i would draw something to go with it but i'm too lazy sorry

A Comprehensive Guide:

To Making GOOD RP gifs:

The kind that people wanna like… look at…. n’stuff. 

Because… y’know… I get a lot of asks about that too. 

Well…. first off….. 

This is gonna be really fucking long… 

Second off! 


Because no one wants to be looking at this shit.

and if you don’t have a decent quality camera…. 

Well…. Make sure your acting is on point?

And all might be forgiven.

… Probably.

Now… that aside… how does one know if their gif is decent? 

Well here are a few pointers…


It’s hard to enjoy a gif with shitty lighting. 

For example… 

The Wash-Out: 

No one wants to look at your eyeballs and your nostrils floating in a featureless abyss. 

The Phantom: 

Well… there’s SOMETHING there… I think… ? *twilight zone theme-song plays* 

The Power-Outage: 

Guess what? No one will want to look at your gifs… if they can’t fucking see you.

So… let’s try this again… 

Hey… It’s daytime… in the sun? No problem. 

Hey… it’s… like… not as bright out? No problem! 

Hey… It’s the middle of the night and you’re sneaking out to go… like… shag or something? Cool. 

That’s my shagging face. 

No it’s not… I’m kidding, I promise… I’m sorry, ignore me

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anonymous asked:

Ah I don't mean to bother you but do you have any advice on how to deal with depression I'm sorry for bothering you I just don't know what to do

 Hey, it’s ok yeah you can totally ask me. I’m probably not the best person to go to because I’m not a therapist or whatever, but I definitely have experience with dealing with Depression so, I’ll tell what you helped me. and hope that maybe it helps you in some way shape or form. 

So when I was in this abusive relationship with my ex, I hit total rock bottom and I have never been so low in my entire life. Honestly if you met me now, and then met me like 2 years ago, you literally would be talking to two different people it was so bad. but I don’t need to go into detail or describe depression. I’m sure you already know what it is very very well. 

So, the killer about Depression is that you feel empty, sad, angry, etc etc, and it’s kills all motivation and drive and inspiration to do the things that you once enjoyed ya know? like, you no longer enjoy doing whatever your hobbies were, and you have no interest in doing them anymore. Depression tells you that you want to is sleep, eat/not eat, sit and stare at nothing, do nothing, not talk to friends or family. And because Depression is so strong, it’s easy to fall into doing those things of just not doing anything, and isolate yourself from any form of social interaction with friends and family etc. And a lot of the time you feel like that’s all you can do, like you don’t have the literal energy to do anything else such as something as simple as getting up out of bed after sleeping in over 10 hours or something. (it’s not laziness, it’s depression.) 

Well those things that Depression makes you want to do, is the exact opposite of what you should do. And those things Depression says you hate and don’t want to do, – all those hobbies, or getting up and taking a walk, talking to friends, doing something, is exactly what you need to do, to help you with your depression. The best medicine I find is distractions, and not letting it control you. It’s tough, especially emotionally, and you’re gonna hate it for a really long time, but eventually doing all those things you useto like, and now hate, the likeness to it starts to come back. but it’s easier said than done, and it takes a LOT OF WORK! and it’s hard. but you can do it! 

Trying to find some kind of reason or obligation helps too. like what really got me on the stepping stones of doing better is I got this Indie game job, and I was given the like impossible task to make over 100 little paintings (all the custom artwork) in 3 and a half weeks, high quantity, in high quality. It forced me to paint and draw even though I had like no interest in art because of the major depression I was feeling, and that job forced me to draw 8 to sometimes 15 hours a day. It was brutal, and for a bit I hated having to draw so much cuz I didn’t really enjoy art, but then forcing myself to get up and do something I hate (but once loved) I started to like it again. And then when the Indie game ended, I wanted to keep pushing myself to improve and have a reason to keep me drawing, which is why I started Youtube. And it really helped me build my confidence and fight against the depression. 

Now the thing is, Depression never goes away, it’s a mental illness and it’s not something you can get rid of like a virus or bacteria. BUT FEAR NOT! just hear me out!  It’s a constant battle everyday. You can’t be cured, and no amount of therapy or med can change that. Don’t fall into the misconception that meds/therapy fixes the issues, because it doesn’t. It is HELP. and Help isn’t fixing, it is assistance for YOU to fix things. So getting medical or therapeutic help is definitely good and I promote it, but you can’t rely on it to fix your problems, because it has to be you to put forth the initiative, which is why I told you what I did above first. Meds and therapy try to regulate your hormones and work out solutions for you to deal with the issues in yourself and your environment so you can work out your depression. so the goal in getting better isn’t to find a cure, even still to this day I struggle with it a lot, and I have my moments and my episodes sometimes. BUT I’m not saying you’re going to be miserable for the rest of your life, because the truth is, you can be happy, while having depression. 

The goal is to learn how to maintain and live with it, so you aren’t controlled by it. I have control over my depression right now, and despite that it’s still always there in the back of my mind and it resurfaces sometimes, I’m actually very happy and have become a pretty stable person. (especially compared to who I use to be) 

So start by forcing yourself to get up, doing small things, try to seek out interests that distract you from depression, but also force yourself to fulfill responsibilities (work, school, chores, etc) which helps you get stronger and start gaining control of the depression. Seriously something I find very helpful is going on a walk. It’s easy to just slump around or sleep in bed and never get up, but walking, (that thing that you don’t want to do) actually helps a lot, and there’s a scientific reason for it too, not just it sounding nice. But the more you can do for yourself, and others even, the better you’ll feel, even if it doesn’t seem that way or a long time. It takes a lot of time to crawl out of the rut you’re in, but you’ll get the if you just keep going. 

I know I don’t give the best advice, but, I hope this helps in some way. 

trusting-my-insanity  asked:

So I'm gonna be that person, since I'm currently Swapfell Trash, how would the SF skelebros react to their crush seeing them without a shirt?

(*I was wondering if anyone would notice they weren’t in the last one. xD  Here’s a bonus with the SF!bros from the S/O sees the skeleguys shirtless imagine. )


You call for Sans, but he doesn’t answer, so you go upstairs to his bedroom and knock.  

Still no answer.

You know better than to waltz into his bedroom without permission, so you’re about to just turn on your heel and go find Papyrus, but.. as soon as you take a step, you hear “COME IN!” from the other side of the door.

Well, okay.  

You walk inside to discover Blackberry sans-shirt and sprawled across his bed (*which resembles the Death Star, by the way–yeah, strap in because this is now my SF!Sans bed canon).  As soon as he spots you, he lets out a stage gasp.  "HUMAN! YOU CAUGHT ME IN THE MIDDLE OF CHANGING!“

Uh.. “But you said to c–”


You stare.  Mostly because you’re confused, but also because you’re interested in his bones and he’s not moving to hide them beneath a sheet or anything.  


It doesn’t sound like a question, and you’re unsure how to answer.  Is he trying to give you control? That’s not really his style.  There must be something more to this.

“OR.. MAYBE NOW THAT YOU HAVE OOGLED ME FOR SO LONG, WE SHOULD MAKE THINGS EVEN.”  He stands up from the bed and crosses the room, his grin suddenly seeming devilish.  When he reaches you, his fingers reach out to grip the hem of your shirt.  

There it is; there’s the “something more.”  You can choose to pry his fingers away or let him divest you of your shirt, but either way, you’re going to end up making out with Sans on that Death Star bed.  That’s a fact.


You spent another night on the Swapfell brothers’ couch and wake up to the terrible smell of.. breakfast burritos.  You groan, rolling over and burying your face in the cushion in an effort to block out the scent.  You don’t know if you can stomach Sans’s cooking this early in the morning.  


“There will be even if we are,” you mumble under your breath, pushing yourself off the couch.


“I said, okay!” you call back, marching toward the stairs.  You’re a little grouchy when you first wake up, especially after sleeping on that lumpy couch, so you swing open your bonefriend’s door without even knocking.  "Hey, Pap, ti–“

Your voice cuts off.  He’s sleeping shirtless on his mattress, a single sheet half tangled around his legs, half pooled in the floor.  From the look on his face, it doesn’t seem like his sleep has been peaceful, but you’re honestly too busy staring at his ribcage.  You had always wondered what he would look like without that fluffy jacket and sweater, and you’re not disappointed.  You find yourself drawing closer, gravitating toward his bed, all the while holding your breath lest one wrong move wake him.  

Your fingers move of their own accord, stretching out toward the exposed bone.  You can see little cracks, little scars marring the ribs, bulging ossifications across a few spots that seem to have healed crooked.  As much as you want to trace your fingertips across each spot, each imperfection, you also want to desperately hug him, as if that could retroactively take away whatever pain he endured in the harsh Underground. 

Your hand is barely an inch away when you notice his eyesockets are wide open, and he’s watching you with a guarded expression.  "Shit, ‘rus!” you gasp, quickly withdrawing your hand and stumbling back.  Your heel catches on a discarded shirt on the floor, and you slip backwards with a tiny shriek, prepared to land unceremoniously on your ass, but.. the impact never comes.  Instead, Papyrus has teleported to catch you, one arm around your shoulders, the other grabbing one of your flailing hands.  

“you ok?” His concern gives way to a slight lazy grin. “you’re actin’ kinda cagey there, darlin’.”

“Y-yeah, sorry! I just..”  Your gaze starts to slide back down to his ribcage, but you manage to correct yourself and meet his gaze again.  "I came to get you for breakfast..“  Your voice sounds tiny suddenly, and his grin widens a bit.  

"ok, thanks.”  He lets you go, and you realize your face is absolutely burning.  Quickly, you turn around and leave his room, and in the next moment, you realize he’s following you.

Still shirtless.

Breakfast is awkward, and he wears a shit-eating grin the entire time.

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Kanej + first kiss

i was tempted just to rewrite the scene where kaz kisses her neck in crooked kingdom, but then decided against it. also: this is longer than i intended, so i apologize. read on ao3

When she leaves, Kaz rarely sees her off. He’s not one for goodbyes—especially ones that are only temporary, that feel hollow even if there’s the fact that somewhere deep inside of him, hidden in some concealed orifice, he knows that it could be the last he sees of Inej. He fights with that part of himself often, argues that the girl who’s proven herself repeatedly could find a way out of any situation she got into.

And every few months, when her ship docks itself at Berth twenty-two and those six quick bells ring out, when she quietly slips into his office and onto his bed while he sits at his desk, when she lies on his sheets staring at the ceiling and he’s glancing at her form to ensure she’s unharmed, his belief in her and her skills is confirmed. They don’t talk much, but he can’t help the smile that will sneak its way onto his face as she tells him of her trials on the sea, of the men and women and children she’s saved, of the men and women she’s killed to free them.

He wonders how many nights she’s spent awake in the underbelly of her ship, prayers spilling from her lips for the lives she’s taken.

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Lance's birthday

Okay so I’m so pissed about that textpost about Lance’s birthday so I’m going to write what I think Lance’s birthday would ACTUALLY be like
Sorry about grammar I’m too lazy to care

Lance was pacing around his flat, excitement running all throughout his body and mind. The cake he and Hunk had baked last night stood on the kitchen table, just waiting to be eaten. Lance knew that Hunk was a masterful chef but he was still amazed when Hunk managed to create a drawing of Lance and the Blue lion on top of his cake. Lance had a wide smile on his face when he thought about Hunk and all of his other friends. Hunk had said last night that he, Shiro and Keith would be a bit late, but when Lance asked him why he acted all suspicious and tried to play it off like it was nothing just some errand or something.
Lance knew when Hunk was lying, and he could tell that his best friend was keeping something from him, but he couldn’t figure out what.
Lance was forced out of his thoughts by a loud ring on his doorbell. He ran towards the door and opened, only to be met by a singing Coran and Pidge and Allura looking mortified. Lance had no clue what Coran was singing but when he was done he was informed that it was the official “Happy Birthday” song that they always sang to the Paladins of Voltron. Lance was beyond happy about this and let the three of them into his flat. Pidge carried a box that was sloppily wrapped and put it on Lance’s coffee table as soon as she could.
Allura smiled brightly at Lance and explained that she had been given the honour of wrapping the gift, a tradition that they did not have on Altea. Lance congratulated her on her wrapping, even though he thought it looked like something his 4 year old sister had made rather then the princess of Altea.
Lance entertained his guests with funny stories from his past birthday (and explaining to his Altean friends about Earth birthday traditions) when he heard another loud ring on his doorbell.
Once again he hurried over to the door and opened it, this time to be met by Keith, Shiro, Hunk, Shay and a big mystery gift that looked like a huge cylinder with a big piece of cloth draped over it. Lance couldn’t see what was inside the tank but he heard something that sounded like fish.
Hunk explained that the reason they had been late was because they had to pick up Shay and the mystery package, something Lance accepted as a valid reason for them to be late.
He wanted all of his friends to celebrate with him after all, and Shay was included into that group.
The only person he wished also were there was a person that couldn’t come because of environmental differences.
When everyone had settled down with a piece of cake Lance opened the gifts he had gotten from his friends. Coran, Pidge and Hunk had created a robotic miniature version of Blue who could fly around and breath cold air, resembling Blue’s ice breath. Lance was so excited over his amazing gift and gave each of them a bone crushing hug.
After that he got a gift from Allura that was a picture of both of them from a mission and Lance was so happy that she had given him a photo of that day because he didn’t think that she really thought of him as a person that she would save photos off.
Shiro gave him a T-shirt that said “I’m the best sharp-shooter around” and Keith gave him a small figure of a cow with a tag on it that said Kaltenecker.
The last gift that he had was the big tank. Lance had no idea what it was, but everyone was incredibly excited so he guessed that it was something amazing. He pulled of the cloth and the inside of the tank was revealed to him. Inside of the tank was Plaxum. Plaxum, the mermaid he had had a crush on since they met back on her home planet. He couldn’t believe that she was with him again.
Keith explained that they wanted to bring her along to Lance’s birthday and figured that the only way that she would manage to come would be if they had some sort of water support thing for her. Lance didn’t really care about the details of how she had gotten their, the only thing he cared about was that his friends had gone out of their way to bring his crush to his birthday party.
Lance realised once again that he had the best friends that he could ever ask for.

For @omelettesareevil ! I’m sorry this took me like a thousand years, but I hope you like it!

Assumptions are Michael’s strong suit because he sees them as a way of dancing around an unclear truth that has yet to present itself. So, when a dull bout of pain develops in his stomach, stretching across his abdomen in small waves a few days before he’s due at Jeremy’s, he writes it off as nothing more than small cramps or possibly the beginning of a twenty-four hour stomach virus.

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Drawing Flowers

This is a fic I wrote to celebrate @kuddle-cakes ‘s birthday!! A month ago u.u

I hope you like it baby!! 

Kagome is a tattoo artist in training, and her mentor sends her to practice her art to a special flower shop, that has as owner the grumpiest hanyou she has ever met. Things are not going to be as easy as she thought.

Slightly NSFW at the end, just a little bit to add flavor to it XD

Also in FF.net and Ao3 if you preffer… This is a long one ;D

“Damn you Totosai!” she mumbled under her breath once again.

This was not what she thought that being a Tattoo artist in training would mean. It was the third place Totosai had sent her to practice her drawing. The first had been the zoo, the second had been the park, and now a flower shop.

Kagome thought it was pointless practice. What could she learn there that hadn’t been learnt on the other two assignment. Until that very morning she thought her mentor was going to finally let her work on stencils, finally practice tattooing, but no. Now she had to draw flowers.

After learning animal texture, movements, and light in her other assignments, what was she supposed to learn from this? Flowers were not her style.

The sign in front of her read ‘Petal Pushers’ and she smiled at the name. It was an unique name, and she hoped this also became an unique experience. Why did she sounded sarcastic even in her head?

As soon as she opened the door she was assaulted by the colourful surroundings. She blinked at the beautiful hues she could see.

Her eyes danced around looking for the reason of the kaleidoscopic effect. Soon she found herself staring at the ceiling, that had a few skylight with soft colors, some of them clear, others blue and some others pink or yellow.

A raspy voice sounded behind her. “It’s really special, right?”  She turned to find an old and really short man talking to her with a soft smile on his face, “When he told me he wanted to do that to the ceiling I wasn’t convinced but I let him do it because he was doing it for free.” The man gave her a crooked smile with mischievous eyes, that Kagome couldn’t help to answer with a smile of her own.

“And what is a cute young woman doing in my shop?” He said affably.

Kagome hurriedly bowed before the elder. “I am Totosai’s newest apprentice, Kagome. And he told me I was supposed to come here as part of my training… I guess I’m supposed to draw flowers,” she finished not quite sure about what to say, Totosai hadn’t been clear about it.

The old demon had said, “Go to this store and tell the owner I sent you, draw as much as you can and show me your improvement when you feel like it.” He handed her a piece of paper and went to rest at the back shouting, “After you finish that training you can come back here”.

Now, the other elder was eyeing her intently, as if by staring at her long enough he would be able to answer his unspoken question. Meanwhile she was trying not to fidget.

“Alright, you can stay,” he said with a comforting smile, “just don’t listen to him and try not to fight him too much… He ruins the flowers when he is angry…”

The man turned around waving his hand over his shoulder as he walked to the entrance. “Stay as long as you want today, tomorrow you can sit on the table by the corner. Close the shop when you are done and don’t take any orders. The keys are on the counter. See you in a few days.”

And that was it, he flipped the sign on the door and disappeared.

By the time Kagome understood everything he said, he was gone.

“What a weird man…” she said under her breath.

He was weird but she supposed that any friend of Totosai must be strange to say the least.

She walked around the shop, stopping in front of each kind of flower enough to smell them and touch them. Paying close attention on their texture and how they captured the light. Smiling at how the colors seemed to change as she moved them around in her hands thanks to the colored glass on the ceiling.

Deciding she was going to start with the chinese bellflower, Kagome took the keys and closed the door. Thinking that maybe this was not such a waste of time.


The sun was bright and the day was comfortably warm as she walked to the Petal Pushers store, ready to start drawing all those beautiful flowers.

She opened the door and a pair of bells chimed; looking around she saw nobody and thought that maybe the weird man had left the place alone again, and she proceeded to settle herself in the table in the corner just like the man had said.

Her sketch pad was out and her favorite pencil in her hand when a loud ‘bang’ sounded around her. Someone had slapped a hand on th–her–table.

Her eyes darted to the side, finding a man standing beside her. She wondered how he managed to walk that close to her without being noticed, but as soon as she looked at his face, two things were clear. One, he was part demon–that explained his stealthiness– and two, he was angry.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” He asked as he kept glaring at her.

Kagome blinked, still taken aback by his inexplicable anger that seemed to be specifically towards her. The shock slowly gave way to anger.

“None of your damned business!” She answered as she pushed the hand on the table with her pad, huffing exasperated when it became clear there was no way she was able to move it, even slightly.

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soveryaverageme  asked:

I love the D:M universe and all the extras you post! I've been meaning to ask for a while if any of the Miracles ever use their powers for mundane tasks?

“Shin-chan, a little help?”

“Don’t be lazy, Takao.”

“Oh, excuse you,” Takao says indignantly, “Just yesterday you didn’t want to carry your bag so you were floating it above your head the entire time. It freaked the hell out of some First Years, who thought we had ghosts.”

“That was different,” Midorima sniffs. “I had my hands full. I had to carry my lucky item.”

Takao rolls his eyes. It had been an obscenely large raccoon statue, and Midorima had done his best to convince Takao to carry it, but Takao refused. “The point it, you use your powers all the time.”

“I am not going to summon your lunch just because you are too lazy to walk to the kitchen.”

“Shin-chan,” Takao pouts, “Your loving boyfriend carries you around on a rickshaw all the time. The least you could do is bring me the sandwich my mother left for me on the counter. Besides, I’m comfortable where I am. Aren’t you?” He waggles his eyebrows up at his boyfriend, who doesn’t blush exactly, but does look away, faintly embarrassed.

“You two are disgusting,” Ayumi says as she walks into the room. Takao is currently sprawled on the couch, using Midorima’s lap as a pillow.

“Ayumi! Go bring me my sandwich.”

“No! Go get it yourself!”

“Bring me my sandwich and I won’t tell mom what you got on your math test.”

“Guh! You are the worst!” But she storms into the kitchen, so Takao counts this as his win.


“Where did you get that?” Momoi demands.

“Kyoto,” Aomine says, shoving the rest of the burger in his mouth.

“You went to Kyoto without telling me?” she says hotly. “I would have asked you to bring back some Kyo-wagashi.”

“That’s why I didn’t tell you,” Aomine says. “You would have given me a huge shopping list, and I wanted to make this a quick trip.”

“Well, you shouldn’t be using your powers like that anyway,” Momoi says.

“Yeah, OK,” Aomine scoffs. “And how did you make enough money to buy that Coach bag?”

Momoi pretends she didn’t hear the question.


“Kuroko, you jerk, quit using me as a distraction.”

“I have no idea what you are talking about, Kagami-kun.”

Kagami snorts, because he has long since come to recognize the difference between when Kuroko’s natural lack of presence and when Kuroko is actually deliberately using his powers to get through a crowd. Both times, Kuroko usually depends on Kagami to draw the attention of others.

“Did you at least bring me back something?”

“What kind of boyfriend do you think I am?” Kuroko asks, dropping the shopping bag with their lunch in it.

Kagami can’t help but think about how Kuroko’s ability would be incredibly useful in LA.

A/N: Thank you so much for the question, friend! I am so glad you enjoy this series! I am sorry for how long it has taken to respond, and also how short this one is. I meant to do everyone, but also wanted to keep this short. (I am trying to write shorter tumblr fic, in hopes that I get to prompts faster from now on). The answer is yes, they all use their powers for mundane tasks, all the time =D Thanks again!!

anonymous asked:

Sorry to bother you with anon, but I have a question: do you have any advice about making your own chipsets/charsets/facesets using only a mouse? And what program would you recommend? I'm planning to make a two games in RPG2k3 and RPG VX Ace Lite and I'm kinda new to pixel art, and my tablet broke.

yeah: don’t worry about your table breaking because you don’t need to use a tablet in the first place, unless you’re drawing something big.  Tablets work best when they move across the canvas, not when they quickly dot it.   Your mouse is king in pixel art. And a mouse is better in pixel art than a track pad, so you got a leg up on me too.  :p

First, let me set you up with some basic links:


VX Ace

And now, some tips:

  • Drawing out a sketch of how you want your map to look on Graph paper so you know what you need to create for it.  It helps because if you start out just goofing around, you might create too little stuff to put into your chipset.
  • Whenever I get partway through a map, I like to make mock screenshots to figure out if this is how I want my map to look, like so:

It helps me figure out if the tiles I made go together or not, or whether or not my tileset needs a more varied color pallet to match my sprites, or if the grass is too bright, etc. 

  • I like to make things in Black & White first so I can get a better grasp on value.  Colors that have the same value as each other blend into each other, hiding any detail you might of had with them.
  • Zoom out from time to time.  You want to make sure your sprite looks just as good at normal resolution as it does up close.
  • The order for character sprites is walking/facing North, then East,  then South, then West.  So you know, Never Eat Soggy Waffles/Never Ever Smoke Weed or what have you.
  • Uhhh I had a mapping ask I answered earlier this year that had a few tips
  • You get a character to bounce up and down when they walk by moving them one pixel up or down, like so:

nice & neat

  • For smaller character sprites, I made myself a grid with little markers (feet go on the light blue - i gotta move the beekeeper down) so everyone walks on the same plane (and no one’s a pixel off).  

And If your face sets are looking left or right, just have them all face the same way.

Here are some of my favorite tutorials:

Ok, hope this helps. c:


Well I use photoshop elements because I’ve had it installed in my computer for the past 7 years and I’m too lazy to find another program that works on mac :v (make sure to take anti-alias off when you use the fill bucket ok kids).

Most artist recommend getting a program that has layering capabilities (very useful when animating) and something that doesn’t have too many features to it.  The most recommended tend to be, Aseprite, GrafX2, GraphicsGale, & GraphicsGale, and you can find more here (along with links to the ones I just mentioned!).

MHA dub commentary ep 6

  • it’s been a week or so since i watched the dub and i’m remembering how much i loved Izuku’s dub voice
  • and how much i loved Aizawa’s voice
  • last time on MHA: Izuku only broke one finger this time
  • Uraraka’s voice i’m still kinda getting used to
  • lmao Aoyama what would a pretty throw look like??
  • meanwhile Bakugou is having an existential crisis
  • Bakugou. attacking a fellow student in the middle of class with the teacher right there isn’t exactly the smartest……
  • ………………… then again it seems like none of his teachers prior to this ever tried to stop him so i can’t exactly. blame him for trying. since there doesn’t seem to be any sort of precedent against it before now
  • either way that was dumb and you should really stop that, my child
  • thank god Aizawa is an actual competent adult and teacher, probably the first Izuku and Bakugou have had in their lives
  • thank god
  • i’m starting to really love Mic’s dub voice
  • it’s so dorky
  • oooohh gosh little Izuku sounds so cute ohhhhh my sweet child
  • it’s kinda funny how deep Bakugou’s kid voice sounds in comparison to Izuku’s
  • Izuku collapses from basic physical fitness tests
  • same
  • tho he also has a broken finger, so… not same, i guess
  • ok during the crowd scene where Aizawa is pulling up the test results, Bakugou is making this really hilariously petulant look at Izuku who’s in the back an cradling his poor broken finger
  • he’s just pouting so hard i’m skag;ashk
  • also what the fuck kinda fancy-ass hologram tech is that
  • Izuku’s having a mini breakdown and Aizawa’s like ‘lol just kidding’
  • Aizawa no
  • “That was just a rational deception to make sure you gave it all on your tests.”
  • Aizawa you liar
  • Iida freaks out so hard from this that his glasses break
  • Izuku is no longer in this plain of existence
  • holy shit Momo is Riza
  • oh Momo you think it was just a joke but it wasn’t. it wasn’t. he really was gonna send one of y’all home oh my sweet child you have so much faith and trust
  • i like Sero and Kirishima’s voices
  • Momo sounds a bit old but i’m sure i’ll get used to her voice
  • “And go have the old lady fix you up.” 
  • Aizawa
  • Aizawa at least call her Recovery Girl omfg
  • how rude
  • Dad Might’s pride in his son gave away their connection to Aizawa
  • oh he’s so proud. and sucks at subtly
  • Aizawa just. fucking messes with him. he’s like “Oooh, it’s almost like you’ve been in his corner this whole time, huh?” and All Might is like “…FUCK”
  • what a dork
  • “It’s cruel to let a kid keep dreaming of something that’ll never come true.” i always found this aspect of Aizawa’s character super fascinating
  • “In your own strange way, you’re a kind man, Aizawa.” yes, yes he is Toshi
  • Recovery Girl’s office: *gross kissing sound* *horrified screeching*
  • i love the little Kamui Woods pez dispenser 
  • “YOU MEAN THIS COULD KILL ME?!” i just enjoy how horrified Izuku sounds here
  • oh Iida you think a bit of white lying is immoral. you pure soul you
  • “And yours is…. Deku Midoriya?” “DEKU?!”
  • i enjoy Uraraka’s nonchalantly cute mental image of Bakugou screaming “DEKU, YOU BASTARD!!!” as he prepares to run and blow Izuku up
  • “Plus, I think it sounds kinda cute!!”
  • oh Izuku my boy
  • Iida is so confused as to why Izuku would suddenly accept an insulting nickname b/c a cute girl called it cute
  • i love my square son
  • Uraraka is so confused right now
  • “I survived my first day at UA… even tho I kinda failed.” college in a nutshell 
  • i’m remembering how much i enjoyed All Might’s dub voice
  • oh my god wha ta d or k
  • Izuku’s gonna cry just from getting lunch from that one chef hero lmao what an adorable nerd
  • “I. AM. HEEEEEREE!!!! ….. COMING THROUGH THE DOOR LIKE A HERO!!” wha t a f ucking dork 
  • Kaminari has a pretty good voice
  • i enjoy how Tsuyu noticed that All Might was wearing his old costume
  • “I’m getting goosebumps, it’s so retro!!” omfg Ojirou you dork
  • i also like his voice
  • also what the fuck All Might why are you walking like that. why. just. just walk normally. are you trying to strut your stuff or what
  • jksa;ghka; All Might is so hammy i have a hard time not just. bursting into laughter with every scene he’s in
  • “Clothes make the pros!!”
  • he is just. so full of hammy lines
  • “THIS IS GETTING ME ALL RAMPED UP!! YOU ALL LOOK SO COOL!!” god he reminds me so much of those teachers who try so hard to relate to their students but just come off as really dorky and kinda desperate
  • please pause at the moment where they show the kid’s sketches and bask in Bakugou’s amazingly average drawing skills. also Iida’s really good sketches
  • i enjoy Toshi’s casual voice. i just. really enjoy it, especially compared to his over-the-top hammy All Might hero voice
  • Inko for best mom
  •  o h gm yd o they ga ve Mineta a l is p
  • he sounds like one of those creepy pervy nerds
  • All Might is struggling not to combust from noticing the similarities between Izuku’s costume and him
  • Tsuyu’s voice reminds me of something
  • i think i like it tho
  • “How much can we hurt the other team?” Bakugou no
  • everyone has actual questions relating to the situation at hand and Aoyama only cares about how awesome his cape looks
  • “NNGH…. I… WASN’T FINISHED TALKING!!!” same All Might i hate when people interrupt me before i finish talking
  • All Might’s reading from a fucking script b/c he’s such a newbie at being a teacher what a dork
  • also that fucking script is tiny in his hands. it looks like it was made for children. lmao
  • i enjoy the obvious video game style and references here
  • Izuku is freaking out so much at the idea of working with a cute girl what a dork
  • ohhh poor Izuku. Bakugou is just itching to kick his ass and he knows it
  • i like this scene. Izuku feels anxious but steadies himself and meets Bakugou’s glare and it surprises/pisses off Bakugou
  • the nerd is fighting back
  • the perspective of the top of the buildings seems off to me somehow
  • it’s kinda funny how All Might tells them that the success for this trial is to embody villainy, and (spoiler) Bakugou fails
  • hah, foreshadowing
  • “Was he seriously just tricking me all these years?” aaannnd here comes the first inkling of Bakugou’s superiority/inferiority complex when it comes to Izuku
  • Iida is curious and kinda concerned about Bakugou, it seems
  • Bakugou why do you care about being rich
  • i always found it interesting how, despite Bakugou’s shitty behavior, his positive points inspire Izuku to do his best
  • “So it’s a fated battle between rivals?” Uraraka knows her shit. also i enjoy her just. randomly understanding MANLINESS stuff that shows up from time to time
  • Aaaaaand here comes Bakugou. boy has no chill
  • “Sneak attack, Bakugou? What kinda man pulls cheap crap like that?” Oh Kirishima if only you knew
  • whoa Mina’s voice is. weird
  • she’s like. not hyper-peppy enough for me
  • awww Izuku taking agency over the insult he’d been called for most of his life
  • it’s kinda funny looking back on these eps b/c i remember just how little sympathy i had for Bakugou when i first saw them
  • how the times have changed
  • ugh i love this music
  • so much about these two in that sentence 
  • oh these children
  • every time i see this ending theme i think ‘just grab a fucking bike Izuku”
  • “Hold on, I didn’t know Uraraka was a baseball player?!” i’m sorry but this like out of context is hilarious

aaannnnd that’s episode 6!!

// HEYO! :D Here’s my version of the Meet the Artist meme that’s been going around! I got several admin asks as well, so might as well knock out two birds with one stone! 

Fun Facts & Q&As under the cut!

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lucky I'm in love with my best friend

This is dedicated to and for herrhasen/deheerkonijin YOU ARE AN AMAZING PERSON I CAN NEVER THANK YOU ENOUGH I HOPE YOU ENJOY THIS

Her wonderful art of silly tipsy fucking is what singlehandedly inspired this and it birthed this monster into existence sorry not sorry

Arthur loves nights like these, where Merlin and him are a little too drunk for proper thought and Merlin is an affectionate conglomeration of sharp elbows and easy laughter. He wears joy well, and Arthur is glad to see it.

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comfortelements  asked:

Hello! I am trying to learn perspective, but it's really difficult, as I'm sure you know; everything that I watch or read is confusing. How did you learn it, and how long did it take? I would appreciate any help!

To be honest I don’t know much about perspective either 😅  I’ve been lazy about learning it. The only lessons I had on perspective were sophomore year of college. My teacher made us make cubes out of foam core, which he had us draw from various angles, sometimes stacked. He had us measure proportions and grilled us on it until we got it right. You can try something like that? Drawing from real life is a much better teacher than reading or watching something, but those can be helpful too! I guess the only help I can really give you is to keep practicing and to go out and observe how it works in the real world. Sorry I couldn’t give better advice! Best of luck to you~

nottheopera  asked:

25 & Ten x Rose, please! <3

(send me a number and I’ll write a ficlet*: 25. “I can’t believe you talked me into this.”)

ten x rose, domestics, all ages, 2.3k words, massively delayed but never forgotten; fluffy fluff mcfluffsalot


“I can’t believe you talked me into this,” the Doctor mutters.

“I can’t believe you almost let an entire two minutes pass without a single complaint,” Rose retorts. Her breath leaves her mouth in a fine mist, hangs in the air for a moment after she’s done speaking. “Slacking a bit, you are.”

“Rose, I could take you to any wedding, anywhere, anywhen,” the Doctor complains. “Or anywho, for that matter. We could go see Napoleon and Josephine. We could watch the Five-Spouse Bonding Ceremony for Lavraxas III. I could get you a front-row seat for the royal wedding!”

He pauses for effect, and Rose can practically hear him looking at her. “You know,” he urges. “The royal wedding.”

Rose laughs, rolling her eyes. “Tempting as they sound, none of those have got my cousin in them.”

“Or maybe they’re just cousins you don’t know yet. I hear Lavraxas’s second wife has a touch of human ancestry. Only one way to find out!”

He keeps talking as they walk, prattling on about polygamous unity ceremonies on twelfth-century Calgudon, but Rose isn’t really listening. She’s too busy shivering. She felt fine when she stepped out of the TARDIS but now the wind is punishing her for her lack of foresight, biting into her bare arms and legs and eating through the thin material of her dress. On top of that, her footwear presents a distraction of an entirely different sort—she has to watch every step she takes to ensure she doesn’t trip over the uneven pavement, scanning the ground for any suspicious nooks or wily crannies that could pop up out of nowhere and snare the heels of her pumps. She opens her mouth to complain that whoever originally designed the blasted things was clearly a sadist hellbent on high-fashion torture, but thinks better of it—knowing the Doctor, he may very well confirm her theory, and then insist on proving it to her.

“I’m just saying,” the Doctor continues, “that there are plenty of other activities we could participate in that would not involve formalwear, uncomfortable fancy undergarments, or impractical blister-causing shoes.”

“What would you know about fancy undergarments?” Rose teases, hugging herself in defense against the chill.

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hello lovely people!!

i recently hit a considerable amount of followers and i’m very happy about it so i thought i’d make my first follow forever!! i don’t follow that many people so it’s probably going to be a bit short but just know i love every single one of you!!

also please forgive me because i’m not very good with words and english isn’t my first language so this is probably not going to make any sense 

(also i’m very sorry if i forgot to include someone, you all know i’m a mess)

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anonymous asked:

Ok so I know a lot of people ask and I'm sorry for being one more but what do you think happens to Brian and Justin after the show?

omg, don’t you dare be sorry for asking me this question! BECAUSE I LITERALLY THINK ABOUT THIS ALL THE TIME. I obsess over the infinite possibilities of what might’ve happened to Brian and Justin after the series ended pretty much nonstop tbh. Yes, I have a serious problem, and I thank you kindly for giving me an excuse to let all my feels about this stuff out (^▽^)

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm in love with your Timetale comic and was wondering how you stay DETERMINED to continue it. I'm always giving up on comic ideas, and stories. I mean, I know you continue it because you have a huge fanbase and love it, but for someone like me, how can I stay focused?

The most difficult question I got ever. ( ゚ヮ゚) Welp, let’s try, shall we? I might not be the greatest example for that but will try my best!

In all honesty, I think that having experiences gained from both art school (already graduated) and old hobbies over years did really help me. Aside that, you probably would be surprised to hear that I had a few fan comics in past that I’ve been dying a lot to finish them as soon as possible, but due the worst reasons, many unwanted obstacles/complications got in my way and, unfortunately, I was forced to give up or had some critiques that caused some fear in mine. Pretty sure I was nothing but an inexperienced teeny artist and was not 100% prepared to start a serious comic and who always urged to do ANYTHING without thinking in the first place nor planning. Bleh.

Frustration, negative feelings and anxiety are deeply understandable, at least, applied on everyone, both pro-artists and beginners. I live with them EVERY DAY and try to ignore them as much as I can. Which is not the easiest thing to do? Tell NO to procrastination. That’s basically what I’m doing every now and then. Every minute, every day. I just keep trying to block my mind from the distractions (blame Tumblr and social medias lol NA!). But the most important thing among all is DON’T get too hard on yourself. Seriously, take breaks when needed! Just like I do with funny stuffs, messaging, watching funny videos and all. LOL It’s good for brainstorming.

Speaking of those things you mentioned above, I think you shouldn’t dump them away, just store them! (◕‿◕✿) Because, someday, you may strongly want to look at that again, change your mind, be accidentally inspired by something and attempt to improve further. Sometimes, the very first ideas/concepts/inspirations are nothing but more like simple drafts, all ready for a revolutionary development. For an example, remember the Timetale scene with skelemom that scared the crap out of Sans? I never had that plot back in that day when I submitted the very first pages, plus prologue, neither in some of messy scribbled stories that were ready to be converted into a comic storyboard. Yet funny is that I made a drawing with the similar subject but never thought it’d appear in comic one day lol And already love how the comic story turned out. And hopefully it will turn out BETTER later knowing that there’s SO much work to do but I DON’T CARE LOL. Also, it’s okay to sneak the minor details between two scenes, as long as it should fill up enough steps to build up and complete a necessary plot.

Astonishing, no? After each new page, my new ideas keep flowing in an unstoppable way. Another funny thing to tell ya, there’s some old ideas that used to look REALLY good back then, like months ago, NOW they’re like WTF to me. XD Afterall, the comic story TAKES DAMN LONG TIME and NEED SOME SPECIAL CARE, seriously, no kidding! Again, things happen all time, don’t worry! You will be fine!

And other secret would be HAVING a partner in crime. When you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to share your ideas and progress with your friend or anyone you trust. Also sharing opinions is important, best/ worst ideas can lead to a new direction or can possibly change/influence the storyline. FOCUS on yourself, not comparing it with someone’s work. With that you may become confident little by little. 

Keep scribbling, keep throwing stupid ideas that will be polished for later, keep thinking about story plans, from beginning to ending, keep telling yourself to GET STARTED, keep visualizing how long it takes you to finish up a certain task, keep playing with mental images from some of your most favorite story scenes, keep thinking over and over till you discover the tiny flaw, the cause of nonsense. Keep practicing, lazy/tired/bored or not. STAY DETERMINED.

Set goals: I don’t know about your own life but scheduling your work is great! While having a full-time job, I’m not very fond of throwing a deadline for myself but sometimes I go from one to two weeks to finish each update. And how many pages should be updated (usually 3-5 pages for me, but other artists usually update once per week, depending on their life activities or overly motivated), and which last page should have cliffhanger. It’s a big challenge, I admit, but somewhat worth in the end! Not everything is perfect and I know it so I don’t really expect the outcome at all, otherwise.

HOLY CRAP never thought I’d write that so long! ;w;  WELP. Hope this helps!!! ;w; If this is not the exact answer or explanation you’re expecting, I’m terribly sorry!