i would give my everything for his happiness


chuck + the importance of blair/his love for blair.

“I’ll always love you.”

Bother Me (Percival Graves)- Part Three

Pairing: Percival Graves/OC

Warning: The smut is happening. And oh god, I’m so nervous about it lolololol It’s pretty soft smut, though, nothing raunchy or crazy (sorry). If you don’t care for smut, it’s at the very end so you could skip the entire ending and still get the full effect of the story! You’ll have to give me a break as I don’t write a lot of it. Anyways, I hope you like this one!!

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The tension in the room was almost suffocating. It was impossible to pay attention to any of the words coming out of the president’s mouth. Not when Percival Graves was sitting opposite me, relentlessly teasing me with his lingering stares. Each time I caught him, his lips would twist into that perfect smirk. It was everything I could do to hide the pink tinge in my cheeks, while simultaneously glaring at his smugness. It was my fault, really. I was the one who had created this tangled web. The man irritated me to no end, yet anytime I was alone with him, I melted into him like a lovesick school girl. I couldn’t distinguish where the dislike ended and the infatuation began. A small voice in the back of my head tried to warn me that it wasn’t unknown for love to masquerade as hate, but I ignored it. Having any semblance of real feelings for the man wasn’t impossible. But acknowledging that would turn my already crazy world completely upside down.

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You Make Me Super Happy

Member: Jimin

Word Count: 612

A/N: You and Jimin have been dating for just over a year. Everything seems like a fairy tale apart from one thing..the fans that never seem to give you a break. 

I felt his fingers lock with mine, it always seemed like the missing piece of the puzzle had finally come together whenever he held my hand. His hands were soft and somehow made me feel safe and protected from any harm from the world. Every now and then i would feel him squeeze my hands which would cause my heart to start flutter. We’ve been dating for just over a year and I’ve never felt so happy in my life. He makes me feel complete.

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“Why would you be with someone like him? He’s dangerous and you don’t need someone who can’t control his killer instincts,” Tony screams at you frustrated. You sigh in annoyance, “Nothing you say is going to change my mind. I’m with Bucky because I love him and he loves me and gives me everything I deserve. He makes me feel special and happy, and I’ll be damned if I let you interfere with that. I understand that you’re trying to protect me but I can take care of myself.”

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you got a cute butt (harvey/mike) - for sussoria

As soon as Harvey realized his feelings for Mike had gone beyond the professional, even beyond the familial, that they’d gone further than he ever anticipated, he promised himself that he would never inflict those feelings on Mike. Mike, who was so happy now that he and Rachel were dating. Mike, who deserved everything good in the world and more than Harvey could ever give. Mike, who Harvey just didn’t deserve.

So he sat back, listened as Mike raved about Rachel, nodded and smiled along as Mike waxed poetic about his love life.

He figured that this was his punishment. Harvey wasn’t an idiot. He knew both Donna and Scottie had feelings for him, but even though he never encouraged them, he never did anything to actively dissuade them either. He gave Donna liberties he shouldn’t have, and he slept with Scottie for years, and while he felt many emotions for them both - admiration, like, respect, appreciation - he didn’t feel what he knew they felt. And now, he was in the exact same position they were in: having feelings for someone who didn’t have those same feelings back.

It was for the best. Harvey was in no position to have an actual adult relationship, despite how genuinely and wholeheartedly he cared for Mike. For all his social graces and sexual prowess, relationships were a foreign territory to him. For most kids it’s their parents divorce that fucks them up. Not Harvey. No, for him it was his parents marriage. He saw two people who went into a relationship on unequal terms - different wants, different needs, different levels of affection - and it was a great example of how not to have a relationship. He decided long ago that he was never going to enter a relationship for the wrong reasons, like his parents had. And it was a decision he has stuck to and never really regretted.

He’d never met anyone who made him want a relationship before now.

But it was all for the best. He would probably just fuck it up in the long run. Harvey told himself, again and again, that Mike was happy, and he was with someone with whom he could build a good life, and that was all that mattered.

So when Harvey received a text from Mike - 911 my apt - he didn’t exactly rush over to Mike’s apartment. Because, although he didn’t know the specifics, all Mike had been talking about all week was the ‘big date’ he had planned for Saturday night. Mike had seemed so excited about it, and Harvey had, as always, just smiled and nodded along. So Harvey could only assume his emergency was date related, and though Mike was his friend and Harvey would do anything for him, that didn’t mean he needed to rush across town just to help him deal with whatever disaster has occurred while planning his date with someone else.

Mike opened the door mere seconds after Harvey knocked, his face brightening instantly. “You’re here,” Mike exclaimed, wrapping his fingers around Harvey’s forearm and pulling him into the room.

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I just want to say happy birthday to one of the most important people in my life. I wish him the best birthday he could have.  I hope cam could spend this special day with his loved ones! I can’t believe that another year went by. he grew up too fast ( I feel like I say that every year but is true). he’s an angel to me and I’ll always be thankful for have him. I don’t know what I would be doing now if I didn’t have cam in my life. he deserves everything and he is worthy of all the love and happiness in this world. I learned to not give up on my dreams with him,  I hope meet him one day and when this happen I’ll say all these words to him, personally. I’ll always be with him, no matter what.

you’re only 22 and you’ve accomplished so much! You are a true example for every single one of us .  I am so incredibly thankful for you. I love you so much, baby!

Family are the people who stand by you through everything, the people who would go to hell and back with you, not always the people you share DNA with.

A huge shoutout to Angela, who organised the Christmas at Hogwarts collab, this has been extremely fun to draw but talk about last minute :/ Harry Potter started everything for me and i will always be so grateful, so its always fun to give back to the fandom! Happy Holidays Guys x

changes & goodbyes

I treated myself today and got a full set acrylic manicure and a deluxe pedicure :)
Then I went to Victoria’s Secret and actually BOUGHT $84 worth of stuff…and I bought my boyfriend and I new shoes. And new socks. and it felt good. I could be honest and talk to the associates and ask questions and be helped with my size. I bought my boyfriend new under armour shorts and he is so thankful & happy. He got everything he wanted today, even lunch out, and I am making his favorite shrimp tacos for dinner.
I am so thankful & happy.
He keeps talking about getting married and he gives me butterflies.
We are both in a place where we aren’t rich, but we are stable… And why would I want to throw all of this away with the risk of being caught? I never want to see this smile leave his face.
So with that, I’m done. And I will probably delete soon.
Good luck, loves. May you all find joy & may you all find your own happiness.

i am fucking done with loving him. i am sick of working out what to say to him even though i know he won’t care anyway; i am sick of trying to read him, to work out why he does the things he does. i am sick of his mood swings; the way he changes his mind so quickly used to be attractive to me, it was something i fell in love with. but now i’m done with being treated like i’m worthless one moment, and being praised the next; being ignored and then picked on and then shouted at. he means everything to me, i would give my life for his in a heartbeat. but who knows what he really thinks of me. i bet he doesn’t think of me at all; and that fucking sucks. he knows. he fucking knows what he does to me and yet he continues to torture me, make me feel like shit. i wonder if he knows how easily he can make me happy? he smiles, i smile. but i wonder if he also knows how easily he can make me hate myself. I think he knows; and i think he likes having that power over me, i think he likes to make me feel like shit.
i am fucking done with loving him. except i’m not, really.

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I heard u were doing ships! Ok I'm 5ft 2 and I love drawing and just relaxing and watching a ton of mystery stuff. Singing is also something I love and I'm also in a theatre group and it is probably my favorite thing in the entire world.

I ship you with Aaron Burr!!

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Reasons why:

  • He loves your drawings!!
  • He thinks your the next Van Gogh
  • You and Aaron will most likely just sit around all day and binge watch mystery tv shows
  • He thinks you have a beautiful voice
  • He literally could (and would) listen to you sing all day long
  • He thinks you sound like an angel blessing him from heaven
  • He’s so amazed and intrigued by you
  • You are his everything, and he would give up the world just to make you happy

(this is my personal opinion, it may be different to others)

this is my final ship!! ships will be closed for awhile. they take up a lot of time and I just get so many!! ily guys tho!! it was fun!

(I may open them back up in the future)

wgm with jun

i’m getting jun feelz and it hurts

  • no lie, his heart is probably trying to break out of his chest before he meets you.
  • he’s the type to have flowers ready to give you. tulips probably.
  • he’s front when he sees you and introduces himself immediately and gives you the flowers.
  • he’s really shy omg he is super shy like junhui please. he’s walking with you and he can’t even bring his eyes to match yours because he’s that shy. he’s smiling a lot and would only talk after you ask him questions TT0TT
  • you guys actually met at chinatown.
  • he took you to a restaurant he often goes to with minghao.
  • he comes here whenever he’s homesick.
  • is on a first name basis with the owner and she gives him discounts.
  • he’s like “she’s my second mother” and introduced you to her because he can’t introduce you to his real mother (bc overseas)
  • was super happy when his second mom gave you guys her blessing.
  • he gets super touchy and and pouty when he doesn’t get what he wants.
  • once, while on a date, he asked if you guys can buy matching backpacks and you were like no they’re too expensive and after that was like aegyo detonation.
  • you gave in.
  • he likes to cook you chinese food and makes you taste everything along the process. they are pretty delicious, you couldn’t lie. magical hands, he has.
  • he makes you toast in the morning because he wants to see you eat breakfast and is actually eating.
  • he gives you ginseng tea when you’re working because “it’s healthy for you.”
  • does everything he can do to make sure you’re healthy i.e. buying vitamin supplements the gummy kinds so he knows you’ll take them.
  • he loooooooves poking you.
  • he loooooooves laying his head on your lap.
  • he loooooooves it when you play his hair and sometimes falls asleep while you’re at it.
  • he bought plushies to put in your backpacks so they can peak out from them on his own time.
  • likes to play sports with you.
  • often goes easy on you because he doesn’t want to hurt your pride.
  • when you guys have your wedding photo shoot thing, he teases you a lot about how you’re always looking at him. 
  • “you think i look good in this tux, huh???” “why are you always staring at me?” “am i that good looking?” “are you jealous that i might be prettier than you??”
  • on your anniversary, he pretends to forget and it really good at it but then you got super angry and him and gave him the silent treatment. he totally miscalculated your reaction and frantically panicked like “what do i do oh shoot”
  • he actually planned this whole romantic thing. he rented out a studio and throughout the whole placed, he framed pictures of you and him from your wedding photo shoot and other miscellaneous times and with each photo was a caption explicitly about the time in the picture and how he felt with you. TT_TT
  • he hugs you until you forgive him and doesn’t let go until he truly believes that he’s forgiven.
  • he makes you cute sandwiches.
  • *googles cute bento boxes* *attempts to make cute bento boxes* *fails miserably* *food tastes good tho*
  • he doesn’t want to introduce you to seventeen members because he thinks one of them will steal your heart from him.
  • you promise to not look at anyone but him and he somewhat is less reluctant to invite them over.
  • he invited performance unit over and they danced for you.
  • hoshi asked which one you thought stood out the most and you were like “junhui of course” and jun just got really greasy. greasier than Five Guys.
  • he takes you to a haunted house just to show you how brave he is but ends up screaming and jumping a lot.
  • he doesn’t ever let go of you though, and would be super protective and covers you when something scary comes up. j un please//
  • when you have to leave the show, he gives you a scrapbook that he’s been working on since the very beginning. it has pictures of you guys from the first day you guys met to this very day when you guys have to leave.
  • he said that the ones that are candid are from the pd-noona he asked to take pictures. 
  • he was like “with this, you can reminisce about our time together! i’m not good with words but this scrapbook should show you how much fun i had with you.” each picture had its own caption almost a paragraph long, because they were literally logged the day of each event TT-TT
  • he tells the pd-nims that he thought he was a hassle to be with because of how needy he was but he really appreciated how you stuck around and was really happy that he was able to see you smile when he was with you.
  • said if he could live off one thing, it would be your smile :-(((((((((( 
  • TT-TT
  • TT______TT
  • wishes that you stay healthy and tells you to not forget about your health and to always eat and sleep and take your supplements so you can live long. and then he challenges you to try and outlive each other :-((()))))

more wgm scenarios

The Signs As Phil Lester’s Tweets

Aries: My taxi driver pulled over at a pub as he had to pee! The meter is running! Am I paying for his pee break?!  

Taurus: I just witnessed a squirrel kick another squirrel out of a tree! SQUIRREL KOMBAT  

Gemini: Can I have extra gluten please? Give me all of that juicy gluten

Cancer: I knocked my entire box of bath bombs into the bath so I just had the most intense bath ever. It was like a smelly glittery volcano

Leo: BACK IN LONDON! The house is freezing! A polar bear would catch a cold in here. *sets everything on fire*

Virgo: Happy #houseplantappreciationday *licks all my cacti*  

Libra: Offended by the lack of pancake emoji how pancakeist  

Scorpio: My salted caramel coffee tastes like a salted salt saltee

Sagittarius: ALWAYS CHECK FOR CACTI WHEN WARMING YOUR BUTT ON A RADIATOR  that was almost a disaster

Capricorn: Just sent an important email and realized my phone autocorrected ‘Phil’ to 'Oil me’.

Aquarius: I got a face wash from lush and it has actual pieces of popcorn in it?! Am I meant to eat them while I wash my face?

Pisces: Tried to get an early night and woke up an hour later with a moth crawling on my lip. THANKS WORLD


hi, everyone! first, i want to say thank you so, so much for brightening my days and showing me the love you have over the years. because of this, i’ve decided i really would like to give something back to my amazing friends and followers who have followed me through a lot of different blogging styles and shitposting. this giveaway is a token of my appreciation for all the kind messages, likes, reblogs, and general happiness ya’ll give me!


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  • each winner will be chosen via random number generator 
  • (international shipping should be a-okay but if for any reason the chosen prize does not work out for you i will compensate that with another prize!!)

this giveaway will end october 2nd, 2016

♡ good luck and have a wonderful day!! ♡


My gift for @blackrosegirl666 for the aph rarepair exchange ^-^ Happy Holidays!

It’s Germany/Canada meeting the family with Romano/America on the side! Because I think America would definitely give the “If you hurt my brother” speech and ‘Mano wants to make sure America does it right! (You didn’t even bring the mustache? I have to do everything myself! ) And Prussia is always up for embarrassing his baby brother.

Love Online - Chapter 7

This is a continuation of Love Online. You can find previous chapters linked here:  [ Chapter 1]  [Chapter 2]  [Chapter 3]  [Chapter 4]  [Chapter 5]  [Chapter 6]

Sweet Nirvana

Jamie carried Claire down the narrow hallway, stopping to kiss her deeply before they made it to her bedroom.  Now it would be *their* bedroom.  He kept hold of her and sat down on the bed, cuddling her on his lap.  

“Jamie, I’m so happy.”

“Aye, so am I, my love.”  He hesitated for a moment.  “Claire, ye ken that I havna done this before, although I’ve certainly thought about it a lot.  I want so much to please ye.”

“Oh, Jamie.  I want you, no matter what.  All we need is each other and everything else will work itself out.”  She bent her head to him, giving him a deep, lingering kiss while her hands ran through his auburn curls.  She moaned slightly, urgent to draw him closer.

Jamie growled, deep down in his throat.  She had awakened a primal need to take her and claim her as his.  His hand caressed her thigh, slowly moving upward, every inch of her eliciting a thrill within him that could no longer be denied.  This time, he didn’t stop.  His hand kept moving upward, until, at last, he found her.  He started, looking at Claire in surprise.  

“Claire, you’re…bare!  Ye didna wear anything under it?  What if we had gone out to dinner?”

“I found the possibility of you fondling me under the table quite exciting, to tell you the truth.  So I figured I’d be prepared.”  She smiled mischievously, then sighed as his fingers explored her warm flesh.  

“God, Sassenach, ye feel so good.  Jesus, I want ye naked and writhing under me.”

With that, he turned her and gently lay her on the bed.  He looked down at her, breath catching at the sight of her, waiting for him to take her.  He reached down, to caress her cheek, then ran his fingers lightly down her neck and her chest.  He started unbuttoning her blouse, hands trembling, and proceeded to remove it.

She wore a black lace bra, which left nothing to the imagination.  Her nipples showed through the thin lace, and he groaned with need at the sight.  He bent down and suckled her through the lace, eliciting a whimper from her lips.  When he had given both breasts ample attention, Claire unhooked the bra and he helped her remove it quickly.

“Sweet Jesus.  Claire, you are so beautiful.”

He reached out, touching her breasts, playing with the soft pink nipples between his fingers.  She arched her back, urgent to be suckled again. He took one nipple into his mouth, licking and sucking until her whimpers became moans.  He repeated on the other side, making her cry out even more.

“Jamie!  Oh, God!”

Jamie reached for the waist of her skirt, pushing it down over her hips, then pulling it the rest of the way off.  She was naked, and he thought his heart would stop altogether at the sight of her.  He gulped, eyes wide.  

“Claire, oh my love.”  He didn’t have any more words in that moment.  He ran his hands along her smooth legs, leaning down to kiss her deeply and passionately.

She began unbuttoning his shirt as he kissed her, pushing it off his shoulders quickly to expose his lean, muscled torso.  She moaned in his mouth at the feel of his body under her hands.  “God you feel good.”

He raised up, then, onto his knees, reaching down to touch her between her legs, causing her to cry out in anticipation at what was to come.  She gasped as Jamie began massaging her. Somehow, he knew exactly how she liked to be touched.  

As he fondled her, she reached up and unbuttoned his pants, pulling the zipper down slowly.  He stopped to help her push his pants down over his hips, then wriggled out of them quickly, returning to kneel before her again.  He was completely naked and she gasped at the sight of his body, so beautiful and so ready.  His anatomy was quite impressive and she became even more aroused at the thought of taking him inside her.

She reached to touch him, her whole hand grasping him in long, lingering strokes.  

“Christ, Sassenach!”  His eyes closed as he savored the feel of her hand on him.  
After a moment, he bent his head to look at her, a kind of crazed passion burning within him.  She could see it in his eyes and saw her own desire reflected there.  He leaned over her, kissing her gently, slowly, softly, then the kiss became more demanding - harder and deeper.  

“Claire,” he said, voice shaking with intense need, “I want ye now.  Right now!”

“Yes, Jamie, take me!”

He shook with the effort not to throw himself onto her.  He wanted to possess her, to take her hard and fast, but he had also wanted their first time to be gentle.  She could see the war going on in his head and said, “Jamie, you can take me any way you like, but please, dear God, take me now.”

With that, she opened her legs wider to show him all of herself, inviting him to partake in the delights of the flesh.  She looked at him, with desire and unutterable tenderness.  “I give you my body…”

She didn’t have time to finish the vow.  Jamie was on her, kissing her with such urgency and yearning that she couldn’t catch her breath.  She didn’t care.  She wanted him now and forever.  

She pulled him closer as he nestled between her legs.  She could feel the solid heat of him against her, his body trembling.  He grabbed her thigh in one of his big hands, pulling it up to open her wider.

“Claire.  I must have ye, or I will die.”

She grabbed his neck, pulling him down to her, while moving her hips against him in invitation.  That was all he needed.  He positioned himself, feeling for her entrance, and pushed into her slowly, groaning at the sensation of her warm, wet flesh sheltering his.  

“Sweet Holy Lord!”  He savored the feeling, closing his eyes briefly to fully relish the moment.

Before he knew it, he was moving within her, eliciting whimpers and cries from her lips.  He loved the sounds she made as he took her.  He was crying out too, in a rush of joy and desire.  

“Oh, yes, Jamie!  Yes!”  She bucked her hips along with his.  

“Claire!” Jamie cried out urgently, as he thrust faster and deeper, bringing her closer and closer to the precipice.   

She screamed as his flesh impaled her, penetrating deep into her core.  Her ecstatic cries mingled with his, as they rode together into a wild frenzy, finally reaching the pinnacle together.

Jamie lay on her, then, his whole body trembling.  He could feel the echoes of her own release pulsing around him.  He was still inside her, reveling in the overwhelming ecstasy of their joining.  

At last, he rolled to the side, still panting, and held her around the waist, his hand resting on the curve of her hip.

Once Claire had collected herself, she let out a sigh of deep contentment, turning her head to look at Jamie.  He was looking at her with a big smile on his face.  

“Oh, my love.  Sweet Claire.  Ye are so wonderful.”

He reached up to trace her face with his fingers, very softly moving from cheek to jaw, then down to her neck.  He repeated this over and over, looking into her face with indescribable love and tenderness.  

Claire turned to him and rested her hand on his bare hip, softly caressing his skin, feeling the smooth musculature beneath.  “Jamie, you are amazing.  My God, that was…magnificent!”

Jamie smiled at that, pleased that he could satisfy her.  “Aye, it was.”  He leaned closer to give her a soft kiss, nipping playfully at her bottom lip.

She smiled, saying, “Jamie, we are so good together…”  Her words were cut off by a gasp as his teeth grazed her neck.”

“Aye.  We are *very* good together, love.  Are you ready for another go?”

“Jamie…don’t you need to wait?”

“I’ve waited my whole life for you, Sassenach.  And I intend to take advantage of every moment we have from now on.”

“That sounds intriguing…but won’t you get hungry at some point?” she teased.

As if on cue, his stomach growled.  “It appears so,” he said, laughing.  “How about I go get our dessert?”

“Sounds good.  Hurry back,” she said as her hand lingered on him.  

Jamie reluctantly left the bed, not bothering to put on any clothes before heading to the kitchen.  A minute later, he returned with two dishes of chocolate mousse.

“Ooooh, that looks so good!” Claire exclaimed, excitedly.

“Aye, I thought you would like it.”  He watched her take a couple of bites, his eyes focusing on her mouth as she savored the delectable dessert.

“Jesus, Sassenach…”

She stopped mid-bite and said, “What?”

He looked at her with a mischievous twinkle in his eye.  “Give me that, love.  I want to try something.”  He took her dish of mousse, noting the astonished look on her face.

“What are you doing, Jamie?”

“You’ll see, love.”  He proceeded to dip his finger into the decadent dessert.  Instead of eating it, he dabbed a little on her bottom lip.  He leaned toward her and kissed her, tasting the sweet, smooth, chocolate on her lips.  He moaned in delight, then dipped his finger in again.  This time, he put a dab on her neck, repeating the ritual by licking it off of her in long, languorous strokes.

She sighed in pleasure, leaning her head back to give him better access.  He continued this playful demonstration on her collarbone and on each breast, lingering to suck her taut nipples until she whimpered.  Next was her stomach, where he licked off the sweet dessert and flicked his tongue into her belly button.  She giggled.  

It was at that point, he looked up at her with hunger in his eyes.  “Do you like it, Claire?”

“God, yes!” she said, panting.

Jamie smiled wickedly, setting down the dessert on the nightstand.  He then proceeded to open her legs again with his hands and scooted down to the end of the bed to look at her.  He let out a pained groan at the sight before his eyes.

“Christ, you are so lovely.”

He dipped his head to her flesh, using his tongue to explore her.  He could taste her salty sweetness and moaned appreciatively, sending vibrations throughout her body.  

“Jamie…” she sighed, barely audible, caught up in this sensuous delight.  She reached down, running her fingers through his tousled curls, willing him to explore her deeper.

He lapped at her, experimenting until he found a particularly sensitive spot.  She cried out, then, hips rocking with the motion of his tongue.

“Jamie!  Oh, God.  Jamie!”

He continued his efforts, licking, sucking, tasting, and teasing.  She cried out and arched her back, trembling violently as she peaked, her passion boiling over.

She gasped, trying to catch her breath, while holding his head in place to wait out the tremors.  Finally, she released him, allowing him to catch his own breath.  He kneeled before her, his arousal quite apparent.

“God, Jamie that was…sooooo…good.”

He smiled down at her, noticing her flushed cheeks, heaving chest, and the glistening moisture between her legs.  His blood burned in his veins as he fought back the urge to devour her completely.

Seeing this, Claire beckoned to him, smiling slyly.  That was all the encouragement he needed.  He positioned himself between her legs and pushed into her swollen flesh, this time harder and faster than before.  He needed to possess her.  

He leaned over her, pulling her hands up above her head and locking his fingers with hers.  His hands held her trapped as he thrust into her, over and over again.  He cried out as he felt her writhe beneath him.  She was struggling, not to get away, but to get closer to him, offering up her body in complete surrender.

He was like a man possessed, taking her over and over with no sign of stopping.  She screamed with the impact, relishing the exquisite invasion.  He growled, overcome with passion and consumed by the unquenchable fire that her body evoked in him.  

Suddenly, he pulled her up into a sitting position, straddling his lap, all the while keeping their connection.  He continued thrusting into her as she rode him, their arms locked around each other in a close embrace, hoping to meld themselves into one being.

It wasn’t long before Claire began to climax again, spurred on by the new position.  “Jamie!  Oh God, JAMIE!”

He felt the strong pulses of her body stroking him and he could no longer contain himself.  “Holy Christ!  CLAIRE!”  

He shuddered violently, caught up in the rapture of physical release.  He spilled himself into her, giving her his seed as well as his soul.  They were truly one flesh, forever united in the bonds of love.

They collapsed once again onto the bed, panting.  They both glistened with sweat from the intensity of their lovemaking, hearts pounding and breathing hard.  Once they began to cool down, Jamie turned to her, pulling her towards him and wrapping himself around her spoon-fashion.  

They had slept like this before, the night of their first date, but then it was different, innocent.  They had held each other in loving affection then, but now, they held each other as one flesh, bound forever.  

They fell asleep, bodies molded together.  Their hearts began beating in sync as they mingled with each other in their dreams.

Come morning, Jamie woke early, looking over at his beautiful love, still sleeping so peacefully with a contented smile on her lips.  He reached out to touch her face, very gently tracing her features.  He smiled warmly as he studied her, so lovely, so delicate, and yet she had a fire, a passion, that was more powerful than he could ever have imagined.

Seeming to sense his gaze, her eyes fluttered open.  She looked at him sleepily and smiled.  “Good morning, love,” she said, reaching out to him.  

“Aye, Sassenach, it certainly is a good morning,” he said, remembering the passion they had shared, “thanks to you, love.”

“Oh, Jamie, it was so good last night, wasn’t it?”

“Oh, aye.  More than good.”  He leaned to kiss her shoulder, then her neck.

She shivered with delight at the touch of his lips.  “You were absolutely amazing, baby.  Truly.  I’m astonished that you hadn’t done that before.  You’re so good at it.”

He blushed.  “Weel, as I told ye once, love, the mind is a wonderful, dirty thing.  I’ve thought about making love to you so many times in so many ways.  I guess you could say I had a lot of practice…in my mind.”  He smiled wickedly and she giggled.

“Whatever you did, it worked perfectly.  Magnificent…that’s what you are.”  

She leaned to kiss him and they drew together.  Jamie smoothed his hand over her skin, resting it on her round backside.  He squeezed her gently, then pulled her leg up to rest on his hip.  They held each other, limbs entwined, enjoying their newfound intimacy and revelling in their love.

@ People that want MCR to come back: I understand you, I really do, hell I would give everything to be able to see a concert of them, but I don’t want them to come back, and Gerard is the reason why.
Gerard was not only terribly unhappy, but also unbelievably unhealthy when he was in My Chemical Romance. He went through a drug addiction straight into an eating disorder, and the reason he broke up the band was, among some other important ones, Bandit. He wanted to be happy and heathy for his daughter and who could hold a grudge against him for that? Hell, even if he didn’t have a daughter, who could be mad at him for making a choice for his own health?
I understand that you want the band back, but we need to stop seeing them as content producers, because that’s not what they are. They are real people, with families that love them, and that they love, and problems just like all of us.
Sure, the breakup memes are funny and all, but we need to stop tweeting them shit that will only make them feel worse about it, including the damn memes, the jokes, or just that “Bring MCR back” shit.
Because really, if you love them as much as you say you do, you’ve got to respect them. Gerard has gone through so much shit, and now he’s getting better, he’s happy again, he’s even making music, something we should be thankful for. And so are Ray and Frank. We are still getting music from them so we should just take what they give us, because they don’t have to. They are still choosing to share their hearts with us, and we should feel fortunate, not affronted.
Lastly, My Chem is not dead and it is not gone. They may not be making music together anymore, but, cheesy as it sounds, they will only be gone when no one remembers them. So as long as we keep them in our hearts, as long as hearing the first note of WTTBP makes you look up sharply or The ghost of you still makes you tear up, as long as hearing Boy Division still makes you want to fuck shit up and the word “killjoy” isn’t just a word to you, MCR will not be gone and it will not be dead.
Please don’t take this as a personal attack because it’s not, I’m just trying to get people to think about this from another angle.
And if Gerard, who went through more shit than anyone should, is getting better, so can you (:

Ps. English is not my first language so if you see a mistake around, please do point it out. I like being corrected.

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About dreams... That´s one of the things that made me more curious about Got7 when I didn´t know them. Jackson and his faith in dreams. That you should follow them, make them true. Like he gives everything in his dreams. It made me believe in my dreams so I started to trust that I should do everything to it if it makes me happy. :) And my life is much better now.

i think jackson is the perfect example for following dreams, he’s life was pretty much set out of him, and he would have been successful with that, but he decide to risk it all for a dream and it worked out very well! never give up on your dreams. 

~ahgase Omma

You tell them you love them!

Note: Woop woop! It’s kinda late, and I’m a bit sleepy after a six hour rehearsal, so I’m hoping these are on par with the rest of my thangs. As usual, enjoy!


He’d be so happy, he wouldn’t believe he heard you right at first. “…What?” “I love you, Rem.” He’d stare at you, this incredulous look on his face, before pulling you into a tight embrace. In summary, really, it would go something like this:

Outside!Rem: *smile* “I love you too, Y/N.”


After hugging you, he’d pull away and give you a smooch, one hand cupping your cheek. There’d be a small smile stuck on his face for quite a while after that, and he’d have a noticeable happy aura. (Mage: What’s up with him? Urie: I don’t know…)


I make this point again; he’s an incubus. Humans and demons have thrown themselves at his feet since he was born. But you? Hearing you say those three words? He could cry. Literally. He wouldn’t, but he could. You’d see that much in his eyes, but before you could say anything more he’d take action. The first thing he’d do is kiss you, and probably dip you when he does it. He’d stay in that position to speak. “My butterfly, I see you return my affections at last! Ha, I love you too.” And then another kiss. And another. “Urie…I need to…breathe..” “Ah, right, haha!”


BLUSH. IMMEDIATELY. INSTA-BLUSH. “Wait…wha?” “I said I love you, Mage.” “Oi- I knew that! I was just…” He’d trail off, leaving you to giggle. You’d be interrupted, however, by him lifting you up by your waist and twirling you around. Since his embarrassment would be over, the happiness would set in, and he wouldn’t be able to help himself. You’d both just be a laughing, spinning ball of joy. And when he put you back on the ground, he’d seal the deal with a long kiss. When you opened your eyes afterwards, you might have found yourself looking at a gorgeous sunset. You’d look at Mage knowingly, hitting his arm. “What? It’s romantic, eheh!”


Shiki would get this dead serious, fully shocked look on his face. His mouth would be in an ‘o’ shape and everything. “…Shiki? I-” He’d pull you to him, hiding his face in your collarbone. “I love you too, Y/N…I love you, too.” He’d mumble it into your skin, making you shudder slightly. He’d be so touched, honestly. Years of having no place in any world will do that to a guy. His hands would move to grip your shoulders, and he’d lift up his head to give you a long, deep kiss. When he pulled away, he’d look you straight in the eyes. “Let’s stay together in our own world.” (Damn Shiki you intense)


He’d freeze, and look at you, an awestruck expression on his face. You’d laugh. “I do love you, you know.” “I love you too! So much..” he’d step towards you, reaching out and caressing one of your cheeks. As you placed your hand over his, he’d lean in and kiss you. “I love you, and I’ll always be here to protect you. You’re my most precious thing in this world.” He’d whisper against your lips as he pulled away. After that, he’d intertwine your fingers and kiss your knuckles before smiling at you. Time for hugs n cuddles! Depending on where you are, that is. Can’t cuddle in some weird ass place where you just got attacked by demon shit.


Wide eyes and surprise. That’s his immediate reaction. But, after the initial shock, he’d smile, and his eyes would rest on you fondly. He’d place a hand over yours before kissing you sweetly. “I love you too. You’re my purpose; I’ve realized that now.” I can then see him pulling you to him so your head was on his shoulder, and resting his head atop yours. You and him would sit there for a while, silently enjoying the peace you felt in each other’s company.


Hi, it’s the b-day anon again :) Maybe one where you are Austin Carlile’s ex-gf (you broke up about a year ago) but you are still friends with Jennifer and one day she invites you over to her house where all the guys are including Austin. He tries to talk to you but you avoid him most of the time. Then later at night you’re out freezing and Austin gives you his jacket and you talk again, then also share a kiss & you end up spending the night together. The next morning you decide to try it again

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANON I LOVE YOU <3 This is my present to you c: I hope you it is everything you want!!!!


“Come on, please come, Y/N!” Jennifer said over the phone. “It won’t be the same without you here.”

“That’s sweet, Jen, but you’ll all still have fun. Much more fun than if I were there because things would be awkward,” I replied, walking around my apartment.

“If you come to this and have a good time I will never bug you again. Come on, it’s hot out, we’re gonna swim, there will be delicious food,” she taunted.

“And there will be an ex that I don’t want to see,” I countered. 

“Y/N, I am begging you. You won’t even have to see him!”

“If I say yes will you get off the phone?” I asked playfully. 


“Fine, I’ll be there,” I finally agreed. She squealed in delight and I hung up to go get ready. I was really hoping Jennifer would be right and I wouldn’t have to see Austin.

~Later that afternoon~

I walked into the house and was greeted with a squeal of happiness and a giant hug. I laughed and returned the hug before following Jen out to the patio. It was hot outside, but the shade of the house felt nice. 

“Y/N!!” the guys yelled happily. I waved and greeted them, looking around for Austin. I didn’t see him anywhere, which made me smile even bigger. Phil came up and hugged me, as did Aaron. Alan and Tino were in the pool so thankfully I didn’t get anything from them besides a few happy hellos and smiles. 

“How have you been?” Phil asked, making conversation as I sat down with them.

“Good. I’ve been working a lot to save up some money to go travelling. You?” I asked in return. 

“Oh, we’ve all been pretty great. Well, most of us anyway. Austin has been alright, not quite totally himself, but..” Phil trailed off when Jennifer gave him a look. Silence enfolded us, but it wasn’t too awkward. 

“I’m gonna get a drink, anyone want anything?” I offered, getting up to go in. They all shook their heads, so I walked into the kitchen. I opened the fridge and went to grab a bottle. When I closed the door and turned around, I ran straight into someone’s chest. As I looked at the shirt of the person I hit and took in their scent, dread filled me. I knew it all too well.

“Y/N..? Is that you?” Austin’s voice asked. I looked up into his gorgeous brown eyes. 

“Hi, Austin.” It came out with more reluctance than I had meant to put in it. He blinked like it stung him.

“How..how are you?” he asked, still a little shocked.

“Fine.” I didn’t want to have this conversation. He tried to say something else, but I cut him off. “I’m gonna use the restroom.” I hurried away, leaving him standing there alone. I slammed the door shut and gripped the sink.

Get it together. You knew he would be here. Act cool. Act fine. You are fine, you don’t need to act. Just try not stay away from him. It’ll be just fine.

After my little pep talk, I headed back out, grabbing my drink. As I entered the patio area, I saw Austin was in my previous seat. Aaron looked at me awkwardly, deciding what to say as I stood there like a sore thumb.

“Austin, Y/N was sitting-” he started, but I shook my head like it was no big deal.

“Oh, it’s fine! I think I’m gonna swim a bit anyway,” I announced. This way I wouldn’t have to sit around Austin and try to make weird conversation with anyone. With that, I tore of my shirt and shorts, dropping them next the chair, and let my down hair down and jumped into the water with Alan and Tino. For the rest of the day I managed to avoid Austin. When he got in the pool, I got out to help Jennifer with the food. When we sat to eat, I made sure to be as far away as possible from him. Any time he tried to make conversation with me, I made up an excuse to cut it short and got the hell outta the area. 

“I have had so much fun today guys,” Jen said as we all sat around her living room, fully clothed and dry, the sun long below the horizon. “We could watch a movie?”

“Sure,” everyone agreed, grabbing blankets and pillows and spots on the furniture as she put one in. We cut out the lights and sat down to watch. I felt Austin’s eyes on me about a half an hour in and excused myself to go smoke. I didn’t do it very often anymore, but it seemed like a time that would be nice for one.

I stood outside on the front porch and lit my cigarette, shivering a bit in the cold as I took my first long drag. I leaned against the house, exhaling and watching the tendrils wrap around the stars like ribbons. I needed to clear my head. 

“I didn’t know you still did that. You had quit,” Austin’s voice said. I didn’t even open my eyes to look at him.

“Yeah, well, I took it up again about a year ago,” I replied coolly. I knew that’d jab him a bit. That was right when we broke up. I had quit for him when we were together. 

“A year is a long time. People change,” Austin remarked. I opened my eyes and looked at him.

“What exactly do you mean?” I questioned slowly. This could go in several different directions.

“I mean I’m not the same as I used to be,” he replied urgently, taking a step closer to me. I backed up so my body was fully against the house. Austin was so close. He put a hand next to my head, trapping me here. I tried not tto let it show that my heart was about to explode with butterflies. “Y/N, please-”

“I don’t want to have this conversation, Austin,” I insisted firmly.

“Can’t we just talk about this? About what happened?”

“No!” I almost yelled. “I don’t want to talk about it!” 

“Then let’s not talk,’ he whispered, his face only inches from mine, eyes half lidded and staring at my lips. I knew he was going to do it before he did. In an instant, Austin’s lips were on mine, soft and sweet and passionate and…longing. I didn’t return the kiss at first, but then my hands tangled in his hair and I pulled him to me. He was too much to resist. The smell of his cologne, the feel of his soft hair between my fingers, the familiarity of his body pressed against my own. His mouth parted mine and he asked for an entrance, which I granted. His tongue explored my mouth and I groaned into the kiss at the remembrance of his taste. Finally, when his hands found my hips, I managed to pull it together and push him away.

“Don’t..” I whispered. “This was a mistake.”

“No, it wasn’t. I know you felt it, too. Don’t tell me you didn’t!” he insisted desperately. I took a shaky breath. “Let’s talk about it,” he said slowly. After thinking for a moment, I agreed.

“Okay,” I told him softly, barely loud enough for me to hear. He grinned and we went back inside. When the movie was over, Austin followed me home and he came into the apartment. We sat and talked for hours and hours. We cried, screamed at each other, broke down, begged, kissed, hugged, pleaded, laughed, cuddled, and eventually fell asleep on my couch, my head on his chest and his arms holding me to him. I felt more at home than I had in a year having with me there. In the morning, I awoke to the sight of a still-sleeping Austin.

“Good morning,” I whispered, stretching out a bit and waiting for his eyes to open. he groaned and then cracked his eyes open.

“Morning,” he replied in his super sexy sleepy voice. He smiled down at me and planted a kiss to my forehead. “How did you sleep?”

“Better than I have in a year,” I admitted. He nodded in silent agreement.We sat up and stretched ourselves awake. 

“So,” I stated.

“So,” he repeated. There was a long pause. “Are we really doing this..?”

“Yeah…I think we are..” I replied slowly, turning to give him a side grin. 

“We’re gonna try again?” he asked happily, arms snaking around my waist.

“We’re gonna try again.”

I would give him anything. I would do anything. I'd be anything to 
make him happy.