i would have melted

instead of getting nicky to text neil incessantly, andrew figures the best way to get neil accustomed to his phone is to sext him. 

He’s – not wrong.


I AM PHRESH Workshop Philly

nae.dynasty :He kept looking at me while he was dancing, like I had such a nervous smile while recording this 😭😂😂

I was about to pass out because through the whole video he was looking like this but I’m fine 😂😂 and no problem .

I wish Draco and Ginny would have been canon. I feel like Draco would have probably started out trying to get back at Ron and the Weasleys by probably pursuing Ginny, only to discover that she was more than what he bargained for.

She would help him to see the good in the world as well as inside of him, and maybe he would have came to the realization much earlier that being a Death Eater was not the way to live, and that serving Voldemort was wrong.

I think that Ginny would have melted his frozen heart.

boyfriend! Wonwoo

Anon requested: “Can you do boyfriend wonwoo plz?”

  • okay so, you and Wonwoo met at a book store one day
  • it was pretty chill, you were looking for a book that a friend recommended
  • he was there flipping through some other book
  • and you were struggling to reach the book on the shelf
  • and he casually gets it down for you, noticing you struggle
  • but he reads the title
  • at first you thought he looked a bit cold, but his face broke out into the warmest smile you’ve ever seen
  • “this is a really good book!” he says quietly turning to you
  • and you’re kind of like ‘!!!’
  • because he’s really cute
  • and you kind of just blush and take the book from him
  • and he’s just as flustered now
  • because he thinks you’re beautiful
  • you’re both too shy to say much else
  • so you say “thank you” feeling your cheeks get warm
  • and he, looking everywhere but you, mutters “you’re welcome”
  • and you both go your separate ways
  • he doesn’t believe in love at first sight, and neither did you
  • but you guys sure as hell wanted to know each other
  • you go to the book store everyday to just read
  • and you see Wonwoo there often too
  • for a couple of weeks you both just say hi and occasionally talk about the latest book you’ve read
  • and after a month of just talking to him about books
  • he asks if you want to get coffee with him
  • at this point you don’t know how to breathe
  • you say something along the lines of “sure okay”
  • and the rest is history
  • he was really quiet and shy when first meeting you
  • but the book talks and seeing you everyday in the book store
  • that was it for him
  • he started liking you, and you started liking him
  • you both like walking in this park by his dorm
  • watching little kids run past
  • it’s so peaceful and beautiful
  • and your arms brush each other as you walk
  • so he just takes your hand
  • movie nights are terrifying
  • since he likes horror movies
  • you always have a firm grasp on his arm for dear life through the whole thing
  • and every five minutes or so he looks over to make sure you’re okay
  • he laughs whenever he does that though
  • bc you’re so damn cute
  • on days where he has breaks
  • you both lie out a picnic blanket under the shade of a tree
  • he sits and reads with you laying on his stomach reading your own book
  • and like you both love reading
  • but damn, he thinks you’re so pretty and it’s hella distracting
  • so he just ends up staring at you with your eyes tracing each word
  • a small smile on his face as he plays with your hair
  • until you finally look up from your book and he quickly looks away
  • “what are you doing?”
  • “nothing, just, you look beautiful when you were reading so…”
  • you both lightly laugh
  • walking back to the dorm you spot a puppy
  • and Wonwoo hides behind you, the guy is scared of dogs
  • you laugh omg he’s too cute
  • late nights playing video games
  • you’re both not too competitive and he lets you win
  • though if you ever ask, he’ll deny it
  • “why would I let you win? I accidentally pressed the wrong button is all…”
  • when you watch “Miracle in Cell No. 7” together, he cries more than you
  • so you’re both staring at the tv with tears down your faces and a tissue box in between you
  • he always leaves a sweatshirt or jersey around, purposely or not
  • and you put your arms through the sleeves, playing with how big it is on you
  • you’re often texting each other for the most random reasons when you’re not together
  • late night phone conversations about love, life, and fate
  • “like what if I didn’t have a break that day?”
  • “what if some other person had gotten that book for you?” 
  • you don’t really know how to answer
  • “I mean, I’d assume we would have still met eventually” he continues
  • your heart melts with his words
  • skinship is a bit shy at first
  • the only thing that really happened is holding hands on the couch or your head leaning on his shoulder
  • and the first time in front of the members, it was basically nonexistent
  • now you both have become more comfortable and bolder
  • his arms wrap around you in greeting
  • you turn your head around and he leans down for a kiss
  • after not seeing him for a while, you’ll jump on him wrapping yourself around him
  • while he’s working on lyrics, you’ll come place your head on his shoulder saying something like “i made dinner”
  • when you guys are cuddling, your head is on his chest and legs touching
  • you’ll read books together, his arms wrapping around you to turn the page
  • sweater paw twins
  • waiting to read books together always
  • sheltering you from mingyu who likes to tease wonwoo by stealing you from him
  • you deciding to wear his circle glasses all the time
  • fights barely ever occur because you guys like to talk everything out calmly
  • lazy days when there’s time
  • dates consist of, reading a book, watching the movie, complaining how the movie didn’t live up to the book, LOTS of cuddles and food
  • seventeen trying to get a reaction out of wonwoo 24/7 lmao 
  • “yahhhh y/n” hoshi swinging his arm around you, seventeen watching you and wonwoo like hawks
  • your just like “hello soonyoung” and take your hand and slowly move his arm
  • wonwoo just looks at you and cracks up
  • him now wrapping his arm around your shoulder
  • “babe let’s go to the studio”
  • seungkwan being extra like ”ALONE???”
  • your both laughing, you decide to mess with them and wink
  • alone.”

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starry-dragon19  asked:

Can the Amalgamates save and reset, seeing as they have a lot of determination?

(undertale spoilers)

No, at least not now. Only the one with the greatest determination has control of the timeline. Before Frisk fell, this was Flowey.

But as I left this mortal coil…
I started to feel apprehensive.
If you don’t have a SOUL, what happens when you…?
Something primal started to burn inside me.
“No,” I thought. “I don’t want to die!”
Then I woke up.
Like it was all just a bad dream.
I was back at the garden.
Back at my “save point.”

Whether or not they could before Flowey woke up in the garden is unknown, if they even melted together before then. However, it may be possible. The amalgamate Lemon Bread disguises as a save point, which is something that presumably would only be seen by those who can save.

However, this idea doesn’t explain why Reaper Bird is able to disguise itself as a speech bubble. This latter example would be an example of breaking the fourth wall, which could mean it’s the same case for the save point disguise.

Ultimately, the answer is no, the amalgamates cannot now, and it’s unknown if they could before.

Reincarnation (Mummy AU Jungkook) Pt1

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Type: Angst Fluff

~note: while doing my normal scrolls through Tumblr I saw a person who wanted an Egyptian mummy fanfic with Jungkook and man that’s right up my alley. Also fair warning this is not accurate at all most likely. Sorry ahead of time! Haha~

You came to a stop in a shaded area with your crew of archaeologists and trained explorers “how does a Korean boy even end up in Egypt 5000 years ago?” you asked wiping your sweaty forehead “luck” Yoongi comments as he leans beside you “he probably was a child of an explorer who died while here, who knows honestly. Life was different, he could have been born here even. It’s not a short journey by any extent to here by boat” Hoseok told you. “Who would have traveled to this random area and stumbled on a tomb that wasn’t buried away? Namjoon who found this tomb?” you asked the man who had talked you into such a journey. He was mumbling something to himself that you didn’t understand as he was looking around. Namjoon fixed his round spectacles as they bounced a slight gleam on them. “Who knows honestly” he told you as he began walking again “Namjoon stop we need a break” you say as he turns to you “we’re a mile or two away” he says as you sigh. “Lets be human for one moment” Hoseok commented. 


Soon enough you guys were up and moving again as you placed your hat onto your head trying to keep a bit of shadow on you but the sun had been kissing your skin since the moment you got here. The long journey never seemed to have an end fof you guys, it seemed. If it wasn’t for Namjoon’s determination you would haveost likely been curled up in your bed at home instead of the journey of a life time you were going to get to experience shortly. “The men are right up there” Namjoon said pointing ahead as you continued walking you all shared a joyous feeling of it being all over. “He didn’t get a pyramid hm” Hoseok comments “no he wasn’t royalty” Yoongi told him “but here we are seeing him. He’s been found unlike others” you told “what’s his name?” Hoseok asked “well its something like Guk. No one has been able to make it out honestly. It’s written in a forean language yet the could somewhat identify the characteristics of it” Namjoon says leaving you there to talk with the men “you know your way around hanja right?” you spoke to Yoongi and he nodded.


“It’s just a straight forward?” Hoseok asked “that’s what they say” you hum pulling out your flashlight as Yoongi put his headlamp on. You all made made your way down the carved hall as you looked over at the wall “this isn’t hanja” you tell them as they turned “this is actual hieroglyphics. They learned the language” you mumbled “these are definitely pictures” you spoke tempted to touch before you backed up. The place was so simple yet you know there was a lot of work that went in to make this boy’s resting place the way it was.

“It must have been hard to leave their son in a land they knew they would never be able to visit his grave” Hoseok mumbled “I think there’s more honor here. The real question is if he had been properly mummified” Namjoon says taking the deep moment Hoseok was having “if he had. I think Jin would have a melt down” he continues as you smile “so you’ll know his name then from the hieroglyphics?” Hoseok asked “that’s for me. His name is probably written in hanja” Yoongi says.

Your face twisted in confusion as you saw an of glow walking closer to the room “is someone down there?” you asked Namjoon who had a similar look “there’s not supposed to be” he mumbles as Hoseok stopped you guys. “Is that a flare gun?” you asked “its all I got. Still hurt” he told you as he walked ahead. “What light is blue?” you asked curiously. You couldn’t stop yourself and neither could the others as you all made your way closer to the tomb.

“Don’t any of you lis-” “sh” you told him as you walked into the room. “The walls are” Yoongi says as each symbol that covered the walls glowed “it must be the paint” Namjoon spoke trying to make sense of it. “The sarcophagus doesn’t have a lid" he continues “he looks-” “fresh” Hoseok cut Yoongi off. “Why were we called?” Yoongi asked. “I’m not actually-oh” Namjoon stopped “what?” Yoongi asked as Namjoon made him look up. “Wait that’s Y/N” he spoke as you looked up in confusion. “What?“ you spoke in shock “it’s not her” Namjoon spoke “just someone who looks a lot like her” he states.

“Who are you?” you asked the corpse as your hand soon touched the cheek, you couldn’t help it for some reason. He just had a vibe that drew you in. It was mild in temperature, still fleshy and tan in completion yet at the same time he seemed pale. It seemed disgusting in thought, touching a dead body that should have had the consistency of jerky yet was smooth and soft like a baby’s bottom against your fingers. “He’s barely cold” you told yourself before your hand was yanked away “don’t touch. Why would you be stupid like that?” Namjoon lectured “you know the powers of your fingers on things like this?” he asked “not off the top of my head but you’re going to tell me” you say as he glared “the oils on your skin, the fact he’s 5,000 years old” he continued as you rolled your eyes “no way in hell he’s 5,000 years old Namjoon. Look at him” you state. “This can’t be a tomb” you shook your head rapidly “he’s alive or recently dead” you clarify “there’s sand and cobwebs covering him and hasn’t been disturbed. Nothing here looks disturbed honestly. No one has even gotten in. He’s been stored away perfectly like a corpse in a freezer” Yoongi says as he looks around “with out all the frost bite, it’s incredible honestly, its atomic put and yet this room and everything in it seems cool.

“Whatever they did here is truly amazing. The paint seems to have a bioluminescent quality to it. It’s like this room was frozen in time almost” Namjoon spoke as he looked around leaving the group there and heading to the other side of the tomb. He could tell he wasn’t completely right, some things in the room had aged with time. Such as the boy’s clothing, a few of the pots, and the ceiling had began crumbling but other than those nothing seemed to be destroyed or worn down by Father Time.

“So you’re saying this man doesn’t have a lust for our little Egyptologist?” Hoseok joked as you rolled your eyes “what is his name?” you asked as Yoongi looked over the sarcophagus. “Jeongguk” Yoongi spoke as he finally caught sight of the name. The room seemed to light up more by his name “Jeongguk” you whispered just repeating what Yoongi had told you. You had no idea what affect your voice had over the male laying in front you truly had.

The light of the room grew even more than it had to the blinding level you all had to shield your eyes from. The eyes of Jongguk had snapped open though thanks to the melody of your voice and a gasp poured from his lips as he lungs took in air for the first time in thousands of years.

Ashton Irwin - Are you ready now? Pt 1.

Word count: 2,585


I think you’re gonna wanna read this one :D 

“You’ve never done it before?” I said in blissful shock.

“You say it like you’re surprised, Y/N.” He took another sip of his tea.

I sat above him on the stairs in complete silence. My best friend has never had sex in his whole life. How come I’m only just hearing about this? He looks like the type of guy who would have any girl melt at his fingertip.

“I dunno, I guess I wasn’t ready for something serious like that.” His long fingers combed through his curls.

I couldn’t help but look away when he did this. It made my heart skip a beat. I shouldn’t be looking at my best friend that way. Ashton looked up to me for a response. My fingers played with the red lip stain on the white tea cup, poking at it and occasionally smearing it.

“Your first was with that arse, Calum, wasn’t it?” I could see fire in his eyes.

I didn’t want to talk about him.

“I can’t believe you actually loved that prick.” He rolled his eyes.

“I had my reasons, Ashton.”

He made a sound of disgust, “What was he good in bed?”

I’d had enough. I stood from my seated position leaving my tea and Ashton behind on the stairs and marched to my bedroom, slamming the door behind me. How dare he. He wouldn’t know how it feels to be in love, obviously. He’s never been with anyone like I have. I felt tears streaming down my face and wished Ashton had never came over today. I found comfort in my bed sheets.

Where had I even gone wrong with Calum? It was like one minute he was there and the next he was telling me goodbye and leaving for the states, taking everything but me with him. Ashton was there for me but he didn’t get it. He hated Calum ever since we started dating. They used to be friends until we got together. Ash said he knew Calum would always break my heart, it was just who he was.


I knew I wanted to give myself to Calum the night he brought me back to his flat from the pub. I’d gotten into a pretty bad brawl with another girl for getting too close to Cal for my comfort. When he told her to back off for the third time I pulled her off the bar stool onto the floor and started hitting her. Calum later said it was the sexiest thing I’ve ever done, sticking up for him like that.

“You look hot in my shorts.” Calum growled, jumping into the bed, his hair still wet after the shower.

I giggled as he grabbed his game controller and began to furiously play a game of FIFA. I brought my bottom lip between my teeth and fiddled with the string on the over sized shorts adorning my smaller waist.

“Hey, Cal?” He hummed over still concentrating on the screen.

I crawled over, pressing pause on the controller. My legs straddled either side of his waist and he grabbed hold of my arse, the game controller falling to the carpet.

“I wanna try something.”

He raised an eyebrow and his eyes grew wide when he knew what I meant, his lips forming an ‘o’.

“Are you sure, baby?” He whispered.

I nodded, “I want you.”

-End of flashback-

A knock on the door brought me out of my deep thoughts of Ashton and Calum. I didn’t turn to see Ash walk in the room. My bed tilted but I refused to meet the gaze I knew was focused upon me. He touched my hand.

“I’m sorry.” I looked at him, his head down now.

“You don’t know what that feels like, Ash.” I felt a lump in my throat just thinking about it.

I needed to feel loved again. I needed that connection. Ashton was my best friend but sometimes it felt like I wanted him to be more. I didn’t know if he felt a mere portion of what I did.

“Are you ready now?” The words fell from my mouth before I could think about what I was asking of him.

He just stared at me his mouth slightly agape. Ashton was an open book, but right now I couldn’t read him. His pupils were dilating. My heart was pounding against my chest as I waited for an answer. I squeezed his hand.


Ashton forced his mouth onto my own, his hand flying up to catch my face. My hands found themselves tangled with his mop of curls. He smelled like rich peppermint and my favorite cologne. It was then it dawned upon me: I was going to be his first.

I broke the kiss and moved my lips to the spot just below his ear, sucking the skin. His hiss was all the conformation I need that he liked it here. I sat up and threw my legs over his own to straddle his lap. Ashtons hands settling on my abdomen and arse. I bit down harder this time intending to mark him. Rolling my hips forward into his we both moaned at the increased friction. His bulge was becoming more and more prominent through his jeans.

“Fuck, Y/N.” Ashton hissed rolling his head back.

I used his disarrayed state against him, licking a bold line up his atoms apple and gently sucking it. Ashton rose up off the mattress begging for more contact.

“You like that, daddy?” I felt Ashton twitch when I called him that.

My crotch rubbed against his clothed erection and I couldn’t help but throw my head back in pleasure. Ashton was getting restless, rocking his hips up to meet mine.

“Please.” He puffed out in my ear.

I slid off of his lap but not before needingly pecking his lips one last time. He ridded himself of his shirt and I stood before him in awe. I’ve seen Ashton shirtless before plenty of times but this was different. He was at my mercy and I was at his. I came to sit on my knees, undoing the buttons on his pants. Ashton raised up for me to pull them down his legs. He kicked them off of his feet and were left in just his briefs. I took my bottom lip between my teeth as I freed his erection from the grey material and tossing them out of the way. His length slapped against his stomach. I could feel his eyes burning down on me.

Holding the length in my hand I pumped it a few times. My thumb rubbed over the pink head and Ashtons hips rose off the bed, hissing. I kitten licked over the tip before taking it in my mouth. Ashtons moans filled the room. I hollowed my cheeks to increase the pleasure and started twisting my hands back and forth over his length. He confused me when he pushed at my shoulders, causing me to release him from my mouth making a popping sound.

His hands came down to the hem of my t shirt and tugged it over my head. He already looked tired, his eyes drooping low and sweat decorating his forehead. I wasn’t nearly done yet. We haven’t even gotten to the main course.

Ashtons eyes grew wide when my head dipped back down. My tongue followed the patterns of his veins before I took him whole again, pumping harder this time. He held back my long hair. I massaged his balls with my free hand and it was enough to send him over the edge. A thick white liquid burst into my mouth.

“S-shit.” Ashton jerked up, hitting the back of my throat.

I finished sucking him clean of the sticky mess. When I looked up he was breathing hard and heavy, little hairs stuck to his forehead and his eyes were sealed shut. I smiled pushing them out of the way so I could see his hazel eyes. My lips came up to his in a lazy kiss.

I brought his hand down to the button of my skinny jeans, a weak smile on his face. He unhooked them, struggling to pull them down to my feet.

“How’d you get these on?” He joked.

I stepped out of them and waited for Ashton. He didn’t come back up. I giggled watching him stare at my red laced knickers nearly drooling over them. I let him guide me back to the bed and sit me down. Was he in control now?

Ashton licked his lips, running his long fingers up my thighs and over my crotch. I couldn’t help but whimper at his touch. He left kisses on the inner side of my thighs sucking the sensitive skin. He was marking me. I threw my head back on the mattress. His hot breath fanned over where I needed him most. I tangled my fingers in his hair.

“Ashton, please.” I begged.

He hooked my panties to the side and collected some of my excitement onto his finger and sucking it off. He hummed in satisfaction. I imagined his lips against me while he hummed like that, adding to the pleasure. I moaned at the thought.

“Cha’ thinking about, baby?”

“Your lips…”

He kissed my folds, licking up them. My breath hitched. I needed him. His bottom teeth grazed up the nub of my clitoris. Fucking hell.

“Ashton.” I moaned.

Without warning Ashtons tongue was inside me sucking all of my juices. I reached down for his hand that rested on my thigh, entwining our fingers.

“How the fuck are you so good at this?” I breathed.

He chuckled against me, sending vibrations through my core. Shit. My legs closed round his head before he pushed them back apart. It was too much. Ashton came up for air with a smile on his face showing off his prominent dimples. He was obviously proud of himself. He licked my excitement off his lips. With one swift movement my knickers were on the floor and my lower half was at his mercy.

He brought his lips up to my ear, teasing my entrance with his finger. I arched my back only for him to use his free hand to hold me down.

“How do you like it, baby?”

I thought back to all the mind blowing times Calum and I had done this. It would always be different. Slow and sweet. Loving. Rough. Fast. It didn’t matter to me, however they felt like pushing me over the edge worked.

“Surprise me, daddy.”

His eyes grew darker. The playful side of him wasn’t there anymore. This was going to be fun. He bit down on the skin of my neck hard and he growled. Rough. His finger slipped past my folds and into my heat. I whimpered as he pumped it in and out at a fast pace. I had to bite onto Ashtons shoulder to keep from screaming out. I didn’t want any fucking noise complaints from the old woman next door.

My walls were clinching round his finger. He added two more and pumped even faster. I couldn’t breathe. My nails clawed at his sides begging for a release. His thumb began rubbing circles into my clit. My breaths were coming out in pants in his ear.

“Come for me, Y/N. I’ve got you.”

My toes curled and my back arched up off of the mattress, Ashtons three fingers and his thumb riding out my orgasm. I felt bare when he extracted his fingers from my dripping crotch. He brought them up to his lips licking them clean.

“You have no idea how good you taste.”

Ashton went over to his jeans pulling a silver packet out of the pocket. He ridded the condom of the piece of tin and threw it in the bin. He slid the condom down his length.

“What’s with guys carrying round condoms in their pockets?” I joked.

He smiled, dimples popping into either side of his cheeks. They drove me crazy. Ashton took his length in his hand before I stopped him.

“No. I want to.”

I wanted to make his first time his best. He knew what I was asking, flipping us over so I bestrode his lap. I positioned him at my entrance and slid down it. He was so big inside me. Ashton grabbed hold of my abdomen, his thumbs pressing down hard. I don’t think he was meaning to hurt me. He didn’t notice how strong he really was compared to my smaller figure. When I winced in pain he eased up a bit, apologizing. Once I adjusted to his size I began rocking my hips forward into his. Ashtons moaning and groaning was all the conformation I needed to keep going. He used his hands to help me move more swiftly.

My back arched and it was then I noticed my bra was still on. I grabbed one of Ashtons hands and moved it to the clasp on my bra strap. In an instant he had it unattached and thrown across the room. Hungrily his head came up to my breast and bit down at the tender skin. Ashtons long fingers fell to my crotch rubbing back and forth on the small nub.

“Hmm, shit.”

“Ah, f-fuck Ash, there.” I threw my head back.

I wasn’t going to last long. My grinding became harder against his hips and our moans filled the quiet room. His member twitched inside of me and from experience I knew he wouldn’t last from here. I licked up the base of his neck biting roughly on the smooth skin. His breathing became erratic, chest rising and falling below mine. Within seconds I felt his length release inside the condom. I rode out his orgasm hitting mine only moments later shouting his name out. Screw the neighbors.

We sat in each others arms for what felt like hours. I couldn’t believe we had actually done that. Ashton was my best friend. I’d just had sex with my best friend. I’d just stolen his virginity.

“That was incredible.”

I giggled looking up at him through my eyelashes. He looked exhausted. Love bites were trickled from his ear down his neck and abdomen. I couldn’t imagine I looked any better. Ashton dipped his head and placed a lazy kiss on my mouth.

I sighed upon hearing a knock at the front door. It was probably my flatmate, Jessica. She was always at UNI so she would occasionally forget her keys here and having to get another copy. I slipped away from Ashtons warm hold and quickly dressed myself in pajama shorts and a tank top.

My hair covered majority of the bruises on my body. I made my way down stairs and towards the door, Ashton right on my heels. He didn’t bother putting on a shirt, just his jeans, the hem of his briefs sticking over them. I giggled as he grabbed at my bum, my hand patting his away. I sped walked to the door, opening it. My smile drifted away and my heart immediately sunk. It wasn’t Jessica.


His hair was cut shorter now in a military buzz cut, just leaving a little on the top, enough to style in a quiff. Tattoos decorated his tanned skin. He wasn’t scrawny anymore, muscles showing through his grey t shirt. I could see his jaw clench at the sight in front of him. Why was he here?

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Picnic Date

@highladyfxyre Here’s your feysand fluff! I’m sorry it’s so short!! And idk how I feel about it haha (I’m very self conscious about my writing as I’m sure many of you have figured out cuz of the warnings I always give before my fics!!) But I hope you enjoy💕

I didn’t know what to expect when Rhys called to me through the bond, saying it was urgent. I was on my way to Rita’s with Amren and Mor, talking about who could drink the most before getting drunk—the usual—when I felt the tug on the bond. I gave them a quick goodbye before spreading my wings and flying towards our townhouse, worry slowly creeping it’s way into my bones.

The sun was close to setting, and I tried to spot the stars that were slowly coming into view, taking my mind off of all the bad scenarios running through my head.

When I landed on the balcony of our bedroom, the scent of food immediately hit me, and I rushed through our room and into the hallway. I quickly made my way down the stairs and into the kitchen, pausing at the sight before me.

Rhys was standing in an apron, pouring some soup into a container, and placing it into a basket next to him. I tried holding back my smile, and failed miserably. I knew he heard me as I walked up behind him and wrapped my arms around his middle.

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The Forbidden Realm (7/8)

Word count: 3000ish

Warning: OOC Loki, so muchangst, Hurt Loki (this deserves a warning of its own fight me), the drama is about to end i promise lets just hang in there, loki crying (im so sorry)

Pairing: Loki Laufeyson x Queen!reader

Summary: After the events of Ragnarok, without nowhere to go, Loki remembers a place where the Asgardians may be welcomed. But as expected, he would get the treatment he knew he deserved after what happened. Especially by the one he left behind.

A/N: Welp, we all know this has got to happen to advance. Let’s just hang onto our seats and prepare for it. I promise it’ll be worth it. And tell me if you want to be tagged for the final part. ❤️️

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8


“The flowers bloom most beautifully at this time of year,” Loki started, walking towards the woman who had her head in her hands, sitting on the ground by the bed of beautiful Aikian grown flowers.

He knew it and he was right. The palace garden, exactly by the flowers her mother has planted when she was a child. That was where [Y/N] would exactly be and here she was.

Loki sat right next to her, [Y/N] lifted her head to look at him and he only weakly smiled. “But they’d never grow without a caring hand to look after them when they were only vulnerable saplings.”

The man finished, reciting his words like it was a ballad. But it only irritated [Y/N] even more. Why can’t he just stop? “Why are you here?” She snapped, glaring daggers through the tears welled up in her eyes

“I came to see you,” Loki admitted, he started looking around and tried to make the tension lighter when he did. The last time he was in that part of the palace, [Y/N] and him was still happy.  “I knew you always come here when you’re feeling troubled, quiet, peaceful and alone, so you can think.”

“Now that you’re here, even the quiet part is not possible,” she hissed, causing Loki to sigh. “I just wish to talk to you.”

Instead of her mocking refusal and cold shoulders, Loki was met with red hot fury. “We have nothing to discuss, Loki.” She clenched her teeth at him, hair threatening to catch in fire. She stood up and so did he.

[Y/N] faced him, her face red like her eyes. She pointed to his face, rage filling her mind as she looked at the silver tongue. She couldn’t take it anymore. She cared nothing about formalities now, she would say what she wanted. “I can care less about you. I should care less about you.”

“The only reason I put up with you is because I’m trying for everyone,” she spat out to his face, hoping he’d finally understand. But she was met with an empty expression as Loki tried convincing himself that everything she says now isn’t true. “That’s not how you really feel,” he monotoned as he shook his head, causing [Y/N] to almost completely lost it.

“Why can’t you just get it? I never want to see you again! What’s so hard to understand?” She shouted at him, hot tears streaming down her cheeks. She couldn’t put it in any other way. She wanted him gone and out of her hair.

Loki kept quiet, observing her for a moment before he answered. “You.”

[Y/N]’s forehead creased in confusion at him. Loki started to walk closer to her until he was right in front of the woman. “If you wish to never see me again, if you really have moved on from me and forgotten about me, then why do you wear my ring?”

[Y/N] was stunned, out of everything, she would’ve never thought he’d say something like that. But she forced a bitter chuckle from her lips. He was grasping in straws here. “Your ring? You must be mistaken. I haven’t seen the damn thing in years.”

“My queen.” Loki closed his eyes and took a deep breath to relax himself. He grabbed the woman’s right arm and raised it. “What are you-?”

“You should know never to lie to me, my beloved.” His tone turned grim and dropped a few octaves. Eyes losing any kind of softness and became blank. The green mist of Loki’s magic circled her golden armband as he held it in front of them.

“What are you- I’ll have you executed for this-!” She cut off her own words when she gasped, the ring was taken from her golden arm band, now floating in front of her by Loki’s magic. She had it melted and accompany her armor, she didn’t have the heart to throw it away yet also the strength to keep wearing it on her finger.

“I’m the God of Mischief and Lies, my dearest queen. You should know not to lie.” He floated the ring on top of his palm, remorse showed in his face as he stared at her, waiting for a response.

[Y/N] reacted by snatching her arm from his grasp, causing the ring to fall to the ground. “So, I do have it. What are you going to do? Take it back? I’ll let you.”

Loki only frowned, waiting for any reaction other than the anger and hatred that she showed. But after a while, he realized that was the only thing she held for her. “You really do despise me.”

“So much you can’t even bring yourself to trust me.” His voice cracked. His eyes teared up. His chest clenched. He was vulnerable, but at that point, he couldn’t bring himself to care.

“Could you blame me?” [Y/N] asked, own voice strained by her tears.

“I let you leave because you told me you were going to your mother, to tell her of your survival, of me, of us,” she began, memories fresh like the wounds it made on her mind.

“If I had known, you would just go to Midgard, forcefully declare yourself king, disrupt their peace, kill the innocent, and then become a prisoner in Asgard, your own home, then I would have! I would have!…” her tone gradually got angrier and louder as it went. The severity of what he did added to her pain. But when she saw that look on his face, his own pain showing when she said those words. Her fury melted.

“I would have….” her voice has gotten lower and her gaze fell as everything else she said turned to a whisper “…never let you go.”

Her last words cut up Loki’s insides and shoved it in his face. She clenched her teeth again and her fists balled up. The memories came flooding back, the ones she desperately tried to hide. It all came crashing down. “If I didn’t listen to you, if I didn’t let you leave, if I didn’t believe that you’d come back, this would never have happened!”

[Y/N] cried and sobbed in front of the man who has broken down himself. She wanted to punch him with her fists but instead, her hands only placed atop his chest as her head was faced down, not finding it to herself to look him in the eye. “We were going to be happy…” she whispered through her sobs.

“But you ruined it all, with your blasted dream of becoming a king! Do you see where it got you?” She seethed. The news of how the dreadful second prince of Asgard stroke fear into the hearts of men, resulting into the lives of the innocent being wasted. When the news reached her, something in her broke permanently. She’s not sure whether it was trust that she has put on him or the piece in her heart that waited for him.

“You’ve hurt everyone around you.” She finally had the courage to look him in the eye. She saw how broken he was, maybe she had something to contribute to that. But she always wanted the best for him, even if he never did it for himself. “You’ve hurt me.”

“How can you ask forgiveness now after everything?” She whispered, words dripping with pain. Loki had his jaw clenched as he let his beloved tear him apart.

“I know,” he croaked, voice rough and throaty. He walked closer to the woman, any trace of pride and ego has left his body. He was ready to sacrifice honor if it meant her forgiveness. “What I did was unforgivable.”

He placed his hands on her arms and bowed his head, letting his tears fall straight to the grass beneath them. “I can never right my wrongs.”

He raised his head to beg. “But know this, I am truly sorry. If I have to get on my knees and kneel to you, I would do it if it means you would forgive me,” he promised and he meant every word. He immediately went down on his knees in front of her and bowed his head, palms flat on the ground as he submitted.

“Stand up, Loki. Don’t do this…” [Y/N] pleaded, bending down to try and pull him up but he stayed in that position. “I mean everything I’ve said. If you still can’t bring yourself to forgive me, go ahead. Punch me, kick me, stab me as much as you like. If it’ll lessen your anger then I’ll accept it. I will understand. If it means you’ll hate me less, then please do.”

He was expecting something. A strike, a clobber, or at least a scratch from her but nothing came. He could only see her feet from his position. But his heart fell to his stomach when he saw her kneel to the ground in front of Loki and wrapped her arms around him. She said nothing but her silence spoke more than she could ever do.

“You stupid, stupid fool,” [Y/N] whispered to his chest, clutching tightly to the fabric of his cloth as she sobbed. Loki finally let his tears fall freely as he let the woman cry in his arms, stunned. His hands slowly reached up from the ground to wrap his arms around her, gripping onto her tight as if she would be taken away from him at any moment.

Loki pulled her up on his lap, careful not to break contact, desperate to have her close. Her arms were around his neck while his hand or petting her and the other around her waist. They stayed there on each other’s arms, holding on tight. “Shh… I’m sorry I’m sorry…” he murmured softly to her ear as he tried to calm down himself.

He reached her face, hands placed on her cheeks as he made her lift her head. Loki smiled through his tears, heart overflowing with joy that he finally had her in his arms. “Please do not cry, my [Y/N]. I can never handle seeing you cry.”

“Why did you do it?” [Y/N] asked through her rough voice as Loki wiped her tears away with his thumb. She would accept anything, she just needs a reason and she’d believe it. She could forget all the betrayal and disappointment she’ve received if he’d only come clean. “I thought you were just mischievous, I thought you wouldn’t dare to do something as disgusting like that. Why did you do it? Why would you kill just for a throne?”

“[Y/N]…” Loki muttered, before leaning in to connect their foreheads. He closed his eyes for a moment, carving the feeling in his mind. The woman he cherished, cared and longed for is here. The least he could do is confess. “I’ve never said this to anyone. But I think you deserve to know what really happened.”

“If you just let me explain.” He opened his eyes, tears blurring his vision. Still, [Y/N] could see how genuine he was. “Please,” he pleaded one more time and he would do it again if his love asked for.

[Y/N] kept her stare. Maybe it was time to hear his side of the story. Whether he be a liar or he’s telling the truth, he deserved to be heard. “Okay,” she sighed, nodding. Loki felt a bone in his chest be pulled, he has been waiting for those words ever since he came.

“And now, I’m here,” Loki finished with a flourish, placing his glance back to the woman beside him. [Y/N] had her mouth agape, stunned of the story laid in front of her. She opened her mouth to say something, but in shock she didn’t find the right words.

“Thanos, swarftelheim, Sakaar?” She listed down, each word being more outrageous than the last. Her eyebrows were furrowed in confusion.  “A grandmaster?!”

Loki didn’t say anything, he only nodded with his lips pursed. “Oh, Valhalla,” she cursed ground, placing her head to her hands, her mind having so much trouble trying to process everything at once. She lifted her head forehead creased and voice completely bewildered. “Seriously?”

Loki turned his body towards her, expression becoming more serious. He placed his hand on his chest as a take about to take a vow. “I promise, in my mother Frigga’s name, nothing that I’ve told you was a lie.”

“I know. That’s why it’s so… Oh gods..” she muttered before surging forward to wrap her arms around him. “Why couldn’t you have told me sooner, you damn idiot?!” [Y/N] scolded as she held onto him tightly, her brain couldn’t even begin to think of the severity of how much he’s already witnessed the past years.

“It would certainly not be the best first greeting after long years,” Loki chuckled, returning the affection. It was a sensitive topic, but he just couldn’t stop the smile on his face. [Y/N] is finally in his arms. He could thank all the nine realms for this then pray to all the gods left to not have this moment be taken away from him, again, never again. “But that’s all in the past now.”

Her hold on him tightened as thoughts of guilt flooded her mind. She was at fault, she was stubborn, she didn’t listen to him. She was here, she always wanted to protect him, whether it be a threat of harm or the threat of his own. But she even added to his pain. That single thought was enough tears to her eyes. “Loki, I’m so sorry. If I only knew, I wouldn’t have treated you so coldly-”

“All is well, my queen,” Loki interrupted, not having it to let his dearest queen apologize for something that was logical to do. He lied to her, it would only be natural for her to hate him for it. He ran his hand down her back to calm her chaotic thoughts as he buried his nose to her hair, inhaling deeply the familiar and welcoming scent of her. “I may have deserved some of that but the fact that you now know everything is enough,” he sighed contently, finding his peace after days of silence.

[Y/N] hastily pulled away from his embrace. Loki was taken aback when he saw the guilty and worried expression on his beloved’s face.  “Still! I pushed you away and, Hel, said those awful words and tried to harm you mililtiple times-” she listed out. The more she spoke, the heavier her chest felt once she truly realize just how she treated him the past few weeks.

Loki gently smiled, his heart warming when he realized just how much his beloved truly cares for him. He places his hand on her cheek and caressed it fondly with his thumb. “As I said my queen, it all means nothing,” he chuckled lightly, “I’m just happy to be back in your arms again.”

She instinctively leaned more to his touch touch. She she raised a hand to go out of his. A lot of things may have changed, everything she ever shout for felt for him remained. “You were always my only,” she whispered.

Loki stopped, his smile faltered and he became silent. She only got more worried when his eyes began to tear up. When she was about to ask if anything was wrong, a small smile slowly crept it’s way to his lips as the first few tears fell. His hold on her arms lightly tightened, his body unconsciously making sure she won’t disappear like his dreams from before. “You would not believe how much I dreamt just to hear you call me that again.”

She was stunned, forgetting how such simple words would affect him so much. She smiled and opened her arms towards her Loki. “Come here,” she back in to which he immediately took, wasting no time to be engulfed in her.

“I’ve missed you. I’ve truly missed you.” He clung on to her as if she’d be rip off of him at any moment. She let him sob to her chest, the man who consoled her first needed his share as well. She ran her hand gently down his back. This is her Loki, strong, intelligent and mischievous. But behind that exterior rested a gentle, sensitive and vulnerable soul. The Loki only she was allowed to see.

Her eyes caught the sparkling gold band atop of the grass. Without a second thought, she reached for it and hold it between them. Loki’s gaze fell towards the ring, a hopeful expression showing in his eyes. “And I, you,” she replied, only summoning more of his tears. He laughed, finding his happiness once again.

“I love you, my beloved [Y/N]. Even after everything, It will always be you that I would love that I would like with everything that I am,” he promised, taking the oath to his heart and scorching it to his brain. Instead, she leaned forward, capturing his lips to hers.

The kiss was passionate, needy and long overdue. The warmth of her lips extinguished the cold that engulfed his. She could almost taste the saltiness of his on his lips while he was too enraptured by the softness and affection of it all. They could both agree it has been way too long.

They found balance, they found peace, they found happiness in each other. . There was no need for anything else, butterflies, fireworks, sparks. They felt much more than that, something that was in explainable, that describing it in mere words would only be a waste. Only that they finally found each other and new that nothing in this world can ever take them apart again.

They pulled away, gasping lightly as they tried to catch their breaths. Loki didn’t wait for a response, that kiss was enough to tell him everything she couldn’t. He was already more than thankful, felt like he was floating in mid air like he was only really three nearly dreaming. But then there it was, the words he has not heard for years and thought that he’d never had the dream of hearing ever again. “I love you, my Loki. I never stopped.”


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Heh. So. That day 7 massage call with Zen!! I want that masseuse to teach me her ways cause goodness Zen sounded delicious. No idea how she could keep it together because I would have melted immediately. 😈

She must be a seasoned pro because you don’t just draw that kind of moans from Zen without even flinching.I also can’t believe we got the option to ask him THIS


I just have so much feels about Sam liking boys and realizing it when he’s young

Just imagine 12 year old little Sam, not bitter about life yet, dating other little boys who kiss him on the cheek because he’s just so cute and gets flustered every time a boy looks at him

Little Sam keeping names and addresses and pictures of boys he liked and promised to write to in a secret little box

Little Sam trying to be confident and bold and making the first move to hold his friend’s hand in a dark movie theatre

Little Sam in front of whom several boys of the class want to show off their skills on the running track

Little Sam letting himself be loved for who he is