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SanguineSwanqueen’s fic recs

This doesn’t include any in progress fics. And I probably left something off, but whatever. There’s three categories: smut, short, and full blown novel.

Smut* (these are all rated M or E)

Like You Want Me To by angstbotfic

Prompt: Your ladies are always capable of asking for what they need for their own pleasure but I feel like this might have been a process for R (b\c Leo’s an asshat, thinking TL is more than she deserves, etc). I would love to see E help her through these issues to a place where she’s comfortable “directing” E to make her own experience more pleasurable. I really like the emotional aspect to this, also it’s super hot.

My Future’s So Bright, I Gotta Wear Dental Dams  by serious fic

Regina just wants to make sure Henry is safe. A quick vision of the future, that’s it. She wasn’t expecting to get a look at her and Emma waking up in each others’ arms… or what they did in the shower.This starts out mostly as filth, but then it gets adorable.

Allergy Season by inkheart 1459 rated M

Emma really hates allergy season. It turns her into a sneezing mess. So when she gets the bright idea to try and fix it with magic she’s delighted. Nothing can go wrong right? Right. Until Regina shows up. Ok, so I put this in smut, but it’s totally hilarious. I love it.

Blow your house down by violetscentedwriter

This is the sequel to Who’s jealous of the big bad wolf. It can be read without having read part one but you’d be missing out on a few details. This will be a tongue-in-cheek naughty sex fest. cold shower zone after this right here. Could also be considered a full blown novel.

Shadow Haven by @delirious-comfort

Emma Swan is a PR agent who is sent on a holiday by her boss. Regina Mills is the owner of a private island named Shadow Haven. There is more to Regina than initially meets the eye. This story dips heavily into the BDSM subculture. Swan Queen romance / BDSM story. This was so hot I don’t even know where to start. Very fun. It definitely also has a strong emotional development throughout the story which I enjoyed quite a bit. I could also put it in the full blown novel section but it’s REALLY smutty so I went with smut.


Rubbers by hunnyfresh rated G

In which Emma sucks at trash bin basketball and spends her time as Sheriff doing something more entertaining Oh My god, this is the most heartmelting fluff ever.

Wallpaper by hunnyfresh rated G

Months after Neverland, Regina and Emma have become friends, and all it takes for a push in the right direction is for Regina to see Emma’s wallpaper on her phone. More fabulous fluff.

A Pat Explanation by seriousfic  rated T

Mary-Margaret and David know Emma is dating someone. Who could it be? Neal? Hook? Surely not–anyone else… I laughed so hard, I seriously couldn’t breathe.

Monster-In-Law by seriousfic  rated G

Of course Mary-Margaret won’t let Emma and Regina get married. It’s incest, after all. And so what if that means treating Regina as her mother? How bad can it be? The age old criticism of SQ being incest made into one of the most hilarious fics you’ve ever read.

Lesbian Until Curse by seriousfic rated T

Mary-Margaret thinks Emma’s been acting awfully strange since she got her old jacket out of the closet… out of the closet… wait… I’m not really sure what to say about this, except that Emma is very much a babydyke.

Four Seasons by echo_AU rated E

A life time of Swan Queen set in four seasons.
 This is a really great one, though. So many feels.

Cough Medicine by GwenSanguine rated G

The first three times that Regina gets sick. Emma takes care of her. Is it tacky to rec your own fic? If it is, then I’m ok with being tacky. I’m proud of this, dammit.

Operation Mills and the Podfic version by Swansaloft rated T

Henry and Emma team up to let Regina know she isn’t alone. Emma gets cooking lessons from Regina. Good story and narration for the podfic. Family oriented and the perfect amount of plot.

Like We Are Fools by bringyouhometoo

About a month after they get home, things start getting weird. (Or, Five Times Regina Mills Thinks Emma Swan Might Be Having a Bit of a Meltdown.) Adorable Emma attempting to seduce Regina and Regina is too big of a cinnamon role to notice. Very Cute

Full Blown Novels (>25k)

Popcorn Love by chrmdpoet rated M

Regina is a successful businesswoman and wonderful parent, but her love life is lacking. She agrees to a string of blind dates set up by her friend Kathryn on the condition that the blonde find her a babysitter. Enter Emma Swan. After each date, Regina returns home only to complain to Emma about her suitors. As they bond, Regina realizes that Emma has all the qualities she desires. This here is a throw back. The first fan fiction I ever read.

Calendar by curvypragmatist rated E

While Emma takes part in a charity calendar to raise funds for the library Regina is struggling to control her magic and is dealing with it by staying away from people. Will a persistent Saviour be able to get through to a stubborn ex-Mayor? I remember dropping literally everything whenever this got an update. Screw calculus, I want Swan Queen. This fic has something for everyone. If I were to suggest a fic to someone who has seen the show, but is just starting to get seriously into into the fandom, it would be this one. 

Photos From a One-Life Stand by 1clevergirl rated E

On the eve of their five year anniversary, Emma and Regina look through a small photo album containing pictures and momentos of some of the most special moments, good and not-so-good, in their relationship. As they look through the album, they remember the stories behind each of the photos. I have read this so many times. It’s ridiculous. It’s got everything from squee to smut.

Learning How To Live by 1clevergirl rated E

Regina Mills, a reclusive pianist, moves from Boston to Storybrooke, Maine with her newly adopted son, Henry, to escape an abusive past and pick up the pieces of her life. There, she finds herself falling for a painfully shy, ruggedly beautiful handyman with a past of her own who shows her that sometimes second chances are the most beautiful chances of all and ‘perfect’ doesn’t always mean flawless. I’m not one for AU’s or angst but I’ve reread this one several times and I definitely don’t normally do that. If I had to describe it I would probably use the phrase Lana used one time how “good can come from broken” I also like that it included Henry. I can’t stand when an AU doesn’t have Henry in it at all.

The Great Wide Somewhere  by aimtoothpaste

“It was an idea only an idiot could come up with Regina had said, though she hadn’t disagreed with the plan, and half an hour into the drive Emma’s inclined to believe her.”
It has been seven years since Emma rolled into Storybrooke, and she and Regina are finally in a friendship that doesn’t teeter on the precipice of hatred. When Regina’s pining over Henry, away for the summer at an astronomy programme in Tucson, Emma suggests a road trip to surprise him for his birthday. This gave me the road trip I have always wanted. 

Right There All The Time by @devandclom rated M

His mothers are obviously in love and totally married in everything but name, so why is Henry the only one in their house who knows this? His moms don’t even seem to have noticed that Mom kisses Emma on the cheek every morning when she leaves for work. Every. Single. Morning. I love this one because at it’s heart I would say that it’s definitely a Swan-Mills Family fic. The whole family. I love when Henry is a huge Swan Queen shipper. Includes plenty of capitalizing as well so you read in a Very Official Voice in your head. Very happy and uplifting.

Letters From War by @hunnyfresh rated M

Emma is a soldier on reserve in Fort Benning. Regina is the Mayor of Storybrooke. Through a pen pal program designed to ease the ache of homesick soldiers, Emma and Regina begin sending letters to one another as their relationship grows from cordial acquaintance to something neither woman would have expected - until the letters stop coming. I held off on reading this because I heard there was a character death. I really wish I hadn’t because it was so good. I also cried several times while reading this. I was reading this on my phone and just sobbing in the library and people were staring a bit. 

you —
a shadow,
your heart
all tied up,
the knots never
easily untangled.
my hands
have been working
to unravel your
sadness —
get to know
the reason your
soul is now
wrapped in darkness.

I —
the constant
reminder of better
the yellow paint
on your ceiling
put there so
that you would always
have a sun
to look at.
your words are
edging themselves
beneath my skin
& I may be starting
to believe
that I am good for

—  the shadow and the sun // r.e.s

i made this img in like five minutes and i don’t have any of my nice fonts on this computer pls have mercy i know a lot of y’all don’t want this garbage edit on your blogs i’m so sorry

reload; wow, guys!  i never imagined that this would escalate this quickly.  apologies for the delay on this but tbh y’all know i’ve been buried under school projects so here it is.  this list is the people who have made my welcome back so much more enjoyable than my last visit to tumblr.  i hope this day finds you all well. <3

L I M I T   B R E A K S:
         those people who have connected with me & reached beneath the cloak–

                  you’ve always been here since my last blog, and you’ve kept in frequent touch with me.  i cannot believe that after four years we’ve finally decided to ship.  you’ve been a lovely friend ever since the beginnings (did i really flirt with you in that public chat for that one rp group?) of our blogs, and i hope this new adventure takes us to grand places.

@kaledvoul / @hypnocular
                  you’ve been with me since the last blog, too (plus a lot of personal stuff), and i’m glad we’re still in contact.  we haven’t played much since my return (like me not knowing you’d moved blogs oops) but i’m always down for your memelords.  i love how detail is on the new blog–it’s so beautiful.

                   let me just–mum, you’re amazing.  i like how you and i both have an extreme love for our characters, and like i mentioned yesterday your writing is beautiful.  you’ve let me explode about vincent/lucrecia and not a lot of people do that ship so to have someone to agree with me is beyond words

                  i cannot believe that you’re the first url who pops up when i @ someone jfc.  you’re the first person i added on skype, and our conversations are hilarious.  tbh i think half of my happy tag is full of your garbage lols.  i’m really happy i’ve found a friend like you here, even if all we do on tumblr are the memez.

A V A L A N C H E:
those people who have wonderful threads with me–

all of the above +

@accvrsed | @accursed-immortal | @adventurouswind | @badassbarmaid (well, not yet, but soon) | @bestialmade | @boundwithindarkness | @churchflower (thank you; my first inside joke mention in a drabble) | @dcntgiveup | @forlust | @glacianastral | @gvntk | @jjillekkot | @libertum | @lockedfighter | @lucislined (i live for our mob au like you have no idea) | @merkriste (i love elia okay she deserved better) | @nilnox (you are also mentioned below) | @oraclevowed | @rose-of-shadows | @sanctiichor | @swcrdlily (i’ve only replied to an open but it was beautiful) | @telumscintilla | @thatdamnreno | @viera-blessed | @yaseinokaze (i have a fierce love of inu-yasha you don’t know what you’ve gotten into)

T U R K S:
those people on the dash who brighten the day by their very existences–

        jen, we haven’t kept in touch very much while i was gone, but it’s nice to see that you’re still active.  your writing is still as gorgeous as ever, and honestly your queue is, too.

        you’re one of the first people i spoke to on my return to tumblr, and i’m so glad that i did.  seeing you on the dash is lovely and i enjoy reading your posts.

        your ardyn is amazing, and i enjoy seeing your posts on the dash when you’re online.  you aren’t afraid to hone in on ardyn’s antagonism, and that’s something to be said on tumblr.​

@ascendantly (you’re mentioned again below, too) & @fatedefined
         these two also need to be mentioned together because of the gorgeous way they write the luna/noctis ship.  the way you two pen this is lovely beyond words and a joy to read.

@ofbraver & @adventson
        you two absolutely need to be mentioned together because of the whacky partnership you have going on.  i adore seeing your crack plays–they often make my night.

        i still remember our crackthread.  we need to have an eventual actual thread at some point because your noctis is amazing.​

         i always see you nightblogging and it’s hilarious. (i’m still eXTREMELY CONFUSED BC OF THAT ONE TIME OMFG)  thank you for putting a smile on my lips. fingerGUNS.

        we’ve never spoken (apologies if this catches you out of the blue), but i do so enjoy seeing your sanae on the dash.  twewy is one of my favorite games, and you do him so much justice.​

        we haven’t interacted ic, but we always see each other on the dash.  you are also one of the first people i spoke to on my return, so thank you for chatting.

         you need to jump on a meme!  seeing your delita on the dash is lovely, and i really should get around to playing the original tactics eventually.

@nilnox(again, oops) & @ascendantly
        these two need to be mentioned together because of their outrageous shitposting that never ceases to make me laugh.

         genie, your writing is so poetic.  i could read your writing for days and never tire.  like with jen, it’s nice to see a familiar face who’s been around a long time.​

        honestly, we don’t talk much, but seeing your posts of your thoughts on prompto make my day.  they’re so heartfelt and sweet and i can tell how much you love him.

        all hail the majesty?  teehee.  i enjoy all of your posts, both ic and ooc.  they’re so entertaining to read.

What beacon of light could be causing something so harsh and blinding? Why it’s none other than King Knight, who apparently saw it fit to climb on top of a street lamp and pose on it. How is it supporting all that weight? How he did it seems to be just as big a mystery as his actions. 

With scepter in hand, the other raises, familiar fanfare playing loud enough to draw the attention of a few robots still wandering the streets–though it seems confetti hasn’t yet rained down as it naturally would with such a spell. The gilded usurper eyes the three approaching robots with a smirk, upper lip twitching twice until teeth are bared. 

What do you know! It must have been the helmet after all. Well… Now that I have your attention, I have an announcement! 

A new decree specifically for youg   

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anonymous asked:

I haven't been on Tumblr since college started this semester and I got back on for this week because its Spring Break and I kind of regret it. The reason is because I saw a post saying basically "Cut people out of your life that won't accept the many different acronyms of LGBT like FABGLITTER!" and now I know that huffpostqueer exists and I would rather have just been ignorant to all of this.

holy fuck ‘fabglitter’ i…..dont even wanna know (actually i kind of do now i think about it, what could the f stand for other than the f slur?? i can think of words for all the letters but the second t, the e, and the r…)

- p





                                               S P A C E L O R D


Toldya I would do the other Hellsend boys to go with Devon~:3c

Anyway, since it has been years since I have drawn and talked about the oldest Hellsend bro, lemme do that~.

      Melchizedek Lorde Hellsend (goes by his middle name for obvious reasons of his first name being hard to pronounce for most people…and because he thinks it is not cool at all~) is the oldest of the three brothers, and a little…different~. Most Nephilim are cursed to live out life reincarnating again and again unless their soul (not spirit; Nephilim do not have spirits in the FRverse because they technically are partly that physically already. It’s hard to explain~) is destroyed. Lorde has the problem of the fact that his soul is trapped in the body he was born with because of Devon doing some bad juju (maybe literally~) to Lorde when he tried to rescue Gero from his grasp. As such, Lorde does not reincarnate but is….sort of not quite alive but not dead either. Zombie is not quite the right word – people call him the Neverdead; take apart and stitched up a million times, and still on going for eternity with a heart does not beat quite right and a head full of card tricks that are the only thing that remains of his past; his memories are pretty much non-existant. 

     He’s the lawful neutral to Gero’s Chaotic Good and Devon’s Chaotic evil; Lorde is more concerned with just living this unlife of his, going from venue to venue playing with the various rock bands he’s joined over the years, cardsharking himself a lot of extra money, and drinking more beers than is probably healthy even for a guy who isn’t all that alive~. When he can be motivated to care about someone, though, he is still the big brother type of guy beneath the sleazy facade he puts up. He’s been known to foot hospital bills for bandmates and their family if something happens to them, donates charity proceeds out of what he makes, and is pretty good with kids, getting them out of trouble that they get themselves in by being near the kind of rough places Lorde haunts. But he really prefers if people just see him as the filthy Space Lord of the Bar Stage and Card Table~. Yanno, it’s bad for his public image if people know he’s a big softie~.

ameasureofpower  asked:

(Walton Simons of course! Then Joseph Manderley)




general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang Let’s be honest, if they have scars and are kind of big and dark, I am attracted even if people would not normally find them attractive (see: Cole MacGrath, especially Vamp! Cole)~. Especially your version, Onion~. Fluffy hair Wally is my jam~.;D
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff ….I dunno, it’s been years since I read Harry Potter. Y E A R S. As in, I just got into pre-teens when the seventh book came out, so…. over a decade~. Maybe Ravenclaw because Wally does have some standards that full on Slytherins do not have, but Ravenclaws , if I remember correctly, can be pretty cold and vengeful~? I could be wrong, though, OTL–
best quality: He’s a pretty darn scary which is a good fing with villains, man~;D But also has a cute side; I mean, I am sorry, if you don’t giggle about the whole conversation he has with Reyes about Wally running out his biocells’ capacity like a teenager does their phone by overcharging it, then, I am sorry, I do not know what to tell you~.
worst quality: CALL ME NAMES ONE MORE TIME, BRO, DO IT– words do hurt…even if they are coming from a bundle of pixels~;D Seriously, though, Simons is a potty mouth~. At least when talking to JC; he does not seem to have that problem with anyone else……..
ship them with: ….No comment~.>:3c
brotp them with: Page and Gilli~. They are the mean girl group of DX, and you cannot convince me otherwise~;D
misc. thoughts: To be honest, before I started RPing with you, Onion, I had a….almost rival like relationship with Wally every time I would play DX1 simply because he was constantly challenging JC and I , and if you know anything about me, it is that you don’t give me challenges if you don’t want me to try to meet and/or exceed your challenge~.;D So I am constantly spitting out wise cracks at him and tormenting him throughout the game…culminating in me asploding him at the Ocean Lab with the GEP gun,usually about the time he starts coming at me because the first run through I tried to take him head on and N O P E, THAT BROTHER WAS HAVING NONE OF MY OTHERWISE PACIFIST WEAPON CRAP. So you might have guessed I have never met him for a final confrontation at Area 51, but I should just to see the cutscene myself instead of in a Youtube video~. e ve

      I have a little more respect for him now, but…. does that mean I won’t continue causing him trouble once I get around to playing Revision mod once I finish ACIII(on hold because of this busy semester OTL….)~? Probably not~. I am not nearly AS mischievous as some of the characters I have, but they exaggerate a trait I most certainly have~. ;D


general opinion: fall in a hole and die | don’t like them | eh | they’re fine I guess | like them! | love them | actual love of my life
hotness level: get away from me | meh | neutral | theoretically hot but not my type | pretty hot | gorgeous! | 10/10 would bang
hogwarts house: gryffindor | slytherin | ravenclaw | hufflepuff …Again, not sure man~. And this is not as easy to make an educated guess as it would be with Simons~.
best quality: That mustache is on fleek, bruh~. I feel like Manderley is the guy my youngest bro should ask for pointers since he wants to grow a mustache once he gets out of school why yes, my littlest bro is a cute dweeb~. ;D
worst quality: He is A T R A I T O R. 
ship them with: …I dunno, OTL, I know he is in DXMD a bit, so maybe if I knew more about his involvement with the other Illuminati…. though, now that I think about it: NULL Module! Janus, pretty girl based on Integra Hellsing (because I am t r a s h who has a million Hellsing references planned for NM… that, and for reason, my most messed up villains are blondes…. nothing against blondes, really!!! I just thought it was a funny trend that I should keep going to see how many people notice~.) x squishy young Manderley. I like the idea of that being the one person she does not manipulate and actually really likes (prolly helps move Manderley up until …..existence failure leads to Manderley’s fate being in Page’s tender mercy~)… I love my OC/canon (or in this case, AU version/canon),y’all, what can I say~? I can pair a n y c h a r a c t e r with OCs~. :3c
brotp them with:  After writing that thing with him and Hadrian, I 100000% want them to have a villainous son-father relationship in MYTHOS…. all Hadrian wanted in his life was a family, anyway just looked for it in all the wrong places, and Manderley wants respect. Win-win~!
misc. thoughts: Literally the only thing that keeps me from liking him more is that he is a traitor of the hope that he was okay and not with the conspiracy when DX1 was still new to me. You may have noticed, but I do not like traitor characters too much (about the only one you will see from time to time is Reboot! Vergil… but not too much because his betrayal d e v a s t a t e d me, even though I should have seen it coming since , though I have not played the original DMCs yet, I knew enough to know he was an enemy–)~. So when Manderley turned around and started shooting me in DX1, that disappointed me pretty badly…. I never kill him because I feel bad when I learn that he gets scapegoat’d, but I definitely am not happy with being betrayed, like, ever~. Dude, even Simons does not betray you; he’s pretty antagonistic from the get go, so you know~. Don’t backstab me, bro; you’ll get prodded with the prod, best case scenario~. ;D

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Hey everyone, I have decided to update my faves page! It’s been like half a year since I posted my original faves page, so I figured now would be a good time to update!

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I currently have over 60,000 loveeeely followers, so you will be able to gain some new exposure

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- With that being said, I will choose somewhere between 20-30 blogs to feature!
- I don’t want to make this too long, so if you think I missed something or just have any questions, feel free to send me a message here!

Thanks for reading this, hope you reblog it and happy holidays xoxo

i say i have a bad memory
but i’m lying through my teeth.
if i forgot the way you hurt me,
would you come crawling to my feet?
‘cause somewhere in that house of yours,
the sun is seeping in.
you can pretend that you’ve forgotten
but i can’t forget a thing.
and at least one of those bones of yours
hasn’t turned to dust;
at least half of my bad memory
has been held captive by us.
i say i have a bad memory
but i think that i now know,
i’d rather forget you all over again
than paint you back to gold.
—  goodbye // r.e.s
b l o g r a t e s

i’ve been home these past couple days bc i’ve been ill so i decided to do some blogrates for you guys seeing as i have nothing better to do aha

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