i would have asked her out this time


Imagine Request…

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“Why won’t she wake up?” Rebekah said.

“I don’t know she would have to be back by now.” Davina said worried. “We have to get her back. She can die in there.”

“Davina?” Rebekah said. Davina looked towards Rebekah. Rebekah eyes were focused on your body. Davina looked towards you and saw blood come out of your nose.

“Call Elijah maybe he can get her out of there.” Davina said.

“Rebekah I can’t believe you let her do this.” Elijah said.

“She wanted to help us.” Rebekah said.

“But she could die in there Rebekah. We could lose her.”

Elijah stopped his tracks when he saw Y/N body lying on the ground. She was bleeding thru her nose and thru the corners of her mounth. He can’t believe he may lose her.

“Elijah” Davina said walking towards him.

“How can I help?” He says. “How can we get her out of this?”

“I just know another way.” Elijah looks worried towards her. “Talking to her. Making her remember that she’s in the prison world.”

“And you were the one closest to her.” Elijah looks towards Rebekah. “I saw the looks both the two of you gave each other. Both of you may not admitted but we all know there is more going on than just friends.”

Elijah doesn’t responds and just kneels next to your body.

“Y/N? I’m here. Come back please.” Elijah says.

Rebekah looks towards Davina and gave her the sign that the two should leave. Leaving Elijah alone with you.

Elijah heard both of them leave. He looks at you. You were in pain, he could hear it in your heartbeat it was beating so fast. “Y/N please come back to me.” The blood kept streaming down your nose. “I have so much to show you. You have so much to see.” He cleans the blood running out of the corners of your mouth with his thumb. “We still have to spend or time together. Be together.”

Her heart beat raised, it kept beating harder and harder. “Y/N calm down.” Her heartbeat kept beating harder and harder. Till it stopped. “Y/N?, Y/N?” Elijah screamed.

Rebekah and Davina run into the room.

“Elijah?” Davina said.

“I can’t hear her heartbeat anymore.” Rebekah said.

Elijah brings you to his chest. He holds you tight. He can’t believe it just happened he lost you. He lost you.

“Rebekah I can’t believe you let her do this?” Klaus says. “She’s human she can’t hold the power of the prison world.”

“She wanted to help us Klaus. She could be the one who could help us.”

“I know but Elijah is happy around her and we could have figured something else out.” He says

“I’m going to miss her to you know. She was also my friend.” Rebekah says walking away.

You were running thru the forest. Running away from Elijah, he didn’t recognise you and he just wanted one thing drain you. You were running for your life. You felt down a hill and stumbled towards a river. The river was dip and you struggling to go up for air but you couldn’t raise your head out of the water. You went down, you couldn’t breath. You were swallowing so much water, you tried to go up when you body was going limp.

Rebekah was looking at your body in the coffin. She hearth a little beat. She looked around. There was no human around her. The room was empty. She took a step closer towards you and listen carefully.

“Rebekah?” Elijah says walking into the room.


“What are you doing?”


The room got quiet. Elijah walked slowly towards Rebekah. The heartbeat was there again. Elijah runned towards Rebekah. Both of them were looking towards your body.

“You heard it too right?” Rebekah said

“I did but it’s impossible I heard her heart stop.” He says

The heartbeat started again it was slow but it was there. Elijah took you out of the coffin and laid you on the floor in his arms. “Y/N?”

The hearth beat got louder and louder.

“She’s alive.” Rebekah said. “I’m going to get a doctor.”

Elijah nods towards her and she walks out of the room in seconds. ELijah is looking towards you. You hearth was getting louder and louder. He hold you close to him.

“I’m here Y/N I’m here.” He gave you a kiss on the top of your head.

He saw your eyes moving. “Y/n?”

You opened your eyes and you saw Elijah looking at you. His eyes were watered and a smile grew on his face. He pulled you close and gave you a kiss on the lips.

“I’m so sorry Y/N. I’m here.”

You closed your eyes again.

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Rigby snagged one of Paul’s socks from under the table (he is the “leave socks everywhere” husband stereotype, definitely), which is like…her favorite thing to do. She then followed me around the house for the next few minutes, and every time I turned around, she would catch my eye and start to wiggle like crazy. 

Finally, I gave in. I asked her if I could have the sock, which is what she wanted me to do. She promptly turned around and wiggled her little tail-nub furiously, walking away. I followed her, asking her for the sock, which she very deftly kept out of my reach. She then collapsed onto her back in the living room, pleading to be allowed to keep the sock. Sure, kid. It’s all yours.

I walked back into the kitchen to get my soup. When I turned around, she was standing right there, waiting, sock in her mouth, her tail a blur from wagging so hard.


I got some of it on video for @barnbabiesmama, of course. It’s badly shot and horribly lighted, but how could I not?

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this reply + the ask abt the watchers’ council is the PERFECT time to bring up that jenny calendar, who in her first episode was yelling at giles for what she saw as his academic elitism:

would have been FUCKING PISSED had she found out about the cruciamentum. like ohhhhh my god. i honestly so want to see the episode of helpless where jenny’s there and just spends fifteen solid minutes yelling at giles because WHAT THE FUCK RUPERT WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS. WHY. WHY WOULD YOU CONFORM TO THIS MEDIEVAL TORTURE RITUAL. buffy has stopped crying because she’s legitimately wondering if giles is going to make it out of the room alive

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i used to best friends with this girl, we were so close & she was literally my favorite person. we were inseparable, people in our school even thought we were dating lol. we used to be completely platonic but then something changed and we were always flirting, cuddling, holding hands, & i would catch her staring at me all the time. then i was an idiot and i starting pushing her away bc i was scared. now we don't talk anymore and i miss her a lot. but i know it can never be the same i ruined it.

How can you know for sure it would never be the same? Reach out to her and ask to talk. It can’t hurt anything!
Be honest and open, explain that you got scared and confused about things and you did what you thought you needed to at the time, we all make these mistakes sometimes.. But it doesn’t have to end everything.
With love,

Headcanon that James Potter DIDN'T ask Lily Evans out 50000000000000 times a day.

Because his parents raised him better than that. He may have been arrogant, but he wasn’t stupid.

His parents raised him to always treat ladies with respect. They taught him that no means no.

Headcanon that when James asked Lily out during Snape’s Worst Memory, that was the ONLY time he ever asked her out.

Headcanon that he only did it because Sirius made him.

Headcanon that after she said no, James backed off because if they were meant to be together, it would happen eventually.

Headcanon that when he and Lily finally started dating it was because LILY made the first move.

I am so sick and tired of this “James relentlessly pursued Lily for years” bullshit.

I mean, COME ON! Do you honestly think that Lily fucking Evans (who was most definitely a feminist) would’ve really agreed to go out with James if he had treated her that way (even if he did mature)

I’m not trying to say that James wasn’t an arrogant douche (because he definitely was), but stop making him out as some creepy stalker who treated Lily as some prize to be won rather than a human being.


The first time Nishinoya asked him out, Asahi’s insecurity made him question why somebody so optimistic would want somebody like him. Nishinoya decided to take this opportunity to help Asahi understand his reasons before he made his second attempt.

Asahi kept finding new notes long after they started dating and kept every single one as a reminder.

I want a scenario where Adrien finds out his scarf was actually from Marinette and not his dad, and for it not to go very well at first.

Because while I’m sure Adrien would understand it was a mix up and still, his friend went out of her way to make him a gift, I can’t imagine him really looking at the scarf for a while and being happy about it, not while knowing his dad didn’t actually get him anything at all. Adrien would have very mixed feelings about it IMO, and I wouldn’t really blame him either.

So, angst time. Adrien wants to confront his dad about it but he’s overseeing a fashion show and he couldn’t ask Nathalie because she went with him, so that leaves Marinette. He pulls her aside after school, and there’s so much anger and resentment for his dad building up, and he really doesn’t want to take it all out on Marinette, but Adrien’s afraid that if he opens his mouth he might say something he’ll come to regret, so instead he pulls his scarf out from his bag and smooths out a corner of it, displaying Marinette’s tiny signature for her to see. 

He can see the panic flash in her eyes while she stares at the scarf, but it doesn’t seem like she can find words, so he asks a question, “Why didn’t you you say something?”

Meanwhile, Marinette really IS panicking. True to what she told Alya all those months ago, Marinette tries to explain that she didn’t want him to be disappointed that the scarf wasn’t actually from his dad, just her, but even as she explains this she can see it’s not making Adrien feel better and honestly, it’s no wonder. 

(“I wish you said something earlier,” Adrien finally says, and he’s rubbing his neck and chuckling and trying to keep the situation light. “I feel like a bit of an idiot.)

Because Marinette let the secret go on for too long, and surely finding out a cherished present wasn’t actually from his dad after all this time believing that it was… it must have hurt. It must have hurt ten times worse than if Marinette would have just told him the truth, though surely that would make her look like an opportunist more than anything. She didn’t want to come off as selfishly wanting his attention. Marinette was stuck, honestly. She didn’t know if there was a right way to have gone about that situation. So she says the only thing she can.

“I’m sorry.”

And offers the only thing she can think of.

“I-I can take the scarf back, if you want.”

Now Adrien feels bad, because he really wants to keep it. He wants to look at the scarf and think, ‘my friend made this for me, she took time and care to knit this with me in mind.’ But instead, all he can see is Gabriel Agreste’s stern face, and all he can think when he sees the baby blue fabric is that his own dad didn’t even bother buying one of those lame pens for his birthday this time. 

Tentatively, he hands the scarf back to her.

Alright, so I wanted to do another maxis match pair of shoes for you all but I couldn’t think of any so I asked @plumbbobbseytwins and she asked for these! and she’s a babe, so who am I to deny her? Okay, so let’s see… there are 20 swatches, a custom thumbnail and the mesh is included. As per usual all credit goes to @madlensims for their amazing meshes. 

Thank you to @plumbbobbseytwins for testing.

Send your requests HERE (please only send one shoe request at a time. too many overwhelms me!) You can also message me if you would like. It’s better if you request offline, so I can ask you specifics you might want, or if there’s an issue I can let you know. I also like to have people who requested test them out! 

Download HERE

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Since it's Valentine's Day.(Have the RFA+V+Searan) I would love to ask if you could do MC and her brother spending Valentines together. The others couldn't spend time cause they were busy. So once they have some time to spare them look for you and see you are your brother hanging out. Yet you are siblings so you sorta close to each other and some things seem romantic. The others don't know you have a brother. So how would they react? If you can't do it, it's okay. Happy Valentine's Day!

OOooh scandalous~ 
(It’s the day after Valentine’s Day here because I live in Australia and we live in the future but I’d be happy do do this!)


✮ he was busy with some huge LOLOL event that was happening for valentine’s 
✮ he felt bad but you assured him that it was fine and you would just go see family or a friend or whatever 
✮ so when he leaves the house to get food and sees you with some guy??
✮ your brother was teasing you by pulling and twisting your hair 
✮ but to yoosung it looked like he was hella flirting 
✮ basically stomps up and flicks your brother’s hand away 
✮ ‘excuse me, why are you touching my girlfriend? huh?’ 
where did this confidence come from hmmmm
✮ your brother is confused because ‘omg is this the innocent yoosung MC was talking about???’
✮ you’re trying not to fall over from laughing 
✮ your brother looks absolutely horrified 
✮ “MC is mY siStEr! who are you, huh punk?’ 
✮ yoosung.exe has stopped working
✮ almost cries
✮ apologises 38918475 times he feels so bad 
✮ is pouting for the rest of the day and puts the LOLOL event on the back burner 


✎ she told you beforehand that valentine’s was going to be probably the busiest day for the cafe 
✎ but W O W 
✎ the cafe was packed and you hardly got to see jaehee 
✎ and your brother visited during your lunch break 
✎ so you two were just standing in a corner, trying to leave as much room for the actual customers that you could 
✎ things died down for a total of maybe five minutes 
✎ and jaehee looked around to find you and saw your brother squishing your cheeks together while you both laughed 
✎ she really wanted to go over there and judo kick someone’s ass but she still had customers 
✎ she was kinda angry for the rest of the day 
✎ until afterwards you walk up with your brother and introduce them 
✎ her face is redder than saeyoung’s hair 
✎ she refuses to admit anything 
✎ except when you’re back home she’s super affectionate 
✎ and at first you think it’s just valentine’s day love 
✎ but she’s super clingy and kind sheepish 
✎ so you ask what the deal is 
✎ and she begrudgingly admits that she saw you and your brother when you were messing around and didn’t realise it was your brother
✎ you have to try and maintain the giggles because she’s obviously embarrassed
✎ cute baehee 


✿ he was really busy rehearsing an upcoming musical 
✿ and the director was super strict and wasn’t letting anyone out for the day 
✿ during one of the breaks he picked up his phone and noticed that his fans were all tagging him in the same thing
✿ and he went to it and it’s a picture of you with some guy?!?!?!?!
✿ and he’s so scandalised 
✿ he immediately goes to the group chat and sees that you and saeyoung are online
✿ he basically spams the picture with multiple exclamations akin to ‘WTF MC’ 
✿ you’re freaking out because he’s just sending mindless messages now and won’t stop to listen 
✿ and saeyoung is just off his chair laughing because he obviously knows who it is (background check) 
✿ you send a selfie of you and your brother both with a ‘wtf’ face and the ‘boi’ hand at the camera 
✿ and zen finally stops 
✿ you send another picture but this one’s of you and your brother when you were babies 
✿ ‘hyun, this is my brother’ 
✿ ‘nice to meet THE zen’
✿ he’s so flustered 
✿ he sends sorry to the chat so many times that the original problem can’t even be found 
✿ when he comes home that night he brings a big bouquet of flowers and your favourite snacks 
✿ is super clingy 


₩ this nugget just doesn’t believe in valentine’s day 
₩ you’d told him how annoyed this makes you but he didn’t seem to care too much 
₩ so he was at work 
₩ you went to lunch at the cafe thing across from the C&R building because your brother was curious 
₩ y’all were just chilling, eating pastries and drinking milkshakes 
₩ and then jaehee came for her lunch break 
plot twist
₩ you say hi and your brother introduces himself (but not as your brother) 
₩ and she’s shook 
₩ she goes back and asks jumin if he knew you were at the cafe with some guy
₩ he glides down and stands at your table 
₩ you really nonchalantly say hello 
₩ he’s so confused 
₩ ‘would you like to explain yourself MC?’ 
₩ ???? ‘jumin what are you talking about? i’m just having lunch with my brother, we’re waiting for his girlfriend to come’ 
₩ it’s like you can see him deflate in embarrassment 
₩ he like flops down in the seat next to you 
₩ meets your brother 
₩ when you’re back at home you ask him why he was so salty at the start and he admitted that he thought you were on a date with some random guy because he wouldn’t celebrate valentine’s 
₩ you laugh and say you wouldn’t do that and shower him in affection
he made up for it ;)


⌨  he probably knows what your brother looks like from the background check but for the sake of story let’s just pretend he didn’t go that deep into your history 
⌨  he was super busy with work-related stuff and didn’t even realise it was valentine’s
⌨  he asked you to grab some groceries because he couldn’t
⌨  he’d noticed you’d been gone for a while so he hacked into the security cameras of and around the grocery store
⌨  saw you talking to some guy
⌨  he’s so confused because you haven’t just stopped for a little ‘oh hi I know you’ obligatory hello but you’re walking down the sidewalk with the store bags and talking
⌨  he sees him nudge you with his shoulder and he’s kinda pissed
⌨  he just waits until you’re back home. you’re alone 
⌨  he tries to act nonchalant about it, and like he doesn’t know anything– waiting until you bring it up 
⌨  it’s the end of the day and he crawls into the bed where you already are 
⌨  you bring up how it’s valentine’s day and that you missed him 
⌨  he feels guilty but he’s kinda frustrated from before and goes ‘it didn’t look like you missed me too much while walking down the street with some other guy’ 
⌨  he did not get the reaction he expected 
⌨  he expected you to be kinda shocked like ‘:o caught’ 
⌨  but you’re giggling and snorting 
⌨  ‘saeyoung… that was my brother; we ran into each other outside a store so he walked with me for a little while’ 
⌨  like jumin, he deflates 
⌨  he feels S O  B A D 
⌨  he gives you so many cuddles and just fully wraps himself around you 
⌨  swears he’ll make it up to you 
⌨  he definitely does 

I hope you all had a happy valentine’s day! CHEAP CHOCOLATE AND MYSTIC MESSENGER DLC’S WOOO ♡♡♡♡

We went on three dates. The next time she asked to see me, I told her I was visiting family and wouldn’t be available until the following weekend. In that moment, she freaked out and sent me a 7 page long text about how I destroyed what could have been a perfect relationship and that she wanted to marry me still if I would just put her first. She then left me a voicemail of her singing “U Got It Bad” by Usher while crying and saying she loved me over and over. Two days later she sent me pictures of her burning a bucket list she had made for us.
Glad I got out of that one unscathed.

It's not my fault if you don't listen...

In our store, we have two separate counters, each selling a different kind of name-brand makeup. One of those brands has an offer going right now for a free gift with a $27 or more purchase. It is also made clear that the $27 has to be BEFORE tax.

Anyway, I had this lady come in last night, and she wanted the free gift. Okay, no problem. I set about explaining how the offer worked, and the different items we have that are exactly $27. After some time of looking, she picks out this $25 foundation. I asked if she wanted to find something else to go with it. She said no. As I begin ringing her up, I ask several more times if she would like to add anything else, and explain that she needs something else to get the free gift. She tells me she doesn’t have time, and that it’ll be fine. I set my hand on the box, look her in the eye, and ask, “You just want this, without the gift, then?” She says yes. So I complete the transaction, and hand her her purchase.

I could see it coming from a mile away.

She looks up, and says, “You forgot my bonus.” I respond with, “Your bonus?”, knowing full well what she meant. “Yes, my free gift. You haven’t given it to me yet.” “Ma'am, the free gift is only with $27 or more before tax. You spent $25. That’s why I asked if you wanted to add anything on.” “Well I didn’t know that.-*sigh*-I don’t have time for this. Just give me a refund on this.” So I did the return, and she left.

People. Listen to the cashier. Don’t be THAT person, and waste everyone’s time because you can’t be bothered to pay attention. It really is that easy.

*some Trolls film spoilers ahead*

hold on to your pants it’s time for mooooooooooooooooore…. you guessed it! Trolls headcanons! Wow! So let’s consider…

  • In the Trolls culture, names are based off parents. This isn’t super strict, but is almost always used for royal families in an effort to continue the tradition.
  • Daughters are given names based off their fathers and sons are given names based off their mothers.
  • This is why Poppy is named Poppy, after her father, King Peppy.
  • Branch and Poppy aren’t even dating, they’re just sitting around talking about nothing in pawticular and Poppy finds out Branch hasn’t thought about what he’d name his kids, cause he never thought he’d have kids ever and just assumed if he did he’d figure out the names and Poppy just being completely floored about this like she thought about this all the time.
  • Branch finally breaking down and asking her what she would name her kids and her responding, “Well, for a son I would probably name him something strong, like Pebble or neat like Puzzle!” And Branch just nods and then she continues. “And for a daughter I think Brook would work, I love that name. I’ve wanted a daughter named Brook since I was a kid!”
  • And Branch just sitting there for a moment processing this while Poppy starts babbling on about not knowing if she’d want twins or whether she’d want to have a son first, then a daughter. 
  • Branch realizing that the name Brook isn’t anything at all like the name Creek or any of the other trolls she’s dated in the past and trying not to obsess over it but the thought won’t leave his mind.
  • A little while later Branch is going through old scrapbooks Poppy made and finds a scrapbook of her hopes for the future she made when she was little and it has a little paper cut out of her with a blue troll baby and a pink troll baby and underneath it says “Me Puzzle Pebble and Brook” and Branch just starts sweating profusely.
BTS React to their s/o unable to swim

Of course bb! Thank you for the request (”:


He had already heard from her beforehand that she had not been a good swimmer, and really couldn’t swim at all. He would take it into note, yet not really pay attention as they both were having a good time in a shallow end. It wasn’t until she got out and walked around the ledge to go get her towel as someone ran by and accidentally knocked her over into the deep end, causing Jin to immediately look over as she shrieked. 

I imagine he’s a good swimmer so he would get there relatively fast, getting her out as quick as he could and repeatedly asking if she was alright. 

Yoongi (Suga)

Originally posted by mn-yg

Correct me if i’m wrong, I think i’ve read somewhere he was a good swimmer. (?) Well let’s say this again was like the scenario above; Yoongi would probably see what happened, going over to her relatively quickly as well. I feel like he would be the type of person to guide you through, so in a way it would be like a little lesson so she could swim over to the ledge.

After that, though he may not be very vocal, he would glare the person down whoever knocked her over. He would also probably be anxious, making sure she wasn’t out of his sight.

Namjoon (Rap Monster)

Originally posted by forjimin

Similar to the two so far, but I have a feeling after he knew you were alright he would be the type to make a (n awkward) joke about it to try and lighten the mood. In the end, it was just that he was happy she turned out okay.


Originally posted by junqkookied

I know every reaction post ever is like “this fucking meme boy would do this-” and I try to refrain from it but.

This fucking meme would probably forget for a split second that she couldn’t swim, chuckling with a strong sense of guilt. He was about to ask if she was alright from the other side until he noticed she wasn’t exactly coming over to him. Beast mode, he would dive quick and get her out immediately, apologizing greatly in advance.

Hoseok (Jhope)

Originally posted by hobilu

He would be very similar to Yoongi, especially in the aftermath. I feel he would probably do anything he could to make sure she was okay (not like any of the other boys wouldn’t) he probably would just be more aware of how scared she felt; ending up watching where she was every second.


Originally posted by kths

Unaware of what happened at first, but surprise surprise, he goes to the rescue immediately. I imagine this boy would repeat “Are you okay? Are you alright?” so many times, but in the end once he knew she was alright, he would probably giggle it off. Not in a rude sort of way, but maybe just make light out of it to make her laugh as well.

Taehyung (V)

Originally posted by tekukii

Serious as hell, quickly notices the incident as of course he goes to dive and get her out of the water as soon as possible. He would of corse be mad at the person who knocked her over, but might even scold her a little bit to be more careful. Not to say, in the very end I can see him making light of it as well.

Requests are still open 

So I Saw Hamilton...

And here is what I thought was amazing about it… (spoiler alert for those who haven’t seen the stage version):

  • At ham4ham, a group of us started a singalong. And our impromptu harmonies were on point.
  • Also, petition for ham4ham to be on the balcony at the Richard Rodgers, so that way everyone could see what was going on.
  • Before the show, one of the ushers came out to address our section and informed us that if we used our phones we would have to deal with her- a pissed off woman. She is now my spirit animal.
  • King George III made an announcement that the show was starting, and asked us to please enjoy “his” show.
  • The audience clapped at everyone’s entrance- and when I say “clapped,” it was more like “rock concert screaming” than “polite theater-goers” type clapping.
  • The entire cast is on stage the majority of the time, watching the action play out in the shadows and on the balcony. Makes it very interesting.
  • The dynamic between Laurence and Ham in act one is so much more stronger. All four of the boys had a stronger connection, like there were so many brohugs tho. Especially between Laurence and Ham. Which made Lauren’s death much more dramatic.
  • -During “Schuyler Sisters,” Eliza is dragging along Peggy, who is not amused. 
  • During “Farmer Refuted,” Hamilton begins fighting with Seaburry and ends up pushing him off of the box he is standing on.
  • After “You’ll Be Back,” King George orders to kill an ensemble member. He marches off while Ham looks on in shock.
  • At the start of “Right Hand Man,” the lighting looks like they are in the ocean and it is sooooo coooooolll.
  • The choreography is the exact same in “Helpless” as it is in “Satisfied,” except “Satisfied” is slowed down with the exception of Angelica who is full speed in the center, it looks like she has stopped time.
  • The choreography for “Wait For It” is mostly still, with the ensemble sitting and standing until the very end when there is subtle movement. The juxtaposition between the song and dance is very well done.
  • Lafayette’s and Mulligan’s raps GOT SO MUCH APPLAUSE and again, more like a rock concert than a theater crowd.
  • On the line “I’m so blue” in “What Comes Next?” King George stomps his foot, and his spotlight changes from red to blue.
  • “Dear Theodosia” is mostly Lin and Leslie alone on stage, behind a chair and looking over into it, as if it were a crib. 
  • Lauren’s death is horrible but so well done in the transition between “Theodosia” and “Non-stop.”
  • Lin has changed the way he says “I was chosen for the constitutional convention,” so it is more like a high-pitched adorable voice with a little bit of excited screeching. 
  • When Daveed came out as Jefferson, the crowd went nuts. He made a gesture as if to say “Oh, stop it!” and the audience stopped clapping. He looked thoughtful for a moment, and then motioned for the audience to start clapping again. 
  • Daveed is having way too much fun and I am loving it.
  • Jasmine slays as Maria Reynolds. 
  • At the end of “Say No To This,” Maria Reynolds stays on stage with Ham, until James Reynolds aggressively motions for her to follow him offstage.
  • Ham is still reeling from “Say No To This” in the beginning of “The Room Where It Happened.”
  • “Daddy’s calling” got a ton of laughs as well.
  • At the beginning of “Washington On Your Side,” Burr starts singing and it takes Jefferson off guard, like he didn’t even realized Burr existed until he started singing.
  • After “I Know Him,” King George demands a chair be placed so he can observe the action. He begins mimicking Burr during “The Adams Administration.” During this, Leslie looked behind at Rory and began laughing. 
  • During “The Reynolds Pamphlet,” someone hands Phillip a copy, he reads it as he walks across the stage, and then passes it off to George Washington.
  • At the end of “Stay Alive Reprise,” Eliza screams when she realizes Phillip is dead. And it is so haunting and chilling and just so painful to hear.
  • Phillip slowly walks off stage after his death, with Eliza watching.
  • The staging in “It’s Quiet Uptown” is so simple. She takes his hand without even looking at him, and Lin just falls apart.
  • On the lines “Can we get back to politics?” “Please?!” Madison comes out dabbing his eyes with a handkerchief, and continues sniffling for the next several lines.
  • Burr sends Ham one letter at the beginning of “Your Obedient Servant.” Hamilton sends back several, each ensemble member running across the stage to hand a letter to Burr.
  • During the final duel, an ensemble member reaches in front of Burr’s gun and appears to hold the bullet, moving slowly towards Hamilton. 
  • All of the people Hamilton mentions seeing on the other side are looking down at him from the second floor.
  • On the lines “Eliza, my love take your time. I’ll see you on the other side.” Eliza appears in front of Hamilton and holds onto his hand, before walking away.
  • Eliza address the audience on “Can I show you what I’m proudest of?” and it makes everyone cry.
  • At the end of “Who Lives, Who Dies,” Eliza is downstage center, and makes a loud gasp, which I think is her dying.
  • Ham follows her throughout the finale, but keeps at a distant. 
  • While we were walking away from the theater, Anthony and Jasmine ran out of the main exit to avoid the chaos of the stage door and ran off, I’m assuming to get some food before the evening show. BUT THEY WERE HOLDING HANDS IT WAS ADORABLE #relationshipgoals

So yeah. Def worth all the hype.

Do you ever wonder...

If all those times Harry was just. The Worlds Worst Liar… if he was doing it on purpose? Like, I’m a great liar. I am. I lied all the time as a kid. About stupid shit, but like, I got a lot of practice. So when I was older and my mom would ask me something directly that I didn’t want to tell her, I’d give her a different answer but I’d act like I was telling a lie really terribly so she’d think she caught me out, but really she still didn’t know the truth.

Instead of telling her my friend lost her virginity, when she was trying to guess and she asked “is someone having sex?” I gave her a casual no. Then when she asked if someone was smoking pot, I was like “eh, nnnnnooo….” and she was like “Ah ha! Someone’s smoking pot!”

Harry is about to be in a movie where everyone has gone on and on all summer about what a great actor he actually is and how talented he is. But for the last five years he couldn’t ACT straight? He couldn’t ACT like he wasn’t in love with his best friend? He couldn’t ACT like the womanizing douche bag they wanted him to be?

Of course he could. He didn’t want to. He played the parts he was supposed to. He told the lies he was fed. He just did it really terribly. He wanted to get caught. He didn’t want to lie, so he did it as terribly as possible.

When asked about Wellington or The Bears, he couldn’t say “Oh! Louis kissed me in a bar and we got in trouble so we weren’t allowed to come see the LOTR set the next day.” And he couldn’t say “Louis and I are suuuper gay together and suuuper married but we’re not allowed to tell anyone so we dress up gay bears to tell everyone sneakily.” So instead he just… UMMM…..

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This is a Wonderful Customer story

So I work at a designer boot store from the land down under. I’m seasonal and management will be letting half of us go on Monday. I had a feeling I would be one of those people let go.
So I’m working hard cleaning up after customers, when one frustrated customer comes up to me asking to find her a shoe. Apparently four coworkers have not helped her out though she asked. I search the back, nothing. I went up to one of the registers (computers) and looked in our inventory. Nothing. So I spent twenty minutes calling all across the country of the USA to find the shoe she wanted. She was with me the whole time. Repeatedly she was saying how thankful she was, as I told her it was my first time using the computers for stock and calling other stores. She praised me and was so happy when I found a pair in Florida. So I rang her up and ordered the shoes to be sent to her home. Afterwards she asked to see a manager. She told all five of my managers how helpful I was, how wonderful I was with customer service and that she is going to leave a 5-star review of our store, saying my name. My managers looked very pleased. That lady may have saved my job.

So things are…not looking so good right now. I had planned to move my girlfriend up here from Alabama away from her abusive home, but I got significantly less money than I thought I was going to from school, and my income right now won’t make up for it.

Long story short…to make this work, I’m going to have to ask for help. If it was just me I wouldn’t worry so much, but I don’t want to leave her down there for longer than necessary. I’m so scared with every passing day they’re going to kick her out or worse. They’ve already made it impossible for her to get a job, have threatened to kick her out multiple times, and constantly tell her she’s worthless and what a burden she is.

If you could please donate even a little bit to cash.me/$NoahKuiken I would be forever in your debt.


You seemed to appear out of nowhere your wings folded to hide Henry as the lost boys backed away from you. “Great there are angels now too?” Emma asked rolling her eyes and lowering her sword.

“Shapeshifter and your all going to listen to me because I really don’t want to have my magic suspended again…” You groaned.

“Glad you could make the show.” Pan said from his perch on the cliff “but why would I listen to you, I rule this island and everything on it belongs to me.” You moved your wings revealing Henry who was huddled behind you.

“I have someone you all want.” You smirked now. “Now that I have everyone’s-” You were cut off this time by an arrow in your shoulder.

“What the hell!?” You glared at Snow White before pulling it out, everyone watched as your veins turned back you body expelled the poison. “That was not nice and now I’m leaving, with your grandson.” 

Then you glanced at Peter and threw the arrow at him, only meaning to distract him and it worked when he looked back you were gone, Henry with you.

Requests and general question!


So here is another Bughead fic. This is one is canon compliant. @riverdalehighvixens thank you so much for your help, checking over my work. :)

It doesn’t take long for Jughead to figure out that something’s on Betty’s mind.

Betty had been acting weird ever since Dilton Doiley came in with the information of seeing Miss Grundy’s car in the woods.

Not ‘I know Archie is sleeping with Miss Grundy’ weird, Jughead would have been able to pick up on that. No, this is different.

But from the way she spends her time staring off into space, hand holding a pen over her notebook ready to write if she has to, Jughead can tell that she doesn’t want him to notice anything is amiss.

He decides to test his theory.

“Betty?” He calls out casually.

Betty doesn’t respond.

“Betty?” He asks, a bit louder, but still keeping his voice soft.

Betty looks over at him quickly, pressing her pen down to the notebook ever so slightly. “Yes, Juggy?”

“I’m going to get something from the vending machine, you want anything?”

“No, thank you.” She smiles gratefully at him before looking back at her notepad, which doesn’t have a lot written in it.

Jughead turns around and heads to the vending machine, his theory proven correct, doubling his concern.

It isn’t until the next day when he’s sitting with Archie, Betty, Veronica and Kevin that he notices something else. While Betty’s doing a good job of listening and joining the conversation when it comes to Kevin and Archie, Betty’s not looking or talking as much with Veronica.

He’s off to his own, just sitting there in all his 'brooding mystery’ as Veronica calls it, and tries to pinpoint other areas of tension. But other than Betty not looking at Veronica, and Veronica shooting well hidden concerned glances every once in a while, everything else is fine.

Archie is excitedly telling them about his new sound proof music room and how he’s going to invite them over as soon as he’s not grounded anymore. His excitement is enough to distract Jughead as Archie looks at each of his friends one at a time. That’s the magic of Archie, he makes you feel special.

Kevin is too into Archie’s story that he’s not as observant as usual. If Jughead can give him credit for anything, it’s always catching the smallest shift in Betty since she’s his best friend. But now he’s exchanging ideas with Archie, who’s responding back with the same enthusiasm.

It seems today was a good day to have this conversation. Otherwise, both Kevin and Archie would have picked up on Betty and Veronica’s behavior.

Veronica excuses herself to go to the restroom, asking Betty to watch her purse. Betty tells her yes, and Veronica gets up after looking at Betty, but Betty is resolute in not looking at her.

Jughead gives it a minute before announcing he’s going to get something from the vending machine. Archie and Kevin make their demands pulling money from their wallets.

“You want anything, Betty?” Archie asks, “I’ll pay.”

“Yeah, you’re a little quiet today. I think you’re in need of a sugar boost.” Kevin adds in.

Betty chuckles nervously. “I’m not quiet. You guys have reason to be extra chatty today. It’s really cool that your Dad is doing this for you, Archie.” Betty smiles.

Archie smiles in return. “Yeah, he’s the best. Is there anything you want?”

“Just a water, thank you. I’m just thirsty.”

Jughead takes their money, making note of everything they wanted, and he’s just in time to run into Veronica in the hallway.

“Going to the vending machine, want anything?”

“I’ll go with you.”


Well that makes everything easier.

“You’re quiet today.” Jughead points out, thinking this is a safe place to start.

“Archiekins has better news than anything I could say.” Veronica states, and Jughead knows she’s playing conversation chess, because that was said so Jughead wouldn’t try to ask more questions.

Jughead almost admires her, but he’s got an objective. “You’ve had a bad couple of days. I can understand that.”

“Can you?” Veronica shoots him an easy smirk.

“Not personally, but if Betty is any indication, then yes, I understand.” There, he set the bait.

Veronica doesn’t let anything past her impassive face, but when she glances at him the worry there, in her eyes. “Is she okay?”

She’s not, but Jughead doesn’t know what’s wrong, and if Veronica doesn’t know either then he doesn’t have any leads anymore.

“She’s been extra quiet ever since the Clayton incident.”

Veronica isn’t confused like he thought she would be, and Jughead realizes that she does know something. Maybe not the whole thing, but she knows something.

“But it’s more than that, isn’t it?” Veronica doesn’t answer right away.

“I don’t know anything if that’s what you’re after.” She finally states.

“But something happened.” Jughead says.

“You’re her friend, right? She trusts you?” Veronica asks instead.

“Yes, I think so.”

“Then ask her. You’re not one to beat around the bush, just ask her.”

“You can’t tell me anything?” Jughead asks, because he knows if he’s going to have to ask Betty, he won’t be able to help her like he hoped he would.

“It’s not my place to tell, Jughead.” Veronica starts walking down the hall to the vending machine and Jughead doesn’t try not to worry this time, because Veronica confirmed that something was bothering Betty.

When they return, Betty is the first one to look over. It doesn’t take a genius to know that when she sees Veronica and Jughead together, Betty figured that they talked about her. It was in the way she didn’t look at him once even though he was sitting right across from her on Archie’s left.

After school, when they’re in the Blue and Gold offices, Betty stares at her notepad, writing every once in a while, but Jughead knows she’s waiting for him to say something. There’s a visible tension in her shoulders.

Jughead wants to ask, he wants to help, but if he knows something about Betty it’s that she has to be the one to take the first step. Anything else would be too much like how her Mother demands things of her.


Betty relaxes her shoulder before she looks up at him, expression casual, but her lips closed tight and that tells Jughead everything. She won’t talk.

“You want to get out of here? We can work at Pop’s today. I’m in the mood for a burger. I’ll buy you anything.”

“I thought it was always on me?” Betty asks after a moment’s pause as she searched his face, a small smile starts forming in her lips, and Jughead knows he’s doing something right.

“I’m breaking the golden rule of asking you to leave before my article is at least rough drafted. It’s on me today.” He gives her a pointed look. “Just today. My demand still stands.”

Betty shakes her head chuckling and that knot of worry twists uncomfortably in his chest, because he wants her to always be smiling and easy going and happy. She shouldn’t loose her happiness by being bogged down by whatever had happened.

“Okay.” She stretches before grabbing her things and Jughead shoots her a half smile.

He makes easy conversation with her, keeping the subject on the article and how even though he broke the rule, he gets bonus points for knowing what he’s going to type up. So it’s like he did the whole article.

Betty does seem more relaxed after that, and Jughead makes sure to keep on safe topics.

“I’m really happy Archie’s Dad soundproofed the garage for him.”

“It should be fun hearing his new songs.” Jughead acknowledges. “We should go together.”

They both pause, processing his words. That had to be the second time Jughead asked Betty to do something with him.

Betty slowly smiles at him. “You know, if you want to ask me out, all you need to do is ask.” She’s teasing him and Jughead has to fight off a grin.

“Duly noted.” Jughead replies, opting to keep his answer vague, but even then a soft blush blooms in her cheeks and she can’t stop smiling as she continues to eat her fries.

Jughead watches her silently, with a fond smile of his own.