i would have made a post about it

i’m so glad i made that post listing Shiro’s symptoms of mental illness because (a) it’s actually getting notes and that warms my heart so much because i highkey thought fandom would ignore it and (b) it’s so useful to have as a reference for any future discussions about Shiro’s mental health and i really hope other people find it useful too not just for writing fics but also as a reference post for discussions about Shiro’s mental illness

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How do you think Peridot would decide to have a child? How did the cgs react? Did any of them try to convince her not to?

1. This AU diverges from canon after the events of Gem Harvest. Peridot’s interactions with Andy and Greg make her more curious about what humans are like, so she begins to do in-depth research on them. She finds herself being particularly fascinated by children, for a lot of the same reasons Rose was. She began to wonder about how humans made them and if gem reproduction was possible. She met Laura, that lovely lady who I posted drawings of earlier today, and the two of them hit it off pretty quickly. After a while of being in a relationship with Laura, and learning about Rose Quartz and how Steven was born, Peridot decided she wanted to have a kid.
2. All of them were initially very surprised, Pearl especially. After the surprise died down, the reactions of each of the CGs (+Lapis) were a mixed bag. Steven was happy at first because he would finally meet someone that’s half human and half gem, just like him. But then when he realized that he wouldn’t see Peridot again after Janet was born, he was sad. Pearl was understandably less torn up about it than she was with Rose, as Peridot was just a mere friend of hers. But she was still upset. Garnet was sadder about losing Peridot than one would’ve thought, but she didn’t let her mood affect how she interacted with Peridot before Janet was born. She supported Peridot all the way. Amethyst was actually angry at Peridot for having Jan, and was the only gem who actually tried to persuade her not to do it. Lapis’ feelings were the same as Garnet’s, but she was also just generally confused about Peridot’s decision, because she saw a lot less value in humans than a lot of the other gems did at the time.
3. As I said in 2, Amethyst. She was rather bitter about the whole ordeal, but as Janet grew up, Amethyst tried not to let her feelings about what happened to Peridot affect how she treated her. She knew it wasn’t the kid’s fault, and it would be stupid as hell to hate her just for being born.

This might’ve turned out a little lengthy, but I wanted to answer your questions as best as I could!

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Question! If I were to write a young yandere Genji and/or Hanzo, how would I go about writing them and thier personalities and speech? Like, say as if their S/O is much younger than them or just not interested in them and thus ignores them? How do you think they would act if their s/o was heavily guarded and it made it hard for people to talk to them? Epecially if their parent was with them? I just want to know so I can write them efficiently and in character as much as possible.

I have a similar post for Genji here

In regards to speech I feel like in his youth he would come off as extremely charming with nice sense of humor as well as both English and Japanese slang Before he asks if you wanna go back to his place what a fuckboy  If he had someone he liked who wasnt easy to talk to he would huff a bit since he’s so friendly and theyre being so rude! But he wouldn’t give up and would only pursue them even more even if just to get them to smile for him

As for Hanzo he’s very polite and articulate with his words as he is the heir to the Shimada clan and must carry himself with a certain kind of grace and dignity. He would understand if his crush was guarded, he was as well, but would be a bit miffed if they just ignored him altogether. Sometimes he’s a little too full of himself as he’s from such a high standing and gets a bit offended if you continue to be so guarded and difficult to talk to. He’s quick to compose himself though and will still try his best to get you to open up. Would convince his father to have an arranged marriage with you and if you refused the Shimada clan would threaten your entire family unless you agreed. With all this power he can be pretty dangerous you know~

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according to xenoverse 2, which isn't """canon""" but is the only source to speak about thi, if buu is full enough he can separate a part of his body (likely he uses the proteins he got from the food to replace the separated part) and have a child!!!! so the post u made that said "imagine buu pulling off a part of his bubblegum body and being like satan here is our child" is actually p accurate so... that's a thing

yes!! i actually drew fanart for it a while ago! but yeah he and satan are just talking about how videl is growing up and how satan would like to maybe raise another child and buu is like OKAY anything for you satan and pulls a part of himself off and forms it into a baby shape

Hey Everyone, hope you are all well. So I have been doing a lot of thinking lately and have decided to make some changes. I want to make this website more then just a one stop experience for you all, I want to make it more fun and interactive. So, I would like as many of your opinions on what we could change, improve on, add, get rid of etc.

Would you like a section to request a outfit Jesy, Jade, Perrie or Leigh has worn past or present, would you like our Instagram and Twiitter to be more interactive? If we made our Twitter account more active what would you like us to do on it? Tweet about fashion? Tweet about where they are, what they are doing? Who they are with? More importantly, would you follow us on these social media platforms?

I can provide make up posts, competitions, and many many more. Is it features and ideas you have seen on another blog that you think will be good a idea on here? Give us a shout we would love to here it.

We want anything! We don`t mind what it is, whether it is bonkers or not, we will give it some thought and let you know. So please get sending your ideas in. We can`t wait to see them.

Hi yall happy 2017, i hope everyone had fun during the holidays!! kuroken hugs bc why not

this is like my favorite comfort song rn

Also I hate to bother yall like this, but we are having a really hard time right now moneywise. We have to conjure up 3000€ by january 28th to pay all bills, rent and my fiancé’s move. (We would’ve managed but our car had to be fixed and my fiancé’s phone shattered) I already had to use all of my savings.

So, I made a paypal donate link for now, and I’ll most likely open simple emergency commissions as soon as I can make an info post about it. If you have even one dollar/euro to spare, it would be amazing. Like even 5€ will feed us for multiple days.

Thank you in advance, I love u peeps

Being an hero isn’t half as glamorous as they make it sound, really

I keep seeing humans are weird posts going around and talking about things like our ability to domesticate animals and all that but I have yet to see a single post on human reactions to music Like our brains process songs so uniquely Music literally affects our emotions And we will turn anything into music given the chance so long as something in the sound is slightly rhythmic In my opinion it would be really interesting if our capabilities with sound and music were what made us strange to alien races

To be brief, over a year ago I made a tone deaf post about the old testament and practices in it, joking that they were “barbaric” and “fucked up”, after watching a Malcolm Gladwell TED Talk about the story of David and Goliath, under the assumption that having been raised in a christian family and having a background with the stories gave me the authority to joke about them, and decide what was/wasn’t offensive to joke about in regards to them.

This wasn’t the case, and I’m sorry. I was then and I am now.
People made it clear they were upset about the post, and while at first I didn’t realize what made people upset, I realized shortly after, so I deleted the posts the same night they were made. At the time I didn’t have a lot of followers and I had never been in a situation where I would have had to apologize for posting something, so I just went about with my business assuming that I had corrected the issue and everything was okay.

Since then I’ve got messages every now and then from mutuals and other people asking about the post, and I apologize and tell them I understand why the post sucks, and why I thought it was even okay to post to begin with.

The post wasn’t made with any malicious intent, but without realizing I made key mistakes that made the joke seem antisemitic (Using the term “Abrahamic Faiths” as an umbrella term for Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and everything else derived from the Old Testament, along with focusing on practices that are associated with Judaism). I recognize this now and I’ve learned from it.

I’m not an antisemite, my politics lie on the complete opposite end of the spectrum from that. I understand why the post gives people that impression about me.

My preconception of being called out for something serious was that I’d lose a bunch of followers and my friends would be upset with me, but I’ve realized that just because that isn’t happening doesn’t mean people aren’t upset, and that they don’t deserve an apology. I would have written this much sooner if I had.

I hadn’t realized that people had been upset about it for as long as they have, I’m simply not very good at keeping my ear to the ground and staying on top of these things unless they’re happening right in the moment (I rarely check my activity and almost never check my tag), and for that I’m also sorry. To reiterate, I would have written this much sooner if I had.

My attitude towards being a “Big Tumblr Funnyman” has always been tempered with a bit of resentment, because I come here to make jokes with my friends and share stuff I find funny/cool, along with the things I’m working on and what I’m up too. I consider the blog a personal one, and I don’t like to consider myself a “public figure” in any sense. but the reality is I am, even if it is on a crappy blogging site, and because of that, even if I don’t know 99% of you, I owe it to you to explain myself and apologize when I’ve messed up.

To summarize, I’m sorry for making the post, I’m sorry for my lack of awareness, It was never my intention to offend anyone.

Now That Victuuri is Canon

It seems that a lot of people are upset because there was no explicit discussion of the kiss or further confirmation of Victor and Yuuri’s relationship in episode 8.

I understand why a lot of people feel this way. It’s another reason to fear if this whole thing is just really advanced queerbaiting. It’s a completely valid concern, given how many times we’ve been scorned. However, not only have we gotten confirmation from the creators that Victor and Yuuri are romantically attracted to each other, but even if we ignore all that it’s impossible to ignore on-screen events. I know I needn’t get into that and this is not the point of this post.

What I want to address is the subgroup of people who are upset because they were expecting more obvious romantic interacting between Yuuri and Victor. I’ll be honest, I wanted things to “get spicier” in a super dramatic way too, but thinking about it, that would not have made sense for this show at all. I’m not here to say “let’s be thankful for what we got” but rather to say “let’s look at what we got, and see what that all means in the grander scope of things.”

(As usual, sticking this under a cut because boy oh boy does it get long.)

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Voltron Deaf/Hard of Hearing Headcanons

Smh why has,,,,no one made a post like this yet? I’m offended. Like I’ve literally seen about one post. 

  • SO, if ya’ll know me, you know I have a soft spot for deaf shiro 
  • he’d be deaf-mute but not in the sense that he is physically unable to speak, he just would prefer not to? 
  • He’s pretty insecure about how his voice sounds so he really just stays quiet but sometimes he’ll laugh and ect. 
  • he isn’t the fastest at sign, he prefers to take things s l o w especially if he’s talking to someone who isn’t so great at tracking movement 
  • Keith would be partially deaf, but he’d have hearing aids to help, although it doesn’t completely make up for his deafness. 
  • That boi r e f u s e s to wear his got dang hearing aids IMM
  • Shiro: hey keith Keith:….. Shiro: boi….ur hearing aids….
  • Trying to go to sleep and Lance bangs his toe into the wall near his door
  • that boi is UP AND AT EM
  • You barely touch his shoulder he is al  e r t
  • Lance would be that one kid who is deaf but HE WILL TALK
  • but secretly he really does care but that doesn’t stop him
  • he didn’t have years of speech therapy for that nonsense let the boi speak 
  • He is super fluid with his sign, liek no one can frickin understand him
  • he goes at naruto speeds with that signing I tell ya but like, he’s super sloppy with it?? 
  • Shiro has an aneurysm everytime he tries to understand Lance’s sign
  • but Lance makes up for it by talking because his voice may sound a little off, but he’s still pretty good at it and he’s hella understandable 
  • Lance would turn reading lips into some flirty thing i feel this in my soul 
  • he would use reading lips as an excuse to stare at Keith’s mouth 
  • Pidge doesn’t have time for non-hearing nonsense, she probs would have super engineered hearing aids that let her hear a mouse’s heartbeat from Earth I M 
  • just kidding but she’d definitely have some super rad hearing devices
  • Hunk would be that one really rad deaf friend who is like super chill and will def (pun lmao) teach you how to sign like
  • don’t be afraid of offending him he is literally so chill like just approach him
  • he is also down with the quality Deaf Pranks™
  • If ya’ll don’t know about deaf pranks, it can go either way
  • pranking your deaf friend or your deaf friend pranking Y O U 
  • One of Hunk’s favorite Deaf Pranks™ is sneaking up behind Lance and placing his hands on his shoulders 
  • Lance jumps 5 feet away 
  • Another one is openly ignoring someone even if you see them out of your peripheral vision because “oh sorry,,,,im deaf,,,,OOPS” 
  • Pidge: I’m sorry. Suddenly I can’t read I don’t know Shiro: Pidge you’re deaf, not blind 
  • Lance: Lol this is sign language for fuck you *flips off an entire fleet of Galra* 
  • My fav headcanon tho is that they all just sometimes sit around the room and like
  • feel the vibrations from upbeat music
  • like ya’ll think deaf people don’t enjoy music??? lmao 
  • also really intimate things like 
  • touching eachother’s throats and speaking/touching the other’s throat if they can hear and speak articulately 
  • because feeling their voice vibrate against their throat is top notch and i love it 
  • Allura being that one really supportive friend who learns sign language just because of the paladins 
  • Coran being really intrigued by the “Human’s hand language” 
  • Keith: AND ANOTHER THING- Lance: *hand cuffs him* No
  • Shiro: Lol can’t hear your bullshit 


Anyways,,,,deaf paladins,,,plz @roteli @roteli-vld

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I am also a sucker for your top 10 worldbuilding posts so here's another one: top 10 times the media got some TMI on Victor and Yuuri's relationship (and does it include Victor drunkenly revealing they switch to tabloids and Chris' speech at the wedding about where they've done the nasty?)

The wedding was strictly family and friends only so Chris’ speech never got made public (Yuuri would have died if it did!) but there have been several incidents where the media learned a lot more about Viktor and Yuuri than they ever expected.

Top 10 Times The Media Got Some TMI On Victor and Yuuri’s Relationship:

10) Once - when Yuuri was competing in the Four Continents and Viktor was on the side-lines to cheer him on - during the warm up Yuuri was practicing his quad flip over and over to make sure he got it right while Viktor was doing an interview at the side of the rink and the reporter sort of offhandedly mentioned ‘oh, Katsuki has been doing jumps for a while now and he doesn’t even look tired, I guess it must be true that he has really good stamina’ and Viktor just went really dreamy eyed and said ‘yes’ while completely ignoring the interviewer and gazing at Yuuri. And the reporter and the camera man just ended up looking at each other like ‘should we finish the interview or just let him keep daydreaming about his sex life?’

9) During the season after the end of chapter 14 Viktor’s exhibition skate was the Stay Close To Me duet and afterwards one of the reporters asked Yuuri ‘were you ever concerned about doing the lifts during the routine? Were you sure Nikiforov was going to be able to hold your weight or were you worried he might drop you?’. And Yuuri was just like ‘No, I had faith in him and we already knew he could lift me up pretty easily anyway’ which he probably would have gotten away with if he hadn’t proceeded to go bright red afterwards when he realised what he’d said and everyone who watched it was like ‘we kind of really want to know but at the same time we probably really don’t.’

8) After Viktor finally retired he was doing a joint interview with Yuuri and one of the reporters asked him if he was concerned about maintaining his physical condition now that he wasn’t competing anymore because lots of athletes have a hard time adjusting once they stop such vigorous training regimes. And Viktor was just like, ‘I’m sure it won’t be a problem, I’ll still be getting some pretty intense regular exercise even if I’m not training anymore’ and winked at Yuuri and Yuuri started blushing really badly while all the reporters went into minor meltdowns

7) Once they ended up being caught by reporters a few days after Viktor’s birthday when they were out taking the dogs for a walk and it was mostly fine but one of the reporters asked Yuuri what he had given Viktor as a birthday present and they both went bright red and Yuuri sort of mumbled a hurried and fake sounding answer that probably wasn’t even in English and practically sprinted off. No-one ever found out exactly what Viktor’s ‘present’ was but there was a lot of speculation and the general consensus became that Yuuri Katsuki was probably a lot kinkier than anyone ever expected and Viktor Nikiforov was a very lucky guy.  

6) This one came in a series of tweets from a fan who was in an upmarket hotel bar which basically consisted of, ‘oh my god Viktor Nikiforov is in the same bar as I am what should I do?’ ‘He’s sitting alone do you think I should go and talk to him? Would it be weird to ask for his autograph?’ ‘I wonder why Katsuki isn’t with him, it’s the off season I thought they’d be together’ ‘Oh my god I just noticed he isn’t wearing his ring what does this mean?’ ‘He just started to talk to a guy who sat down next to him and he’s being really flirty oh my god.’ ‘Is Viktor Nikiforov having an affair????’ ‘Help, red alert I’ve just seen Viktor Nikiforov in a bar chatting up some random guy without his ring on what do I do?’ ‘Oh wait a minute the guy he was talking to just turned around and it turns out it was actually Katsuki after all. Panic over.’ ‘Wait a minute Katsuki isn’t wearing his ring either, they can’t have both lost them at the same time can they?’ ‘They’re acting really weirdly though and they’re dressed differently too I’m confused but I don’t want to interrupt’ *several minutes pause* ‘Well something I definitely didn’t expect to happen tonight was finding out that Katsuki and Nikiforov are apparently into role play but you learn something new every day.’

5) After being apart for a long time during the skating season they finally reunited at an airport and it was all very dramatic and Viktor ended up kissing Yuuri really passionately for a really long time. And when they broke away Yuuri was like ‘that reminded me of our first kiss, after the competition in Saitama.’ And Viktor was like ‘I did a lot more than just kiss you then solnyshko’ being all sly and flirty and then they both sort of froze as they realised that A) they were in a very public airport which is not a good place to be heavily flirting even if you have been apart for several months and B ) Several people were not so discreetly filming them. And that was how the world learned exactly when and where Viktor and Yuuri got it on for the first time.

4) During the four continents after they first got together Viktor ended up doing the thing in he did in the anime where he tied Yuuri’s laces and kissed his skates while being there to support him. And at that point their public relationship was still only a few months old so while the reaction was mainly positive there were still some assholes who were salty about the whole thing including one trashy tabloid reporter who cornered Yuuri after his skate who was obviously a die-hard Viktor fan and didn’t like him or their relationship at all. And while Yuuri is usually quiet and shy and likes to keep as much about their relationship private as he can because he doesn’t want the world butting in, he also is absolutely savage when he wants to be and after going through so much to finally get together with Viktor he is not willing to take any shit from anyone. So the reporter was being really bitchy and asking questions like ‘don’t you think it’s a bit degrading to make Viktor Nikiforov get down on his knees for you?’ and Yuuri just really calmly said ‘not really, he likes it too much’, smiled and walked away. The video clip of it happening has several million views.

3) At one point Viktor and Yuuri were on the beach at Hasetsu and Viktor took a picture of Yuuri in his boxers (they had forgotten their swimming stuff but got too hot and went to cool off in the sea) and nothing else while laughing on the beach. And while 99.9% of the comments were all along the lines of ‘goddamn’, ‘please step on me’ and ‘Yuuri Katsuki with his shirt off is a gift to humanity’ there were a couple off assholes who were commenting on the stretch marks on Yuuri’s thighs. Because he was a naturally chubby kid with a lot of puppy fat and went from that to a lean athletic teenager in a very short space of time so he has them although they’re not that noticeable. And Viktor doesn’t usually care when people are rude to him online because there are always a few shitty people out there but it really pisses him off when someone insults Yuuri. So when someone tweeted him like ‘you’re really hot, why do you bother with someone with ugly stretch marks like Katsuki?’ he responds with ‘I love every part of my boyfriend including his marks. I especially like to kiss them every night when his thighs are wrapped round my head.’ which pretty much shut all the haters up there and then. Yuuri hit him with a pillow for it afterwards but he was secretly kind of pleased.

2) The day after one of the major competitions Yuuri was giving an interview and the interviewer asked ‘now that the competition is over has the tiredness set in yet and are you ready to go home or are you still riding high on the adrenaline from last night?’ and Chris, who happened to be walking past at that moment, was just like ‘well he was certainly riding something last night but it wasn’t the adrenaline.’ Yuuri’s expression after he said it became a popular reaction picture for when someone looks like they physically want to die of embarrassment.

1) The incident I mentioned in a previous ask where a tipsy Viktor ends up getting interviewed by a tabloid reporter when his tongue is looser than usual so when she asks ‘are you the top or the bottom in your relationship’ aka the question everyone else wanted to ask but was way too polite and respectful to, he just winked and said ‘why pick just one.’ And that was how the world found out that Viktor and Yuuri switch.

I’ve seen people on here saying that 2016 didn’t really suck. That it would have been an okay year, if people would stop “whining about celebrity deaths.”

To that, I say, shut the hell up, oh my god.

Yeah, the celebrity deaths made the year hard - a lot of people that were very loved, who inspired us, passed away this year. That’s awful.

But have you not seen politics? Have you not seen people being gunned down in the streets, people spray-painting swastikas on buildings, or using the words of the current president elect as an excuse to be violent and cruel?

If you haven’t seen that, that’s great. Maybe you’re in an epic country, or maybe you’re privileged and not affected by it. That’s awesome for you.

But 2016 was fucking awful, and not just because Carrie Fisher and David Bowie and so many others died.

It was awful because we watched our friends and family, or other people we thought we trusted, turn into monsters who showed how much they really hated us, and people like us. We watched love turn to hate, and it hurt.

We watched people who said they cared about us put all their energy behind someone who wants people like us to be removed, or hurt, or killed, or converted into something “normal.” 

Then, we watched that person get elected.

This is a scary time for a lot of us. So even if you’re not standing at the edge of 2017 with a knife and an emergency kit, remember that a lot of people are.

Be kind to each other, and listen. Welcome in the New Year, but with caution.

demands from a Jew to the ~free press of the USA~

this is probably going to sound hysterical. this is not the most edited post I’ve ever made. but a nazi movement is becoming normalized and I don’t have any more patience.

first of all, I know there’s no use directing what I’m about to say towards the major news corporations with any hopes of getting them to step up re: antifascist principles, because they’re corporations, they’re influenced by $$$ and the state and I know better than to expect my solidarity from them. I would never work for a big news corporation because I know a press cannot be “free” or uphold truth when it is so tied into corporate capitalism and the State. yes, I wish the big networks would comply with the demands I’m about to spell out, but I’m not under the illusion that they will. 

this post IS directed more realistically at any internet journalists (yes I’m looking at all you clickbait liberal journalism writers like huffpo and mic.com and buzzfeed, as well as every other smaller based online news source that gets tons of views and traction), grassroots journalists, freelance journalists, independent journalists, writers and speakers who get the opportunity to speak on bigger networks and have their writing submitted to major news platforms, etc. anybody involved in production of news media that cares about human life:

this is a call for you to 1. never normalize nazism, 2. refuse to downplay the danger and urgency of the recent spike in brash nazism, and 3. not give nazis a neutral platform. because the press has power to influence how people perceive events. right now, I’m seeing a lot of calm unaffected liberals in the face of a sweeping wave of fascism. and interviews and articles making it seem run of the mill are not helping. 

that means:

1. I want every news source to start saying the word “Nazi.” 

I am sick of “alt-right”. alt-righters are neo-nazis, white nationalists, white supremacists, and fascists. pls start using any or all of those terms. after all, those groups use those words to describe themselves with pride. and those words do accurately illustrate the danger the groups pose. the “alt-right” is a defanged and calmer way of naming the fact that there is a fascist movement on the rise rapidly in the USA that has had fuel thrown on it by the victory of the president Elect. 

to the extent that this has escalated, it is high time to take away the nicey nice language it’s couched in and call it nazism. that’s not accelerationism, that’s not overexaggeration, that’s the truth. when are you gonna start calling it nazism, if not now, when they’re rallying under the proud nazi banner in fancy D.C venues like the Reagan house? if not now, when they’re mobilizing in the streets and having parades and rallies? if not now, when they’re denying and debating Jews’ basic personhood (literally “are jews people”) on national TV? if not now, then when? when does “never again” start to mean shit to you? 

2. that means I don’t wanna see headlines like “meet the new dapper face of White Nationalism” or whatever the fuck it was. 

I don’t wanna discuss how handsome or polished or businesslike the latest outcrop of neo-nazis is. I don’t wanna see them sensationalized in any positive light, or normalized in cutesy headlines about their looks, as though white supremacist men are a quirky new govt fad in a suit. they are dangerous. a literal white supremacist nazi movement gaining power and mobilizing is a HUMAN SAFETY ISSUE. that means lives are at stake. they are responsible for not only hate speech and physical hate crimes against nonwhite people, jews, muslims, etc, and even the “just hate speech” FUELS that physical violence. 

3. that means don’t use “bias is bad” as an excuse to report half assedly or neglect to cover how serious and dangerous this is. 

some of these people are readily evoking hitler’s name. that’s not a joke, that’s not just some stupid extremists on the fringes, that’s thousands of people willing to evoke a genocidal fascist. 

when is this going to get serious enough for it to break through the barrier of respectability politics and neutrality? if you’re a journalist, do not allow that shit to become the status quo! don’t allow people to read your work in the morning paper with their cup of coffee without feeling some urgency! report on the effects and seriousness of it and don’t let it become the new norm! it doesn’t make you “biased” to report that literal nazis are mobilizing and gaining numbers, and to report that without glorification or sensationalism and with full honesty about the danger and severity. don’t support networks that do normalize it or couch it in calming, rationalizing language.  

4. that means if nazis show up and want to hold a “dialogue” about whether or not JEWS ARE PEOPLE, you don’t give them free reign to broadcast that "neutrally” and unchecked! because it isn’t neutral! and that doesn’t just mean you commenting semi-critically after you roll the clip. hate speech is not free speech. 

and if you think you’re gonna get in trouble for standing up to / denouncing these assholes on the air, if you’re more afraid of getting fired for standing up to them in an interview, or calling their rhetoric dangerous and fascist and declaring that a human safety issue, or treating it like the urgent news it is, then I’m sorry pal, I guess your reporting job is more important than human lives. don’t get me wrong, if you wanna be on that side of history, you go ahead and make that decision, you have free will to prioritize whatever you want in your life. but you will never EVER be able to claim that you did shit to help me or anyone else affected by this. this isn’t a game. don’t take a stance where you sit back and are complicit in making nazi views normal to a populace. 

@latkek​ you’re a leftist jew and you actually work with media and journalism afaik, whereas I just have a couple members of my family who’ve been in any sort of proximity, can you weigh in more coherently on what actions you think journalists should be taking? and weigh in on whether or not the things I’m asking are reasonable? (although honestly idc if they’re reasonable under normal circumstances because these aren’t normal circumstances, this is the time to fight back) 


So this whole thing is a mess, but Mx. Zuke just made something a lot of my peers have been saying very clear: the writer’s room is a mess. The fact that they would be bold enough to write a post like that, making it clear over and over, that they were going for an arc that none of their coworkers knew anything about?? Excuse me? That’s not how this works. With 4 storyboard teams, I knew there was going to be slight inconsistency. But this? This takes it to a WHOLE new level. How do we, as fans( or just critics), expect good characterization and plot when the writers apparently don’t even talk to each other? How do the WRITERS expect good characterization and plot when they don’t talk about these things? I’m just…very shocked that a professional show is being handled like this, and I hope things change, and soon.

someone made a post about how revan would say this, and i wanted to link it, but i can’t find it and it makes me mad. (EDIT: someone was awesome enough to link me the post so here it is!) because it’s 900% true. revan would totally strike poses and talk about how the real reason they left the jedi order is because the council was jealous of their stunning good looks and that if they didn’t wear their mask people wouldn’t stop fighting over them. 

worst of all, they have that kind of personality where when you meet them, you can’t help but think ‘they probably are really hot under that mask, dammit.’


being revan’s best friend / top henchman can’t be good for your blood pressure. hang in there, malak. 

i know i’ve already made more than enough posts about how gay bars, while not perfect or a cure-all, are not the caricatures you see on tv and have their own unique atmospheres and entertainment and are even different on different nights but like, i used to go to a gay sports bar that had weekly screenings of glee back when it was new, and everyone would cheer when kurt and blaine kissed (which sounds like tumblr.txt now but was pretty normal in 2011). i’ve been to a cowboy-themed gay bar where you can bring in any outside food you want plus they have frito pie and the bartenders line dance on the bar. and last month i was at a gay piano bar that was mostly over-50 men in suits eating birthday cake and enjoying the stylings of 70-year-old cabaret singers. these are colorful examples but they’re all real, and i haven’t even been to all that many gay bars. who knows, there might be a gay bar that would be a haven for you, but you won’t find out if you’ve decided you know what they’re all like in advance.


Ok you’re gonna have to fullview these for them to look right but I made some XYORAS-style mother 3 sprites a while back and forgot about them? Here they are tho! I also have a mother 2 set I’m gonna post in a sec and now that I see I’ve done these I’ll do a mother 1 set soon

Feel free to use? Credit would be highly appreciated

MOTHER 2 / Earthbound set

And here are the actual size ones for your viewing pleasure