i would have loved to see gyu run all the way down that hallway

Third Time Lucky

Enjoy!~ I actually have quite a few Mingyu requests, not complaining though. Gyu is love <3

Also decided to feature Jungkook (BTS), Bambam and Yugyeom (GOT7) because I find it fascinating that all of these dorks are the same age as Mingyu.

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Today’s the day. 

Mingyu watches as you enter the class room, completely unaware of his plan involving you. The room grew louder as your friends greet you excitably, like they always did. The room is livelier now that you’re here, but that’s just the type of person you were.

You were the popular kid and not those snobby, stuck up ones that only pretended to be nice to people. You were genuinely kind and ever since middle school people had admired your outgoing and friendly personality. Almost everyone in the school liked you, and Mingyu was no exception. 

He takes a peek at the neatly wrapped box inside his bag and smiles, today was the day he was finally going to confess to you. He’d been putting it off for a while, scared that revealing his feelings for you would ruin your friendship but the school year was coming to a close and he didn’t want any regrets.

One by one the students begin to take their seats at the sound of the school bell. Mingyu turns his attention back to you. He observes you reach into the cubicle attached underneath your desk and pull out the scented note he had planted there. He knows you love those. He had to wake up much earlier than usual to ensure no one would see him leave the note and endure the constant teasing from his Vernon’s little sister when he asked her to purchase it, but it was well worth it when you flash him your signature smile.

You point to the note in your hand and give him the ‘OK’ signal, confirming that you were happy to meet him before lunch. With a wide grin of his own, Mingyu nods in your direction and rises from his seat as the homeroom teacher walks in. Once class begins Mingyu stays quiet, not pestering his friend Seokmin like he usually does. The teacher begins to drone on about the upcoming assignments but Mingyu’s mind is too preoccupied to listen, already anticipating the end of class.

Mingyu rushes through the hallways and jogs down several flights of stairs until he reaches the gym. He takes a deep breath and fiddles with his hair. He puffs a quick burst of air through his mouth and pushes the door open, inside the empty hall.

He scans his surroundings and for a moment he feels upset to not see you there, until you burst through the door with an apologetic look on your face.

“I’m sorry if I made you wait! I was stopped by an underclassman on the way here…”

He smiles, shaking his head, “That’s ok! I only just got here too.”

“Oh, good! So what did you want to see me about?”

Mingyu bites his bottom lip as he stares down into your twinkling eyes. His palms feel sweaty and it takes him a moment before he can force any words to escape his lips, “I have something for you.”

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A Little Too Not Over You

Hope you like this one. why must wonwoo go through so much pain?

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Part 2

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Relationships are a tricky thing. You can spend days upon days building your relationship with one person, devoting all of your time and effort just to make them smile. Then the next thing you know you’re living your life without them. And all of the days you spent together are nothing but memories.

“Do you think we’ll be like this forever?”

You cock your brows at his question, “That’s an odd question. What’s got you so sentimental?” You don’t mean to sound so teasing, but Wonwoo groans embarrassed, lying his head down on your lap.

You rest your back against the tree, taking in a deep breath and savouring the warm spring breeze, “Nothing, it’s just that…I can’t imagine my life without you.”

You look up at the sky, the corners of your mouth twitching to a small smile, “Don’t be so cheesy,” You whisper. You refuse to look down, knowing his signature toothy smile would probably be on his striking face. You didn’t need him seeing the blush that had risen on your face; he’d only tease you more.

“Are you going to keep studying even while you’re training? Are you going to finish schooling?” You intend for it to distract him and you’re thankful it works.

“Yeah, I have to. They’re moving me to a different school though, somewhere closer to the dorm,” he responds, “What about you though? What’s your plan?”

“Well, I definitely will finish college. Then I’ll look for a job in the city, so I can be closer to you,” You smile at the blush on his face, “What about you Mr. Big shot? What’s your plan after making it big?”

You wait for his answer, but it doesn’t come for a while. You turn your attention back to the sky. The tree rustles above you and several stray leaves cascade with the wind, dancing delicately in the air before gracing the ground. The sun rays that peer through the gaps in the tree light parts of your face and you wish this time would never pass. Everything was so peaceful and perfect; you begin to feel drowsy causing your eyes flutter shut.

You’re so caught up in enjoying the weather that you almost miss what he says, almost, “I’m going to marry you.”

Your eyes snap open and down at him, “What?”

He sits up, avoiding your eyes, but even with how fast he moved you notice his tainted, red cheeks, “I said I’m going to m-maim Gyu! Yeah, I’m going to maim Mingyu,” he laughs nervously.

You roll your eyes at his excuse, “You’re a horrible liar.” Resting on your knees, you wrap your arms around his torso, your chest pressing against his back, “But it’s ok. I would maim Gyu too.”

You lean forward and force him to look at you, kissing his lips as soon as he gathers the courage to do so. You feel him smile and you mimic his actions.

No matter how sincere someone is, change is bound to happen and sadly, even sincerity is temporary.

“You’re leaving me?” You choke.

Wonwoo stood in front of you with his head low, refusing to look at you.

“I’m sorry.”

“Sorry doesn’t mean anything Wonwoo! Why-why are you dumping me?” You bite back a sob, resting your hand over your mouth. Three years, you had spent three years of your life dedicating it to Wonwoo, supporting him when his friends hadn’t and acting as his most trusted confidant outside of Seventeen.  You were with him even before he got casted for Pledis, loving him with all of your heart.

How could he write you off so easily?

“We’re going to debut soon and the company has placed a dating ban on us,” he starts, “They’ll kick me out if I’m still with you and I’ve worked too hard for this-“

“Then what about us, Wonwoo!” You screech. Though you were surprised by your outburst, Wonwoo was even more so. His eyes were wide with shock but still he refused to look at you.

“I’ve worked hard for us too! I spent so much time investing in us. Do you have any idea how much torture it was not seeing you for so long? You don’t call me for days, sometimes weeks and when I plan dates on the very little day off that you have, you stand me up nine times out of then but I put up with it because I love you,” Your bottom lip tucks between your teeth and you don’t bother to wipe the tears streaming down your cheeks, “Every day I tell myself, ‘ Just keep supporting him. This is what makes him happy so it should be enough to make you happy as well’. And God, I was such an idiot.”

Wonwoo flinches at the sound your palm makes as it collides with your dining room table. Your hand is throbbing with pain but it was the least of your worries, “I can’t believe I let myself think like that.  I can’t believe I let myself-ugh!”

Your fingers curl at the base of your head, grasping your hair into your fists. Heartbreak and anger filled every morsel of your body and you couldn’t force yourself to stop. Not that you wanted to. All of the emotions you had stored for so long were taking advantage of the opportunity to escape and you had no will to halt your tirade.

You turn your gaze, locking Wonwoo’s gaze with the intensity of your own. You take a deep breath, trying to clear the emotions threatening to choke you. On your last shaky breath, you feel the hollowness inside of you drown your compassion into nothingness, leaving you feeling numb and stoic, “Get out of my life Jeon Wonwoo. I’ve wasted enough time on you and I can’t do that anymore. Take all of your things and delete my number from your phone because I never want to see or hear from you ever again.”

Wonwoo stood in front of the familiar hardwood door. It was quiet and he feared that no one would be inside, but its 8pm on a Thursday and that was your allotted time for rest and relaxation. He knows you’re home but he stops himself from knocking on the door. He’s not sure what he’s doing in front of your apartment or how he got there in the first place. But one thing’s for certain, he had to get you back.

After ending the relationship, he fell into a state of depression. He found difficulties in eating or sleeping and for the past 6 months you never left his mind. The only reason he lasted so long without crawling back to you was because of time constraints that prevented him from doing so. The same damn excuse that destroyed your relationship.

Wonwoo was constantly on the edge, yearning to hear from you and see you. But he had to admit, taking his time allowed for him to analyse your relationship and what went wrong. Of course he knows the clear reason why, but because the time apart he managed to devise the perfect plan for when you two get back together. The thought of being with you again made Wonwoo smile and as he knocks on the door, he just hopes things will work out the way he imagines.

Surprise was etched on your face when you see Wonwoo on the other side of the door, “Wonwoo? What are you doing back here? I thought I told you-“

“I know, Y/N, I know, but I have a proposition,” You grip the door handle, nodding your head and signalling him to continue, “I know I was an ass back then and I know I don’t deserve you, but I can’t stop thinking about you. You of all people know how much being an idol means to me and I’m sorry that I let that get in between us. There are a million and one things I have to do to make things right but I’m willing to do them all if you would take me b-“

“Hey babe, who’s at the door?”

Wonwoo freezes at the male voice resounding from your apartment. A shiver runs down his spine at the thought of you moving on to another man.

“Just a salesman, I’ll be right back Taeyong!” You shout as you close the door behind you. Wonwoo takes a few steps back, keeping a safe distance from you. You look at him with sympathetic eyes, gently latching a hand around his wrist and leading him up to the top of your building. Talking in your hallway would be dangerous, considering you neighbours were pretty nosy.

Wonwoo lets you guide him up a few flights of stairs but when the two of you walk through the rooftop door he stays rooted in his place.

He was afraid to ask but curiosity was eating him alive, “Babe? Taeyong? W-who was that?”

You disregard his gaze, instead choosing to stare into the horizon “Taeyong…is my boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend? T-that…that was a little fast, don’t you think?” Despite his smile, the tears were building in his eyes. His fists were shaking and the image of your shy smile as you accepted his offer to date him again vanished into thin air. He should have known better than to get his hopes up. Who in their right mind would welcome him back after all that he’d done. Or didn’t do.

A long silence hung in the air and the tension was almost tangible. You cross your arms in front of your chest, hand gripping at your forearm. There were a lot of things you wanted to say to Wonwoo, words of anger, words of guilt, but instead of scripting what to tell him you let your heart pour out of your mouth.

“You said you loved me, Wonwoo,” His name felt foreign on your tongue, “You told me you wanted us to be forever and that you wanted to marry me and I took your word for it. You said we were meant to be together and after all those years, you were embedded into me. I couldn’t imagine life without you. Then one day you tell me that you want to break up so you can continue pursuing a career after months of not seeing me…” You laugh, sniffling as a stinging sensation pricked your eyes.

“I thought you were joking, but I guess the only joke was me. I waited for you for so long Wonwoo…so long. I couldn’t wait anymore. I never planned to find someone so soon but Taeyong helped me a lot,” you confess, “After you left me a mess.”

Wonwoo searches your eyes frantically for any hint of lies, any glimmer of hope that would alert him that he still had a chance. But your eyes were void of such emotions. He licks his dry lips and shoves his hands into his pocket, “I shouldn’t have come today, huh?” He jokes and he’s never heard such a pathetic laugh in his life.

“No, you really shouldn’t have,” you whisper as you walk past him. Your hand clenches the door handle and you yank it open, “Good Luck with everything, Wonwoo. I…I wish you all the best.”

The sound of the door shutting close rings in his ears. His body feels heavy and his knees sink to the ground, both of his hands gripping his hair. A muffled sob erupts through his clenched teeth, tears flowing from his eyes with no pause.

Wonwoo hated himself for letting you slip away. He had taken you for granted and now he was paying the price, the memory of how much you loved him and how he won’t ever feel that love ever again, torturing him to no end.