i would enjoy this so much


Well now, dating this little shit right here would include:

  • first of all, laughs for days
  • you won’t have a moment to feel sad when you got Ong by your side
  • see what i did there *shoot*
  • he would crack a joke in the most inappropiate moments 
  • and sometimes it would be annoying cause he can’t keep quiet and keeps making derp faces and embarassing you in public
  • but you love him anyway cause he keeps making you smile
  • Like literally all the time 
  • you want him to share something with you? “buy your own yo”
  • “seungwoo it’s just one minute, please give me the mirror a bit”
  • “It’S jUsT oNe MiNuTe, PlEaSe GiVe Me ThE mIrRoR a BiT”
  • but he ends up sharing eveything with you, it’s just that he enjoys teasing you and seeing you flustered so much 
  • but really, your smile is the most precious thing for him 
  • he would like watching you as you get your make-up done and most likely would start commenting on it
  • “i don’t think the shade looks good on your skin” 
  • and you’d be like “are you kidding me seungwoo?! i spent 40 minutes on this” 
  • “i’m just saying, you know, it’s not my fault” 
  • and when you slap him he would give you a backhug and kiss your neck while staring at you both in the mirror
  • “you’re lucky you have a hot boyfriend, babe”
  • “fuck you seungwoo” 
  • “you sure you can handle me?”
  • i feel like he would love showing you off to his friends
  • like “you see her? yeah, she’s mine, that’s my girl.” 
  • pet names would be a common thing and besides the usual “babe”, “honey” he would call you something funny or stupid 
  • like “cupcake”, “honeybunch”, “dumbass”, “muffin-top”
  • you would always bug him about how much time he spends with daniel and how he should just date daniel instead of you
  • “well maybe i should, daniel honey here i come” 
  • and then he would start coming back into the room dramatically 
  • “what is that? did I hear someone call for a handsome prince?”
  • and a tickle/pillow fight would emerge and you would end up on the floor with him pinning you down while smirking 
  • he would kiss the tip of your nose before forcing you to say he is the most handsome guy you ever met 
  • and you will spend half the day on the floor cause you wouldn’t admit it and he needs to hear it from you 
  • fights wouldn’t happen often and they are short-lived all the time
  • but sometimes you would get insecure since he is so handsome and so many girls are trying to flirt with him 
  • and he sees it immediately and calms you down
  • “babe, I am jinjja, daebak, real, heol, wanjon in love with you”
  • and you would laugh cause gosh he’s so amazing 
  • always holds you close with one hand resting on your waist and giving glares to anyone who dares to give you a second-look
  • he would be really well-mannered when meeting your family 
  • complimenting everyone so they are all just “aww, such a handsome young man with such good manners”
  • but then he would just do a dumb shit in the middle like
  • you asking “daddy can i get the salt?” 
  • and he also reaches for it as everyone stares at him 
  • “oh… i thought she said darling, my bad” 
  • so he laughs it off cutely and no one suspects a thing
  • but under the table he probably has his hand on your thigh and is creeping up higher and higher 
  • until he finally reaches your core and decides to tease you by massaging it quite a bit 
  • while he maintains eye-contact with you and tells your mother how beautiful you are and how lucky he is to have you 
  • and then he would do that stupid move of dropping his fork under the table just so he can give a quick kiss inside your thighs
  • “oh this little thing, it fell so far away. maybe Y/N can show me where the kitchen is to get a new one?” 
  • and when you get to the kitchen he would kiss you hungrily while finger-fucking you just to give you a taste of what you will get tonight 
  • I think  he has some experience + rather high stamina since he dances
  • i honestly think he would be one of the best at oral
  • lots of tongue work and wet kisses all over your private area and thighs
  • loves hearing your moans and you putting your hands into his hair pushing him against you 
  • would be a tease even in bed; kissing and licking you anywhere and everywhere but on your sweet spot 
  •  usually dominant but with a shade of laziness here and there  
  • would like it if you took charge from time to time and just try to dominate him
  • he would smirk from undearneath you while you kissed his neck and chest
  • “you look so sexy like that, babe” 
  • would love it if you ride him as he gets to grip your hips and chest
  • i think his favorite positions would be: you on top, reverse cow-girl, face to face and missionary 
  • he wants to be able to hold you, kiss you and basically just feel you next to him
  • a vocal one in bed, especially when receiving 
  • so expect dirty talking, moans, your name being called as well as your pet names alongside stuff like:
  • “god you’re so tight”
  • “my princess is so wet already” 
  • “oh my god, you’re making me crazy Y/N” 
  • i think he would be into light bdsm and leather 
  • also would like it if you got all dolled up for him with red lace lingerie and garter stockings even though the clothes would be on the floor in less than a minute
  • it would make him go crazy seeing you like that
Stark & Parker Party Planning(Stark!Reader x Peter Parker)

Word Count: 1637

Summary: Harold “Happy” Hogan puts Peter and the reader in charge of planning Tony’s birthday surprise party because that was totally the right call.

Warnings: none

A/N: Happy is so funny i love his character, omg. i loved writing this and I hope you all enjoy reading it! 

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bixxbyte  asked:

hey look, it's me back with another request! how about rfa + v and saeran with MC who sings all the time? like will just be walking around the house or doing something with music playing and singing? I'm always singing and I thought it would be a funny scenario. thanks!! :D

Another super cute and sweet request from you that I loved writing! I kind of re-wrote this a little bit to be more comforting because of yesterday’s events, I hope that’s okay and if not, don’t hesitate to tell me! Thank you so much for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • When you and Yoosung moved in together, he found his love for singing
  • You would sing around the house all of the time, he would be captivated by your beautiful singing voice but he’d always be too shy to join in with you
  • Yoosung loved it when you’d sing loudly in the shower so he could quietly sing along with you
  • One day Yoosung got the courage to sing along with you when you were singing one of his favorite songs
  • You had the music playing loudly as you were singing “Why do you build me up, buttercup baby!”
  • “Just to let me down, mess me around!” Yoosung loudly sang after your verse, his face blossoming bright red as he did
  • You giggled, nudging Yoosung as you continued “And worst of all, you never call baby!”
  • “When you say you will, but I love you still!” Yoosung finished off as he giggled along with you
  • The two of you finished singing the rest of the song while awkwardly but sweetly dancing around the house
  • You and Yoosung decided to have more random singing and dancing times throughout the day to put a smile on both of your faces


  • Zen’s basically a singing machine himself so he adores you singing all of the time
  • He records you singing all of the time and loves listening to those audios the minutes before he has to go on stage because it helps calm his nerves
  • Sometimes Zen will just sit on the couch, smiling with his eyes closed as he listens to you singing
  • He would love to join in with you singing but he doesn’t want you to think that he just wants attention so he usually backs off
  • That is until one night when you the two of you are cleaning dishes and you start singing one of his favorite songs
  • “A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you’re fast asleep.” You gently sang as you handed a dish to Zen to dry
  • “In dreams you will lose your heartache, whatever you wish for you keep.” Zen continued for you as he put away the dish while smiling
  • The two of you sang that song over and over again all night long along with other Disney songs because Zen said that you were his true princess
  • You and Zen became known as the couple who would never stop singing


  • Jaehee never realized that singing could be so much fun, especially with you
  • You would sing all the time no matter where you were and Jaehee loved that
  • She adored your singing and would often do a little clap for you after you finished a song
  • But you noticed that Jaehee always had a hint in sadness in her eyes when you sang so you thought of a song that no one could resist singing
  • The two of you were making up a grocery list when you suddenly stood up and broke into song
  • “Oh I wanna dance with somebody, I wanna feel the heat with somebody!” You singed loudly and smirked when you saw Jaehee stand up as well
  • “Yeah I wanna dance with somebody, with somebody who loves me!” Jaehee sang along, embarrassed but clearly enjoying herself
  • You both sang that song at he top of your lungs and when it was finished, the two of you were out of breath but smiling
  • Jaehee thanked you for giving her the opportunity to sing with you but decided to leave the vocals to you since her throats hurt just from singing that small part
  • But she still ended up joining you in song every once and a while


  • The most wonderful sound in the world to Jumin was your singling voice, so he loved it when you sang all of the time
  • He would smile to himself when he’d be working in his home office as your singing voice filled the penthouse
  • Once Jumin saw you singing to Elizabeth the third and almost shed tears, he took plenty of blurry pictures and a shaky video
  • Jumin wanted you to embrace your singing voice, saying it was the most pure singing he’s ever heard
  • You told him that you just sang for fun but you were curious about his voice so you set up a plan
  • One night, you and Jumin were driving home from seeing the musical Cats, he only agreed to go because it was about the most perfect creatures in the world plus there were no narcissists performing
  • As Jumin went on about the beauty of cats, you started singing knowing that he couldn’t resist joining in
  • “Memory, all alone in the moonlight, I can smile at the old days, I was beautiful then.” You sang softly and looked up at Jumin
  • “I remember the time I knew what happiness was, let the memory live again.” Jumin finished off in his deep voice
  • You sat there in shock at how amazing Jumin’s singing voice was and begged him to always sing with you
  • Driver Kim looked at the rear view mirror and chuckled as he watched you and Jumin happily singing the entire ride home and now all of the time at home


  • Seven admired you for many reasons, one of them being how you expressed yourself through singing
  • After long hours of hacking, hearing you sing around the house while doing mundane tasks would always bring a smile to his lips
  • His files are filled with audio clips of you singing, Seven will listen to them when he’s feeling anxious or upset
  • Just watching you do simple things like dust the house while singing always make Seven feel so happy and sometimes he’ll sing along in an off-tune voice
  • But you were curious to hear his real singing voice so one day when he was playing a video game, you started singing
  • “Sing with me a song of birthright and love, the light scatters through the sky above.” You sang softly hoping he’d finish
  • “Dawn breaks through the gloom white as a bone, lost in thoughts all alone.” Seven sang as he put down his game
  • You stood there shocked at his incredible singing voice but he only sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck while giggling
  • The house was filled with you and Seven singing all of the time together, making a very annoyed Saeran and Vanderwood


  • V simply adored the fact that you sang around the house all of the time
  • Your voice was a sweet melody in his sensitive ears, he’d usually ask you to sing louder to which you happily agreed to
  • When V would organize through his photos, sometimes feeling a bit stressed, you would go behind him and wrap your arms around his shoulder while singing to him
  • He’d take photos of you singing all of the time, V especially loved the angelic look on your face when you’d perfectly hit a high note
  • One day you noticed V sorting through some older photos of him and Rika, subconsciously touching his eyes as they started to water so you did what you knew always made him happy
  • “‘Cause all of me, loves all of you.” You sang softly as you sat down next to V, setting the photos down and gently wiping his eyes
  • “Love your curves and all you edges, all your perfection imperfection.” V finished off as he traced his fingers along your body as you rubbed his cheeks
  • You complemented V on his amazing singing voice but he dismissed it, saying that you were the real star
  • He then quickly grabbed his camera and took a photo of the two of you, telling you that you both singing was true love


  • Throughout his entire recovery progress, one of the best medicines for Saeran was your singing
  • Although he’d try to act annoyed, Saeran secretly loved you singing around the house while going about your day
  • He admired your voice and never thought that someone’s singing could be so soothing and calming
  • Of course when no one was looking, Saeran would even crack a smile when you sang a particularly slow and relaxing song
  • Your silly singing truly helped Saeran, especially when he was having panic attacks or felt doubtful
  • Unwanted negative thoughts of you hating him filled Saeran’s head, pulling at his hair as his panic attack started, he felt you snuggle into his chest
  • “You are my sunshine my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray .” You sang softly as rubbed Saeran’s arm soothingly and kissing his cheeks
  • “You’ll never know dear how much I love you, p-please don’t take my sunshine a-away.” Saeran sang in a whisper, his voice cracking as tears flowed down his face
  • The two of you continued to sing together until his panic attack subdued, with Saeran wrapping his arms around you thanking you for all that you do for him
  • That became the song that you and Saeran would sing together when he felt anxious, it was also the song that the two of you danced to at your first dance during your wedding

anonymous asked:

I admit I tend to kudo over comment, but mostly because commenting is panic inducing to me. The words never seem to come out the right way and I work myself up over just trying to say I liked something. It's not nice of me, but kudos just seem safer.

I understand what you’re saying. I don’t think a comment really has to be complex, though. If you’re not sure what to write, here are some suggestions!

- Quote a few lines of dialogue that stand out to you and write what you liked about them. Were they funny? Relatable? Poignant?

- Comment on something that one of the characters did in the fic, and why you liked it. Did you think a character wasn’t thinking clearly when they did this, or do you love it when a character does that because it makes you feel happy?

- Comment on the characterization of the characters. Were they IC? Did you like a specific headcanon that the author used? Does a headcanon match one that you have personally?

- What was the atmosphere of the fic? Were you able to really feel the warm and soft atsmosphere of that fluffy cuddling one-shot, or was the atsmosphere tense and awkward during a multi-chapter angst fic?

- Does the fic spark any ideas in your head? Do you have any questions? (This goes especially for multi-chapter fics that are in progress - asking questions about the universe the author is developing is an amazing way to help motivate them by allowing them to think about different aspects of their fic and figuring out how to answer the questions!)

- Show your enthusiasm! Tell the author if you like what they’re writing, if you are excited for/want updates - tell them even just a little something about what is special about their fic.

The biggest and simplest thing to write in a comment:

Tell the author what the fic made you feel! 

Did you feel happy when you read it, or sad? Nostalgic? Excited? Anxious? Was the fanfic fluffy and made you feel warm and fuzzy, or was it some angst that resonated loneliness and pain? Was the fic filled with tension? Emotions can be so powerful and telling an author that you felt them is huge.

anonymous asked:

Kathy! I've been so behind with the fandom and everything that's going on because of school and now I'm finally free to indulge (just in time for a jjpro comeback who would've thought) and since I've been away can I ask if you have any recent fic recs? It's too much to backtrack absolutely everything and I trust your taste in fics~ especially markjin fics. ^^

:) hi love! I hope you have a nice break!!! ^^ I’m glad you get to enjoy some relaxing time! It’s been a long time since the last time I recommended fics, so I hope I don’t forget any XD

Mr. Shy & I by SonicBoom
Jinyoung is in JJ Project with Jaebum and notices a handsome fanboy (Mark). Jinyoung sees Mark buying a bunch of Jaebum merch and tries to convert him to being Jinyoung biased ^^ Such a cute fic! SonicBoom never disappoints!

flowers speak louder than words by boyknees
This is a “Hanahaki disease” story (where Jinyoung throws up flowers due to unrequited love). I’ve read a couple other Hanahaki disease stories before, but this is by FAR my favorite one!! It’s written so well and their characterizations are on point and it’s a really touching, kinda fluffy, and more unique approach to the “hanahaki disease” story :) i loved it! But I recommended this fic to my friend Cma before and she didn’t know what the “hanahaki disease” thing was about, and she was kind of shocked Jinyoung was throwing up flowers…so just be ready for that!

I feel so electrified by flydeparture
jackbum set up markjin on a blind date because markjin have been mutually pining over each other~ ^^ cute fic with smut~

love struck by with_beauty
Jinyoung hits Mark with his bicycle, but it’s okay because Jinyoung is good looking :D another super cute fic with smut~

blonde (series) by JJ17
this is series of University!AU drabbles that are related :) they’re short, but really nice reads ^^ fratboy!Mark

Hennessy Got Nothin’ On You by DirtyMartini
Stripper!Jinyoung is very emotionally damaged, but Mark falls in love with him anyway ;; there’s a lot of angst but also a lot of sweet moments! This is such a well-written and interesting fic!! I love this author! I feel like I recommended this fic already, but I can’t find it in my lists :o

Understand Me by hmd220
This is actually a 2jae fic, but there’s a lot of really great markjin in there too! Basically, Jaebum gets scared and angry at the fact that Youngjae loves him. Mark comforts Youngjae as a bff, but this causes some misunderstandings. Mark loves Jinyoung, but is scared to tell him. There’s a lot of angst, but it’s really interesting and well-written! And I think there will be a happy ending ^^

University AU by flydeparture
markjin are roommates that hate each other…kinda… :) I love uni!au fics :D 

Artificial Heart by niazkilam
Jinyoung is one of Mark’s android creations. Jinyoung wants to be human to love Mark. This fic is super interesting :)

Blindsided by WernickesArea
Jinyoung meets a blind boy named Mark :) there’s only 2 chapters so far and hasn’t been updated in a while, but this is one of my fave authors

The Book Club by jagseun
Mark needs to pass literature class by joining a book club. Jinyoung takes advantage of that ;) smut~

Kiss Me by R_chimchim
Mark meets Jinyoung at a bar~ short, mostly fluff ^^

Loves Quiet Place by niazkilam
Jinyoung is stressed out and kind of bitter about life. Mark (a deaf artist) changes his mind :) this is a cute fic, especially since there’s cute little illustrations to go along with the fic ^^

Running From Falling Flowers by baexil
Mark asks Jinyoung to run away with him and he agrees… ;; this is a sad fic but written really well!

Match? by markjinnology
Jinyoung goes to a speed dating thing and meets Mark :) this is short and cute~ I’m a sucker for these blind date / speed date / matchmaking stories XD

seizing the unemployment by myungung
Coffee shop AU :) Jinyoung has a crush on barista!Mark ^^ this is so cute~ and I am also a sucker for coffee shop AUs XD

grocery mart boy by stilljunhui
Jinyoung likes grocery-worker!Mark ^^ another short, cute fic~

Cliche by jagseun
domestic bathtub fluff :D who doesn’t love domestic au fluff?

worst date by xinnuh
markjin reminiscing about all their bad dates with each other ^^ so cute~

Sugar burns by jinyoungstuan
Jinyoung and Mark were childhood friends that drifted apart (but it seems they’re about to be thrown together again~ ^^) there’s only one chapter of this fic so far, but it looks promising! I can’t wait to read more!

I Never Noticed by houseofmemories
canonverse (so markjin are in got7 ^^) fic where markjin realize they like each other :D

my own little bookworm by scum83
cute fluffy fic ^^ Mark comes home and distracts Jinyoung from reading

Letters on Napkins by stilljunhui
Barista!Jinyoung likes Mark ^^ more fluff, coffee shop au~

Never Grow Up - 2


SUMMARY: Sebastian watches his little girl grow up.

WARNINGS: fluff… slight language but mostly fluff. totally makes up for the F word.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: ok, first of all THE FEEDBACK I HAVE GOTTEN FOR THIS SERIES IS GOD DAMNED INCREDIBLE!!!!! WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!! Thank you all so much! I really do hope you enjoy the series as much as I enjoy writing it. I can’t thank you all enough. .xx


Ella was now 4 years old. She was the spunkiest kid out there. Well, maybe not. But Sebastian thought so. Ella and Sebastian were attached at the hip. She was the true definition of Daddy’s Girl. They were always together. Anywhere he’d go she’d follow. It’s just how they worked.

Tonight was Halloween night. You would be staying in due to the fact that you were pregnant with your second child and ready to give birth any day.

You finished braiding Ella’s hair and adding some flowers to it. She had decided to dress up as Rapunzel for Halloween. It took a lot of convincing from both you and Sebastian that she had to wear shoes to go and get candy.

“Ready to go?” Sebastian leaned against Ella’s door frame and folded his arms over his chest. He was all Flynn Ryder-ed out. Just for his little princess.

“Daddy!” Ella squealed. “You look exactly like Flynn!”

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I find it so funny that the Chris/Viktor shippers were like "don't worry guys, we have so much proof" because I feel like... they would have what seems like proof before Chris gets with his bf? All the wild nights out? Ahah

Yes, a lot of it is based on Viktor and Chris’ friendship and stories like the ones about their wild nights out in their younger days, even though in reality they are purely platonic. Chris and his boyfriend haven’t gone public yet because they enjoy the privacy of people not knowing about them and prying into their private lives so some fans in the fanbase in Rivals!verse are convinced that Chris and Viktor are together 

ASTRO reaction to their clumsy s/o

Thank you for the cute request! ^^ I really enjoyed doing this~

i giggled while writing the reactions, it was so much fun TuT


Originally posted by astrobinn

  • I feel like he would just find you cute as long as you don’t hurt yourself badly
  • Would still always ask you if you were okay but like, he would be laughing at the same time
  • *you trip over your own feet* *sounds of MJ laughing somewhere because the way you fell was just so cute*
  • “Oh, adorable, s/he ran into the doorframe again, what a dork” *walks to you* “You okay there?”


Originally posted by asterocky

  • Gif: *nagging mode* “This is how people usually walk, they don’t usually run into the doors or trip over their own feet”
  • “Girl/dude stop causing me heart attacks” *;-;* 
  • Low-key thinks you are cute and he is so S O F T when he sees you being clumsy because you’re just so freaking A D O R K A B L E
  • “I’m so gonna wrap you in like one hundred layers of bubblewrap so I can stop worrying about you hurting yourself


Originally posted by moobinthighs

  • always there to help you up when you fall which probably happens often because who wouldn’t fall upon seeing this angel he’s so beautiful T.T
  • Finds you absolutely adorable though it always startles him a little when he sees you hurt yourself
  • “Are you okay?” *giggles that eunwoo giggle we all know, y’all know what i’m talking about don’t lie*
  • And you’re like always blushing because it’s Cha Eunwoo 


Originally posted by jjaebs

  • “Did you fall for me again baby?” 
  • Can’t believe that someone as clumsy as you exists
  • Thinks it’s kind of cute and always helps you up though he always feels his heart drop when he sees you hurt yourself (like Eunwoo)
  • Gif: “Again? Seriously? Are you okay?” *chuckles*


Originally posted by asterocky

  • Is always there to make sure you don’t hurt yourself, in fact, nothing ever happens when he’s around
  • He can, like, sense it coming ya know?
  • He’s just always there
  • *grabs you a second before you run into a door* “Oops, that could have been painful” *acts like he didn’t do anything special just now*
  • “You can trust me, I will not let you hurt yourself”


Originally posted by lastlov

  • *is clumsy with you*
  • You guys are so used to each other’s clumsiness that you just coolly help each other up when accidents happen like it’s nothing
  • Asking “are you okay?” is only occasional and used in serious situations, tripping over your own feet isn’t usually one of them
  • You would probably laugh at each other a lot
  • “Oh, another meeting with the floorboards?” *calmly helps you up*
  • “Girl/dude I just ran into that door like five minutes ago” *high-five*

Thank you all for 20 followers (well 22 now (๑>◡<๑) all you guys are rad, and I’m so happy you like this my blog so much!! I send digital hugs and kisses to all of you!! (⌒▽⌒)
So as a 20 follower gift, I made a more detailed (while still flawed) version of your ten follower drawing! Thank you all once again


That’s right, guys, this coming weekend we’re plunging headfirst into the glorious world of chapter three!! If I were to give a synopsis of this chapter it would prolly be “Frisk gets increasingly stressed out” because I swear everything that happens exCEPT the Napstablook scene is mildly stressful.
I had a lot of fun drawing this chapter, and I hope you guys will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed (and will enjoy) adapting it.

A HUGE thanks to everyone who’s been reading and supporting the graphic novel so far!! It really makes my day to see people’s comments and reactions when I put out a new page. When people up and reblog pages to their own blogs, too, I feel very proud knowing that my hard work was liked enough to be shoved into someone else’s pile.
So… thanks everybody!! I look forward to sharing the work I’ve done on chapter 3 with you guys.

See you later!! Hehe!✨

Fun little thing happened when my mom took my brothers, my boyfriend, and I to see captain underpants (she thought we'd enjoy it and dammit we did)

So we were exiting the viewing room theater thing and were making our way to the bathroom and there was a kid who was probably 6 who also had just came out of the room in front of us. It took me a while to notice but he was wearing a cape. A few seconds later he noticed there was people behind him. He turned around very quickly and stopped and stood heroically. He was cosplaying as captain underpants (I’m guessing as much as his mom would let him XD he had blue tights and a blue shirt on and he wasn’t bald so but he had underpants over his pants) but it made me SO FRIGGIN HAPPY I’m not a huge captain underpants fan but dammit this kind of dedication made me proud! I told him I have MAJOR respect for him, he honestly made my night and I hope he keeps that kind of dedication to whatever fandoms he encounters in future


I had so much fun writing this!! I’ll admit it was so hard to choose because so many of the fics by the author are fun and cute! This is a @thinkoutsidethelovesquare remix of Kissing Booth by @miraculousstorytelling

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

Nino removed his glasses and pinched the lenses between the fabric of his shirt, rubbing vigorous circles on the glass as though clear glasses would help him hear better.

He grabbed Alya’s hand - which was draped around his shoulders - as he pushed his glasses back into place and swallowed hard. Alya was absently stirring the frappuccino she was supporting between her legs while sitting sideways on Nino’s lap and peering at him curiously.

“There’s no way,” Nino leaned forward, wrapping his arm around Alya’s waist.

Alya took a sip from her straw. “I thought so too, but then I remembered how incredible I am, so I planned it anyway,” she shrugged with a smile.

“What superhero in their right mind would go with this?”

“One that makes sacrifices for a good cause.”

“Yeah, but this is different… god, I don’t even wanna know what their lips are gonna feel like after all those hours. The lines are gonna be long as hell…”

“They’ll be fine. They’ll have breaks.”

“…And at that price, the lines will be worse than Disneyland rides. Seriously, one euro?! People would pay way more than that to kiss Ladybug and Chat Noir.”

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anonymous asked:

Would you be up for writing a story with Otabek being a sympathetic vomiter? Like maybe someone else at a competition gets sick from nerves and Otabek sorta shuts down and end up puking his brains out? I just love the idea of this stoic badass having such a moment of weakness in front of people he has so much respect for.

WARNING: descriptions of vomit below

read the warning

read the warning

read the warning

okay, you’ve been warned!  enjoy the fic!

Otabek saw it coming from a mile away.  He noticed the way Yuuri started to sweat probably before anyone else.  He registered the pallor of his face and the shakiness of his hands, and the way one of them drifted to his stomach.  He should have left right then and there.

And yet, he continued to watch, frozen in place, as, sure enough, the older skater sprinted to a nearby trashcan and heaved up everything in his anxious stomach.

“Stupid pig,” someone muttered at Otabek’s side.  Otabek had only a second to register that it was Yuri Plisetsky, his friend, but also one of the people he most admired, before his own stomach lurched and he was running to join the “stupid pig” at the trashcan.

“Wait, Beka!”  Yuri called out to him, but Otabek just wanted to hide.  Instead he was stuck, his head buried in the garbage, puking up everything in his stomach, while Yuri looked on.  Otabek’s face burned red, but once he’d started throwing up, he couldn’t stop.  Heave after heave, he ripped up his throat.  Eventually Yuuri stopped, shook Viktor’s arm off of him, and started rubbing Otabek’s back as he coughed up another thin spray of bile, then threw up a thicker wave.  It was a nice gesture, but it only made Otabek feel worse; here was yet another skater he idolized, seeing him at his worst.  And if Yuuri was there, then that meant Viktor was also still hanging around…

“Oi!  Pig!  Get away from my friend!”  Yuri’s voice surprised Otabek, and he looked up for an instant before he went back to vomiting.  His mind reeled; he didn’t know what was going on.  What was Yuri doing?  Otabek didn’t know, he just wanted the entire experience to be over.

“Yurio!  Be nice,” Viktor scolded.  “Yuuri is just doing what he can to help-”

“Yeah, but he’s my friend, not the pig’s!”

“I’m fi- hurrrgh!” Otabek tried and failed to calm the arguing by explaining that he was alright as he was overpowered by nausea once again.  Then he felt Yuuri’s soft hands leave his back, and looked up.

“It’s okay, Viktor,” Yuuri was saying with a smile.  “I’m sure Yurio can handle it.”  He gestured at Yuri.  “Here, Yurio, put you hands on his back and just rub gently.”

Otabek felt small hands - Yuri’s - on his back.  The younger teenager didn’t refuse Yuuri’s help, but put it to good use, and soon Otabek’s stomach calmed enough that he could get away from the sickening smell of vomit in the trashcan and sit on a bench with Yuri.  Still, he almost preferred puking to having to face his friend after that.  He was completely humiliated.  He ducked his head, refusing to meet Yuri’s eyes, though he could feel the blond staring at him intensely.

“Are you sick?”  Yuri asked bluntly, and Otabek realized that there was no way for Yuri to know exactly what had just happened.  He shook his head mutely, and felt Yuri shift next to him.

“That’s what I thought,” Yuri said, his voice level.  “So you just have a weak stomach, then.”

Otabek nodded, again neglecting to speak.

“Are you okay?”  Yuri asked, sounding genuinely concerned.

Otabek gave him another silent nod.  The silence stretched between them, and Otabek wondered if Yuri would leave.  Then the younger boy spoke again.

“You don’t have to be ashamed,” he said, his voice quiet and low.  Otabek blinked, processing the fact that Yuri seemed to have read his mind, and looked up.  Yuri laughed, and even though Otabek was ashamed and knew he was being laughed at, Yuri’s smile made him feel warm and okay.

“So that is what you were worried about,” Yuri said, chuckles dying down quickly.  “You’re my friend, Otabek, that kind of thing doesn’t matter.”

Finally, Otabek understood.  His lips turned up just a bit at the corners, and he looked Yuri in the eye at last.  “Thank you, Yura.  You’re a good friend.”

Yuri wrapped an arm around Otabek’s shoulders, grinning widely.  “Any time.”

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Can I get some relationship headcannons for Kuroo, Tendou, Daisho and Daichi? So nice to see you guys are back again!

It’s good to be back! Much thanks!


  • Kuroo would be a very adoring boyfriend. He’d love to spoil his SO and would enjoy taking care of them.
  • He might seem a little overbearing at time but he could respect his SO’s quiet time and would just enjoy being in their company.
  • He would want all his friends and teammates to get along with his SO so they would go out together often.
  • He might be one to get a little jealous when others paid too much attention to his SO but he is generally good natured about it.
  • Kurro would have tendency of just laying around in his underwear. Certainly not disrespectfully, maybe a little cheekily, but more just as a cat would who’s comfortable in his own home.


  • Tendou would have a habit of teasing his SO but only lovingly. He’d know (from hard learnt experience) where the line and to not cross it.
  • He’d be happy to flaunt his SO status to his friends and teammates.
  • He’d be a terrible flirt even long term he’d still work his hardest to make his SO blush.
  • He’d be overbearingly protective. He and his SO would have each other on Find Friends not because he was worried about them cheating but just so he knew where they were at all time.
  • He would be known for giving small lovingly gestures and gifts not many but enough for his SO to know they’re appreciated.    


  • Would keep his SO at a certain physcial distant but would have complete trust in them, just dislikes PDA.
  • He’d plan all kinds of surprises for SO, some good, some maybe a little sneaky and naughty.
  • He’d willingly share all his ice cream with his SO but only if they promised to buy more.
  • He’d try to split his focus between volleyball and his SO and would be thrilled if they desired to be involved.
  • Daisho would be very proud of his SO and would enjoy praising them when deserved.    


  • Daichi would still get a little flustered by his SO’s affection, just a little pink around the ears and maybe a crack in his voice.
  • He’d want to befriend his SO deeply, so they’d be best friends rather than just lovers.
  • He would share his food with his SO, but maybe a grumble a little about it.
  • He’d have important dates and anniversaries sorted in his calendar so he’d never forget a special day.
  • Daichi and his SO would be #couplegoals and would inspire the envy of all their friends and teammates.

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Dear lord I just fyhxddsatgkhFFSsaET TVcdegd omg yes please more owl post!


I’m so happy you enjoyed it and I really don’t want to disappoint you, but the second part was the end. At least, it feels finished to me now. But I’m flattered you would want to read more of it! Thank you so much 💙
Here’s a cute little owl for you! 💙 💙 💙

Originally posted by whysolina

presidentnerd replied to your post: presidentnerd replied to your post: After a…

Okay, in all seriousness, there shouldn’t be a ‘pressing you luck’ thing happening when it comes to your own opinion. If people get into a twist that you don’t like her art, that’s on THEM and you shouldn’t feel guilt or frightened in expressing that.


I have to say though, for all that I haven’t been enjoying the manga much at all and not been silent about that, I’m so happy to say that I’ve had practically zero push back about it. A little in the beginning, but otherwise, everything’s been quiet. I NEVER would’ve called that after four solid years of passionate manga fans coming at me every other day before I’d even STARTED reading the bloody thing, but here we are.

I can only assume that after so long, everyone who knew they were going to hate what I had to say just blocked the shit out of me. WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY SHOULD DO I SAY THAT WITH FULL SUPPORT AND ADMIRATION. I’m not enjoying this work of fiction and not making a secret of it. People who wouldn’t enjoy hearing me talk about it took measures to not see it. Nobody gives anybody crap for their differing opinions, and everyone’s a thousand times happier for it. This is EXACTLY the way it should be, in my view. Still, experience has shown me that they’re the exception rather than the rule, and I for one am super proud of the manga fans.

This Side Of Me | Hank McCoy

Words: 1,319

Fandom: X-Men

Pairing: Hank McCoy x Reader

Warning(s): None, too much fluff

Request: hey there! i read your last one about hank and i loved it so i was kinda hoping you could make another one where hank is feeling insecure about himself and his mutation and he thinks he’s going to hurt the reader, he’s doubting himself and thinks she’ll regret being with him so he’s being kinda distant, idk? 

A/N: I loved this idea, I totally believe Hank would be insecure etc. when in a relationship and being the cinnamon roll he is, he’d probably worry about hurting the reader as well. Oh, I enjoyed writing this so much - thank you for the lovely request! 😘


You tossed and turned in your sleep, the heat was insufferable no matter how many items you removed but that wasn’t what was keeping you up. Those past few days had been odd to say the least. Everything seemed to go so smooth inside the mansion, yet there was this emptiness inside of you and you knew exactly what – or better who – was causing it, Hank.

It had all been so perfect, you loved him so much and he would act like you were all that mattered to him but suddenly it all changed. You couldn’t tell why. Why he no wanted to be around you all the time, why he stopped stealing sweet kisses in every empty hallway, why he didn’t grin like an idiot every time he saw you anymore. Now he barely came near you, he spent all day locked in his lab and every time he was in your presence he’d be so awkward and never let his gaze fall on you.

Those thoughts plagued your mind all this time. Had you done something? Did he not love you anymore? Was it all just a phase? A period of excitement that ended soon and now he was trapped in a relationship he no longer wanted? Was there someone else?

How could you possibly sleep when the man you loved was acting so distant and wouldn’t even let you know why. You just wanted him to come and hold you, to whisper how much he loved you in your ear just like he had so many times in the past. To smother you in his overbearing embrace and wrap his huge body around yours as he gently kisses any place he can reach. You wanted Hank back.

Before you realized it, tears started falling from your eyes. It was such a weird feeling, you felt sad and miserable and angry all at the same time. But most importantly you felt so alone.

Your legs seemed to move at their own accord and suddenly you found yourself walking down the hallways all the way down to Hank’s room where you hoped he would be. Your bare feet padded against the marble floor that was freezing cold and your vision was blurry but you couldn’t care less. You needed him more than anything, even if that meant letting him see you this way.

Soon you were standing on his door, your hand hesitantly knocking the door – the noise was so faint you doubted if he could actually hear, so you knocked again and again – and again. You felt your heart break even more at him ignoring you, there was no way he didn’t hear. Hank was anything but a heavy sleeper.

“H-Hank?” you half spoke, half sobbed through your words.

You knocked again, louder this time. You didn’t care about how desperate you sounded or how you could disturb the others as you kept knocking on the wooden door and your knuckles were starting to hurt by now.

“Hank, please…” you finally gave up trying to contain your sobs and broke down, dropping on the hard floor with your back against his door. “P-Please…” your voice was barely audible and you continued sobbing uncontrollably.

What you didn’t know was that Hank was right on the other side of that door, desperately clutching the doorknob and struggling to keep himself from coming to you. Hearing your sobs and how broken your voice was hurting him more than you could ever imagine. Tears had started to form in his own eyes and he barely fought the urge to open, but this was the only solution.

He couldn’t let you be around him anymore. He could barely control himself and the mere thought of hurting you in any way was unbearable. His other form could be so dangerous and unpredictable and you were so fragile in his eyes. He just couldn’t take that risk.

Deathly silence ensued as your sobs died down, but tears continued streaming down your cheeks and you simply stayed there, curled into a ball and shivering lightly from how cold the marble floor was.

He could hear your heavy breathing from the other side, the small sniff noises coming from your nose and all he wanted was to stop torturing you.

You took a long breath and broke the silence. “H-Hank, p-please talk to me. What did I do? Please Hank…” you whimpered as your hand grabbed the doorknob again and you fought to open it but it was locked from inside.

You finally surrendered when the door suddenly opened and you almost fell on the ground but two strong arms grabbed you and you found yourself buried into a familiar soft fur that you knew who it belonged to.

Slowly opening your eyes, you buried yourself further into his embrace and looked up to meet his yellow irises, his eyes were also teary but there were bags underneath, as if he hadn’t gotten proper rest for quite a while.

You wanted to stay in his arms forever but even more you needed answers. And you needed them now. You pulled away quickly and cupping his cheeks, you forced his gaze to turn on you no matter how much he tried to avoid it.

Smothering your hiccups, you spoke. “What did I do? You have to tell me.”

His hands gently locked around your own that remained on his face and you could see him frown in confusion. “W-What? God no. Y/N, no you didn’t do anything.”

“Then why? Why are you avoiding me? Do you no longer love me? Because if that’s why, I think I deserved to know instead of-“ Hank crushed his lips on yours before you got a chance to finish your sentence.

“No-no-no-no-no, I love you. I love you more than anything, every day away from you was killing me. I just…”

“Then what? Why are you trying to push me away?” you started crying again and he kissed the inside of your wrists.

“I-I haven’t been able to control myself lately and I’m afraid.”

“Afraid of what? I would never judge you.” You tried to make sense of his words.

“Of hurting you. I don’t know what I’d do if anything ever happened to you.” He admitted weakly.

You sniffed your nose again and let out a bitter laugh, confusing him even more. “And avoiding me was a way to not hurt me?” you traced a finger across the features of his face, taking in his appearance since he had never been so close to you when in this form.

“I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry. It’s just – I’m so afraid of hurting you.” The pads of his fingers were soft against your cheeks as he wiped your tears away.  “I’m so stupid. Stupid, stupid, stupid.” He muttered with his head buried in your hair.

“I love you. I love you in your every form and you could never hurt me. Not unless you push me away like you did. Besides, I’m not made of glass.” You whispered softly and peppered his face with kisses, ignoring the blue hairs that found their way into your mouth with every little kiss.

You felt his own tears in your hair but you decided it was best to not speak of it. You both needed this. So you stayed like that for what seemed like forever; your hands trailing patterns on his chest as he soothingly ran his hands through your hair and held you.

After a while, he noticed your hands had stopped moving. “So…you’re not mad at me?” he asked gingerly, but received no answer.

Looking down at you, he saw you were already fast asleep and he stayed there forever, admiring your peaceful features, how beautiful you looked even with your red and puffy eyes – he loved you so much, how could he ever think a life without you was possible?

The Big Sick (USA, 2017)

This week, a special bonus edition we’ve been looking forward to ever since approximately every single person we know told us the movie was being made. Thanks, guys! So glad we’re now everyone’s “romantic comedy friend.” Major spoilers to follow.

Predictions: We both already knew what this movie was about, but if we hadn’t, based on the title, we would probably have thought it featured a lot of vomit, and Kat would not have attended.

Plot: So, Kumail Nanjiani is…himself. He lives in Chicago, performing stand-up and driving for Uber. One night at the comedy club, he meets Zoe Kazan, an extremely charming white girl who’s studying to be a therapist. They start seeing each other, even though Zoe Kazan is all, “I’m not looking for anything serious right now,” because it’s clear that they just enjoy kissing each other so much. Enough that she’s willing to sleep on his heinous air mattress in his barely-furnished serial-killer apartment.

He’s so into her! But has he told his parents about her? He has not. Why? Because they are busy trying to set him up with every Pakistani gal in town. Based on all the wife résumés Kumail Nanjiani is keeping in his cigar box, there are apparently MANY beautiful eligible Pakistani women in the city of Chicago. He basically leads a double life, wherein he dates Zoe Kazan for half the week and then meets his family every weekend for dinner and a prospective Pakistani bride. Until one day, Zoe Kazan finds the box, realizes that Kumail Nanjiani’s been lying to her and they probably have no future together, and is heartbroken. They get into a huge fight and break up.

Very shortly after this, Kumail Nanjiani is bumming around, sad, when he gets a call from Zoe Kazan’s friend: “Yo, I know you’re like, busy and stuff, but Zoe Kazan’s in the hospital and we have exams, so like, if you could just hang out with her in the ER for a while… Kthxbye.” So awkward, right? Yes. Yes, it is. And it gets even more awkward when the doctors tell him that she has a terrible infection and they need him to pretend to be her husband and sign a form to put her in a medically-induced coma. Oh, and maybe call her parents, too?

Soon enough, Zoe Kazan’s parents (Holly Hunter and Ray Romano) arrive, and they are not psyched a) to see him or b) that their daughter is in a coma, obviously. Rough times ensue, including Holly Hunter getting in a brawl at the comedy club during Kumail Nanjiani’s stand-up set, Ray Romano confessing to Kumail Nanjiani that he cheated on Holly Hunter and knows she hasn’t yet forgiven him, and (unsurprising touching-movie surprise) lots of bonding in between continuous bad news from the doctors. Zoe Kazan is basically on the brink of death, but then, thanks to a frantic conversation Kumail Nanjiani happens to have with one of the nurses, they figure it all out, and she recovers. But not before Kumail Nanjiani, grief-stricken, tells his parents and the entire comedy community that he’s in love with a non-Pakistani girl, doesn’t want an arranged marriage, etc., and thus gets kicked out of his family. Oops.

But whatever, he still has Zoe Kazan! Everything is perfect, except for that family-estrangement bit. Zoe Kazan wakes up. They embrace. END OF MOVIE.

Even worse, Zoe Kazan does not want to be with him, even though he has been at her bedside this whole time, because, understandably, her last memory is of their breakup. Kumail Nanjiani, devastated but understanding, leaves. But later, comes to a welcome-home party for her and expresses his devotion, including that he really won’t be having an arranged marriage and would like to be with her instead. Aw! How amazing! She loves him, too! They can be together! END OF MOVIE. Unfortunately, Zoe Kazan still doesn’t want to be with him.

But later, as they are both slogging sadly through their separate lives, Zoe Kazan going to physical therapy and hanging out with her parents, and Kumail Nanjiani making plans to move to New York with his friends, Zoe Kazan has a change of heart. Among other things, she sees the YouTube video of him talking about her during a truly terrible comedy set. She goes to visit him at the theater where she knows he performs his hilariously dreadful one-man show, with the intention of telling him she wants to get back together. He is thrilled to see her and accepts! They get back together. END OF MOVIE. Alas, he mentions the move to New York before she can say this, so she winds up lamely pretending she came there to "thank” him for his efforts during her coma instead.

Sooooo awkward, but okay. Kumail Nanjiani has other things to focus on now! He informs his family that he refuses to be kicked out, and, while they’re still mad, there does seem to be hope for reconciliation. He moves to New York and some time passes. One night he’s performing stand-up at a club, and who happens to be there?! Why, it’s Zoe Kazan, looking as pretty and healthy as she did that very first night in Chicago at that very similar comedy club. They make charming callbacks to their first interaction. Hope springs anew. ACTUAL END OF MOVIE – FINALLY – GOD – IT WAS LIKE WE WERE AT RETURN OF THE KING ALL OVER AGAIN, ONLY WITH AN ARAGORN OF COLOR.

Best Scene: This movie was very funny and had a lot of good scenes. One of our many favorites was the very first dinner Kumail Nanjiani has with his family, wherein his parents suggest that Malala would be a more interesting performer than Kumail Nanjiani, and then Mom ushers in a prospective bride, all prepared to appeal to Kumail Nanjiani’s interests by making as many X-Files references as possible in the first 10 seconds of their acquaintance. Runners-up: all the early scenes between Zoe Kazan and Kumail Nanjiani. Terrifically charming.

Worst Scene: Every appearance of Kumail Nanjiani’s slightly annoying friend/roommate. In a movie where pretty much every scene was great, he really stood out as the one thing we did not need.

Best Line: There’s a conversation that Kumail Nanjiani has with Ray Romano and Holly Hunter about 9/11 that is SO FUNNY. Several lines in a row, all very funny. Runners-up include discussion of “good comas” vs. “bad comas,” and Kumail Nanjiani commenting that Malala’s stand-up set has “a lot of ethnic material, which [he thinks] is a crutch.”

Worst Line: Nothing in this movie really offended our ears. Maybe a moment or two during Kumail Nanjiani and Zoe Kazan’s various love confessions got a little cheesy, but, by and large, hard to come up with a worst line.

Highlights of the Watching Experience: Well, the biggest highlight is obviously that this is Kumail Nanjiani’s real-life love story!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, what a joy to be able to watch a romcom starring Kumail Nanjiani!!!!!! Enough said.

How Many POC in the Film: KUMAIL NANJIANI, OF COURSE. His parents. His brother. His many, many, many prospective brides and their families. Several people who worked at the hospital. The MC at the club. Kumail Nanjiani’s friends were all white (and famous), which is a little unfortunate but probably pretty true to life, if you’ve ever, you know, seen stand-up.

Alternate Scenes: Maybe an epilogue in which we got to see Kumail Nanjiani and Zoe Kazan back together down the line? Honestly, we wouldn’t change anything about this film. We just wish there were more of it. Those adorable pictures of RL Kumail Nanjiani and his RL Zoe Kazan that rolled during the credits? Loved those. More of those!!!!

Was the Poster Better or Worse than the Film: Worse. The poster is an uncomfortable family portrait that your mom photoshopped onto the Chicago skyline.

Score: 9.5 out of 10 good-coma smooches. While there were parts of this movie that were very emotionally stressful and felt like we were shading into indie-drama territory, it really managed to bring it back around at the end and be a romcom, plus, was funny throughout. Bonus points for the realistic, warm, and complicated portrayal of his struggle with his immigrant family.

Ranking: 3, out of the 84 movies we’ve seen so far. Excellent.

overwatch-junk-trash  asked:

So I see you really like Roadhog! Same here but not nearly as much as you, but that's beside the point. I was wondering if you actually play Overwatch and if so what platform? I would really enjoy playing a game with you if possible? Hehe sorry bout bothering you!

I have literally never played a game of overwatch in my life 

But I’ve watched all the animations and read the comics and stuff. Sorry I am a fake gamer grill 

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Darling you are beautiful and perfect. Your last post inspired me and I let myself eat desert, even though I hadn't earned dinner at all. Right now I'm standing in the bathroom trying to convince myself that I don't have to earn food, I need and deserve food. That fight with my mind isn't going well but I keep reading your post outloud because it gives me hope and validation would be the word I think. You are so amazing. I love you so much. You are absolutely perfect

This made my cry but in a good way. I want you to keep fighting and shut those demons out. As Tyler when he belts out SWAT, you get those demons to leave you be. I am so proud of you for enjoying dessert and taking care of your body. I want you to keep the fight going. I love you so much and won’t stop cheering you on ever. 💜👽🌙