i would have made the same choice!

  • video game protagonist: i think before i went on this wild adventure i didn't really have any concept of good or evil and was simply amoral, since when i came here i had no reputation, and it seems i was placed perfectly neutrally on some abstract karmic scale as well
  • video game protagonist: but then i was hit with this progressive series of escalating, bifurcated choices, and i just picked the same kind of answer every time, hoping that i would get something out of it, like i'd get some kind of karmic kickback from never being neutral and never acting in a nuanced manner
  • video game protagonist: so i think i just have the same lack of morality as before, except everyone thinks of me as pure good or pure evil because of the choices i made, rather than the selfish thought processes behind them
  • video game sidekick: you should sublimate these worries into more healthy behaviors like helping people or killing people

Favorite Breaking Dawn Moments ( */👑)

“Rosalie grinned at me, and I was glad to see that the new comradeship between us was still there in her smile. I hadn’t been entirely sure it would last after Renesmee’s life was no longer tied to mine. But maybe we had fought together on the same side long enough that we would always be friends now. I’d finally made the same choice she would have if she’d been in my shoes. That seemed to have washed away her resentment for all my other choices”


Stefan: You’re being serious Y/N! Him of all people, do you need reminding he tried to kill Elena? 

Y/N: Yes, yes i’m aware of what he did but Elena’s fine, and besides you would have done the exact same thing to be free of some curse! 

Klaus: Forgive me for interrupting this little spat, but I believe Y/N has the ability to decide for herself what she wants.

Damon: Yeah well if she thinks she wants you she clearly needs us to tell her whats right.

Y/N: Says the guy in love with his brothers girl lets go, Nik

Klaus: I believe Y/N has made her choice. 

Damon. You can go to hell.


I’m preparing for a D&D session as a GM for the first time in my life and I chose Dragon Age (because it’s my favourite fantasy setting  and I’m really passionate about this world, I can talk hours about it). I’ve created NPCs so they would fit with the setting, made up a story about warden recruits, darkspawn and demons, riddles, moral choices, all the stuff. Even a proper soundtrack.

But now that I’m almost done I feel so nervous that my friends (players) won’t get the message. They wouldn’t tell me that it was horrible because they’re too nice, but at the same time I’m afraid they won’t enjoy the dark atmoshpere I’m creating. I want them to have fun as much as I did creating the story but also to feel responsibility for their actions and live the characters and not just the guys at the table throwing dice. Maybe I’m asking too much and this will be my first and last session as a GM but I hope I’m just being too pessimistic. Wish me luck!

Mod Note: Wishing you luck Confessor!!!!


Hey I’m having a giveaway!! Buy two or more earrings to enter!!

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These earrings are not the same quality of the earrings I am selling, and I made them about a year ago, I’ve just never worn them. They are not professional enough to sell, but I figured that some of you guys would find more happiness from them than me :) Here’s some quick info on the earrings:

8 bit earrings: pixel by pixel to match the in-game icons. I’ve got more pics of them here. Sans has what appears to be a faint crack across his eyes, as you can see in the picture, but it is barely noticeable. They have a bit of a scratchy appearance from the type of shrink plastic I used. Slight discoloration on Sans. Again, none of this is noticeable once they are in your ears.

Cartoon Earrings: More of a shimmery look to them. They are larger than the other pair, but are perfect if you want people to notice your Undertale obsession. Unscratched, but because of the size, the plastic is not entirely flat. Again, unnoticeable when they’re in. 

Both are made from transparent shrink plastic, sharpie, and white nail polish in the back, with stainless steel backs.


Make Me Choose: Uncharted 2 or inFamous 2 → asked by rafe-adlers

I thought my friend was gonna go down as an unsung hero, but here in New Marais, they knew what he had done for them. Who would have thought that “The Demond of Empire City”, would become the patriot saint of New Marais. Sometimes, I hear folks talking about Conduits and humans like they’re totally different. That’s bullshit. ‘Cause there ain’t no one with more humanity, than Cole MacGrath. I love you brother, and I’m sure gonna miss you.


Now THIS is where it gets interesting. 

Because Syaoran threw away his chance to win Sakura’s feather. He did it for a good cause (I mean he saved someone’s life. It’s the best possible cause) but there’s still that guilt there. He would make the same choice again, for sure, but even despite that he feels that sharp pang of failure for not helping Sakura get her feather back. 

Which is an interesting avenue on its own and I would LOVE to explore more situations where Syaoran’s goals are compromised by his own actions, but for now we have THIS. 

And THIS is Fai, seeing that Syaoran made the Good™ choice and feels bad about the consequences. 

And that is Fai’s specialty. 

But his wording fascinates me here, because he assigns the choice to “staying true to yourself” rather than any other factor in the situation - and there were a lot. Instead of, say, “believing in Kurogane and Sakura”, or “choosing someone’s life”, or any of the other possibilities, Fai narrows it right down to the core of Syaoran’s personality and his inherent sense of self. When it comes down to it, Syaoran could not willingly let someone die for his cause and still remain “Syaoran”.

This is not a surprising conclusion for us. This is absolutely in line with everything we know of Syaoran so far. But the interesting part is that this is coming from Fai.  

Because Fai has ALSO made hard choices and had to live with them. 

Fai has put his goals ahead of the lives of others and knows that guilt more than Syaoran himself does - probably more than anyone else here by a log shot.

So, in Syaoran’s place, would he have done the same? Would he have sacrificed his goal to save the life of someone else - someone he technically didn’t even know - or would he have let them die and continued on?

How many times has he made that choice already? 

Did he sacrifice his ability to “stay true to himself” in the process? Has he stained himself with choices he regrets and can never escape, or does a small part of him envy that Syaoran could so easily make the right choice when Fai could not?

And, through it all, he’s trying to make Syaoran feel better. 

Regardless of what he’s done, or what he feels about Syaoran’s decision, Fai closes his eyes and paints a smile and tries to help Syaoran through his own personal crisis. 

Because Syaoran is a good person, and Fai doesn’t want him to live with the same shadows that he himself does. 

A part of me feels so glad that Touka never got to spend a lot of time with Haise, otherwise she would feel devastated now that he’s gone, like all of us. Meeting someone like Haise and then going back to cold Kaneki making the same mistakes from the past… It’d would have been heartbreaking for her. Haise was perfect for Touka, he was literally made for her. I’m so sad HAISE I MISS YOU 😭😭😭

provenience (a story).

My mother is beautiful, have I told you?  She is what love is made of —

She has words as soft as lilies, and as rare as a beautiful sun kissed sky in a winter field.

She is the same…

Heartfelt and full of spirit, crashing into life as if she wasn’t going to get a second chance.  Those little quips of singing, the stars so bright, and she wears the midnight air in her eyes.

She almost died the day I was born.  I almost bled the life out of her, and if given the choice she would have died to give me life.

When that day comes, when I can no longer share my heart with her, I know my moon will surely melt, and all my stars to vanish.

so a big part of gilmore girls is obviously the battling of social classes. lorelai in working class and her parents in the upper class— which leaves rory somewhere in between. there has always been an issue between lorelai and her parents about where rory really belongs. in season 5/6, this comes to a climax that, according to the fans, is pretty much the worst thing to happen in this show. rory steals a boats and then quits school and lives with her grandparents.

but here’s the thing: it’s not out of character.

even though everyone likes to paint rory as being level headed and frequently use the pro/cons list as an example of this, that is not always the case. rory has a history of making impulse decisions based on her feelings. past examples of this are:

  • running away & shoplifting after dean kisses her
  • yelling at the class once she is late for her AP test
  • making a speech in the s1 finale based on her feelings for dean
  • goes to new york in 2.21 to see jess
  • kissing jess at sookie’s wedding bc she likes him even though she’s with dean
  • sleeping with dean

yes, she makes pro/con lists. but you know why she probably does that? because she recognizes that a lot of her past mistakes are done on impulse decisions. of course she’s afraid of making the wrong decision she does it all of the time. 

right before she steals the boat, she is told by one of her journalistic heroes that she doesn’t have what it takes to be a journalist. her dream job. she is, understandably, upset. of course she doubts herself and her abilities. i am not surprised that she stole the boat and im not surprised that she quit school.

bad decision? yes. out of character? no.

A/N: I’m in love with this ask. I didn’t do peek-a-boo for every scenario, instead settling for just playing which made the baby laugh, because I thought the writing would get a little dry if I did the same thing three times. Either way, I hope you enjoy!

Name Choice explanation:

-The meaning of the name Teagan is “Tailor”, matching the definition of Sabo’s name.

-Kaden, meaning “Fighter”, relates to Sengoku’s name which translates to “Fighting Country”

-Saraf, meaning “burning one”. A play on Zeff’s name.

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It took a couple weeks for Ace to get used to the fact that the baby boy would even specifically desire his presence. He had never expected to find someone who loved him, let alone have a little boy of his own. For a while it had made him very anxious, but once the child entered a reactive phase and he found out that he could make the baby smile and laugh, it was hard to tear Ace away from his son.

You’d approached the doorway to inform your lover that it was time for the baby’s feeding, only to stop short and sink away from the door frame once more, peeking into the room curiously.

Teagan wailed angrily at the ceiling- no doubt cranky from being hungry- but Ace was quick to lean over him. The baby was lying at the end of the bed, with his Father settled on his knees on the floor in front of him.

“What do you have to be sad about?” Ace asked incredilously. Teagan reached up, patting his face gently, and the pirate’s face softened. “Yeah, see? Nothing to worry about.”

There was nothing for the baby to worry about. As it turned out, Ace should’ve been the worried one as his little boy grabbed a good fistful of the ebony locks that hung down as he leaned onto the bed and gave them a good, strong tug.

“Ouch! Let go, you big meanie!” He complained, his face scrunching up. Teagan watched his expression with wonder, before breaking into a wide grin and cackling with glee.

Still trying to pry his son’s fingers out of his hair, Ace couldn’t contain a smile and a laugh of his own. “Really, now? You’re getting a kick out of this? I thought we were buddies!”

Ace and Teagan’s eyes met again, and Teagan’s face fell serious. Half a second later, he gave another small tug. Ace was obviously not hurt, but made a show of shaking his head and making a face. “Ow! You’re a bully!”

Teagan laughed his fool head off, tugging again as he started to realize what the outcome of his little game was, and seemed to forget his hunger as he played with his Father.

You smiled to yourself as you departed to the sound of their joyful laughter, trying to imagine how Ace could ever have thought he would be bad at being a Father.

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The notion that Corazon hated kids had always come as a surprise to you. Everything about him screamed that he was good with kids, from his goofy behaviour and kind smile, to his patience and protectiveness. It wasn’t until you’d asked Corazon about the rumor- while nervous with the concept of telling him you were pregnant- that he clarified that he had to be tough with the kids that came with a desire to join Doflamingo’s crew. As a marine, it was his duty to keep them off a pirate’s crew. Not to mention that, as the man’s brother, he hated to see such young people being manipulated from their ways.

When your child had been born, a healthy baby boy with a head full of almost white blonde hair, his claim held incredibly true- and so had your assumptions. He was a natural with the baby, especially when he reached a couple months old and became a little more expressive.

It wasn’t wholly unfamiliar for you to be in another room and hear your lover completely topple over, with your son’s infectious laughter following not too far behind. Today, however, you were seated on the L-shaped couch in your living room, your husband seated away from you with his legs settled in a makeshift seat for your son, the infant seated with his feet on Corazon’s stomach. The situation was remotely safe- but you could never completely confirm that Corazon wouldn’t get into some horrible accident at a given time- and Corazon was making a conscious effort to make your child smile and laugh.

Kaden kicked his little feet in the air, babbling continuously. Corazon took his time to nod and acknowledge ever pause in his son’s incoherent explanation. “Yes. Really? You don’t say! Wow, I’ll bet!”

There came a lapse in the conversation where Kaden sat comfortably, looking idly around the room, and Corazon watched the little boy with adoration. He was so intent on watching the little boy that he hadn’t anticipated the sound of the kettle going off in the kitchen, despite evident steam rising to hit the ceiling not even three feet away.

When the small appliance squealed to life, wailing horrendously, both Kaden and Corazon jumped hard. You laughed incredulously, not expecting their panic, and Kaden looked at his Father with a large pout and wide eyes. What the young boy hadn’t anticipated was having his exact expression mirrored back to him. Although his head and expression stayed still- lips pressed together, skin paled- the pirate marine officer’s eyes shifted from you, to the kettle, and slowly to his son.

When his eyes finally met the light blue of his son’s, the baby instantaneously closed his eyes and positively howled with laughter.

Corazon frowned. “Wha- you got scared, too! Why do you think you’re laughing at?!”

All you could do was turn off the kettle and stifle your own giggle, careful not to redirect your husband’s defensive gaze your way.

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Sanji was the greatest lover you could’ve asked for. He was attentive, devoted, and you knew without a doubt that he would go to the absolute ends of the earth for you. When you had discovered you would be having a baby, your immense trust in him had you finding him without hesitation and giving him the good news. Not the most interesting way to tell him- barging in, nearly jumping up and down, and clutching at his jacket- but he had matched your excitement and curled you into a tight hug, kissing you hard.

It wasn’t until a couple months before the baby was born that you thought about all of the times you’d seen Sanji interact with children. He wasn’t particularily nurturing, and you had wondered idly about why he lacked that quality until you’d thought about his mentor and father figure, Zeff. It was clear to anyone outside of their bickering that they cared very deeply for one another, but Zeff was far from an affectionate man, and Sanji had incidentally carried the trait on when he’d grown up.

Despite this, you were sure that Sanji would learn to care for the child, in time.

And then the baby boy joined your small family- who you’d fondly named Saraf after his Father’s fiery nature, as well as his beloved mentor- and the Strawhat crew all but stole him from your arms at every given opportunity to smother him in attention. Honestly, you were almost sure that the only times that you saw your own child was when he had to eat, or he was cranky and had to be put down to sleep.

This being said, you were growing more than a little worried as you checked with each member of the straw hat crew, trying to figure out which one of them had your baby, and came up empty. As the number of “I don’t have him, have you checked with so-and-so”’s started to rise, so did your heart rate. It was far past his nap time, and nobody had approached you.

Where was the little boy?

You turned a corner of the inner ship, stomping your way back to Nami’s room to see if she’d simply shoo’d you away to have more time with the baby.

On that note, where was San-

You paused, took a step back, and peeked back into the nursery. Though the door was mostly closed, you could see the recently extinguished cigarette fading in an ashtray on the sidetable near the door. After another moment, you heard the sound of your baby fussing in his crib, bouncing himself and crying out angrily.

“You’re really gonna make me play this game until you fall asleep, aren’t you?”

There was the sound of the side of the crib sliding down, allowing the cook room to gently lift his son and cradle him in his arms. He crossed the room, sitting in an old arm chair that looked out the side of the ship into the setting waters, and laid Saraf down on his legs.

With his back turned to you, you carefully pushed the door open along the carpeted floor and took a calculated step in to get a better look.

“Okay. You ready?” Sanji asked. You couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the sight of him. The sun was starting to set, bringing blazing shades of burnt orange dancing across the waters and filtering into the room. They set Sanji’s tan skin into even warmer tones, and shaded the muscled contours of his arms and even some of his chest, hidden under his button down white shirt. His gold hair was almost white in the direct sun, and his eyes were bright blue in the reflection of the light. He was an absolute vision.

But then your son began to giggle, and the heavenly tones were enough to break you from your reverie. He kicked his tiny feet, babbling gently. Sanji raised his hands, shielding his face from the view of your baby, and Saraf’s eyes widened in anticipation.

“A-boo!” Sanji called softly, and Saraf laughed hysterically, throwing his tiny arms in front of him and kicking frantically. Sanji chuckled right along with him. “You really do have a lot of energy still stocked up in you, huh? Definitely a son of mine.”

Saraf smiled, his eyes bright with innocent happiness, and Sanji hummed under his breath. “We should really go find Mommy. She’s much better at this than I am.”

“I found you first.” You informed him, coming to a rest behind his chair and wrapping your arms loosely around his neck. “And I think you were doing just fine.” From your position, you reached forward and darted your fingers over your son’s small chest, tickling him gently. “Hey, little one.”

Sanji looked like he was blushing lightly, but you couldn’t tell very well from the angle. He tilted his head, searching for a kiss, which you happily granted him. “Did you come to put him to sleep?”

“I was going to, but you’ve obviously got him all worked up now.”

“He wasn’t settling down, and this is all I could do to get him to stop crying.” He whined. “Can you take him now? I’ve gotta go make the crew’s final snack.”

“I think they can live without it for one day.”

Sanji blanched. “What?”

“You’ve got your hands full there.”

“Oh, cmon, Y/N-swan, please! Nami’ll be so lost without her evening drink!”

“She’ll survive.”

“You’ll have to deal with mosshead being grumpy all night, and then he’ll say something stupid and I’ll be forced to put him in his place. You hate when we fight.”

You got to the door and smiled back at him. “It’s a price I’m willing to pay.” You looked at the small baby, whose eyes were still locked on you from after your appearance. “Have a good nap, Saraf.” You sang as you closed the door behind you.

Sanji looked down at his baby in exasperation. Immediately he had his son’s full attention, as he waited expectantly for Sanji’s next move.

“You’re a real handful, you know that, right?” Despite what he said, he covered his face and revealed it again. “A-boo!”

Much as he would’ve liked to, he couldn’t hide the wide smile that crossed his face when Saraf laughed gleefully again. He bent down and kissed the baby’s head.

When he pulled back, Saraf looked shocked, and Sanji rolled his eyes. “I know, I know. Don’t get used to it.”


I’d never owned a vase. I’d never lived any place long enough to justify having such a simple thing.Sometimes wonder what would’ve happened if I’d bought that vase and made a home for it.Would that have changed things? Would I have been happy? Who can say? I do know this: Even now, after all the pain and death and heartbreak that followed, I still would make the same choice.

Callie’s lawyer: “[Sofia’s] last names are Sloan and Torres.”

Arizona: “I’m gonna have to stop you before you continue, for your own sake. You’re not going to imply that I’m any less of Sofia’s mother because we don’t share the same DNA because that would be offensive to anyone in the room who has an adoptive child or is an adoptive child. And for you to say that, I CHOSE to be Sofia’s mother! It did not fall into my lap. There was a choice and I can stay or I can run and I chose motherhood. And it was the best choice I ever made. 

Arizona: *holds back tears*

Arizona: I love my child and I want her with me but I know no matter how this ends…she’ll survive. She’ll be healthy and safe and well taken care of and loved because…we are her mothers.


Imagine being hyped for over a month, sometimes losing sleep because of anxiety over a stupid game, and then ending up buying another game literally one day before launch.

That’s me right now. 

Best part? No regrets. H:ZD is so amazing I don’t even care to consider any “what if” situation. Like I literally do not care about if Andromeda would’ve been better than I thought it would be, it doesn’t matter because this game is so fucking good. 

way-of-flowers  asked:

For every ☹ I get I will show a sample of a muse I used to play but don’t anymore. Or send a ☻ for a muse I would like to play, but haven’t yet!

Silence in heaven as it was on earth.

That wish, that dream will never come, he thinks. To feel good about the future is but an exercise in futility. No, what must one hope for is to not die today, and tomorrow, and the next, and the next. A war said to only last a day, or some weeks, or some months, and now ongoing for three years; no, he thinks, he believes – what one has to hope for that is no more youth is sent to die in vain.

Yet Baron Hans von Hammer here, the so-called Hammer of Hell, one whom death follows and loves – he cannot fully commit to defeat and malaise. The desire for survival is equal to the desire to protect and fight for his fatherland. Even as he laments his role in failing to extend the pilots of his fledglings, his pilots under him in the Jadgstaffel, (the skies will never change, kill or be killed), he cannot fail his country. He cannot.

(Such a contradiction in sentimentality and patriotism, what weakness!)

But nature sometimes is kind and fickle, as likely influenced by humans’ destruction of her.


The succinct smell of gardenias and lilies, scents he remembers very faintly from his mother’s garden. From a time of peace, he can’t help but be distracted, curious, or maybe just aching for a piece of warmth to shoo away the loneliness

Look how cooly/your lips are cold/the wolf, he stares and stares/you killed my brother who saved you!/his touch is like death!/he goes to the forest to hunt/I had to get away/here is your reward!/before I’d stopped breathing!/even after his kills!

–no, merely wondering is what he is, as he walks with calmness to the source. He stops when he says a young girl, a very explicitly not German girl, tending to flowers with the same kindness his mother had, a trait he inherited whether he’d admit it or not. He is wary of her, as he had to be of those who may have joined the fight against his country, but he is not an animal. Before land, before fortune, before everything, his father taught him, comes honor. Thus, there is no need to pull a gun or reject her behavior towards him in a way uncouth. She was above all a woman, and they were to be treated with dignity no matter their race.

The bouquet she holds out eventually, she equally as wary but more welcoming than would a soldier, is filled with chrysanthemums. The cruel joke of the flower’s meaning is not lost on him. That the killer skies make sure to remind him of his role as a human killing machine is not lost on him.

(Or perhaps, befitting a lonely man, he overthought everything.)

“Nein, fraulein,” so left the words from his lips, even as he couldn’t take his eyes off her. (The world is large, why would you think it small as it used to be?) “I’m afraid your beautiful flowers may wilt before one like I.”

I would love to play: Hans von Hammer from DC Comics’ Enemy Ace!


“But I can still recall every detail of the day when I saw the life I wanted sitting in a window. I sometimes wonder what would have happened if I’d bought that vase and made a home for it. Would that have changed things? Would I have been happy? Who can say? I do know this. Even now, after all the pain and death and heartbreak that followed, I still would make the same choice.” 

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Hey !, can you write the about Ezarel and Nevra confessing at the same time to Gardienne and her having to choose and she choose Ezarel and Mevra is heartbroken thanks very much

Hey, Anon! I finally got this done! I hope you enjoy it!

It wasn’t a choice Nevra had ever thought would be made; him or Ez. In general, people greatly prefered his company to Ez, so obviously he thought he’d be the immediate choice. But here he was, watching you as you glanced indecisively between him and Ezarel, trying to figure out which one you truly loved.

He’d never felt so nervous in his life, but, paradoxically, had also never felt so confident. You’d choose him. You had to. He didn’t want to think, even acknowledge, the possibility of you rejecting him.He’d never wanted someone so badly, had ever loved anyone this much and if you didn’t feel the same… He’d break.

“I don’t want to rush you, but… your decision?” He bit his lip as you glanced at Ezarel, an unreadable expression on your face. 

“In that case…” You took a deep breath before turning to him. “Nevra…” 

His hopes rose as he leaned forward, desperate to hear the words he’d dreaming to hear fall from your lips- “I’m sorry.”

And all his hopes are dashed, smashed on the floor with the remaining pieces of his heart.

It takes all of his power not to break right there, to congratulate Ezarel on his new relationship, to say there’s no hard feelings, to walk away with a smile. But the moment he’s out of sight, he collapses against a wall and cries. 

It’s something he hates doing. It’s a sign of weakness, of vulnerability, but he is vulnerable, he is weak, and he can’t stop the sadness that envelops him.

He knows that later he’s going to have to pick himself up and be normal. Pretend everything’s okay and he isn’t dead inside. But for now, he lets himself cry, drowning himself in his sorrow.

Things I wish someone told me (or things that someone did)

1. You can be a good person without the church. This was the first thing my bishop told me when I came out to him, which was very surprising to me. But it ended up being really really important to my journey. No matter what choices I made, Heavenly Father wouldn’t be done with me. I would still be a good person. Heavenly Father will help guide to to do good and be good no matter where you are in your life. 

2. Heavenly Father would rather have you be in a same-sex relationship than kill yourself. This may seem like a dramatic one, but I think it’s a such an important one. No matter what you do, no matter how dark of a place you are in, Heavenly Father does not want you to take your life. When you are alive, no matter what choices you’ve made, Heavenly Father can still help you grow and improve. I can’t emphasize this enough. If the choice comes down to killing yourself and choosing to leave the church, choose to leave. 

3. Praying the gay away doesn’t work. You might already know this, but it warrants staying. Heavenly Father worked and created every tiny detail of you, and that includes your same sex attraction. He created that. He created you. Just like you can’t pray to change your eye color, you can’t pray to take this away. What you can pray to know is your path. Heavenly Father has also worked and created every part of your path. This is a part of his plan for you. Accept it. Enjoy it. Heavenly Father does. 

4. Focus on the gospel and not the church. Jesus did not say a single word on people with same sex attraction. Believe me, I’ve looked. Jesus said love everyone. He said he loves everyone. That is what the gospel is. The church is the organization through which the gospel is communicated. It has had many different versions in different ages. The church is run by imperfect men trying to interpret a perfect will. They make mistakes. You are unique and beautiful. Your experiences add so much to the gospel here. Keep what helps, discard what doesn’t. If going to church is hurting your spirit, find a form or worship that works for you. Reading scriptures or going out and being in nature are ways that help me. 

5. Find a community. This one is so so important, because as much as straight people can love and support you, in some ways, they can’t understand you. They’ve never had their existence come into question in the same way. If you don’t know where to start, Affirmation and Mormons Building Bridges are both great groups of LGBTQ/SSA Mormons that can be found on Facebook. Connect with some other people’s experiences, understand that their experiences will not be the same as yours, and share your story if you feel comfortable. If all else fails, I’m right here. Find me.