i would have melted

I just have so much feels about Sam liking boys and realizing it when he’s young

Just imagine 12 year old little Sam, not bitter about life yet, dating other little boys who kiss him on the cheek because he’s just so cute and gets flustered every time a boy looks at him

Little Sam keeping names and addresses and pictures of boys he liked and promised to write to in a secret little box

Little Sam trying to be confident and bold and making the first move to hold his friend’s hand in a dark movie theatre

Little Sam in front of whom several boys of the class want to show off their skills on the running track

Little Sam letting himself be loved for who he is

I wanna talk for a second about an unpopular opinion of mine regarding cassian and jyn, I’m noticing a lot of people are on the boat of THEY KISSED IN THAT ELEVATOR I JUST KNOW IT, and the little bit of fic there is out there having them kiss (or GO even further which just doesn’t make sense cassian literally was so bruised and most likely concussed) but for me what makes their relationship all the more beautiful and heart breaking was the fact that they didn’t get any of that, that they couldn’t get any of that. their whole relationship just hits all that much harder because essentially it’s “what could have been” what could have been if they got off the island, what could have been if they met under different circumstances, things of that nature. if they did the big Hollywood thing and had them do this dramatic declaration and kiss I would have melted in my seat, but I don’t think they would be affecting me as much as they are right now without it. the part of me that believes in happily ever afters and soulmates wishes deeply that things had gone differently, but I do still appreciate what these two gave us and cherish it all the same

recoveraye replied to your post: I’m imagining you saying Hello to your date and…

One time I was kissing a girl and my nose literally bled all over her and like. Life still had the audacity to carry on after that.

oh………my god……….i can’t believe the world didn’t Stop i would have been mortified rip u im so sorry

So apparently if you have wooden spoons, an ice cube tray, and have or make chocolate, you could melt the chocolate down, then put it in the ice cube tray before sticking the wooden spoons in the mold and get chocolate spoons that would then melt in hot milk~///

…I have none of these things. Happy Valentine’s Day~////////

(Also, Tatsumaki Tuesday and some MumenMaster because why not \)

Rhys has always been the major feminist, so I see Feyre being the super scary/intimidating parent when their daughter starts dating and whatnot.

I see this because of what she has gone through, and Feyre doesn’t want her daughter to go through the same terrible things like what she did with Tamlin.

Lord have mercy, because I’m definitely headcanon-ing protective, Mama Bear Feyre.

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Confession: If any of the skele-bros made me call them Master I would absolutely Melt

Confession: I too, have a slave-master kink but only if it’s contained to the bedroom and not applied casually.

Valentale asks: send in your worst undertale confession on anon and i’ll have to try to beat you with a confession of my own

Can’t you just imagine that if there was an ep on now and Ziva was still there that sometime after work Ziva would hear a knock on her door and she’d open it to find Tony there and he’d hold up a bottle of wine and a couple of movies and she’d give him one of those confused furrowed brow looks as he walks in to her place saying how he’s been wanting to watch this particular film for ages and thought she should see it too. And as he goes to her kitchen and helps himself to a couple of glasses Ziva cuts him off asking what exactly he is doing and he starts to explain again as he walks back to her with the two glasses and as they both sit on the couch she interrupts again with a bemused expression and a simple, soft ‘Tony’. So Tony takes a sip of his wine and then explains that this day can be a little tough and that he thought perhaps she could use the company and a bit of a distraction and she would look at him with that expression that shows he never ceases to surprise and move her with his kindness and he would simply give her a soft half smile and a gentle squeeze of the hand. And without talking the film would start and Ziva would settle next to Tony on the couch, her head dropping to rest on his shoulder. Can’t you just imagine it?! Coz I can.

I’ve been kinda MIA on tumblr lately. I’ve just been really busy.

We’ve been tracking ovulation this cycle. I got a positive OPK yesterday which was CD 14 so that’s a good thing for the most part!

My friend (I call  her my sister), had her baby on Saturday so we went up to the hospital and visited Sunday and Monday.

Let me just say, seeing James with my friend’s baby was the most amazing thing. If y’all could have seen how careful and loving he was to her it would have melted your heart. I could have sat and watched him for hours. He held her and rocked her when she started crying and he didn’t want to put her down.

When we left, he kept saying how bad he didn’t wanna leave and that his baby fever is in full effect now lol So, we’ve been trying super hard this cycle, especially since then, because he wants another baby even more now.

It was just amazing to see him like that. It made me tear up because if he was like that with my friends baby, I can only imagine how it’ll be with our baby.

I’m praying this cycle is our cycle. I really hope so.

oh dude not to publicly complain abt my life but had the wildest realization yesterday abt how like. i use to feel really guilty bc an old friend of mine would have melt downs and i didnt know any better so i just let them be and even if it was abt smth i did (usually small shit that just needed to be communicated like them not liking watching movies half way thru or accidentally embarrassing them abt ocs) id like. just not bring it up the next day unless they did and if they did id just tell them its cool and theyd be like its cool and like i assumed that was the end of it but apparentlyyyyyy notttttt and i guess that was interpreted as manipulative behavior on my part?

anyways i had the wildest realization where i already knew i was like that bc i cant handle conflict but also like? lmao? ofc i got freaked out when ppl had meltdowns? like i was raised in a household where that would happen regularly and when it did either i got hurt or the police were called or someone was institutionalized and it honestly fucks me up so bad that me being withdrawn from their own meltdowns wasnt ever taken w like? a shred of them trying to understand why i would be like that? like u kno i was raised in an abusive household but also when i respond to smth in a way an abuse survivor does theres no? fucking empathy? or attempt at understanding?

like i spend so much time trying to understand where theyre coming from and trying not to be angry abt the way they view me and lie abt me and like? i was literally never given that same courtesy. and like wtf do i expect? i stopped talking to them bc i thought they werent considerate of me and only wanted to use me as a therapist. idk why i still get fucked up over by that shit lol

Darcy/Bucky, Hand-knitted sweaters

for @hug-bubble

“You made this?” Bucky actually sounded impressed as he pulled the sweater over his head.  

“You sound impressed…and surprised…” Darcy narrowed her eyes, glaring playfully.  

“I mean…it fits so well…and it’s so soft…not scratchy at all…”  

“Like I said before…you sound surprised.  Did you think I was going to jam you into an itchy sweater that didn’t fit?”  

Bucky shrugged.  “I would have worn it anyway…but this is really nice, Darce.” 

She melted a little, wrapping her arms around him as she pressed a kiss to his cheek.  “You’re a real sweetheart, you know?”

Annnd my bitching looks to have melted the snow! Awesome. I guess now would be a good time to thank all 85 of you Choro lovers for following! If you have your own art or edits you would like to submit please do. Dont be scared to send in asks about Choro either, id love to talk frog boi