i would gladly kill for this

What if we are both the Space Orcs and the Space Hippies of the Galaxy?

I absolutely love the idea that humanity will turn out to be the Space Orcs of the universe with our innate violence and toughness but what if we turn out to be the space hippies as well?

Like every other species that has reached Space fairing status has slaughtered every predator, every dangerous insect, every poisonous plant ….even viruses  and bacteria have been exterminated. Basically everything that can be a threat to them on their planet has been removed and it’s functions in the cycle of the planet have been replicated through scientific means. Sanitizing your Homeworld  like this is considered a mark of progress and civilization. Only barbaric species have natural dangers on their world. In advanced societies only lifeforms which are useful are allowed on your planet

And then we appear on the scene and although we are intimidating and and violent the other species welcome us. And then on our first meeting the alien ambassador notices a beautiful painting of a jellyfish on the Captain’s wall

“What an intriguing creature. Is it native to your planet? What is it function?” asked X’thio of the Kril

“Oh this? Yeah. The Box Jellyfish. Nasty piece of work. It’s poison targets your pain center and you literally spend weeks in excruciating pain. You can die very easily if you don’t get help quickly. My third cousin got stung by one. She said it was so painful it made child birth look like a fun day at the park“

“These things still exist on your world!? How horrifying. We would gladly help you exterminate them if you don’t have the capability”

“Exterminate them!? Mate we are trying to save them. They are severely endangering due all the pollution in the ocean!”

“What!? Why?”

“Well we used to throw out a lot of garbage  in the ocean and….”

“I understand how pollution works. Why would you want to save such a horrid creature?”

“Well  isn’t it obvious? It’s because it’s endangered. Besides they barely killed any people. Now snakes..let me tell you about snakes. There this snake that climbed through toilet and bit my uncle right in the…….”

And that’s when the Ambassador knew that they wouldn’t be leaving their Embassy on Earth

As a woman, your choice for bodily autonomy starts at sex and ends when a new life is formed. You’re right, nothing else is truly comparable, try as we might, to the process of birth. But your bodily autonomy, when it comes to reproduction, does not stand. Organ donation is not the same. Blood donation is not the same. That is an invention of modern medicine. And so is abortion. Hell, I WISH we as a species laid eggs because I would GLADLY take an unwanted egg off your hands and raise that child myself. I am DYING to get married and adopt children unwanted by their birth mothers. I am READY to love someone with every fiber of my being. I am READY to devote 18 plus years of my life to a child. A lot of people are. Just because you’re not, does not mean you have the right to kill. You do not have the right to kill your unborn child. You absolutely do not. You can make up all the excuses you want like a child who wrote on the wall in crayon and doesn’t want to pay the penalty for it, but it does not change that you do not have that right. I don’t care what Roe Vs. Wade says. It is a conflicting law. It does not blend with our natural human rights, our other existing laws set to protect the lives and livelihood of the innocent. It is a law against life itself, and I will not be silent when there are those without voices whose rights are being terminated. I will NEVER condone the deaths of the innocent. And you cannot convince me that the active killing of innocents is justifiable by ANY reason except to save the life of another innocent. Not only that, but I know if you could go back to the womb, knowing your mother would change her mind, you would not choose to go back so SHE could choose differently. Whose choice would matter to you then, if you had a time machine? Can you honestly say you would let your mother kill you without a fight?

Crazy Naomi and Junchiro theory

Okay, so I just thought of something involving Junichiro and Naomi. What we’re told is that Junichiro has the ability ‘light snow’, and Naomi doesn’t have one at all. Well the latest few chapters got me thinking of how abilities work. We recently learned that Elise herself is Moris ability. She has powers and apparently is configured by Mori. Therefore she does whatever he says. Then there’s Junichiro and Naomi, who’s relationship looking back on it, is very similar to Elise and Mori.

Junichiro is super powerful being able to take on Hirotsu, Gin, and Tachichara all at once. He stands out so much that even both Hirotsu and Mori took note of this. Everything he is shown to be able to do is far above most other ability users. And yet he never uses it to its full potential

So where am i going with this? To put it simply, Junichiro himself may be Naomis ability. It seems odd, but there are a surprising number of things supporting the idea. For instance, they claim to be siblings, but just a glance at them is enough to see how they may not be as closely related as they act. Even characters in the show point this out.

Like Mori with Elise, Junichiro does everything, and I mean EVERYTHING for Naomi. He cooks for her,  he protects her, kills anyone if it means keeping her safe, and their ahem… *cough*relationship*cough* No matter how you look at it, Junichiro has an undying loyalty to Naomi alone, and she knows this. He compares his love for Naomi to those who worship god. He would gladly watch the world burn if it’s for her(actual quote he says).

Going back to Naomi’s physical appearance, she actually has more of a resemblance to two other characters in the show than he does with Junichiro… Gin and Akutagawa.


Most likely not, but it’s definitely not impossible. I wrote it off in my mind as a coincidence with the black hair/gray eye/pale skin combo. But it actually has some credibility. Gin and Naomi even are shown together in the BSD artbook! I can’t read japanese, so I don’t know if there is any meaning to it(maybe there is). But these two are completely random characters to appear together like this.

There was actually a backstory written for Akutagawa that was written in volume 6 called ‘A Heartless Dog’. It’s about Akutagawa taking care of Gin and 8 other orphans who were all killed by the mafia, where Gin and Akutagawa being the only survivors. So how would Naomi fit into this? She could have been one of the orphans, or maybe even Akutagawa and Gins youngest sibling. She could have awakened her ability and saved herself, thus creating junichiro. We know Gin/Akutagawa absolutely despise their past and Naomi/Junichiros past is a complete mystery. So there might actually be some connection there…

Most people already know this, but Naomi’s character is actually based off the main character of the book ‘A Fool’s Love’ which was written by real life Junichiro Tanizaki. So what if the manga is going with a reverse route where this time Junichiro is the fictional character created by Naomi. This wouldn’t be the first time bungou stray dogs does this as something Similar happened with Akutagawa and Dazai. With the real life counterparts, Akutagawa was Dazai’s idol!

I don’t have a clue whether it’s true or not, but I thought it was too interesting not to share.

Short Skirts

Hello!! This is sorta short, and if you want, I’ll continue it?? But it’s basically just little drabble about the reader teasing Tom all day and him getting frustrated! I hope you like it, and once again, if you want me to continue it, lemme know!📖💐
Short Skirts
She’d been killing him all day. Her skirt was barely long enough to cover her bum, and as a matter of fact, every time the damned wind blew, he and every other male in the vicinity, would be able to spot the soft, baby blue lace of her underwear. Not to mention, her legs looked soft and he’d gladly die right there and then if it meant that he could slide in between them once more.
The shirt she had picked out in the morning to wear out had dipped low. He glanced at the silky flesh of her chest and thought about how, just a few nights ago, he had peppered her clavicle with love bites and touched her until her breathing came out in only quiet pants.
She’d also become more handsy with him. Usually, she was shy and a little reserved, even when they were alone. Like, if they were out in public, he’d have to grab her hand to hold or pull her towards him to give her a quick kiss on the forehead if he desired her affection. Not today.
Today, when they’d walked down to the local coffee house to grab a coffee, she had leaned into him in line and stood up on her tip toes to kiss the base of his jaw. Once they had retrieved their coffee and sat down to sip it and share their breakfast, she had moved to sit on his side of the booth and cuddled up underneath his arm. Her legs had somehow ended up being placed over his own and Tom had a clear view up her skirt. He tried to be a gentleman, really, and not look, but he couldn’t help it.
Her doe eyes and fluttering lashes didn’t help his situation much either. Nor did the way she kept looking at him.
“Are you alright there, darling?” Tom questioned her, his eyebrows raised after he caught her looking up at him through her lashes when they went out for lunch. Her teeth sunk down on her bottom lip and she smiled up at him.
“Course I am, silly, why wouldn’t I be?” She questioned him, placing a barely there hand on his thigh and shuffling closer to him in their booth.
Tom sucked in a breath and grabbed his water and took a desperate drink. He truly wasn’t sure if she was behaving this way to get a rise out of him, or if she was merely trying to get over her shyness about public displays of affection.
He shook his head, “no reason, no reason.” Tom went back to picking at his fries, hoping to shake off the feelings he’d had for her all day.
She kissed his neck and began rubbing her hand gently up and down Tom’s leg.
His hand froze and he dropped his fry, “what are you doing? Are you trying to give me heart attack?” He attempted to joke. Tom winced as his voice cracked at the end.
“I’m no doing anything, I’m just having lunch with my boyfriend, who I haven’t seen in a long, long while.” Tom made the mistake of glazing down at her just as she blinked her eyes up at him.
He swore under his breath. “You’re going to fucking kill me. We’re getting the check and going home.”


D: …are you wooing me, Potter?

H: is it working?

well Sirius’ bike had to end up somewhere and I think Harry would gladly take that burden, especially if he can pick up his boyfriend from work or sth so they can be 100 % ostentatious 

besides, Harry still hates flooing imo.

the leather jacket was somehow a success so I thought why not go all the way but I was so wrong omgggg sorry for the extremely oversimplified bike but I had no patience with it. also, I figured it would have to be a bit bigger if Hagrid could comfortably ride it? idk

I’m never doing this again I’m not even joking lmao 

Sparks Fly

Reader x Klaus Mikaelson



Imagine: In 1919, while looking for ripper Stefan, who went missing nearly a year ago, you have a very pleasant meeting with one the oldest vampires in existence: Klaus Mikaelson. 

Warnings: slight smut, bad words and, oh, well, it’s a vampire imagine, there’s gotta be a little blood. haha

N/A - Not quite as you requested, but I hope you like the same way, anon. :) Also, you guys could read this while listening to Sparks Fly by Taylor Swift. I heard it repeatedly when I was writing this one. 

Word Count: 2326 

Dear Damon,

I am aware of the promise I made to sent you a letter every month, so you know that I’m alive, but things have been a bit messy lately. Moving from one place to another has not given me much time to write; actually, my only true focus is finding our brother and getting him back to his oldself. Perhaps I’ll be able to do that here in New Orleans, which, by the way, is a wonderful city. You should be here to see the night lights and cheerful dances.

Oh, shucks! That reminded me I have got to meet up with my friend Lexi in twenty minutes at this famous pub. Apparently, the Original family is here (yes, the one who created all other vampires) and goes there every evening, she thought it would be a cool way to blow off some steam while we don’t find Stefan.

She might have a solid point.

Well, I will not extend myself, for I have to leave, however, don’t worry about me, everything is fine and I got the feeling this it. So, soon enough, we’ll be joining you in Paris.

I miss like crazy those cold winter days…

Anyway, kisses and hugs to you from your loving sister

                                                                                                    Love you,


You dropped the exquisite pen on the table and sighed, thinking that what you were telling him was more than enough. Sure Damon would be pleased to hear you were still breathing, because, in his mind, chasing emotionless Stefan was dead end job. Not that he was wrong, but you were never the kind of girl who would leave someone behind, especially if that someone was your own flash and blood.

“Y/N Salvatore!” A voice cut through the silence of your house. “I can’t believe you’re not ready yet.”

“Hey, Lexi.” You smiled and stood up, moving smoothly towards the majestic mahogany wood wardrobe. “I completely forgot we were supposed to go out tonight! That’s why I’m not…”

“Don’t make excuses!”

“I’m not making any.” This time an angry huff slipped, as you diverted your eyes to the well hung dresses, not being sure which one you were going to pick.

The blonde woman, who was with arms crossed against the wall next to your door’s bedroom, rolled her eyes and cave in, as usual, approaching to help you get dressed. She always had a good eye for those stuff, making anyone advised by her look hauntinly fabulous.

A short time later, after your friend decided what was suitable for the place, you stared yourself in the mirror, feeling ready to steal any man’s heart because the baby pink gown you had on highlighted your every curve, also giving an insinuating gleam to your once innocent traits. Absolutely perfect to a girls night out.

“We should go.” Lexi blurted out, after checking on the huge clock placed in one corner. “It’s getting late.”

“I’m sure that doesn’t matter” Your reply was gentle, as you worked on your Y/H/C wild curls. “But if it means that much to you, we can go now. And, maybe, we’ll find Stefan there, or at least a lead on his whereabouts.”

“Oh no.” The girl rolled her eyes, shaking her head. “We’re shutting off the ‘get my baby brother back’ thing for a night.”


“Shush. Don’t argue with me.” Now her index finger was pointed sharply on your face. “And listen: I know you love him and that he is very important. However, not everything is about Stefan. Or Damon. You are your own person, so live a bit and enjoy the pleasures of life.”

Somehow, you were not able to shout out a rude response. Instead, after a couple of minutes, you exhaled tiredly and nodded, agreeing that she was right. Lexi squeezed the nude skin of your shoulder and you glanced at her, finding her so sweet and so comforting brown eyes.

“Can we please have some fun now?”

“Sure, blondie.”

“Now that’s the Y/N I know.”

You two shared a quick laugh and left the cosy pension room, going to your natural habitat: the darkness.

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I lied to you. I do know how to love people. Maybe you already know the truth. That’s the thing about eyes. Mine don’t lie. I’m sure some people can, but me? I cannot, I will not, I do not know how. If I’m in it deep, you’ll know. Even if we break, I’ll always love you and that’s the thing about me and how love was always broken. I’m the kind of writer that owns a dictionary, but makes promises that I’ll look up every word that you mean to me, put you into a poem, put you into my thoughts, call you late at night, when I’m too high and I can’t function, so I want to hear your voice, I can’t sleep, I don’t sleep well, my mother is getting skinnier, I’ve got worries on my mind, what if she never sees her son rise, the kind of man who would gladly kill his lungs just to feel okay, I don’t know why I smoke, but I just keep lighting it up, I keep lighting it up, I keep lighting it up, I keep fucking things up, and maybe I shouldn’t have kissed you, maybe I shouldn’t have bought you flowers, maybe I shouldn’t have told you that you were pretty, maybe I shouldn’t have cried while you were around, I’m not weak, it’s just not healthy to keep those tears inside, ask anyone, the heart doesn’t lie. Do you ever feel like you could be someone else? I don’t know when I got this way. I don’t know how to open up and it’s hard to interact with people. It’s like I’m running on fumes and I’m constantly exhausted. It’s like I’m all out of love and I can’t memorize the guidelines of how to love yourself. Are there guidelines? I was catching feelings, I was. I did have feelings for you. That’s the thing about me. If I ever write to you, at fucking all, truth is, you’ve already got my heart. Maybe that’s why I stopped loving her. She stopped writing. When you said that you fell for me. When you said that you were in love with me. When you said that you didn’t know what we were. When you didn’t know how to respond to nosey people, what are you two? Is he your boyfriend? Does it really matter? Can’t I just be good to you? I guess I love too deeply without intent and that’s my exact problem. Always searching for the next fix when I’m still like this. And I can’t accept that I feel pressured to call you the one, but you’re not. And I’m not the one for you. Things are getting kind of critical, so maybe that’s why I feel this way. Everywhere I look, it’s be careful, you’re still tender. Do you ever feel like we could be different people? Move to a new country, learn the language and change our identities? The truth is, even if we did. We’d still end up here, like this, in this place, as who we are. Which way does my heart point? Some nights it points to her, some nights it points to the stars, I just want to go home already. Burn my body and pour my ashes into deep space. Let me be the first one to be scattered where it’s cold enough to freeze tears. I want to know why Icarus did it. I want to know what the road less taken feels like. I want to be the poison that they drank. I want to be that one piano key that just keeps breaking. I want to be the hands that you’ll let go of when things get kinda hard, so I can tell you that I told you so. But I’ll never let it get that far. I’m not with the heartache. I’m not with the heartbreak. I’m not with the bullshit. I’m not with the pressure. I’m not a diamond. I’m not a gem. I’m not a star. I’m no one special, just another fucked up individual trying to feel less lonely and maybe that’s where I went wrong. I’m not in the business of letting girls cry alone because I used to let her cry all night long. Why do you always cry? Won’t you stop? So I didn’t leave that night. I comforted when I should’ve left. And I’m really sorry, I’m less of a man because I’m not brave enough to love you. My only excuse is that I don’t know how to love myself. I’ve made so much progress although I’m still back at square one when I take another pill. I won’t let anyone ruin it for me and maybe that’s why I’m selfish. I am. Can’t I be? Can’t I just love myself? I shouldn’t have led you on and that’s the only thing I’m really sorry about. I’m being real with you, won’t you accept me? You ask me these things, how come no one loves me when I’m finally starting to love myself? I do love you, I’m just not in love with you. You’re strong and you’ve got more backbone than I do. You’ve got a voice of sirens and banshees, you know who you want and who you need. Baby, I’m not the guy. I’m the guy that would explain it all, but you’ll never get a chance to read this. And if you find this some day, you’ll know exactly who you are. So read this when you’re alone. Read this when you’re drinking your favorite wine. Read this when you’re finally in love with someone else.
—  yours, yours
Meeting In Secret // Kol Mikaelson // requested

Request - kol mikaelson imagine where the reader is damon and stefans sister and they sneak out to see each other and one day elena catches them and tells damon nd they all turn against her and then when Jeremy kills him she tries to kill him and maybeyou can  use a lot of gifs too ???? sorry if its so long lol

Thinking about turning this into a 2 part so I can make it as detailed as possible!!

Requests are open. xx

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“Goodnight Stefan!” I yelled from my place on the stairs.

In less than a second he appeared at the bottom.

“Are you feeling okay? The past few nights you’ve been going to bed so early.” My older brother spoke, concern on his face.

“Yeah I’m fine. Just.. trying to avoid this town’s never ending drama.” I joked lightly.

He smiled and nodded his head, “goodnight.”

I turned around and made my way to my room. My brother’s were always very protective over me. Even when we were human. Now, even though I’m almost as old as they are, they still treat me like I’m some precious thing. Not to be touched.

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Awkward Encounter

 Summary : Just keep reading, its cute I swear ;)

 Steve Rogers x Reader

Warnings: Nudity , nsfw gif, swearing .


   Being close friends with wanda maximoff is a gift ; she’s sweet, caring , beautiful and so much more . You wish the world could see her as you do . You met in a book store , and instantly clicked . Now you spend most of your free time together , either at the avengers tower or at your apartment . You’ve gotten to meet the other members of her team, and got along with them just as well. You have almost as good of a bond with them as you do with wanda . So being around the tower isn’t abnormal for you , even when Wanda’s was busy. It didn’t take much for her to convince Stark to give you an ID pass for the tower. You have access to each of the teams floors, the gym and the communal floor; only Tony’s lab was off limits but he even let you come watch him work some days .

 Right now you’re in the gym, you had the urge to get in a quick workout before lunch with wanda after her meeting with Fury. You finally have a couple days off for work and plan and spending as much time you can with your friends . Nat ,Sam and Steve are also in the gym, but Sam and Nat exit about ten minutes before you and Steve . Your body is aching , i think I might of over did the elliptical today, fuck. You step into the ladies locker room, craving a hot shower to soothe your muscles , but as you reach the locker containing your bag , moan begin echoing through the room.

“ fuck Sam,”

“ you like that Natasha you -”

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No no no no . GROSSSSS . You grab your bag and bolt out of the Locke room before you can get too scarred for life . There is no way I can skip out on a shower, I smell horrible . Oh! He boys showers! If Sams in there then they should be clear! You walk across the hall to the men’s lockeroom , upon entering you hear water running .

“ hello?” You call out

  “ y/n? Is everything okay? ” Steve calls out .you peek around the corner, licking eyes with a very naked, wet Captain America . Holy balls.

  “ ye-yeah . Uh Sam and natasha are … getting friendly in the other locker room, mind if I shower in here?”

  The shower stalls aren’t full height , they come up enough to cover a little above your waist .

“ yeah, that’s fine . Sorry about them .” He chuckles turning back around . Fuck his back is just as fucking beautiful as his front , damn. You shuffle around the locker room, dropping your bag and grabbing your shower shampoo , conditioner and body wash. You jump into the stall mirroring Steves, so your backs are to each other . This isn’t awkward right? It’s not like he’s going to see anything . You turn on the water and let out a shriek when it touches your skin . “ WHY IS THIS SO COLD?!?” Steve bursts out laughing , watching as you cower in the corner of the stall . 

Your back is to him , you can feel his eyes on you .

“ tony wanted to piss buck off, and made it so only one stall can have hot water at a time . So whenever we are all in here bucky manages to get the ice water , I completely forgot. ”

“ real fucking funny” you mumble . You wrap yourself in your towel after shutting off the after and grabbing your things . “ scoot over Rogers .”

  His eyes nearly pop from his sockets “ w-wh-what are you -”

“ it’s not like you’ve never seen a naked girl Rogers. I gotta shower and be ready before Wanda’s done ! Eyes up here Captain.” You step into his stall, ripping your towel off your body and hanging it over on the edge . A deep blush Rises from Steves neck to his cheeks . You send him a wink before stepping around him to get under the water .

 You moan at the feeling of the hot water on your muscles . “ is this too weird for you steve ? I can-”

  “ no , it’s okay !” He replies quickly , making you smirk .

“ whatever you say .” You wink and turn back around . Don’t look at naked steve roger , don’t look at naked steve rogers. after washing your hair  you rotate, letting steve under the water while you grab your body wash . You cave, letting your eyes wander over his backside . The team makes fun of his for having a small ass, but damn, is it a sight . You watch as he struggles to wash his lower/ middle back .

“ uh steve , you having an issue there ?” You giggle watching his arms flail as they try to reach certain spots

  “ shut up, my arms are sore and I usually have my loofa on a stick to help.” You explode with laughter , the image of captain America using a loofa on a stick flashes in your mind and you can’t control yourself . You hear him grunt , you smile and smack his hands away from his back.

“ let me help .” You use your body wash , letting it mix with his as your hands carress his back , lathering it until his back is covered . You press down a little harder , almost massaging his back. You hear a small groan escape him after you apply a little more pressure .

  “ you’re back is tight Steve .”

  “ feel free to keep going then y/n. I ain’t stoppin ya.” I will gladly keep my hands on this man, God every girl in America would kill for this chance . Your fingers move to his shoulders, applying extra pressure there when you feel numerous knots . Steves leaning forward , his hands flat against the stall wall infront of him, letting the shower rain over him as you continue massaging him, moans slipping from him every so often. After about 10 minutes he turns , giving you a crooked smile .

  “ I knew there’s a reason we keep you around.” You scoff , then switch your positions again so you can finally use your body wash for yourself . You lather it in your hands before running them down your sides before move them to your ass . You hear steve suck in a sharp breath as your hands smoothe the bubbles over your ass cheeks, kneading your hands against the globes of it.

You look over you shoulder, sending him an innocent smile as you continue your movements .

  “ my eyes aren’t down there Steven .” You dont have to turn around to know his eyes snapped up . You turn, applying more wash to your hands before lathering it over your front . You make sure to go slower when you run your hands around your chest , paying extra attention to your breasts. Steves eyes never stop watching your hands as they travel over your body . You watch as he tugs his lip between his teeth when your hands cupped your breasts, then slide up your neck . You lock eyes right before you whirl around to let the water rush over you and remove the bubbles . this entire situation has made a new heat Form in your body, specifically your core . The thought of someone as handsome as Steve Rogers watching you sets you on fire . You turn once again, Steves mouth opens , but the sound of the locker room door swinging open stops him. Both of your eyes go wide . Fuck , no one will let us live this down .

“ Steves?” Fucking Sam. You did the only thing you can think of , you move so Steves under the water Now, and you drop to your knees so your hidden by the stall wall. Dumb fucking move , now in eye level with Steves fucking boner . Your mouth drops at the view you have , Steves rock hard cock bobbing against his stomach . He got hard from watching me ? Go me 

  “ yeah sam?” You hear the shakiness in his voice, and you send him a worried look. don’t blow this steve ! Your eyes fall back to his dick , that was a poor choice of words y/n.

“ wanda just called and asked if we wanted to go to lunch with her and y/n. You in ?” Oh wanda .

You look up to steve , biting your lip as you lock eyes with him. You nod ‘yes ’ at him .

“ uh- ye-yeah . Just give me a little bit to get ready.”

  “ alright man. Meet us in the lobby in20, wanda said she’ll grab y/n and see us there .” You hear the door shut and you release the breath you’ve been holding . Steve extends his hands, helping to pull you up . Now there’s not even an inch between you , and his boner is pressed against your stomach . You can tell by how his rapidly chest is rising that he’s just as worked up as you .

“ y/n-” his eyes are just blown and your absolutely sure yours are the same . You bite your lip once again , neither of you removing your eyes from the other . One of his hands go to your waist , the other cupping your jaw while yours lay flat against his chest . His hand tilts your face up, his head leaning to the side as your lips get closer, before they can touch FRIDAYS voice booms through the locker room.

 "Miss y/n , miss maximoff is requesting your location . Would you like me to inform-“

  ” no FRIDAY, tell her I’ll be on her floor in a minute . “ Steves eyes are still on you, watching your lips now as you respond to The AI . You shoot him an innocent smile , both of you knowing whatever was about to happen just got cut short . As much as you don’t want to, you pull away from steve . Stepping back and grabbing your towel . You leave the stall to throw on your spare clothes , before leaving the locker room

What the hell just happened?

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I have wanted to kill myself a hundred times, but somehow I am still in love with life. This ridiculous weakness is perhaps one of our more stupid melancholy propensities, for is there anything more stupid than to be eager to go on carrying a burden which one would gladly throw away, to loathe one’s very being and yet to hold it fast, to fondle the snake that devours us until it has eaten our hearts away?
—  Voltaire, Candide: or, Optimism

anonymous asked:

I appreciate your distaste for neo-nazis, but the way to fight such hatred is not with blind hatred in return. You can't fight fire with fire it only makes everything burn. To advocate the murder and extermination of any group is a heavy burden. I believe that we have no right to kill anyone. All life is sacred, and even the most deplorable humans are still humans. I recognise that you may believe differently and that is okay but still to advocate such hatred to combat hatred is dangerous.

I swear, every time I post about Nazis and how they should be punched/killed, people come out of the wood works to martyr themselves for the freaking Nazis. Like, holy crap, if you guys did this for the people they targeted, we’d no longer have to be so concerned…

I also note you that everyone forgets that my opinion is, and has always been, that if you can reform someone, you should, and that I subscribe to Just War. Basically, if you can persuade someone to change, you should do so, and if they do, rejoice, because violence is not needed.

But in reality?
They won’t change due to you arguing at them on the internet.
They won’t change by simply telling them they are wrong.
They need long-term rehabilitation which no-one can reasonably provide to everyone, and they’d need to be forced to go through such a thing.

I agree that all human life is sacred, sincerely.
And it is for that reason that if a group cannot be made to respect that Black people, Asian people, Jews, Muslims, Yahzidis, etc are equally worthy of life and respect?
Then I would gladly see that small and contemptuous group wiped out, to ensure the safety and peace of those many groups.

Because Nazi-ism is, essentially, a very small group that wants to exterminate all others. You do not allow that to grow. You stomp it out. You take fire and sword to those who do not take the olive branch and swear to make amends.

I am still surprised people following this blog are surprised that a blog about knights talks about militancy against an evil group.
Knights are figures of warfare and killing. We extend the hand of mercy first, certainly, but if it is refused, the other holds the sword.
As I have said many, many times before:
Q: What do you think a Knight does?

A: They kill monsters.

Also, the Alt-Right must be destroyed.

Haunting Me (Chap. 7)

Haunting Me (NSFW) - Reader is a normal young adult living in New York, but little does she know that she’s a reincarnation of the long lost Bucky Barnes’ fiance from the 1940′s. What happens when she runs into Steve in 2012? Most importantly, what happens when she runs into The Winter Soldier?

Pairings: Bucky x POC Reader

Warnings: Fluff. Memories of past lives. Slight Angst. Violence. Mentions of smut in the past (super brief). A bit smutty.

A/N: Okay guys! I’m super sorry for the long update! Chap. 7 is finally here and it’s wild as heck hehe. >;) I hope y’all don’t kill me with the ending. muahaha!

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In light of some Islamaphobic assholes leaving shitty comments on my Muslim solidarity post in response to the terror attacks in Manchester and Marawi I say this:

This is a Muslim safe blog.

If anyone who is Muslim and follows my blog gets harassed please tell me and I will block the user after giving them hell. You deserve to be safe and not turned into a villain. You are human just like us and not a mindless robot programmed to kill people.

I stand with you. I stand with Muslims.

I stand with the people of Manchester. I stand with the people of Marawi many of whom are also Muslim.

ISIS and other terrorist groups such as Maute Group don’t give a shit about religion ultimately. They want power and control and it’s just a tool for them. They don’t give a shit about other Muslims and will happily rape, torture and kill them. In fact Muslims are often their first victims in the countries where these terror groups come from. And they don’t care if they kill Muslims in their attacks in other countries.

Muslims need non-Muslims to stand with them. We need to recognize their fellow humanity and not give into what ISIS and other terrorists want which is to turn against one another so they can use it as an excuse to kill more people.

I am deeply horrified and heart sick by what has happened and is still happening. I am sickened by this being the new “normal”.

I want to destroy ISIS as well. And all the other terror groups. I am a lesbian. I am trans. I am a woman. I am what those shitheads hate. I have no sympathy or defense for ISIS or these other terrorist groups. They would gladly enslave, rape, and kill me and my friends and family.

But none of this is an excuse for me to hate Muslims. The vast majority of them will never do any of these awful things that I just listed to me.

There are also LGBTQA Muslims and Muslims of color who are also oppressed for their LGBTQA identities and race. There are women/women identified Muslims who face oppression for both their gender and religion.

We will be oppressing people more if we turn against Muslims. Not liberating them. We will turn into ISIS if we let our hate and self righteousness control us.

We must not give into that.

I will say this again:

This is a Muslim safe blog.

I stand with you.


Master Fanfiction List | July 2017

For those of you who have been asking me for my updated master list, ask and you shall receive!

Here is the Master List for all of my current completed and works in progress Fanfictions for Outlander.  All of my stories can be found on AO3 under the same name of WrittenThrough Time. I do NOT write about real people, so please don’t ask or expect to find those on here.


My Blog Prompts

A Life Unseen - An AU, Frank cheats on Claire story. Frank cheats right before Claire falls through time and how her relationships/experiences will differ from the books since she doesn’t have that anchor of Frank trying to get back to.
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10

Mo Chridhe - Modern AU of Claire and Jamie’s lives
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12

Briste - Modern AU where Claire believes she is unlovable and will never find love. However, life doesn’t always turn out the way she believes it will… Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13

The Crook Chronicles - My half is set for Mr. Crook Part 1, Mr. Crook Part , Mr. Crook Part 3, Mr. Crook Part 4 COMPLETE

@lenny9987 and I have paired up for this series and she has written Mrs. Crook Part 1,Mrs. Crook Part 2, Mrs. Crook Part 3, Mrs. Crook Part 4 COMPLETE

Endlessly - Story based on @gotham-ruaidh‘s Endless Loop Theory
Part 2

For the Love of a Soldier - Also known as 1940s Claire and Jamie, it’s an AU set in the 1940s with Jamie a Scottish soldier and Claire a nurse meeting during WWII.
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8 COMPLETE

A Second Chance - Yet another AU where Claire goes back through the stones with Bree, 2 years after leaving the past before Culloden.
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Changing History - One shot AU where Jamie and Claire were successful in getting the Bonnie Prince to go back to Italy and not start the rebellion. Their experience after with a certain Captain of Dragoons. COMPLETE

Just a Man - Currently a one shot, but soon to be multi-post, from Jamie’s point of view. Current post is set (book world) right after the wedding when Claire faints. COMPLETE

25 Days of Outlander - Posts are tagged with 25 Days of Outlander, Gotham-ruiadh,& Lenny9987. There are a series of 25 “Favorites” that I’ve chosen to writeshort fanfictions based upon. Currently there are 11 posts for that particular set.
Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6, Day 7, Day 8, Day 9, Day 10, Day 11

Claire’s Not a Fetch - Completed AU where Claire goes back and stops Jamie from marrying Laoghaire in Voyager. COMPLETE

The Sorcerer and the Stones - Master Raymond based story (currently complete. Future chapters possible) COMPLETE

A Flurry of Green and Red - Bree goes through the stones before Claire. deviation from Voyager

Christmas Faith - Christmas themed one shots based with Faith Fraser as a main character.
Alternate Christmas Faith    COMPLETE

Christmas on the Ridge - Fluffy Christmas day story COMPLETE

From One to Another - Frank has a child with another woman, abandoning Claire hours after giving birth to Brianna. COMPLETE

Ma Famille - Fluffy Fergus AU at Lallybroch with Claire & Jamie. COMPLETE

Mutually Beneficial Pleasure - Fic based on an image and the caption “Imagine him looking down at you like that.” SMUT COMPLETE

Untitled Ramblings - Meet cute for Jamie and Claire set in an unidentified Modern Universe. (completely separate from Mo Chridhe.) This fic could also be continued for now marked complete.
Untitled Surprise COMPLETE

La Bibliotheque Parisinne - Modern standalone piece of Jamie and Claire in Paris. Smut for Smut’s Sake.SMUT COMPLETE

Forever and A Day… - Rewrite of DiA where Claire stays in the past. Written for @mybeautifuldecay

A Whole New World- JPOV s2ep13: Dragonfly in Amber AU

Scottish Sun - Sweet Jamie and Claire moment COMPLETE

Outlander Drabbles - Collection of Drabbles based in any setting of Outlander
Wedding Night Drabbles, The Newsroom, Smut Drabble, Motorcyclist, Drunken Night, Obedience School, Anniversary Gift, Trouble, First Night Alone, Puppy Days, Walks, Ring Bearer, The Halloween Party, Happy Second Anniversary, Happy Halloween

Singin’ in the Rain - ONE SHOT: Roger and Bree moment on the Ridge.Book 9 setting SMUT COMPLETE

A Kiss a Day Keeps the Whores at Bay - Claire saves Jamie from Laoghaire COMPLETE

Life Drawing - This would totally be an AU fic but I would love to see Claire teaching a figure drawing class and Jamie being one of the students draws her.

Letters For Christmas - Secret Santa 2016 for @akb723. For Christmas Jamie writes a letter to his wife remembering different moments in their shared history.  Letter One - 1944 Letter Two - 1946 Letter Three - 1949 Letter Four - 1953 Letter Five - 1957 Letter Six - 1959 Letter Seven - 1969 COMPLETE

Prompts for Imagine

Always With Me - Imagine Jamie going all proud poppa mode with baby Faith if she had lived COMPLETE

Born Out of Time - Bree is sick in the 20th Century and Claire has to bring her back to the 18th Century to heal her.
Part 2: I Need A Healer, Part 3: Return of the Red Man and Red Child COMPLETE

Main Du Chroi - Faith asks Jamie if Claire is really a faerie Part: 2 COMPLETE

The Darkness That Leads to Remembrance - Sir Fletcher allows Claire to see Jamie. (Endlessly Spin-Off) COMPLETE

The Steam Rises - The hot baths did win….for both of them. SMUT COMPLETE

Oidche Math - AU where Jamie has premonitions/dreams of his Sassenach before they meet in person.
Part 2: Et Somniatores    COMPLETE

An Aching Wish - The stones failed the second time around and Claire goes to France. Chapter 2 COMPLETE

Lallybroch’s Newest Healer - Rewrite of Always With Me where Faith Lives and is NOT a dream. COMPLETE

There Can Only Be One (aka Legwhore Smackdown)- Claire goes back slightly earlier just before Jamie leaves for Edinburgh and he still lives with Laoghaire COMPLETE

Together in Paris - Life for the Frasers had they stayed in Paris instead of fighting in the uprising. (AU where Faith lives)
Part 2: Older Brother, Older Sister, Part 3: La Petite Mort

Wanting to Be….A Daddy’s Girl - Fic about Brianna never bonding/having that fatherly relationship with Frank and her reaction when she finds out who her father really is. AU with wee Bree and Frank dies early,
Part 2 COMPLETE (for now)

Petit Mircale - Multi-part rewrite of what I believe should have happened in ep. 207. *Spoiler Alert* FAITH LIVES.
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, & Part 5  COMPLETE

Neighboring Love - Set in the 18th Century. Young lovers Jamie and Claire.
Prompt: So there’s this post on tumblr that’s like “the most beautiful man in the world lives in my building but every time I see him I’m a mess” and I was like OMG THIS NEEDS TO BE A FIC, so imagine Jamie and Claire in this situation.
Part 2: 362 Days…, Part 3: Unwanted Affections, Part 4: Since the Very First Day, Part 5: Hidden Letters

Èirigh na Grèine - Set in the 18th Century where Bree is born and grows up then. Jamie talking to, showing, and explaining things to a baby Bree. Part 2  COMPLETE

Away with the Faeries -  In season 2 finale, Bree said Claire is always away with the faeries…Coult you do a prompt of instances of Bree at different ages like 5,9, 14 and 20where she notices Claire is far away (thinking about Jamie and such) and at those different ages what Bree thinks of her mother because thoughts change when you get older :)  COMPLETE

Of Innocents & Voyeurs - Imagine if Mary and/or Louise walked in on Jamie and Claire in the throws ;) SMUT COMPLETE

Sticky Fingers - #5 Claire catches a bairn in her surgery. (this is a multi-fic post where each of Imagine’s mods wrote a piece based on a list of prompts. You’ll find Stick Fingers as number 5 on the list) COMPLETE

Cruinne Malartach - Imagine there are stones that don’t send you through time but into alternative universes.

Owl Post - Imagine Bree explaining Harry Potter to Jamie. Gotham graciously let me borrow her Modern Glasgow world and add this little gem to the universe. Gotham’s Modern Glasgow

Tales From the Past - Claire and Uncle Lamb are folklorists and discover a Scottish Legend deep in the North Carolian Mountains Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV COMPLETE

Angel Baby - Anonymous submitted: Could you please write a prompt where little Bree asks Claire for a sister, Claire tells her about Faith but Frank overhears and confronts Claire? Thanks :) COMPLETE

Guardian Scotsman - What about a story about Claire as a child or a teenager and somehow gets raised by Murtagh?

Baking Disasters - Imagine Claire trying to be the perfect WI wife for her husband doing baking and crafts and gardening and she’s kind of awful at it. Chapter 1, Chapter 2

A Shock to the System - Hi, could You write a Fic where Jamie managed to avoid Geneva´s blackmailing (that never happened) and later she met Frasers and SEE THEM TOGETHER (gladly with bairns)? Love to see Claire give her (G) a hard time – kill that little brat!!! COMPLETE

Separate Beds- "Do you wish for us to live separately?“ What if Claire wasn’t ready to forgive Jamie yet? How would he gain back her trust? COMPLETE

The Laird’s Foster - Because I am missing my favorite characters of late, can I get some Roger and Bree story? I’d like to see the evolution of them falling in love with each other. Too much? Anything from you will do. Pretty please? Thank you!

On the Road - Could you do an story where Claire and Jamie return to Castle Leoch before going to the colonies. Bonus points for one where Jamie never married Laogherie :) (up to you!!) COMPLETE

In the Eye of the Beholder - Using a mirror, Bree paints a picture of her and William together and they give it to Jamie for his birthday. Jamie is so touched he tells them a dream he had in the cave of the two of them playing together. COMPLETE

The Arrangement - Christmas Special with @mybeautifuldecay  This little fic is a combined work from both of us with no chapter separation or author separation. We wrote this in tandem, inspiring one another as we went. We hope you will enjoy this Christmas Wedding Bells edition of The Arrangement!

The French Frasers - Imagine a French family (couple, kids and a granny) arriving to the Ridge. They recognised the gran as Suzette, the Paris maid and making counts about her son age they noticed he could be also Murtagh’s son. COMPLETE (for now)

Maman’s Boy - Fergus making his way from the battlefield, just wanting to see Claire and Jamie. He realizes that he thinks of them as his parents. COMPLETE

Drunken Nights - Write a scene where Jamie returns home in Paris, completely drunk and the effort Claire has to put in just to get him into bed with him fighting all the way because he wants his Sassenach. COMPLETE

SAWNY -  Jamie’s first meeting with Fergus in the tv show where you find out he’s the one who took Sawny so I thought a story about Jamie actually giving it to him either just before Culloden or before he arranges to get himself arrested would be really nice. COMPLETE

With Unseeing Eyes - What if someone had told Claire that Jamie was in love with her when she was first staying at Leoch? Chapter 1, Chapter 2   COMPLETE

The Cat’s Delight - Drabble on Imagine for the 2nd Anniversary of the Wedding Episode. COMPLETE

The Historian, the Healer and the Warrior - Imagine Frank had already remarried when Claire came back.

The Signs as Yu Yu Hakusho English Dub Quotes
  • Aries: 'You're hardly the standard for wild outbursts.' -Kurama
  • Taurus: 'Of all the nerve, assault me and then ask for a meal, you're getting squat!" -Kuwabara
  • Gemini: 'You shouldn't talk, it makes you sound stupid.' -Yusuke
  • Cancer: 'Oh, right, I'm killing you. Forgive me, I got distracted.' -Sensui
  • Leo: 'You wanna be buried in that or something decent?' -Koenma
  • Virgo: 'Only 300 seconds too late to matter.' -Hiei
  • Libra: 'Look at it this way, if demons did have toilets, would you really want to sit on 'em?' -Shizuru
  • Scorpio: 'I'm writing a self help book for bad guys and it's called Don't Piss Me Off' -Yusuke
  • Sagittarius: 'Oh, it doesn't help that I'm a blabbermouth and he's a telepath!" -Botan
  • Capricorn: 'Gladly, you patronizing jackass.' -Genkai
  • Aquarius: 'I thought I was crazy, Urameshi, but you take the prize! The hell was that?! You don't make bombs go boom in your face!' -Jin
  • Pisces: 'What are the chances of a demon being a total wuss?' -Yusuke

Turn Around

gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns

Title: Turn Around

Pairing: Gibbs x Reader

Word Count: 1,021

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This was requested by an anon: Being friends with Abby and telling her about your crush on Gibbs not knowing that he is right behind you, please? ;) I hope you all enjoy! I love you all so much! <3

It was routine for you to visit Abby while Gibbs went to autopsy.  You had a Caf-Pow in your hand and somewhat of a smile on your face.  Usually you had a wide grin on your face as you greeted the forensic scientist, but something was on your mind today.   When you entered her lab, she could tell right away.  Since you and Abby were best friends, she could always tell when something was off about you.

Abby took the Caf-Pow politely from your hands just as she noticed the suddenly somber look you had on your face.  It was still early in the case, she would make time to talk to you after going over the evidence.

You quirked an eyebrow at Abby, noticing that she was going through her findings rather quickly.  It seemed like she wasn’t wasting any time.  Once she finished, she spun on her heels to face you.

Keep reading


Guys, I had a Coke Slushie and I’m going to get a Cherry one tomorrow….it’s totally not because I’m obsessed with Heathers…that’s…that’s just crazy.


- Tamlin was a rollercoaster. There were moments I would have gladly killed him and others where I would just have hugged him tight. He doesn’t make it in my top 20 for what matters, but he was hurt, he suffered and I think we should give account to that when talking about him. I really wish for him to settle, heal and find his mate (ACOWAR made me ship him with Lucien btw) and just be happy. He’s paid enough for his mistakes, I think he deserves to move on;
- Feysand holy shit. Fight me guys but this is OTP, this overwhelms Rowaelin. Feysand is life, Feysand is joy. I’m quite a cold person guys but holy saints only they know how much they warmed the black hole I have as heart. They basically set it on fire. There are firemen outside my house trying to cool me down. Just, Feysand;
- Rhys: other than the fact that there are no words able to describe what I feel for my bat, when he died I WANTED TO THROWH MYSELF OFF THE BALCONY GUYS (figuratively). I was so shocked that I didn’t cry or anything, just stared blankly and when Feyre was in shock I started realising but it just didn’t sink in, I couldn’t accept it. Sarah you took twenty years out of me;
- Nessian: like???? How beautiful and pure where them????? I LOVED how slow their story is, how naturally it developes, its uncertainty. Just, again, Nessian;
- Elain: I was never really fond of her but for how hard I tried to put her up with Lucien in my head, she really is fit for my little bat Az. Live long and prosper loves, you have my benediction;
- High Lords: woah, so cool. Beside the fact that they should take off that huge tree they have stuck up their arses, they’re so cool (not that filthy little shit of Beron);
- AMREN: my beautiful love. You guys don’t know how much I connect with Amren, I think she’s the character that sums me the most and i was ready to immediately forget her “betrayal”. I named my car after her, just so you understand how much I love her. So wonderful my smol immortal.
- MOR: my wonderful bi sunshine is such an inspiration. I love her (god I’ve been saying this to anyone but it’s so true) to the sun and back and she is such a blessing;
- And you know what, I’m even spending a word about the life-traumatising monster trio: Weavy, Carvykin and Bry gave me so much adrenaline when I read about them that even though I had temperature and felt ill I fucking started jumping and being hyperactive and made everyone laugh at me but who cares they were sending waves of their immortal power to me through the pages and fuck yeah guys, high five me (soooo bad 2/3 died);
- All the new characters that I didn’t mention were great I just don’t feel enough attach toward them to talk solely about them hahaha;
- Nephelle’s Philosophy though;
- Oh, the open ending. So perfect for tons of new books to come, I’m so ready.