i would have definitely liked to see more of this fight

Malec battle headcanon

Okay, so malec is definitely a confirmed #powercouple and I’m so down to see a scene with them fighting together. But I also think it could be amazing if in reality they weren’t the most efficient team when fighting together because they would be way more concerned with the other person’s safety than their own. Like Alec would be too busy guarding Magnus’ back to notice the attacks coming at him, and the same would be true for Magnus so it just gets confusing for the rest of them. And Jace and Izzy and others have to save their asses on the reg and they’re salty about it. I mean obviously Magnus and Alec are great fighters, but some things are more important, you know? So neither of them are that sorry when they get yelled at after missions. Nobody can stay mad at them too long either because it’s actually pretty sweet, even if it’s annoying. But eventually they decide that they need to separate them during battles because they’re too easily distracted. And Magnus and Alec aren’t happy but they agree anyway, and then after each mission we get the relieved hugs like we saw in 2x10 because they’re just so happy the other one is okay.

New Arc Prediction

I think the new arc is going to focus a lot more on the problems with self-sacrifice, and how fighting to the point where one is living scar tissue is no way to be a successful hero. 

it’s been touched upon numerous times by Aizawa, doctors, Inko, etc.

Now we have this:

Most likely a reference to pushing himself past his limits so often that he was forced to end his days as a hero prematurely.

Sir obviously admires All Might, and probably wanted the best for him too. I could definitely see them “breaking up” because Toshinori refused to follow his advice and take breaks from hero work to rest. Even Nedzu chastises Toshinori for not resting when he knows his limits.

Even Mirio looks like he knows a bit about that (his smile fades, while Izuku just looks confused)

Then Mirio looks at Izuku’s scars when he asks him what kind of hero he would like to be

He knows Izuku needs to really solidify his plan of action, otherwise he’s going to end up destroying himself in an attempt to reach a fantasy goal. 

It’s like saying, “I need to be better,” but not really knowing how to become “better” like what is that standard? Who decides? Everyone has their limits and Izuku needs to learn his.

Plus Ultra is about going beyond, but not to the point where you kill yourself.

Izuku needs help and guidance, and Mirio sums it up here:

Good luck my boy!

the more i think about karamel the more upset and like ??? i get. could you imagine showing up to work, and seeing essentially your boss fighting with her boyfriend? like her boyfriend just randomly showing up and telling her the fuck off? like this situation is all too common, and it’s embarrassing and always worrying for bystanders. because no one wants to get involved, but everyone else knows it’s probably a really scary relationship and your first fear is always the woman.

also, jonn should have DEFINITELY stepped in, now that i think about it. could you imagine if james olsen had came to catco and yelled at lucy lane for whatever reason, maybe because she took the job at his workplace and therefore made him look like a fool — which is what mon-el implied with kara not letting him protect her lol… cat grant would have torn james apart as his superior and as his friend.

mon-el is a damn child: he’s arrogant and throws a fit when he doesn’t get what he wants

…have read the “masterpiece” interview and it seems to me that Loo tried really hard to not give something (anything) away… it was like her any and every word would be a big spoiler!!! (that’s why her answers were a bit chaotic)…and I like his question-statment “why do these two keep coming back to each other?” it’s like unspoken rule between them, the silent agreement… also I like the part about “behind the scenes” things in their relationships (Loo has been talks about that all the time) and it’s really important and so many hints pops up and shows that they spend much more time together than we see, because their attachment grows up and it has a strong basis… and yep, he definitely appreciates that she can see him but he fight against this connection and his “human” nature in whole…and this is wonderfully heartbreaking…

I have a lot of opinions abt rvb Harry Potter aus but none that I will fight ppl over quite as much as Grif being in Hufflepuff

Like he goes to the sorting hat and the hats like, “hmmm yes, I see a lot of cunningness here, a dash of bravery-”

“Yeah yeah, that’s great. Can you put me in Hufflepuff?”

“Hufflepuff? Yes, the loyalty is definitely there, though I don’t think you would excel there quite as much as in Slyth-”

“Excel? No, no, listen. You put me in Slytherin, people are gonna start expecting shit, y'know? I wanna cruise the next seven years, I don’t need people to think I’m gonna excel.”

“That’s… One of the most Slytherin things I’ve heard.”

“Plus? I hear the Hufflepuff dorms are right next to the kitchen. I wanna get in on that.”


I am quite surprised with this new chapter. I don’t know what I expected, but it definitely wasn’t this. But, I am actually glad we got to know more about mori and fukuzawa’s past!!

As always Hirotsu seems to understand the boss better than most. I really liked that. First of all because I like his character, so his appearance is always welcome, but also because for me, this redeemed his last appearance. I mean his fight with tanizaki wasn’t good. He didn’t take smart decisions (I mean he should have known tanizaki’s ability. As someone who worked in the mafia for so long you would expect him to be smarter, and underestimating tanizaki (and the ADA) was everything but smart). Here we can see that calm and rational thinking hirotsu that I personally enjoy seeing. He managed to calm down higuchi who was desperate and calling everyone to find out where the boss was, thus creating (in this case) unnecessary ‘chaos’. Mori said later that coming with his subordinates would only “result in another fight between organizations”. That being the case he wouldn’t want to be found (not like the mafia would be able to find him anyway). Hirotsu understood that and stopped the research.

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Out of all your oc's, which one would be more passionate in their relationships? Also, who's the most huggable?

I think all of them can be pretty passionate– Though I do have to say that Micah is definitely really passionate when it comes to his relationship! Like, in contrast to Rein, of course he’d care about his relationship too, but because he has such a time consuming job (not saying that Micah isn’t busy because he is!! Though Rein is just… work obsessed), it’s going to be hard for him commit that much time with his partner. Not only that, but he’s not too keen of letting others see his weak points– Whereas Micah, when he’s with Tien, he lets down any guards he had. Despite Micah being really rough around the edges at first, once you have his heart, you have everything. He’s not the type to die for you, but rather, he’s the type to fight to survive so he can continue to live for you ahaha. Hmm– Nuri would be passionate in relationships too! She has the energy of a thousand suns, which also pertains to her love as well ahaha. Most huggable oc… Hard question, I’m trying to think who would give the best hugs. It’s a tie between Rein and Kii though… They like to give those types of hugs where they completely wrap you up in their arms and hold you close. Cerys is good to hug too! Though you just have to make sure she’s warmed up to you first. This wasn’t part of the question, but the worst hugger is definitely Gio LMAOO He’s way too awkward for that, with his one-arm-barely-touching-you type of hug.

What your fights with EXO would be like

- Admin Mocha

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Xiumin: Fights with Xiumin would definitely vary, I don’t think that he would have a specific reaction during every single argument, it would depend solely on his mood. I think that if he was exhausted after a long day and you two began to bicker, he would snap and give you the silent treatment. I think that he could also raise his voice (only slightly) and refuse to back down if he was feeling more engerized and passionate about what he was forced to deal with. How the fight ended would also vary, if he thought about it and realized he was wrong, he would apologize, but he would wait for an apology if he thought your opinion wasn’t right.

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Suho: Suho is an extremely logical and calm person, so it would take a lot to get him to argue with you about something that simply could not settle between the two of you. I think another reason why he also doesn’t argue a lot is because I can definitely see him letting his anger get the best of him and cause him to do something rash that he would regret.  He would probably groan in annoyance and said some hurtful things when the two of you begin to take your frustrations out on each other in a negative way, and he would probably apologize immediately afterwards for losing his temper like that.

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Lay: Lay doesn’t argue, it’s as simple as that. He doesn’t take his fury out on his loved ones, he’s the type of person to merely discuss things with a calm and peaceful attitude. To get him into a fight, you would probably have to do something unspeakable and it would be so bad that he would very likely considering parting. A fight with Lay would be terrifying, because things would suddenly get so real and clear that you would realize that everything was at stake now and you could lose it all. He wouldn’t talk to you, and you would practially be begging to get him to acknowledge you once more, you would have really make it up to him.

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Baekhyun: At first, Baekhyun would probably voice his feelings and yell and scream but he would stop halfway through and cave. Something inside of him would simply snap and he would realize that he didn’t like fighting with you at all - yes, he could certainly be immature at times and do things to annoy you, but he wasn’t perfect and you were the same way. He would get a little teary as he explained that things were tough right now and they weren’t looking good, but nothing but hurt feelings would result from simply screaming at each other. He would tug you onto his lap as he held you close and you both apologized for losing your tempers.

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Chen: Chen would be incredibly annoying in a fight because he would be really sarcastic and supercilious, and that would easily send you over the edge because he wasn’t interested in fixing the issue at hand, he would be so negative when you would need his help. I think that he wouldn’t yell, he would just make you feel stupid and angry and that would easly set you off on him. You would definitely need some space to breathe and calm down after getting so worked up, and Chen would realize that he was getting into one of those moods and he would need to man up and apologize. Arguments with Chen would be the worst. 

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Chanyeol: This sounds absolutely really weird, but I don’t think that Chanyeol is someone who would really yell in a fight. He’s someone who seems to avoid conflict, especially because he’s always so happy and pure hearted. There’s even proof of this when Sehun asked him for help in an argument, and Chanyeol left the chatroom because he didn’t want to argue with Sehun’s classmate. I think he’s smart enough to realize that screaming at each other would only make the two of you sad. He would really calmly discuss things with you and that would be it, however if he was a little hung up beacuse of a bad day or stress from being an idol, he could very probably lash out. However, immediately afterwards he would apologize and open up to you about how troubled he was. 

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Kyungsoo: Getting into a serious disagreement with Kyungsoo would be awful, and arguments with him would have the potential to surpass fighting with Chen. Kyungsoo is super mellow and the thing is that he wouldn’t really react to having an arguement with you, he would probably either talk to you normally, however if he was angry, then he would ignore you. Communication is really important in a relationship and the fact he would flat out drone your voice out and pretend as though you weren’t there would really take a toll on you, this would be a major issue the two of you would face. You would have to reach out to him and tell him that it wasn’t okay to cast you aside like that.

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Kai: Kai would definitely yell and get angry when the two of you get into a fight, however afterwards, it would take such a toll on his emotions that he would get really tired and just done with everything. He could very potentially break down and simply nod his head while you spoke before he excused himself so that he could lie down on the couch. I think he would need some time to just clear his head and get his thoughts straight before returning to the argument with a calmer approach. You two would talk things over and resolve the issue there before making up.

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Sehun: Like Xiumin, I think that arguments would vary depending on his mood and the context of the argument. If Sehun was really busy and he was kind of absorbed with his working life, he would probably let out a bit of his stress on you but he would be mature enough to come forward and tell you that he was sorry and he didn’t mean it. I think on a normal basis though, he would be pretty quiet in arguments because he would respect you enough to listen to your opinion and move forward from there. He would know how to handle arguments really well when he wasn’t agitated from stress.

I really don’t understand the people who are so vehemently opposed to a second independence referendum that they’re protesting and campaigning against it. Like, this is the thing you’re going to fight for? This is the one you put your effort into when the country is crumbling around you? You’d rather we sit and watch instead of at least attempting to navigate the mess? You either have to admit you’ve picked the ultimate status quo argument and taken it to its extreme at a time when literally any other action would be more decisive or that you’re willfully trying to suppress the democratic process by denying the Scottish people the opportunity to voice their opinions. No one is saying that it will definitely be a yes vote. We could just as easily as a country decide that we’re going to see where this mess of a union takes us; but at least it would be an informed choice. At least we would know what the will of the people truly was. Anyone who says “there’s no need for another referendum!” clearly doesn’t want Scotland to have a voice, no matter what the outcome.


Jon and Arya were always the closest Stark children — do you think learning that they’re cousins would change anything for her?
I feel like they would still very much be close. I feel like Jon would find it difficult to accept Arya for who she is now; he’d want to be loyal and heroic and protect his little sisters, and that’s not a life for her anymore. That was never really what she wanted to have in life and now she’s definitely not going back — she’s far more effective to fight with Jon than any of his other soldiers. She’s been training for years, she’s effectively like a Stark CIA agent, and I think if they would meet again, Jon would brush that off. It’s not a rude thing, I think he would just be trying to take the responsibility of keeping the family alive, seeing as it’s gone pretty badly since we all left — he would feel like he owed that to Ned and he owed that to the Stark name to keep us safe. It wouldn’t be out of cruelty, but I don’t think he would understand that it’s a foolish thing to do and Arya would be an incredible piece in battle and she would be very helpful and effective. ~ Maisie Williams (+)


Sanzo wasn’t even officially on the job tonight, but in his line of work, he was always on call. He didn’t see the start of the fight, but he definitely saw the three fully-grown vampires converge on what looked to be a teen, taking him down with the ferocity only their kind could muster. He was able to make quick kill on the first two with the element of surprise on his side, but the third one put up a bit more fight before he fell. He managed to make it out with only minor injuries, but it looked like the kid that had been attacked hadn’t been so fortunate.

Sanzo took the teen back to his place nearby, applying what healing he could. A doctor would have to be called, but none could be reached fast enough to fix the more glaring of the injuries. It took him some time, but finally he’d bandaged and cleaned up the teen - a brunette, by the looks of it - enough so that he’d hopefully make it through the night.

He made quick work of healing his own scrapes, changing into more comfortable clothes and settling down in the armchair near the bed. It was probably going to be a long night.

general Ghostbusters reactions, with probably 0 spoilers

  • I wasn’t entirely clear on how much of a remake it would be, and I was p much cool with anything, but it’s not a sequel or a rehash of the original movie. The plot is entirely original, and none of the four mains feel like copy pastes of the original four.
  • I want to talk about Patty first, because I’ve voiced some concerns. There was definitely some Sassy Black Woman going on with Patty and she was used as the Non-Scientist Audience Surrogate a couple times. There’s this line that’s goes something like “we’re all scientists… and Patty” that seems unnecessarily othering. I’m not trying to be an apologist for any of that just because I liked the movie.
  • Patty does get to display her own knowledge of the city’s history a few times, which would have been nice to see more of, and comes up with the plan to end the fight at the climax, which is nice. 
    • Incidentally, that TV Tropes page I linked to SPECIFICALLY cites Patty as an indication that the Sassy Black Woman trope has overstayed its welcome. Neat. 
  • Chris Hemsworth’s character is alternately infantilized and treated as as eye candy by the women. I definitely don’t think the solution to sexism is just flipping shitty roles like that, but it was pretty funny. 
  • There was not romantic plotline. Like, none. In a female-led movie. It was so refreshing.
  • All of the cameos by the original cast are perfection, and so are the rest of the nods to original movie. 
  • Except for the female Slimer counterpart, with her hair and bow and lips. That was… weird. Just weird.
  • There’s this ghost fight scene and it’s just… it’s amazing.
  • Aside from the aforementioned Sassy Black Woman-ness, there’s just… really nothing gendered about the roles? I’ve seen posts discussing how impossible it would be to remake most all-female movies with men because of inherently they’re tied to gender, but there’s honestly not much that any of the women do that couldn’t be done by people of any gender.
  • And they’re just so non sexualized and it’s glorious.GLORIOUS.
  • 10/10, fun movie, go see it
  • This isn’t Movie of the Year or the Answer to Feminism or whatever but it did make me realize how much I need more all-female action comedies. Give them. To me. I have a powerful need.
Harry on Magnus/Malec

Harry: [Magnus] is stunted. He’s still immature in a lot of ways even though he’s very experienced. He’s confident in his magic, he has a lot of insecurities - in his relationships he’s gone through a lot of heartbreaks – keeps him a little closed off. And with the whole Alec situation I think it’s definitely given him a reason to open up.


Harry: [For Magnus] there’s this sense of attraction and wanting to get to know someone a little more. What he’s fighting is there’s this person that I feel like I have a connection with after all these years of having failed relationships.


Harry: I’d like to see Magnus using his skills to fight off demons. I feel that him and Alec would make a great team with the bow and arrow.


Q: What’s your advice to Magnus?

Harry: He should listen to his advice he gave to Alec to follow his heart when the time comes, when he finds out what exactly happened.

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This is just a thought, but so far all of the Spriggan 12 (that we've seen) have had magic that is either unheard of or far greater than what we've expected. So what if Invel is more than just an Ice mage? I was thinking he is either an Ice God Slayer or perhaps his ability is one that can manipulate any form of ice in all properties (so like ice, water and steam). I think that would be so interesting to see if he went up against gruvia.

Yes even Makarov said he didn’t know the full extent of Invel’s abilities, just that he is aware Invel uses ice magic. Invel’s name (which when translated into Japanese is “Imber”) means “rain storm” or “violent/pouring rain” in Latin so there’s speculation that he is definitely much more than an ice wizard, and thus perfect for Gray and Juvia, as he might embody the combo of water and ice himself. Therefore, anyone still doubting Gray and Juvia will fight him together, already his name and what we know of his specialty, give away who his opponents should be. ^_~

In any case, I agree, there’s clearly more to Invel than what we’ve heard and seen so far. We also know absolutely nothing about his personality, but he’s obviously powerful enough to be Zeref’s right hand man, so what he will potentially do against Gray and Juvia is I’m sure going to present a major challenge to them. 

I’m looking forward to whatever the fight brings, which will hopefully be lots of angst please lol. ^__^

I put off watching The 100 for several weeks because I wasn’t sure how I felt about the Arkadia storyline in particular and I knew if I watched it weekly, I would be more frustrated and impatient and less objective about how things unfolded. It’s hard when you’re watching your favourite characters do things you don’t entirely understand or like because so much is happening off-screen and you’re still waiting to see the bigger picture to put it all into perspective. Knowing that Bellamy finally seemed to be coming around made me decide it was a good time to catch up and I wanted to post my thoughts about a few things now that I have. 

Bellamy started this season off as not necessarily being pro grounder, but he wasn’t against the alliance they shared, either. A large contributing factor for this would definitely have been his relationship with Lincoln, and the fact that the alternative would be fighting people who at that point were leaving them be for the first time since the 100 landed. Bellamy’s view of the grounders doesn’t change with the introduction of Pike and the rest of Farm Station, who were still in the same frame of mind that the 100 were when they first landed. It changes after he asks them to give the grounders the benefit of the doubt, after he vouches for Echo because Echo helped him when he was trapped in Mt. Weather. Bellamy is the one who makes the call to trust her word, and the others trust him to be right. And then Echo betrays him, and many of their people are killed as a result.

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Okay, while I highly doubt Garnet was the first fusion of her kind, I’m pretty certain it was definitely a very new idea for the homeworld gems. I mean, by modern times I think it’s become acknowledged, but back then fusion only took the form of what the Rubies did, just normal gems but bigger.

Imagine, during the Crystal Gem’s rebellion, the reaction of the common soldiers upon seeing these fusions. I mean, not Garnet, but say - Alexandrite or whatever the appropriate fusion would be. Alexandrite is huge, like, Diamond size, and no offense, she looks like a monster. Gem soldiers, even if they’re fused and just as big, expected other gem soldiers. Opponents who looked like gems and like humans.

Can you imagine the fear? These early multi-fusions might have been even more strange looking and monstrous, and gem society is pretty homogeneous. Fighting normal soldiers might be a piece of cake, but fusions? It would probably at least shake some of the most hardened troops.

That definitely would have given the Rebellion an advantage. I mean, there are very few things more powerful than fear.