i would gladly take that job

I know all I can do right now is talk about the Renora scene on the airship but can we please talk about the renora scene on the airship? But most importantly..REN’S EXPRESSIONS. 

When he first looks at her, he looks a little unsure but then his face gradually turns into a soft expression. 

It’s like Ren made the realization that he loves Nora (although, he probably realized that earlier when Nora pushed him under the building…or earlier than that but it’s now more apparent that the Grimm that killed his parents is dead and that’s A LOT off his shoulders and mind). 


NORA’S INITIAL REACTION IS SO PURE AND CUTE AND EVERYTHING I EVER NEEDED. (And Ren’s face is just…wow…have you ever seen him more serene with the world because I haven’t)

And then Ren puts his hand on-top of Nora’s and Nora holds up his hand and I can just see her examining it like “he really put his hand on my hand”. The way they readjust their hands just kills me in the best way. 

NORA’S EXPR/ESSION HERE IS EVEN PURER THAN THAT LAST ONE AND IT JUST SCREAMS “REALLY?”. Like, she’s looking at him to make sure what’s happening is really happening…that he might have the same feelings for her that she’s felt for him for so many years. 



I thought this entire scene did an amazing job of developing their relationship and taking it beyond being close friends/crushes with just the smallest details in the animation. A kiss would have amazing and gladly accepted, but I thought their expressions and body language did soooo much more than what a kiss could have done here (besides, there’s plenty more time for kisses in the next volume ;)). 

The Nanny

A/N: I know, a new series. But I just needed a new idea. Anyways this is the first part to what I’m hoping to be a 6 part series. Let me know what you guys think

Word count: 2,000 something words

Warnings: Mentions of a house fire, minor death not graphic

Summary: When Bucky Barnes hired a Nanny, he thought he was going to hire someone to take care of the kid. But when she starts, he knows that she is more than just a Nanny

The Nanny MasterList

“Looking for a full time Nanny. Must be able to work late and be able to take care of both a kid and a dog. I am willing to provide a room for you to sleep in. In interested please Email me your resume at jbbarnes6412@gmail.com

Thank you,
J. Barnes”

As you read what seemed like the millionth job ad, you copied the listed email address into the empty email box.

Dear Mr. Barnes,
Below I have attached my resume. I hope I am a good fit for what you are looking for. My hours are flexible and I love dogs almost as much as I love kids.


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request: “Hi! Um… since you needed requests I think a good idea would be you and George head to the quiddich World Cup together and when the death eaters come you get hurt and he helps you and there is flirting and fluff (hopefully I described it well!) ✌🏼-thx” by @hey-whatz-up

a/n: i’m glad how this imagine came to be but idk, i just love everything with george weasley on it lmao


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Hasty Decisions- Part 2

Dean Winchester x Reader

3800 Words ( I laugh because this was supposed to be a drabble!)

Story Summary: After you hastily give yourself up to save Sam, you realize that things aren’t as they seem. That your intended Crowley might have played a trick on you.

A/N: This was requested by @winchester-writes. Well, at least part one was, lol. Also, I really have no clue how this turned out.

Read Part 1 HERE

6 Months Later

Sitting on your own throne, you studied your nails as Crowley’s minions droned on and on about some project to bring in more souls. It was boring, and you wished you could be somewhere else, anywhere else. Crowley seemed just as bored as you, with his head resting on his fist, glaring at the Demon who read from the long scroll of parchment.

“What do you think my love?” He asked you, breaking you from your thoughts. “After all, you’ve been training to overtake the role as Queen of the Crossroads.”

“I think I’m bored with such matters. Send more Demons out if you must, offering deals at places other than crossroads.” You muttered, standing up and wiping down the skirt of your black silk dress. Gone were your jeans and flannels. Crowley insisted you dressed the part of Queen, with your own personal dressmaker. Dresses of black and blood red hung up in your closet, each one beautiful and sinful. Your hair hung longer down your back, artfully curled each and every morning. Gone were the braids and ponytails that made hunting easier.

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The Unexpected Perks of Being a Nanny

Challenge: @teamfreewill-imagine : Jamie’s 21st jobs

Jared x Reader

Word count: 5.8k

Warnings: Swearing, Implied smut, Pregnancy. 

When you went to school for Early Childhood Care and Education, you never imagined having such sweet kids to look after. Thomas and Shepherd Padalecki were the sweetest boys ever! After their father’s and mother’s amiable divorce, Jared was looking to hire somebody to look after his kids while he was at work. You had the interview with Jared on Tuesday, during his lunch break. He invited you over to the set of his TV show, where you two, plus Jensen, had a lunch together and talked about his kids.

“Are you nervous?” Jensen chuckled. “You look nervous.”

“I’ve never had this big of a job before. I’m like fresh out of school!” You laughed nervously.

“So let’s start with that…” Jared started placing a glass of water in front of you. “Where’d you go to school? How long were you there?”

“I went to Capilano University in North Vancouver… I did a four year degree, taking courses in mostly infants and toddlers, but I took two courses in school aged children. I graduated top of my class.”

“Good for you!” Jared smiled.

“I like her, let’s hire her!” Jensen rushed, but was halfway joking.

“And how’d you do in high school?”

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Why? (Please Read)

Dear family & friends,

On February 27th 2015 Aaron Zavala​ and I became licensed foster parents.

We chose not to publicize this decision as we went through the lengthy process to be approved because we know that the general public has reservations about “foster kids”. Tonight I will answer the question most of you have asked; “Why?

My answer is simple: “Why not?”

But you might be thinking: BUT YOU ARE SO YOUNG?!!!

I am 25 years old. If this had been a pregnancy announcement I highly doubt any of you would message me saying “You’re too young tohave a child.”


Binge drinking and hang-overs lost their appeal in my second year of undergrad. But I’ll gladly take coffee with cream if you are insisting I have something to drink.


When I was 21 I started my career as a licensed social worker and began my Masters Degree at OSU. In the past four years I have held a full time job, attended school with honors level GPA, purchased a house, and started a tiny side business with the horses. If you believe I made this decision lightly without thinking of the level of responsibility, please allow me to correct you; Children are the HIGHEST responsibility a person can have.

“Okay, Fine… BUT ARE YOU READY?!!!”

No. Haha. No person can be “ready” for a child they have never met. Life is unexpected. If you are asking if I have mentally prepared myself for the stress that children bring; then yes. I have made peace with the fact that there will be less sleep in my life, less free time, less “play money”, and unidentifiable stains in my future. 


Oh, I guess you are right… Kids HATE ponies, playing outside, Disney movies, video games, camping, rock climbing, creating art, and dancing

……….. (-_-) Really?

“Okay, Fine… But, why? Why really?”

Because we are able to.

Because there are tired caseworkers looking over lists of homes that don’t really “fit” … but the child HAS to go somewhere.

Because there is a child somewhere out there tonight that needs a home.

And if we, as people who are willing and able -don’t- help.

…. then ask yourself this: Who will?

-Bri McDonnell, LSW & Foster to Adopt Parent

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author’s note: Requested by @thugshawn (love you loads my girl xx). Hope it came out like you wanted <3 Feedback is always welcomed!



You loved travelling with Shawn around the world while he was on tour. You were on your way with him to Europe, to the continent where you were from. Yet you weren’t going to visit your home country but you made sure you had the best time with the love of your life.

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Monsta X and Breadcrumbs

Request: “Can you do mx reaction when you have bread crumbs in side of your mouth?” -anon

Hey guys! I hope you guys enjoy this :) I know it’s very very late ;u; Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this and I’ll be opening my request/message box soon! :) Credits to the owners of these gifs.


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Walking through the cold streets of the city, you locked arms with your boyfriend, Shownu. The streets were filled with stalls and different boutiques of different brands. You’ve been walking for thirty minutes and all of the walking made your tummy grumble, making Shownu chuckle and pull you towards this steaming, hot bread stall. Ordering two of the two of you, you couldn’t wait to devour the delicious looking bread right in front of you. As soon as you’ve taken a big, big bite, you’ve noticed Shownu smiling widely at you.

What’s wrong? Is something on my face?” 

Before you could even touch your face, Shownu’s thumb was already at the corner of your lips, wiping off the crumbs while shaking his head. “You really amaze me, [y/n].” He’d mutter this before planting a kiss on the tip of your nose.

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Wonho snuggled close to you as the two of you watched Moana. The only snacks that the two of you have was a jar of cookie and some pastries. You lazily rested your head at the backrest of the couch while munching on to the cookie. “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a getaway at Bali or something?” you blurted out of the blue, making Wonho look up, only to stop when he saw the crumbs on your lips. Smirking to himself, he cleared his throat and you were about to continue when Wonho suddenly brought lifted himself up and licked your lips. Your eyes widened by his actions, making him smile at you cheekily.

What the– Didn’t I tell you to behave, babe?”

“Not my fault, you’re the one who’s asking for it. But, tell me, did you like it when I licked you?”

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You were already running late for your vocal lessons with your boyfriend but this didn’t stop you from munching on a sandwich. As soon as you arrived right in front of the studio, you gulped down the last bite before making your way in. Kihyun, who was sitting on the black swivel chair, turns around only to see a messy you. At first he’d act strict, asking you why you’re late and would be fascinated when you told him that there was traffice. When he asked you if you ate something, you would lie once more but this time, he’d be laughing his ass out. 

Yeah, right. Why don’t you look at yourself, hmm?”

He’d walk up to you and show you how you actually looked, making you blush madly. He would shake his head while pulling his handkerchief out before cupping your chin. “Aigoo, you’re really messy babe.” And he’d start wiping off the mess off your face like a mother wiping their kid’s ice-cream covered cheeks.

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You were in the middle of helping Minhyuk with his new artwork for Monsta X’s exhibit when you decided to have some snacks. Taking continuous bites from your ham and cheese croissant, you didn’t notice the crumbs stuck on the sides of your lips. After finishing your part, you grabbed the canvas and walked towards Minhyuk and asked, “What do you think about this babe?” Whenever you asked Minhyuk about something, he would always look at your face before at the thing you’re holding. His happy smile would immediately turn into a thin line. He’d place a hand on both of your shoulders, bring his thumb to your lips to brush the crumbs off.

Are you trying to tempt me to make out with you, babe? ‘Coz if you are, I would take a break for a while and made some lip action with you. *wink* And, oh, you did a good job with the strokes.”

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The day went by quickly and you were already walking your way to Hyungwon’s apartment. He’d invited you over for some time to catch up with each other and cuddle. Pushing the door open, Hyungwon was already sprawled on the floor with tons of bread. He was already having snack before he takes a nap. As soon as his eyes landed on you, he offered you a pan to which you gladly accepted and ate alongside with him. Eating the piece of break in silence, you suddenly felt Hyungwon’s finger tucked under your chin, making you turn your head towards him. He’d immediately swipe his thumb on your lips while chewing. 

You gotvsve sumcjas crumbs nom nom nom.

You wouldn’t understand at first but understands it after a few seconds, making you smile. Hyungwon would smile back and continue on munching on his bread before pulling your towards him room for your nap together.

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You were out on a picnic with Jooheon. There were sandwiches, kimbap and many more. The two of you chitchatted with each other while feeding each other some sandwiches. In the midst of talking, you noticed some crumbs on the side of Jooheon’s lips. Grabbing a piece of napkin, you wiped his lips, making him look at you. He’d smile at you and thank you before he also noticed some crumbs on your lips. Jooheon would literally giggle to himself, making you look at him suspiciously.

You’re so cute, babe. Hehehe, let me wipe those crumbs off your lips.”

Before you could even protest, he was already wiping off your lips. Catching you off-guard, he’d quickly plant a kiss on your lips before giggling to himself.

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You were hanging out with Changkyun at the cafe after a long day of studying for your exams. Nibbling on the croissant that you’ve ordered, you continued to blabber on about what you’re planning to do during the semester break. In the midst of talking, Changkyun notices the crumbs resting on the corner of your lips. At first, he’d be hesitant. He’ll stare at your lips for a good two minutes or so and would literally listen to his own thoughts while nodding to every single thing that you say.

Is she doing that on purpose so that we can get some lip action or something?

He’d be so suspicious to the point that he’d observe your actions before finally giving in, calling you out before wiping the crumbs off the corner of your lips with his thumb. “Are you doing this on purpose so that we can have a heated session later?” He’d be teasing you the whole time, winking at you and making a rawr gesture with his hands.

Day Fifty-Seven

-I was thoroughly underwhelmed and relieved by the amount of customers we had last night when we opened the doors. Unfortunately, the real Black Friday shoppers apparently decided to wait until today to come in en masse, and it was more terrifying than I had ever imagined. Thankfully this did not stop Cat Lady from coming in four separate times during my shift without making a single purchase.

-A woman attempted to specify to me which items she wanted a gift receipt for. I would ask, “All of it?” She would reply, “No, just these,” gesturing to everything. This cycle went on for an entire minute at which point we finally reached the understanding that she did in fact want a gift receipt for everything.

-A gaggle of elderly guests shouted from a location I could not determine, repeating, “Excuse me. Excuse me.” in what was simultaneously a whisper and a shout. While it may be later than they would have hoped, I would now like to formally excuse them from all that they could have been asking for.

-Far too many people have come through the store treating Black Friday as a sport, seeing who can sacrifice the most manners to attain the most savings. The winner is whoever spends the least money while purchasing the most stuff. The loser, their cashiers.

-An older woman purchased $150 of Pokemon cards, but at no point did she mention any gift receipts or anything about presents at all. I hope this means that she is working her way towards being the best that there ever was and establishing that Pokemon trainers can, in fact, age past ten years.

-A woman in her sixties purchased Cards Against Humanity along with several expansions. Whether she is entirely unaware of what the game holds in store for her or entirely aware of what is to come, I want nothing more out of my life than to be the Czar.

-The only genuine winners of Black Friday are the two amazingly polite dads who came through with their toddlers in hand, boasting to each other of how much they saved on their kitchen appliances.

-I watched on in confusion and terror as a woman deliberately passed up dozens of smaller bills, one at a time, to ultimately draw out a $100 bill to pay for her $11 purchase. If her goal was to prove herself the highest of rollers in the store at the time, she accomplished this with flair.

-A sweet old woman entered my lane, a mysteriously goatee-shaped bandaid on her chin, pristine white gloves on her hands, a gray sweater with the hood altered to function as a cape perfecting her ensemble. I want her to adopt me as soon as we can both fit it into our schedule, or at least sign her as my fashion consultant and see if I can commission a cape-hooded hoodie from her.

-I handed a young girl the book she had so eagerly purchased. She excitedly took it and ran to the end of the lane as her parents continued the transaction and began to read the story aloud to all within earshot. She spun the tale of the two kittens with such passion that I was left wanting more than another chapter as the family left the store.

-I was greeted by a mother-daughter shopping duo who had also come through my lane the previous night. They were passionate about their savings, but equally concerned with my well-being and lack of sleep. If I had the energy, I would have wept a single tear as they walked away, leaving me behind to watch the closest things I had to friends in this shift attain the freedom I so dearly desired.

-”You have incredible hair,” a bald man told me wistfully, eyeing my unreasonably thick brown mop. The sadness in his eyes made me consider cutting off a lock to hand to him, but I thought better of it, lest we enter a giving-a-mouse-a-cookie style scenario.

-An elderly woman placed her bills down on the conveyor belt one by one to count them out. I picked them up as she placed down the first couple to ensure they were not swept under the belt. I gestured for her to place them in my hand rather than on the moving surface. Instead, she took this as a challenge, throwing her money across the counter, avoiding my hand as best as she could, cackling to herself as I made a mad dash to pick up each. I never expected this sort of chaotic evil to come from such a frail body, but I have learned my lesson. I will never underestimate a potential nemesis again.

-As I was walking towards the guest services counter, I passed a shrieking baby and a mother desperate to soothe him. I happened to have a strip of stickers in my pocket and, before thinking about it, swooped in to hand them to the child. They immediately ceased the crying and the mother shouted her thanks as I walked away. I am now a gracious sticker fairy and I will pursue this new path wholeheartedly.

-The information that I used to work at Forever 21 has leaked to the management, and I became the subject of a battle between a front end manager and a soft lines manager. I believe soft lines won out in the end and I may have been brought into a new line of work.

-A father attempted to heckle me, asking if I would accept his Kohl’s cash. I turned the tables on the man, telling him that I would gladly take it, but it would not lower his total at all. His family found this hilarious, laughing at him uproariously as he pouted to himself after being roasted so severely. Let this be a lesson to all cashier-hecklers: we are doing our best and our jobs are hard enough and some of us cope with humor and sometimes you will get brutally burned.

Long Live the Queen (M)

Pt 2 Pt 3 Pt 4 Pt 5 Pt 6 Pt 7


Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Warnings: Rated M for possibly mature themes in future updates, probably smut, swearing, murder, violence. I might get a little crazy with this 

Summary: Jungkook’s name on the streets is the ‘Golden Prince’ for all the fanciful things he’s taken as his own. As a thief he can steal anything, even when he’s propositioned to steal the Queen herself. Stealing her heart however, will prove to be another matter completely. 

A/N: I’m not sure why I keep writing Jungkook fics, I’m just ???? Thank you to @baepsaeboyss​, Admin Skies for this idea, and thank you for the wonderful photo as well. I just saw this and I had to? Sorry I’ve changed a few things, and sorry if someone else has done this already

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It’s Who I am. [Juice Ortiz x Reader]

[Anon request: Juice Ortiz / ‘Get back here!’ & ‘It’s who I am.’]

Warnings: None.

A/N: In this, the reader is a mercenary / hired killer, and Juice is adorable as always. 

You had made the same phone call so many times now, it seemed like routine. You’d spend all night out at some bar on the edge of town after ‘doing your job’, get really drunk and then tell him up for some midnight comfort. Sure, there were plenty of men who would accept you into their willing arms each night, but none of them knew you like Juice did. And it was always Juice that you wanted.

“Hey, it’s me,” you began, pressing the phone hard to your ear to hear over the drunken rabble in the background.

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for your consideration...

New Girl - Nick/Jess - Character Swap AU

When Jessica Day quit teaching her mom was appalled.

“This is what you’ve wanted your whole life!” she had shrieked into the phone. “Just slap on a smile and power through! Everyone hates their first job. You can’t just give up on your dream.”

But that’s the thing. Teaching was always a dream for her. Then she woke up and was immediately struck by the reality of being an underpaid and underappreciated public school teacher. Her school was broke and filled with kids who just didn’t care, no matter how hard she tried to engage with them. She was never going to be able to make a difference in her students’ lives, and that’s the reason she wanted to be a teacher in the first place. The one kid she had any kind of connection to ended up dropping out mid-way through the school year after he was arrested for armed robbery.

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Returning the love Spreading some more

I typically don’t participate in this kind of thing. Not because I don’t love you guys because I do! I fucking love you! But more because I’m fucking horrible at taking compliments. I’m like that weird kid in the corner who you say “oh you did a great job!” and I’m like oh ok. Or “Oh you look nice today!” and I run away because I don’t know how to respond! But, I got a lot of love while I was at work today and I would be remiss to not return it! SO!

@descentofthe-losechesters I gladly accept your cupcakes. And for the love of Chuck stop reading my shit and go read a book! I’m flattered but…books are better! I swear! 

@feelmyroarrrr You’re amazing. Always reblogging and commenting. I see you. Thank you. Also, flaunt dat booty.

@thing-you-do-with-that-thing You know I hate you. That’s really all you need to know <3 

@winchesterprincessbride I know we don’t talk much but I’m flattered you think so highly of me. 

To the anon who said I write Dean/Jensen beautifully and stalks my blog, thank you. I truly appreciate that you think that and that you think I don’t get enough love. I do get a lot, despite the massive amount of crap that’s been on my blog lately. 

To the Denmark anon, the anon who said I make you smile, and the anon who said you loved my work, thank you all. 

@bringmesomepie56 I will never get tired of you. You know this. I fucking love you and I can’t wait until June. 

@nichelle-my-belle My tumblr bestie. My not tumblr bestie. I fucking love you. I don’t know how many other ways I can possibly say it. Jared to my Jensen. 

@chaos-and-the-calm67 Thank you for helping me through all my fic crises. There are many. I know. And for just being you. Wouldn’t have you any other way. 

@impala-dreamer Beka you’re awesome. Kinda can’t wait for NJ now to watch you faint. Glistening neck sweat. 

@deansdirtylittlesecretsblog I know we don’t talk too much but when we do it’s always pretty entertaining. Is it June yet?!

@mamapeterson Thanks for reaching out. It was much appreciated.

And finally, to everyone who reached out in private messages, I may not have responded to everyone, I honestly don’t know. And I’m not gonna tag you because I don’t know if you’d want to be tagged but thank you and I love you guys too. You’re all pretty fucking awesome. 

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Lust Potion (M)

Part 2/? of my Halloween series

►Character: BTS’s J-Hope || You

►Summary:  Hoseok is an immortal wizard, who expertise in sex-related potions and spells

►Genre: Smut; Wizard!Hoseok

►Word Count:  4, 327

© Inspired by this prompt by @nsfw-auideas

© to @booverie​ for the original Witching Hour idea

I seriously recommend Witching Hour by @booverie​ . I would make my own rec list too later so if you have any good fic to recommend to me, please send me a message

The small bell on top of the door rang, signaling your entrance. The strong scent of herbs tickled your nose as you stepped in further in the corner shop with vintage interior and exterior that made it look almost mysterious. There’s not even signage, only certain people that would know the purpose of this shop. Sunshine flooded the room through the windows, lighting the vials and jars filled with different liquids, potions, arranged on the shelves and tables. Some were even filled with different roots and herbs. You looked around the cozy shop, looking for the owner but didn’t see anyone. Continuing to marvel at the jars, you didn’t noticed that a pair of eyes was watching you. Hoseok watched as your eyes twinkled upon seeing the potions lined on the shelves of his shop, reading the labels with wide eyes, like a naive child. A small smile lingered on his lips, he leaned against the frame of the doorway behind the oak register counter, his arms crossed with his shirt sleeves rolled to his elbow. “Can I help you, miss?” His sudden voice makes you flinch. You turned towards the owner of the voice only to be greeted with a figure propped against the doorframe. You swallowed, suddenly feeling your throat tightening; your fingers fiddle with the hem of your cardigan, suddenly feeling self-conscious in front of the handsome stranger. His hair perfectly falls on his forehead stopping just above his eyebrows with a middle part. His eyes almost seem like they were filled with the sunshine, his smile was worth a million dollar that made your heart melt. He pushed away from the door frame to circle the counter before swiftly approaching you, as if he was gliding through the air. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.” When he was just a few centimeters away, you noticed that he was so tall, towering over your form. He held out his hand towards you. “I’m Hoseok. The owner of this shop.” You shyly placed your hand in his calloused one curtly replying with your name, feeling the rough skin warm against yours, he bows his head down before placing a small kiss on your knuckles. “I’m assuming a lovely lady like you has her own purpose of coming here, if you could tell me I would gladly help you.” You blushed at his words, feeling the heat spread to the tip of your ears.

Hoseok is a wizard who sells different kind of potions, and he’s infamous for his sex related potions. Being a virgin, you were curious as how the sensation of having real sex with a man would feel like, so here you are trying to buy a vial of sensation from him except you didn’t expect that he would be this good looking. You were expecting an older man with a thick mustache that would judge everyone that stepped in his shop. He motions towards a set of iron garden chairs and table, surrounded with lively greeneries and flowers. You nodded before following him. He pours you a cup of steaming tea, knowing so well that he had casted a spell to keep it warm, and to help you calm down. Muttering a quiet thank you, you cradled the small clay cup in your palm, feeling the warmness seep through your skin. Hoseok smiled, encouraging you to take a sip which you did. The hot liquid shocks your taste buds but quickly melts away all your nervousness, warming up your body. You sighed before giving him a small smile. “Now we can talk. Since you know the existence of this shop, I’m assuming you’re a magic user too?” You look up at him briefly before nodding curtly. “I’m just a spell caster.” He nodded. “Well, I’ll be gladly help you with anything, just ask away.” You swallowed, before taking a deep breath. “I-I… would like to purchase… a sensation.” Hoseok’s eyes brighten upon registering your stuttering. He grinned. “Yes… Sure… Lots of girls came by to purchase that too. Your boyfriend hasn’t been doing his job quite well aren’t he?” Hoseok chuckled at his own joke. You flushed upon hearing his comment. “Please wait for a while…” He was about to get up before you cut him off. “A-Actually… Hmm… I didn’t have a boyfriend.” He stopped, his eyes fixed on your flushed face, your soft hair falling down as you dropped your face in embarrassment. “I-I’m… actually a… virgin. I want to feel… what’s it like…” He sat back on his seat, his lips slightly ajar and his eyes blinking a few time at you. “Ohh… that’s a first.” You silently cursed at yourself. ‘Too much details for fuck sake Y/N. You should just keep that to yourself.’ You were about to laugh it off when Hoseok’s words made you halt. “In that case I would gladly be a help to you. I mean, why would you need a spell for that when you can actually have a real man to do that for you right?” You blinked at him, startled at his blatant offer. He just said casually, so casually with that bright grin of his.

Silence filled the air as you raked through your brain to think of an answer for that when he laughed. “I was just saying, no need to pressure yourself on that. I respect it if you want to keep your chasteness. But the offer is still up though.” He winked at you with a small mischievous smirk before getting up, strolling towards the shelves of potions and books. Instantaneously you got up, making the metal chair scrape against the marble floor. “I-I would take that offer.” He stilled, his steps were halfway through. You could feel your cheeks burn, beginning to regret your decision now. You pondered between taking it back and laughing it off or just running out of the shop and never look back again when Hoseok slowly turned towards you. Your heart missed a beat when your eyes meet his. There was a glint of lust as they briefly raked through your nervous form. Hoseok turned his body around before taking a long stride towards you, the heels of his slicked black shoes clacking against the floor. You flinched, backing away from him spontaneously. He leaned down a bit, to level his face with yours, his arms crossed over his broad chest. You swallowed, before collecting your courage to look up at his face. He was furrowing a bit, his eyes bore into yours as if searching your mind. “Are you sure about this, Y/N. I mean, you wanted to lose your virginity to a stranger right now.” His words hit you like a bullet. You are beginning to hesitate, but he offered it first, right? He stepped forward making you hastily taking a step back. “I’m a possessive man, Y/N. If you accept my offer that means that you would submit your whole self to me. You would belong only to me once I take your virginity.” His voice dropped an octave, sending a shiver down your spine. The sudden idea of belonging to this hot wizard burnt your body, you pressed your thighs together trying to tone down the arousal developing deep inside of you. Hoseok pulled back before taking a few step backward, giving you your space. He smiled. “Think of it first. Go back home and have a thorough thought about it. Come back tonight after I’ve closed if you still stand your decision. If not, you can come back tomorrow to retrieve your sensation potion, for free.” He ruffled your hair a bit before retreating towards the counter. “W-What time… should I come tonight?” You stuttered the question before he could disappear; he stopped before looking back at you. “Eleven would be good.” You nodded, before curtly bowing to him, bidding a quick goodbye before dashing out of the shop. Hoseok tucked his hands into his pants pockets, watching as you passed by his front window, your tiny lips captured between your teeth and the apple of your cheek flushed. He smirked, before chuckling. The thought of being your first stirred his guts, suddenly feeling his pants tightening at the thought of having your naked body sprawled on his crispy white cotton sheet. He groaned before retreating back inside. Hoseok had seen you a few times before around the town, and he knew you’ve been fantasizing over him. He purposely asked you to come by midnight. Apparently you didn’t know that. At midnight, where his powers were at their peak, strongest, is called the witching hour by the magic users. Spell casters weren’t born with magic, they just practice spells from books so that explains why you didn’t knew about it. As one of the most powerful immortal wizards, Hoseok loves to keep his profile low. Unlike his fellow coven, he doesn’t like the spotlight, so he decided to open a small shop after he finished his magic school. Tonight, he was sure that you would come. Now, how is he supposed to run his shop when he’s that hard. He sighed. Looks like he would need his potion for himself.

You debate with yourself. This is your virginity you’re talking about. If you decide to accept his offer then you’ll be his. You blushed again at the thought of being his. His handsome face flooded your mind, you can’t stop the grin that crept on your face as his bright smile came back to you. ‘I mean… he’s not entirely a stranger. You’ve seen him a few times at the supermarket. And he’s really hot when his eyebrows knitted while focusing on the jam’s bottle label.’ You squealed in your palm. Taking a deep breath you bit back your grin before skipping home. You’ve come to your a decision. You begin to think of what would you wear, halting in your step before turning back around towards the bus stop. ‘Maybe I need some new lingerie too.’ You giggled.

The night couldn’t fall any quicker. You were strolling down the quiet streets, your fingers tight on the strap of your back. Pushing your hair behind your ear, you looked around. The streets were well lit by the street lights. You could see Hoseok’s shop coming into your sight. You can’t help but blush at what you were about to do. Well, there’s no backing out now. You took a deep breath before proceeding towards his front door. The shop was dark, you frowned when a small yellow sticky note grabbed your attention. ‘There’s another door on the other side ;) -JHS’ You took a left turn to follow Hoseok’s direction, walking down a bit before coming through a small alley. There’s a door with an antique lamp lighting it’s way. You gingerly took a step towards it. Pressing on the small button, you could hear the loud ding echoing through the building. The door flew open, revealing Hoseok with a small towel on his head, his wet hair hung down his forehead indicating that he was just done with showering. His lips broke into a wide grin upon seeing you standing there. “Ahh, you’re here. Quite early.” Your face fell as you hastily look at your watch. 11:10 pm. frowning you looked up only to see Hoseok biting back a grin. “So cute…” He’s ribbing you. A small pout broke on your lips. “What…” He chuckled before he laced his fingers with yours, eyes glowing with mirth behind his dark, damp hair. Heat bloomed on the peak of your cheek as Hoseok lead you inside. You glanced around. It’s quite spacious inside. The door that you came through was linked with his work area where he produces all the potions, another door lead to a room that seems to be a living room. Shelves of thick bound books lined the walls, a small brick fireplace in between and there’s a spiral staircase that leads upstairs besides a small but well equipped kitchen, an island counter separated the kitchen with the living room. Hoseok chucked the towel on a leather couch arranged in front of the fireplace, gently tugging you towards the staircase. Ascending the staircase, he looked back towards you, smiling gently as his thumb draws circle on your hand. You felt your heart skipped a beat at his comforting gesture.

Once you reached the second floor, you marveled at the view. It’s his bedroom. It was cozy, with the yellow lights giving the romantic feels, the bed tucked at a corner with a light grey comforter and white pillows. A huge mahogany table rested on the opposite side of the room, situated in front of a huge window overlooking the small city. Hoseok had let go of your hand, watching as you took in the surrounding, awing at his room. He smiled, padding towards a small bar before pouring a drink for you, to calm you down. He handed the crystal glass to you, you thanked him before accepting the glass, the auburn liquid swirling inside. Taking a sip, you let it soothe down your nerves, burning your throat a little, the bitter aftertaste lingered on your taste buds. Hoseok mimicked your action, his eyes never left your face as you continued to look around the room. The picture frames on the wall near his study desk caught your attention. Cradling the glass in one hand, you took off your bag before setting it on the floor, near his table with a small thud before proceeding towards the frames. Hoseok watched, mesmerized at how you always find things to marvel at, so naive, pure. The frames perfectly framed the pictures of Hoseok along with his coven. They all look so young, beautiful too. You turned to look at him, who was standing beside you, starring warmly at the pictures. “They’re like brothers to me.” You adverted your sight back to the pictures, a smile also curved on your lips. They must be really close for him to call them his brothers. Hoseok turned towards you, he set his glass on the table before doing the same with yours. Lacing his fingers around the curves of your waist, he pulls you closer to him. Suddenly feeling so petite in his towering form, you swallowed, your eyes looking everywhere but at him. Hoseok smiles coyly, watching you flustered in his arm. He grazed his finger on your cheek, his thumb caressing your cheekbone, making you tilt your head upward. Your eyes flickered to his, the warm brown gleam under the amber lights. Compelled, you can’t look away as his face closed the distance, his thumb nimbly stroking your chin.

Hoseok dipped his head down, his eyes dropped to your rosy lips. He paused, searching for any hesitance but found nothing. Softly, Hoseok pressed his lips against yours, giving a chaste kiss. His plump lips melt against yours perfectly, fluttering your eyes close as your breath stuck in your lungs. Nimbly your arms circled his neck, securing yourself as your knees begin to tremble. Hoseok took this as a green light for him as he deepened the kiss, feeling you melt under his touch, his fingers played across your back, the other one wrapped around your waist to mold your body against his. You sighed, feeling heat spread on your cheek as you gave in, falling under his spell. Hoseok brushed his tongue on your lips, coaxing them open before slipping in swiftly, caressing every nook of your cavern. You gasped when his tongue took control, massaging yours. You’ve never kissed like this before. He tasted of mint with a slight bitter note of coffee. Your cheeks turned a shade darker, your fingers clutched on his shirt. Breaking away from the kiss, you gasped for air, Hoseok heaved a breath, his fingers found their way on your cheeks once again, caressing them as your head tilted upwards, your eyes in daze as they stare up at him. He smirked, before lifting you up making you yelp, hoisting you up on his hip. He carried you effortlessly towards the bed, slowly dropping you on the soft mattress. The comforter crippled underneath you, you stared up at Hoseok who was hovering above you, craving for the taste of his lips against yours once again. As if reading your mind, he leaned down to kiss you once again, more passionate this time. You wrapped your arm around his neck, burying your fingers into his damp lock, timidly tugging on his cold scalp. He sighed, his fingers dancing up and down the side of your waist. Tempted to feel your skin against his, he pulls your top off, revealing your hidden body, almost forgetting that it’s your first time. Breaking away from the kiss you shared, only to take your top off before latching his lips to your jaw, scattering kisses down to your neck and collarbone, nipping at the thin skin there. You felt he tugged on your jeans, looking up to you, searching for your permission this time. You nodded curtly, enough for him to catch it. Unbuttoning your jeans, he pulled the heavy fabric down, revealing your skin inch by inch. Goosebumps flooded your skin, making you shiver when Hoseok pulled your jeans off one leg at a time. Not wanting for you to feel left out, he pull his shirt off, exposing his broad, built chest, the muscles of his biceps ripple when he hovers above you, his arm supporting his body on either side of your waist.

You swallowed, Hoseok ran his sight all over your body, your thighs that were clamped together, rubbing against each other and your lingerie clad body, the dark color complementing your skin perfectly like how your thick mane framed your face making Hoseok’s finger ache to run through them. He inwardly groaned when his eyes met yours. Your hooded lids making your eyes darken with your swollen lips jutted out, tempting him. Tempted he lowered his head to capture your lips once again, sucking on your bottom lip to make it bloom red. Your breath hitched when he crashed his lips against yours, suddenly feeling a surge of energy rushing through your veins, intoxicating you and making you float higher into oblivion. You could feel every part of your body came to life, your fingertips tingled as your toes curled at the sudden rush of energy. Was it Hoseok? Is he using his magic on you? Your mind was clouded, too hazy that you didn’t even noticed that Hoseok had slipped his fingers into your panties. Breaking away from his addicting lips, you gasped, both for air and the feeling of his thick digit sliding into your sopping wet channel. Your nails dug into his arms, letting yourself drown into the lust, feeling his finger scrape against your sensitive wall. Slowly pumping in and out of you, Hoseok slyly added another finger, letting his heightened magic flow through your body through his two digit inside of you. You arched your back, a lewd cry tumbled out of your parted lips, your eyes screw shut as your eyebrows creased. “W-Wait…your magic…it’s too much.” Hoseok smirked, not pulling back instead he just let his now at peak power flow through you, watching with a coy smirk on his face as your lips parted and your eyebrows knitted together. “Why…how…” He lowered his body, bracing himself on his elbow while his fingers still pumping in you, feeling your juice leak into your drenched panties. “Ever heard of the witching hour, sweetheart. It’s when our magic is the most powerful, usually at midnight, until the dawn.” You let the new information sink in your clouded mind, suddenly feeling so small under his powerful figure, and magic. He’s literally your senior, possessing stronger power than you, a mere spell caster. Abruptly he pulled out of you, making you whimper, your hip reflexively bucked. Hoseok licked his fingers clean, drawing back to pull his sweatpants down, releasing his rigid shaft that curved against his lower stomach. You swallowed as you take in his size, nervousness started to claw back into your mind. When Hoseok touched your bare thigh, a jolt went through your body, goosebumps appearing on your skin. His fingers curled under the band of your panties, pulling them down your legs before coming up towards your upper body, unclipping your bra and sliding it off your shoulders, revealing your perky rosy nipples. Catching the bouncy flesh in his big hands, he gave them a small squeeze before dipping his head down, flicking his tongue on the hardened tip. Your breathy moan echoed through the room. Caressing your body, he pulled your thighs apart, settling himself in between before aligning his bulbous tip against your leaking lower lips. You swallowed, waiting for it to come through but it didn’t. You looked up, meeting his eyes, his furrowed brows. Hoseok leaned down, grazing his lips against yours in a soft kiss, he could feel your tense body underneath him. He didn’t want you to be nervous; he wants you to feel good, to be pleasured. So he let his magic flow through you again, flooding his vein along with the pheromone almost to the point that he could literally glow from it.

You moaned into his mouth, your arms instinctively wrapping around his shoulders, deepening the kiss. Feeling you were relaxed once again, he decided to slide into you unnoticed, going in as slowly as he can, sighing once feeling your velvety channel wrapped around his rigid member. Your back arched against his chest, you departed from his lips to throw your head back, releasing a drawled out moan of his name. With his magic overwhelming you, you hardly felt any pain as he broke through your barrier, his hard length stretched you open, caressing every inch perfectly. You claw his back, sinking in deeper into the wave of lust. Hoseok paused deep inside of you, cursing underneath his ragged breath, his jaw clenched at his tight you are, sucking him in, he felt like he would just come right at the moment. Taking time to steady himself, Hoseok fisted the gray comforter underneath you. Groaning, he planted his lips on your shoulder; his head fell on the mattress beside you. “Gosh, you feel so good.” You mewled, begging him to move. Your body was jolting with his pure magic, making you addicted and wanting to feel more of him. Complying, he moves slowly, pulling back until he was just an inch inside before sliding back inside to the hilt. He repeated his action making you mewl. Your perky breasts crashed against his chest, Hoseok leaned his forehead against yours as he gradually increased his speed upon your begging. Your moans and mewls are like music to his ears, he held in the urge to capture them into a jar for his personal use, only decided to embed the image of you writhing underneath him instead deep into his darkest mind. You could feel something coiling inside your belly, your tights clamping on his hip, your fingers twisted the fabric underneath you in an attempt to anchor yourself. “Hoseok…” His eyes flew open when he felt your slick core tightening around his shaft. “Let it go, sweetheart. Come for me. Come, sweetheart.” The coil inside of you snapped, your back bowed away from the mattress, a cry of his name filled the room, along with his grunts as his pace had become sloppy, his hip slapped against yours, the wet sound of skin slapping against skin tempted him over his edge. With a deep growl of your name, he exploded with his own orgasm, filling you with his warm ejaculation. You could feel his member twitch inside of your sensitive channel. Your hands caressed his arms as he slumped on top of you. Regulating his breath, Hoseok pulled himself out of you, making his seed leak out of you. You moaned at the sudden emptiness, your body buzzed with the aftermath of your lewd acts with Hoseok. Closing your eyes, you let the fatigue took over when you felt Hoseok’s strong arms pull you closer, sighing as he enveloped you into his embrace. His arms wrapped around your shoulders and waist, caressing your back in a soothing circle. “Don’t fall asleep yet, we’re not done.” Your eyes flew open upon hearing Hoseok uttered those words. He smirked; you flinched as you felt the rush of energy again. “Until dawn, remember.”


Hoseok watched your sleeping form on his bed; your chest heaving up and down in a calm pace, the comforter covered your naked skin, only leaving your shoulders exposed. He smirked, his eyes scanned your calm expression, stopping on your collarbone, decorated with blooming purple marks. Leaning down, he grazes the back of his hand on your jaw, down the column of your neck and hovered above your chest, where you heart is. Hushing a spell, he watched as amber light siphoned from your chest, hovering in his palm. The corner of his lips lifted, his eyes glow ominously, feeling pride swell in his chest. You stirred in your sleep but made no other action to wake up. Hoseok caressed your hair before getting up slowly, cradling the glowing aura in his hand. Padding towards his study table, towards the waiting vial of clear liquid, he whispered a few spells before letting the glowing aura fill the small jar. Stuffing it close with a cork, Hoseok smirked, lifting it to watch the amber liquid glow, a rectangular label hanging on the side of the small bottle. ‘Virgin Sex’

Setting it back on the table, Hoseok glanced at the clock. An hour left until the sunrise, yet he could still feel his magic rushing through his veins. With a Cheshire grin, he stalked towards your sleeping form, his dark eyes fixed on you, his prey.

Yoongi Smut

“daddy or boss?”

Your body slightly swayed to the song in the background while you served drinks to your customers. It was busier than usual, so your boss, Yoongi, had to help you out.

“One Gin and Tonic here baby.” A drunk man, attractive nonetheless, called out to you and you nodded, getting his drink ready instantly. You felt Yoongi come up behind you and reach out for a drink, his body touching you slightly, enough to make you hold your breath.

He moved away as quickly as he came, taking the drink that he wanted and poured it out on a glass.

You passed the drink to the man who grabbed your hand but you just swiftly loosened yourself, moving onto the next order.

Yet again, Yoongi touched you while taking the knife from your hands to cut a slice of lemon.

Few words were exchanged, since there were too many people to serve, however seeing Yoongi work just made you amazed.

The night continued, Yoongi still touching you, breathing down on your neck, making your knees weak, and occasionally wrapping his hands around your waist to move you aside to get past you.

Finally, it got quieter after a while, and you saw Yoongi sit on the barstool, knackered.

You smiled slightly and poured some whiskey out on a glass and slid it to him.

He looked up at you, his eyebrows raised in question.

“You look tired.” You shrugged and he took it in his hands, raising it at you in gratitude, before taking a gulp.

“I don’t know how you do this.” He said, finally.

“You get used to it.” You give him a small smile and pour out another drink for the same attractive, drunk man that was still here.

“You alright?” You hesitated to give him the drink, it would be his 5th one this night.

“Do I look okay?” He slurred drunkenly, giving you a smile.

“Let’s get you home.” You set the drink down and went around the bar, he was one of the only few people left, and put his arm around your shoulders, trying to lift him up.

“The name is Jimin.” He leaned against you slightly, his arms wrapping around your waist, which you inwardly cringed at.

You helped him out of the bar, and called a taxi, before putting him inside. You even paid the driver beforehand, and Jimin mumbled his address before mumbling you a thank you.

You smiled at him and walked back inside when the vehicle drove off and saw that Yoongi was the only person remaining, the others must have left.

“I guess i’ll close up then.” You said to Yoongi and he nodded, taking another gulp of his drink, finishing it off.

You walked towards the door, again, and locked it and started to arrange the chairs and tables before sitting down next to Yoongi, who had a new drink, and a fresh, untouched one next to him.

“What did you think of today then?” You asked him and he looked at you, passing you the drink that was next to him. You took it gratefully and took a big gulp, the alcohol burning down your throat, relieving you instantly.

“It was okay.” He shrugged and set his drink down and looked at you. “Don’t you get tired?”

“It is pretty tiring.” You smiled at him before taking another sip of your drink.

“Then why are you still working here? I’m sure a young, beautiful woman like you would be accepted gladly for any other job.”

“Thank you, but I like it here. I mean, sometimes, it can get out of control but it’s a wonderful atmosphere here. People are here to just gossip and catch up and us having no wifi here allows them to be social. I haven’t really thought of any other jobs at the moment, maybe in the future but for now, I am quite happy.”

“But-” He was cut off with your phone ringing and you smiled apologetically before picking it up.

Taehyung’s deep voice came in from the line and you chatted for a while before hanging up.

You sat on one of the comfier chairs and called Yoongi to join you. He came, with both of your drinks.

“Boyfriend?” He asked, plopping himself in front of you and leaning back, making him look effortlessly sexy.

“No.” You smiled. “I don’t have one.”

“Me either.”

“Well I should hope so.” You joked and he rolled his eyes, and fuck he looked so hot.

“I mean, I don’t have a girlfriend.” He smiled and you smiled back.

He took out a cigarette from his suit pocket, and lit it, taking a drag, before passing it to you.

You accepted and took a long drag before leaning back and blowing it out, observing the ceiling.

“Tell me more about you.” Yoongi demanded, and you smiled, not looking at him, taking another puff.

“What do you want to know?”


So, you did. You told him everything. Maybe it was the alcohol talking, but you talked on for what felt like hours before you looked at Yoongi directly, who already had his eyes on you, his attention at you fully.

“Your turn.” You said and he shook his head.

“Baby, you can’t get me talking that easily.” He gave a grin and you rolled your eyes. “But i can confess something.”

“Yeah?” You put out the remains of the cigarette and put your elbows on the table, lowering and leaning forward towards Yoongi, whose eyes, without any shame, travelled straight to your cleavage.

“I think you’re so sexy, so hot, so fucking beautiful.” He looked back up at you and you gave a half smile, half smirk.

“Likewise.” You clinked your glass against his and was about to take a gulp when he took the glass out of your hand and pressed his lips firmly against yours.

As soon as your arms wrapped around his neck, he lifted you up and pulled you, so you were on the table and he was between your legs. His warm tongue slipped between your lips and his hand travelled to your boob, giving it a squeeze, making you moan into his mouth.

“You’re my boss.” You said, pulling away from his and he gave an annoyed grunt before pulling you closer, resuming kissing you in a way you had never been before.

The man in front of you , no surprise, took complete control. From where your hands travelled to where his travelled.

it was a completely new and wonderful experience.

“You’re my lover now.” He growled before using his hands to split your legs open wider for him.

“Fuck, Yoongi.” You moaned when he lightly grinded on your womanhood, him giving a small growl of pleasure also.

The low music in the background was broken when you and Yoongi’s glass was thrown onto the floor, by Yoongi and he laid you flat on the table, his eyes traveling around you shamelessly.

“Fucking hell.” He whispered and gave an impressed hum before his hands unzipped your dress.

He swore again, mumbling under his breath, something along the lines of ‘i finally get to fuck you’, making you take deep breaths because, frankly, you had never imagined a man like Yoongi would want you.

His hands slowly ran over your body, touching every inch, leaving a trail of burning desire, his dark eyes watching your nipples perk up that were screaming for his attention.


Not fucking right now was torture.


Yoongi attacked your neck with kisses and bites and fuck, you could get addicted to this.


“Here?” You asked and he nodded.

“Here.” He took his lips away from your skin just to say that and you visibly shivered.

He was going to fuck you on the table.

Yoongi’s hand travelled to your nipple and pinched it, while licking his lips, making you arch your back, with him giving a grunt of approval.

Your hands desperately travelled to Yoongi’s bulge and stroked him through his suit trousers fabric. He closed his eyes, giving a deep purr of pleasure before pushing you down on the table, his body crushing yours deliciously.

“Baby, you only touch me when I tell you to.” He growled, his voice deep, his eyes hooded.

The lighting in the bar couldn’t favour Yoongi enough. The low, seductive lighting created beautiful shadows under his eyes, his long eyelashes creating flirtatious art, his cheekbones extremely defined and his eyes shining with lust.

“Yes, Yoongi.” You breathed out but he continued to kiss you in such a way that you forgot all the other men you were with previously.

“Baby, hands above your head.” He demanded, and you obliged, not resisting. There was no point resisting now anyway, you were both too deep in.

He gave you one last peck on the lips before moving lower, his lips leaving a trail, and where his lips touched your skin, it burnt - in a good way, before finally reaching your panties.

“Black’s my favourite colour.” He says and kisses the top of your red lace panties. “But red looks sexy on you nonetheless.”

“Thank you.” You try to sit up and he gently pushes you back down with his body, his hands holding yours tightly above your head.

“You don’t fucking move without my permission.” He hisses and you nod, not being able to form a sentence or find the right words because without any warning, one of his hand slips inside your panties, making you arch your back under Yoongi, and touching his bulge in the process.

He gives a deep growl before moving his fingers, circling your clit, while moving lower onto your breasts, his tongue poking your nipples teasingly, earning a whine from you.

“Don’t make any noises.” He demands, his tongue resuming the action and it’s a while before his whole lips wrap around your nipple, leaving you feeling hot and messy.

You felt his lips form into a smile when you let out a ‘fuck’ accidentally under your breath.

He removed your panties and placed himself in front of your entrance.

“Oh baby, you have such a pretty little pussy.”

He gave one slow lick and stopped to look up at you and smirked before continuing.

He knew all the right places and the right spots, showing his experience.

His wet tongue felt delicious and his hands grip your waist, holding you firmly when you were squirming and bucking your hips, not pleased with his slow and torturous pace.

He hesitates to tease you, before sucking your folds harshly, his lips letting out a pop when he pulls away but continues when you whine breathlessly, hands itching to bury themselves in his soft green locks that suited him in a strange way.

His tongue entered, unexpectedly deep, inside of you and you unconsciously let out a “daddy” making him stop and bite your inner thighs, making you into a moaning mess.

“Yes, fuck, does my little princess like that?” He growls, before standing up.

You nod and he finally removes his designer leather belt along with his expensive suit, which are abandoned on the floor somewhere, probably soaked in the alcohol from the glasses.

“Show daddy what you can do baby.” And with those words, your sit up on the table, which was as low as the chair, and take Yoongi’s long length in your hands. “On your knees princess, so I can take all of that body in.”

You went on your knees immediately and stuck your ass out, and Yoongi immediately let out appreciative noises before reaching his hands out to bury in your hair.

“Is this all for me daddy?” You tilt your head up at him, batting your eyelashes for extra effect, which apparently seemed to have worked for him.

“Yes baby, fuck, for you.”

You gave a grin before giving him a long slow stroke, his pre-cum leaking out, glistening in the low light, making a soft sticky noise which was over powered by Yoongi’s deep, sexy hiss.

You stop and Yoongi observes, his eyes not betraying any emotion. You run your thumb along his tip and collect the white substance and smudge it on your lips, which you lick while looking up at him, making him grab you and kiss you, hard.

“Am I doing good, daddy?” You ask and he nods.

“You’re doing good princess- fuck, more than good.” He breaks off when you stroke him, your hands wrapping around him tighter.

You lower yourself and take him in your mouth. You twirl your tongue around his tip and give it a kiss with your plump lips before running your tongue from the bottom to the tip of his cock.

“Deeper baby.” He groans when you only take his tip in to tease him. Deciding that was enough torture, you take him in deep, feeling him at the back of your throat, gagging slightly at the contact and spitting on his tip, and pumping fast, making his hips thrust unknowingly and his lips fall into an 'o’ shape.

You lick his tip again and he decided he’s had enough so he lays you down on your back, one hand holding both of your above your head and the other hand splitting your legs wide open.

Realising that he didn’t have a condom on, he moved and before you knew he was gone, he came back on with a condom, which he put on swiftly.

He slipped inside of you easily, as you were very wet, and pushed himself in deep, making you scream out random curse words, overwhelmed at the feeling of him inside of you.

Your hands dig themselves onto Yoongi’s back but he doesn’t seem to mind anymore. He thrusts with full force, filling you up completely, sending waves of pleasure all over your body, making your knees weak and your toes curl at the impact.

He heightens the intensity of your orgasm by sucking and leaving marks all over your neck, and before you knew it, you were close. Yoongi figured this and thrust harder, his hand now playing with your clit, making you scream him name and bury your hands in his hair, tug on them gently.

Soon enough, you reach your orgasm. Not just a normal orgasm, a toe curling, body jerking orgasm.

Yoongi follows shortly after, groaning and collapsing on you, his hand still buried deep in your hair, his warmth slipping inside of you.

He pulls out and takes the condom out and ties a knot before throwing it on the floor and laying down next to you.

“How was that?” He asks and you give a soft laugh.

“Great but I think I need more of that.”

This makes him sit up and looks at you, his hands shamelessly travelling down your body and stopping on your thighs and gives a small squeeze.

“You’ll definitely be getting more, don’t worry about that.”

“I have a question.” You mumbled and sat up, moving his hair away from his face and he grabbed your hand and kissed the tips. Yoongi nodded, signalling to go ahead and you hesitated before continuing.

“Do I call you daddy or boss?”

Fools Pt 2

You sat in silent shock on the couch.
“Diana, honey, are you feeling well, you’re not making sense.”
“I am feeling fine,” She promised. “And I’m telling the truth.” You nodded slowly, watching her. “Please, please go unpack. I told you the truth, please don’t leave me.” She gripped your hand in hers.
“Diana.” Her brown eyes searched your face.
“At least until Saturday, let me change, let me put you first. Wait until you are clear minded to make this decision.”
You agreed to that much, the two of you sat in thick silence in the living room, staring out the glass door to the balcony.
“Do you really hate Paris?” She asked in a whisper.
“I feel so alone in this city. I uprooted my entire life for one person, I moved to one of the largest cities in Europe and the one person I came here for is hardly ever here.”

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Yuuram in Novel 15

So, I made a promise to write one of these per day until next week. So here’s the end to the Seisakoku arc. It’s so nice to re-read it and find little things I never paid too much attention to before. I always include things I find interesting even if they’re not yuuram. Anyways, enjoy:

Yuuram in Novel : 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11|12|13|14|15|16|17 

Novel 15. ch.1
- So he uses majutsu anywhere but when Wolf wants to do it…-

“…If it’s same as a game, then the zombie group must be weak against fire, right.”

Wolfram who was standing next to me folded his knees. And soon the emerald green eyes were sparkling close to me. His fire techniques are magnificent. By controlling a fire beast effectively, he could burn down only the dead.

“Don’t do it.”
But if I think about the nature of the locality, I couldn’t let him do something unreasonable.
“Why are you stopping me.”
“Didn’t you say that magic doesn’t work in the land of the Shinzoku.”
“Even if you have Gunter’s protector, how can I let you do such a reckless thing!”
“Boys! Enough of your playing around.”

Novel 15. ch.2
- Drunkenness and lies -

Maybe it’s just me, but it feels as though Adalbert’s powerful muscles shrivel quite a lot, looks like he’s a man who easily makes mistakes because of alcohol. Wolfram, too, uses poisonous words unbefitting of his pretty face to add salt to the wound,

“Oh dear, don’t tell me you want to say you were drunk then? That can’t be possible, people call you the Grantz boss, how could you have gotten drunk on one barrel of wine? By the way, you also said you don’t sleep while hugging baby bears anymore.”


Afterwards, according to my investigations, it seems there was never ‘a promise on the ship’. Wolf replies with a straight face, “I was just winging it.”

He even tells me, “He’s the man who betrayed Shin Makoku, and stood on the humans’ side. I really hate my uncle and Grantz, rather than giving Adalbert wine, I’d rather pour the highest quality grape wine into the river.”

To think he could tell such a lie so easily, seems like he’s matured too.

Novel 15. ch.2
-Telepathically - 

“Yuuri, you still plan to…”

Wolfram tries to say something, but Lord Weller puts a hand on his shoulder, looking at him and shaking his head. As expected of brothers, they understand each other telepathically even without words.

Novel 15. ch.2
-Henachoko -

“It is indeed rare for the king to appear at the frontlines himself.”
“Is that so?”
“Other than Shinou, I heard there are only two others who went to the frontlines of their own volition.”
“Surely Yuuri will be praised by the poets in the future as a brave king, huh? Although you’re actually such a henachoko.”
“Henachoko… That’s right, it’s because I’m a henachoko that I can’t stand this atmosphere.”
Wolfram leans back slightly and makes fun at me, since I haven’t been able to think of a decent strategy until now, I don’t even have the energy to retort him.

Novel 15. ch.2
-Wolfram isn’t fit to do anything risky, okay!-

Murata isn’t all that heavy either, the only question is if anyone can ride a galloping horse up to him at a hair’s breadth away and then reach out to grab him.

Of course, this job can’t go to Wolfram. He’d probably lose it if I told him directly, but the position required is very challenging, and you’d need to pull up a high school student with one hand. Therefore not only would you need good riding skills, you also need powerful arm strength.

Novel 15. ch.2
-Wolf gets confused by Yuuri’s English words, but can understand what they’re talking about?-

Wolfram was watching our conversation from a side, and finally breaks the awkward moment,
“So all you need is position?”
With his hands on his hips, he tilts his upper body back, his tone sounding as though he understands the English we’re speaking.
“In that case, just make her our goodwill ambassador. Won’t it be fine if you make this old woman Seisakoku’s goodwill ambassador to Seisakoku right now?”  (continues below)

Novel 15. ch.2
-This bit is really interesting, it starts with Yuuri feeling dejected because no one knows he’s the maou and treats him like a normal person and he can’t make decisions, when Wolf steps in..-

“It is indeed very hard for you, since you’re an intermediate.”

“Mn? You’re not calling me a beginner anymore?”

“Well—You’ve been on the throne for quite a while, after all.”

He blinks his eyes, as emerald as the bottom of a clear lake, and says,

“In other words, you’ve grown a little bit.”

“I guess there’s been a minor change. But in the time I changed from a beginner to intermediate, I still couldn’t come up with a solution to convince the people. Ah, man”

“Then, allow me to do what I can for the the king who’s grown up.”


“Since your identity is false, of course your authority is electing an official isn’t recognized. Alright, turn around!”

I don’t know what he writes on the pale green slip, and he doesn’t seem to be bothered by how uneven my back is, either, writing and signing his name fluidly. I don’t care what you’re doing, but that really is very ticklish.

“Wolf, what are you writing…”

“I elect you as the Bielefeld territory’s goodwill ambassador to Seisakoku. See!”


He waves the paper in front of my face. Having lived more than eighty years as an aristocratic heir, he seems used to homework like this, easily giving Venera a position.

“This is something we do commonly in the territory. Choose a suitable representative from amongst the people and honor them with a title in public, so that uniting the people will henceforth be his job, and he doesn’t have to come to us for some of the small stuff too.”

“Is that so~~ To think you’re so used to these things.”

“Although I’m a soldier loyal to the Maou in the capital, my job when I’m back at my territory is more like an administrator.”

“Are you learning how to be a good leader? What mature thinking—”

Novel 15. ch.4
-The punch-

Wolfram walks up to me quickly, perhaps to help me out.

“No, I’m taking Ajira with me. Although I feel bad for asking him, I still need a translator. Although I think it’s not too possible, but Wolfram, um…”

“What is it?”

“Don’t you come with me now.”

Lord von Bielefeld narrows his eyes, saying in a calm voice,

“If milord just says the word, I would gladly go to the ends of the earth for you.”

He’s sounding all polite and respectful again, even though he knows very well I can’t handle him at all when he’s like this.

“Stop joking around, I’m going off to be a hostage, how could I possibly let you come along.”

“To be able to do even the slightest thing for Your Majesty, is my utmost pride and glory.”

“T-thank you for your kind intentions, but I can’t let you come with me, Lord von Bielefeld.”

I don’t know how many times I’ve come across this situation already. Once the other person treats me so sincerely, I get frustrated and impatient because I feel I need to repay in kind. In the end, I’ll either make it worse, or say a bunch of random things.

“My beloved officer’s life shouldn’t be sacrificed for me, but contributed to the country.”

“The two are one and the same.”

“It’s not like that, Wol…”

That moment just as I’m turning around to face him, a strong impact assaults my stomach, and I nearly stop breathing. My mind goes blank for about five seconds, and I’ve no idea what happened, only managing to kneel on the ground, groaning in pain. I try to take in a breath so hard, but I can’t do it.

“Wolf… What did… you do…”

“I’m sorry.”

By the time I realize that I had taken a punch from him, he’s already taken off my hooded cloak. I’m all curled up, lying on the sand, the pain making me hold my stomach, unable to breathe. It’s obviously already night time, yet my eyes are filled with a sea of red, my throat making a piercing sound, and still the air doesn’t enter my lungs.

Novel 15. ch.5
-The punch’s meaning-

Maybe it’s because I’m too much of a mess, Conrad and Wolfram both reach out their hands to try and help me up, but I don’t need their kindness right now.

“Did I ask you two to do this?”

Maybe he didn’t expect me to ask so suddenly, because Wolfram seems to be frozen in shock.

“Whose idea was it?”

“Your Majesty.”

Conrad wanted to interrupt, but Wolfram gets there first, replying,

“It was mine.”

“Now you’ve done it!”

Before I even finish saying the words, I’ve already pulled him by the clothes on his chest. I don’t hold back at all, our faces almost colliding. His eyes look different than usual, because of the illumination from the torch.

“What’s the meaning of that punch to my stomach, huh? Do you want a divorce? To remarry someone else?”

“… respect and affection”


I took a punch to the stomach for nothing, and it’s been hurting ever since then all the way until now. If I don’t force myself to stand with my back straight, I’d probably be holding my stomach and crouching on the ground by now. If it weren’t for Yelshi watching from the side, I’d have done that long ago.

To be honest, I wanted to butt my head against his hard, but exerting myself now will only make the pain worse. That’s why I thought of admonishing him in public.

“I’ll get you for this!”

Novel 15. ch.6
-Just Wolf being awesome in battle-

(It’s that man!)

My features contort in pain, and I raise my hands to cover my ears. The truth is his thoughts don’t reach me through my hearing, so it’s pointless even if I cover my ears. His gaze goes past several rows of the resurrection group on the left, staring at that golden hair glowing a fiery red in the torchlight. But those emerald eyes, its color looking even more complex with red mixed in, are shining with a light even brighter than his hair.

Wolfram turns back deliberately, even smiling a challenge, then he slowly kicks the stomach of his horse, purposely taking off at a speed we can catch up with.

Seeing this act of his, Yelshi naturally takes the bait. From the cavalry to the foot soldiers, from the few living soldiers to the near two hundred zombies, his entire army starts chasing Wolfram.

Novel 15. ch.8
-Mental image-

Wolfram and I, with two little girls grabbing our waists, walk slowly on the uneven stone steps. The salty sea breeze sure feels comfortable.

Novel 15. ch.8
-Oh, come on! How cute is this!?-

“They did do something like a fortune telling before.”

The one who had his fortune told back then wasn’t me, but Wolfram. But back then not only weren’t they talking about weakening or whatnot, they even said he had a king’s aura, so surely that must have made him happy?

“Is what they say accurate?”

Hearing my question, Wolfram thinks back for about ten seconds, his arms crossed over his chest and his left leg stretched slightly ahead, a hint of a smile on the corners of his lips,

“No, it’s not accurate at all.”

“It can’t not be accurate!”

One of the twins, probably Freddy, seems really angry, and can’t help but protest.

Novel 15. ch.8
-And the most yuuram arc of them all, end with … what else? Yuuram-

Just then Wolfram waves at me, so I leave the scene without replying. I really want to throw it somewhere, but I can’t just leave it alone either. That is the sealed, ominous Box that the mazoku destroyed, and sealed. I really want to forget about it, but I think about it with every step, and it presses down on my chest every time I breathe, making me gasp for breath.

“Is your stomach okay?”

As soon as we’re out of Saralegui’s field of vision, Wolfram immediately looks apologetic, even saying,


“Oh—That? Oh, right, Wolf, that punch really hurt! Although I was at fault too in the tunnel that time, you were wrong to hit me in the stomach. That is totally DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!”

Although it’s not serious or common, Wolfram looks surprised to hear an unfamiliar term. What a bother, since I’m used to talking to Hazel, I’m starting to use a lot of Earth terms now.

“DOMESTIC… what does that mean?”

“Uhm…. like ‘in the country’ or a 'product of the country’, something like that”

“I already told you many times, I will formally ask for my due punishment once we get back…”

“No need, it doesn’t matter if it’s official or not. Any time”

He’s about to say something formal again so I pat his back hard without hesitation, and it gives me a feeling of reality, like “Ah—right here”. I’m here, and so is Wolfram.

“Because we’re already back.”

We’re all here, Conrad, Murata… Josak too.

“I can’t say for all of it, but I brought us back with my own strength.”


The sea breeze caresses Wolfram’s hair, and he nods his head firmly. Then he turns around to face me, as I was still standing on the rocky side of the port, and with an extremely natural movement, he extends his hand to me.

“Let’s go home, everyone is waiting.”  

Ahh… what a joy of a novel!