i would have gone insane too


Milo Yiannopoulos, Steven Crowder and Christina Hoff Sommers at UMass   

Based Mom and Milo went out to the University of Massachusetts for The Triggering, a three way talk about political correctness going too far. Hysterical SJW children in the crowd spend the better part of an hour and a half proving them right.

If you’d told me 20 years ago I would be applauding a young Republican meeting because they are exclusively representing rationality, equality and freedom of speech, I would have believed you were suffering head trauma. But the present-day Left has truly gone insane, and until it puts its house in order, I will choose to listen only to people who deal in reason and reality, regardless of what side of the room they choose to sit.

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So, Lena would have to be a cryptid just like Katie. It would be harder because Lena is really famous but she would do it for Kara. Now that I think about it, right now they are "just friends" and still they hang out a lot. Haven't the paparazzi take pictures of them in their multiples lunch dates, and all the times Lena has gone to Catco to pick Kara up, the reporter who always writes really nice articles about Lena? There must be hundreds of rumors already.

Haha yup she would have to be!
I’m sure Lena’s a very private person anyways, Kara too, but there’s always the off chance that a photographer gets a picture of them.
Which is bound to already have happened in canon. I mean, they’ve probably tracked Lena since she moved to National City to take over the company since her brother went insane. Add that to the media circus that was her gala, her mother revealed to be in charge of Cadmus and getting arrested, and then Lena herself getting arrested and then broken out of prison? She’s a walking news story. So I’m positive that when Kara enters the picture and Lena finally seems to have a social life, it’s noticed. It would probably be different if Lena had other friends she was pictured with but we know that Kara’s her only friend. And with Lena coming to CatCo directly to visit Kara? Oh yeah the rumors have definitely spread already.
So I’m sure they wouldn’t have to hide it like my post implied since it’s impossible now. Especially because on the show, we know they go to lunch and hang out and neither of them seem to mind that the paparazzi has some really cute pictures of them. I just worry about what would happen if they look to closely into Kara Danvers.
I’m sure it’ll all work out though. They have practice being private people.

Tokyo Ghoul :Re Chapter 92 - Mutsuki’s Back (Review/Predictions)

I am really happy to see Mutsuki return in this chapter. I had a hunch last week that the knife was thrown by Mutsuki (Suzuya would have been far too predictable). I am on the edge of my seat with Mutsuki’s character development at the moment, so below are some Mutsuki related points I’d like to discuss.

1. Mutsuki’s sanity. The last time we saw Mutsuki in chapter 79, he had gone pretty insane. However, as soon as Mutsuki appears in this chapter, he looks notably composed (considering what’s happened to him and the state he was in when we saw him last). When he prepares to fight Takizawa, he injures Akira when he unleashes his kagune. This reminds us that Mutsuki is still extremely volatile/unpredictable at this point and certainly NOT okay by any means (which he admits himself). But whatever has happened to Mutsuki between chapter 79 and now, he seems to have consolidated some degree of acceptance and ‘control’ of his psychotic side to act rationally and reasonably sane (for now).

2. Changes in Mutsuki’s appearance.

  • Mutsuki’s single kakugan eye has gone. I’ve mentioned it before but Mutsuki was the only Q to have one permanent kakugan eye. Now it’s no longer differentiated from his normal eye. Is this a metaphor for the fact that Mutsuki has now transformed to a full ghoul and is no longer inbetween human/quinx?
  • Shorter/whiter hair. Is it me or does Mutsuki’s hair look shorter from when we last saw him? We don’t know how long it’s been from the point Mutsuki killed Torso to now…he could have trimmed it with Torso’s scissors? The new coloured page of the chapter displayed a much whiter haired Mutsuki (which we’ve already seen during the Torso arc, but I wonder if Akira has even clocked how different Mutsuki looks post torture?)
  • Outfit. The other obvious difference is that Mutsuki is no longer wearing that white robe Torso put him in, instead he’s wearing some kind of armoured bodysuit. We can either assume he took this from a dead CCG investigator or found it on some other body on the island. Or he could have killed someone and then obtained the clothing. We know that Mutsuki has very likely consumed humans now and so it’s not an unlikely possibility that he has done so again to maintain his strength.
  • *Sidenote: changing his clothing and cutting his hair is very practical/rational thinking for a supposed crazy person. Which adds to that surprising element of composure Mutsuki seems to have at the beginning of this chapter. I doubt a completely crazy person would even prioritise dressing into something more appropriate or trimming their hair. Maybe it’s by doing so that gave Mutsuki some semblance of composure back. Almost like he was reclaiming/regaining some components of his pre-torture investigator identity (the CCG uniform he’s changed into and returning to the shorter hair he had when he arrived on Rue Island).

3. Mutsuki’s fighting ability and strength. We can safely assume that Mutsuki is considerably stronger than he was before he was kidnapped by Torso. Mutsuki has acknowledged his violent behaviour and therefore knows what he’s capable of. Mutsuki’s biology has also changed since (presumably) consuming Torso and there could be others whilst he’s been absent from the story (RC count has definitely shot up). Not only is his knife throwing deadly accurate when he wounds Takizawa in the eye, he’s developed far more kagune too. After being told reinforcements are on their way, he’s confident enough in his abilities to buy enough time before they do arrive. And we’re talking about Mutsuki fighting Takizawa, who even Kaneki struggled to beat. The old Mutsuki would have had doubts about going against an SS rated ghoul on his own. We do have to take into consideration that Takizawa is probably tired from all his previous fighting so he might slip up which will give Mutsuki a bit of an advantage. However I don’t think Mutsuki can defeat Taikizawa single-handed, especially if Amon is there to potentially step in but I think we’re in for a really spectacular battle. The way Mutsuki smirks/laughs in his last panel of this chapter, hints he’s embracing his psychotic side for this fight. And we all know that when Mutsuki is intentionally violent - he can cause a lot of damage. In his previous kills, he’s usually been provoked to some extent which unleashes his psychotic persona. I imagine the battle could take a drastic turn if Mutsuki goes full crazy (but I do believe there will be a catalyst for that).

4. Response to Urie. When Urie is mentioned, Mutsuki looks evidently saddened/distressed by this. Urie is one of the closest ties Mutsuki has to his old self, and having Urie see him this way will definitely be a shock to the both of them. I think Mutsuki has accepted that a confrontation between him and Urie is inevitable. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out and at what point Urie arrives at the scene. (Most probably when Mutsuki has lost it to some extent, in parallel to Urie losing it in the auction arc.)

I am very excited about where this is going. P.S. Can I please get a Akira/Amon interaction of some kind please?? They haven’t even spoken to each other yet!

Out of the Blue - FINAL chapter: Seaworthy

Work summary:

When Dipper Pines decided that hunting on his own was a good idea he quickly discovered that not every human was vulnerable to his song. He also found that pirate ships are full of lunatics and being stuck with the (way too good looking) Captain Bill Cipher would probably drive him to insanity.

Pairing: Bill Cipher/Dipper Pines

Chapter Summary: Everything comes to a close


And that’s it. That’s the end of Out of the Blue.

I can’t believe this fic got as popular as it did and I am incrediby thankful for every single reader and the nice comments I got.This fanfic is what ultimately made me want to pursue a carreer in writing. Without all of you awesome fans though it could not have gone as good as it did! I also want to especially thank my lovely editors, Ara and Meg. Without them this fic would have been littered with way more mistakes as it is now and they helped me improve on my english wording!

Now there are still a lot of open questions and things that have not been explained in this fanfic. I have planned a sequel but I can’t really confirm yet when I will get to write/upload it. I have the prologue and chapter 1 but due to some personal things I have started to slip out of the billdip fandom a little bit. Plus I want to concentrate on Nanowrimo next month, where I will be writing my firs OC story. This will probably not be uploaded here though. I will try to continue writing Into troubled waters but I just wanted to give you a headsup that it could be a while before I upload it. I will of course continue the containment AU though! :)

Thank you all so much for your support and I hope you’ll stay for future projects <3333

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I feel like this back-half has just gone downhill…but it’s literally all because of the Jessie storyline.
They just decided to forget about Rick and Michonne completely and have Rick fall instantly in lust with this random girl, so much so that he’s kind of gone insane, that’s just too weird for me.

I still totally agree with the whole killing Pete idea, and Rick is totally right about alexandrians not being prepared, but Rick would NEVER push Carl off like that…what the hell is happening?

also, just form my shipper pov, they’re separating all my couples…what the hell man? Caryl is apart, Richonne apparently doesn’t exist anymore, Glenn and Maggie have barely even been together…what the hell guys?