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The Knife and the Lure

A birthday gift for my darling Murder Nakama @damnslippyplanet - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOVE!

Soulmate AU: Sharing skills and talents with your soulmate.


When Will’s mother left, he had to teach himself how to cook. He wasn’t very good at it.

His father was always kind and patient. He smiled through the burnt eggs and toast, through soft overcooked carrots and too-hard spaghetti. Robert Graham had never learned how to cook himself, and the hours he worked were long, and his small son was so insistent that he do this, please Dad, you do everything else let me help.

Eventually, the meals improved a little, but not by much. Canned food became more and more of a staple - much easier to heat on the stove and hard to mess up. Sometimes Robert would catch Will sniffling in the kitchen corner.

“I can’t even chop vegetables right,” he would say, and Robert would put a hand on his knee (not hold him, Will didn’t like hugs since his mother went away) and give him a squeeze.

“But you can fish,” Robert told him, “better'n I can. You’re doing just fine, Will. Just fine.”

And Will would smile, watery but real, and pull the can opener from the drawer. Spaghetti-Os were his Dad’s favourite anyway.

Robert Graham died five years later. Too early to see Will’s sudden and strange developing skill.

He didn’t get to see Will make his first roux, perfectly and from scratch, without measuring a single one of his ingredients.

He missed the first time Will picked up a knife and began to chop peppers effortlessly, like he could do it blindfolded, like he’d been doing it for years.

He wasn’t there to taste the most perfectly cooked steak, rare - the way Robert had liked it - pink and bloody on the inside.

And he never saw the day that Will realized how he had developed such a skill, and why. Which was good, really. Will would never have wanted to break his father’s heart.

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