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Ship Meme

@katzirasu: Viktor Nikiforov and Katsuki Yuri with C3? [original form | I am not taking any more requests for this meme]

First artwork for the year! Unexpectedly really got into this anime, these two make me so happy ;_;

I really need there to be Trucy and Maya interaction please.

Hanging Doll Analysis

I’m sure someone has already made a post like this, but I thought that I would try my hand at it. I couldn’t get very good screenshots from the trailer because of how fast it moved, but I tried my best.

Toujou Kirumi: collapsed 

Kaito Momota: upright

Miu Iruma: collapsed 

Maki Harukawa: upright

Himiko Yumeno: collapsed 

Gonta Gokuhara: collapsed (or at least appears to be)

Ryoma Hoshi: collapsed

Shirogane Tsumugi: collapsed 

Kiibo/Keebo: collapsed 

Kokichi Ouma: upright

Angie Yonaga: upright (or at least appears to be)

Tenko Chabashira: upright

Rantaro Amami: collapsed 

Korekiyo Shinguji: collapsed 

Kaede Akamatsu: hanging by the foot

Now, let’s compare to the previous trailer. 

I either missed Saihara or he he did not appear as a doll this time around, but in the precious trailer he is upright. None of the positions have changed in the latest trailer from what I can tell (though I may have missed something), so take from this what you will. If we are assuming that this is an indication of victims/survivors, the list would go as follows: 


Kaito Momota 

Maki Harukawa

Kokichi Ouma

Angie Yonaga

Tenko Chabashira

Shuichi Saihara

Kaede Akamatsu (though I’m sure her hanging by the foot has some significance. Perhaps the balance between life and death?)


Toujou Kirumi

Miu Iruma 

Himiko Yumeno

Gonta Gokuhara 

Ryoma Hoshi

Shirogane Tsumugi


Rantaro Amami

Korekiyo Shinguji

This would leave seven survivors and nine killers/victims. However, please keep in mind that this is just speculation. I doubt it would be this obvious/two survivors only has already been teased, though it could be a red herring. I just found this interesting.  


I goofed and forgot Saihara in the final count. That would make it seven and not six.


Repeat after me Larries: Guilt is not necessarily a bad thing.

When you do something wrong, you *should* feel guilty. Stop with this crap about how you hate feeling like you’re being guilted. You’ve made up cruel lies about Briana and her family. You’ve bullied a baby (and many other people for that matter). You’ve sent a minor pornographic images. You’ve manipulated and lied to other people. Those are things that *should* make you feel guilty. And no, you don’t want to be left alone. You bugged TMZ so much trying to get them to end BG. You’re just complaining now because it wasn’t the kind of attention you wanted.

Things I wish for...

… but will totally never happen.

Anybody who plays Final Fantasy XIV and has updated to the 3.5 patch may or may not be aware of the updated and improved Group Pose features.

For those who don’t, I’ll explain a bit for you: the “Group Pose” command on FFXIV takes the last played emote of any character on your screen, has them face the camera in the direction you were facing at the time of pressing, and then perfectly syncs those emotes. This is great for group filming and screenshots, but it even goes one step beyond!

You have the ability, in this camera mode, to click on any of the individuals in the screen and do the following:

• Pause their movements, freezing them in position mid-animation.
• Apply a status effect to them (one of which is Sleep, which slows their emotes down considerably to make it easier to pause them on the right frame!)
• Pause the whole group at once, or freeze one person at a time until you have the perfect position for the whole group.
• Apply various screen effects (effectively cutting out the need for Photoshop editing, depending on what effect you apply and how it looks.)
• Add up to three lights, which have slightly limited configuration insofar as colour and brightness, but sadly can’t be positioned (unless I’m just a doof.)
• An ability to set the level of blur in the depth perception, as well as roll the camera to an angle!

It’s a fantastic mode, and the best part is that the mode effectively takes a “picture” of the characters and their emotes at the time, so that once you enter the mode it’s impossible for some random to photobomb you, accidentally or on purpose.

Of course, we’ll never see that feature in GW2. I don’t think ArenaNet’s engine is even capable of processing that kind of camera mode and putting it in the game, never mind any of the other nuances. But man, oh man, I wish so hard that maybe one day we’ll have tools like that for us. It would be so amazing.

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For the people with their relationships being glorified, I had that happen to me and my first boyfriend. We were together for years and all the time I would get screenshots of friends/hear them saying how we were perfect together and going to get married and have x amount of kids??? And the relationship itself was actually horrible and messed me up p badly and I broke up with him and then our friends realized yeah they were stressing me out real bad with the relationship glorifying


Having your relationships glorified and such by shippers can end up normalizing toxic/abusive behavior!!!!!!!

The reason I do easily slipped into an emotionally abusive relationship after the relationship where I was shipped with my partner was because I was constantly told my relationship with him was perfect and amazing when in reality it was really complex and ended up pretty toxic in the way that he began to become codependent on me or attempt to guide the relationship in that direction (I was the only person he wanted to be around, he didn’t want to talk to his friends, he got angry with me if I wasn’t the for him 24/7, etc) and so! Because these behaviors we’re normalized to me through other people telling me that my relationship was good and fine and perfect, I spent a year of my life in an emotionally abusive relationship with those behaviours (plus MANY others) more intensely pushed on me. And it didn’t ring a bell that it wasn’t good, because I was told that’s normal and even good.

So like. Don’t fucking glorify other people’s relationships because you don’t know the extent of how complex they are (and how they might not be as healthy as you think they are)

So I heard it was Voltron week

Was looking at the trailer for the patch and just decided to clip out this from one of the scenes because it hit me that this is finally happening.

The siblings are standing together and dealing with the issues going on. It’s honestly what I’ve wanted for about as long as I’ve been roleplaying Alisaie (and Alphinaud).

I’ll definitely be trying to get various screenshots and I would be shocked if I didn’t have any new icons to add to my growing pile. XD

Just hoping and praying that SE doesn’t screw that up. D:

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Yeah I'm not sure it was a smear campaign TBH, because I think if it had been it would've been more noticeable to the gp, and as at that time, I had zero interest in one direction, and the only thing I ever heard in that time frame was that Louis was apparently going to be a father, and at the time I was like lmao these rumours happen to all famous people and eventually it'll just be proven as a rumour, like the Justin Bieber one then. And in the gp's pov how is being a father a smear? Idk.

I agree. If The Sun or the Daily Mail are running a smear campaign against you - no one can miss it. Like if necessary I will write a post proving this point with examples going back at least 28 years.  But I actually don’t want to retrace that history of homophobia, xenophobia, racism, misogyny and general vileness.  Someone actively trying to trash the image of One Direction members would do a much better job - particularly using those outlets.

The only tabloid coverage that isn’t just the white noise of celebrity journalism is Dan Wooton’s coverage in The Sun.  And that’s part of my problem with the idea that there is one big ‘smear campaign’.  To run together what was happening in the Daily Mail with what was happening in The Sun misses the specific stories that were being told by Dan Wooton and what they suggest about what is going on.


Okay so I said to @mimeticeternity   that I would try to get her more screenshots of Arcann in game so here is the angry space muffin! (and the wonderful zabrak you can see is Quruka, one of my many children; one of her main hobbies being picking up strays like that loser here).

Second shot being Arcann, Quruka and his mother having an awkward moment in the elevator (well Valkorion is trying to tell Quruka that she should kill his son and ex-wife and she’s telling him to fuck off and everyone in the room knows she’s arguing with a ghost).

i don’t get screenshot memes. why would you screenshot things that could cause drama. i just screenshot jokes and good headcanons and theories my friends make. who are these people texting and what are they saying

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COE what i don't get about the fake screenshots thing is. why would someone hate you enough to waste time making fake stuff. you're perfect


also its funny cus i mind my own beeswax and im careful about wjat i say for the most part and no ones really had a true beef w me bc of it…. like…. i havent done anything bad and if i have ive def apologized for it? amd the fact that people hav 2 make up dirt on me cus they dont have any real dirt is so funny dhnffngndmfndm