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His Glue in Paradise (part 2)

(A/N): Part two, and it’s short, as promised. Enjoy. :)

Warnings: Physical abuse

Newt’s P.O.V

My heart drummed a hard beat as I leaned against the doorframe, listening to (Y/N) talk. I felt bad. So bad. Why did I get so angry? Why did I say I hated her? She’s done so much for me. Tears streamed down my hot face when I heard her tell Thomas she loves me. I walked through the crowd and appeared at the corner to where Minho was trying to calm her down. I couldn’t see her, but there was blood on the floor. A lot of it. Minho and Thomas turned around and caught me at the edge of the wall. MInho’s face went from sad to angry when he looked at me. “What did you do, shuck face? She loves you and look what you did,” he yelled. I didn’t say anything. “We need to go after her, Minho,” Thomas said. “I’ll go with you guys,” Frypan said. “Me too,” Gally added. I jogged a few feet behind Gally, because I had to follow after them when they began jogging down the hallway.

We were all outside; searching around for her. “There she is, she just ran into the forest,” Frypan said. They all ran, Minho taking the lead, and Thomas following him after. I tried my best to follow, but it was always hard running with a limp. I heard constant screams, and I’m sure the others heard it too. We kept running, and running until I stopped behind Gally. I listened pass the crickets to the sound of (Y/N’s) voice. They found her, but she was standing at the edge of a cliff. I was crying to whole time, and I held my breathe when she looked at me; I wanted to walk up, hold her, and apologize, but it was too late. She dropped herself. Minho and Thomas ran to the edge, and I screamed so loud that it made me sprint pass Gally and Frypan, jumping as far as I could from the edge. I went for her. I looked everywhere for her, but it was pitch black when I dove in the water. I still searched everywhere, I looked down in every direction, left and right. Then I saw her floating to the bottom; thank God she was wearing a white shirt, or I would have never found her.

I swam to her, all the way at the bottom. I felt a tug on my shirt when I reached her, I looked up and it was Minho. He helped me swim with her, but it was hard until Thomas appeared; he helped push her as Minho and I held her under her arms. I gasped for air when we reached the surface. I wrapped myself around her torso kicking back while Thomas and Minho swam with her arms. It became much easier towing her body when we reached shore. Minho and Thomas let go when they realized I was carrying her body, the hitting waves tried to knock me down, but I kept my balance. I dropped to my knees when my feet touched the dry sand, harsh waves crashed against my back as I sobbed into her neck when I saw the large gash on the side of her right forehead. I whimpered loudly. It hurt so much. What have I done? I have to do something for her. I laid her flat on her back and performed CPR. It didn’t work after a few tries. “She still has a pulse! Go wake the nurse!” Minho told Thomas. I looked up, watching Thomas run along the shoreline that led back to the hotel. “We have to get her to the hotel, Newt,” Minho told me. I stood up, and carried her back to the hotel.

Minho’s  P.O.V

I walked in (Y/N’s) room that morning to check on her, she was sound asleep, breathing slowly and motionless. Her right ankle was in a cast, and her head was wrapped in a bandage. Thomas came in with the nurse following. “How is she?” I asked. The nurse opened her mouth, but didn’t say anything. There was a short pause. “It’s bad, isn’t it?” Thomas asked. “I’m afraid so,” answered the nurse. “W-What’s wrong with her?” I nervously asked. “Well, she’s not responding to the antibiotics, she’s…not waking up. She didn’t even wake up when I stitched that nasty cut that’s on her arm, although I did numb it a bit. I’m surprised she didn’t cut a vein, and she lost a lot of blood from that and from her head also.” I sniffed, rubbing my watery eyes. “I’m sorry guys. We can only hope she’ll wake up, but it’s up to her if she was to stay, if she’s strong enough,” the nurse walked out after she said that.

“What the shuck? If it’s up to her, if she wants to stay, and if she’s strong enough.” I repeated what the nurse said. “How could that slinthead of a nurse say things like that? Like that gives us hope,” I said. “I know, let’s just give her time. She’s strong enough, man. She’ll make it, “ Thomas replied, putting his hand on my shoulder.

 We walked out of her room and crossed Newt at the corner, his eyes saddening, but I didn’t give a shuck, I was so angry. “What did you say to her last night?” There was a pause. “Are you deff, klunk face? What did you do that made her do that?”

“I told her I hated her, but I didn’t mean it, Minho. Can I see her, please? Is she okay?” Newt begged.

“No, you cannot see her.”

“Why?” He asked.

“Because I don’t want you to. The nurse said she may not make it.”

A tear ran down Newt’s cheek and I knew he felt bad, but it was too late.

“I’m sorry,” said Newt.

I swung my fist back and punched him in his jaw.

“Whoa, Minho. Calm…”

“Slim it, Thomas. He deserves it,” I yelled.

Newt looked at me, blood ran from the corner of his mouth. I balled my first up and punched him in his stomach. He grunted, squeezing it, and falling to the floor. I kicked him a few times in the face and stomach. I bent down next to him, looking into his eyes. “ She saved your life, because she loves you and that’s how you thank her. You’re an unappreciative, coward.” “Let…me…bloody see her,” Newt whimpered. I kicked him in his face again and he yelped. “I said no. I’m not letting you see her,” I yelled. He looked at me, face all bloody, and sad. I didn’t give a klunk though. “It’s too late for apologies, by the way. What happened to you? I don’t like the new Newt. You used to be so kind, so wise, but now you’re just a big stupid, pile of klunk. If she doesn’t make it then I’ll kill you myself. I promise. I don’t care how long we’ve been best friends and what we’ve been through. And you know what? We’ve all been through the same klunk you’ve been through. We’ve all been tested by WICKED and put through their trials, the same shucking trials, Newt. You’re not the only one who’s suffered in the maze, who’s been through it all, who’s been through pain. I suffered too, Newt. We all shucking did. We’ve all been through the same klunk you’ve been through. Stop playing victim and acting like you’re the only one. Stop being a selfish, coward.” I walked away, leaving Newt there on the floor after my rant.

It’s been three days and (Y/N) hasn’t woken up. I’m starting to doubt. Newt has been in his room the whole time, not leaving unless it’s for food and it’s barely even that. I didn’t give a shuck if he was hardly eating though. I was still mad at him. I walked in (Y/N’s) room and sat down in the chair in front of her. “How is she?” I asked the nurse. “I don’t know,” she responded. I sighed as Thomas walked in, and I gave him a worried look.


“No, don’t say it,” he said.


“No,” he whispered.

“I don’t know, Thomas,” I said, holding her hand, beginning to sob. “Hey, man, how about I gather everyone in here and we try talking to her, even Newt?” He asked.

“I don’t want Newt near her,” I shouted.

“Minho, I don’t think it’ll be fair having everyone else in here to see her without him. He hasn’t seen her and he really wants to. I’ll go gather everyone up.”

“Okay. I guess you can get him too, “I said, sighing.

Newt’s P.O.V

I was laying on my bed, staring at the ceiling when my door opened. I sat up and saw that it was Thomas. “I’m gathering everyone in her room to talk to her. I think she’ll wake up if we talk to her, because I know she can hear us somehow,” he told me. “What about Minho?” I asked. “I got him to agree to let you see her.” I thanked Thomas, jumped out of bed, and walked to (Y/N’s) room while he went to gather everyone. I slowly pushed the door open, and I tried to hold back tears when I saw her. Minho was sitting in a wooden chair beside her bed. “Hey…how is she?” I asked Minho. “What do you think, slinthead?” Not so shucking good,” he said before standing up and walking to me. “Don’t forget my promise,” he whispered. I moved the chair closer to her bed so I would face her and sat down in it. Everyone was in the room fifteen minutes later; Thomas, Brenda, Jorge, Gally, Frypan, Sonya, Harriet, and of course, Minho. Each person talked, but it was just the same thing; that they wanted her here and that she needed to stay. I was the last to say something, I took in a deep breathe and began. “(Y/N), I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean everything I said. You deserve to be here with us. I want you here with me, (Y/N). Please wake up, love. I need you. I…need you more than you know.” I took her soft hand in mine and it twitched.

“Okay, you can leave now,” Minho said.

Jorge jumped in, shoving Minho to the wall. “Look here, hermano, you can’t keep him from seeing her. He’s trying to fix things. If she doesn’t want to see him when she wakes up then you can do something. Other than that, back off, or I’ll cut one finger from both of your hands like I was supposed to do. Comprende, muchacho?” Minho nodded.

I looked back at (Y/N). “Love, I’m sorry. I truly am. Please wake up. We all need you. Let me make things right. Please don’t go. I don’t know what I’d do if you left. I…don’t hate you. I could never hate you. I need you…so much. Don’t go.” I sobbed between words. I’ve never been in so much pain. “Please. I want you here. I need you more than anything. I…love you too.” Several seconds passed, and her eyes opened.      

(A/N #2): I’ve already started on part three, and I don’t know where I’m going with that part, but hopefully, it’ll turn out okay. I know I made some of you guys cry with part one, and I’m sooooo sorry. :(  I hope part two didn’t make anyone cry as much. Feedback is much appreciated. :) I love you guys! <3