’re even out of the room.”

“probably because i always wake up to you prodding me in some way-” you were stopped mid sentence, because he had practically laid himself on top of you. “get-get off me, you lump, i can’t breathe-” this time though, it was your own laughing that cut you off.

is lying on you a better option for waking you up every morning, then?” he giggled, pressing your foreheads together.

“maybe. if i could breathe, it would be more acceptable.” in response, he just rolled over, still holding onto you; so that you were laid the same way, but the positions had flipped.

this any better?”

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hope that wasn’t too bad bleuhhg

last post: ready to run; jungkook

last react: falling asleep

masterlist is here, and requests are open! i really wanna do some au scenarios, so if you have any ideas, lEt mE KnoW

thanks for reading!

-tash 💕

i think about the way diana reacted when dr. poison’s gas killed everyone in the village, at a complete loss, total distress on her face because she didn’t save them. i think about the way clark reacted when the bomb went off at the court and everyone died, how he froze, didn’t even look around him despite the flames engulfing everything, becaused he didn’t save them

diana’s “they are dead. they are all dead. i could have saved them.” and clark’s “i was standing right there and i didn’t see it.” are the same statement, they’re both acknowledging that, under different circumstances and mindsets, they would absolutely have the power to help and even prevent the harm from ever reaching those people, but it all got overshadowed by their personal battles, beliefs and expected outcomes. and at the time of those events, they’re both young, they’re both more naive than they should be but no less than they have the right to, and yet it’s all going to unfold differently for each of them

diana essentially stops ares, wins the war, but ultimately detaches herself from man’s world. she sees we all have the choice to do bad things, nobody forcing our hands, and we choose it. we choose to do bad things and there are no other gods of war she can slay to help us. it’s all on us despite an ever lingering hope we can change for the better. we can. we mostly don’t. clark is thrown into our world on full display without wanting or planning to, simply because he’s forced to fight by someone else’s hand, on more than one occassion. but he does fight because it’s not our fault earth houses the last son of krypton. because the people he loves and wants safe aren’t to blame for the fact he’s feared and misunderstood. it’s not his fault either

diana will go on believing that the number of people choosing to do good aren’t enough to make a considerable dent on the scale, yet the unfolding events upon the justice league’s formation and bruce wayne’s newfound hope in humanity will eventually change that. she’ll learn the scales might surprise you. clark, having died protecting the same people that did everything in their power to show him how much unwanted and feared he was, will return and no matter his newfound disposition either about humanity never deserving him or his resolve to be there for us despite everything, will have changed his mentality considerably due to all the events that caused and took place up until his sacrifice and death

the potential of strong character development between and through any possible interactions diana and clark might have in the dceu is ridiculously exciting to consider. they have so many things in common and yet they’re so different, both when they started and where they currently are. one regained hope, the other posthumously became it

Listen Up Rika Haters

I don’t understand why people hate Rika. Oh wait a second, I Do.

People are just blinded by their loyalty to a character or simply don’t understand how mental illnesses work. Don’t fight me on this, you know this is true. Here are the arguments I hear about why people hate Rika:

“She blinded V” okay, and then they forget about that fact that (AND EVEN CHERITZ SAID THEMSLEVES) that V’s hands are just as dirty has Rika’s. But oh wait, “he’s super hot and I’m a horny fuck” your blinded by your loyalty to him. So, if you ever said that’s why you hated Rika, I just assume you are a V Fanboy/girl.

“Because of what she did to Saeran/707” so I’m just gonna assume you’re a Saeran fanboy or 707 fanboy. Because Saeran killed people, he threatened people, and nobody cared. Heres something people need to get straight. SAERAN MADE HIS BROTHER FEEL LIKE SHIT, NOT RIKA.

“She brainwashed people” and who encouraged it? Who thought of it? The oh-so “innocent” V.

“Yoosung talked too much about her”…jealousy. That’s all I have to say.

“She just wanted to be someone’s savior! Selfish” and “don’t use her mental illness as an excuse” “I’m mentally ill too, so this can’t…” well, news flash, there are many types of mental illnesses. Yours may be different from Rikas, and with personal experience with a family member who has the SAME MENTAL ILLNESS as Rika, she thinks she’s god too. She tried killing me because she thought I needed to be saved. She thought she could be a SAVIOR. Sometimes, I feel like when people say “I have a mental illness and stuff like that won’t make me go insane like that” is that they’re only saying that because they want people to believe them. But for those who are honestly being truthful about their illnesses, I hope it gets better :3

“She Flirted with Jumin Han”…I swear…people these days can’t tell a joke from seriousness. She just wanted to make Jumin confused :3 either that, or flustered. But she wasn’t hitting on him. So I’m going to assume you’re a Jumin Fanboy/girl if you get offended because of a joke. Also, Jumin literally locks you up in his home and sexually…I wouldn’t say abuse but somewhere there to you in the bad endings. HE ENDS UP LIKE V!! HE THINKS HIS LOVE IS ENOUGH!! HES OVERDRIVEN BY LOVE!! But oh yah, “Jumins a hot daddy, so he’s cool. He also likes cats and I love cats.” I swear…

Also, guaranteed that if Rika was a hot male, they’d treat Rika like V and Saeran and I can just tell that of that was the case, there would be a Rika x Saeran ship. Don’t lie to me.

By the way, I’m not a Rika fanboy/girl at all. I like Rika as a character. It’s just tired and ridiculous on how people react. Also, please don’t send me 5 pages worth of ridiculous reasons why you hate Rika. I won’t care.

Cherits themselves said that Rika and Yoosung have the exact same personality. However, her mental illness hides her true personality in making her unable to control herself. But nobody hates Yoosung. Smh. Cheritz also said that Rika is a very good character, who can’t understand why her actions were wrong. If she had a good mindset after she’s treated again, she’d probably apologize to everyone about the actions she did, when she had good intentions yet doing it wrong. Cheritz also said that people should stop obsessing about V. They said it makes them a bit..uncomfortable, because to them, V is seen as a bad character. That’s why V WAS NEVER YOURS. So please…just stop with the Rika hate.

Actually, no, I won’t be able to force someone to stop hating Rika, but I want the hate to one down and for people to keep it for themselves. That’s all.

Fore more information, please go to a video called “Let’s Talk About Rika Hate” by MeliZBeauty(/Beats? I forgot the name) and watch that.

Good Day.

Edit: I know both Rika and V are in the wrong. There’s no excuse for their actions, so I do know that. I just wanted to get something off my chest since not a lot of people get to see this, and think V is super innocent. But please don’t send me hate for speaking my opinion. That’s why people like me are scared of talking about defending Rika cause of the hate we get. Just understand that it’s okay to hate her, just know why you are and have a reasonable enough explanation for it. For more information, visit @melizbeauty. She can say it better than I could about the Rika topic. Good day!
Masterlist (Updated 3/14/ 17)

Jason Todd/Red Hood X Reader

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Why Don’t You buy Me Dinner First?

I Love You, Too

How the Batboys would react to their s/o dying the same way they did (Jason)

It’s Worse Than You Think

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No Grave Can Keep Me Away From You

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You put the ass in assassin, Part 2

Please stop, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

All Hallows’ Eve Request #7, Part 2

Tell Me You Know That They’re Together

Little Do You Know

Love Toxin

How the Batboys would react to their s/o dying the same way they did (Dick)

Unknown Places

It’s Worse Than You Think

Tim Drake/Red Robin X Reader


Sleep Deprived

All Hallows’ Eve Request #2

All Hallows’ Eve Request #6

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How the Batboys would react to their s/o dying the same way that they did (Tim)

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I think he took that well, Part 2

What Do You Mean?, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4


All Hallows’ Eve Request #8, Part 2, Part 3

Sad and Tragic Stories

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How the Batboys would react to their s/o dying the same way they did (Damian)

Classic Rock and Machine Guns

Batboys X Reader

Welcome To The Family

Roy Harper/Arsenal X Reader

This isn’t your home, Part 2

Wally West/Kid Flash X Reader

Superheroes can never get hurt!

Still I Rise

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The Truth

She Seems Interesting

Drugs Make You Do Weird Stuff

Young Justice X Reader

All Hallows’ Eve Request #4


Kaldur’ahm/Aqualad X Reader


I Say We Follow Him, Part 2

Lobo X Reader

Why Do We Always Have To Meet Like This?


Harley Quinn X Reader

Did I Ruin The Mood?

Teen Titans X Reader

I Don’t Care

Victor Stone/Cyborg X Reader

Robot With A Built In Walkie Talkie

Pamela Isley/ Poison Ivy X Reader

Did I Ruin The Mood?



Cassandra Cain/ Black Bat X Reader


Please inform me if there are any missing or not working! Thank you!

Used to This - Part V

Overview: You’ve lived with the Winchesters for years as a fellow hunter, and everyone has always stayed well in the friend zone. What happens when nightmares come haunting and Dean offers to help? Will things change, or is it all in your head?

Characters: Dean, Reader

Word Count: 2,434

Warnings: mild language, Dean snuggles, fluff, sassy arguments, weighted decisions, an ending where some of you might scream at me for more and I’ll just smile and wave for the time being

A/N: This is the last “official” part. I keep putting ‘official’ in quotes because I’ve left this to where I could pick it up again easily with a new chapter or some baby drabbles if my mind so leads me. But for now, my soul is happy with this resolution. Thanks for all the love you guys have shown me for this :) I hope you love how it turns out.

Beta’d by: @wheresthekillswitch - “Leave Sammy’s hair alone!”

Also beta’d by: @hannahindie - “I just snorted so hard I scared the cat.”

Read: (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) (Part 4)

I found myself incapable of responding. Of moving. Of thinking.

All I could do was feel.

Goosebumps along my spine with every exhale against the back of my neck.

Fire pulsing when Dean tightened his arm around me.

Electricity shooting up my legs when his feet curled around mine.

Heat pooling through every inch of my being like water slowly warming up in the shower. Water that quickly got hot. Very hot.

Dean’s nose brushed my ear as he pulled me closer to him, and my heart rate spiked even more.

This is it. This is how it ends. Internal combustion.

My stiff muscles twitched of their own accord.


Oh shit.

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'Supergirl': Will Lena Learn the Truth About Kara in the Finale?
Will Lena Luthor finally learn the truth about the Girl of Steel during Supergirl’s season finale? Throughout the second season, Kara (Melissa Benoist) somehow did the impossible by befriendi…

How do you think Lena would react if she learned Kara was actually Supergirl?

There’s a couple of things that go through my head when I think about this. You realize that, at some point, she’s going to have to know. Long may she not, in my opinion, but part of me goes, well, from all that you’ve seen from Lena so far, she’s very accepting to aliens and people that are different, so why would she be any different with Kara? Absolutely she’d feel, in a way, betrayed and hurt that her friend hadn’t trusted her, but at the same time, I think she’s a very levelheaded person, so she understands that it would be difficult for Kara to ultimately trust a Luthor with that secret. Then, I also think that Lena tries so hard to be so different from the rest of her family that that would carry over into that relationship, that she wouldn’t want to be Lex, she wouldn’t want to be Lionel, she would want to be who she has been so hard striving to be up until this point. I’d like to think she’d be very accepting of her best friend and the fact that her best friend is different.

The Emily Andras thing going around...

So I’ve been taking a stance on positivity which has been about 95% inspired by the Wynonna Earp fandom. For those that don’t know me, I’m not a positive person… like in any way, shape, or form. Life has abused, stomped, and destroyed most of the positivity out of me from birth and I was never really taught how to be positive so it’s been a battle of faking it till I make it and it more than always comes out as dark sarcasm. 

I want you to know that you 100% have the right to feel however you feel about Wynonna Earp and Emily Andras. If you don’t like the show or her, that’s fine. I don’t understand why, but you have the right to not like them. 

There have been a few posts surrounding Emily Andras and I feel like I should probably point a few things out but I’ll put it under a cut.

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Do birds of prey show much body language? Are pack-hunting hawks more communicative than others?

Birds of prey definitely use body language! It’s just not always as obvious or easy to read as it is on other animals, like dogs and cats. The only pack hunting hawk I can think of would be the harris hawk, which is typically thought of as more intelligent and communicative than other hawks. I don’t know if this is necessarily true, since I’ve never flown one personally, but being social definitely makes them easier to work with. It’s one of the reasons they have become so popular as falconry birds.

I learned how to read basic bird body language from the red-tailed hawks and kestrels that I flew in the past, but nothing has taught me how to “read” a bird like working with my imprint goshawk. Imprints react to people the same way their species in the wild would react to other birds. This means you get to see a lot more of their natural behaviors and body language play out. It’s part of the reason why raising an imprint is so cool! Some signs are very obvious and easy to read, while others are so subtle that only a well-trained eye will pick up on them. I’ll try to list some of the more common ones for you.

Aggression: hackles (feathers on back of neck) raised, head dipped, wings held out, one shoulder dipped

Possessiveness: mantling (wings out, tail fanned), turning back to you, side glances

Nervousness: feathers held tight, neck elongated, eyes wide, standing higher on legs, wings slightly out (ready to fly away), shifting weight, rapid glances

Fear: mouth open, wings held out, feathers raised

Comfort: feathers loose or poofy, one foot tucked up, rousing (shaking feathers), tail wiggling

DC Comics Masterlist (Updated 8/21/ 17)

Please inform me if there are any missing or not working! Thank you!

Ongoing Series

Stalker From Another Universe (Jason Todd/Red Hood X Reader)- Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12

Love Toxin (Jason Todd/Red Hood X Reader X Dick Grayson/Nightwing)- Part 1Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

I’m Supposed To Be Fighting You (Jason Todd/Red X X Reader)- Part 1Part 2, Part 3

All Hallows’ Eve Request #7 (Dick Grayson/Nightwing X Reader)- Part 1, Part 2

All Hallows’ Eve Request #8 Aka The Werecat Series (Damian Wayne/Robin X Reader)- Part 1,  Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5

The Next Bruce Lee (Damian Wayne/Robin X Reader)- Part 1Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

She Seems Interesting (Bruce Wayne/Batman X Reader)- Part 1Part 2, Part 3

Ironic (Barbara Gordon/Batgirl X Reader)- Part 1, Part 2

Fallen (Demon!Jason Todd X Angel!Reader)- Part 1, Part 2

Completed Series

Partners (Jason Todd/Red Hood X Reader)- Part 1Part 2

All Hallows’ Eve Request #3 (Jason Todd/Red Hood X Reader)- Part 1Part 2

Why Don’t You But Me Dinner First? (Jason Todd/Red Hood X Reader)- Part 1Part 2

I Love You, Too (Jason Todd/Red Hood X Reader)- Part 1Part 2

Set Your Demons Free (Jason Todd/Red Hood X ArkhamKnight!Reader)- Part 1Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7

You Put The Ass In Assassin (Dick Grayson/Nightwing X Reader)- Part 1Part 2

Please Stop (Dick Grayson/Nightwing X Reader)- Part 1,  Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8 

 I Think He Took That Well (Damian Wayne/Robin X Reader)- Part 1, Part 2

What Do You Mean? (Damian Wayne/Robin X Reader)- Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Classic Rock and Machine Guns (Damian Wayne/Robin X Reader)-  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Welcome To The Family (Batfamily X Reader)- Part 1Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

This Isn’t Your Home (YJ!Roy Harper/Arsenal X Reader)- Part 1Part 2

I Say We Follow Him (Kaldur ‘ahm/Aqualad X Reader)- Part 1Part 2


Jason Todd/Red Hood X Reader

Clumsy Ass 

A Gift To The Bird Boy

All Hallows’ Eve Request #1

Maybe That’s The Reason

I Will Literally Fight You For Him

That’s The Way The World Works


How the Batboys would react to their s/o dying the same way they did (Jason)

It’s Worse Than You Think

His Juliet

No Grave Can Keep Me Away From You

Happy Birthday

How the Batboys would take care of their PMSing S/O (Jason)



Sugar Bribery

This is the Gospel

Karaoke Night

Shakespearean Tragedy

Kori’s Friend





I Need A Vacation

Self Defense?

I’m Getting a Sword

A Godfather

Freaky Friday

Killing Is Easier


I’m Sorry

I’m About To Die

I Sound Like An Asshole


Dick Grayson/ Nightwing X Reader

Tell Me You Know That They’re Together

Little Do You Know

How the Batboys would react to their s/o dying the same way they did (Dick)

Unknown Places

It’s Worse Than You Think

Tricks Up My Sleeve

How the Batboys would take care of their PMSing S/O (Dick)

Something Just Like This 

She Has Anger Issues


Popping Buttons

Tim Drake/Red Robin X Reader


Sleep Deprived

All Hallows’ Eve Request #2

All Hallows’ Eve Request #6

Shut Up And Snuggle

How the Batboys would react to their s/o dying the same way that they did (Tim)

How the Batboys would take care of their PMSing S/O (Tim)

In The Name Of Love


Sleep Talker

Damian Wayne/Robin X Reader


Sad and Tragic Stories

The Forgotten Halloween Request

How the Batboys would react to their s/o dying the same way they did (Damian)

How the Batboys would take care of their PMSing S/O (Damian)

As You Wish

Murder Kitten




Batboys/ Batfamily X Reader

Give Me The Damn Mug

Sense Of Normality

Rescuing You?

It’s a Secret

Draw Four

Cheer Up


Roy Harper/Arsenal X Reader


Wally West/Kid Flash X Reader

Superheroes can never get hurt!

Still I Rise

Bruce Wayne/Batman X Reader

The Truth

Drugs Make You Do Weird Stuff

Young Justice X Reader

All Hallows’ Eve Request #4


Kaldur’ahm/Aqualad X Reader


Lobo X Reader

Why Do We Always Have To Meet Like This?


Harley Quinn X Reader

Did I Ruin The Mood?

Teen Titans X Reader

I Don’t Care

Victor Stone/Cyborg X Reader

Robot With A Built In Walkie Talkie

Pamela Isley/ Poison Ivy X Reader

Did I Ruin The Mood?




Cassandra Cain/ Black Bat X Reader


Clark Kent/Superman X Reader

Science Says Otherwise

Jaime Reyes/ Blue Beetle X Reader

Two hours, Thirty Eight Minutes and Forty Four Seconds

John Constantine X Reader

What A Reunion

anonymous asked:

Could i request headcanon? Reader is part of Kingsglaive and travel with chocobros, hiding their love for boys behind mocks. When the time came, reader confessed about their feelings while arguing with them. How bros would react?

Noctis gets quiet. Really quiet for a second as he’s absorbing what you’ve said, the words repeating over and over in his mind. He sees your frantic expression, the look of shock and embarrassment at having said something that you didn’t mean to voice aloud, and slowly gives you a small smile. He confesses that he feels the same way, and he admits that he would goad you on purposely because he didn’t know how else to get your attention. You stand there, still embarrassed, but he steps towards you and shyly presses a kiss to your cheek. He assures you that it’s okay, and you relax a little. Then he invites you to go to the diner with him, so you can actually talk one on one. You tease him, asking him if he’ll order a salad. He laughs, and you walk off together.

Prompto’s a blushing mess when he hears the words leaving your mouth. He stutters, repeating your words back out loud, as if he’s asking you if he heard that right. You groan and slap your palm against your forehead, regretting saying anything at all. When you lower your hand, you see the biggest smile spread across his face. He looks kind of anxious, but mostly really happy. He tells you that he thought you were out of his league and that he was shocked you ever spoke to him at all. You tell him that you think he’s definitely worth more than he credits himself for, and his face grows a deeper shade of red. He asks if you want to go for a walk to take pictures, and you end up taking some silly ones of each other, separately and then together. It ends up being a cute first date.

Because it’s in the middle of an argument, Gladio is still in puffed up cat mode. His face shifts from anger, to confusion, to even more confusion, back to being slightly mad, to softening so fast that it makes your head spin. And then that signature smirk crosses his features, the one you were not looking forward to seeing because you knew it was going to happen, and he starts heavily teasing you about your confession. You hide your face in the collar of your shirt, but when you lift your head back up, Gladio’s face is an inch from yours and he’s pressing a kiss to your lips. You don’t get a chance to respond as it’s over before you can react, but he just gives you a grin and a wink and tells you that if you wanted a slice of Grade A beef, you could have just asked.

Ignis pauses after your confession. He looks at you calculatingly, and you feel dread shooting from your toes up to the ends of your hair. Your immediate instinct is to run, so you try to bolt. Before you make it even a foot away, you feel a hand on your wrist. You see Ignis holding you back, a soft smile on his face. He tells you that he didn’t realize you felt that way about him, and that he’s flattered. You prepare for him to let you down easy, but he tells you that he’s actually infatuated with you as well, and that he’s been contemplating how to bring up the topic in private conversation. He admits that he wasn’t expecting it to come up in an argument, but he knows you’re also someone who emotes passionately. You mutter out that you’re embarrassed, but he implores you not to be with a kiss on the forehead.