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DOCTOR REN // masterlist

Request: Since professor Ren was such a hit, what if Kylo was a doctor. Doctor ren, the cold yet caring doctor and the reader is the nurse who assists him from time to time. Or based off the snl skit what if kylo is the nurse that assists the doctor reader from time to time. I don’t care which one, writers choice. Enjoy and thank you!

A/N: First of all, the idea actually came from the porn doctor skit so what better header to use than from it? Thanks to my friend @agentpeggicarter​ for the request/idea! As I promised, here’s doctor ren :) If you want more, please let me know!

Warning: None.

Word Count: 3.2K+

It felt quite liberating when the constant realization that you were done with med school had hit you. Although you had already wet your feet a while back while interning in the Resistance hospital, it felt completely different when you were now an actual nurse. It was your first day and you were more excited than anything.

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Quite enjoyed writing this one actually. It was a refreshing way to write Loki - not all fluffy and cute and “misunderstood” but not a total psychopath either. Just clever and sassy and nasty and just… Loki. I hope you’ll agree with me when I say that the character in this fic felt much more natural. If you disagree, please tell me and I’ll experiment with it again in the future. I owe immathrowabrickatyou some credit for the story idea for this one, hope you like how I did it. Enjoy, my darlings!

Plague (Part 1)

Loki hated it on Midgard. His punishment from Odin had been Thor’s idea – to work alongside his greatest enemies, the Avengers, so as to try and earn their forgiveness. It had tampered with his plans drastically and left him thoroughly irritated.

He was not the only new recruit either. You had joined as repentance for your crimes but under much less murderous circumstances. You’d been responsible for facing the Avengers in Russia, where they had been searching for Loki’s sceptre, and after tackling you to the ground, Thor had seen your potential and brought you in. It turned out that HYDRA had been holding your family captive and, after their rescue, you agreed to join the team.

You couldn’t stand the silver-tongued God, and the feeling was mutual. Luckily that was the last thing on your mind as you sat snivelling on the sofa. Headache, check. Blocked nose, affirmative. Sore throat – of course! And to top it all off, you were stuck babysitting.
“What is wrong with it?” Loki asked, all too casually from the other side of the room. You glared at him from but Thor placed a gentle hand on your knee to quell your anger.
“Nothing is wrong with her Loki. She’s sick, that is all. You are going to be taking care of her whilst we are on a mission.”

Despite Thor’s words, both you and the trickster knew what he really meant. It was going to be your job to keep him out of trouble whilst the others were away.
“If that stupid ape gives me her disease-”
“Don’t tempt me.” You spat. Thor scowled at you and you coughed before silencing.
“It’s just influenza, Loki. Nothing harmful to us. An inconvenience at best.”

“Can I kill him now?” You pleaded. Thor chuckled before standing. He patted you on the head but you pulled away before he could do so for long. You certainly didn’t need mollycoddling.
“Good luck.” He declared as he departed, long crimson cape flowing behind him.
“I do not need luck, Odinson.” Loki sneered. Thor smirked and peered back around the doorframe.
“Who said I was talking to you?”

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Imagine Chris asking your dad for your hand.

A/N: Part 4 is a little longer, but we’re nearing the end! Hope you enjoy this! X (Read Part 1/Part 2/Part 3.)

Olive and Sebastian sat at one of the snow covered tables in the coffee house, chatting and playing with Dodger while you rang your dad; he was apparently your next clue. You listened to the phone ring and shook your head, chuckling softly to yourself. If your father picked up and was part of the scavenger hunt, you had to tip your hat off to Chris; that man was a workaholic who spent majority of his time in scrubs, he barely had time for anything let alone your boyfriend’s way of keeping the romance alive. The longer the phone rang, the more you started to doubt. Perhaps your dad wasn’t the clue, but what else could Chris have meant when he said “there won’t be a day where he’ll stop worrying about you, but he can rest easy knowing you’ve got me in your life now.” It had to be your dad, there was no one else.

The call unsurprisingly went to his voicemail, but it wasn’t his usual voicemail. “This is Richard. If you’ve reached my voicemail, it means I’ve ignored your call. I apologize, but I’m too busy running errands with Captain America to come to your aid. If you need anything, there are plenty of other doctors available at Alexander Van Heusen Memorial.”

You were about to redial or ask Olive for the walkie-talkie when you heard a soft tap on the glass. You turned around and chuckled in absolute amazement when you saw your dad; he smiled and waved. “I’ll be damned,” you made your way outside with the others following behind.

Sebastian took the leash from Olive so she could run over to your dad, wrapping her tiny arms around his legs. He chuckled and leaned over to kiss the top of her head, “I see you’re having a ball with Y/N.” Olive looked up at him and nodded with a wide grin. “Hi sweetheart,” he smiled at you.

“Dad,” you chuckled softly, “what are you doing here? And what’s with the new voicemail? Is Chris’ scavenger hunt really more important than saving lives?” You quizzed teasingly with a raised brow and he chuckled.

“Today it is,” he nodded and your eyes narrowed slightly in confusion. “I’m meant to give you this,” he passed you a single key on a Captain America shield keychain. “And this,” he passed you an white envelope. “There’s a cab waiting for you to take you to the next location.” He said and beckoned at the yellow cab behind him.

“You’re not driving me?”

“My days of driving you around are over, kid.” He chuckled softly as he wrapped you into a tight hug. “That’s Chris’ job now, as is worrying about you and taking care of you and loving you unconditionally. You are his responsibility now,” he pulled away and cupped your face in his hand, “my precious baby girl. I am so proud of you and so happy for you, there was nothing I wanted more for you than true love.”

“Dad,” you laughed. “You’re talking like you’ve just sold me to Chris and will never see me again.” You joked and he chuckled. “I’m not going anywhere, I’ve still got a million milestones to get through with my family before I disappear with a family of my own. Olive’s only eight and I plan to be on her beck and call at least until she’s twenty-one,” you looked down at your sister and winked; she smiled. “You’re not going to lose me, and I’m never going to stop being your responsibility.” You told your dad and hugged him.

“He’s a good guy, you know that right?”

“Yeah,” you smiled when your boyfriend’s face- and apparently soon to be fiancé- came to mind. “If he weren’t, you wouldn’t have let this relationship last as long as it has.” You chuckled softly as you pulled away. “And you definitely wouldn’t have given him your approval when he asked if he could marry me.”

“I told him I’d give it away.”

“I kind of figured it out after the first clue,” you admitted with a smile. “Marriage has always been on the table, we just- haven’t found the right time. Plus, I know Chris. He is not the kind of guy who would do something this big if he didn’t have something bigger planned. He’s an actor who dabbles in directing, he likes his theatrics.”

“That he does,” your dad agreed. “You should probably get going, that boy has been waiting all day to slip a ring on your finger.” He told you and you chuckled as he steered you towards the cab. “Let’s not keep your future waiting any longer, shall we?”

“Of course not,” you shook your head, smiling.

“Good luck, Sissy.” Olive called as you got into the cab.

“Catch you on the flip side, Mrs. Evans,” Sebastian waved.
• • • • • • • •
The drive to the undisclosed location looked rather familiar, you couldn’t quite put your finger on why but you knew you’d been there before. You asked the driver how long the drive was going to take only to have him ignore you. You figured it was ‘cause Chris told him not to speak to you so you left it, diverting your attention to the key and envelope in your hand instead. There wasn’t much to the key, it was just a key; you slipped that into your pocket and opened the envelope, pulling out the letter Chris wrote when he started planning the scavenger hunt.

My dearest Y/N,

As I’m writing this letter, you’re five feet away from me fast asleep in my bed. You look breathtakingly beautiful, as always, with your makeup free face and disheveled hair. Dodger’s awake; he’s on the floor next to you ready to pounce on anyone- including me- to protect your beauty sleep. It’s nice knowing he loves you as much as I do, and I hope that he’ll replicate that same great love for our future children. (Or child, if you only want one. But whenever you’re ready and whatever you want, so no pressure.)

Now I know you must be wondering by now why I’m writing this letter to you, chances are that when you’re reading this- you’re on your way to meet me so I can propose to you. (I’d say ‘don’t freak out’, but I’m sure your smart brain already figured out what was happening before you got this letter.) I’m writing this letter because I want to say a few things that I know I won’t get through in person- without crying anyway. (And I also want to waste no time when you’re in front of me. I’m just going to drop to one knee and ask you to marry me without making a big speech first, ‘cause I’ve waited long enough and I am not going to wait another second for you to be my fiancée.) So let’s get to you, shall we?

The night we met wasn’t as big of a coincidence as you’d like to believe, the whole thing was actually the result of my puppeteering. I could credit Sebastian, who you’ve known for a while now, but he had no idea what he was doing when he answered my very innocent question “that actress Kevin just casted, um- what’s her name? Y/N Y/L/N? Isn’t she a friend of yours, why don’t you invite her too?” He thought I was just being nice, that I had no idea who you were and wanted to get to know you before we started work together; he was very wrong. Hearing you got casted in The Winter Soldier was possibly one of the best days of my life, I’d been a fan for so long that- I didn’t see it as an opportunity to work with an amazing actress, I saw it as an opportunity to make you fall in-love with me. I thought it would be hard, but then again, I didn’t expect the beautiful and talented Y/N Y/L/N to be a fan of mine.

So yes, I’ve loved you for a while now. A long while, actually. I would’ve chased after you earlier but I was a little afraid you weren’t what I’d imagined you to, and a little afraid I wasn’t going to meet your standard of the perfect man. (After I read that interview you had with Cosmopolitan, I honestly thought being with you was a pipe dream.) But meeting you and getting to know you and seeing how you were with your parents and your little sister, I realized that you were exactly the person I thought you to be. And dating you made me realize that while I may not be perfect, I could be for you. In our four years of dating, you’d never failed to make me feel like I was enough. Even when we fought, there wasn’t a doubt in my mind that you were the one for me and I could do this for the rest of my life.

Flash forward to the present day, right? I’m hoping as you’re reading this, you’re smiling and thinking about our future together. I’m hoping that you don’t have a doubt in your mind about me, that you will say yes when I ask because you love me and you want to grow old with me. I know it’s not always easy because we’re constantly away from each other, and that sometimes phone calls and FaceTime sessions aren’t enough. I know we get tired and heartbroken when the other is on the other side of the world for months on end, but I also know what we have is special enough to hold on to. It’s not all bad. We’ve managed for four years, I think we can manage for the rest of our lives- or at least until we become irrelevant. (Doubt you will, my shining star.) Until then, we can visit, make full use of our hiatus/breaks, and of course- there’s always auditioning for the same film so even on the other side of the world, we’ll be together. There are a million loopholes and I am willing to find them with you, if you’ll have me.

Oh, and one final thing.

I know we’ve always talked about Boston being our home base because that’s my hometown and that’s why my heart is, but I’ve changed my mind. You are where my heart is now, wherever you go- that’s where I’ll go, that’s where my home is. Now I know you love me and I am your home too, but so is Olive. I know we talked about moving to Boston because I have a house there, but I can’t knowing that moving means making you start a long distance relationship with your baby sister. She’s eight and she needs you, so Boston can wait at least until she’s eighteen and ready for university. (She’s going to attend university at my alma mater, by the way.) Until then, we can just stay in our home in California which you should be arriving at at any moment now.


You looked out the window as the cab slowed to a stop. Your smile reached your eyes when you saw Chris standing next to a real estate sign, he smiled at you then slapped a big sold sticker on the sign. You got out of the cab then realized why you found the drive here so familiar, this was the open house Chris dragged you before he left for Houston. You loved it upon seeing it because it checked off every box in your criteria, you thought it was fate but you had no idea that Chris had actually spent the last year and a half looking for it and fixing it up. It didn’t occur to you that the questions he asked- “if you could change one thing about your kitchen, what would it be?”, “don’t you think a pool would be great?”, “how beautiful would a rose garden be?”, “if you could choose, hardwood or carpet?- was used to refine his search with his real estate agent. You didn’t know that the open house wasn’t actually an open house and you’d laughed when he said he was going to buy it, thinking he was joking because of the plans to move to Boston eventually. Boy, were you wrong about everything.

“Is this a joke?” You chuckled breathily as you made your way over to him.

“Nope,” he shook his head and took your hand in his, entwining his fingers with yours. “Welcome home, Y/N.”

Part 5

Event: @i-am-negan-trash 2k Fic Exchange

Title: Savior’s Tavern

Character: Negan

TV: The Walking Dead

Warnings: SMUT!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

I was paired with @brexja!

“Bloody hell is this shit?” I muttered, lifting the invoice to get a better look at it.

An unnecessary purchase had been made, costing the bar five hundred dollars.

“Xherries Adult Gifts,” I read aloud.

Clicking my tongue as I rolled my eyes, I slammed the invoice down, “Damnit, Negan!”

Negan was a good friend of mine and I was the manager of his bar called Saviors Tavern.

I had heard about a stag party that he had been planning to throw for his friend Simon, and it seems I found an itemized list of the party favors.

Getting up, I decided to confront him, customers be damned. It wouldn’t be the first time people had seen us bitch each other out.

As soon as I opened the office door, loud, horrible singing assaulted my ears.

Shit… Karaoke night. Which meant that the bar area was packed.

Going down the corridor, the bathrooms already had lines, drunk college chicks waiting to fix their makeup.

It didn’t take me long to find Negan. He was stuck behind the bar, trying to keep up with the drink demands.

Feeling kind of bitchy, I decided to stay back and watch him sweat.

“Goddamnit Fat Tony! I thought I told you to go get KJ!?” he hollered over the roar of chatter.

I couldn’t help the snort as I choked on a laugh.

Negan’s head swung in my direction. He glared, “How about getting your sweet ass over here?”

“You have such a way with words,” I said, bending at the waist to go underneath the bar top.

Negan turned to the shelves of alcohol and reached for the top shelf vodka, “Bitch,”


“Slut,” he rebutted, grinning.

“You’re such a fuckin’ douche canoe, ya know that!?” I laughed.

He chuckled, leaning down with a shit eating grin on his face, “Yeah, but you love me,”

I smacked him with the invoice, “Yeah, well, instead of being a twat, maybe you should go visit Xherries Gifts and find you some love,”

“Aww, are you jealous that I didn’t get you a boyfriend who knows how fuck?”

Ohhhhhh, low blow even for a joke. He knew that I had just ended a six month relationship not too long ago.

“Can we get some beers here!?” a loud customer yelled.

Both of us turned our heads and spoke at the same time, “Shut up!”

“This isn’t over Negan!” I hissed, pointing at his face.

He laughed, filling a cup.

“Who’s ready for some goddamned drinks!?” I yelled, making the bar erupt with cheers.

I took a bunch of shot glasses, quickly stacking them into a pyramid.

Yanking the expensive vodka from Negan, I poured it into the top glass, over filling it so that it would leak into the other glasses.

I slammed the bottle down and took out a box of matches. Striking one, I carefully lit the alcohol, setting the liquid on fire.

Everyone yelled and cheered until the flames died down.

A few paid for the drinks, immediately drinking them and then went on their way. The bar area had cleared pretty quick.

“And that, you ass, is how you please a crowd.” I told him.

I spund around, grabbing a bar rag and cleaning up the sticky mess that others had made.

“KJ?” Negan called out.

“No, Negan. Not now,”

I heard him sigh, then get back to work.
Last call was made at 1:30, which was pretty early. The crowd had thinned out quite a bit for some odd reason, but I was thankful to finally get out of the bar early.

“KJ?” Negan called from behind the bar.

Scratching my forehead, I turned to him, “What Negan?”

He set out two shot glasses and poured some whiskey into them.

“Truce?” he asked.

I really didn’t have it in me to argue with him anymore.

“Truce,” I sighed, scuffing my shoes along the way.

I hopped up onto a bar stool and grabbed my shot glass. Negan came around the bar, taking his. We clinked our glasses together, throwing back the liquid.

I grimaced as it burned going down.

“Another?” he asked.

I shook my head, “No thanks. I’m driving home.”

Negan stared at his glass, his brow pinched, “Listen, about what I said earlier-”

“Negan, don’t, alright? Just don’t,” I whined.

“Goddamnit woman! Will you let me apologize!? It doesn’t happen every fuckin’ day ya know!”

My eyes widened at his out burst, “O-okay,”

Negan rolled his neck, popping it, “I was out of line. I’m sorry,”

Blinking, I felt shocked that he even bothered, “Um… thanks, Negan,”

He nodded, pouring him another shot and throwing it back.

“That difficult to apologize?” I laughed.

“You have no fuckin’ idea, Sweetheart,” he growled as the alcohol went down.

“Listen, I need to go,” I was about to get down from the stool, when Negan’s hand touched my waist.

“Wait KJ… I-”

I watched him, quite a few emotions flickering across his face. Raising a brow, I began to get impatient.

“Fuck it,” he said, gripping my hair as he leaned down and kissed me.

I gasped, fisting his white shirt in my hands. Naturally, I would have pushed him away, but there was something that told me not to.

When he pulled back, I licked my lips and bit down on them out of nervous habit.

“Negan, we shouldn’t,” I whispered.

He ran the pad of thumb over my swollen bottom lip, “Why not?”

“For one, we work together,”

“Not a good enough reason,”

“How about, I don’t want to?” It was a weak argument at best. I did want him… bad.

Taking his hands, he ran them down my arms and over my breasts.

“I call bullshit. Your body is already responding to me,”

I squeezed my thighs together.

Damn him for being in tune with me!

He cleared his throat and stepped back about a foot from me, “If you really don’t want to, we won’t. You know I’m not like that,”

“I know you’re not…” I said, tracing the lines on my palm.

Gripping my chin, Negan tilted my face up to his, “What’s it gonna be, Sweetheart? I’m gettin’ a case of blue balls here,”

I snorted. True Negan fashion.

I looped my fingers into the waistband of his jeans and tugged him to me, “Yes.”

The air changed, becoming electrified. Negan pulled my shirt over my head, throwing it to the side.

He then unbuttoned my jeans, pulling off my shoes, socks and pants.

I sat there in my underwear, shivering with want.

“Hate to say it KJ, but I’m about to ruin this set,”

I raised a brow, waiting.

He yanked down the straps of my bra, snapping them with ease. The delicate lace that covered me, fell down my breasts, exposing them to the cold air of the bar.

Quickly, he ripped my panties from my body, then finished ripping my bra in two.

My chest heaved, my eyes closing as I waited for his next move.

Negan’s long fingers ran across my chest above my breasts, to my back where he stood behind me.

He kissed and nipped at the sensitive skin of my neck and his next words set me on fire.

“I’m goin’ to pet that pussy and treat her like a lady,”

My hips rolled on the bar stool as I ached for some sort of friction.

Starting at my knees, Negan dragged his hands up my thighs, were he pulled them apart, exposing me.

I held onto his waist, ready for his touch as he continued to talk dirty to me.

“I bet that pussy is wet,” he whispered.

I swallowed, my body shaking even more.

Slowly, he ran his hand down my torso, stomach and to my mound.

He purred in my ear as he cupped me, but not fully touching me, “Damp,” he said.

It took all I had not to clench my legs together at his touch.

“Keep those legs open, Sweetheart,” he said, his middle finger running along the outside of my lower lips.

“Christ Negan,”

He chuckled, dipping his finger into me.

I moaned, squeezing his hips.

He groaned, nipping my neck while he dragged his finger through my wetness and circled my clit.

“Like a goddamn river,”

I rolled my hips, turning my face into his neck as he went knuckle deep in my entrance.

“Oh my god!” I cried out.

Negan came around me, letting me lean back against the bar. It wasn’t the most comfortable, but I was curious as to what he’d do next.

When he knelt between my legs, I knew I was in for some teasing.

I watched as he spread my lips and leaned in, the tip of his tongue circling my clit lazily.

My stomach muscles spasmed, making me jump slightly.

Negan laughed, his breath hot on me. Going back in for more, he flattened his tongue, licking me several times before dipping the tip of his tongue in my entrance.

He curled the tip, and the sensation made me slap a hand over my mouth as I squealed loudly.

With one last lick and a quick slurp, Negan stood and unbuckled his jeans. He released his hard length, stroking himself as he stood between my legs.

Negan was panting as he teased my aching core with the head of his hardness. We both hissed as our juices made the friction silky.

I watched as he rocked his hips, the seeping head appearing and disappearing between my folds.

He was holding back, but the sweat had begun to bead at his hairline.

Having mercy, I lifted my hips when he pulled back, letting the tip slide down to my entrance.

Negan was so focused on not coming, that he groaned as he sank into me, not expecting to be enveloped by heat.

“Fuckin’… shit,” he panted, “Gimmie a minute Sweetheart. You’re tight as hell,”

I sat up slightly, grabbing the end of his shirt and pulled it up and over his head. Licking my lips, I ran my hands through the hair that covered his long torso.

Even down to his happy trail. I took hold of the base of him, wrapping my legs around and gently pulled him into me until he was buried to the hilt.

We rolled our hips, his tight, dark curls rubbing deliciously against my cit.

As he pulled out, he bent at the waist, taking a breast in his hand. While staring up at me, he flicked and licked at at my hardened nipple before carefully running his teeth over the flesh.

My fingers tightened in his chest hair, holding on as I moaned.

“Don’t you dare stop,” I groaned, my accent becoming thicker.

Negan growled, gripping my chin firmly as he sealed his lips over mine in a rough kiss. His hand circled my neck, not squeezing, but holding me still as he started to snap his hips.

Our skin slapped, the combined juices from our body making wet, slippery sounds the faster he moved.

I could feel the tightness begin to coil as I started to come. Only when I voiced that I was, did Negan apply a slight pressure to my throat.

My eyes slammed shut as I held on, feeling him lose his rhythm while he fell off the edge as well.

Negan leaned, his hand resting on the bar with his face buried in my shoulder as he lazily rolled his hips.

“Fuckin’… fuck!” he panted.

“I can’t believe that just happened,” I giggled.

He laughed, pushing his torso up and holding my hips, “Think you can go again?”

I gaped at him, “Already?! Jesus Negan!”

“C'mon, you know you want more,”

Cheeky shit was right, but damn, let a woman gain some feeling back in her legs!

“You are a cocky bastard, you know that!?”

Negan licked his lips, “I do love it when you talk dirty, baby!”

I don’t know where in the bloody hell it came from or what was in that whiskey, but we went at it like fuckin’ rabbits all night.

We even slept through the morning, not waking up until after two o'clock in the afternoon.

Negan was laid out on the couch, his hardness standing at attention. He watched as I scrambled to find some of my extra clothes.

I was stumbling around to say the least, extremely saddle sore.

“No! Uh huh!” I said, holding a hand out to him, “There’s no way I can go again!”

He sat up and stalked over to me, his signature shit eating grin plastered on his face.

I yanked up my yoga capris before he reached me, but I was still topless.

“What’s the matter KJ?” He asked, kissing my neck.

I moaned, then hissed when I felt him nip at a tender spot on my neck.

I slapped his bare ass, laughing, “You’ve littered me with hickies, fucked me raw, okay! You have officially ruined me,”

He laugh was deep and sensual, “Good to know baby,”

Cupping my cheek, Negan kissed me as his other hand went to my breast, gently fondling the soft flesh.

I couldn’t resist the moan that left me.

It was then we heard a loud crash and a couple screams that broke our little love fest.

“What the hell!?”

We looked at each other and threw on the rest of our clothes. Negan grabbed his trusty barbed wire bat, while I took my nine millimeter.

We ran out into the bar area, finding two of our waitresses were fighting a ragged looking man.

He was clawing at them, a disgusting gurgle leaving his mouth. He was covered in blood and smelt awful.

I raised my gun, but found it hard to get a decent aim with the girls trying to keep him away.

“I can’t get a shot!” I shouted.

Negan ran over and quickly knocked the man upside the head making him fall to the ground.

The women ran behind the bar, clutching each other.

“What the hell was that!?” I demanded from them.

“He attacked Heather, look!” Linda cried.

I looked at Heather’s arm and flinched at sight of bone. She was deathly pale and sweating profusely.

“Go sit down in a booth and we’ll call the cops and an ambulance,” Negan instructed.

Linda and Heather cried out, pointing at Negan.

I spun around, finding the foul man standing, the whole left part of his jaw hanging on by a mere tendon.

He lunged towards Negan.

I raised my gun and took the shot, hitting him square in the head.

The man, now silent, stumbled back briefly, falling out onto the floor.

“What the shit!?” Negan shouted, blood splatter on his cheek.

My eyes were wide, my chest heaving. I had just shot a man… in the head.


I could hear Negan call out to me, but my stare was focused solely on the man.


I jumped, then looked at the gun in my hand, “He… he was going-”

“Shhhh,” Negan soothed, running his fingers through my hair.

“I… I’m sorry,” The dam broke and tears blurred my vision.

I had just killed a man.

“KJ, c'mon baby, don’t,” Negan pulled me into his embrace.

I fisted his shirt, trying to take deep breaths. I felt like I was going to pass out as I began to hyperventilate.

So much for the afterglow.


Anonymous said:do a dating stiles would include please?

(Y/N): Yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH I FREAKING LOVE STILES! HE IS THE KING OF SASS AND SARCASM OMFG! Hahah sorry for the melt down! Just love him soooo much. Enjoy anon!

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Dating Stiles Stilinski would include:

- Loving his sass and sarcasm.

- Being witty like him.

- Always being sarcastic.

- Singing together in awkward tense moments in his Jeep which makes everyone look at you oddly.

- Dancing randomly in the streets.

- Stiles being really protective of you.

- Stiles trying to be tough whenever Derek or Peter flirt with you, only to have him crap himself whenever they talk.

- Being best friends with Derek Hale.

- “Really? Derek Hale? Out of everyone you could have been friends with?

- “Yes.

- Giving Stiles the “Really?” look whenever he makes a sarcastic or overly obvious comment that wasn’t needed.

- “Oh my gosh I will punch you.

- “Will you leave it with the comments on punching my face, (Y/N)? It’s really hurting my confidence…

- “Awe, are you gonna cry?

- “Yes. Now stop sounding like coach. It’s freaking me out.

- Not really liking Scott too much.

- “What’s wrong with Scott, (Y/N)? How can you not like him? He’s the true alpha werewolf!

- “He’s annoying and his status in werewolf world doesn’t concern me. You earn my respect by not being a wuss.

- “That’s harsh.

- “No, it’s the truth.

- Scott being terrified of you.

- When you’re upset stiles always makes time for you and comforts you.

- “I’m stuck between punching you and kissing you.

- “What’s with the whole ‘punching me in the face’ thing? Can’t you just switch it up and kiss me already, (Y/N)?

- “How about you shut up and be thankful for what you get.

- “Someone’s tense. Are you sure that you’re not a Hale, because you’re starting to act like one of them.

- “They’ve miraculously adopted me.”

- “Great…

- Awkwardly stalling people with Stiles.

- Stiles not letting Theo near you.

- “If you come near here Theo…

- “You’ll what?

- “I’ll make her see who you really are… even though she doesn’t need much help from me, you’re doing a fantastic job of it yourself.

- Stiles threatening Theo.

- Staying up late and ordering pizza.

- Letting Stiles be the big spoon only to have him get uncomfortable and make you be the big spoon.

- Really tight amazing hugs.

- Stiles always being super sweet to you.

- Being protective over Stiles.

- The nogistune loving you.

- Stiles sneaking/breaking into your home and scaring the crap out of you.

- “What are you doing here?

- “Put the bat down, (Y/N)!

- “We’ll be losers together.

- “Sounds good to me.

-  Sex.

- Sex.

- sex.sex.sex.sex.sex.

- SEX!!!

- Always holding hands.

- Stiles being mushy and sweet to you.

- “Awe Stiles! I won’t punch you in the face now.

- “Now or forever?

- “Now. Just now. Don’t get too optimistic.

- “Okay, okay that’s cool.

- “You’re going to punch me in the face now aren’t you?

- “Yup.

- You pretty much punching stiles, but in banter.

- But only when he deserves it.

- Being jealous of Malia.

- Not liking Malia.

- Malia being jealous of you and not liking you.

- “That doesn’t help, (Y/N)!

- “Well you try thinking of something else, smart ass.

- Hating the fact that Stiles is Malia’s anchor so you get really grouchy and sour when it’s a full moon because Stiles spends the night with Malia.

- “What did you two do?

- “Well I chained her to the wall and played ping pong with her.

- “Be serious.

- “I calmed her down. What did you think I did with her, ((Y/N)?

- Stiles always reassuring you that he won’t leave you.

- “I would never leave you, I love you.

- Getting badass in dangerous situations.

- “That’s my girl!

- “Stay the hell away from my girlfriend or I’ll cook your werewolf ass up into a nice werewolf stew.

- “Maybe I might keep your pelts as trophies and start a collection of ‘Asshole Werewolves Who Flirted With My Girlfriend’. Does that sound great to you?

- “That’s what I thought.

- Laughing whenever Derek scares the poopie out of Stiles.

- Stiles stealing your food.

- You slapping Stiles for stealing your food.

- Comforting Stiles whenever things get too much.

- Helping Stiles’s dad pay back the hospital.

- Being honest with each other no matter what.

- Telling each other everything.

- Cheering him on whenever he’s on the field playing lacrosse.

- Being a fellow nerd with Stiles.

- “You’ve watched Stars Wars, right?

- “Yeah, of course! Who hasn’t?

- “Please tell Scott how much of a not normal person and how much of an idiot he is for not watching it.

- “You’re missing out you foolish peasant!

- “I said call him an idiot not a foolish peasant, (Y/N). That’s not nice.

- “I’ll do what I want, Stilinski.

- “Okay, you do that.

- Stiles being scared of you when you get angry.

- Loving eachother unconditionally.

- Being made for each other.

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A shorter imagine whoo 😝

“…How the hell did you ever pick me? Honestly, I could sing you a song, but I don’t think words could express your beauty…,” I sang softly, rinsing the tropical scented suds off my body and enjoying the scalding water running over my tense muscles. I rested my back on the wall, the stark contrast between the cool tiles and the water making me shiver slightly.

“They say that love is forever, your forever is all that I need, please stay, as long as you need.” I shut off the water and pulled back the shower curtain, stepping out and grabbing my towel. “It goes to show, I hope that you know that you are, what my dreams are made of…” I dried off quickly and wrapped the towel around myself, opening the bathroom door, humming as I walked into the connected bedroom.

Feeling for the familiar fabric and smiling internally when I felt it, I grabbed my favorite matching underwear set out of the bottom of the top drawer. I dropped my towel and slipped into them. As I walked back over to the bed, I caught a glimpse of myself in mirror, which caused me to falter my step, before I stopped.

I turned and stepped in front of the mirror fully. I sighed softly looking at my reflection. I searched over my body, looking for something, anything, I could honestly say I was happy with.

I met my own eyes and the girl staring back at me smiled slightly. Crystal clear blue with hazel and green rings around the center, and gold flecks that loved to catch the light. My favorite feature. I let my eyelids flutter shut and took a deep breath, releasing it in a soft sigh.

My next breath caught in my throat slightly as I felt a pair of warm hands slowly slide over my sides and to my waist before wrapping themselves around me. I opened my eyes to look into the brilliant sea green and gold eyes that I had come to be so familiar with, as he rested his head on my shoulder. “If I didn’t know better, I could have sworn I heard you singing my song,” he said lightheartedly, placing a feather soft kiss on my shoulder.

“I was trying to be quiet,” I mumbled, a light blush tinting my cheeks as I felt his chest vibrate with a short laugh.  “I don’t think I would mind being woken up like that more often,” he admitted.  I turned around so I was facing him and gently placed my arms around his neck, playing with the ends of his steadily growing and messy bed hair.  “I’m sure your ego wouldn’t,” I responded jokingly, letting out a giggle at the exaggerated, mock look of hurt that contorted his features.

“That hurt,” he said jokingly, taking one of his hands off my waist to place it over his heart. I shook my head and laughed.  He placed his arm back around my waist and hugged me tightly, nuzzling his face in between the curve of my neck and shoulder.  Running my fingers gently through his hair, a sudden thought came to me, causing me to smirk.

“Babe?” I asked him. “Hmm?” he mumbled into my skin.  “You know how I haven’t posted my weekly video for my channel yet because I couldn’t think of what to do?” I said, smiling at the thought floating around in my head.  “Yea?” he said, lifting his head enough so he could be heard. “I think I have a good idea,” I said holding back a laugh.

“Oh yeah? What is it?” he asked curiously.  “Well I was thinking…I could maybe do the ‘I Do My Boyfriend’s Makeup Challenge’.” His head shot up to look at me, his jaw dropped and as he was about to say something, I cut him off by saying, “Or I mean I guess there’s something else I could find to do,” I finished with a fake disappointed sigh and letting my head hang slightly.

I heard him let out a puff of air and I smiled internally, knowing he was giving in. “Oh c'mon babe, don’t be like that. Will it make you happy if I do it?” He asked me in a caring tone. I nodded and he let out a quiet groan. “Fine, but if there is less than your usual 250,00 i’m gonna be offended,” he said jokingly.

I looked up at him with a smirk and kissed his cheek quickly before removing my arms from his neck and walking away to find my camera.  “Thank you, baby,” I called over my shoulder, briefly seeing him there with a slightly stunned look on his face before laughing.

Twenty minutes later after rounding up my camera, makeup, and model for the video, I set up my tripod and started recording.  “Hey guys! I didn’t think I would be able to post a video today but thanks to this guy,” I said reaching over and ruffling his hair, at which he pursed his lips together in a tight lipped smile, “I had an idea.”

“I’m sure most of you watching already know who this is, but for those of you who somehow managed to stumble your way to this oh-so-terrifyingly-weird channel,” I said stretching my arms out gesturing around me and smiling, “why don’t you introduce yourself?” I directed the last part at the man next to me.

“Okay. Well hi, my names Billy. I got kidnapped about six months ago and ended up here,” he said in complete monotone.  “Babe c'mon be serious for once in your life!” I said laughing and slapping his arm. “Alright alright. Aye guys my names Kellin Quinn and i’m her boyfriend, in case you couldn’t tell by the title,” he said as an afterthought, chuckling to himself.

“Okay well basically, again if you couldn’t tell by the title, i’m going to be doing his makeup,” I sing-songed playfully. “I’m so excited!” He said in a high pitched voice, clapping his hands together. I laughed and then looked at the camera again. “Well, on that note, let’s get started!”

 “Love From A Letter”

Pairing: Dean x Reader
Characters: Sam
Summary: Dean had an elementary PenPal whom he actually kept in contact with. He slowly starts to fall in love with the reader, even when he doesn’t know her in person. Then, they bump into each other and finally meet in person.
Note: This is idea isn’t mine. The credit goes to one of my followers who had this idea and shared it with me. I will put the link to the page as well if you guys want to follow them! Anyways, thank you for the idea, Hon.

I miss talking to you, Dean.” Your message made Dean smile as he read it.  

He sighed quietly and looked at the screen again, wondering what you were doing and if you really missed him. As much as he would like to ignore it, he couldn’t deny the feelings that surfaced up every time he talked to you. He found it quite ridiculous that the only girl he’s ever been in love with was across the country and didn’t know him in person. Part of him liked moving from school to school because that way he got his PenPal friend, someone that became so important to him. He couldn’t believe that you guys kept in touch after so long.

Sorry, Sweetheart. I’ve been very busy lately. You know that I’m rarely home.” Dean replied quickly. ”But I miss you too, Y/N.” He sent the last part a minute later after you didn’t answer.

On the other hand, you looked at the message and smiled softly. This guy drove you insane, but you loved him as crazy as that sounded. Your friends say that what you’re feeling isn’t real because you can’t possibly like someone who you don’t even know in person. You’ve seen pictures of him though, a few at least. How could you not be in love with those beautiful eyes of him? And his smile as well.

“Yeah, yeah..” You replied, but it made you happy to know that he missed you as much as you missed him.

“What are you doing hon?” Dean replied seconds after you sent the last message.

“I’m going to go eat. It’s been a long day and I’m kind of hungry lol.” You replied as you sat entered a small place that sold hamburgers and pizzas.

You looked around quickly, not really paying attention to your surroundings. You took a seat next to the window as your phone vibrated which indicated that Dean had just replied. You took your phone out again, looking at the message.

“Hey, me too.” Dean replied.

Meanwhile, Sam stared at Dean who was smiling at the phone again. “Let me guess, Y/N?”

Dean looked up, his smile fading and clearing his throat. “Wh—What? No.” He looked down at his cheeseburger with fries and took a fry. “I was just, um… Yah, I was talking to her.” Again his smile couldn’t be helped at all.

Sam chuckled. “Have you ever thought of meeting her in person?”

Dean nodded. “All the time, but I don’t know if she would like, you know? And plus, I’m… I don’t know, Sam.”

He would get freaked out that if he met you in person, something would happen and you would end up hurt or who knows, maybe it wouldn’t be what you expected. There were many things that traveled through his mind when he thought about meeting you in person.

Sam looked at the girl sitting by the window, picking up the phone after Dean would send a message. She looked awfully familiar, sort of like Dean’s friend.

Sam looked at Dean, wondering if he should say anything. “Where does Y/N live again?”

“Oregon, but I know she’s traveling right now.” Dean answered.

“Really? Where to?”

Dean stayed quiet. “Here.” He finally answered, wondering again if he should tell you to meet up.

Sam cleared his throat. “Alright… What if she was here?”

“Here? Here?” Dean asked, putting his phone down.

“Look behind you, Dean. There’s a girl sitting over there by the window. She’s alone and she looks a lot like the girl in the picture you showed me once.” Sam explained his whole questioning.

Dean’s stomach felt the whole zoo inside throwing a party as he turned around slowly. He didn’t want to be disappointed but he couldn’t help feeling like that every time he thought about seeing you for the very first time.

“Y/N…” Dean spoke quietly as he got up and walked over the girl who was sitting by the window. He couldn’t control his legs; they were just taking him to you. When he finally got there, you looked up at him and the whole entire world froze.

Without thinking twice, you got up and looked at the man in front of you. Was this real or a dream? Who knows, it seemed surreal to finally have him in front of you.

There was no exchange in words yet. All you guys could do was look at each other and examine the moment, trying to figure out of this was really happening.

“Dean?” You finally spoke up and for the very first time, Dean heard your voice.

He didn’t say anything, instead he just embraced you. So many years had gone by and the moment was finally coming true. You quickly hugged him back tightly, burying your head in his neck. The hug felt so nice and warm. Being in his arms felt right, period. Like if you belonged in them.

“What are you doing here?” Dean whispered, finally pulling away and looking at your face again. Your pictures were beautiful but to him you were even more mesmerizing in person.

“I honestly don’t know.” You answer him, always being honest with him.

It was the truth, you didn’t know what you were doing in this place and at this time. All you knew was that you were hungry and for an odd reason nothing else seemed appealing but this place.

Dean smiled, making you melt. He was still holding you, but not as close. “I’m glad you did.”

“I can’t believe this is the way we’re finally meeting.” You giggle slightly and look away, feeling your cheeks turning red.

Dean smiled, loving your giggle. “It happens. Stay here, I’m going to send my brother back and I’ll come and sit with you, okay?” Dean suddenly remembered he was here with Sam.

You smiled and nodded. “Of course.”

And for hours you guys stayed in that small restaurant, talking to each other about many things, random, personal, stuff you guys already knew. It was finally time to say goodbye. The place was closing and Dean would soon have to leave, since their job here was done.

“Dean can I tell you something but you promise to not freak out?” You ask him and look up at him, biting down on your lip.

“Anything, sweetheart.” Dean answered, handing you his jacket as you guys walked out into the cold.

You smile at the sweet gesture, but look at him. “You’re not cold?”

Dean shook his head. “Was that what you wanted to tell me?” He chuckled.

You shake your head no, “No, of course not.” You laugh and look down. “I just need to be honest with you now that I know you’re real!” You try to joke about the last part.

Dean chuckles and looks around before stopping. “What is it?”

You look at him and sigh. “Is it that crazy that I have feelings for you? I just met you, but we’ve been friends forever and I didn’t think it could ever happen and I know it can’t happen because yo—”

His lips interrupted you and you weren’t anywhere near being done with what you had to say. Yet, it didn’t bother because you have dreamed of this moment for the longest time ever and it was finally happening. So, you didn’t hesitate to kiss him back, moving your lips along with his; perfect sync.

“I know how you feel.” Dean whispered against your lips, surprising himself because he was about to tell you how felt as well. “I fell in love through our letters, our messages, with the picture of you.” Dean sighed, pulling away. “I thought I was crazy because I didn’t know you and I was in love with you.”

“I’m not crazy then?” Your arms were wrapped around him, and your eyes were staying on his, searching his eyes for an answer.

“Of course not.” Dean answered. “But you know the way I live..”

“And I accept it, Dean. I’m not demanding anything from you. I just needed to know you felt the same way.” You smile softly at him but your heart breaks as he reminds you of his reality.

“We’ll find a way back one day.” Dean whispers.

Requested Imagine: Imagine being best friends with Alec. He get monumentally jealous of a young warlock that flirts with you while you guys are on a mission. When you’re back at the Institute, Alec comes up to your room to talk where he confesses his love for you. You guys end up making out when Jace and Izzy catch you in the action.

(Gifs not mine credit to owners)



Alec and I were out on an intelligence mission at one of the underground clubs of New York.  We had taken different routes throughout the club to find our source.  I looked across the room to find Alec. When I found him I gave him a look asking if he found the person yet. He shook his head at me. I looked around and saw a bar line and got an idea.  I looked toward Alec again to tell him where I was going by motioning my head I that direction. he nodded and started back the other direction.  I walked over to the bar and lent against it to get a better look at the club. The bar was up on a platform to see over the dance floor. I saw Alec over by the stage/dj table. I was watching him until I heard a voice next to me.

“What’s a pretty little thing doing here all by yourself? It can be very dangerous in a place like this.” I turned toward the man who spoke to see a warlock. I could tell he was flirting.

“I’m not here alone and I’m not just some pretty little thing.” I said back to him.

“Maybe not but you are very pretty.” he said while running his hand down my cheek. “My names Vincent.”


Alec’s POV

I was surveying the club floor when I looked toward the bar area to check on Y/N. I saw her talking with some guy. He said something while running his hand down her cheek. I could feel my cheeks warm up with angry and something else that I would never admit, jealousy.

“Who the hell does he think he is?” I said under my breath. I made my way over to that area to see what was going on. As I got closer I could see that the boy was a warlock. I hid behind a pillar near them and listened in.

“So what can I do to get you a drink?” The warlock asked.

“I don’t need one thank you.” Y/N answered.

“Oh? Then can I have a dance? With a figure like yours you have to have some pretty good moves.” The guy flirted. I could feel my anger level rise.

“Oh, I don’t think that would be appropriate.”

“Oh why not?”

“I’m here on business. Not for pleasure. Sorry!” Y/N chirped the last part falsely. I chuckled under my breath.

“A little pleasure never hurt.” He said while putting a hand on her waist pulling her close to him. I couldn’t take anymore. I got out of my hiding place and interjected.

“The source isn’t here. We should head back to the Institute and report.” I said firmly. Y/N looked at me surprised while I glared at the warlock.


I looked at Alec to see him glaring at Vincent.

“Alright.” I said as I got out of Vincent’s hold. I started walking away only to notice Alec not walking with me. I turned to see Alec and the warlock were still facing off. “Come on Alec. We have to go.” I said while grabbing his arm. He seemed to come out of his trance when I touched him. He looked at me, blinked, and shook his head.

“Right. Lets go.” He said while walking away with me in tow.

We got outside the club and started back toward the Institute. I was confused by the situation with the warlock.


“Yes?” He answered and looked at me.

“What was that? Back at the club?” I asked.

“Uh..I just didn’t like him near you. Who knows what he could of done if you let your guard down. Plus Jace would kill me if anything happened.”

“Well I can take care of myself.” I said annoyed.

“I know you can, I just was looking out for you.” He said. I went to say something but he cut me off. “Let’s just drop it ok?” He snapped. At this time we were in front of the Institute. When he snapped I stopped and watched him walk into the building. For some reason it felt like he was lying to me.

Alec’s POV

I stopped right before the door shut and turned to see Y/N just standing outside with a confused face. I grimaced when I realized that I snapped at her.

“Dammit.” I rubbed my face with my hand. I looked at the now shut door and didn’t knowif I should go back out there and talk to her or not. I was basically going in circles until I decided against talking to her at the moment. I turned to walk to report on the mission.

It was a few hours later and I was in my room pacing the floor. I’m surprised there wasn’t a rut in the floor where I was walking. Just then there was a knock on my door. The door opened to Clary standing there.

“What do you want?” I asked rude.

“I’m just the messenger. Jace told me to come tell you dinners ready.”

“I’m not hungry.”

“Really? Are you alright? You seem distressed.”

“Just some things happened on the mission.”

“Was it the warlock boy?”

“How did you know about him?”

“I’m talked to Y/N. She is really confused about it. You got jealous didn’t you?”

“No! are you crazy!”

“Alright. But maybe you should.go talk to her just to clear the water.” She said as she put her hands in surrender.

“Yeah, you’re right. And I’ll be down there in a bit. She’s in her room by the way. She wasnt hungry either.”

“Alright take your time.” She left and I headed toward Y/N’s room.


I was laying on my stomach reading on my bed when there was a knock on the door.

“For the last time Clary I’m not hungry!” I heard the door open and someone started to speak.

“I’m not Clary.” I heard Alec say. I whipped my head up.

“Oh! I’m sorry!” As I got on my knees and set my book down. “Is there something you needed?”

“Yeah I need to apologize for snapping at you earlier. And we need to talk.”

“Well apology accepted. What do we need to talk about? Go ahead and sit.” I grabbed his hand and pulled him down in front of me.

“I need to tell you something. Something very personal.”

“You know you can tell me anything.” I brushed a little bit of hair out of his face.

“I, I, I….ummm…well..” He stuttered. Any other time I would have giggled but now was not the time.


“Oh screw this!” Next thing I knew Alec was kissing me passionately. Before I could kiss back he pulled away. “I’m in love with you Y/N! So much that you have no idea!” I was silent for a minute. Alec was starting to look worried when I smiled. I kissed him softly and he kissed back. I pulled away.

“I love you too Alec.” I pulled him into another kiss. “You weren’t by any chance jealous earlier were you?”

“Here something no one else will ever hear me say,” He pushed me down on my back while he hovered over me. “Hell yeah.” He kissed me again.

The kissing turned into a heavy make out sessionWe lost track of time when we heard someone clear their throat. We pulled away and turned to see Jace and Isabelle.

“Well you two seem to be having fun.” Jace snicked. I blushed and hid my face in Alec’s crest. Alec chuckled above me.

“We’ll leave you two alone and we’ll put your dinner in the fridge. ” Izzy said while winking. She pushed Jace out the door and closed it.

“That was embarrassing.” I mumbled into Alec’s chest.

“Well how about I make you forget.” He lightly kissed my neck.

“Alright.” He kissed me again.

“Oh and by the way, will you be my (girlfriend/boyfriend)?”

“Of course.” I accepted.


REQUEST: Hey could I request a fluffy one with you pranking Bucky on April fools by filling his room with plums and then sticking magnets to his metal arm with superglue saying “this ship has sailed #plucky” and then he finds out it was you and he asks you out and then you make out.



You froze as you heard Bucky yelling your name. You knew that he had woken up to see the surprise that you left in his room.

“(Y/n), what did you do?” Steve asked you.

You tried to act like you had no idea what Bucky could’ve been upset about, “I don’t know.”

Sam chuckled besides you at the kitchen table, “It’s April Fools, Steve. I’m sure she pranked Bucky pretty good.”

Steve’s eyes widened, “(Y/n), you didn’t.”

You couldn’t help the grin that formed, “You don’t mess with the Queen of Pranks.”

Playing pranks on the rest of the team entertained you immensely. You had some downtime when you weren’t on a case or when you weren’t busy training so you needed something to pass the time. It started with harmless stuff. Like putting some whipped cream in Steve’s hand while he slept or hiding Red Wing from Sam.

Since it was April Fools, you decided to step it up a notch. Everyone knew that Bucky loved plums. It seemed like he ate one every single day.

So, you decided to give him what he wanted.

Your superpower was the gift of invisibility. You had that power for as long as you could remember. It helped in tons of missions and life situations. You were able to sneak into Bucky’s room and fill it with plums. You had collected them and kept them in grates and scattered them all over his bedroom.

Then, you got some magnets and superglued them to his arm before writing,
“this ship has sailed. #PLUCKY!”

You thought it was pretty hilarious and you knew that Bucky was going to be so pissed.

Pranking Bucky was one of your favorite hobbies. He had the best reactions and it made you laugh so much.

Bucky rushed into the kitchen and Sam and Steve saw what you did to his arm.

“What’s Plucky?” Steve asked.

“It’s the ship name for Bucky and plums. Ya know, because he’s in love with them.”

Sam laughed, “(Y/n), you are one creative woman.”

“She filled my room with plums.” Bucky narrowed his eyes at you.

Steve and Sam hurried to Bucky’s room and you followed them. Once they saw all of the plums around, they started laughing. Sam gave you a high five, “You are one dedicated woman.”

“I’m glad someone finds this funny.” Bucky rolled his eyes.

“Make that two people.” Steve said before giving you a high five too. Sam took a picture of the room and of Bucky’s arm before he and Steve left the room.

You started to follow behind them but Bucky blocked your path with his body.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He asked you.

“Uh well, I was going to finish my coffee.”

Bucky chuckled, “You are going to stay here and get all of these plums out of my room.”

“Is that so?”

He nodded, “Yes, since you did the crime, you do the time.”

“You’re no fun.” You teased. Ever since Bucky had joined the team, the two of you sort of hit it off. He was often the one you would pull pranks on, but he never really retaliated.

He was the one person who you would always go to when you needed someone to talk to. Bucky was a great listener and overall a great person.

“I can’t believe that you did this.” Bucky looked down at his arm and laughed, “You are one creative person.”
“I sure am.” You smiled as you grabbed some plums that you had put along his bookshelf.

“You know how when we’re kids, people would tell us that if a kid picks or pulls pranks on you that they like you?”

You turned and faced him a little afraid of where the conversation was going to go, “…….yeah?”

“Is that what you’re doing to me?” He smirked.


“Do you pull pranks on me because you’re harboring a secret crush on me?” Bucky questioned.

“Ha! You’re so silly.” You turned and focused on getting the plums. You wished that he hadn’t asked you because you didn’t want things to be awkward between the two of you.

Of course you had feelings for Bucky. Who wouldn’t? He was so sweet and kind and was easy on the eyes. His body was bangin’.

Bucky walked over towards you, “If you did have feelings for me, it wouldn’t be a bad thing. I’m relieved if you do actually.”

“Oh yeah?” You turned and saw that he was closer to you than before.

Bucky reached out and placed a hand on your waist, pulling you closer to his body. He placed his other hand on the small of your back as he looked down at you, “I would be relieved because I have feelings for you too but I didn’t think you saw me that way.”

“Hypothetically, if I did have feelings for you, what would you do about it?” You asked him as his face got closer and closer to yours. His nose bumped yours a little, “First I would ask you out on a date.”

“And after I say yes, what would you do then?”

Bucky smiled at the flirtatious banter, “And then I would do this.”

He pressed his lips against yours and you felt like fireworks were popping overhead. It was like you two were the only people in the world.

Bucky’s lips molded to yours and you knew instantly that it was the best kiss you had ever had in all your years. It was passionate yet sweet. Not too tame, but not too wild.

Bucky rested his forehead against yours while you both tried to catch your breath. “That was pretty amazing.”

You smiled, “It sure was.”

“You know what would be even more fun?”

“What is that?”

“If we could get all of these plums out of my room.” He joked.

You decided to have a little fun. You concentrated as hard as you could and before you knew it, you were invisible. It surprised Bucky, “Hey!”

“Have fun with all those plums!” You shouted as you got out of his grasp and headed out of the room. “Plucky for life!”


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for @shmalexsmirsch, the GF Crew, and everyone else

I used to joke about how much of my journal, the one documenting my senior year of high school, is filled with Gravity Falls. Half way through the book, on a page marked for October 1st, I had written one small entry: “I really love Gravity Falls.” From there, page after page is filled with thoughts related to the show. I could imagine someone picking up my journal and trying to figure out why an eighteen year old girl was so consumed by a piece of children’s media. Why did she relate the plotline back to her own existential crisis, or why did she spend so much time plotting a fanfiction based in the same universe?

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that it’s because Gravity Falls is the greatest piece of work that has ever walked this planet. That’s not true. It’s a flawed story with its fair share of problems. But it’s a story that entered my life at the exact right time, and inevitably changed it for the long run.

Let’s scroll back a year.

I am eighteen years old, starting my senior year of high school. The summer had been stressful for me—a double mastectomy for my mother’s second round against breast cancer coupled with the looming shadows of the upcoming college applications. The ongoing existential crisis of my life, one based in a cocktail mixture of anxiety and insecurities, was raging on inside my head. At the time, writing was my only release. It gave me the escape I needed without having to resort to other unsafe means. I was wholly dedicated to writing and improving my art, but I also knew that writing wasn’t going to give me a stable career. That summer, while on a college tour, I made the firm decision to study international business. I could make a living while doing writing on the side. It seemed like it was going to be a fairly sweet deal.

Everything started to change over the course of one late September weekend.

My sister was heading back upstate for college, and my parents saw it fit to take a mini-vacation for themselves while they were at it. This left my twin brother and me alone from Friday morning until Monday evening. I didn’t have many plans that weekend. My AP Lit class had just finished reading Blindness by José Saramago, and I had to write a partnered essay about it. On Saturday morning, I sat at my kitchen table and wrote my half within two hours. It was quite a feat, if I do say so myself. However, any attempts of contacting my partner about her half resulted only in static. Frustrated, I sought for something to keep my mind occupied until she got back to me.

Sitting there in my kitchen, the glow of the sun illuminating the cherry stain of the table before dying in the dark slate flooring, I remembered seeing tumblr posts talking about the intricacies of a certain cartoon. I didn’t know much about it; it just suddenly appeared on my dash from nowhere. I knew nothing about the show, beyond the audience’s amazement of a priest-like character walking with triangular steps, but it seemed like a pleasant way to past time. Figuring out the name, I sat down and watching the first episode.

I can’t quite explain what watching the series for the first time was like. I knew within the first few minutes of the first episode that I was going to watch the whole thing, a decision I usually reserve until I had a better idea of the plot. This time, I didn’t need to make the logical decision. This time, it was like there was a new emotion in my chest, one that guided my actions. For the longest time, I never knew what to call this feeling. After having a year to think about it, I think I know what it is: nostalgia.

Fifth grade was not a good year for me. Neither was sixth grade, nor the entirety of junior high. Four years of my life was spent in the constant need of escapism. I hated the life I was living and I wanted out. During those years, I fantasized of discovering a different world. The locket hanging off my neck could take me to a different universe. One day, a group of mysterious vigilantes were going to recruit me to help them defeat an underground, paranormal villain that only I could defeat. I didn’t want to discover Hogwarts. I wanted to know that behind the curtains of the life I loathed was a fantastical universe where I was in control and I was the hero.

All of my daydreams aligned with the basic plot of Gravity Falls—Dipper, discontent with his life, one day discovers a journal that holds secrets of a hidden world just beyond his yard. Sure enough, he begins to discover monsters and mermaids and an evil only he can defeat.

The story of Dipper and Mabel was the perfect replication of my escapist wants. Twelve year old Mia would have loved to discover a journal in the backyard of her suburban Californian home. I was never a mystery solver, but the very prospect of discovering who the author of the journals is would be enough to convert me into a genuine Nancy Drew. Watching Gravity Falls is like seeing my childhood fantasies come to life right before my eyes. Considering the pressures of college applications and life decisions, it would be hard to find a reason why I wouldn’t love this cartoon so much.

I caught up with the season and a half show in under a weekend. Then, when my twin brother asked what I was so obsessed with, I sat down and watched it with him again. We talked during the episodes, occasionally pausing to laugh or discuss the mechanics. It was the first time in years that he and I shared a common interest.

I clearly remember an episode in the second season—number four, “Sock Opera”—that featured Dipper and Mabel slapping each other’s hands in a twin-exclusive hand shake. My own twin brother looked at me and asked “Why can’t we have a relationship like them?” A switch was flicked in the back of our heads and, in a way that mirror Gravity Falls’ main characters, we grew closer. We shared everything with each other, passing along jokes and television shows. Car rides previously spent in silence were now ten minute interludes about any topic that came to our heads. For the first time in our lives, my brother and I felt like actual twins.

Indeed, Gravity Falls has a mystical quality to it. The intrigue came from more than the ciphers littered throughout the end credits and backgrounds. It was the conscious knowledge that Alex Hirsch attended school not five blocks from my house, that there was a slight chance I may have ran into him. It was the discovery of McBean Parkway at the corner of Gideon’s fake check, and the similarities between Lazy Susan’s diner and our very own Saugus Café. I felt like I was living life alongside the show, that simply watching it gave my own existence its own flair of the fictional.

As October faded to November, and the deadline for college applications loomed closer, my life started a new shift. My schemes of pursuing international business suddenly didn’t seem as lovely as I previously thought. My mind kept on flitting back to the image of me hunched over in a cubicle, bags under eyes as I labored over dry financial reports. As I delved deeper into the world of contemporary Western animation, the more discontented I felt with the prospects of my future. I played around with the idea of taking an off year, or even joining the Peace Corps. Anything to delay a destiny made of dread.

My breaking point was the opening night of my play. I was an actress in it, and I was driving my underclassman friend to her house to wait out the hours before call time. I complained to her about my unfinished applications, sparking a conversation about my life plans. I strained enthusiasm for business, talking animatedly about economics and all the free time I would have to write. “I just can’t imagine myself doing something that wasn’t creative, you know?” I said with a laugh.

But after I dropped her off and drove away, I realized how true the words were. They bounced around my cranium, cracking bone and ricocheting their message in rapid spurts. I thought back to the creative minds of Alex Hirsch and Patrick McHale, trying to imagine what it would be like to have your stories out there for the world to see.

I remember this next part quite clearly—at three-thirty in the afternoon, two hours before call time, I sat in my car and waited for the light to change. I was at the intersection of Lyons and Peachland, my old therapy office somewhere behind me. The sun blared down at my skin from the left, blinding me as I broke down into an indescribable sob. For the first time in my life, I knew for sure what I wanted. I didn’t want to be a successful business woman, or any other profession. All I wanted to do was create. I wanted to tell stories.

That night, two weeks before UC applications were due, I changed my major from international business to film. I was going to write for television, maybe even cartoons if I was lucky. I knew what I wanted to do with my life and, for the first time ever, I had the conviction to pursue it. That spring, I was accepted to Emerson College as a Visual Media Arts major.

And life never stopped from there. For the next year, I was slowly peeled away from my adolescence and into the world of the adult. I graduated from high school. I held three jobs over the course of the summer. I turned nineteen. I moved cross-country for school. The cycle of time demanded that I grew up.

For the most part, I did.

I aged. I’ve learned more about myself in the past year than I have ever known before. I cannot say that I’m an adult. Through all of these changes in my life, I’ve clung to Gravity Falls as life-line of my youth. Dipper and Mabel became the symbols of the childhood I always wanted to have—one in which I was never bullied, where my family relationship never waned, one that I can look back upon and say that I was happy. In the year in which I was forced to transform into an adult, Gravity Falls allowed me to be a kid again. Once ever few weeks, I would get a twenty-minute episode in which I could be twelve and innocent and happy.

And, in a bizarre way, it helped me to grow-up. Dipper and Mabel grew up over the course of the summer, and I feel like I grew up with them. I remember watching the premiere of “A Tale of Two Stans” with my brother. We watched Stanford and Stanley face with the fork in the road of the childhood, knowing that I would soon be leaving California while he would be enrolled in community college. I remember listening to Brad Breeck’s theme song while I waited for my flight at the airport. In it, I found so much courage to start over my life in Boston from a show made for children.

That is why Gravity Falls is art. It has touched me in a way no other piece of media has. Alex Hirsch—I am sure that you or the rest of the GF team will never read this. But I will address this last part to you anyways:

I am in Boston, pursuing television because of you. My brother and I have a true relationship again because of you. I have the courage and determination to pursue my dream because of you. I want to give the kids and lost teenagers of the future the same hope you have given me. I want to one day shake your hand and tell you face to face everything that your show has done for me. I want to tell this to you as both your admirer and your equal in this industry.

Right now, it is two o’clock in the morning. I am completing the essay I first started back in September when the preview for “Dipper and Mabel vs the Future” was released. I am crying. I’m sobbing because I do not want this summer to end. I am afraid that once that final episode premieres, the remains of my childhood will be gone. I will have to turn my face to horizon and confront the fact that I am grown up.

I am terrified to face that future.

But this is not the way my world will end. I will not go out with a bang or a whisper. Once Gravity Falls is gone, I will live on different from when it first found me.

For that— Alex Hirsch, the GF Team, Dipper, Mabel, Stan, everyone else—thank you.

Thank you for everything.